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Welcome to the January 2018 Issue of CR5

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Welcome to the January 2018 issue of

CR5 Magazine.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable and

relaxing Christmas break.

No doubt many of you will already have

made your New Year resolutions - if Yes,

wishing you all the determination and

luck to follow it through :-)

We have some interesting reads to offer

this month, Congratulations are also in

order for Ken Mead (p78) and Jack Lakin


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Welcoming in the Old New Year 8

One hundred Years On 16

Furry Friends Animal Rescue 24

Finance: Mobile Phone PLans in 2018 28


CR5 Recipe: Chorizo & Prawn Paella 32

CR5 Health: Sleep, vital for good health 40

Gardeners Rescue 44

Quirky Britain: Cat Cafes 48

Book Review: Into the New Year 56

Growing up in a digital world 62

Getting back into Hot Water 64

Coulsdon & Purley Debating Society 72

CR5 Technology: New Year revolutions 76

Old Coulsdon D-Day Hero receives award 78

CR5 Motoring: McLaren 720S 80

CR5 Recipe: Baked Pears with cinnamon oat topping 81

CR5 Travel: The French Ardennes 82

CR5 Codeword 83

Don’t drive into troule abroad 83

Coulsdon Library 84

Pets: Cat Flu 84

CR5 Word Wheel 85

CR5 Review of the Year Quiz 85

CR5 Kids Page 86

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New Year Resolutions 89

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Welcoming in the Old New Year By Catherine Rose

As we bring in 2018 with toasts,

fireworks and a rousing rendition

of Auld Lang Syne, it’s perhaps

worth remembering that New

Year has been a bit of a moveable


It is not written in stone that New

Year be celebrated on 1st January.

With the now well-known and

colourful carnival that takes place

in London, most of us are familiar

with the Chinese New Year that

takes place a few weeks after our

own. But did you know that some

people in Europe also mark the

start of New Year a little later than

we do?

The 2018 Chinese New Year will

take place on 16th February, which

is the 23rd day of the twelfth

month in the Chinese lunar calendar.

A national holiday in China,

celebrations feature processions

with drums, Chinese dragons,

firecrackers to ward off evil spirits,

and decorations in signature red

for good luck, including banners

and Chinese lanterns.

The Chinese New Year is also

known as the Spring Festival, and

celebrations which mark the end

of winter and the start of a new

crop year have been common

since the pagan era, when New

Year was traditionally observed

on 22nd March at the time of the

vernal equinox.

Today, in common with the rest

of Europe and most of the world,

we all use the Gregorian calendar

originally set up by Pope Gregory

XIII in 1582. Europe universally

adopted this calendar in the 18th

century, although Russia was

behind, changing over to it in 1918

after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Previously, the older Julian calendar,

introduced by Julius Caesar in

46BC, had been observed. According

to this calendar, New Year’s

Day falls in the middle of January,

after the end of the Advent fast.

The Russian Orthodox Church

continues to abide by the Julian

calendar and although it is not recognised

as a national holiday, the

‘Old New Year’ is still celebrated

by Orthodox Christians in central

and eastern Europe on 13th and

14th January.

These countries include Russia,

Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia and

Herzegovina, Georgia, Uzbekistan,

Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Moldova,

Macedonia, and Serbia (as well as

in Greece), comprising Orthodox

Christians across countries that

together once formed the USSR,

where celebrating the Old New

Year had previously been banned

by the Communist regime.

14th January also coincides with

St Basil’s Day, and the festival is

marked with feasting, bonfires

and fireworks. In Macedonia,

people gather outside their

houses to share food and drink

and to sing traditional songs. It

is customary to eat unleavened

(pita) bread with a coin inside (or

dumplings with a hidden charm in

Russia). Much like our Christmas

pudding tradition, whoever finds

the coin will have good luck for

the New Year. And in Serbia, the

Church puts on firework displays.

The customary feast includes a

range of pork dishes in the hope

of securing a good farming year,

the traditional St Basil celebratory

dinner being a whole roasted pig.

Another St Basil’s day morning tradition

has been to eat ceremonial

porridge that has been cooked

overnight by the oldest woman in

the house. The porridge would be

prepared and put into the oven in

the early hours of New Year’s Eve

(13th), and the condition of the

porridge the following morning

would signify whether the year

was to be a good one or not. Thick

crusted porridge was auspicious,

but thin pale porridge or a cracked

pot spelled disaster for the


Observing New Year in the middle

of January is not uncommon and

other countries across the world

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have their equivalents. Berber

tribes in North Africa (Morocco

and Libya) mark New Year

according to the Berber calendar,

which roughly coincides with the

Julian one. India also celebrates at

this time, following the perceived

change in the sun’s path from

south to north, in a festival known

as Makar Sankranti. And parts of

Switzerland see in New Year under

the umbrella of St Sylvester’s Day.

It can be said that no one knows

how to welcome in New Year like

the Scots but although Scottish

Hogmanay on the eve of 31st

December is perhaps the most

famous revelry of the New Year,

the old Gaelic custom was to welcome

New Year on 12th January.

In Wales, this is still known as Hen

Galan, and there are traditional

Welsh songs associated with it

that are sung today.

The Gaelic year was broken up

into quarters: earrach (spring),

samhradh (summer), foghar (autumn)

and geamhradh (winter),

each marked by its own feast day.

A few parts of Scotland continue

to celebrate the Old New Year,

known as Oidhche Chullaig or

Oidhche Challainn where children

would traditionally visit each home

in their village reciting a Gaelic

New Year blessing while carrying a

caisein-uchd – a torch made from

the breast bone of a sheep dipped

in tallow.

Used to light the householder’s

fire, it was then handed around to

each member of the family who

had to circle it above their head

three times for luck. Unfortunately

for some, if the flame died, it

meant that the person would not

live to see the New Year out!

In Burghead in the Moray Firth,

residents continue to celebrate

Old New Year with the ‘burning of

the clavie’ – a torch made of barrel

staves, which is lit on the evening

of 11th January.

January can often be a cold and

dispiriting month following on

from our Christmas and New Year

festivities, so perhaps celebrating

the ‘Old New Year’ in the middle

of it isn’t such a bad idea after all.

e hot!


Slimming World

Chipstead Valley Primary School

Chipstead Valley Road



Tuesdays 5:30pm and 7:30pm

Your Consultants name is Marie

Telephone 07786 265261

Old Coulsdon Congregational

Coulsdon Road Church Hall

Opp Tudor Rose, Old Coulsdon


Wednesdays 5:00pm and 7:00pm

Your Consultants name is Marie

Telephone 07786 265261

Coulsdon St Andrews Church

Woodmansterne Road

Coulsdon, Surrey


* New Venue from 4th January*

Thursday at 7:30pm

Your Consultants name is Nicola

Telephone 07951 153824

0344 897 8000

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Instructor Emma Rose


No judgement, affordable and flexible | No booking required



No judgement, affordable and flexible | No booking required

Facebook page : BH FITNESS HQ - COULSDON | e: ccc@bhÞ | t: 07854521068




MONDAY 6PM BH DANCE 15+ with a participating




MONDAY 7PM GARAGE WORKOUT 15+ with a participating



TUESDAY 6.30PM BH TRANSFORM BH DANCE Weights & Mats STEPH provided /



TUESDAY MONDAY 7.30PM 15+ with a participating













by Fight Klub

Coulsdon Communy Centre


SATURDAY 10AM BH DANCE Adult & Children class 7+

Chipstead Vally Road, Coulsdon, CR5 3BE

Coulsdon Communy Centre

Chipstead Vally Road, Coulsdon, CR5 3BE

15+ with a participating


with a participating adult.

£4 a child.

£6 a class | £25 for 5 classes | £40 for 10 classes

£6 a class | £25 for 5 classes | £40 for 10 classes

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Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3-11 years

29 Peaks Hill, Purley, CR8 3JJ. 0208 660 3351 email:

‘The educational development of children in

the EYFS setting is excellent.’

Children love to explore the world we

live in and here at Laleham Lea we use

Science, Technology, Engineering,

the Arts and Maths (STEAM) subjects

across the curriculum to inspire and

encourage pupils to get to grips with

these key areas of learning.

Contact Mrs Edwards in the school

office now to book a tour and secure

your child’s place for 2018/2019.

Tel: 0208 660 3351.

Limited places

remaining for



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At Laleham Lea we firmly believe in putting the child at the

centre of everything we do. From the warm welcome as you walk

through the door in the morning to the playground where all

ages play, run and socialise together as one happy family.

Bright, light filled classrooms and enthusiastic, experienced

teachers engage young minds’ thirst for knowledge, helping

each developing individual to reach their full potential and

ultimately move on to the school of their choice.

Our pupils become happy, confident, fulfilled young people

through both academic and extra-curricular activities. Every

child takes part in team sports and every child is involved in

school productions and concerts. Our greatest pleasure is to

watch a once shy child blossom into the confident soloist, take

a leading role in school assembly or simply help a fellow pupil

through a challenging moment.

Our outstanding pastoral care provides for a happy, caring

community for all and we invite you to come and visit

Laleham Lea; we can assure you of a very warm welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school

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All leading brands . Tyre fitting . Wheel alignment

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Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment System

If you suspect uneven tyre wear or vehicle handling problems please

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Tel: 01737 557122

Open Mon-Fri 8.00-5.30pm, Sat 8.00-4.00pm

75 Brighton Road, Hooley, Surrey, CR5 3EG (on A23 next to ESSO service station)


20 20 years years experience


Best Best price, price, first first time, time,

everytime everytime

Made to Measure curtains & soft furnishings, blinds, cushions, headboards, poles

Experienced design & technical advice and a professional fitting service. All in the comfort of your own home.


A unique, reliable & independent business offering quality made to measure curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. The Mobile

Curtain Studio visits you in your own home, at a time to suit you, bringing 1000's of designer, non-designer, classic &

contemporary fabrics. You can choose different fabrics from the mobile shop and display them in your own room, where you can

confidently match colours and patterns to your existing interior. We can offer design tips, provide a professional measuring

service as well as offer technical advice. Call us today to find out more.


To read our testimonials and see photos of our work, visit our website

web: email:

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] ]



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The Friendliest Salon in Coulsdon!

77 Stoats Nest Road, Coulsdon CR5 2JJ

0208 645 9534

Opening Hours

Tue 9am-5pm Wed 9am-5pm Thu 11am-7pm Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-5pm

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One Hundred Years On

‘It’ll all be over by Christmas’ they’d said. But

Christmas had come and gone four times, and

the war was no closer to an end. January 1918

saw the Great War continue on the Western

Front much as it had for the preceding three

years, with bitter cold and snow making life

on the front line even more arduous, though

at least the all-pervading mud had frozen.

From our distance now, a hundred

years away, we can see that the war will

finish before another Christmas is celebrated

amongst the barbed wire, but to the Tommy

in the trenches it seemed unlikely. Spring

of 1918 saw the German forces launch an

immensely successful offensive that pushed

their armies 60 kilometres through the Allied

lines. Now within range of Paris, they began

to shell the city, and much of the civilian

population panicked and fled. Some Germans

began to think that victory was within their

grasp at last, and quite possibly, quietly, some

amongst the Allies may have thought so too.

It didn’t happen. Overstretched,

without tanks and artillery in enough numbers

to help consolidate their gains, the Germans

lost all the ground they’d won and by the 20th

July were back where they had started,

having lost well over a quarter of a million

troops in the process. Let that sink in for a

while. A quarter of a million men. 250,000.

To try and put that in some sort of modern

day context, British Military Forces in

Afghanistan lost 456 men between 2001 and

2015. Each of those was undoubtedly a

personal tragedy, leaving behind wives,

friends, children, parents.

But imagine the impact of that

multiplied by over five hundred times.

In a matter of a few months, not 14 years.

Anti-war sentiment in Germany, already

growing, turned into vocal opposition, and

on top of a successful counter-offensive by

the Allies in August, the War finally turned

and road to peace, at least in Western Europe,

was at last visible.

At 5am on the 11th November, 1918 on a

train at Le Francport, near Compiègne in

Northern France, the armistice was signed,

and a ceasefire between Germany and the

Allies came into place at 11am. But the war

didn’t finish then.

For Britain and its Empire, we

remained legally ‘at war’ with Germany until

January 1920. And with the Ottoman Empire

(Turkey) until August 1924.

‘The War to end all Wars’ as it was known,

was nothing of the kind. The collapse of not

just the Russian Empire, but the German and

Austro-Hungarian Empires too, saw fighting

continue across Europe and Asia for years to


And as the guns of the Western Front fell

silent, another killer stalked the world.

