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Put It In Writing - Chicago Street Journal for November 16, 2017

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Put It In Writing - Chicago Street Journal for November 16,

Chicago Street Journal November 16, 2017 1 79th St. A new God Brother Continue on Page 12 (Continued on page 7) On Page 10 $1 Donation Requested November 16—29, 2017 Volume 24 No. 1 Charles Perry (right) addresses the crowd before the protest for the Obama Presidential Library, clutching posters reading, “The South Side Needs a Community Benefits Agreement” and “Honk 4 CBA.” Organizations to ensure that the community receives important benefits, including work opportunities and affordable housing. The Obama Library CBA Coalition has eight member groups, including the Poor People’s Campaign and University Chicago for a CBA. CBAs have proved effective in the past. The Staples CBA, for instance, compelled the developers of the Staples Center in Los Angeles to hire locally, provide jobs that pay a living wage, and build affordable housing and parks. The CBA includes an assessment of the parks and recreation needs of the community, as well as a $1 million commitment by the developers to meet those needs. (Continued on page 6) CSJ Photo Parthenia Luke Donnell Robinson Staff Writer Cook County’s unpopular beverage tax became the first government to repeal an existing beverage tax, overwhelmingly voted 15-2; now a campaign to repel the City of Chicago ‘bag Tax’ is in motion. Blocks of Good Government (BOGG), issued the following statement: What has happened with the Cook County beverage tax is a repel sign to the Mayor and aldermen to balance its budget. The Bag taxes just don’t work and we look forward to repelling it as well with the Soda Tax”. But will Mayor Rham Emmanuel and the Aldermen do it. While the tax has produce income for the city, it remains to be seen how much the tax will actually do to reduce the number of plastic bags Chicagoans use - a major selling point for such taxes in Chicago and other locales. BOGG, Representative Erica Dunn says, "Yes". “Residents and consumers have been forced to pay more on over everyday basic needs, when buying goods is just one of.” Said Dunn, “ However Chicago has followed other cities in the United States on various levels in states like California, Texas and Virginia, among others. However the tax haven’t proven to change consumer behavior, Kevin Glass, policy director for the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, told the Cook County Record that assessments of plastic bag taxes in other cities have shown they may (Continued on page 4) “Can we do this?” Ask Ja'Mal Green, Referring to the new P E A C E Center at 79rd and A s h l a n d , “Over 500 people have donated. But with almost 50k people on all of my Facebook pages, I know that if half donated $19 today we would be able to complete our first phase!” The Peace Center is a 12,500 square foot building (Continued on page 5) Follow the Money for Russia Ties By _________________ President Donald Trump actions has been a thin line of ethnics or legal reifications. The investigation of Trump Russia ties are comparable as in the movie ‘Training Day’ from the beginning everyone knew Dansel Washington played the bad guy. All the way to the end ‘’King Kong, Ain’t Got Not-N on Me! Which seems to be the case with Trump from publicly saying he do not play taxes or to his ties with Russia. Despite President Trump’s claims that he did not collude with Russia, a new poll has found that nearly half of Americans say it is likely he committed a crime during the campaign. The ABC News/Washington Post survey, conducted from October 30 to November 1, asked 714 adults, “Do you think it’s likely or unlikely that Trump himself committed a crime in connection with possible Russian attempts to influence the election?” The poll indicates 49 percent said it was likely, even though only 19 percent indicated there was solid evidence versus the remainder who based their answer on suspicion only. Meanwhile, 44 percent doubted Trump’s guilt and 7 percent had no opinion. On the other hand, 53 percent of the group said there was likely wrongdoing by other members of the Trump campaign beyond former chair Paul Manafort and adviser George Papadopoulos, two men who have been implicated in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe thus far. But aside from any alleged criminal activity, more than half—or 51 percent—of participants said they do not think the president is cooperating with the investigation. As for Mueller himself, he received fairly high marks, with 58 percent approving of the job he is doing and 28 percent disapproving. (Continued on page 8) PRIVATE PRISON INVESTORS (Continued on page 14)

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