Thrifty Garage Door Repairs in Surrey


Thrifty Garage Door Repairs provide the highest quality professional and complete customer satisfaction garage door service, repair and installation in the areas of BC. Our certified and highly experienced technicians will inspect your door, detect the issue and will provide you the solution at a competitive price. Call us now at (604)901-7676 for a quote.

Thrifty Garage Door Repairs in Surrey

5 Garage Door Services That Must Be Done By a Professional

If you’re mechanically capable there are some overhead door repairs you can do

on your own without calling a professional service. However, there’re many

garage door services that must be done by a professional only. Thrifty Garage

Door Repairs in the Surrey area can ensure these jobs are done right.

Spring Replacement:

If you ask me what is the most dangerous of all garage door repairs, then it has to

be the spring replacement. Overhead doors are bulky, and the spring carries all

the weight of the door when closing and opening. With continuous use the

spring can wear out over time & start making ear deafening noise. When you

hear that your door is grinding to close and open, it entails the springs are

wearing out. We recommend noisy springs must be replaced with a new one as

soon as probable.

Insulating your Garage Door:

We’re not referring to substitute the weather stripping. Just about any handyman can do that.

We’re talking about insulating the overhead door itself. Insulating garage doors save energy

expense & keep everything stored inside your garage at a moderate temperature. Also, there’s

less possibility of mold & mildew ruining your belongings.

Replace Old Rollers:

Though this is a replacement task that can be accomplished by a DIY person, an expert

installation can assure it’ll last for years & will reduce your possibilities of having broken or

bent rollers, after only a few year’s use.

Installing Garage Door Opener:

There’re several benefits of installing your garage door opener by a professional. A professional

can also recommend you the best garage door opener available in the market. Getting your

opener installed professionally will amplify the worth of your home & offer you 10-20 years of

quiet, stress-free operation. Let me tell you that if you want to install it yourself, you’re actually

putting your family, pets and vehicle at risk to just save a few dollars. So, please let the

professional do their job.

Garage Door Checkup:

Last but certainly not the least, garage door check up in regular interval is the

most important thing you can do for its optimal performance. Regular check

up ensures that each and every mechanism of your overhead door is in perfect

condition and if there is anything wrong the technician may ask you to repair

or replace it completely. In fact everything comes under a regular check up

including hinges, springs, tracks, openers, rollers, screws, etc.

You can always count on Thrifty Garage Door Repairs for professional

garage door repair in Surrey BC. To get a better estimate for your garage door

repair in Surrey BC, feel free to contact us on (604)901-7676

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