A strain of the illness popularly called Spanish

Flu took advantage of the masses of troops

moving around the world to create an

epidemic of incredible proportions. Worse

than the Black Death or plague of medieval

times, the death toll was somewhere

between 50 and 100 million or 6% of the

world’s population, wiped out between 1918

and 1919. In a Britain already trying to come to

terms with its losses from the War, a further

250,000 people died.

So, if sometimes, with all the talk

of Trump, ISIS, North Korea, terrorist attacks

and Brexit the immediate future looks a little

bleak, then cast your mind back to what they

had to deal with just a hundred years ago.

We’ve got it easy…

Happy New Year.

Paul M Ford writes for GrayDorian

– The Writing Bureau.

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NPTC Arboriculture, National Diploma Landscape & Horticulture (Merrist Wood)

Your Local Trusted Tradesman

We are a small family business, committed to our customer

satisfaction, providing high quality services at competitive prices.

Check out our customer testimonials on our website and


“Excellent workman ship and are highly recommended as professionals

who do a great job.” - Customer in Coulsdon - August 2017.

“Highly recommended. Exceptionally professional. Polite, on time, worked

hard throughout and left the garden very tidy.” - Customer in Banstead -

September 2017.

The services we offer include:

tree pruning

tree removal – specialists in section felling

planting and aftercare

hedge cutting

crown reductions, lifting and thinning

stump grinding

grounds maintenance for commercial and domestic clients



Fully insured and qualified. Free quotations and advice.

Recommendations on request.

Contact Chris on: 01737 555192 or 07500 193383

£60 per bulk bag, with FREE local delivery

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This is Oscar a 6 year old Staffie x Golden


Oscar has had an unlucky life so far. Now we

would like him to know the true feeling of belonging

in a home, loved and adored for life.

Oscar arrived into rescue as a tiny puppy of about

8 weeks old via the RSPCA having been found

wandering in a park alone. He was never claimed,

so we assume dumped.

He was successfully rehomed and life was good

for 5 years. He was well socialised and well

trained in a family environment.

However, circumstances changed and his adoptive

owners attempted to rehome him themselves

without my knowledge.

If an animal becomes unwanted from here, then

we give back up for life so they did need to come

back to us.

He was rehomed to The Isle of Wight and this is

where things got bad for Oscar.

The new owners boyfriend was witnessed throwing

him down the stairs, punching and kicking him

and he even tried to hang him, but because it was

all hearsay, the police were powerless to act.

One evening he fired a lit firework at him and he

bolted and that is when the islands dog warden

was able to pick up as a stray.

Luckily his microchip had not had the details

changed and the emergency contact number is

always mine, so they were able to contact me and

bring me up to speed.

Of course, I agreed he must come back here


The police intercepted the return of the dog and

convinced the owner to sign him over to them.

He was then kept safely with the RSPCA on the

island and an emergency transport run happened

to get him back to us.

Oscar has been back with us a few months and

this abuse has taken it's toll to a degree.

Whilst he is not aggressive, he gets scared if he

feels you are telling him off and will bark and ask

you to back off.

This is as far as it goes. He is very restrained, but

you can see how he is scared of being hurt again.

We deal with this by immediately relaxing the

situation and making it into a game. This cheers

him up especially as he doesn't feel that he is in

any sort of trouble.

Oscar would love to meet a neutered friend. He

loves living with other dogs and keeps losing his

friends as they are rehomed.

He meets other dogs well when out on his walks,

although he is bouncy and can be clumsy with

these meet and greets. His recall is very good.

He loves to play ball. In fact he loves any sort of

dog toy and although he wrecks them, he has a

great time doing it! He is not destructive in the


Oscar is far too bouncy to live with children and

because of his past we are looking for an adult

only environment. He gets extremely excited by

the prospect of tiny kiddies and although there is

no malice, he would be extremely frightening to

them, so until he gets a bit older and calms down,

he needs to be kept under strict control around


Oscar is on a strict diet of dry food only. Tinned

food/fresh meat makes him physically sick and

gives him diarrhoea. Safe treats are also the dry

kind - Bonios,Markies, Denta Sticks. Raw hide

bones also make him sick.

Oscar cannot live with cats. He is a little too

excitable and sharp with cats, although has no

reaction to wild rabbits, squirrels or foxes.

Oscar has been fully vaccinated, is microchipped

(emergency contact number on the chip must

remain as me) and he has been castrated,

wormed and flea treated.

A homecheck will be carried out and a minimum

adoption fee of £150 applies.

Furry Friends Animal Rescue (Surrey) 0208 407 1080 / 07973 569371

email :

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It’s Warm Inside

at Sunrise of Purley

Every Sunrise is as warm as toast and even better,

you can forget about paying the gas and electricity

bill – it’s all included.

Whether it’s assisted living, nursing or specialist

dementia care you’ll find everything you need to

live the lifestyle you want – including daily activities

and regular outings.

Be happy, safe and well at Sunrise of Purley this


Experience life at Sunrise of Purley for yourself.

Call 020 3769 8752 to take a tour and find out

about our new winter rates.

Sunrise of Purley

Russell Hill Road, Purley,

Surrey CR8 2LF


ADV_PUR_1117_CR5_03.indd 1 13/11/2017 09:24

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W. Brown is a family run business that has been operating for over 35

years and have extensive knowledge of roofing and building.

We offer a reliable and professional service throughout Surrey and London

where our main objective is customer satisfaction.

Work undertaken includes:


24 Hour Call Out ● Free Estimates

0208 660 0076 - Office

07534 282525 - Ellis Brown

07836 789769 - Wayne Brown


114 The Glade, Coulsdon. CR5 1SN

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Finance By Ann Haldon

Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Plans in 2018

Choosing the right mobile phone

plan can be quite daunting,

especially if you don’t understand

how they work. Perhaps you’ve

always bought a contract with a

phone included, but you might find

that choosing a SIM-only contract

is better thanks to its flexibility.

With so many different plans

available these days, here’s an idea

of what to look out for.



There are essentially three types of

mobile phone deal:

Pay monthly contract

Pay monthly contracts are the

most cost-effective if your phone

bills are high or you want a topof-the-range

handset. Contracts

generally last for 12 or 24 months

and you pay a fixed minimum

monthly amount by direct debit.

This is for your inclusive calls, texts

and data allowance. Pay monthly

contracts incorporate a free or

subsidised handset.

SIM-only deal

When you already own a phone

and don’t want to change it, or

are happy to buy your own new

handset, a SIM-only deal can offer

flexibility and cost-savings if you

make a significant number of

calls. You can choose between a

rolling one-month deal and a fixed

12-month contract. Opting for a

fixed-term contract will be cheaper

than renewing each month,

however, because you’re tied in to

a specific timescale, but it doesn’t

offer as much flexibility.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG)

If you don’t use your mobile phone

very much, pay-as-you-go helps to

avoid spending money when you

don’t really need to. You simply

top up your phone using a credit

card or top-up card when you

run out of minutes, texts or data,

and you don’t need to be creditchecked

as you do when you take

out a contract.

When you’re considering these

deals, you’ll also need to think

about your phone usage – do you

use it mainly for calls and texts, do

you browse the internet, and how

often do you want to change your



If you don’t use your full data

allowance each month, you

can buy a plan that lets you

rollover what is left, and use it

the following month. So which

networks offer this facility? At

the time of writing, iD Mobile,

O2, Virgin Media, Vodafone,

Freedompop and Sky Mobile all

offer plans with data rollover.

It isn’t a new concept, but until

recently providers have only

allowed you to rollover your data

from the previous month.

Now, however, Sky Mobile has

come up with a very useful

online ‘piggybank’ facility that

lets you store your unused data

at no additional cost for up to

three years. You’ll need to have

a minimum of 1GB saved in the

piggybank before it can be

accessed, and Sky let you roll back

data in 1GB volumes.


Giffgaff ‘s ‘goodybags’ offer

flexibility and choice if you’re

looking for a SIM-only deal.

A goodybag is basically your

allowance of minutes, texts and

data, and it lasts for one month.

This means you can change your

goodybag if it doesn’t offer quite

enough minutes, for example, or

you need more data that month.

Current SIM-only deals (October

2017)¹ at Giffgaff include:

• £5 per month: 100MB data; 150

minutes; 500 texts

• £12 per month: 4GB data; 750

minutes; unlimited texts

• £18 per month: 9GB data; 2,000

minutes; unlimited texts

Three’s ‘Go Binge’

The Three network offers a useful

‘Go Binge’ facility with some of

their mobile phone deals. This

allows you to stream music

and films from Netflix, Deezer,

SoundCloud and TVPlayer without

using up your monthly allowance,

as long as you have some of your

data allowance left. (If adverts are

shown on these apps, they may

use up your allowance.)

Current SIM-only 12-month

contracts with ‘Go Binge’ include

the following² (prices mentioned

include a monthly discount of £5

for paying by direct debit):

• £14 per month: 12GB data;

unlimited minutes and texts

• £18 per month: 30GB data;

unlimited minutes and texts

• £26 per month: 100GB data;

unlimited minutes and texts

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG)

If you’re not a heavy mobile phone

user, or are worried about being

credit-checked, a pay-as-you-go

deal may be the best choice. You

can opt for ‘traditional’ PAYG or a

bundle of data, minutes and texts.

As an example, PAYG deals from

Asda Mobile³ currently include:

• 8p per minute for calls to any UK

mobile or UK landline

• 4p per text

• 5p per MB of data

Pay-as-you-go bundles from Tesco

Mobile⁴ include:

• £5 for 150 minutes

• £5 for 5,000 texts

• £10 for 2 GB data

As you can see, there’s a wealth

of choice when looking for mobile

phone deals – it just takes a little

time to compare them and decide

on the best option.



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Recognised by most major healthcare insurers including AXA PPP,

AVIVA, Cigna, Allianz, Simply Health etc.

● Professional & friendly Practice

● Use variety of techniques to treat

all ages - Structural Osteopathy

(soft tissue / manipulation),

Cranial Osteopathy, Westernised

Acupuncture, Photobiomodulation/

Low Level Laser Therapy

● Treatment of pain and stiffness

including neck, back, joints,


injuries, repetitive strain

injuries, postural and tension

headaches etc.

19 Woodplace Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 1NE

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292




Sanding and Refinishing

Parquet Flooring Restoration

& New Installations

Amtico Design Flooring



Over 16 YEARS Experience


Mobile: 07787 124113


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Tel: 020 8660 2174 | Visit:

Audio & Visual


Internet & Wifi


CCTV, Alarms,

Access Security

Clever Home











CR5 Magazine



Deadline 18th January 2017


Half page Non bleed - 130mm x 90mm


Simon Kelly | 07976 244670 |

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292



To local lad Jack Lakin who completed the Aspire swim challenge.

Jack completed the challenge in under 3 weeks (18 swim sessions) and raised a

massive £587.00 for Aspire, a charity who support people in the UK

suffering with spinal cord injuries.

As a result Jack was nominated and won a Jack Petchey Foundation

Award, a very prestigious award throughout schools Nationally.

Jack would like to thank all of his sponsors including the anonymous

CR5 reader who donated £100 via JustGiving.

CR5 Recipe ~ Chorizo & Prawn Paella

Serves 4

Ready in 50 minutes

This one-pan supper can be on the dinner

table in less than one hour. Serve with a crisp

green salad and some crusty bread for a

delicious and filling midweek meal.


• 1tbsp olive oil

• 250g chorizo sausage, diced

• 1 large onion, peeled and


• 2 garlic cloves, peeled and


• 4 celery stalks, chopped

• 225g paella rice

• Few strands of saffron

• 850ml hot chicken or

vegetable stock

• 200g raw king prawns

(thawed if frozen), peeled

with tails left on

• Salt and freshly ground

black pepper

• 1 tsp paprika


Heat the oil in a large deep frying pan and fry the chorizo

sausage for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently until browned.

Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the

onion, garlic and celery to the pan and fry gently for 8-10

minutes, stirring, until softened.

Stir in the rice and saffron strands and cook for 1 minute,

then pour in the stock. Bring to the boil then reduce the

heat to a simmer and cook for 20-25 minutes, until the

rice is almost tender and nearly all the liquid has been

absorbed, stirring frequently.

Add the chorizo and prawns to the pan and cook for a

further 5-6 minutes, until the prawns are cooked through

and pink. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground

black pepper and serve in warmed bowls sprinkled with

the paprika.

Add some diced red or yellow pepper and a handful of

chopped fresh parsley for extra colour and flavour.

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Wednesday 14th February 2018

● Valentine Dinner- £29.50 per person for a 3 course dinner.

