Put It In Writing - Chicago Street Journal for November 16, 2017

Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) is city-wide publication and we invite you to submit your articles and stories to us at ChicagoStJournal@gmail.com To place an advertisement call us 773-998-1925.

Chicago Street Journal (CSJ) is city-wide publication and we invite you to submit your articles and stories to us at ChicagoStJournal@gmail.com To place an advertisement call us 773-998-1925.


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<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 1<br />

79th St.<br />

A new<br />

God<br />

Brother<br />

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$1 Donation Requested<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>—29, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Volume 24 No. 1<br />

Charles Perry (right) addresses<br />

the crowd be<strong>for</strong>e the protest<br />

<strong>for</strong> the Obama Presidential Library,<br />

clutching posters reading,<br />

“The South Side Needs a<br />

Community Benefits Agreement”<br />

and “Honk 4 CBA.”<br />

Organizations to ensure that the community receives<br />

important benefits, including work opportunities<br />

and af<strong>for</strong>dable housing. The Obama Library CBA<br />

Coalition has eight member groups, including the<br />

Poor People’s Campaign and University <strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>for</strong><br />

a CBA.<br />

CBAs have proved effective in the past. The Staples<br />

CBA, <strong>for</strong> instance, compelled the developers of<br />

the Staples Center in Los Angeles to hire locally,<br />

provide jobs that pay a living wage, and build af<strong>for</strong>dable<br />

housing and parks. The CBA includes an assessment<br />

of the parks and recreation needs of the community,<br />

as well as a $1 million commitment by the developers<br />

to meet those needs.<br />

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CSJ Photo Parthenia Luke<br />

Donnell Robinson<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Cook County’s unpopular beverage tax became<br />

the first government to repeal an existing beverage<br />

tax, overwhelmingly voted 15-2; now a campaign<br />

to repel the City of <strong>Chicago</strong> ‘bag Tax’ is in<br />

motion.<br />

Blocks of Good Government (BOGG), issued<br />

the following statement: What has happened with<br />

the Cook County beverage tax is a repel sign to<br />

the Mayor and aldermen to balance its budget.<br />

The Bag taxes just don’t work and we look <strong>for</strong>ward<br />

to repelling it as well with the Soda Tax”.<br />

But will Mayor Rham Emmanuel and the Aldermen<br />

do it. While the tax has produce income<br />

<strong>for</strong> the city, it remains to be seen how much the<br />

tax will actually do to reduce the number of plastic<br />

bags <strong>Chicago</strong>ans use - a major selling point <strong>for</strong><br />

such taxes in <strong>Chicago</strong> and other locales.<br />

BOGG, Representative Erica Dunn says,<br />

"Yes". “Residents and consumers have been<br />

<strong>for</strong>ced to pay more on over everyday basic needs,<br />

when buying goods is just one of.” Said Dunn, “<br />

However <strong>Chicago</strong> has followed other cities in<br />

the United States on various levels in states like<br />

Cali<strong>for</strong>nia, Texas and Virginia, among others.<br />

However the tax haven’t proven to change consumer<br />

behavior,<br />

Kevin Glass, policy director <strong>for</strong> the Franklin<br />

Center <strong>for</strong> Government and Public <strong>In</strong>tegrity, told<br />

the Cook County Record that assessments of plastic<br />

bag taxes in other cities have shown they may<br />

(Continued on page 4)<br />

“Can we do this?”<br />

Ask Ja'Mal Green,<br />

Referring<br />

to the new<br />

P E A C E<br />

Center at<br />

79rd and<br />

A s h l a n d ,<br />

“Over 500<br />

people have<br />

donated. But<br />

with almost<br />

50k people on all of my Facebook<br />

pages, I know that if<br />

half donated $19 today we<br />

would be able to complete<br />

our first phase!”<br />

The Peace Center is a<br />

12,500 square foot building<br />

(Continued on page 5)<br />

Follow the Money <strong>for</strong><br />

Russia Ties<br />

By _________________<br />

President Donald Trump<br />

actions has been a thin<br />

line of ethnics or legal<br />

reifications. The investigation<br />

of Trump Russia<br />

ties are comparable as in<br />

the movie ‘Training Day’<br />

from the beginning everyone<br />

knew Dansel Washington<br />

played the bad guy.<br />

All the way to the end<br />

‘’King Kong, Ain’t Got<br />

Not-N on Me!<br />

Which seems to be the<br />

case with Trump from<br />

publicly saying he do not<br />

play taxes or to his ties<br />

with Russia.<br />

Despite President<br />

Trump’s claims that he<br />

did not collude with Russia,<br />

a new poll has found that nearly half of<br />

Americans say it is likely he committed a crime<br />

during the campaign.<br />

The ABC News/Washington Post survey, conducted<br />

from October 30 to <strong>November</strong> 1, asked 714<br />

adults, “Do you think it’s likely or unlikely that<br />

Trump himself committed a crime in connection<br />

with possible Russian attempts to influence the<br />

election?”<br />

The poll indicates 49 percent said it was likely,<br />

even though only 19 percent indicated there was<br />

solid evidence versus the remainder who based<br />

their answer on suspicion only.<br />

Meanwhile, 44 percent<br />

doubted Trump’s<br />

guilt and 7 percent<br />

had no<br />

opinion.<br />

On the other<br />

hand, 53 percent<br />

of the<br />

group said there<br />

was likely<br />

wrongdoing by<br />

other members<br />

of the Trump<br />

campaign beyond<br />

<strong>for</strong>mer<br />

chair Paul<br />

Mana<strong>for</strong>t and<br />

adviser George<br />

Papadopoulos,<br />

two men who<br />

have been implicated<br />

in special<br />

counsel Robert<br />

Mueller’s probe thus far.<br />

But aside from any alleged criminal activity, more<br />

than half—or 51 percent—of participants said they<br />

do not think the president is cooperating with the<br />

investigation.<br />

As <strong>for</strong> Mueller himself, he received fairly high<br />

marks, with 58 percent approving of the job he is<br />

doing and 28 percent disapproving.<br />

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2 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

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<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 3<br />

Survey: Nearly half of<br />

Trump voters support a<br />

white history month<br />

Nearly half of President Trump's supporters think<br />

there should be a White History Month, according to a<br />

recent survey by Public Policy Polling, or PPP.<br />

The group reports that 46 percent of pro-Trump<br />

voters were in favor of such a celebration while 36<br />

percent were opposed.<br />

And in terms of Black History Month, 45 percent of<br />

this group indicated a favorable view while 35 percent<br />

expressed an unfavorable opinion.<br />

The issue was less split among Hillary Clinton voters,<br />

with 81 percent supporting Black History Month<br />

and 9 percent not supporting it.<br />

The PPP survey also asked participants about legendary<br />

abolitionist Frederick Douglass whom Trump<br />

seemed to imply was alive during some recent remarks.<br />

The Washington Post notes that in early February,<br />

the president said, "Frederick Douglass is an example<br />

of somebody who's done an amazing job and is getting<br />

recognized more and more, I notice."<br />

Douglass died in 1895—a fact which PPP says less<br />

than half—or 47 percent—of Trump voters knew while<br />

78 percent of Clinton supporters did.<br />

PPP President Dean Debnam said in response, "A<br />

lot of Trump voters don't think we should have<br />

Black History Month. But given that a majority<br />

them don't know Frederick Douglass is dead, they<br />

might need it.".”<br />

The woman who called a<br />

couple "n-----s" in a viral video<br />

from last year's Margarita Fest has been sentenced<br />

to 90 days in Cook County Jail.<br />

Jessica Sanders, 27, was convicted last month of<br />

misdemeanor battery in the July 30, 20<strong>16</strong>. Cook County<br />

Judge James Linn found Sanders not guilty of felony<br />

hate crime and aggravated battery in a public place.<br />

Linn sentenced Sanders, of southwest suburban<br />

Alsip, to 90 days in jail. She was credited <strong>for</strong> serving<br />

three days while awaiting trial.<br />

According to prosecutors, Sanders accosted a suburban<br />

couple, repeatedly calling them "n------," during an<br />

argument over a bean bag game at Margarita Fest, an<br />

event hosted at the South Shore Cultural Center, 7059<br />

S. Shore Drive, on July 30, 20<strong>16</strong>.<br />

The couple — Ernest Crim and his wife, who are<br />

African-American suburban high school teachers —<br />

hoped to play a round of bags but could only find one<br />

bean bag, prosecutors said.<br />

Sanders, who was playing nearby, threw a bean bag<br />

and never collected it. So Crim's wife went to retrieve<br />

it. That's when Sanders, who is white, began calling the<br />

woman a "n-----" repeatedly. Crim took out his phone to<br />

record Sanders, but she knocked it to the ground, according<br />

to prosecutors.<br />

Crim was still able to record Sanders telling him he<br />

was "acting like a n-----."<br />

Senate Overrides Rauner’s<br />

Veto of Cursive <strong>Writing</strong> Bill<br />

<strong>November</strong> 8, <strong>2017</strong>. Teachers in Illinois will have<br />

one more thing to add to their lesson plans in future<br />

years, as the Illinois Senate has overridden<br />

Governor Bruce Rauner ’s veto of a bill mandating<br />

that students learn how to write in cursive. The<br />

measure, which Rauner vetoed in September,<br />

passed overwhelmingly in the Senate on Wednesday<br />

by a 42-12 margin.<br />

Are you a Bronzeville<br />

Resident?<br />

Participants needed<br />

<strong>for</strong> a study examining<br />

African-American<br />

residents perspectives<br />

on changes in the<br />

Bronzeville neighborhood<br />

of <strong>Chicago</strong>. Participants<br />

will be entered<br />

into a drawing<br />

<strong>for</strong> a chance to win a<br />

$50 Visa gift card.<br />

For more in<strong>for</strong>mation, Angelyn Anderson at 708-<br />

3 0 3 - 8 7 7 1 o r<br />

share@neighborhoodperspectives.com.<br />

www.NeighborhoodPerspectives.com.<br />

visit<br />

Distracted Walking’<br />

Could Come With<br />

$500 Fine in <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

A proposed “distracted walking” ordinance that could<br />

become law in <strong>Chicago</strong> would see pedestrians fined up<br />

to $500 <strong>for</strong> negligently strolling with their eyes fixed on<br />

a cellphone screen. Dick Johnson reports.<br />

A proposed “distracted walking” ordinance that could<br />

become law in <strong>Chicago</strong> would see pedestrians fined up<br />

to $500 <strong>for</strong> negligently strolling with their eyes fixed on<br />

a cellphone screen.<br />

NBC 5 asked city strollers what they thought of the<br />

proposal. Some barely noticed a TV news crew let alone<br />

the traffic trying to turn.<br />

“Well people do walk into traffic when they’re not<br />

paying attention,” one pedestrian told NBC 5.<br />

“Pedestrians are getting hurt more often—well if you<br />

cross when the light is red you should be good,” another<br />

said.<br />

(Continued on page 6)<br />

P<br />

aula Robinson the Bronzeville leader shaking<br />

things in Morgan Park as well, said this first issue<br />

of <strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> is a tease to the public.<br />

Well Paula what is happening with the Griffen building<br />

on 34th and King Drvie?<br />

F<br />

or 2019 Mayor election<br />

word is the westside will be<br />

driving a Ford down Madison<br />

<strong>Street</strong> to City Hall or the southside<br />

will be Dunkin the loop from the South<br />

Side, and even having Summer in the<br />

winter election with City Treasurer<br />

Kurt Summers. However, there is a<br />

petition being circulated that states William<br />

Calloway For Mayor! The 28<br />

year-old film student at the Illinois <strong>In</strong>stitute<br />

of Art-<strong>Chicago</strong>, who has been organizing<br />

heard about the Laquan McDonald<br />

video, and was determined to uncover<br />

the account executed by CPD.<br />

Calloway lives in the South Shore<br />

neighborhood. If not <strong>for</strong> the ef<strong>for</strong>ts of<br />

Calloway and journalist Brandon Smith,<br />

video of <strong>Chicago</strong> Police Officer Jason<br />

Van Dyke firing <strong>16</strong> fatal shots at Laquan<br />

might still be in the hands of investigators<br />

and attorneys, not the public.<br />

However, word is 5th ward <strong>for</strong>mer aldermanic<br />

candidate Jedidiah Brown is<br />

looking <strong>for</strong> the run <strong>for</strong> mayor as well. LaQuonda<br />

