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Wind & Brass Catalogue

Tuition and repertoire books for Wind and Brass instruments are a big part of our publishing output, so big in fact we couldn’t fit them all in this catalogue! We hope that this resource will help you find out more about the titles that you already know, and highlight those hidden gems you may not have come across before.

COntemporary Julian

COntemporary Julian Anderson A reflection on the character of Baba the Turk, the bearded lady in Stravinsky and Auden’s opera The Rake’s Progress, this vibrant 9-minute duo exploits the ranges of both instruments to the maximum and there is much polyrhythmic dialogue between them. Although it begins in an offhand, playful manner, the piece is a lament and it is this latter character which increasingly dominates the music. 0571517099 The Bearded Lady (clarinet and piano) Julian Anderson £12.99 € 16.78 Malcolm Arnold Composed in 1969, the delightful Fantasy for Trumpet explores the whole range of the instrument. The 4-minute work culminates in a powerful maestoso statement of its opening melody, which accelerates into a bravura passage of double-tonguing and ascending scales. 0571503225 Fantasy for Trumpet (solo tumpet) Malcolm Arnold £7.99 € 11.17 George Benjamin Inspired by the sight of birds soaring and dipping over the peaks of the Swiss Alps, George Benjamin’s Flight for solo flute (1979) unfold over a clear and dramatic 8-minute span, alternating lyrical passages – characterised by keening glissandi – with spectacular virtuosic flourishes. 0571505961 Flight (solo flute) George Benjamin £9.99 € 13.97 Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten’s Temporal Variations were completed on 12 December 1936. The attractive 13-minute work with its mixture of menace, slapstick humour, beauty and the grotesque displays the youthful Britten’s interest in Mahler, Bartók, Ravel and Schoenberg. 0571505910 Temporal Variations (oboe and piano) Benjamin Britten £9.99 € 13.97 Carl Davis Carl Davis composed this delightful 5-minute work for saxophone and piano for the 60 th birthday of leading saxophonist John Harle. Taking in waltzes and mazurkas, Charlie’s Flea Circus is presented here in two forms: the original piece for alto doubling sopranino saxophone and piano, and a more accessible version for alto saxophone and piano. 057154049X Charlie’s Flea Circus (sax and piano) Carl Davis £14.99 € 20.09 14 Faber Music wind & Brass Catalogue

Jonathan Harvey In Ricercare una melodia, an ingenious work for solo instrument and tape delay from the mid-1980s, Jonathan Harvey takes the literal meaning of Ricercare – ‘to seek’ – as the inspiration for its structure. It unfolds as two five-part canons – the first frenetic, twittering and rowdy, the second (where the canon is progressively augmented) more luminous and contemplative. A characterful and concise masterpiece from one of the visionaries of electro-acoustic music. 0571522157 Ricercare una melodia (trombone) Jonathan Harvey £8.99 € 13.04 Anders Hillborg Anders Hillborg’s virtuosic Tampere Raw for clarinet and piano alternates between two vividly different characters: one slowly flowing texture, composed completely intuitively, and one fast, fiercely rhythmical and pulsative texture, where the tone material for the most part is generated from permutations of prime-number series. 0571539726 Tampere Raw (clarinet and piano) Anders Hillborg £14.99 € 20.09 Oliver Knussen Described by its composer as ‘more concert aria than concerto’, this 13-minute work was written for the legendary Barry Tuckwell. A rich exploration of the horn’s many characters, from Mahlerian Nachtmusik to moments of clear, Mozartian brilliance, it was heralded as a ‘masterpiece of lucidity’ by the Guardian. 0571518249 Horn Concerto (piano score and part) Oliver Knussen £14.99 € 20.09 contemporary Peter Sculthorpe Based on a traditional dance song from Saibai, an island just south of Papua New Guinea, Sculthorpe’s Songs of Sea and Sky for clarinet and piano displays the composer’s rare ability to capture and conjure, often through the simplest means, the living essence of a place. This 16-minute work unfolds in one continuous movement in six parts. 0571511570 Songs of Sea and Sky (clarinet and piano) Peter Sculthorpe £7.50 € 9.81 Carl Vine This dazzling 12-minute sonata from 1992 was designed to showcase both flute and piano as equal partners. The first movement uses continuous semiquavers to weave a chromatic melodic web, while the third and final movement uses the same device to create a driving rhythmic pulse. The central slow movement contrasts the flute’s sinuous melodic ability against static ringing qualities of the piano. 0571514723 Sonata (flute and piano) Carl Vine £10.99 € 14.91 Faber Music wind & brass Catalogue 15