Why not spoil the one you love to a Romantic Valentine

Break and stay the evening– £155.00 per couple

Includes 3 course meal and full English Breakfast the next morning

(standard double – upgrades available)

● Valentines Afternoon Tea, Midday to 4pm

Delicious array of love inspired sandwiches and cakes served with

a glass of Prosecco. £32.00 for two sharing.

Book now to avoid disappointment

Coulsdon Manor Hotel & Golf Club, Coulsdon Court Road, Old Coulsdon, CR5 2LL

020 8668 0414

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292



Over 40 years


Small, friendly,

family run business

(Father and Daughter)

based in Epsom

Over 900+ Customer reviews

We bring 100’s of samples & colours

to you, all at competitive prices



0800 999 1900

Carpets_A5 Portrait.indd 1 22/09/2016 17:38

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All aspects of modern arboriculture

Insured and qualified

Tree Reductions

020 8657 7667

07931 220044

Tree Removal

Stump Removal

Woodland Management

Hedge Cutting

Site Clearance

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WES Electrical Fuse Board Offers are Back!

Does your fuseboard look like this?

Do you still have fusewire?

If YES then you could replace

it with a 17 th edition

MCB/RCD Consumer Unit

Car Charging

Points at Home

Electric Car


£595 + VAT

Your fuseboard is the fi rst line of defence to protect

your wiring system and prevent the chance of

electric shock- how safe is yours?

Replacement Consumer Unit


Earth Bonding & certificate

Multi Room Audio/Music Systems

Sky/Multi Room Visual Systems

Home Automation & Energy Saving Systems

Central Heating & Wiring of Central Heating Systems

Periodic Inspections/Testing & Issuing of Certificates

Cooker Circuits/Kitchen Circuits/ Bathroom Circuits


Main Earthing & Earthing of Gas and Water Services


Fire Alarm Installations/Smoke detectors


Changing of consumer units

plus Music Control

Full re-wires/ part re-wire

Changing Sockets

of your Speakers


Andrew Young

Garden Electrics

Fault Finding

07767 423261 Mobile

CAT 6 Internet Points

01737 555300 Offi ce

BT Points

Aerial Points

75 Tollers Lane, Old Coulsdon, CR5 1BF

Full Public Liability Insurance


Professional Indemnity Insurance

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Health By Alison Runham

Sleep: Vital for Good Mental and Physical Health

We’ve known, vaguely, for a long

time that losing sleep can make us

struggle to concentrate and keep

smiling. Even Shakespeare knew

the value of sleep, describing it as

the ‘balm of hurt minds’ and the

‘chief nourisher in life’s feast’.

But research is increasingly proving

that a lack of good quality

sleep can seriously damage our

physical and mental health. More

than 20 large-scale studies have

proved conclusively that the shorter

your sleep, the shorter your life

- and it’s not hard to see why…



Weight gain and obesity

Research shows that insufficient

sleep is a factor in weight gain

and obesity. This is probably because

sleep deprivation reduces

levels of leptin (the hunger-inhibiting

‘you’re full’ hormone) and

increases levels of ghrelin (the

hunger-stimulating hormone). It’s

a vicious circle, too, as you’re more

prone to sleep problems if you’re


Increased diabetes risk

People who usually sleep less than

five hours a night, particularly

those lacking deep or ‘slow-wave’

sleep, are at increased risk of developing

diabetes. Their body processes

glucose differently, reacting

as though suffering from insulin

resistance (a condition in which

your body doesn’t react properly

to insulin). Tiredness causes you

to secrete more stress hormones

(e.g. cortisol), making it harder

for insulin to function correctly

and leaving excess glucose in your


Increased cancer risk

Professor Matthew Walker, author

of Why We Sleep, says that after

just one night of only four or five

hours’ sleep, your natural cancer-attacking

cells drop by 70%. US

researchers have discovered that

night workers produce 80% less of

a by-product of DNA tissue repair,

indicating their bodies aren’t carrying

out their natural overnight cell


Increased Alzheimer’s risk

During deep sleep, amyloid deposits

(a cell-killing toxin that

accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer’s

sufferers) are ‘cleaned’

away. Without sufficient sleep,

these plaques build up, especially

in deep-sleep-generating regions –

meaning you sleep even less. It’s a

vicious circle.

Increased risk of heart disease,

heart attack and stroke

Persistent sleep deprivation causes

increased heart rate, blood pressure

and inflammation, which can

all put extra strain on your heart.

Over-45s sleeping less than six

hours a night are 200% more likely

to have a heart attack or stroke.

Weakened immunity

Sleep deprivation damages production

and distribution of immune


Reduced fertility and libido

Research has revealed that insufficient

sleep can cause lower libido

in men and women, and reduce

the secretion of reproductive hormones.



Increased risk of depression and


40 Log into your local community website!

Many studies have linked anxiety

and depression to poor quality

and insufficient sleep. Daniel Freeman,

co-author of major research

on the link between mental health

and sleep published in Lancet Psychiatry,

says that having insomnia

doubles your chances of developing

depression and that treating

insomnia is shown to reduce depression.

Increased risk of paranoia, hallucinations

and psychotic episodes

The same study also showed that

when people sleep better, they’re

far less likely to suffer from paranoia,

hallucinations or psychotic

episodes. General mental health

is much improved in people given

therapy to improve their sleep.

Reduced memory, concentration

and reaction times

The odd late night isn’t a problem,

but after persistently poor sleep,

your reaction times, concentration

and decision-making decline significantly.

This can affect not only

your health and safety, but that of

others you work with, care for – or

drive past.

Studies show that sleep deficiency

harms your driving ability as much

as, or more than, being drunk.

Four hours’ sleep? You’re 11.5

times more likely to be involved in

a crash. Driver fatigue is estimated

to be responsible for around

100,000 car accidents and 1,500

deaths each year.


“No aspect of our biology is left

unscathed by sleep deprivation,”

says Professor Walker. He believes

we have “stigmatised sleep with

the label of laziness” because we

want to seem busy; a lack of sleep

is “a badge of honour.” That’s an

attitude we need to change.




From a simple door swap to

a full replacement kitchen





Why replace when

you can reface?

• Trusted reputation

• Made to measure, custom-built

doors & units

• Large choice of doors, worktops,

and accessories

• UK’s leading kitchen facelift expert



020 8656 7987

Visit our showroom:

159 Shirley Road, Shirley,

Croydon CR0 8SS

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292



A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that allows you to let someone

you trust make decisions about your finances and property and/or health and

welfare if you are no longer able to do so yourself.




For all appointments made by 23 rd December 2017:

¥ Single Person Welfare or Property - £250 plus VAT

¥ Single Person Welfare and Property - £350 plus VAT

¥ Couple Welfare or Property - £350 plus VAT

¥ Couple Welfare and Property - £450 plus VAT

Phone Delfin Posada or Abtin Yeganeh on 0208 405 4278 to make an

appointment. Home appointments are also available at no additional costs.



020 8405 4278

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by Pippa Greenwood

Happy New Year! Now that 2018

is here, what are your garden

resolutions for the year ahead?

Here are my suggestions…


Save all the pots and trays you

get when buying plants and rinse

them out to use next time you

need one. Store the pots away

from sunlight to prevent the

plastic disintegrating.


Make a resolution to dry off

and cover up garden furniture

once the summer is over. Left

out there throughout the worst

of the weather, pretty well all

furniture will take a serious

battering – from rain, cold, ice

and, in some cases, even fungi!

Shop around for furniture covers

that won’t break the bank or,

better still, store the furniture in

a shed or garage if you have one.

Stored properly, it will last much

longer and you’ll save yourself a



Aim to grow more of your own

fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

This could be buying a couple

of tomato plants for the first

time, or creating a small herb

planter, or it could be larger

scale and more complex plans if

you’re already big on grow-yourown.

Don’t forget that there’s

a great choice of UK-grown

vegetable plants plus my weekly

advice and tips emails at www.


Once you get in the swing of it,

composting becomes second

nature. Make sure you include

kitchen waste such as vegetable

peelings, apple cores. The

amount of extra compost you’ll

generate will be well worthwhile.

Many local councils offer a good

deal on basic plastic composters.


If you have a cold frame, porch,

conservatory or greenhouse,

put it to use! Far too many of

these potentially great gardening

structures are left abandoned

for much of the year, perhaps

just being graced with a handful

of tomatoes for the summer

months. Any sort of protected

growing area has the ability to

increase what you can grow

and when you can grow it. So

raise your own summer flowers

in it, force some bulbs in it in

the winter or make off-season

sowings of salad crops…make it

work, but whatever you do, don’t

use it as the family rubbish dump!


Make use of any organic matter

that is bulky – mulch with it.

Whether it is well-rotted manure,

garden compost, the used

compost from a seasonal bedding

display or growing bag, or leaf

mould, make it into mulch!

Applied a couple of inches or

more deep over the soil surface,

a mulch like this will improve the

soil’s ability to conserve moisture

(so saving you both watering

time and water) and may also

help to keep weeds at bay. A winwin



When you’re looking through the

seed, plant and bulb catalogues,

browsing online or wandering

around a garden centre, pause

before you buy. I know I’m not

alone in having eyes that are

much bigger than my plot! It is

very easy to order more seeds

than you’ll ever be able to sow

and plants that you’ll never be

able to squeeze into your garden.


Make sure you recycle your

Christmas tree. Real trees can

be recycled at locations up

and down the country – many

garden centres and councils

offer the service. The trees will

be shredded and added to other

green materials to make a great

soil conditioner and planting mix.

Visit Pippa’s website www. and

you’ll find some great gardening

things: ‘Grow Your Own with

Pippa Greenwood’ (where you

receive your chosen garden-ready

vegetable plants in the spring

accompanied by weekly advice and

tips from Pippa) plus gardening

tools, raised bed kits, Grower

Frames, signed books and more!

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For that really professional look, to make the

right impression with new and existing customers,

with top quality printed business cards

and stationery.




ENDS 31st January

170-172 Brighton Road • Coulsdon CR5 2NE

Tel: 020 8668 1411

CR5 New Year January Advert 2k16 A6.indd 1 11/12/2015 15:33:03

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Happy New Year to all

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FREE QUOTE • 020 8287 0543

23 Wood Street, Hackbridge, Surrey, CR4 4JT

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Quirky Britain

Cat Cafés

“An Americano and two

tabby cats, please … “

As you sip your skinny latte in Lady

Dinah’s Cat Emporium, you never

know who might appear on your

lap. It could be fluffy ‘Petra’, soulful

‘Tink’ or any of the other

celebrity rescue cats (with

hundreds of Twitter followers)

who live in the quirky East London

café. In this strange combination

of restaurant and luxury cats’

home, the feline inhabitants can

exercise on a giant ‘hamster

wheel’, scamper along walkways

or snooze on various raised

platforms around the venue as

customers eat and drink.


Lady Dinah’s - the first ever cat

café to open in Britain - was the

brainchild of Australian Lauren

Pears, who set out to create a

relaxing retreat where young

professionals living in rented

accommodation (where pets are

not allowed) could interact with

the resident moggies. Although

Lauren’s original vision was to

create a peaceful urban retreat

where customers could relax

with a book, chat with friends or

even hold meetings, she hadn’t

bargained for the enthusiasm with

which British cat lovers would

greet her new enterprise.

Within the first two weeks of

opening in 2014 Lauren had received

a staggering 20,000

bookings, and the café turned out

to be anything but the tranquil

enclave she had originally imagined.

It has since become more of

a tourist attraction than a place

where local office workers can pet

a friendly feline, and she has now

been forced to limit visits to 90

minutes to accommodate all of her


Although the world’s first cat café

opened in Taiwan in 1998, Lauren

Pears was ahead of the curve

when she started making plans

to open Lady Dinah’s in London.

“After I did some research, I saw

there were a few popping up in

Europe and spotted that a trend

was on its way,” she recently told

the website

But since 2014 a number of copycat

ventures (no pun intended) have

sprung up in towns and cities

across the country. You can now

call in to a cat café in London,

Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby,

Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham,

Newcastle, Oldham, Oxford,

Aberdeen or Edinburgh, and it’s

almost inevitable that we’ll see

more of these cat-themed eateries

opening up in future.


Nottingham’s Kitty Café which

has recently opened a second

branch in Leeds - offers a home

to abandoned cats, rescue cats

and cats with medical issues that

need some TLC. It also acts as a

rehoming centre, so customers

who bond with their furry table

companion can join the café’s

adoption programme with a view

to taking their favourite feline


Cat cafés are big business, but not

everyone feels the love. There has

been a lot of criticism from animal

charities, including Cats Protection

and the RSPCA.