Townsend said ‘Do it Mayor Brown!’<br />

F or those who remember the late Beauty Turner of<br />

the Ghetto Tours, well a relative of her has been seen<br />

leading a tour bus down 47th <strong>Street</strong> and it wasn’t community<br />

activist Jeff Baker who also had interest in<br />

picking up the torch of the legendary “Hey Love” and “I<br />

am a writer and a fighter”. Turner spirit with Black<br />

Beauty Tours.<br />

N<br />

aimah Latif (one of the first<br />

editors of CSJ) was so excited to be a part of<br />

the delegation that went to South Korea <strong>for</strong> a<br />

global peace conference, the 3rd Annual Commemoration<br />

of the World Alliance of Religions Peace<br />

(WARP) Summit, She<br />

reported live <strong>for</strong> The<br />

Female Solution radio<br />

show and The Media Connection TV<br />

Show! (Photo by John L. Alexander)<br />

S omeone whisper in<br />

the ear to farmers Fred<br />

Carter, Noemi Davis, and<br />

even Michele Banks that weed is on the State of Illinois<br />

agenda to be legalized <strong>for</strong> social use. The word is brothers<br />

on the streets selling it need to hook up with Black Oaks<br />

farmer Fred Carter be<strong>for</strong>e its to late and there really<br />

will be pushed out of the<br />

business.<br />

H<br />

arold Lucas to Gov. Bruce Rauner,<br />

“I'm whispering so that the media<br />

doesn't hear me.”<br />

F rom the north side to<br />

the Southside is <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

Black Business Network<br />

founder, Sonja Purdue, is<br />

not in Englewood, but was<br />

in the loop at the Harold<br />

Washington Library music<br />

department networking a<br />

gospel concert and planning.<br />

Publisher and Editor: Ron Carter<br />

Associate Publisher—Digital operations/Account<br />

service: Sonja Predue,<br />

Associate Publisher, Spiritual Section, Al Blumenber,<br />

Writers: Donnell Robinson, Frank Ottman. Sonja<br />

Perdue<br />

Columnist; Rev. Harold Bailey, Al Blumenberg,<br />

Circulation: Roosevelt Martin<br />

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4 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>In</strong> Honor of Lu Palmer<br />

(Continued from page 1)<br />

not have the environmental impact<br />

public officials’ hope <strong>for</strong>.<br />

“I have no doubt that they’re put<br />

<strong>for</strong>ward with good intentions, but,<br />

you know, the numbers<br />

show that they’re<br />

largely ineffective on<br />

the environmental<br />

aspect of their justification,”<br />

Glass said,<br />

citing a Washington<br />

Post review of the<br />

Washington, D.C.’s 5<br />

-cent tax heralded as<br />

a way to clean up the<br />

Anacostia River. The<br />

review found that<br />

more of the money<br />

put in the Anacostia<br />

River Clean Up and<br />

Protection Fund was used <strong>for</strong><br />

school field trips and worker salaries<br />

than <strong>for</strong> cleanup projects on the<br />

river.<br />

Glass said. Another<br />

unexpected downside<br />

could be the reusable<br />

bags encouraged as<br />

substitutes, which<br />

public health experts<br />

have said could pose a<br />

risk because of the<br />

germs they carry.<br />

A study in the journal<br />

Food Protection<br />

Trends found that food<br />

-borne illnesses could<br />

skyrocket with the<br />

increased adoption of<br />

reusable bags.<br />

We Are A 501c3 Non<br />

Profit<br />

Mentoring<br />

Organization<br />

Blocks Of Good Government,<br />

Representative<br />

Erica Dunn<br />

Helen Thomas a civic<br />

activist based in<br />

Englewood<br />

Dedicated to Trans<strong>for</strong>ming<br />

the Lives of Children!<br />

Workshop Series Locations:<br />

Matteson:<br />

4747 Lincoln Mall Drive<br />

Bolingbrook:<br />

260 S. Schmidt Road<br />

One-on-One<br />

The study found that 99 percent<br />

of reusable bags tested contained<br />

bacteria; the figure was 0 percent in<br />

new bags, or single-use plastic<br />

bags. These bacteria were frequently<br />

dangerous, with E. Coli<br />

being shockingly common in reusable<br />

bags. The average <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

resident uses 500 plastic bags a<br />

year, totaling 1.3 billion <strong>for</strong> the<br />

whole city, according to environmental<br />

experts.<br />

Consumers can avoid paying the<br />

7-cent bag tax on plastic and paper<br />

bags at the grocery store by bringing<br />

their own reusable bags, but<br />

reports are reusable bags tend to be<br />

unsanitary, which causes major<br />

problems when they’re being used<br />

to tote fresh produce and other groceries.<br />

Dunn stated the city is<br />

either taxing or prohibiting<br />

bags and<br />

none of it’s going to<br />

see the upside they’re<br />

really searching <strong>for</strong>.”<br />

Helen Thomas a civic<br />

activist based in<br />

Englewood say, the<br />

City’s war on plastic<br />

bags is just under the<br />

guise of environmentalism<br />

as<br />

the Soda Tax<br />

was marketed to<br />

the public.”<br />

“<strong>Chicago</strong>’s elected officials<br />

are taking your money under<br />

false pretenses,<br />

failing to solve<br />

the problem they<br />

claim they’re<br />

a d d r e s s i n g ,<br />

and possibly<br />

making you<br />

sick in the<br />

process. She<br />

added this is<br />

m e r e l y a<br />

stealth tax hike that<br />

disproportionately hits<br />

families that go grocery<br />

shopping more<br />

frequently.<br />

The tax required large retailers to<br />

replace thin plastic bags with<br />

thicker ones that are designed to be<br />

reused. But consumers weren’t<br />

reusing the bags, which are more<br />

expensive to make. At the same<br />

time, retailers receive 2 cents every<br />

time the tax is levied and the rest<br />

goes to the city.<br />

Some, like the Better Government<br />

Association, have publicly<br />

criticized the few cents the city of<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> settled on because it’s<br />

unlikely to actually deter shoppers<br />

from using plastic bags, making the<br />

tax just another revenue stream <strong>for</strong><br />

the city. The city expects to bring in<br />

$12.9 million from the tax next<br />

year.<br />

Glass said he thinks the mayor’s<br />

intentions are genuine, but he said<br />

the few cents per bag will add up<br />

<strong>for</strong> low-income shoppers, who may<br />

be disproportionately affected by<br />

the charge. He said he believes<br />

neither a ban nor a tax has enough<br />

of an upside to be worthwhile.<br />

“<strong>It</strong>’s a surprisingly complicated<br />

issue, but the downsides, I think,<br />

across the board, really outweigh<br />

the upsides,” Glass said. “This is an<br />

evolution of what <strong>Chicago</strong> has been<br />

trying to do.<br />

Additionally,<br />

although Chic<br />

a g o ’ s<br />

Seven—Cent<br />

tax is a small<br />

fee, it was<br />

designed to be<br />

more salient<br />

than the ban.<br />

While customers<br />

may<br />

not notice that<br />

their grocery<br />

store has<br />

switched to<br />

p r o v i d i n g<br />

thicker plastic<br />

bags as a result<br />

of the ban, research suggests<br />

that customers are likely to notice<br />

when an item that they previously<br />

received <strong>for</strong> free now comes at a<br />

price, thus bringing their b a g<br />

use to the top of their<br />

minds.<br />

Sources: http://<br />

wat chdog.org,<br />

c o o k c o u n t yr e -<br />

cord.com<br />

Kevin Glass, policy director<br />

<strong>for</strong> the Franklin Center <strong>for</strong><br />

Government and Public<br />

<strong>In</strong>tegrity,<br />

& Group,<br />

Mentoring<br />

877-54-CHARM (2-<br />

4276)<br />

Girls Ages 9-18<br />

<strong>In</strong>cludes Group Activities & Community Service<br />

Projects. Matching Available <strong>for</strong> One on<br />

One Mentorship<br />

Register On Line Today! www.mycharm.org<br />

Thursday, <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong> a,<br />

Gubernatorial Candidates<br />

Forum t 5 PM - 8 PM, <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

State University Douglas<br />

Hall Breakey Theater, ·<br />

Hosted by <strong>In</strong>vited by<br />

TheNew BlackLeadership<br />

Thursday, <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>,<br />

<strong>2017</strong>, IFI FALL FATHER-<br />



A W A R D S<br />


U n i o n<br />

League Club<br />

of <strong>Chicago</strong>,<br />

65 W. Jacks<br />

o n<br />

Blvd, 1:30am<br />

Registration & Reception,<br />

2:00pm Lunch, 12:20pm<br />

Presentations & Awards.<br />

Nov 17 at 6:30 PM to Nov<br />

19 No Blue Memories: The<br />

Life of Gwendolyn Brooks<br />

Hosted by Poetry Foundation<br />

& Poetry Magazineat 6<br />

PM. Pritzker Auditorium at<br />

Harold Washington Library<br />

400 S State St, <strong>Chicago</strong>,<br />

T i c k e t I n f o r m a t i o n<br />

www.poetryfoundation.org<br />

<strong>November</strong> 18 – <strong>November</strong><br />

19, – <strong>Chicago</strong> Public, ·<br />

Hosted by Harlem Fine<br />

Arts Show10 AM to Nov 19<br />

at 6 PM, Malcolm X College<br />

1900 W. Jackson Blvd., <strong>Chicago</strong>,<br />

Tickets by Eventbrite<br />

Friday, <strong>November</strong> 24 Buy<br />

Black Friday <strong>Chicago</strong>: Super<br />

Ujamaa Market ·<br />

Hosted by The Black Mall<br />

Holy Angels Catholic School<br />

750 E 40th St, <strong>Chicago</strong> , 9<br />

AM - 8 PM<br />

Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 25 ,<br />

the House of Tradition, as<br />

we give honor to the Father<br />

of the white cloth, Obatala,<br />

who seeks to unite our community<br />

through prayer, music,<br />

dance, laughter and<br />

love. Betty Shabazz <strong>In</strong>ternational<br />

Charter School, 7823<br />

S Ellis Ave, <strong>Chicago</strong> For<br />

participants that wish to present<br />

offerings to Obatala’s<br />

shrine we ask that you bring<br />

two coconuts and two candles<br />

and/or a monetary donation.<br />

Food and good vibes<br />

will be provided. Hosted by<br />

Alaje Thomas<br />

Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 25<br />

BYOB Motown Soulful<br />

Holiday Light Trolley (Kick<br />

Off Event) Old Town Pizza<br />

Pub, 1339 N Wells Pick-up<br />

and Drop-off location, <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

Lincoln Park Zoo-<br />

Lights, Christkindlmarket,<br />

The Magnificent Mile, State<br />

<strong>Street</strong> & Macy's Holiday<br />

Windows, Free wine and<br />

beer on the tour but only if<br />

you are 21 and older but feel<br />

free to BYOB if you like. Join<br />

along and Sing your favorite<br />

karaoke motown songs.<br />

Come Along And Ride On A<br />

BYOB Soulful Motown Holiday<br />

lights Trolley ride. Holiday<br />

attractions, lot of laughing<br />

and singing to your favorite<br />

Motown songs, lighting<br />

displays and <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

holiday landmarks. Ticket<br />

I n f o r m a t i o n<br />


<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 5<br />

(Continued from page 1)<br />

The artist redering of the Peace Center on 79th and Ashand with a host of supporters<br />

celebrating the movement to open the center next year.<br />

on 79th & Ashland; it features a 700 seat theater,<br />

classrooms, a music & dance studio, and a<br />

garden on the rooftop.<br />

As the center will aim to life the positive<br />

spirits of youth and reduce gun violence by<br />

giving youth a safe haven.<br />

While most youth programs stress the importance<br />

of higher education, Majostee Allstars<br />

aims to explore all options with an emphasis in<br />

entrepreneurship and financial literacy.<br />

The organization initial goal is to raise<br />

$105,000 to finish paying <strong>for</strong> the building. And<br />

another $1,000,000 <strong>for</strong> rehab, legal, and furnishing<br />

cost. “I know this will help curve violence.”<br />

Say Ja’mal Green heading the project.<br />

Green from the south side of <strong>Chicago</strong> was<br />

trusted into the spotlight in the late fall of 2015.<br />

After learning of the Laquan McDonald shooting<br />

and the subsequent cover up from Mayor<br />

Rham Emanuel administration.<br />

Green became the voice of reason <strong>for</strong> the<br />

young people in the community. Always vocal<br />

about fighting <strong>for</strong> justice, he has been instrumental<br />

in organizing various demonstrations,<br />

including the historical Black Friday shutdown,<br />

as well as the Mayor’s house stakeouts that<br />

have been effective in creating policy change in<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> police department.<br />

Prior to that the organization he heads, Sky<br />

-Rocketing found much success with their message<br />

of anti-bullying and anti-violence, and<br />

was able to spread that message to over 150,<br />

000 students in over 15 states across the US.<br />

The organization has been responsible <strong>for</strong><br />

peace concerts, marches, and events within the<br />

community which has earned many awards <strong>for</strong><br />

the company. Some organizations honoring<br />

their ef<strong>for</strong>ts are the <strong>Chicago</strong> Police Department,<br />

