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6 November 16, 2017

Chicago Street Journal

President Obama

Library - CBA

RefuseFascism.org is organizing

thousands to begin nonviolent political

protests on November 4 that inspire

and draw forward a movement

of protests that continues and grows

over the coming days, weeks and

even months if necessary – growing

from thousands to millions. Refuse-

Fascism.org is a national movement

made up of people from diverse perspectives

united around the recognition

that the Trump/Pence regime

poses a catastrophic danger to humanity

and the planet. Refuse Fascism

is organizing protests in cities

and towns across the country on

started November 4 a movement of

continuing protests until the demand:

“This Nightmare Must End: the

Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” is

met. This moment, when even the

conservative Republican Chairman

of the Senate Committee on Foreign

Relations says that the Trump has put

the country on the “path to World

War 3,” calls for unprecedented mass


Organizers have invoked the protests

that rocked Seoul, South Korea last

year that resulted in the impeachment

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There are recent examples of

CBAs in Chicago as well—as dusk

began to fall and the protest approached,

Charles Perry of the

Westside Health Authority and Jobs

to Move America told the story of a

successful CBA he had just helped

negotiate in the Pullman neighborhood.

The China Railway Rolling

Stock Corporation had received a

commission to build rail cars for the

CTA, and Perry helped to negotiate

a CBA that kept the 175 new jobs

created in the community, and allowed

them to be open to people

with criminal records.

“If the City of Chicago would do

it for the CTA, why won’t they do it

for the president’s library?” Perry

asked the crowd.

They has been over 10 community

meetings with over 1000 South

Siders, addressing the Obama Library

development and they've met

with officials from the City of Chicago,

University of Chicago, and

Obama Foundation.

"As taxpayers and residents on

the West and Southside communities

we have a right to make sure we

are not displaced. It is not unreasonable

for Black people on the South

Side of Chicago to have a CBA to

demand that construction and permanent

jobs are guaranteed, that we

are not pushed out of our community,

and that we create

spaces for our young

people," said Parrish

Brown, Membership

Chair of the Black Youth

Project 100's Chicago

chapter. "We want the

CBA to be passed

through a city ordinance to ensure

that our community is kept safe. We

can not just trust the word of the

Obama Foundation."

"This is literally a million-dollar

question," said Juanita Irizarry,

Executive Director of Friends of the

Parks. "Not least, will the millions

of dollars worth of public park land

being given to a private foundation

result in promised replacement

parkland, better roads and public

transportation, and other basics?

Chicago won't take this lying


Obama Presidential Library is

unlikely to reach fruition before the

end of the decade, Chicagoans are

vying for the prestige and economic

vitality that the tourism site could

bring. Woodlawn and South Shore

communities are to be the benefactors

of it.

In an interview with the Chicago

Tribune, Susan Donius, director of

the National Archives’ Office of

Presidential Libraries, said of the

economic potential of an Obama

library, “In many areas, you have a

library reaching 200,000 to 300,000

of the South Korean President in


“Our determination to persist and not

back down will compel the whole

world to take note. Every force and

faction in the power structure would

be forced to respond to our demand.

visitors a year. That means people

are coming into the city and spending

travel and tourism dollars.”

Close friends of the Obamas, like

university trustee John W. Rogers

Jr., chairman and CEO of Ariel

Investments and a Kenwood resident

worked to get the library over


Obama, who unveiled the conceptual

design of his presidential

center earlier this year, has said he

wants to build something more

ambitious than a museum or archive.

He envisions the complex

becoming a hub for filmmakers,

musicians, writers, activists and

politicians to help train the next

generation of leaders.

Pastor Dr. Byron T. Brazier talks

about Woodlawn and the continued

community planning efforts which

are critical to the development of

this great neighborhood. Pastor

Brazier urges Woodlawn’s participation

is needed and necessary.

Written in part by

Kaeli Subberwal, The Gate

The cracks and divisions among the

powers already evident today will

sharpen and widen. As we draw more

and more people forward to stand up,

all of this, could lead to a situation

where this illegitimate regime is

removed from power.”

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But you’re not according to aldermen

Burke and Beale, co-sponsors

of the new ordinance aimed at pedestrian

safety. Fines ranging from

$90 to $500 are proposed for cell

phone texting or talking in a crosswalk.

“No person shall cross a street or

highway while using a mobile electronic

device in a manner that

averts their visual attention to that

device or that device’s activity,” the

proposed ordinance says.

During the first six months of

2017, 27 pedestrians were killed on

the streets of Chicago, the Chicago

Sun-Times reports. A year prior,

there were 28 deaths reported, according

to the newspaper. One man

NBC 5 spoke with on a busy Chicago

street who looked up from her

cellphone offered a “good excuse.”

“I’m a tourist from Germany, I

just came in today,” he said.

Told the ordinance wasn’t a law

just yet, he conceded that it

“probably” should be.

Carjacking in

Chicago So Far

This Year - The number

of carjackings in Chicago has increased

in the past few days by

dramatic amounts. With 12 carjackings

reported in the area in less than

48 hours, Chicago police have been

on alert for suspects, making at

least four arrests in the last two

days. In total, there have been more

than 700 carjackings in Chicago so

far this year, authorities said.

Though, they add, arrests are up 50


Push to Legalize

Recreational Pot

in Ill. - Illinois voters

could soon be able to voice their

say on whether the state should

legalize recreational marijuana.

Cook County Commissioner John

Fritchey announced an effort to put

the marijuana legalization question

on the March ballot.

“Legalizing, regulating and taxing

recreational marijuana in Illinois is

long overdue,” Fritchey said in a

statement. “Polls have shown that

Cook County voters, who makes up

40 percent of the Illinois population,

are very supportive of the


Southern Illinois University’s

Simon Poll found that 66 percent of

voters believe marijuana should be

legal if it’s taxed and regulated like

alcohol. Seventy-four percent of

state voters have said they support

the decriminalization of marijuana.

Last year, Governor Bruce Rauner

signed a bill that decriminalized

up to 10 grams of marijuana, but

earlier this year said he’s not supportive

of legalizing pot.

Recreational legalization is

being supported by some gubernatorial

candidates including Daniel

Biss, Chris Kennedy and JB Pritzker.

Community Progress Makers

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