48 Log into your local community website!

by Kate McLelland

Cats Protection refuses to accept

donations from cat cafés due

to concerns about “the welfare

implications of having a number of

cats in a limited space with groups

of people unknown to them

coming and going throughout

the day.” The charity goes on to

explain that “(Cats) have evolved

as solitary animals and generally

do not choose to live in social


The RSPCA has equally strong

views about placing cats in what

it considers to be an unsuitable

environment. In its Science Group

review of 2016 the charity writes:

“Our aim is to dissuade new

cafés from opening and to advise

those already in operation of the

appropriate and necessary steps

that should be taken to minimise

potential feline stress. We have

also raised our concerns for the

welfare of cats living in cat cafés

through media opportunities.”

However most café owners claim

they are doing their best to keep

their star turns happy and healthy.

Most cafés provide a set of rules

for customers to abide by, covering

everything from hand-washing to

flash photography.

If the public’s enthusiastic response

is anything to go by, cat cafés are

likely to remain a feature of our

high streets for many years to

come. However, given the difficult

balance between keeping cats and

customers happy, it seems unlikely

that the controversy surrounding

these feline-focused establishments

will end anytime soon.

Come a

us at the



We offer the following services:

We offer the following services:

Formative Tree Formative Safety Pruning Surveys Pruning

Crown Lifting,Thinning, Crown Crown • Thinning Cleaning & Reduction and and Reductio

Reshaping Hedge Cutting and Hedge • Tree Cutting Felling • Tree & Tree Felling Stump and Tree

Reshaping and Hedge Stump Removal Removal Cutting • Tree • Tree Preservation Tree Felling Order

and Tree

Removal Conservation Tree Area Preservation Application Order

Conservation Area Application

Fully Insured & Qualified to Dip Arb L4

(Merrist Wood College)

Fully Insured & Qualified to Dip Arb L4 (Merri

We offer 10% Discount for senior citizens

Tel: 01737 215569 Mobile: 07747 735256


Tel: 01737 215569 • Mobile: 07747 735256


Computer Training and Support Specialists

that come to you!

We can visit your home, workplace or you can

come to us for one2one computer training.

Word Processing




Digital Cameras

File & folder management


Internet & Email


We can also

Web Design and virus removal troubleshoot your


issues and help with


recommendations for


new purchases and

migration of data.


PLUS many more!

The number of hours you need is up to you!

CALL JUDY: 01883 346516

Keystroke Associates (Established 1994)

Franchising opportunities available

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


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Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA no. 00056014

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Save £50

Save £70

Save £60

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ylnO woN

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£ 95

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£ 972

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. 9

£ 931

9. 91£ saW





daoR , W droffatS nilagto n . 17-76 PA9 6MS

:leT 1359 96 : 8020 l iamEku.oc.ffar@s

:et isbeW

ku.oc. ffar.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Sold as an agent of Euronics Limited. All rights reserved. All offers are subject to availability while stocks last. Delivery & Installation charges may apply Exclusions and Radius Apply. Prices correct at time of print but

can be subject to change. See in store for full details. Images for illustration purposes only. Copyright Euronics 2017. E&OE October 2017. Saving compared to a higher price charged for 28 days in the last six months unless otherwise stated.

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Maiden Maintenance

is dedicated to providing the highest

service and customer satisfaction.

No job is too

big or too


I am a female qualified plumber

and property maintainer.

♦ Bathroom design and installation

♦ All types of decorating

♦ Laminate and wood flooring

♦ Tiling, fencing and much more.

The customers’ needs are of the utmost importance

– I am committed to meeting those needs and

exceeding expectation.

I am trustworthy, tidy, reliable and take immense

pride in every job I do. The majority of my work

comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Please get in touch for your free estimate.

Kerrie Sturgeon

Mobile: 07930 408557 Home: 01323 318165


Full Public Liability Insurance

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Into the New Year

Books about

awakenings and

new beginnings

to see you into


The Power – Naomi Alderman

Not a new release this one,

but well worth a read if you

missed it back in 2016. Teenage

girls across the world discover

they have the power to hurt,

and even kill, with just their

bare hands. And they have the

ability to awaken that same

power in other women. Now

that men are the weak ones,

how will the gender balance

shift? An engaging read that

twists modern day happenings

and examines the dark side of

power. Gripping, thought-provoking

and a real conversation

starter, The Power is ideal for

book clubs.

Me. You. A Diary – Dawn


This book combines writing

your own diary with taking

a peek into Dawn French’s.

She shares her thoughts each

month, along with various insights

into her life, and invites

you to do the same. The idea

is that, by the end of the year,

you’ll have a ‘fatter, scruffier

book that is written by me but

totally personalised by you.’

With various writing prompts,

this book makes keeping a diary

altogether easier. The perfect

start to the new year.

How to be Champion: My Autobiography

– Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican’s autobiography

is like a glorious ramble

through her life. The book is

split into chapters with headers

such as ‘Things I’ve Been

Bullied For’, ‘Why I’m Not A

Criminal’ and ‘My Love Of

Stationery’. It’s part autobiography

and part self-help guide.

Nothing is off limits, so it’s

probably not the book for you

if you’re not keen on swear

words or reading about bodily

functions. However, if you

want a book that’ll make you

feel good about yourself and

is snort-your-tea-out-of-yournose-funny,

buy it now.

History of Wolves – Emily


14 year old Linda lives in an

ex-commune out in the woods.

Lonely, socially-inexperienced

and left to her own devices

by her parents, Linda craves

friends and a sense of belonging.

When a new family moves

nearby, she befriends the

young mother and regularly

babysits the four year old child.

But she soon discovers that all

is not right. The choices Linda

has to make to keep her new

found family could have tragic

consequences. Compelling


The Art of Hiding – Amanda


Nina seems to have the perfect

life, but it soon starts to unravel

when her husband is killed in

a car crash. Left with two children

to care for, a mountain of

debt, and the growing realisation

that her husband wasn’t

all he seemed, Nina has to fight

to rebuild a life for herself and

her family. An enjoyable easy

read – perfect for long winter’s


Mrs Osmond – John Banville

Banville picks up the story of

Isabel Osmond (née Archer)

from where we left her in the

classic The Portrait of a Lady.

While this novel will likely

appeal most to fans of Henry

James’s work, Banville retells

enough of the original story

for Mrs Osmond to work as

a stand-alone piece. Upon

learning of her husband’s betrayal,

Isabel has journeyed to

London, leaving him behind in

Italy. Away from her husband

and reunited with her friends,

Isabel starts to rediscover her

desire for independence. Lively

characters, elegant prose and

engaging dialogue combine

to make this a very enjoyable


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- Landlords Certificates

- Rewires

- Routine Maintenance

- 24hr Callout

- PAT Testing

- Regular safety checks

- Surge Protection

- Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

- Dedicated Circuits

- Wiring Upgrades

- Reactive maintenance with property maintenance companies

- Full Public Liability Insurance

- No job too small

0208 406 0127 / 07446 905 802

email :

We know that an

electrical fault can occur

anytime day or night;

that's why we will always

have an electrician on

stand-by ready to solve

the problem

Croydon Upholstery

We reupholster Wing Chairs

We reupholster Sofas We reupholster Antiques We reupholster Ercol furniture

Free Quote in your home

We make bespoke headboards

We reupholster Dining Chairs

Large Fabric Range • All Types of Furniture

Excellent Workmanship at Fair Prices • 1 to 2 weeks turnaround

See more pictures on website • Free Loan Furniture

All trade work undertaken

Call 020 8683 1974

or email

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Ashcroft Pilates

For everyBody

New Beginners Classes starting in January

Tuesday Mornings at 9.45am | Thursday Lunchtime at 12.15pm

Please contact Sam for more details

Pilates classes in Coulsdon and surrounding area | 07790 715249

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Do you have a Stamp collection?

We buy and sell over 1000 stamp collections

every year!

Home visits available in and around Surrey

with offer of immediate payment.

Are you looking to expand your collection?

Let us know what you are looking for and we

will try to find it!

Trading over 40 years.

See website to find out more!

Tel 01932 785635

Proud Member of

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Heat Genius allows you to reduce your household energy

consumption by only heating the rooms you are using.

Through managing the heating of each individual room in the house and

learning the best schedule automatically, it helps you to save money and

energy with no loss of comfort.

The Genius Hub connects your heating to the internet. It plugs into your

broadband router and communicates wirelessly to the Boiler Controller,

Thermostat, Wireless Radiator Valves and Room Sensors, allowing you to

control Heat Genius from any internet device, such as your phone, tablet

or computer

Installations take about two hours and are carried out by ECO Electrical

services as an approved and preferred installer. Most components of the

system are wireless, allowing for an easy installation, and work with almost

any “wet” system, including heat pumps, gas, oil or biomass boilers.


Of the average household energy bill


Find testimonials for us

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Growing Up

In A Digital


by Kate Duggan

Like it or loathe it, we’re

leaving in a digital age, and

many children have learnt to

swipe, scroll and select long

before they’ve mastered riding

a bike.


If you’re worried that your

child is spending too much

time staring at a tablet or

smartphone, you might need

to agree a daily time allowance.

Most devices come with

parental controls that you can

activate. Alternatively, you can

download software such as

Qustodio (

to restrict usage and block

inappropriate content. Some

flexibility on time limits might

be needed, when your child

has homework for instance, or

you’re desperate for a lie-in.

Apps such as Habyts (www. allow you to offer

extra screen time as a reward

for chores and good behaviour.

Teenagers need to learn how

to manage their own time, and

how to protect themselves

online. So you may want to

loosen the reins as your child

gets older, and discuss what

they should do if they stumble

across anything that makes

them feel uncomfortable.



One in five 13-18 year olds say

they’ve been the victim of cyber

bullying¹. However, social media

can also be a way for your child

to connect with their peers,

and they may feel ostracised

if they end up missing out on

conversations. If you do decide

to let your teen have their own

social media account, set some

boundaries. For example, you

may decide that they can only

have an account if you’re their

‘friend’, with the understanding

that you won’t post photos

of them or publicly embarrass

them online. You’ll also need

to talk to your child about why

they should never share their

address or personal details

on social media, and what to

do if they’re being bullied or


Be aware that teens often

set up separate social media

accounts to chat to their

friends, and will block you

from finding them. And instant

messaging apps are even

harder to monitor.

No safeguards you put in place

will bypass the need to talk to

your child about online safety.


There are some really fun,

educational sites and apps that

might help to tear your child

away from YouTube, including:

Scratch (

edu) helps you child learn basic

coding. Users can create simple

games, animations and stories.

Cbeebies (

cbeebies) has a huge number of

online games, puzzles and other

activities. The Alphablocks

School Words Quiz, for

example, helps pre-schoolers

and reception-aged children

learn to recognise simple

words. You can organise games

by their educational focus, such

as maths, communicating and


Comics in the Classroom

(www.comicsintheclassroom. are a range of digital

comics that teach children

about history. They support the

Key Stage 3 and GCSE syllabus

and are interactive – children

have to identify correct answers

to unlock more pages.

Sand:box by SmellyMoo (search

the Google Play store) is an

android phone app that teaches

older children about physics

and chemistry. The user can

‘play’ with different materials

and see how they react with

each other.

If you do let your child

download any apps, check

that they can’t make in app

purchases without your

approval, or you could be in for

a nasty surprise.

For more advice about

keeping children safe online,

visit It

offers a wealth of free guides

and advice on everything

from mental health issues to

protecting children from adult




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Great deals on Gym membership at

Oasis Academy Coulsdon

Monthly Membership:

£20 per person*

Annual Membership:

£200 per person (2 months free!)*


Senior, Students, & Family Membership (two people living at the same address- proof required)

£16 per person (£180 annually)*

Variety of Fitness Classes on offer at additional

costs, please enquire for details.

*Terms and conditions apply, please contact the

Academy on Gym email address

for more information

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Getting back into hot water

Whoever tells you that it was better in the

old days is wrong. Well, they’ve not had their

boiler break down in the middle of a cold

snap. There is a reason Victorian’s didn’t

build homes with open-plan living spaces.

A reason I was alerted to this week as my

boiler finally shuffled off this [mortal] heating


It’s true that you don’t miss something until

it’s gone. Heat is most definitely one of those

things. Suddenly my home, which I always

consider an inviting and cosy space, seemed

hostile and inhospitable. The transformation

was immediate and stark. Even an open fire

didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

I wonder how we coped (and yet I grew up in

a house without central heating for much of

the time and so you’d think I’d remember!)