Prosperity House <strong>Chicago</strong>, and numerous<br />

other entities.<br />

“We intend to continue to grow our ef<strong>for</strong>ts<br />

and work in the community,” pointed out<br />

Ja’Mal indicating the building on Ashland is a<br />

major direction. “But we need your help funding<br />

our new home.”<br />

“We are extremely excited about this new<br />

venture, but we desperately need of the public<br />

to reach our goals.” Said Ja’Mal.<br />

“Can we actually come together as a community<br />

to make this happen?”<br />

Another sector the building activities is the<br />

Majostee Allstars which began in 2011 as Sky-<br />

Rocketing teens corp., dedicated to raising the<br />

higher consciousness of youth through<br />

arts and entertainment.<br />

<strong>In</strong> the summer of 2015, Sky-rocketing<br />

partnered with the City of <strong>Chicago</strong> to<br />

present "<strong>Put</strong> The Guns Down" a massive<br />

ef<strong>for</strong>t to reduce gun violence in<br />

the city of <strong>Chicago</strong>, led by several<br />

representatives from the organization.<br />

They have also partnered with Residents<br />

<strong>for</strong> a Greater Englewood (RAGE)<br />

to present peace days to spread the<br />

message of unity and self love to our<br />

n e i g h b o r h o o d s .<br />

Majostee Allstars will be targeting<br />

ages 12-24, focusing on economic development,<br />

entrepreneurship, and education<br />

as a means to facilitate growth<br />

and stimulus in urban communities.<br />

Empower youth to become role models<br />

by giving them tools to achieve their<br />

goals and influence others to do the<br />

same.<br />

The Center is to give a window of<br />

opportunities to teens in impoverished<br />

areas to succeed and Enhance the family<br />

structure by providing parents with<br />

assistance needed to provide <strong>for</strong> their<br />

household in the <strong>for</strong>m of training, job<br />

opportunities, and education works<br />

h o p s .<br />

Majostee Allstars after school program<br />

will be exciting and beneficial <strong>for</strong><br />

every youth participant. Youth will<br />

have access to computers and <strong>In</strong>ternet<br />

<strong>for</strong> homework and business needs. They<br />

will be required to participate in both<br />

two-hour workshops throughout the<br />

week where they will be taught by a<br />

guest celebrity or professional. They<br />

will also have access to job leads and<br />

applications to fill out on site at one of<br />

the computer stations. All students will<br />

have a mentor and a counselor that they<br />

meet with once a week to talk about<br />

things going on in their lives and their<br />

aspirations and goals.<br />

This facility will also host an open mic<br />

every Saturday, rent out the facility <strong>for</strong><br />

smaller functions on Sundays, and host<br />

workshops <strong>for</strong> parents during school<br />

hours. We will be working with<br />

neighborhood schools to serve them<br />

since we are close.<br />

You can help Majostee Allstaars<br />

reach their goals, by going to the web<br />

page at .MajosteeAllstars.com

6 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

President Obama<br />

Library - CBA<br />

RefuseFascism.org is organizing<br />

thousands to begin nonviolent political<br />

protests on <strong>November</strong> 4 that inspire<br />

and draw <strong>for</strong>ward a movement<br />

of protests that continues and grows<br />

over the coming days, weeks and<br />

even months if necessary – growing<br />

from thousands to millions. Refuse-<br />

Fascism.org is a national movement<br />

made up of people from diverse perspectives<br />

united around the recognition<br />

that the Trump/Pence regime<br />

poses a catastrophic danger to humanity<br />

and the planet. Refuse Fascism<br />

is organizing protests in cities<br />

and towns across the country on<br />

started <strong>November</strong> 4 a movement of<br />

continuing protests until the demand:<br />

“This Nightmare Must End: the<br />

Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” is<br />

met. This moment, when even the<br />

conservative Republican Chairman<br />

of the Senate Committee on Foreign<br />

Relations says that the Trump has put<br />

the country on the “path to World<br />

War 3,” calls <strong>for</strong> unprecedented mass<br />

action.<br />

Organizers have invoked the protests<br />

that rocked Seoul, South Korea last<br />

year that resulted in the impeachment<br />

(Continued from page 1)<br />

There are recent examples of<br />

CBAs in <strong>Chicago</strong> as well—as dusk<br />

began to fall and the protest approached,<br />

Charles Perry of the<br />

Westside Health Authority and Jobs<br />

to Move America told the story of a<br />

successful CBA he had just helped<br />

negotiate in the Pullman neighborhood.<br />

The China Railway Rolling<br />

Stock Corporation had received a<br />

commission to build rail cars <strong>for</strong> the<br />

CTA, and Perry helped to negotiate<br />

a CBA that kept the 175 new jobs<br />

created in the community, and allowed<br />

them to be open to people<br />

with criminal records.<br />

“If the City of <strong>Chicago</strong> would do<br />

it <strong>for</strong> the CTA, why won’t they do it<br />

<strong>for</strong> the president’s library?” Perry<br />

asked the crowd.<br />

They has been over 10 community<br />

meetings with over 1000 South<br />

Siders, addressing the Obama Library<br />

development and they've met<br />

with officials from the City of <strong>Chicago</strong>,<br />

University of <strong>Chicago</strong>, and<br />

Obama Foundation.<br />

"As taxpayers and residents on<br />

the West and Southside communities<br />

we have a right to make sure we<br />

are not displaced. <strong>It</strong> is not unreasonable<br />

<strong>for</strong> Black people on the South<br />

Side of <strong>Chicago</strong> to have a CBA to<br />

demand that construction and permanent<br />

jobs are guaranteed, that we<br />

are not pushed out of our community,<br />

and that we create<br />

spaces <strong>for</strong> our young<br />

people," said Parrish<br />

Brown, Membership<br />

Chair of the Black Youth<br />

Project 100's <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

chapter. "We want the<br />

CBA to be passed<br />

through a city ordinance to ensure<br />

that our community is kept safe. We<br />

can not just trust the word of the<br />

Obama Foundation."<br />

"This is literally a million-dollar<br />

question," said Juanita Irizarry,<br />

Executive Director of Friends of the<br />

Parks. "Not least, will the millions<br />

of dollars worth of public park land<br />

being given to a private foundation<br />

result in promised replacement<br />

parkland, better roads and public<br />

transportation, and other basics?<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> won't take this lying<br />

down."<br />

Obama Presidential Library is<br />

unlikely to reach fruition be<strong>for</strong>e the<br />

end of the decade, <strong>Chicago</strong>ans are<br />

vying <strong>for</strong> the prestige and economic<br />

vitality that the tourism site could<br />

bring. Woodlawn and South Shore<br />

communities are to be the benefactors<br />

of it.<br />

<strong>In</strong> an interview with the <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

Tribune, Susan Donius, director of<br />

the National Archives’ Office of<br />

Presidential Libraries, said of the<br />

economic potential of an Obama<br />

library, “<strong>In</strong> many areas, you have a<br />

library reaching 200,000 to 300,000<br />

of the South Korean President in<br />

March.<br />

“Our determination to persist and not<br />

back down will compel the whole<br />

world to take note. Every <strong>for</strong>ce and<br />

faction in the power structure would<br />

be <strong>for</strong>ced to respond to our demand.<br />

visitors a year. That means people<br />

are coming into the city and spending<br />

travel and tourism dollars.”<br />

Close friends of the Obamas, like<br />

university trustee John W. Rogers<br />

Jr., chairman and CEO of Ariel<br />

<strong>In</strong>vestments and a Kenwood resident<br />

worked to get the library over<br />

competitors.<br />

Obama, who unveiled the conceptual<br />

design of his presidential<br />

center earlier this year, has said he<br />

wants to build something more<br />

ambitious than a museum or archive.<br />

He envisions the complex<br />

becoming a hub <strong>for</strong> filmmakers,<br />

musicians, writers, activists and<br />

politicians to help train the next<br />

generation of leaders.<br />

Pastor Dr. Byron T. Brazier talks<br />

about Woodlawn and the continued<br />

community planning ef<strong>for</strong>ts which<br />

are critical to the development of<br />

this great neighborhood. Pastor<br />

Brazier urges Woodlawn’s participation<br />

is needed and necessary.<br />

Written in part by<br />

Kaeli Subberwal, The Gate<br />

The cracks and divisions among the<br />

powers already evident today will<br />

sharpen and widen. As we draw more<br />

and more people <strong>for</strong>ward to stand up,<br />

all of this, could lead to a situation<br />

where this illegitimate regime is<br />

removed from power.”<br />

(Continued from page 3)<br />

But you’re not according to aldermen<br />

Burke and Beale, co-sponsors<br />

of the new ordinance aimed at pedestrian<br />

safety. Fines ranging from<br />

$90 to $500 are proposed <strong>for</strong> cell<br />

phone texting or talking in a crosswalk.<br />

“No person shall cross a street or<br />

highway while using a mobile electronic<br />

device in a manner that<br />

averts their visual attention to that<br />

device or that device’s activity,” the<br />

proposed ordinance says.<br />

During the first six months of<br />

<strong>2017</strong>, 27 pedestrians were killed on<br />

the streets of <strong>Chicago</strong>, the <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

Sun-Times reports. A year prior,<br />

there were 28 deaths reported, according<br />

to the newspaper. One man<br />

NBC 5 spoke with on a busy <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

street who looked up from her<br />

cellphone offered a “good excuse.”<br />

“I’m a tourist from Germany, I<br />

just came in today,” he said.<br />

Told the ordinance wasn’t a law<br />

just yet, he conceded that it<br />

“probably” should be.<br />

Carjacking in<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> So Far<br />

This Year - The number<br />

of carjackings in <strong>Chicago</strong> has increased<br />

in the past few days by<br />

dramatic amounts. With 12 carjackings<br />

reported in the area in less than<br />

48 hours, <strong>Chicago</strong> police have been<br />

on alert <strong>for</strong> suspects, making at<br />

least four arrests in the last two<br />

days. <strong>In</strong> total, there have been more<br />

than 700 carjackings in <strong>Chicago</strong> so<br />

far this year, authorities said.<br />

Though, they add, arrests are up 50<br />

percent.<br />

Push to Legalize<br />

Recreational Pot<br />

in Ill. - Illinois voters<br />

could soon be able to voice their<br />

say on whether the state should<br />

legalize recreational marijuana.<br />

Cook County Commissioner John<br />

Fritchey announced an ef<strong>for</strong>t to put<br />

the marijuana legalization question<br />

on the March ballot.<br />

“Legalizing, regulating and taxing<br />

recreational marijuana in Illinois is<br />

long overdue,” Fritchey said in a<br />

statement. “Polls have shown that<br />

Cook County voters, who makes up<br />

40 percent of the Illinois population,<br />

are very supportive of the<br />

idea.<br />

Southern Illinois University’s<br />

Simon Poll found that 66 percent of<br />

voters believe marijuana should be<br />

legal if it’s taxed and regulated like<br />

alcohol. Seventy-four percent of<br />

state voters have said they support<br />

the decriminalization of marijuana.<br />

Last year, Governor Bruce Rauner<br />

signed a bill that decriminalized<br />

up to 10 grams of marijuana, but<br />

earlier this year said he’s not supportive<br />

of legalizing pot.<br />

Recreational legalization is<br />

being supported by some gubernatorial<br />

candidates including Daniel<br />

Biss, Chris Kennedy and JB Pritzker.<br />

Community Progress Makers<br />

Fund (Apply <strong>for</strong> up to<br />

$500,000.00) The Community<br />

Progress Makers Fund is a $20<br />

million, two-year initiative by the<br />

Citi Foundation to support highimpact<br />

community organizations<br />

that are driving economic opportunities<br />

in their<br />

communities.<br />

<strong>In</strong>terested<br />

organizations<br />

are invited to<br />

apply <strong>for</strong> unrestricted grant<br />

funding up to $500,000 through<br />

the December 18, <strong>2017</strong> deadline.<br />

This opportunity is available<br />

to organizations working in<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong>, Los Angeles, Miami,<br />

