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17 th edition (Winter 2017/18)





Road/rail Versalifts

Quickshift Versalifts in action in Hungary.

ETL for cutaway Renault

Compact 11 m platform for inner city jobs.

Control update for LAT

Electric lower controls for improved safety.

Versalift at ICUEE 2017

New product launches in the U.S.


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2017 in review

2017 has been a great

year for TIME and Versalift

where we have grown

steadily on all our primary

European markets.

Road/rail Versalifts with “Quick

shift” in action in Hungary


In France, production

is up and running and

our extensive marketing

activities this year are

really starting to pay off.

In the UK and Ireland,

Andy Bray has just recently

been promoted to General

Manager (see page 4) and

we are confident, he can

take the business to the

next level in 2018.

Per C. Torp

CEO, TIME International

LT-30-110-TB for

Ford Ranger


Earlier this year, The Hungarian

State Railways (MÁV) received

8 detachable Versalift ETM-36-

140-F platforms sold by the

Hungarian Versalift distributor

Powered Access Hungary.

VT-54-LF for Renault D-14


Unimog fleet

MÁV has invested in a fleet of

state of the art Mercedes-Benz

Unimogs with a custom raildrive

system by Zagro enabling

the vehicles to drive on both

roads and rail tracks. For these

vehicles, MÁV has acquired

several pieces of detachable

equipment allowing the

company to perform multiple

tasks from the same vehicles

including overhead line

maintenance, tree trimming,

vegetation control and snow

removal in the winter. For this

project, TIME supplied MÁV

with 8 identical detachable

“quick shift” superstructures

with an ETM-36-140-F, H-frame

outriggers and FPC controls.

Promotional video

Scan the QR code above to

view a promotional video of

the project made by Zagro.


The straight telescopic

Versalift LT-30-110-TB is now

available for the Ford Ranger.

The configuration features a

1-man bucket setup with a

capacity of 120 kg and does

not require outriggers for

stability making setup fast

and easy.

The Versalift VT-54-LF is now

available for installation on

the Renault D14 chassis.

The 19 metre VT-54-LF features

a 3-stage telescopic boom,

a 180° articulating flyboom

and a bucket capacity of 265

kg. The platform supports an

outreach of 14 metres with full


capacity and is stabilized by

two sets of A-frame outriggers.

A TIME Smartbox fiberglass

workshop module with full

standing height is available

for installation on the chassis

along with several interior

options including racks and

shelves, lights and heating.

ETL-26-115 for cutaway Renault Master

The Versalift ETL-26 is now available for installation on the cutaway Renault Master van providing

11.3 metres of working height in a compact package.


Versalift ETL-26-115

Renault Master L2H2 Cutaway E6

Working height

Platform height




11.3 m

9.3 m

6.1 m

120 kg

RLC (Relay)

The compact Versalift

ETL-26 with fixed flyboom is

now available for installation

on the popular cutaway

version of the 3.5 t Renault

Master L2H2 van.

Intended primarily for the

French market, the new

installation features a 1-man

bucket-setup that requires no

outriggers for stability.

Compact installation

The configuration has a

total length of less than 6

metres due to the lack of rear

platform making it ideal for

inner city jobs with restricted

parking conditions. Several

optional features including

a trailer hook is available for

the unit.

Electric lower controls for LAT


The rough terrain pickupmounted

Versalift LAT-38-

135-H is now available in

a new configuration with

electric lower controls as

standard improving the safety

of the platforms ground

level emergency descent


The platform still features

full hydraulic controls in the

bucket and full hydraulic

outrigger setup. The electric

lower control panel is located

just below the deck - right

next to the hydraulic outrigger

control levers.

With this new update, ground

level emergency operation is

safer than ever, as emergency

operation is performed from

the ground rather than from

the combined turret and



Andy Bray appointed new General

Manager for Versalift UK


Versalift UK

expands training

team with new

senior instructor


Versalift UK has appointed Lee

Simmonds as Senior Training


Vehicle-mounted platform

manufacturer Versalift UK has

promoted Andy Bray to the

position of General Manager

with effect from 1 st November.

He will report directly to Kim

B. Jensen, the Group Managing

Director of Time Export. In

addition to his promotion to

General Manager, Andy Bray

remains in his position as

Sales Director.

(center) Andy Bray, new General Manager and Sales Director for Versalift UK

Bray joined the company

in 2011 as Regional Sales

Manager for the North, was

promoted to the position of

Sales Director in March 2015

and has been integral to a

continued period of growth.