Mercifully my stint as an extra from Oliver

was short-lived. The boiler was replaced

within 48 hours and I am pleased to confirm

that I no longer resemble a pitiful Victorian


Was that all a little dramatic? Well, yes,

though it’s amazing how significant these

things can feel in the moment. The removal

of the comfort of life has an unsettling effect.

It reminds you that for all of our development

and sophistication our basic needs are still


Sometimes the complexity of modern life

leads us to take for granted the simple things;

the essential things. It reminded me of an old

hymn I knew from my childhood “count your

blessings, name them one by one, and it will

surprise you what the Lord has done”.

This is not a call to positive thinking as such:

There’s a hollowness to that which doesn’t

quite ring true to me. Instead this is a call

to thank a God who knows and meets our

needs; a God who is kind to us. If you find it

hard to connect to God, why not thank him

for the things that you often take for granted.

Sure, focussing in the positive will probably

do you some good, but better still you might

find the roots of a relationship that is far


Have a great month.

Peter Russell

Prayer for Coulsdon & Old Coulsdon exists to

encourage Christians to pray for the town and

its residents. If you are

interested in praying with us you are warmly invited

to join us for one of our prayer gatherings

(which last an hour) on:

Monday 8th - 9am - 56 Bradmore Way,

Old Coulsdon

Tuesday 23rd - 8pm at 65 Edward Road


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Surrey, CR5 2NJ.

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Garden Clearance • Waste Removal • Painting and Decorating

Gutter Cleaning • Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning • Pressure Washing

Graffiti Removal • House Clearances • Drain Unblocking • House Cleaning

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Made to Measure Curtains

Venetian & Roller Blinds


Soft furnishings


Interior Design

Spatial Planning

Kitchens & Bathrooms

0208 668 7844

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‘Restaurant of the Year 2016’ Les Routiers

‘Best Restaurant in Surrey 2016’ Muddy Stilettos

‘Hotel of the Year 2017’ Les Routiers

2 for 1


*Friday Evenings Set Menu

*Changes weekly

*Normally £65 pp

*Valid until 02/02/18

2 for 1 DINNER

3-course PRIX FIXE*

*Tues-Thurs DINNER

*Normally £42 per head

*Valid until 01/02/18

*Must mention PF241 when booking


3-Course Prix Fixe


*Tues-Fri LUNCH only

*3 Choice starter/main/dessert

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Please remember to mention this advert when Booking!

20% OFF For Club Prestige Members in JAN*

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*Not a member yet?

20% off new memberships in January!


Missed the Party in December?

Ask us about our discounts for large groups in

January ~ up to 20% off!

Happy New Year

from Laurent,

Martin & all of

the team at

Chez Vous!

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Cloud Accountants

Companies, Sole Traders, CIS Contractors,

Partnerships, Self-Assessments, Landlords

Tax Returns and accounts.

Bookkeeping, payroll and VAT.

Are you ready for the 31st January 2018

Self Assessment deadline? For late submission

penales start at £100 increasing to £1,600.

For a range of our fees, client case studies and

10 reasons to use Tax Data Ltd check

Call Mike Devine ATT to arrange a free initial

meeting and quote.

B: 01737 551904 M: 07739 098890


4 Marlpit Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2HA

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Upgrades & repairs

all aspects of plUmBing

& tiling

free estimates

Call Michael P. Mulholland

07949 831343

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over 20 years experience

Full Public Liability Insurance

A friendly & reliable service

Recurring Back Pain?


Clinical Pilates in your

local area!

MPM Quarter Page Ad CR5 2k16.indd 1 16/02/2016 13:14:27

Pilates is a form of safe, gentle exercise that

focuses on core strength and stability,

flexibility, and posture. Clinical Pilates

consists of exercises specific to controlling

and preventing recurring pain.

Contact Lucy by email:

To express your interest, and the

option of a free 30 minute private


•Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm

•Coulsdon Community Centre

(Chipstead Valley Road CR5 3BE)

•Available in 6 week blocks


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The Society’s final debate for 2017. ‘Abrahamic

religions are compatible with Western

Liberalism’ was proposed by Richard Ackland.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity, in particular,

often imitated and integrated with the

pantheistic, largely amoral Graeco-Roman and

Nordic religions, replacing their hierarchical

system of major gods (Zeus or Woden/Odin, plus

a number of sub-gods with specific roles) with

the Trinity and ‘specialist’ saints. The new

religion was designed to attract converts by

being compatible with the old. The writings of

Aristotle, translated by Arabic scholars during

the Middle Ages, posed another serious

challenge to the Abrahamic belief in truth

through divine revelation rather than strict logic.

The Damascene Jewish intellectual Moses ben

Maimon, the Islamic scholar Ibn Rashd

(Averroes) and Thomas Aquinas - all

Aristotelians – found ways to make logic

compatible with faith. Richard then defined

Western liberalism, a development from the

mediaeval banking system, as the rule of the

marketplace (capitalism) and, on a personal

level, looking after Number One. But capitalism,

high-finance borrowing and lending (or usury),

is directly against Abrahamic teachings.

However, all three religions have cleverly

dodged round the problem; Islam’s Sharia

financial models avoid the charging of interest;

Christianity, traditionally forcing usury on the

Jews, now approves parallel standards,

separating religious principles from financial

practice; the Jewish Torah sanctions interest-free

loans to co-religionists – but interest may be

charged to non-Jews. Dealing with the

individuality of Western society has proved no

problem for Abrahamic faiths. While the

synagogue, church and mosque encourage

regular communal worship and contact with

religious teachers, many Christians are not

churchgoers and are happy with a personal

religion; the fragmentation of Protestantism

into multiple churches means that today, people

can go to Heaven by whatever road they please.

Moslems meet at the mosque for Friday prayers,

but also pray alone several times a day. Richard

concluded that Abrahamic religions, because of

their adaptability and compatibility, are more

than able to co-exist with Western liberalism.

Opposer Ian Payne opened by saying that

Western liberalism has flourished only as

religious ideologies have faded. Indeed,

powerful religious ideas dominated our society

throughout the past, making it very far from

liberal. Persecuting and assuming the right to kill


from the Crusades to the current battle over

Jerusalem and to inter-Abrahamic conflict’s

explosion onto the streets of London, Paris,

Manchester, are examples of religion’s far from

liberal practices. Ian then discussed how religion

resists liberal values. Both the Old Testament and

the Quran insist that women are second-class

citizens, supported by exemptions to our

equality and employment laws.

These exemptions should be removed. Ian said

that the tenets of organised religion are often

incompatible with liberalism, e.g. kosher and

hal-lal slaughter; Catholic teaching on

contraception and abortion; ‘honour’ killings;

the fatwa on Salman Rushdie; promotion of

discredited biblical and ‘creationist’ theories

against scientific research. Religion continues to

fight against liberalisation. There are challenges

to press freedom – the Charlie Hebdo disaster,

to freedom of religion, via apostasy laws that

punish Muslims who leave Islam or people who

leave Jehovah’s Witnesses, to democracy (26

unelected bishops in the House of Lords) and

to secular government (all schools must teach

RE and have a daily prayers). Ian warned that

we tend to dismiss acts of terrorism as atypical

of true Christians or Muslims, in an attempt to

accept views that coincide with ours.

You cannot pick and choose, said Ian. Extremism

is still part of religion. Ian concluded that most

British people are non-religious, wanting to focus

on this life, not a theoretical next. But Abrahamic

religions want to prepare for the next world and

the atrocities sometimes committed are part of

them, and unfortunately not compatible with

Western liberalism.

The motion was won by 5 votes to 4 with no

abstentions. The next debate, ‘It’s time to

decriminalise sex work’ will take place on

January 8th. at 8 p.m at the Old Coulsdon Day


Visitors are welcome; for further details, contact

Angela Applin, 020 8668 8558.

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Do you need

financial advice?

Perhaps you are looking to purchase a new property, or looking

to save some money on your existing mortgage?

Are you looking for advice on your pensions or do you have some

money you would like to invest?

Hello, I’m Wayne Griffiths and I’m an Independent Financial Adviser with over 25 years’

experience in banking and finance, and I have lived in the local area with my family for many


I’m passionate about my profession so I decided to go it alone and set up my own company,

One Financial Solutions. I pride myself on being truly independent, meaning that I can

access the whole of the market to help clients like you find the right solutions, at the right

time, for your financial needs.

I can advise in a number of areas for your own personal needs and also the needs of your

business, including:

Investments, pensions, savings, Inheritance Tax Planning, mortgages, equity

release, life insurance, business protection and more…

I am happy to come and meet you in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is

convenient to you, or at our offices in Leatherhead and Whyteleafe.

Please contact me on 01372 940 640 or 07800 200 189 for a free,

confidential initial consultation, at a time suitable for you.

T: 01372 940 640| M:07800 200 189

One solution for all your financial needs

One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2Plan Wealth Management Ltd, which is autorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is entered on to the

Financial Services Register ( under reference 461598. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your home may be repossesed if you do not keep

up repayments on your mortgage. Most Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authorty.

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Spectacular frames from as little as £98*

complete with single vision reflection free lenses*

We look forward to styling you!

* Frame and varifocal lenses are available from £178

381 Croydon Rd

Wallington Green SM6 7NY

Tel: 020 8647 8992

116 Woodcote Rd

Wallington SM6 0LY

Tel: 020 8647 3644

141 Brighton Rd

Coulsdon CR5 2NJ

Tel: 020 8660 7343

157 High Street

Banstead SM7 2NT

Tel: 01737 850349

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Hair by Rachel

Hair by Rachel


Home based salon opened in

Coulsdon with Free on street parking

Mobile hairdressing offered in the surrounding area


Senior Stylist offering a large range

of hair services in comfortable surroundings

07789 710592

All the benefits of a salon in the

relaxed comfort of a home


2 Parkside Gardens, Coulsdon, CR5 3AS

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1 2


The gadgets that’ll help you keep your promises in 2018

It’s that time of year again. The gyms will soon be

full of New Year’s resolutions, running like mad on

treadmills. People will be signing up for all kinds of

self-improvement, but within a few months many

of them will have changed their minds. So how can

you make sure you stick to the promises you made

yourself about 2018? Technology is here to help.

There’s been an explosion in fitness technology

over the last few years. The most attractive fitness

gadget is Apple’s Watch Series 3 (£329), which

you can keep on while you swim as well as when

you run, and thanks to apps it can help motivate

you in all kinds of ways: it can deliver workouts or

track your everyday fitness, and it can even turn

ordinary activity into a game with its steps, distance

and calorie tracking. Third party apps can deliver

punishing 7, 4 or even 1-minute workouts if you’re

short of time, and there’s a whole host of apps for

tracking your food intake and other health factors


Some of the best fitness gadgets are designed for

specific activities, such as TomTom’s Runner 3 (£220).

As you’ve probably guessed from the name it’s for

runners, with built-in GPS, heart rate tracking and

music playback to make your efforts more bearable.

It’s suitable for weight training and swimming too,

and the battery lasts for about 3 weeks between


If your resolutions were more about mental

wellbeing, there are plenty of phone apps to

help you. The free Mindfulness App (available

for Apple and Android) can help you meditate to

escape everyday stress, while Headspace (iPhone

and Android, free with in-app subscriptions) has

attracted millions of users with its newcomerfocused

approach, rewards system and a clever

buddy feature that enables you to share progress

and motivation with your friends.

Apps can be great for fitness and healthy eating

too. One of the world’s favourite such apps is

MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker.

Available for Apple and Google devices, it’s free,

with a £7.99 pro-subscription offer. The big plus

here is its database of more than 6 million foods

and a barcode scanner: scan your ingredients or the

menu and it’ll automatically calculate and record the


If you promised to eat

more healthily and/or to

waste less food in 2018,

we’d love to introduce

you to our very favourite

gadget: the Instant

Pot. There’s a whole

community of Instant

Pot fans online including

popular food blogs


such as The Kitchn, and

that’s because it’s brilliant: it’s an electric pressure

cooker that sautes, boils, steams, slow cooks,

pressure cooks…if the idea of cooking a whole

chicken or pulled pork in half an hour appeals you’ll

love it, and it’s great for minimising waste: chuck

the leftovers in with some vegetables and water and

you’ve got effortless stock or soup. It’s a fantastic

time saver too: again and again we’ve gone from

can’t-be-bothered-to-cook to eating a healthy and

nutritious meal in less time than it takes to order a

takeaway. It pays to shop around, though: Amazon

in particular frequently offers huge discounts on

the Instant Pot, as you can see from sites such as you don’t want to be the

person who buys it for £155 when it’s usually on sale

for less than £95.