New York City, San Francisco<br />

Bay Area and Washington, D.C.<br />

submit all questions to Citi-<br />

FoundationCPM@citi.com<br />

OPEN NOW<br />

Today:8:00 am -<br />

8:00 pm<br />

334 E 95th St,<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong>, IL 60619<br />

(773) 995-<br />

9859<br />

Phil V. Smith, Owner/<br />

Master Stylist<br />


<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 7<br />

Ro: The God Brother<br />

(Continued from page 1)<br />

Donnell Robinson<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Now comes Roland Davis known<br />

by many as RO is a motivational<br />

powerhouse…a man of passion,<br />

capable of achieving anything. He<br />

has captured his audiences with his<br />

down to earth, insightful, hilarious<br />

and high energy style. An upside<br />

down Godfather sign, the God<br />

Brother.<br />

“I am at a point in my life where<br />

I’m totally confident about who I am<br />

and what I’m looking <strong>for</strong>. I’m ready<br />

to sell my swagger to the world!”<br />

Said Ro.<br />

From many business ventures of<br />

Ro, the latest is the BOP Business<br />

Center Chatham Suites, a facility<br />

located 642 – 644 E. 79 th St., designed<br />

<strong>for</strong> business owners who<br />

desire to work in an office environment<br />

and gain access to valuable<br />

business resources, job training and<br />

workshops.<br />

Ro said that the Center is a spinoff<br />

of The New LIFE Movement<br />

which targets mobilizing the Hip<br />

Hop generation. The Center is also<br />

is the base of a more programmatic<br />

thrust with PROJECT 5000. <strong>In</strong><br />

which RO says is “...a powerful<br />

vision to not only take back the land<br />

but to redirect the spending habits of<br />

millions of African Americans in<br />

this country.”<br />

Noted the grand opening of the<br />

BOP Business Center was dedicated<br />

to the late Dr. Webb Evans, founder<br />

and past President of the United<br />

American Progress Association.<br />

At the entrance of the business<br />

Center, on the wall is a portrait of<br />

Dr. Evans (by artist Ron Carter CSJ)<br />

greeting all who works and visit the<br />

Center. Dr. Evans was fondly<br />

known as “Mr. Buy Black”, led the<br />

charge in establishing the African<br />

American dollar as indispensable.<br />

Many of the business tenants are<br />

on the same mission lead by Dr.<br />

Evans such as the Black Mall lead<br />

by Cassiopeia Uhuru, and Bean<br />

Soup lead by Torue Muhammad,<br />

and a host of others who together<br />

created many campaign drives that<br />

promote African American business.<br />

For over 17 years, RO understanding<br />

of human psychology and<br />

experiences in the corporate world<br />

has lead him to <strong>for</strong>mulate certain<br />

key strategies that when applied can<br />

completely trans<strong>for</strong>m ones mindset.<br />

A major task with the Project 5000<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong>’s initiative is to create<br />

5,000 new homeowners, investors<br />

and business owners that will revitalize<br />

the community by bringing<br />

new jobs and wealth to the city and<br />

surrounding areas.<br />

“I am clear of the task at hand and<br />

that I chose to do this work. I just<br />

needed to know that somebody cares<br />

and that I'm not in this alone. I have<br />

put every dime and every resource I<br />

have on the table. <strong>It</strong>'s all or nothing.<br />

I've burned all my bridges of retreat<br />

even the one back home.”<br />

Ro point to the warrior in him<br />

has resurfaced. Saying he is determined<br />

to produce a win <strong>for</strong> the community.<br />

Ro humble roots are <strong>Chicago</strong>,<br />

where he attended the Mendel<br />

Catholic High School. His strong<br />

academic record landed him an academic<br />

scholarship at Southern Illinois<br />

University. While still a student,<br />

RO started his first entrepreneurial<br />

venture- a night club and<br />

restaurant and entertainment.<br />

He continued with this business<br />

<strong>for</strong> almost six years, after which he<br />

began searching <strong>for</strong> new opportunity.<br />

After his education RO was a<br />

Commissioned Officer in the Armed<br />

Forces<br />

He then, moved into the field of<br />

real estate, and was able to carve his<br />

out own space as an extremely successful<br />

mortgage broker and investor.<br />

<strong>In</strong> about a year’s time, RO was<br />

able to gross over a million dollars<br />

and launch his own branch of the<br />

company <strong>for</strong> which he had just<br />

joined as an independent contractor.<br />

He ruled the industry <strong>for</strong> the next 12<br />

years, made a name <strong>for</strong> himself as a<br />

Guru in the real estate game and had<br />

annual earnings of over 5 million<br />

Dollars in gross retail sales! But<br />

when the market crashed in 2007, he<br />

quickly realized that it is time to<br />

move on. He turned sales on to a<br />

Gold Senior Vice President with<br />

5LINX.<br />

Using <strong>Chicago</strong> as the city <strong>for</strong> their<br />

business model, RO has realized that<br />

his vast experience and life story has<br />

made him an inspiration <strong>for</strong> people<br />

as the God-Brother. Making him<br />

leader, advising people on how to<br />

prosper financially, mentally and<br />

emotionally.<br />

<strong>It</strong> is time to take charge and make<br />

it happen.” expressed Ro. Watch out<br />

world, no more excuses!” Success<br />

better make a hole cuz ya boy is<br />

Bacccckkkkkkkkkk!<br />

“I can feel the desire <strong>for</strong> independence<br />

growing in my heart<br />

heightened by my newly <strong>for</strong>med<br />

eyes ears and mind. I realize that I'm<br />

being born again but this time as my<br />

original self not as a European.<br />

With Project 5000 <strong>Chicago</strong> Ro<br />

said, “I decided to revisit real estate<br />

after being out the game <strong>for</strong> almost<br />

9 years last year! Since that time we<br />

have acquired over 20 pieces of real<br />

estate in less than 12 months. I say<br />

this to say that what I know is working<br />

<strong>for</strong> me so what makes you think<br />

that it wouldn't work <strong>for</strong> you?<br />

“Our goal is to buy/sell/keep 500<br />

properties in <strong>2017</strong>. I am looking to<br />

coach a group of future developers<br />

to participate in this process”.<br />

With theme FlipDatHood is more<br />

than in<strong>for</strong>mation <strong>for</strong> real estate in<br />

the community. Ro explains it is a<br />

streamlined system of how people<br />

can buy/sell/own real-estate as a<br />

community.<br />

Looking at the overall development<br />

of the City of <strong>Chicago</strong>, Ro<br />

says if you’re a developer there's<br />

nothing left to develop other than<br />

the hood. “My Crash Course teaches<br />

everything that you need to know in<br />

4 hours”.<br />

He continued to say, “We will<br />

lock arms with you and mentor you<br />

through the process <strong>for</strong> 50% of<br />

whatever we earn together. No gimmicks<br />

and no bait and switch”.<br />

“All my desires all my hopes all<br />

my dreams tempered by what I defined<br />

as worth it by Americas standards.<br />

From birth I was taught the<br />

king’s language educated in his<br />

schools and learned his mathematics.<br />

I was even baptized by his truth<br />

and drank the blood”.<br />

“There's a world that many of us<br />

know nothing of that can only come<br />

when we embrace and are taught our<br />

history be<strong>for</strong>e slavery and define life<br />

and god on our terms. Food <strong>for</strong><br />

thought you do the dishes!”<br />

When addressing his personal life<br />

in handling all that he does, he<br />

laughs, “I’m a lil lonely though I’d<br />

like to meet the right person and<br />

start a family.”<br />

<strong>It</strong>’s crazy but I really would. I’m<br />

ambitious, aggressive, open minded<br />

and kind overall. I believe in the<br />

preserver of human Spirit!”<br />

Ro is currently involved in developing<br />

a series of books, lectures and<br />

training modules and website that<br />

contains most of his materials.<br />

To learn more about Project 5000<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> visit website.<br />

