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Eskimo Joe's January Catalog

New Smiles for the New Year including Mardi Gras, Joe's Love Tee and St. Patrick's Day! Click here for all the fun!

Eskimo Joe's January

St. Mardi-tines Edition 2018 vol.2 #1 ST. PATRICK’S DAY TEE Shake your shamrocks in Eskimo Joe’s St. Patrick’s Day tee! Brush up on your accent and get ready to do an Irish jig. 50/50 cotton/poly. SPT18 Adult S–XL $19.95 • XXL $21.95 • 3XL/4XL $22.95 DO YOU LIKE GREEN EGGS & HAM? So asks the good Dr. and Eskimo Joe’s has an answer: you bet your lucky charms! They may have started as simple words in a storybook, but we took them not-so-seriously and began serving up this silly snack on St. Paddy’s morning, all the way back in… well, nobody really remembers when it all began. Today the tradition lives on here at “Stillwater’s Jumpin’ Little Juke Joint” and as sure as the sun hits spring dew [said in our best Irish accent] on March 17, we’ll be up early and servin’ the green, so come on down and join the shenanegans! Another tradition that we are extra proud of is our legendary 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind everything we do, period. If you’re not delighted with our products and service, then you pay nothing. It’s that simple. We are committed to friendly service and fast delivery. Our goal is your smile! back JOE’S PLASTIC TUMBLERS Perfect size for anything you drink! 30 oz. Colors: Green, blue, pink, purple, red, teal. JPT $3.95 STAN CLARK ESKIMO JOE’S FOUNDER & CEO V-NOTCH THERMAL TEE Super soft and worn in, once you put this on, you won’t want to take it off! Featuring our popular Oklahoma design. Colors: Denim, charcoal, burgundy, olive. 60/40 cotton/poly. VNLSTT M–XXL $26.00 READ TO SUCCEED Share the love of reading with our fun Read to Succeed tee! 100% cotton. RTST17 S-XL $18.95 XXL $21.95 • 3XL $22.95 YRTST17 Youth XS–L $17.95 A DAY IN JOE’S HISTORY: ST. PATRICKS’S DAY, 1984, ESKIMO JOE’S SERVED 63 KEGS OF GREEN BEER. THAT’S ENOUGH GREEN BEER TO FILL 5,760 JOE’S CUPS! THERE WERE A LOT OF HAPPY LEPRECHAUNS THAT DAY! front This tee is a parody!

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