1. TomTom Runner 3 GPS smartwatch

2. Apple Watch Series 3 3. Instant Pot cooker.

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Fully Qualified Local Tradesman

All Carpentry Work Undertaken

Kitchen Design, Supply and Fitting

Storage Solutions, Shelving and Cupboards

Door Hanging, Window Fitting, Flooring

1 st & 2 nd Fix Carpentry

External Carpentry

General Maintenance

07891 736702

Free Estimates

Fully Insured

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Ken Mead had just turned 17 when he found himself delivering vital ammunition to the

D-Day beaches. The last thing on his mind then was the thought that 73 years later, now as

a sprightly 90 year old, he would receive one of France’s highest awards, the Chevalier de

Legion d’Honneur, for his part in liberating Europe. Yet this is exactly what happened on 11th

November at a Ceremony at the French Residence when the French Ambassador made the

official award on behalf of the President of France to Ken and six other WW2 Veterans.

Ken has clear memories of those days in 1944 when his ship would deliberately run

aground on the beach for offloading, refloating on the next tide in order to go and collect

more of these urgent resupplies. He recalls a sense of well organised and calm determination

as they simply got on with the job in the face of the death and destruction around them.

As a Gunner in the Merchant Navy Ken had also been much involved in bringing vital

supplies across the Atlantic to the UK in the face of horrendous casualties caused by German

submarines. By the time that he left the Merchant Navy aged just 20, Ken had been all around

the World and had experiences of life and death that are hard to imagine for successive

generations, thanks to the sacrifice of his generation.

Ken feels honoured by the award but is in no doubt that the real heroes are the

many hundreds of thousands of Service Personnel who never came back, including his two

Uncles who were killed in Norway in 1940 and now lie side by side in the War Cemetery near

Narvick as Brothers aged just 20 and 22.

There were many VIPs at the Ceremony, including Minister of Defence Lord Howe,

the French Ambassador and a couple of French Admirals who were most interested to learn

of Ken’s experiences. Ken was accompanied by his Wife Marie, to whom he has been married

for 68 years, and by four friends and fellow Rotarians: Colonel John & Mrs Ann Power and

Mr Alan & Mrs Carole Skinner. He and Marie live in Old Coulsdon where he remains an active

member of the Rotary Club of Coulsdon Manor, who are immensely proud of their oldest


Point of contact: Colonel John Power (Parachute Regiment), close friend and fellow member

of Coulsdon Manor Rotary Club, 020 8660 3735 / 07785 253957,

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by James Baggot

I’ve just exited a roundabout – one

I’ve left many times before in a

variety of cars – and I’m heading

down a familiar straight; I know

it leads to a 90 degree right and

yet more well-sighted, beautifullysurfaced

road, but this time it’s


I’m sat behind an exquisitelycrafted

steering wheel, in a plum

pudding purple leather cabin, and

things are happening faster than

they’ve ever happened before.

Behind me, a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8

is converting 710bhp into forward

thrust that has to be experienced

to be believed.

Just a look at the numbers gives

an indication of what the new

darling of Woking has in its arsenal:

60mph in 2.8 seconds, 124mph in

7.8 seconds and 186mph in 21.4

seconds. That’s a lot of numbers

that need perspective. Take the

124mph time as just one example:

that’s just a few tenths slower than

a Volkswagen Golf GTD manages

to hit 60mph. In the same time, the

720S is doing double that speed.


While those figures give you some

reference, what they can’t explain

is the feeling that translates

to when you’re sat behind the

wheel. The g-force such explosive

acceleration exerts on your body

under foot-to-the-floor power is

like a roller coaster, like free falling

from a plane as the world becomes

a blur in your peripheral vision.

Braking is sharp, shockingly sudden

and painfully precise.

The McLaren takes countryside

sweepers, motorway miles and

quick changes in direction and road

surface in its stride. It’s incredibly

capable and a huge step on from

the 650S it replaces. Steering is

pinpoint direct, well weighted and

trembling with pins and needle-like


The seven-speed automatic

gearbox rifles through gears like

a sharp shooter - OK, maybe at

load speeds it can be a bit grabby

as shunt through the transmission

is felt in the cabin, but at speed,

in maximum attack, it’s rapid,

slick and enjoyable. The rocker

mechanism to the paddles is a joy

too. Pull one and you can feel the

other move away from you, and

vice versa. It’s a classy touch.

Unfortunately it’s not all good

news. The electronics, while much

better and easier to use than the

cars they have featured in before,

are still buggy. Our test car warned

us of impending suspension failure,

when it was fine, and of power

steering catastrophe, again when

there was nothing wrong. You

wouldn’t forgive that on a car

costing a tenth of a price, let alone

one knocking on a quarter of a

million pounds.

The second disappointment is the

noise. It’s all sucking, blowing and

wind roar - there’s no start up, high

speed thrum, or deep bellowing

exhaust note. Just a rush of air

intake and utterly ballistic forward

motion. OK, it’s no Tesla, all silent

propulsion, but then at the same

time it’s no rival for Ferrari’s now

equally-muted, but still much

better, 488 soundtrack.

Thankfully, the out-of-this-world

looks make up for some of those

foibles. The dramatic doors stop

petrol station punters in their

tracks as you arch them skyward.

80 Log into your local community website!

It can feel like you’ve live-paused

passers-by in a TV show, their

mouths slowly drifting towards the

floor as they wake back up. Rarely

does a car send pedestrians into

a dreamlike state quite like this


Huge air scoops, slits and slants

in the bodywork add to the visual

drama, while also playing an

important part in directing the

huge gulps of air the revised power

plant needs to keep it cool. Sadly

McLaren still has a lot of work to do

in wiggling its way into the public

consciousness - as much as those

we encountered fell instantly in

love with it, few knew what brand

it belonged to, let alone which

model it was.

But back to what the McLaren

does best. I’ve got dials turned to

slippery sport mode, and Wales to

cross. The rain is just starting to

cover the road with a glistening

dew-like coating and the 720S is

twitching in the bends, squirming

as it hunts for traction. It’s palmdampening,

but exciting, and

about to create a journey that’ll be

indelibly marked on my memory.

This McLaren may not be quite

perfect, but my word is it getting

incredibly close.


Model: McLaren 720S

Price: £218,020

Engine: 4.0-litre, twin turbo V8

Power: 710bhp, 770Nm

0-60mph: 2.8 seconds

Top speed: 212mph

Economy: 26.4mpg

Emissions: 249g/km

Baked Pears with

Cinnamon Oat


You can use any pear variety for this winter

warming fruity pudding. Serve with custard

or crème fraîche and a drizzle of

warmed honey, if liked.


• 4 medium-sized firm pears

• 150ml apple or orange juice

• 50g unsalted butter

• 75g rolled oats

• 50g Demerara sugar

• 25g walnut pieces, chopped

• 1tsp ground cinnamon, plus

extra to sprinkle

Serves 4

Ready in 1 hour


This recipe will work just as well

with crisp eating or cooking

apples instead of the pears.

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/Fan 160C/gas mark 4.

Halve the pears lengthways and scoop out the

cores with a teaspoon. Place the pear halves in a

shallow ovenproof dish, cut-side up.

2. Pour the apple or orange juice into the dish and dot

the pears with half the butter. Cover loosely with

foil and bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the rest of the butter in a small

pan then remove from the heat, add the oats,

sugar, walnuts and cinnamon and stir to combine.

3. Remove the foil and spoon the oat mixture over

the top of the pears. Bake the pears, uncovered,

for a further 20-25 minutes until tender with a crisp

topping. Serve warm, sprinkled with a little more

cinnamon, if liked.

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


The French


French Ardennes, Meuse valley, Monthermé


In north-eastern France, the

Regional Nature Park of the

Ardennes rises towards the

Belgian border, festooned in

hills and vales, fast-flowing

rivers, dramatic rocks, lush

hedgerows and deep forests

home to wild boar and

deer. Haunted by ancient

legends, laced with trails and

glorious views, it is largely

undiscovered and a haven for

nature lovers, covering 117,000


Trekking, cycling, horse riding,

kayaking or sailing on the

rivers, there are myriad ways

to explore and maybe spot

the beavers at work, a black

stork or a peregrine falcon, a

black woodpecker or a hazel

grouse sitting on a branch.

Wild orchids and carnivorous

sundews peep here and there

and golden broom and purple

heather splash colour on the

higher slopes. The scenery is

forever changing but most

endearing is the green finger

of land pointing north and the

valleys of the Meuse and its

tributary the Semoy.

Tumbling down from the

Belgium uplands, the Semoy

meanders through verdant

countryside on its way to

the Nature Park across the

border. There, from the

village of Hautes-Rivières

to the confluence with the

Meuse, a 20km long cycle

path follows every bend of

the river, punctuated by rocky

outcrops and viewpoints such

as the ‘Cross of Hell’, a name

which leaves plenty to the

imagination. By clear weather,

you might just see the Croix

Scaille, at 503 metres the

highest point in the French


The Meuse meanders on and

on, revealing its most stunning

panoramas when you follow

the trails along the crest. For

many visitors, the true icon

of the valley is Monthermé,

nestling crescent-shaped

at the tip of a peninsula,

stretching out like a green

dragon’s tongue as the river

almost closes a perfect loop.

The water glistens as blue as

the sky and densely wooded

hills roll as far as you can see

in all shades of green. A path

climbs through the forest to

a series of precipitous rocks

where you can look down on

Monthermé and one of the

most spectacular river loops in


In the distance the silhouettes

of the ‘Four Sons of Aymon’

rise on a rocky ridge above the

village of Bogny. According to

legend, the knights escaped

from Charles the Great on a

magic horse, taking refuge

in the Ardennes where they

were turned into rocks. In this

fantastic landscape legends

82 Log into your local community website!

By Solange Hando

abound, from the Devil’s

Castle to the Spinner’s Bench

or the rocks of the Ladies of

the Meuse, petrified for being

unfaithful during the crusades.

In the spring, Monthermé

comes into its own with a

popular festival dedicated to

the legends of the Ardennes

and the ‘little people’ who

hide among the rocks.

Festival over, it is time to

ramble along the trails, 47

of them from easy strolls

to more demanding climbs,

criss-crossing the park all the

way to Givet at the northern

tip, taking in the star-shaped

citadel of Rocroi, the lakes,

the laurel forest and the

slate route around Fumay.

The people of the valley are

proud of their heritage and

that includes the industry

which remains a valuable

source of income. Just like the

wartime memories, it is part

of the Ardennes but in this

little corner of France, off the

beaten track, you’ll discover

sleepy villages of yellow or

blue-tinged stone, fortified

churches, castles, abbeys or

isolated farms with a beautiful

backdrop of verdant hills and




Each letter in this puzzle is represented

by a different number

between 1 and 26. The codes for

three letters are shown. Once you

have filled these throughout the

grid you can start guessing words

and reveal other letters. As you

find the letters enter them in the

box below.




Answer on page 88 - no peeking!

Don’t Drive into Trouble Abroad

Every January, sure as night follows day, magazines

come stuffed with pull-outs for summer holiday


It’s also that time when lesser known TV channels

air programmes like “Drunk Brits Abroad” or “Costa

Del Hell”. You know the kind of thing: footage of

inebriated young Brits thinking that they can get away

with whatever they want to on holiday, as they are

abroad. Usually the shows finish with a post-script

of how wrong they are, with nights in cells, court

appearances and fines.

If you plan to drive on your holiday, perhaps taking

the car to France, or hiring one in some other sunny

location, be aware that, increasingly, local prosecutors

are upping the ante when it comes to prosecuting

foreign drivers who incur traffic offences.

In the last few years applications to the Home Office

from foreign prosecutors to pursue traffic offences

made by UK registered drivers have risen 12 fold. For

example, in 2014 less than 150 applications were made,

yet 2016 saw that number top 1,600.

The likely rise is down to recent EU laws requiring

nations to share a driver’s details; it works both ways

of course. The UK will pass details of law-breaking

foreign drivers back to their home country too.

This stance is unlikely to change with Brexit either,

since Switzerland has also signed up to the agreement.

So, gone are the days of “What happens on the

N1, stays in France” as the Gendarme L’Auto (not

sure if such a thing exists, but it sounds more exotic

than French Traffic Police) could now pursue your

misdemeanours even after your return.

By Iain Betson

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292



It’s free to join the library and nearly

everything is free to borrow.

Adults and teens can borrow up to 25 items,

children up to 15.

We have free wifi, free use of PCs and access

to the internet for up to two hours per day.

Online at

online-library/, library services are

available 24/7, with a digital library of

audio and e-books to download.

Online Library | Croydon Libraries

For Children

Rhymetime. Wiggle and Jiggle, Grandparents

Storytime, Craftytime,

Rock & Rhyme. Storytime.