F o r m o r e d e t a i l s v i s i t<br />


10 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />




Or<br />

DIE TO LIVE?<br />

T<br />

his questioned has plagued society <strong>for</strong><br />

far too long. As we look around the<br />

world, we witness death and destruction<br />

running rampant. Today, our youth seems<br />

to be effected by the woes of life, and the trials<br />

and tribulations it sometimes bringing’s. <strong>It</strong> has<br />

become a popular belief that to escape life’s<br />

problems, death is an option. This notion is so<br />

far from the truth; it has become a blinding<br />

banner to reality.<br />

Different faiths have developed an ideology<br />

rooted in the belief that if you commit suicide<br />

you are going to hell. This place of fire and<br />

torment is often ignored by the individuals who<br />

embrace the notion of taking their own life. I<br />

believe this is because when a person gets to the<br />

point of wanting to end their own life, they<br />

believe they have no hope. I wanted to introduce<br />

a new idealism and language to interject<br />

life in the place of death. And I want to expand<br />

the readers mind in the concept of death and<br />

hell.<br />

Taking own the biblical concept of hell and<br />

suicide, one must ask the one key question?<br />

That question is how many suicides does the<br />

bible mention? <strong>In</strong> my years of research, I began<br />

to recall my studies in this area. Most people<br />

always refer to Judas. From this was the concept<br />

developed that the man who betrayed Jesus<br />

and considered evil went to hell. His death<br />

marked by the concept that his guilt had driven<br />

him to go home to the devil, which is hell. But<br />

under careful guise we witness another death<br />

that is most opposite of that concept.<br />

Remember Samson in Judges <strong>16</strong>:23-31 who<br />

prayed to God to give him strength to kill not<br />

only himself but his enemies. Now the question<br />

becomes is he in hell also? Especially seeing as<br />

Jesus was not born yet, to give repentance to<br />

sins.<br />

Then there was Ahithophel (2Samuel 17:23)<br />

and Zimiri (1Kings<strong>16</strong>:15-20). Both deaths<br />

range in lost to despair and even guilt. We witness<br />

the death of Saul (1Samuel 31:2-5) and<br />

even in his guilt<br />

was told he would<br />

be with the<br />

prophet Samuel<br />

the day be<strong>for</strong>e. I<br />

mention these<br />

things to point out<br />

the balance of<br />

living life is<br />

knowing that<br />

when despair,<br />

guilt, or even<br />

wrong decisions a<br />

choice is still<br />

available.<br />

We have a duty<br />

to minister life to<br />

By Dr. Al Blumenberg<br />

Asst. Publisher/<br />

Spiritual Editor CSJ<br />

people who want to end what they believe is<br />

their only choice. Suicide is not about the punishment<br />

after it’s apparent sad consequence, its<br />

more about how did a person get to that point.<br />

We use God’s word as a weapon at times on the<br />

weak and lost, yet when we feel down we want<br />

mercy.<br />

Romans 8:32 makes clear that life nor death<br />

can separate us from the love of God in Christ<br />

Jesus. This is not to water down judgement! But<br />

its rather mentioned to say the love of God<br />

should be ministered first! We always want to<br />

pronounce doom and gloom, when we should<br />

be speaking life and love and seeking to discover<br />

the root behind why someone would want<br />

to die be<strong>for</strong>e their time.<br />

Our children are taking their life at some<br />

alarming rates. This should get our attention<br />

even the more so! That suicide sometimes<br />

comes wrapped up in gang violence, and criminal<br />

activity. Let us not <strong>for</strong>get that some people<br />

already believe there in hell. By this a question<br />

is birthed and asked. “If you had one life to live,<br />

would you live it until you die? Or die to live?<br />

Death is measured in the separation of life<br />

and from all activity. <strong>In</strong> this division, the activities<br />

of life can be changed from death to life.<br />

Meaning sometimes we need to get out of our<br />

grave clothes and dead places and live not in<br />

the activities, but the moment. And if we can<br />

pass the moment unto another person in the<br />

spirit of love, then and only then can we as<br />

individuals and separately have purpose in life.<br />

That purpose then gives us destiny.<br />


Katie you say that the bible is<br />

a blatant<br />

contradiction?, So I guess that<br />

means you have read the bible in its entirety and<br />

understand all of it fully to be able to make that<br />

By Barbara R. Thomas<br />

T<br />

he least discussed subject in our<br />

church’s board meetings is the subject<br />

of sexual immorality. This subject has been<br />

overlooked <strong>for</strong> so long in the Church. The<br />

crisis of sexual sins has developed to a degree<br />

that it can no longer be placed in the dungeon<br />

of situation that it refuses to address. The<br />

reality of sexual immortality exists in great<br />

proportion simply because it is often not dealt<br />

with by leadership in the church. The fear of<br />

losing a good member or financial support<br />

causes the church leadership to shun the responsibility<br />

of teaching, training, and offering<br />

help to those involved in these different sexual<br />

acts.<br />

The Bible speaks often about sexual<br />

sins and its consequences. <strong>In</strong> I Corinthians<br />

6:18, the Word of God declares to us to flee<br />

sexual immorality. <strong>In</strong> the study of this passage<br />

of scripture, I noted the word used here<br />

<strong>for</strong> sexual immorality is the word porneia<br />

which is the root word <strong>for</strong><br />

pornography. The problems<br />

associated with porn<br />

have increased at an<br />

alarming rate. The effects<br />

that this addiction is having<br />

on the lives of the<br />

men and women involved<br />

in this practice has come<br />

to a large percentage especially<br />

among those in<br />

the church.<br />

According to a<br />

survey that was conducted<br />

by the Barna Group, 77%<br />

of Christian men between<br />

the ages of 18 and 30<br />

view porn at least once<br />

monthly and 36% look at<br />

it daily. <strong>In</strong> women it was found in XXX<br />

church that 9.4 million women watch porn<br />

monthly. This high percentage opens up immoral<br />

sexual doors that broaden our understanding<br />

to a problem in the church that can no<br />

longer be hidden. Our inability to openly<br />

discuss these problems in the church in an<br />

open and mature manner has left many with<br />

the secret shame of dealing with an addiction<br />

that they can’t ask help <strong>for</strong>.<br />

So many in the church are hiding<br />

this addiction <strong>for</strong> fear of being exposed and<br />

ostracized because of what they are doing in<br />

secret. The secret shame and the realization<br />

that those in the church will shun them often<br />

times causes them not to seek out any counseling<br />

or help <strong>for</strong> what they are dealing with.<br />

statement such as that, so have you actually<br />

done that?<br />

Have you read all of it and fully understand?<br />

I'm willing to bet that you haven't so you're<br />

wrong in your bible contradiction conclusion.<br />

Katie I challenge you to find any of the contradictions<br />

that you say the bible has and I will<br />

show you that it is not, I will show you the error<br />

Those that are married live with the fear that<br />

their spouses or children will find out that<br />

they’re not the perfect, upright Christian that<br />

they have been portraying. The fear of exposure<br />

often keeps them hidden and increasing in<br />

this addicted behavior.<br />

Dealing with porn often leads to<br />

becoming involved with masturbation. These<br />

two sexual addictions usually work together.<br />

There are so many factors that take place<br />

which leads a person into porn and masturbation.<br />

For instance, it can come about because<br />

a person is not being sexually satisfied. Also,<br />

it can happen because a single person feels<br />

lonely and frustrated. <strong>It</strong> can occur from a<br />

person feeling neglected and unloved. Likewise,<br />

it can take place because a couple is<br />

dealing with some sexual dysfunction in their<br />

marriage. As Christians, we don’t like to approach<br />

the subject of masturbation because we<br />

don’t want to allow anyone to judge our act of<br />

self-pleasuring ourselves.<br />

As a person that counsels many<br />

persons in these areas of sexual immorality I<br />

find that most have experienced sexual abuse<br />

of some kind in their life. However, I’m not<br />

saying this is the case <strong>for</strong> everyone but I have<br />

had several that have been molested in which<br />

struggle in these two areas. The disgust that<br />

most encounter when attempting to reveal to<br />

someone they think they can confide in causes<br />

many to continue to suffer in silence because<br />

they are not given any spiritual guidance to<br />

receive deliverance <strong>for</strong> these areas of their<br />

lives. Until we can deal with these problems,<br />

we will always have persons bound by secrets<br />

that they are crying out <strong>for</strong> relief from but<br />

incapable of getting in the church.<br />

of your ways thus revealing to you that you are<br />

in fact the contradiction because God and his<br />

word is not a contradiction, people are.<br />

I truly hope you accept my challenge because I<br />

want others here to experience this also. So it's<br />

on you now, go ahead and give me your bible<br />

contradictions, I'll be waiting, take care.<br />

No Matter What<br />

The Test May Be<br />

God Will Take<br />

Care of You<br />

Join<br />

Bishop Lucius<br />

Hall, Pastor<br />

First Church<br />

Of Love and Faith<br />

Schedule of Services:<br />

Sunday Morning Worship -<br />

11:00 a.m. Sunday Evening<br />

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WGCI -AM 1390 - 5:00 p.m.<br />

Tuesday Worship Service -<br />

7:30 p.m.<br />

Saturday Channel 25<br />

(Comcast) 7:00 p.m.<br />

“God can do anything, but<br />

Fall”.<br />

Leon Daniels,<br />

Pastor<br />

821 West 69th <strong>Street</strong><br />

Bible Study Tuesday 7 pm<br />

Wed 6 pm<br />

Fri. Service 7 pm<br />

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Bishop J.<br />

Edward<br />

Dukes<br />


Open Letter to President<br />

Trump and Congress:<br />

War’s Hell!<br />

W<br />

ithout question, the repulsive intention of<br />

WAR is HELL! With war declared by these<br />

Not So United States, the first to defend the front lines<br />

are generally African American and Hispanic youth! The<br />

U.S. Army infantry is generally reserved <strong>for</strong> those who<br />

lack the completion of an educational or acceptable skill.<br />

However, prime duties are ‘generally reserved <strong>for</strong><br />

recruits who have acquired and exceled in training. I<br />

reiterate, the first into battle are generally those who are<br />

affiliates of the U.S. Army <strong>In</strong>fantry, who are habitually<br />

blacks and hispanices, followed by some whites! Enough<br />

Said?<br />

With the President daily tweeting subliminal messages<br />

that often include a subordinate suggestion of war<br />

I shudder to<br />

reason that<br />

the Com-<br />

mander-in-<br />

Chief is void<br />

of history! I<br />

prayerfully<br />

recommend<br />

that there be<br />

no contemplation<br />

to send<br />

United States<br />

youth to war<br />

established on<br />

unfamiliar<br />

hypotheses<br />

which are<br />

undergirded<br />

with hatred<br />

<strong>for</strong> another<br />

country on<br />

hazardous<br />

impulses!<br />

Educated<br />

citizens of this country who were af<strong>for</strong>ded an educational<br />

opportunity can discern the authentic motive <strong>for</strong><br />

war and not that which has been spewed upon us. Â<br />

Educators and historians have well authenticated that<br />

war was profitable <strong>for</strong> some and not others.<br />

Noticeable political entanglements on numerous<br />

political fronts are unfolded daily be<strong>for</strong>e a world who<br />

humorously smirks at us. The unsettling mocking of this<br />

country signifies that there is malignance in our U.S.<br />

Government which has become an embarrassment to the<br />

Nation!<br />

I’ve become perturbed as U.S. adolescence were<br />

intellectually taught that those entrusted with leadership<br />

were elevated to such positions to serve as role-models,<br />

however some governmental personalities have fallen<br />

from the Grace of God - to serve only themselves and<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 11<br />

not their Health-Care Constituents.<br />

And, as youth succumb to minor drug misdemeanor<br />

they are questionably sentenced to what<br />

seems as an eternal life in the waiting rooms to<br />

hell – which is jail! The dire political query<br />

becomes; what are the consequences <strong>for</strong> those<br />

guilty of governmental acts of fraudulence?<br />

As the world observes they have noted envy in<br />

the eyes of the President Donald Trump, who<br />

ferociously seeks to discredit and unravel constructive<br />

procedures that typifies eminent accomplishments<br />

by those who’ve taken political<br />

philosophies to heights as none be<strong>for</strong>e! These<br />

asinine displays of hatred have brought about<br />

blatant acts of stupidity in ef<strong>for</strong>t to replace acts<br />

of intelligence with an over-aggression of ignorance!<br />

Releasing of Mr. Trumps sublime tweets across<br />

the <strong>In</strong>ternet identifies hate, fear and division. Â<br />

Authenticated Christians, undeniably know this<br />

spirit of fear, confusion and uncertainties only<br />

come to: Rob, Steal, Kill and Destroy Righteousness!<br />

These undertakings symbolize an evil spirit direct<br />

from the Pit-of-Hell.<br />

Mr. Donald Trump and Members of Congress: <strong>It</strong> has<br />

been spelled-out and is unequivocally clear that biasness<br />

and racism from the White House has now extended into<br />

many congressional districts simply because of fear -<br />

fear of this president and of losing an election! Fear is<br />

not of God and Politics over humans is unacceptable!<br />

With ambiguous dialogue between President Donald<br />

Trump, United States and Kim Jong Un, North Korea, it<br />

appears that Mr. Trump is without qualms in creating<br />

war rather than coherent dialog!<br />

<strong>It</strong> is to be noted that not a child of the president or<br />

congressional members will serve in battle! Meanwhile<br />

those who sacrifice<br />

their precious children<br />

will them lose to<br />

war ... The Presidents<br />

Provoked War!<br />

President and Congress<br />

of these Not So<br />

United States shall<br />

have to answer to a<br />

higher power <strong>for</strong> the<br />

insanities that are<br />

presently seeking to<br />

<strong>for</strong>m under the cloak<br />

of political darkness.<br />

I ˜respectfully serve<br />

spiritual notice to the<br />

entire Congressionalbody<br />

that youth nor<br />

elders are yours their<br />

humanities belong to<br />

God!<br />

Honorable Servants<br />

of the People who sit<br />

in leadership, I begof-you<br />

to bow your knees to whomever your immortal is<br />

and query if decisions to include innocent youth into a<br />

game-of-war is righteous! I plead that the God of Creation<br />

will open understandings and that all concerned will<br />

not mishandle citizens <strong>for</strong> selfish anxieties.<br />

Politicians who Shepard Gods flock Shall answer <strong>for</strong><br />

contrived acts against the Nonviolent and Peaceable God<br />

of the Heavens and Earth.<br />

Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey<br />

President, Probation Challenge PCC Network.<br />

WWW.ProbationChallenge.org -<br />

The Truth Network.<br />

Doc and Ms. Arnetha<br />

RTW Veteran Center,<br />

a mainstay on 55th and<br />

Dr. Martin Luther King<br />

Drive across from<br />

Washington Park <strong>for</strong><br />

over seven years has<br />

officially vacated the<br />

building as of October<br />

this year.<br />

The center struggled<br />

to stay open and deliver<br />

its programs throughout<br />

its existence. Founded<br />

on the need to service<br />

homeless veterans and<br />

others who showed up<br />

at their door in February<br />

of 2011 the couple started down this<br />

rabbit hole with a commitment that<br />

if anyone came to their door hungry<br />

they would not leave hungry.<br />

Working sometimes 18 hours per<br />

day to serve, they opened their<br />

home to the homeless with the facility<br />

being a three unit building their<br />

residence was located on the second<br />

floor. They began serving people on<br />

the first floor of the building. When<br />

the winter came they open up their<br />

home as a Pads program and let<br />

those homeless and hungry sleep on<br />

a pad on the first floor.<br />

The couple also provided a good<br />

portion of the funding from their<br />

savings and income.<br />

Still <strong>In</strong> love and still on mission,<br />

By Sonja Cassandra Perdue<br />

Doc and Ms. Arnetha are still committed<br />

as ever to serve veterans, the<br />

community, and each other.<br />

As of <strong>November</strong> <strong>2017</strong>, RTW<br />

Veteran Center's office will be relocated<br />

into the <strong>Chicago</strong> Medical<br />

Training Center 7415 South East<br />

End, Suite 113. They are working<br />

in collaboration to enhance their<br />

ability to help bring job training and<br />

job placement to veterans and others<br />

with other educational organizations<br />

that are housed within the<br />

building.<br />

You can keep up with the center<br />

t h ro u g h th e i r website a t<br />

www.rtwvetcenter.org and or follow<br />

them on face book at<br />

RTWveterancenter.<br />

This is <strong>In</strong>finiti Hyde and a senior at Hansberry College<br />

Prep. The 17 year old she started Modeling at the age of 13. She is<br />

so in love with Modeling it is totally her passion. <strong>In</strong>finiti says being<br />

able to meet new people different <strong>for</strong>ms of personality all shapes<br />

and sizes is a blessing. However, her favorite part would be walking<br />

down the runway stopping everyone with all eyes on her makes her<br />

feel amazing.<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

Advertising<br />

Sales Rep<br />

This is an outstanding<br />

opportunity,<br />

selling advertising (print,<br />

online):<br />

• <strong>In</strong>itiate sales and marketing<br />

calls to prospective<br />

or current clients • Our<br />

ideal candidate must be a<br />

self-motivated overachiever<br />

with a strong<br />

desire to succeed. • Prior<br />

sales experience.<br />

well organized selfstarter<br />

• Compensation, Base<br />

Salary Negotiable.<br />

Call 773 595 5229<br />

Derrick A. Riley, CEO

12 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

Black Wall <strong>Street</strong> Districts of<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong><br />

