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Model Box Instructions Design Challenge 2016/17 1. Start by printing off the A2/A1 template. Make sure the correct paper type and scale has been chosen. (When printing PDF, make sure the ‘actual size’ box is selected as this will not alter the scale of the template.) Black Mountboard Scalpel Cutting mat Ruler Glue Stick or Spray Adhesive PVA Glue Where to Buy: - Hobbycraft - 4D Model Shop - London Graphics - CassArt - Any other art supply store 2. Once printed, use a glue stick or spray adhesive to lightly mount the template onto the black mountboard. 3. Use a scalpel and ruler on a cutting mat and carefully cut out template. 4. Peel off the temporary paper template from the black mountboard and discard – except for the front proscenium. Cut carefully around the detailed archway and curtain then re-stick permanently on the front piece with PVA or with more spray adhesive. 5. Using PVA glue, assemble the box using the diagrams provided. Make sure all joins are at a right angle, otherwise the box might warp. 6. Lastly, wait for the glue to dry. The 1:50 model box is now complete!

Model Box Instructions