For Adults

Adult Colouring & Dot-to-Dot, Adult Reading

Group, Knit, Stitch and Crochet group,

Free one hour one-to-one IT help sessions

Free one-to-one Ancestry computer sessions.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 9am-6pm,

Thursday 9.30am-6pm, Friday 9am-7pm

and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Coulsdon Library at 167 Brighton Road,

Coulsdon, CR5 2NH,

Tel 020 3700 1007;



Dealing with Cat Flu –

It’s Not Just a Winter Bug

Cat flu is potentially one of the most serious

illnesses your cat can suffer and in some cases is

life-threatening. Kittens in particular are at high

risk, so it’s important to vaccinate as soon as

possible, usually at nine weeks and then on an

annual basis.

It’s not only a ‘winter bug’ as human flu tends to

be – it can be transferred between cats at any

time of the year. This is why, if your cat stays in

a boarding cattery, you should make sure it’s

one that only accepts cats from owners with

proof of vaccination.

What symptoms should you watch out for?

Common symptoms of cat flu include:

• Sneezing • Coughing

• Runny nose • Dribbling

• High temperature • General lethargy

• Loss of appetite

• Sore or partially-closed eyes

Helping your cat through this serious illness

The vet may prescribe antibiotics if your cat

has a secondary bacterial infection, which is a

common occurrence with cat flu. Apart from

that, however, wiping the cat’s eyes and nose

with a warm clean cloth soaked in salt water

can help.

Regularly washing their bedding, and making

sure water bowls are cleaned several times

a day with hot water, also helps to prevent

re-infection once your cat begins to improve.

Cats with flu often lose their appetite, so having

plenty of nice food to tempt them to eat is

a good idea and also helps to build up their

immune system after they’ve recovered.




By Ann Haldon

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Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten

minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which

may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word

must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central

letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There

is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel.


Excellent: 56 or more words Good: 43 words Fair: 37 words









BOOK THIS SPACE to advertise

your business in 2018

(Eighth page booking minimum 3 months)


in this space for as little as

£32 per month + VAT

(minimum booking period 3 months)

Call 01737 557888

or email

Review Of The Year

CR5 Review of the Year Quiz

1. Along with a portrait of Jane Austen, the new Bank of England

ten pound note features a foil image of which cathedral?

2. Beginning with the letters "I" and "M", what were the names of the

two category five hurricanes of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season?

3. 14 years after being voted first in a 2003 book called Crap Towns: The 50 Worst

Places To Live In The UK, which city was the UK City of Culture for 2017?

4. An international football match in October saw three players with what first

name playing for England despite no one of that name playing for them

anytime from 1955 to 2014?

5. First used in the 14th century and used by Kim Jong-un in September to

describe Donald Trump, what six-letter word is defined by the Oxford English

Dictionary as "an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile"?

6. Of the three acts to headline the Pyramid Stage at the 2017 Glastonbury

Festival, name the only one not to have won a Brit award.

7. Which city hosted the 2017 Invictus Games?

8. Name the two parties who won more seats in the 2017 general election than

they did in 2015, but with fewer votes overall.

9. In April, which boxer became WBA World Heavyweight Champion after beating

Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium?

10. Who said in July that she was "moved and honoured" after councillors

unanimously agreed to make her Manchester's first honorary citizen?

Answers on page 88- no peeking

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Answers on page 88

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Got a new camera for Christmas

and now want to get the best

out of it? Why not make a New

Year's resolution to come along

to our club and start pushing your

photographic limits in a friendly,

helpful atmosphere?

Les says "This is a close up image

of an Indonesian Tree Frog

photographed on a Macro Photography

Experience day.

I love the sleepy look and how the

image turned out." To see more

nature images why not come

along to our Natural History

Competition on 16th Jan?


9th Jan "Portraits" talk by Douglas Kurn

16th Jan Natural History Competition

23rd Jan Practical Workshop

30th Jan Colour Print Competition (2 of 3)

We meet each Tuesday evening (7.45pm for 8pm)

in Cameron Hall, Canons Hill,Old Coulsdon.

Visitors £5 (refunded on joining).

Visit, see us on

facebook or contact

Bird’s Eye View, December 2017

John Birkett, RSPB Croydon Local Group

As we prepare for the Christmas festivities

perhaps it is time to reflect on how species of bird

visit your garden.

We are all probably familiar with Robin, Blackbird

and Blue Tit as well as the pigeons that hoover

up the bird food on the ground and the Crows

and Magpies. In recent years the chances are that

Ring-necked Parakeets have moved in as well.

But what else turns up?

If you have bird feeders you could observe the

ever changing panoply of birds during the day.

Those pesky parakeets may hog the feeders for a

while, but when they move off the other birds can

come in. Blue Tits, certainly, but how about those

with lots of black about the head? He larger ones

will be Great Tits and those with a patch of white

at the back of the head are Coal Tits. Then there

are the ‘little brown jobs’. Surely they should be

sparrers. Check again; those with white patches

in the wings should be Chaffinches. And a flash of

yellow in the wings and a red face are sure signs

of goldfinch, a species that has become more

commonplace in gardens.

You may be lucky enough to have thrushes visit

your garden, but during the winter the ones with

a creamy stripe above the eye are Redwings and

if they have a grey head you are looking at


All these species, as well as others, regularly come

into gardens during the winter. We are always

pleased to welcome people to participate in our

ongoing survey of Croydon’s birds, which helps us

to monitor our local avifauna. The RSPB Croydon

Local Group also has a team of speakers who can

give illustrated talks about birds to local


For more information about the activities of the

RSPB Croydon Local Group, including our bird

survey and the talks, look at


If you do see anything interesting, please let us

know. Perhaps come along to one of our meetings

to tell us about it or email me: or you can record

them on the Croydon Birders website:


To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292



7. Vegetable (6)

8. Not including (6)

9. Set of two (4)

10. Marvellous (8)

11. Mumbles (7)

13. Type of lizard (5)

15. Concerning (5)

17. Fortress (7)

20. Garden visitor (8)

21. Egg shaped (4)

23. Venus for example (6)

24. Getting older (6)


1. Couch (4)

2. Colourful bird (6)

3. G.P.s (7)

4. Passenger boat (5)

5. Sporty (6)

6. Scatter (8)

12. Keeps you dry (8)

14. Checked cloth (7)

16. Emergency (6)

18. Worshipped (6)

19. Closes (5)

22. Female relative (4)

Review Of The Year Quiz Answers from page 85

1.Winchester Cathedral (where Jane Austen is buried),2.Irma

and Maria, 3.Hull, 4.Harry, 5.Dotard, 6.Radiohead, 7.Toronto,

8.The Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru, 9.Anthony Joshua,

10.Ariana Grande (honoured due to her response to the

terror attack at her gig at the Manchester Arena)

Kids Answers from page 86:

Noel (Gallagher) in the Goal, Adele down the Well

Ed (Sheeran) in a Shed

Word Ladder: Jet, Pet, Pen, Pan, Fan, Fin

CR5 Codeword Answers from page 83

Crossword answers from above -

Across: 7 Potato, 8 Except, 9 Pair,

10 Terrific, 11 Mutters,13 Gecko, 15 About,

17 Citadel, 20 Hedgehog, 21 Oval,

23 Planet, 24 Ageing.

Down: 1 Sofa, 2 Parrot, 3 Doctors, 4

Ferry, 5 Active, 6 Sprinkle, 12 Umbrella,

14 Gingham, 16 Urgent, 18 Adored,

19 Shuts, 22 Aunt.

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CR5 Trip Down Memory Lane

Bradmore Green, Old Coulsdon was the scene of a meet of horses and hounds in 1912.

The postcard was sent to the well-known Robert Vigar at Caterham by the photographer and

shows Bradmore Farm to the left.

Are you interested in local history? Then why not join the Bourne Society.

Apply to : J Hurrion, 7 The Towers, Hayes Lane, Kenley, CR8 5YL

New Year Resolutions

Why make new year resolutions that you won’t keep?

Research suggests that by the end of February 90%

of people have given up. Ask your local gym. The

question is, Why? There are a number of reasons but

let’s look at a couple of them.

The first one is overload. Some people start the new

year in a burst of enthusiasm and give themselves

10, 15 or 20 resolutions to keep. It’s too many to

focus on and keep track of so they give up after 3 or

4 weeks and feel they have failed.

The second one is that the resolution is too vague,

or too big, or too remote. So people will decide they

are going to lose 3 or 4 stone by the end of the year.

Sounds good but it falls down in all three areas,

vague, big, remote.

If you want to keep your new year resolution(s), it is

better to make one, two or at most three and work on

them patiently. You are far more likely to achieve one

or two resolutions than 10 or more. So keep it simple

is rule no 1. Then keep them specific, achievable and


So, if you want to lose weight far better to say, “ I will

lose 1 pound a week for 13 weeks.” At the end of 13

weeks even if you have only lost say 5 or 6 lbs, you

have seen some progress that will motivate you to

reset the target. Say you decide you will again lose

a 1lb a week for 13 weeks. That way you are much

more likely to keep going and if you reset your target

every 13 weeks, even if you only lose that 5 or 6 lbs a

quarter, by the end of the year you will have lost 20 to

24 lbs. That will motivate you to continue.

The way to keep your new year resolution(s) is to

choose only one, two or three things to achieve, then

break it down into 13 week segments, at the end of

which you can review and adjust as needed.

A suggestion? Well, why not make 2018 the year you

resolve to start or further develop your relationship

with God? Does God exist? Does God love you?

What difference will it make to your life if you have a

relationship with God, and through God a relationship

with other christians? Start by reading (or Google)

the bible book of the apostle John, chapter 3, verse

16. Then why not try out one of the 9 churches in

Churches Together in Coulsdon?

Why not make it your resolution for 13 weeks, then

you can review and reset it. You may be pleasantly

surprised and find you enjoy spending time at church.

For 2018 resolve to be resolute about your


GCI Coulsdon Community Church meets at 11.00am

on Sundays In Coulsdon Community Centre Upper

Hall. For further information please contact Pastor

Brian Smith or

01798 813133. To receive daily e-mail messages

like this one please go to

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Affected by cancer?

The South East Cancer Help Centre is a

charity that over the last 25 years has

helped thousands of people affected by


Come and talk to us and explore

the ways we may be able to help you

whether it be through information,

counselling or the wide range of

complementary therapies we offer.

Talk to us,

we’re here to help.

Call 020 8668 0974 for more information

or visit

Our facilities have local NHS recognition

and provide a friendly, supportive

environment with only one purpose –

to help you cope.

2 Purley Road (Tesco Development), Purley, Surrey CR8 2HA. Registered Charity No.1011509

Old Coulsdon

Trefoil Guild

Trefoil Guild is guiding for adults – fun,

friendship and making a difference.

Even if you have never been involved in

either guiding or scouting, there is always

a warm welcome for anyone who likes the

idea of learning something new,

travelling, meeting new people or getting

involved in local Guiding and Scouting


We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each

month 7.30 – 9.30 pm in the Guide Hut,

Coulsdon Road, CR5 1EA

For further information call Sandra Ash on

01883 349633

or email

1st Coulsdon Explorers.

For boys and girls aged 14 – 18

Are you a scout or guide looking to move up to

the next stage?

You are welcome to start linking with us from

age 13 and a half.

We also welcome young people who have not

been involved with scouting before but would

like to give scouting a go.

Feel free to join us on a Monday evening from

8:00pm to 9:30pm.



At Richmond Hall, Lion Green Road CarPark,

Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 3BP

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What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

The RSPB Croydon

Local Group

Monthly Illustrated Wildlife Talks in

South Croydon

Whitgift Sports Club, Croham Manor Road -

off Croham Road, South Croydon, CR2 7BG

Second Monday of each month, 2pm and again at 8pm.

Admission £4.00. Everyone is welcome, not just RSPB


Free refreshments. A selection of RSPB goods, nuts &

seeds are on sale.

Parking limited on site but free in adjacent roads.

64 & 433 buses stop nearby in Croham Road.

Monday January 8th 2018:

“Filey Bay”. Mark James Pearson, an ornithologist

based at Filey Bird Observatory in North Yorkshire, tells

us about Arrivals and Departures at this North Yorkshire

hotspot where migration never stops.