By Everloyce McCullough<br />

79th West<br />

<strong>Street</strong> District<br />

<strong>In</strong> 1961 the late Dr. Webb Evans organized<br />

the United American Progress Association;<br />

the purpose was to get more Blacks to prepare<br />

and go into business and get more people to<br />

spend their money with Black owned businesses.<br />

The esteemed Rev. Dr. Webb Evans<br />

known as “Mr. Buy Black,” founded the<br />

United American Progress Association<br />

(UAPA) in 1961 and served as president <strong>for</strong><br />

51 years. He died February 23, 2015 at the<br />

age of 101. He was a socially active senior<br />

and strived to improve the lives of Black people.<br />

His focus was on economic justice <strong>for</strong><br />

the Black community.<br />

To continue his legacy of promoting and<br />

supporting Black business in <strong>Chicago</strong>, with<br />

the name change to United Black American<br />

Progress Association (UBAPA) and the Temple<br />

Of Mercy Association has development a<br />

committee and a structure in the name of Dr.<br />

Webb Evans Community<br />

Development Corp. to purchase<br />

the group of store<br />

fronts where their office is<br />

located; 79th St. between<br />

Hermitage and Paulina.<br />

UBAPA president Minister<br />

Rahim Chesed Aton<br />

announces the establishment<br />

of the nonprofit Dr. Webb<br />

Evans Center <strong>for</strong> Economic<br />

Change (DWECEC), to<br />

continue the legacy of Dr.<br />

Web Evans and his commemorative<br />

iconic advocacy<br />

of Black Economic Empowerment.<br />

<strong>It</strong> will serve as a<br />

catalyst through which religious<br />

and community organizations,<br />

businesses, and<br />

community residents can<br />

collaborate, network and<br />

partner to engage in a dynamic<br />

exchange of rich<br />

ideas to promote a coordinated<br />

development of community<br />

proprietorship.<br />

Dr. Evans appointed and installed Minister<br />

Anton as the new president in <strong>November</strong><br />

2012. Pastor St. John Chisum was elected<br />

Chair. Both leaders with its board of directors<br />

are working hard to keep Dr. Evans’ legacy<br />

alive. The Minister said “Dr. Webb Evans<br />

always believed that the race that creates jobs<br />

will always have more jobs than those who<br />

only look <strong>for</strong> jobs. For 52 years he advocated<br />

the circulation of Black dollars with Blackowned<br />

business to create more jobs <strong>for</strong> Black<br />

people.” The Minister is fund raising to purchase<br />

the commercial property and to refurbish<br />

all existing structures on this property.<br />

“<strong>It</strong> will serve as vital entity honoring the<br />

life work of Dr. Webb Evans, who never wavered<br />

from his push to inspire Blacks to invest<br />

their money in their own community and build<br />

more businesses to create more jobs <strong>for</strong><br />

Blacks.”<br />

He continue to say, ”<strong>It</strong> is reasonable <strong>for</strong> us<br />

to expect success <strong>for</strong> our people and a bright<br />

future <strong>for</strong> our children. This vision requires a<br />

total trans<strong>for</strong>mation from the current economic<br />

relations that exist in our community.<br />

“We must establish and develop a very different<br />

economic development program because<br />

Black people are too individualistic.<br />

We as leaders must act on this reality because<br />

this is our day now. Our young people<br />

are on the front line and we need to help them<br />

prepare <strong>for</strong> taking on the challenges of the 21<br />

century and <strong>for</strong> embracing the career opportunities<br />

of the future.”<br />

1. 75th St<br />

2. Stony Island<br />

3. <strong>Chicago</strong> Ave.<br />

4. Madison<br />

5. 43rd St.<br />

6. 47th St.<br />

7. 51st St.<br />

8. 63rd St.<br />

9. 69th St.<br />

10. 79th St. West<br />

11. 79th St. East<br />

12. South Suburbs<br />

13. Peoria<br />

14. Project 60633<br />

Celebrating at their annual fund raiser, left to right; Garnet Hall, Key note speaker at the program<br />

Spencer Leak,Sr., Bernice Lynch, Pastor St. John Chisum, Min. Rahim Aton, Pamela Dominguez,<br />

Evelyn Johnson, Doris Holder.<br />

He further stated “Economic development<br />

means ownership and control of the economy,<br />

property, profits, and development. A real<br />

commitment to fixing our community requires<br />

a comprehensive approach. There are many<br />

possibilities that would create Black-owned<br />

businesses as opposed to importing corporations.<br />

Economic development has not happened<br />

by luring corporations and jobs to the<br />

Black community.<br />

UBAPA can be contacted at 773.846.3091<br />

<strong>for</strong> more in<strong>for</strong>mation about how to make economic<br />

development in the community a reality.<br />

- brominrahim365@aol.com or<br />

Cleva Cathey – 705.331.6059 – clevac6432@a77.net.

12 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

Obama Presidential Center's construction team<br />

(Continued from page 9)<br />

erlands? Zembla meets with<br />

one of Trump’s controversial<br />

cronies and speaks with<br />

a <strong>for</strong>mer CIA agent, fraud<br />

investigators, attorneys, and<br />

an American senator, among<br />

others."<br />

The documentary's You-<br />

Tube description barely does<br />

justice to the film's investigative<br />

reporting. While<br />

American journalists are<br />

following Trump's tweets<br />

and tantrums, they followed<br />

the money into a world<br />

where the lines between<br />

outright profiteering and<br />

organized crime are blurred.<br />

What they found on a factbased<br />

money trail reveals much<br />

about who the real Trump is and<br />

how he operates.<br />

Trump received a portion of the<br />

$14 million paid by Agalarov and<br />

other investors to bring the pageant<br />

to Moscow. Agalarov said he and<br />

Trump signed an agreement to build<br />

a Trump Tower in the heart of Moscow<br />

— at least Trump’s fifth attempt<br />

at such a venture.<br />

And Trump seemed energized by<br />

his interactions with Russia’s<br />

financial elite at the<br />

pageant and a glitzy afterparty<br />

in a Moscow nightclub.<br />

“Almost all of the oligarchs<br />

were in the room,”<br />

Trump bragged to Real<br />

Estate Weekly upon returning<br />

home.<br />

The exposed financial<br />

trail raises questions about<br />

whether Trump fired FBI<br />

director James Comey because the<br />

FBI investigation of his campaign's<br />

collusion with Russia was encroaching<br />

into Trump's world of dark<br />

money and dubious business partners.<br />

The Russians are alleged to be in<br />

possession of sensitive in<strong>for</strong>mation<br />

about Trump. And that exposes<br />

Trump to blackmail. Fake news,<br />

tweets Trump: 'I have nothing<br />

to do with Russia—no deals,<br />

no loans, no nothing!' Trump<br />

says he has no ties with the<br />

Russians. But the filmmakers<br />

describe the first installment<br />

of the series.<br />

They go on to show that<br />

while Trump denies his ties<br />

with Russia, many Russians<br />

have deep financial ties to<br />

him.<br />

Jesse Jackson Jr.<br />

How would Trump protect his<br />

name and interest from Russian<br />

exposure. Shell Corporations and<br />

the old scheme of 'Pump and Dump.'<br />

Be<strong>for</strong>e this is over it maybe 'Trump<br />

and Dump.' Methinks.<br />

A shell corporation is a corporation<br />

without active business operations<br />

or significant assets. These<br />

types of corporations are not all<br />

necessarily illegal, but they are<br />

sometimes used illegitimately, such<br />

as to disguise business ownership<br />

from law en<strong>for</strong>cement or the public.<br />

This is why a Special Prosecutor<br />

with the power to subpoena is necessary.<br />

Only he or she can get to the<br />

Poll: 49 percent<br />

say Trump likely<br />

committed a<br />

crime<br />

related to<br />

Russian election<br />

meddling<br />

Nov 2nd <strong>2017</strong> 6:<strong>16</strong>PM<br />

bottom of this.<br />

I think we are initially looking at<br />

five charges if the can be proved.<br />

The first is inchoate, Obstruction of<br />

Justice, unrelated to the Russian<br />

Probe, maybe even a charge of<br />

threatening the FBI, Money Laundering<br />

is a real possibility, given his<br />

tax firms alleged relationship with<br />

the Russians, of course many lawyers<br />

in that firm are now personally<br />

vulnerable to a criminal scheme if<br />

exposed, ( Election<br />

interference, ) the original<br />

crime of collusion,<br />

General Michael Flynn<br />

appears to be the center<br />

of this scheme. Lastly,<br />

there is no truth in Donald<br />

Trump, so lying or<br />

misleading federal investigators,<br />

from Congress<br />

to the FBI, will<br />

likely collapse the<br />

Trump Empire.<br />

President Barack Obama offered<br />

one of his sharpest denunciations of<br />

Donald Trump declaring the Republican<br />

nominee entirely unfit to serve<br />

as president and lambasting Republicans<br />

<strong>for</strong> sticking by their nominee.<br />

“This isn’t a situation where you<br />

have an episodic gaffe. This is daily<br />

and weekly, where they are distancing<br />

themselves from statements he’s<br />

making. There has<br />

to be a point at<br />

which you say,<br />

‘This is not somebody<br />

I can support<br />

<strong>for</strong> president of the<br />

United States, even<br />

if he purports to be<br />

a member of my<br />

party.’ The fact<br />

that that has not yet<br />

happened makes<br />

some of these denunciations<br />

ring hollow.”<br />

Though he said he did not doubt<br />

Republicans’ sincerity or outrage,<br />

Obama added: “There has to come a<br />

point at which you say somebody<br />

who makes those kinds of statements<br />

doesn’t have the judgment,<br />

the temperament, the understanding<br />

to occupy the most powerful position<br />

in the world because a lot of<br />

people depend on the White House<br />

getting stuff right.”<br />

Contiribing to this story Steven<br />

Rosenfeld who covers national political<br />

issues <strong>for</strong> AlterNet,<br />

Today, we announced the team of<br />

diverse, local firms that will be partnering<br />

to help build the Obama Presidential<br />

Center.<br />

With this decision, our top priority<br />

was making sure we were creating<br />

opportunities <strong>for</strong> local businesses and<br />

building pathways toward meaningful<br />

jobs <strong>for</strong> minorities and other underrepresented<br />

populations in the <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

area.<br />

The Construction Manager <strong>for</strong> the<br />

Center will be Lakeside Alliance --<br />

comprised of Turner Construction,<br />

and the Presidential Partners consortium<br />

of Powers & Sons Construction,<br />

UJAMAA Construction, Brown &<br />

Momen, and Safeway Construction.<br />

Powers & Sons, UJAMAA, Brown &<br />

Momen, and Safeway are some of the<br />

most established and well-respected<br />

African-American owned construction<br />

firms in <strong>Chicago</strong>.<br />

But because you're right here in<br />

the <strong>Chicago</strong> area -- our neighbors<br />

and partners in this ongoing project<br />

-- we wanted to make sure you<br />

had the opportunity to hear from a<br />

few of these folks directly.<br />

Read on to meet some of our new<br />

partners, and hear what they have to<br />

say.<br />

Meet Jimmy Akintonde, President<br />

and Founder of UJAMAA<br />

Construction:<br />

"We've been around <strong>for</strong> <strong>16</strong> years<br />

in the South Side. We've been a<br />

growing business all the way<br />

t h r o u g h . "<br />

"We are right at the very front of the<br />

decision-making side of the process,<br />

of how the decisions are going to be<br />

made. That's not always normal.<br />

That's not something we're used to<br />

seeing, especially when you have<br />

grown up a medium-sized business.<br />

These are the opportunities you need<br />

to take your business to the next<br />

level."<br />

Meet Pamyla Brown, Director<br />

of Community and Citizenship of<br />

Turner Construction:<br />

"To have this kind of project happen<br />

in such a great city, it magnifies<br />

the pride that people in this city already<br />

have."<br />

"Having this particular project<br />

come to this community will show<br />

the rest of the city: We do exist. This<br />

is who we are. This is who we have<br />

always been. We just wanted a<br />

chance... This project will bring some<br />

much needed positive attention to this<br />

p a r t o f t h e c i t y . "<br />

"This is our opportunity to see what<br />

hope really looks like. This is hope<br />

personified."<br />

Meet John W. Bonds, Jr., CEO<br />

of Safeway Construction Company:<br />

Lakeside Alliance team. John W.<br />

Bonds, Jr. third from left.<br />

"I was born in <strong>Chicago</strong>, in Englewood...<br />

I've been in business <strong>for</strong> 31<br />

years, but it's good to see opportunity<br />

in the community of this magnitude."<br />

"[What inspires me about the South<br />

Side] is the change... What's being<br />

built is going to impact the community,<br />

and property values, and those<br />

k i n d o f t h i n g s ."<br />

Meet Ernest Brown, President<br />

of Brown & Momen:<br />

"I live about five blocks from<br />

the project site. Within ¾ of a<br />

m i l e . "<br />

"Very rarely do you have an<br />

owner that has the kind of goals<br />

and focus that the Foundation has<br />

<strong>for</strong> this project, so it makes it easy<br />

<strong>for</strong> us to do our job."<br />

"I'm exceptionally excited. We've<br />

worked on large projects be<strong>for</strong>e...but<br />

this is a whole different<br />

approach... Being part of 44's<br />

legacy, and building on his legacy<br />

is unbelievable."<br />


$24.99<br />



$74.99<br />



Table C: Demographic Share of Contract Dollars.<br />


Black Hispanic Asian White Female DBE Non - DBE<br />

1.13% 11.49% 4.34% 3.85% 20.82% 79.18%<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 13<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> Plan <strong>for</strong> 2050<br />

