College Student Resume for Internship – The Best Writing Ideas for 2018-2019


If you are a student this article might be useful for you, check it and discover what are the best writing ideas in 2018-2019 for college student resume for internship.

College Student Resume for Internship

The Best Writing Ideas for 2018-2019


The resume is a very critical part and a major distinguisher for getting your

application noticed by a company. The important thing is that what a resume

should look like​. Having a resume with the best font and format is very

important as the recruiter, while screening hundreds of application, spends very

less time to take a look at your resume. In order for a college student to stand a

chance in getting an internship, the content of the resume should be compelling

enough to attract the recruiter. This can be achieved by highlighting the core and

pertinent information, thus making the recruiter's job simple so that they don't

have to hunt for information. For the most part, students going for internships

don't have prior work experience and trying to figure out how a resume should

look​ like can be a rather daunting task.

Students can refer to the points below for best writing ideas for internship 2018.

Important things to put on your resume for internship 2018

The ​best fonts to use for resume Try to use only one font in your resume

which is unique and less boring. Use fonts like Calibri, Gill sans, Cambria,

Constantia and Helvetica as these fonts are most often used and easy to read.

You should avoid using fonts on your resume like times new roman, Arial,

Courier, Brush Script and Comic Sans. These are very commonly used and

difficult to read.

- Design and layout Keep your resume uncluttered and clear. Do not use

any form of decoration, graphics, borders or photographs as this tends to

distract the reader from reading. Use the given space effectively.

- Highlight your skills Make sure your skills can evoke a pattern

interruption and curiosity of the recruiter as it helps in selling your best

asset, yourself. Instead of writing a boring content, compel the recruiter

by using the art of the writing word to promote your skills as this stays

the same for foreseeable future. Put your achievements or skills in

numbers. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If yes, be sure to include it,

paying a close attention to those fine details that highlight how to make

your LinkedIn summary stand out.

- Proper use of keywords Use proper keywords to help you bypass

computerized application tracking system. Use keywords which recruiters

will probably search for.

- Up-to-date information Give the latest information on your resume.

Give your current contact number and email address which you use

frequently as you can reply and check information as soon as possible.

How to write college student resume for internship 2018

To write a ​college student resume for internship isn’t so hard if you know how

to do it. Make your vision and future goals clear as to what you wish to achieve

through the internship. Clearly, define the field in which you are interested in

working in.

Make a presentable and professional resume which is easy for the reader to see

what you have to offer.

As a student, your educational qualification is one of the most important aspect

to be listed on your resume. Highlight any courses or additional certification

done as these add value to your resume.

In addition to the educational qualification, you can also add other skills that

have no direct career-related experience. These tend to add additional value to

your resume. Do not forget to make mention about your hobbies, volunteering

work like NGO, extra-curricular activities, awards, and achievements.

- provide references along with your resume. Since you must be a fresher

you can provide the reference from your professor who can provide the

extra boost.

- Provide relevant information and contact details as the recruiters actually

contact them.

The information already discussed above will help you in making your resume

stand out and be a recruiter’s delight. Before you go for any rounds of

interview, make sure you are well versed with what you have mentioned in your


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