For more information contact John Davis

on 020-8640 4578

or see

Note: on request we give illustrated bird talks to local


1st Coulsdon Scout Group

Fourth Drive, CR5 2YP

Scouting for boys and girls 6-14 yrs

Beavers for boys and girls 6-8 yrs


Cubs 8-10½ yrs

Scouts 10½ - 14 yrs


View Croydon District Newsletter on:

Hall Hire Available: contact

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

25 th Purley (St. Mark’s)

Scout Group




3rd February 2018

From 1pm – 3pm


St. Mark’s Church Hall

Church Road

Purley CR8 3QQ

We look forward to seeing you all at this very popular event.

Entrance only 50pence

THANK YOU for Supporting the 25 th Purley Scout Group.

For donation info, updates and in case of adverse weather,

please visit our web site at


Would you like to join our friendly

mixed table tennis club. We start

our new season at the Coulsdon

Community Centre,

Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon on

the 8th September 9.30-11.45.

Please contact either

Marion 01737 553914

or Pat 01737 554441


Formerly Croydon Decorative & Fine

Arts Society

Meet Monthly (2nd Thursday) at 10.15

All Saints Church Hall, Sanderstead

We are looking for like minded people

that are interested in Art.

We have expert lecturers to do the talks.

11th January Let the Games Begin.

The Cotswold Olympics rebound

For further details phone 0208 657 2496 or


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What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations


The Old Coulsdon Centre (for the retired) is an independent

registered Charity supported by Croydon Council.

It is dependant upon the support of volunteers in order to

maintain the valuable services that it provides. We are

desperate for volunteers to help as escorts on our mini bus

and also within the Centre. An escort assists the passengers on

the mini bus supported by a driver whilst help in the Centre is

to provide a service to our clients.

The following support is needed:

Mini Bus

Mini Bus

Mini Bus


Mondays (2 hours am)

Tuesdays (2 hours pm)

Wednesdays (2 hours pm)

Mondays (12 noon to 2 pm)

Two volunteers can always share a duty and then it is

only a commitment every two weeks.

For more information, without commitment, contact Iris,

Centre Manager, on 01737 554386.

Old Coulsdon Centre (for the retired)

Grange Park, Coulsdon Road, Old Coulsdon CR5 1EH

Charity No: 1147569

Alternate weeks

If you like getting out into the countryside, and

visiting interesting places, with friendly people.


We are a Rambling Club , who do :--

SUNDAY RAMBLES ( 8 to 12 Miles) every


MIDWEEK WALKS (4 to 8 Miles ) two per



London (1 to 4 Miles) two per month

We also have a COFFEE MORNING, 11am on

the 2nd Monday of every month, Croydon

Clockhouse Cafe in Croydon Central Library.

Come and have a coffee and a chat, and find

out all about us !!

OR Pick up a Programme in your local


For further information, visit our Website


Charity Classic Car Run 22 April 2018

organised by The Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee

We Start

the Annual Classic Car run at Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6AA and take

a stunning route over two counties through the high grounds of Surrey Hills and country lanes of

parts of “Old Surrey & West Sussex”, incorporating the most beautiful villages and hamlets. Picnic

at one of the beautiful sights on the way or enjoy a lunch at one of the plentiful pubs.

We end

at Glorious Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PH. Nestled at the foot of

the Sussex Downs just a few miles from the sea, the track is the only circuit in the world to

remain entirely in its original form. Should you wish to have a bite at Goodwood it has the

Aero Club and NAAFI wagon.

The entry price

is £45 which includes the car, the driver, one passenger, a run pack, route guide and finisher’s

plaque. Additional passengers are £15 each. Space is limited to 150 cars.

All surplus will go to local charities

Closing date for entries is 19 April 2018

Contact details:

Tel: Dhiraj 020 8686 7757 (9am - 5:30pm) 020 8654 4545 (6pm - 9pm)

Tel: David 020 8688 0273 (6pm - 9pm)

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Coulsdon Networking Club PURLEY LIT


Launched in 2016 Coulsdon Networking Club has

been a great success.

The club is about local businesses coming together

over a coffee and a pastry once a month and

exchanging business ideas, helping each other and

of course giving referrals.

We meet in I Calabresi on Chipstead Valley Road at

9.30am every third Tuesday of the month. Please

join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

Regular attenders will get publicity via both of these.

Please feel free to come along and join us.

You can join the Purley Lit at any talk or

ring Yvonne Walker 01737 552654.

Held in URC hall, Brighton Rd

(next to Purley Hospital) starting at 8pm.

Visitors £5.

More details on the web site:

Coulsdon Networking Club


Tuesday 9th January 2018

Russell Bowes will be giving a talk on

“The tale of the Tulip”

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

David Chave will be givig a talk on “DNA

Profiling and Murder Investigation”

Old Coulsdon District


Rainbow Leaders 18+ for rainbow unit

for girls age 5-7 needed in Old Coulsdon

Can you spare max. 2 hours a week

term time?

Free training given.

Good fun and very rewarding

Contact District Commissioner

94 Log into your local community website!

What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society

Angela Applin vs. T.B.C

Have a lot of FUN !

‘It’s time to decriminalise

sex work’

Monday, January 8th. at 8 p.m:

OOld Coulsdon Day Centre, Grange Park,

Old Coulsdon.

Get outdoors

Learn new skills

We meet on the first Monday

of each month at 8pm and we’d love

to welcome visitors and new members.

Make new friends

Contact : Sonya Dyer


6.15 to 7.45 pm

Try new things

Tel : 01737—553004

Text : 07900—281949

24th PURLEY SCOUT GROUP : Rear of Hillars Heath Road, Coulsdon CR5 2JP

Contact Angela Applin,

020 8668 8558.


Wednesdays 10am - 12 noon

Satrting 7th February 2018

Kenley Memorial Hall, Godstone Road

All abilities welcome and we are a very

friendly group so why not come and join us

£17 for 10 sessions

Including coffee & biscuits

For Details, Call Audrey 01737 555025

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

We meet at Soper Hall in Caterham on the second Tuesday of

each month for talks and demonstrations by well known Artists.

Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. (Winter meetings start at 2:30 p.m.)

Annual Membership is £25 Visitors £4

If you enjoy Art why not join this friendly group and exhibit

your paintings at our Easter Exhibition and on our web site.

Coming events from our 2018 Programme

January 9 th Jonathan Newey Demonstration Buildings / Architecture

February 13 th Soraya French Demonstration Flowers Acrylics

March 13 th Max Hale Demonstration Still life Oils

March 29 th - April 1 st

Annual Easter Exhibition

May 8 th Carole Massey Demonstration Ballet Dancers m/media

June12 th Keith Morton Portrait Acrylics

For more details please visit our Web site:

or contact Colin Parish - membership secretary on 01883 715663

Welcomes lively over 40's

to social events including

barbeques, theatre, walks,

meals etc.

New members evening – 1st

Thursday of the month at 9pm


Linda 020 8668 1382,

Glenn 020 8656 9007,

Shirley 020 8651 5835.


South West London Law Centres

(SWLLC) is an independent registered

charity providing specialised legal advice

and assistance to people who could not

otherwise afford access to justice.

If you need legal advice contact us on

020 8767 2777

or visit

We cover a range of areas of law including:








We also run free evening advice clinics

throughout the week.

96 Log into your local community website!

What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

IPad for Christmas? Need lessons?

Beginner iPad training

Saturdays 10:30 -11:30am BOOKINGS 020 8668 4189


PC, Laptop, Tablet (iPad & Android)

Staying Put (Croydon Council)

Help to live in own home

Family Law Advice (Free)

(Streeter Marshall)

Advice Services Croydon (ASC)

& Age UK Croydon (Free)

Legal & Will Advice (Free)

(Streeter Marshall)

Nail Cutting

(Age UK Croydon)

Tax Help for Older People (Free)

CAP Job Club (Free)

By appointment

(tailored to your specific needs)

Mondays (By appointment)

Between 10.30 am -11.30 am

Monday 8 th (By appointment)

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Tuesdays (By appointment)

10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Wednesdays (By appointment)

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Wednesday 10 th , 17 th , 24 th & 31 st

10:15am – 12:45pm

& every Thursday (By appointment)

10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Mondays (By appointment )

10.30 am – 12:00 noon

Mondays starting Jan 29 th

12 noon – 3pm

Some services by appointment/referral and others drop in surgeries

Centre Opens Monday to Friday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm



Open Mondays - Fridays 10am - 2pm

24 High Street, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2AA

020 8668 4189

Provided by

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292




LJ Accounting 49

One Financial Solutions 73

Tax Data 70

•Aerials / Satellite

Communitech 31

•Architectural Services

Jameson Architectural Services 53


JT Blinds 59

Mobile Curtain Studio 14

Opal Interiors 18

Surrey Blinds 19

•Building Services

AVACO Scaffolding 6

Exclusive Extensions 43

MJ Building Services 51

SN Building Services 53

Taylors Building Services 17

•Care Services

Right Care For You 53

Sunrise of Purley 25


Ben Saunders Carpentry 77


Carpets 4U 34

CSL T/A Coulsdon Flooring Co 20

Janes Flooring 30

•Childrens Clothing

Trendy Lane 77


Brite N Breezy 30

Ovenu 68

Surrey Carpet Care 69

•Computer Services

Computer Solutions 65

Fahy Consultancy 47

Plum Planet Computer Tuition 49


Your Life Matters 68


Carlton Video 35

•Education & Tuition

Italian Tuition 6

Laleham Lea School 12/13

Oasis Academy Coulsdon 63

Roger Graham Piano Tuitio 6


BGW Electrical Contractors 58

Eco-Electrical 61

Michael Steele Electrician 51

RAFF Electrical 54

Surrey Electrical Services 47

Wandle Electrical Services 21

Watt Electrical Services 39

•Estate Agents

Daniel Adams 1

John Brown 100

Park & Bailey 2

•Gardening Services

Absolute Gardens 31

Aralia Tree Services 49

CJ Gardening 35

Daisy Garden 68

Emsworth Tree Care 71

Expertrees 18

Gaskells Gardens 17

Little Oak Treecare 47

Manor Gardens 36

•Health, Hair & Beauty

77 The Hair Salon 15

Coulsdon Opticians 74

Foot Health Centre 30

Hair by Rachel 75

Ivy Arch Beauty 55

Jane Naylor-Maury Osteopath 29

Mobile Nails by Tamsin 50

Old Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic 57

Reactive Beauty 15

Relax Therapy 22

Slimmin World 9


Coulsdon Manor Hotel 33

•Interior Design

Opal Interiors 67


Dream Doors 41


Alpine Lock Services 46


Alsted Manor Farm 54


Car Body Solutions 60

Coulsdon Auto Parts 19

Robe & Hitchen 25

Top Marks Tyres 14

Wallace Automotive 38


Paintsmart 22

Southern Decorator Supplies 26

•Pest Control

BEE OFF Pest Solutions 49


Anwells Veterinary Practice 26

Little 4 Paws 71

Sitting Purrfect 37

Whoof Whoof Doggie Day Care 50


Andrew Franklin Photography 7


KWS Plastering Services 45

SWS Plastering 36

•Plumbing & Heating

Dapson Heating & Plumbing Serv. 46

DV Services-Plumbing/Install 23

GC Gas & Heating 75

Jonathan Davidson Heating 43

MPM Plumbing 71

SE Services-Heating & Plumbing 29


Advanced Print 45

•Property Maint/Handyman Services

1st Fix Maintenance Services 67

David Tuppen Handyman 45

Maiden Maintenance 55

MJ Services ~Elect. & Plumbing 50

Newhill Handyman 23

RCB Maintenance 50

Warwick Property Maintenance 66


Chez Vous 69

Coulsdon Manor Hotel 33

Curry Leaf 38

Karnavar 99

Surrey National Golf Club 5


BB Roofing 60

SG Roofing 65

Tacey Roofing 6

W.Brown & Sons 27


AVACO Scaffolding 6


Beach Law 42

Rowe Radcliffe 77

Streeter Marshall 52

•Sports & Recreation

Ashcroft Pilates 59

Bunny Hop Fitness 11

Caterham Dance School 37

Old Coulsdon Colts 37

Spark Pilates 71

Surrey National Golf Club 5

•Stamp Collecting

John Curtin Ltd 60

•Upholstery/Furniture Renovation

Croydon Upholstery 58


Vapepit 10

•Venue Hire

Chipstead, Coulsdon & Walcountians

Cricket Club 21

Chipstead Football Club 67

•Weddings & Event Services

Coulsdon Manor Hotel 33

Surrey National Golf Club 5

•Windows & Doors

Atlas Glass 3

Selsdon Windows 79



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Starts fr

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Cost: £26.90 per person

On the 18th


2018 at


var we are hosting a




with a 4 course menu.


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now being taken

Valenties Day



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Thinking of

Moving this


Make a move with

your leading local

and experienced

independent agent



01737 551111

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