Economic <strong>In</strong>dicators update<br />

The vital of the national Minority- and<br />

Women-Owned Business Enterprise program<br />

(M/WBE) is designed to promote government<br />

contracting and subcontracting opportunities<br />

<strong>for</strong> businesses certified as minority- and<br />

women-owned with a real and substantial presence.<br />

However the rate of Black businesses in<br />

the state of Illinois is still low in comparisons<br />

of it population in parity of the state and other<br />

ethnic groups.<br />

The Illinois State Toll Highway authority<br />

Disparity Study reflects earnings from such<br />

businesses, and their access to capital markets<br />

are highly relevant to the determination<br />

whether the market functions properly <strong>for</strong> all<br />

firms regardless of the race or gender of their<br />

ownership.<br />

Vincent Gilbert Regional vice President of<br />

the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce indicated<br />

it has been demonstrated the many kinds<br />

of discriminatory barriers to minority subcontracting<br />

with a strong link between racial disparities<br />

in government's disbursements of public<br />

funds <strong>for</strong> construction contracts and the<br />

channeling of those funds due to private discrimination.<br />

The Illinois Tollway created the Department<br />

of Diversity and Strategic Development with<br />

the mission to increase access to economic opportunities<br />

<strong>for</strong> disadvantaged, minority- and<br />

women-owned enterprise firms, as well as small<br />

and veteran-owned businesses and historically<br />

underemployed individuals. The Move Illinois<br />

Program and all aspects of its operations, including<br />

contracting, consulting<br />

and the supply of goods and services<br />

is to remains focused on<br />

promoting, assisting and ensuring<br />

diverse participation said Gilbert.<br />

The first discriminatory barriers<br />

are to the <strong>for</strong>mation of qualified<br />

minority subcontracting enterprises<br />

due to private discrimination,<br />

precluding from the outset<br />

competition <strong>for</strong> public construction<br />

contracts by minority enterprises.<br />

Despite the contentions of plaintiffs<br />

that possibly dozens of factors<br />

might influence the ability of any<br />

individual to succeed in business,<br />

Vincent Gilbert Regional<br />

vice President<br />

of the Illinois Black<br />

Chamber of Commerce<br />

the courts have rejected such impossible tests<br />

and held that business <strong>for</strong>mation studies are not<br />

flawed because they cannot control <strong>for</strong> subjective<br />

descriptions such as “quality of education,”<br />

“culture” and “religion.”<br />

For example, in unanimously upholding the<br />

USDOT DBE Program, the courts agree that<br />

disparities between the earnings of minorityowned<br />

firms and similarly situated nonminority-owned<br />

firms and the disparities in<br />

commercial loan denial rates between Black<br />

business owners compared to similarly situated<br />

non-minority business owners are strong evidence<br />

of the continuing effects of discrimination.<br />

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals took a “<br />

hard look” at the evidence Congress considered,<br />

and concluded that the legislature had spent<br />

decades compiling evidence of race discrimination<br />

in government highway contracting, of<br />

barriers to the <strong>for</strong>mation of minority-owned<br />

construction businesses, and of barriers to entry.<br />

<strong>In</strong> rebuttal, [the plaintiffs] presented evidence<br />

that the data were susceptible to multiple interpretations,<br />

but they failed to present affirmative<br />

evidence that no remedial action was necessary<br />

because minority-owned small businesses enjoy<br />

non-discriminatory access to and participation<br />

in highway contracts. Thus, they failed to meet<br />

their ultimate burden to prove that the DBE<br />

program is unconstitutional on this ground.<br />

The study was undertaken as part of a continuing<br />

ef<strong>for</strong>t by the Tollway to ensure equal<br />

opportunities in all aspects of its Move Illinois<br />

capital program, including contracting and consulting.<br />

Technical Assistance Program<br />

• <strong>Chicago</strong> Minority Supplier Development<br />

Council<br />

•GMA Construction Group<br />

•HACIA Scholarship And Education<br />

Foundation<br />

•Illinois Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce<br />

•Illinois Black Chamber<br />

Of Commerce<br />

•<strong>In</strong>ner ‐ City Underwriting Agency<br />

•Prairie State College<br />

Diversity Program Statistics <strong>2017</strong> first quarter<br />

DBE payments were $25.6 million<br />

• 33.5 percent of all payments to construction<br />

and professional services firms<br />

• 41.4 percent women<br />

• 26 percent Hispanic<br />

• 18.6 percent African American<br />

• 13.7 percent Asian<br />

$254.1 million paid To DBE firms in<br />

20<strong>16</strong><br />

Accounts <strong>for</strong> 25 percent Of all payments<br />

• 39.7 percent Hispanic ($100.9 million)<br />

• 27.6 percent women (($70.2 million)<br />

• 17.3 percent African American<br />

($43.9 million)<br />

• 14.5 percent Asian ($36.9 million)<br />

DBE payments to African American<br />

firms continue to rise<br />

• The government must establish its<br />

“compelling interest” in remedying race discrimination<br />

by current “strong evidence” of the<br />

persistence of discrimination. Such evidence<br />

may consist of the entity’s “passive participation”<br />

in a system of racial exclusion says Gilbert.<br />

CMAP is developing the<br />

region's next comprehensive<br />

plan, ON TO 2050,<br />

scheduled <strong>for</strong> adoption in<br />

October 2018. withGO TO<br />

2040, this is a highly transparent<br />

and collaborative<br />

ef<strong>for</strong>t involving partners<br />

and stakeholders from<br />

across the seven counties<br />

and 284 communities of<br />

northeastern Illinois. This<br />

page includes in<strong>for</strong>mation<br />

and links to learn more<br />

about ON TO 2050's development<br />

process through<br />

materials that are complete,<br />

underway, or scheduled.<br />

We recently updated the <strong>In</strong>novation<br />

section of the CMAP<br />

Regional Economic <strong>In</strong>dicators<br />

microsite with 20<strong>16</strong> data suggesting<br />

that the <strong>Chicago</strong> region<br />

has experienced slower growth<br />

in innovation and entrepreneurship compared<br />

to other metropolitan areas, despite<br />

receiving 3,826 U.S. utility patents, securing<br />

$1.1 billion in venture capital, and employing<br />

nearly 550,000 science, technology,<br />

engineering, and math (STEM) workers<br />

over the last year. <strong>In</strong> related coverage,<br />

Crain's <strong>Chicago</strong> Business reported that<br />

Lake and Will counties continue to gain<br />

jobs in manufacturing, one of the economic<br />

employment clusters that CMAP monitors.<br />

Des Plaines Comprehensive Plan public<br />

meeting<br />

What should Des Plaines look like in 2030?<br />

The City of Des Plaines is working with<br />

CMAP to update its Comprehensive Plan,<br />

the document that will guide development<br />

and land use decisions in the city <strong>for</strong> years<br />

to come. Share your thoughts at a public<br />

meeting on Wednesday, October 18, from<br />

6:00 to 8:00 p.m., at the Frisbie Senior Center<br />

(52 Northwest Hwy., Des<br />

Plaines).project is supported by CMAP’s<br />

Local Technical Assistance program.n October<br />

20<strong>16</strong>, CMAP released the Emerging<br />

Priorities <strong>for</strong> ON TO 2050 report to<br />

identify key regional objectives based<br />

on initial analysis and public engagement<br />

that began with a public launch<br />

earlier that year.<br />

C o n t a c t E n r i q u e C a s t i l l o<br />

(ecastillo@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-386-<br />

8689) with questions.<br />



532 E 43rd St,<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong>, IL 60653<br />

73) 538-5500

14 <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

According to an anonymous online<br />

confessional, in 1991 a group of music-business<br />

bigwigs gathered outside<br />

L.A. “The meeting was held at<br />

a private residence on the outskirts<br />

of Los Angeles. I remember about<br />

25 to 30 people being there, most of<br />

them familiar faces. Speaking to<br />

those I knew, we joked about the<br />

theme of the meeting as many of us<br />

did not care <strong>for</strong> rap music and failed<br />

to see the purpose of being invited<br />

to a private gathering to discuss its<br />

future. Among the attendees was a<br />

small group of unfamiliar faces who<br />

stayed to themselves and made no<br />

attempt to socialize beyond their<br />

circle. Based on their behavior and<br />

<strong>for</strong>mal appearances, they didn’t<br />

seem to be in our industry. Our<br />

casual chatter was interrupted when<br />

we were asked to sign a confidentiality<br />

agreement preventing us from<br />

publicly discussing the in<strong>for</strong>mation<br />

presented during the meeting. Needless<br />

to say, this intrigued and in<br />

some cases disturbed many of us.<br />

The agreement was only a page<br />

long but very clear on the matter<br />

and consequences which stated that<br />

violating the terms would result in<br />

job termination …<br />

The subject quickly changed as<br />

[a]speaker went on to tell us that the<br />

respective companies we represented<br />

had invested in a very profitable<br />

industry which could become<br />

even more rewarding with our active<br />

involvement. He explained that<br />

the companies we work <strong>for</strong> had<br />

by Alex Friedmann<br />

invested millions into the building<br />

of privately owned prisons and that<br />

our positions of influence in the<br />

music industry would actually impact<br />

the profitability of these investments.<br />

I remember many of us in<br />

the group immediately looking at<br />

each other in confusion. At the time,<br />

I didn’t know what a private prison<br />

was but I wasn’t the only one. Sure<br />

enough, someone asked what these<br />

prisons were and what any of this<br />

had to do with us. We were told that<br />

these prisons were built by privately<br />

owned companies who received<br />

funding from the government based<br />

on the number of inmates. The more<br />

inmates, the more money the government<br />

would pay these prisons. <strong>It</strong><br />

was also made clear to us that since<br />

these prisons are privately owned,<br />

as they become publicly traded,<br />

we’d be able to buy shares … He<br />

told us that since our employers had<br />

become silent investors in this<br />

prison business, it was now in their<br />

interest to make sure that these prisons<br />

remained filled. Our job would<br />

be to help make this happen by<br />

marketing music which promotes<br />

criminal behavior, rap being the<br />

music of choice.”<br />

Without the financial support of<br />

major investors like Vanguard and<br />

Wells Fargo, CCA and GEO alone<br />

would not be strong enough to successfully<br />

lobby <strong>for</strong> policies that<br />

increase the federal government’s<br />

demand <strong>for</strong> private prisons. With<br />

these powerful allies, however, they<br />

have been able to sway public policy<br />

in favor of more severe “tough<br />

on crime” laws and the increasing<br />

criminalization of immigrants.<br />

The nation’s two largest <strong>for</strong>profit<br />

prison companies, Tennesseebased<br />

Corrections Corporation of<br />

America (CCA) and Florida-based<br />

GEO Group (GEO), are publicly<br />

traded on the New York Stock Exchange.<br />

Other private prison firms,<br />

including Management & Training<br />

Corporation (MTC), Community<br />

Education Centers (CEC), LaSalle<br />

Southwest Corrections and Emerald<br />

Correctional Management, are privately-held<br />

and thus do not have<br />

public stock.<br />

As of July 2015, CCA had issued<br />

approximately 117 million shares of<br />

stock with a market cap of $4.05<br />

billion, while GEO had issued<br />

around 75 million shares with a<br />

market cap of $2.76 billion. The<br />

vast majority of stock in these two<br />

companies, not everyday people or<br />

individual investors, but rather other<br />

corporations – banks, mutual fund<br />

management companies and private<br />

equity firms – as well as public<br />

employee retirement systems.<br />

<strong>In</strong> fact, around 92.4% of CCA’s<br />

stock was owned by 300 institutional<br />

investors while 91.1% of<br />

GEO Group stock was owned by<br />

272 institutional investors at the end<br />

of July 2015. <strong>In</strong> some cases, the<br />

same institutional investors held<br />

stock in both companies.<br />

There are 29 U.S.-based major<br />

financial investors that own over<br />

one million shares of CCA and<br />

GEO combined. The following<br />

companies each own over 1 million<br />

shares of CCA and GEO, and collectively<br />

own over two-thirds of<br />

CCA and GEO:<br />

Adage Capital Partners Group LLC<br />

American Century Companies <strong>In</strong>c.<br />

Ameriprise Financial <strong>In</strong>c.<br />

Bank Of New York Mellon Corp.<br />

Blackrock Fund Advisors<br />

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn LLC<br />

Diamond Hill Capital Management<br />

Eagle Asset Management <strong>In</strong>c.<br />

Epoch <strong>In</strong>vestment Partners, <strong>In</strong>c.<br />

FMR LLC<br />

Geode Capital Management, LLC<br />

Hamlin Capital Management, LLC<br />

Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management<br />

LLC<br />

ING <strong>In</strong>vestment Management, LLC &<br />

Co.<br />

<strong>In</strong>vesco LTD.<br />

Jennison Associates, LLC<br />

Lazard Asset Management LLC<br />

London Co. Of Virginia<br />

Managed Account Advisors LLC<br />

Neuberger Berman Group LLC<br />

New South Capital Management INC<br />

Northern Trust Corp<br />

Nuveen Asset Management LLC<br />

Principal Financial Group <strong>In</strong>c<br />

Prudential Financial <strong>In</strong>c<br />

River Road Asset Management, LLC<br />

State <strong>Street</strong> Corp<br />

Vanguard Group INC<br />

Wells Fargo & Company<br />

Who Owns Private Prison<br />

Stock?<br />

<strong>In</strong> the mist of another case of<br />

corrupt <strong>for</strong>mer <strong>Chicago</strong> police Sgt.<br />

Ronald Watts and his crew, Mayor<br />

Rahm Emanuel joined <strong>Chicago</strong><br />

Police Department (CPD) Superintendent<br />

Eddie Johnson in commemorating<br />

the graduation of 209<br />

officers in a ceremony at Navy Pier<br />

as part of ongoing hiring plan to add<br />

nearly 1,000 officers by the end of<br />

2018.<br />

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “We<br />

are investing in these graduates so<br />

they will have the tools they need to<br />

truly ‘Be The Change,’ including<br />

the roll out of body-worn cameras to<br />

every patrol officer in the city by<br />

the end of this year.”<br />

The graduating class includes 199<br />

new police officers and celebrates<br />

the promotion of ten command staff.<br />

<strong>In</strong> addition, CPD announced the 3rd<br />

and <strong>16</strong>th districts are the latest to<br />

receive body-worn cameras in the<br />

continued rollout of body-worn<br />

cameras to every patrol officer a by<br />

the end of this year.<br />

Today’s 199 graduating police<br />

recruits are 23% women, approximately<br />

49% from minority backgrounds,<br />

with 31% Hispanic and<br />

18% African-American, and includes<br />

66% <strong>Chicago</strong> Public School<br />

graduates, 20% US military veterans,<br />

and 14% second generation<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> Police officers, 3% third<br />

generation <strong>Chicago</strong> Police officers<br />

and two officers representing fourth<br />

generation CPD. Police recruits<br />

spent five months at the Police<br />

Academy and will now begin their<br />

one-year probationary period, which<br />

includes three months training with<br />

a Field Training officer and district<br />

patrol functions.<br />

<strong>In</strong> addition to the new police<br />

recruits graduating, CPD is celebrating<br />

new promotions. This includes<br />

the appointment of Deputy Chief<br />

Dwayne Betts to lead new Office of<br />

Community Policing, announced<br />

earlier this month, as part of the<br />

Department’s adoption of the Community<br />

Policing Advisory Panel<br />

recommendations and focus on<br />

instilling community policing as a<br />

philosophy at every level in an ef<strong>for</strong>t<br />

to rebuild public integrity and<br />

make <strong>Chicago</strong> safer. CPD is also<br />

recognizing the promotion of four<br />

new District Commanders, in the<br />

15th (Austin), 12th (Near West), 9th<br />

(Deering) and 3rd (Grand Crossing)<br />

districts, as well as five new Captains.<br />

<strong>In</strong> total, half of the promotions<br />

among the new command staff are<br />

African-Americans.<br />

Since the beginning of <strong>2017</strong>, 903<br />

new recruits, 52 Lieutenants, 142<br />

Sergeants, 270 Detectives and 119<br />

Field Training Officers have entered<br />

the Academy.<br />

As part of the hiring ef<strong>for</strong>t, in<br />

October, the City announced it had<br />

invited 14,020 individuals to take<br />

the December Police Entry Exam.<br />

This is the second exam of the year<br />

and underscores CPD’s commitment<br />

to achieving its hiring goals<br />

while also laying the groundwork<br />

<strong>for</strong> a more diverse department.<br />

The Better Government Association<br />

analysis shows just how dearly:<br />

$106 million in 2014 and 2015<br />

alone, covering misconduct-related<br />

settlements, judgments, legal fees<br />

and other costs. All told, <strong>Chicago</strong>’s<br />

municipal government – under<br />

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his<br />

predecessor, <strong>for</strong>mer Mayor Richard<br />

M. Daley – spent nearly $642 million<br />

on alleged police misconduct<br />

over more than a decade, from 2004<br />

through 2015, according to interviews<br />

and city records.

O<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong> 15<br />

"I Got the Key": as Jay Z video<br />

implies. Shawn Corey Carter, better<br />

known as Jay-Z, is a 13 time<br />

Grammy winner and is regarded as<br />

one of the most successful men in<br />

music, as a rapper, record producer,<br />

club owner and all-around mogul,<br />

estimated net worth of $520 million.<br />

Hailed as the King of America by<br />

Rolling Stones magazine.<br />

<strong>In</strong> his video, Jay Z come from<br />

behind the guards and joined the<br />

rest of the brothers who was also<br />

wearing a suit..! Basically saying I<br />

got the keys. He did all of the illuminati<br />

puppetry to rise as a leader<br />

with influential powerful to get his<br />

people together not just racial brothers<br />

but slaves of 20<strong>16</strong> brothers. “But<br />

y'all saying he is a powerful puppet;<br />

But if he is why is he doing videos<br />

like that <strong>for</strong>. No illuminati hand<br />

signals No devil horns No cussing<br />

No triangle No money No<br />

Rockafella No dancers Just black<br />

men who was locked up by white<br />

guards who look like they have a 9<br />

to 5 job with a<br />

little authority <strong>In</strong>to<br />

black men with<br />

trillion dollar suits<br />

on and Jay-Z<br />

come from behind<br />

them walked pass<br />

them like those his<br />

guards then stood<br />

in front of them<br />

like "do we have a<br />

problem here?"<br />

And they were<br />

speechless... Like<br />

saying we are<br />

freeing the slaves.<br />

gives knowl-<br />

He gives<br />

knowledge and<br />

wisdom and in<br />

a language that<br />

can be just as<br />

understanding<br />

without the N<br />

word.<br />

edge and<br />

wisdom and in a language that can<br />

be just as understanding without the<br />

N word. Still your third eye will be<br />

opened. This clip is very powerful<br />

as things taking place here in America.<br />

The African American men<br />

most powerful and influential in the<br />

world; Barack Obama, Minister<br />

Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and<br />

now Jay Z. There<strong>for</strong>e they have the<br />

biggest responsibility to unify. The<br />

image of those men together is inspiring<br />

and brothers like the one<br />

giving true perspective about this<br />

video are the key to getting black<br />

men and the world in place. There is<br />

a Key where we can not only do<br />

away with drug companies, but we<br />

can stop the killing of our legends<br />

both women and men. If the Jay Zs,<br />

Obamas, Farrakhans and Jacksons<br />

of America can unify, we can inspire<br />

oppressed black and people<br />

around the world to come together<br />

and put a stop to this global genocide<br />

that is taking place. The system<br />

is working as it should, and it needs<br />

to be broken.<br />

The artist also co-owns the 40/40<br />

Club, an upscale sports bar that<br />

started in New York City and has<br />

since expanded to Atlantic City and<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong>. He is a part-owner of the<br />

New Jersey Nets NBA team paying<br />

a reported $4.5 million <strong>for</strong> his share.<br />

And, Jay-Z, along with his company<br />

SC Enterprises, has recently<br />

launched a new lifestyle site called<br />

Life and Times, making his <strong>for</strong>ay<br />

into content. <strong>In</strong> terms of earnings he<br />

still reigns over all other hip hop<br />

stars and made a cool $37 million in<br />

2011 in tours and other earnings. He<br />

also has a 10 year long $150 million<br />

deal with Live Nation<br />

records.<br />

Wow, it's <strong>2017</strong> and<br />

we still have slaves on<br />

the plantation refusing<br />

to leave and better<br />

themselves. Here is<br />

Jay-Z and other black<br />

men who have figured<br />

out away to pass on a<br />

valuable lesson that<br />

can change your family<br />

history <strong>for</strong>ever and<br />

all I see is FOOLISH<br />


comments about Jay-Z<br />

and others. Do your research on<br />

how black slaves used to communicate<br />

to each other during slavery.<br />

They sang and pass on valuable<br />

messages to the others through singing.<br />

Jay-Z said, TILL YOU OWN<br />

YOUR OWN,<br />

At the end of the day a lot of Rap<br />

is a distraction. If we weren't as<br />

distracted on certain things as people<br />

we would be more successful.<br />

Focus on god family and being<br />

successful anything else is uncivilized<br />

everything starts at home how<br />

you can fix another king or queens<br />

castle if u can't fix your own.<br />

“Many people love the fact that<br />

Jay-Beyonce are bringing conciseness<br />

into the game. Maybe other<br />

rappers will catch on and stop hating<br />

on each other. If rapping inspired<br />

Gangs, maybe conscious will<br />

bring us together. I’m very proud of<br />

him and his wife!!!”<br />

There are over 2.2 million Black men and women who are not able to vote<br />

because of a felony conviction; yet they have paid their debt to society.<br />

Jalil Johnson pointed out, “The<br />

bit about Jay can be looked at two<br />

ways. 1. Jay has done some good<br />

things in the community. As far as<br />

the Keys video. I already knew he<br />

was drawing these scenes from<br />

Malcolm X, look at the spike lee<br />

movie of Malcolm X. They did<br />

exactly the same on this video. This<br />

video and song could be looked at<br />

symbolically as the same. The narrator<br />

maybe hitting on the point of<br />

black unity as such in the 60's-70's.<br />

BUT there is also a flip side, he also<br />

could be uniting us all to go down a<br />

dark place too.”<br />

Beyonce I don’t agree with. Too<br />

many lines in Beyonce music indicating<br />

Satan too much. I mean the<br />

goat head jewelry and apparel. And<br />

also do not <strong>for</strong>get a musician is<br />

giving you music through the eyes<br />

of the artist and their thoughts. Just<br />

as the artist paints the picture.<br />

-Black people are letting ignorance<br />

and jealously destroy our<br />

culture. We are not taking the time<br />

to analyze and understand that white<br />

America, the government created<br />

systems <strong>for</strong> us to remain controlled<br />

which we<br />

allow this to<br />

happen without<br />

understanding<br />

our<br />

rights in the<br />

amendment<br />

and the constitution.<br />

If<br />

we take the time to learn this and<br />

analyze our place in society, then<br />

our culture could rise to an advantage<br />

unlike anything known to man.<br />

Scirby Scott, “I agree 100%. A<br />

major shift in control of the music<br />

(ownership and distribution) is a<br />

major key to "freedom." When we<br />

are in control then we can put a<br />

more conscious persuasion on the<br />

screen and over the air waves.<br />

Every hip hop group that pushed<br />

awareness and Black strength/pride<br />

had a quick and swift demise<br />

(especially X Klan) "To the East<br />

Blackwards..."<br />

Jay Z made sure that he gives<br />

people reasons to remember him<br />

other than his rapping. During his<br />

break from active rapping he used<br />

time to raise awareness to find better<br />

ways <strong>for</strong> combating shortage of<br />

water. For the same he met with<br />

United Nations Secretary General<br />

Kofi Annan at the organization's<br />

headquarters in New York City.<br />

Further, he also promised to use his<br />

upcoming world tour to raise awareness<br />

of and combat global water<br />

shortage. The ef<strong>for</strong>t took place in<br />

partnership with the UN, as well as<br />

MTV, which produced a documentary<br />

entitled Diary of Jay-Z: Water<br />

<strong>for</strong> Life, first airing in <strong>November</strong><br />

2006. He also pledged $1 million<br />

along with Sean "Diddy" Combs, to<br />

the American Red Cross' relief ef<strong>for</strong>t<br />

after Hurricane Katrina. .<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong>’s Home<br />

of Chicken &<br />

Waffles<br />

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Drive,<br />

<strong>Chicago</strong><br />

773 - 536 - 3300<br />

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Chicken and Waffles<br />

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543 Madison St.,<br />

Oak Park,<br />

708 - 524 - 3300<br />

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<strong>In</strong>timate Gourmet Dinners—<br />

Business Luncheons Birthday<br />

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Weddings—Banquets—<br />

Meetings—And More

<strong>16</strong> <strong>November</strong> <strong>16</strong>, <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />












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