Commenting on his new

position, Bray said:

“It’s an exciting time at

Versalift UK and I am looking

forward to the challenge of

continuing to grow an already

robust business, here in the

UK. The new group structure

will provide strength through

effective collaboration

and open communication

between our three European

companies, together with

our parent company, Time

Manufacturing in Waco, Texas”.

Simmonds will be responsible

for delivering standard and

bespoke courses including

CAP, Pre Delivery Inspection,

Insulated Aerial Device and

specialist rail mounted MEWP

training (2A 2B).

“With more than twenty years

of training experience, Lee is

well respected and known

within the industry and will

be a great fit for Versalift as

we work to further develop

Versalift’s training offering”, says

Neil Ashton, Product Support

Manager at Versalift UK.

2 van mounts for

Richards CCTV


10 additional LATs for Nationwide

Nationwide Platforms invests in 10 additional LATs bringing their total up to 42.


The LAT-38-H is a full

hydraulic 4x4 pickup mounted

platform ideal for numerous

rough terrain tasks including:

Versalift UK has delivered 2 ETL-

36-F platforms to Richards CCTV,

a specialist provider of integrated

digital security solutions.

“The machine sold itself with

its ease of use for the operator

and excellent outreach. We

were impressed by Versalift’s

commitment to not only

supply a good product but the

reassurance that the service

and technical backup is right

there”, says Philip Luckman and

Richard Swinscoe, Engineering

Managers at Richards CCTV.

Nationwide Platforms, the

largest British access rental

company, has expanded its

specialist vehicles fleet with

an additional 10 Versalift

LAT-38-Hs. The company now

commands 42 LAT-38-Hs, the

biggest fleet of any to date.

Electrical utilities maintenance

Quarry plant maintenance

Tree/vegetation management

The 13.5 metre platforms

support bucket capacities of

230 kg and are all installed

onto 4x4 Isuzu D-Max pickup

trucks. The pickups are fitted

with all the creature comforts

you would expect in such a

vehicle and available with a

regular driver’s licence.



13 van-mounted ETL-32-125

A customer in western France takes delivery of 13 van-mounted ETL-32-125.


New salesman for

Northeast France


TIME Versalift SAS has appointed

Yannick Borgel as salesman in

Northeast France. Yannick has

+15 years of industry experience

from Ruthmann, Palfinger,

Skyjack and Genie.

Production is up and running

in France as TIME Versalift

SAS has delivered an order

for 13 identical van-mounted

Versalift ETL-32-125s for a big

customer in western France.

The Versalift ETL-32-125

boasts a working height of

12.5 metres, an outreach of 7.3

metres and a bucket capacity

of 120 kg using this particular

1-man bucket setup.

The platforms are all installed

onto 3.5 t Opel Movano vans

and fitted with trailer hooks.

The platform vehicles require

no outriggers for stability

making setup quick and


The Tour de France

peleton visited

the TIME Versalift



Roadshow #3 in France


JDL 2017


The roadshow caravan at “The Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry” near Paris

The third roadshow of 2017

visited the Parisian region

of Île-de-France including

stops at the race track

“The Autodrome de Linas-

Montlhéry” and the test track


The bottom picture of this

article, taken from the

Versalift VT-54-LF, provides a

good view of the caravan for

this roadshow which included

several Versalift van mounts,

the Versalift VTX-240 and the

pickup mounted Versalift


TIME Versalift SAS presented a

wide range of Versalift access

platforms on the JDL exhibition

hosted in Beaune back in

September. Among other, the

lineup included the 9 metre

LT-23-90-TB on a Fiat Doblo

chassis and the heavy-duty

VT-54-LF on a 14 T Renault D14

chassis (see page 2).


Versalift at ICUEE 2017

TIME Manufacturing Company unveils a new cable placer, a new heavy-duty digger derrick, TruGuard 2.0 and

an interactive online training programme at the ICUEE exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky.


TIME Manufacturing Company

(TMC) presented several

new products including

the highly anticipated 56

metre Phoenix PHX-180-I

at this year’s International

Construction and Utility

Equipment Exposition (ICUEE)

in Louisville, Kentucky.

New cable placer

At ICUEE 2015, TMC launched

the company’s first ever cable

placer, the VTP-40-NE. This

year, the cable placer lineup

widens with the introduction

of the articulated telescopic

Versalift STP-36-NE.

New digger derrick

In addition to the STP-36-NE,

TMC has also expanded the

TMD series of digger derricks

with the new heavy-duty


TruGuard 2.0

Among other news, the upper

control isolation system

TruGuard that protects all the

control levers in the bucket

from phase-to-phase and

phase-to-ground electrical

contact is now available in an

updated version 2.0 using a

new and improved design.

Interactive online training

Rounding out the list of

product and company news

from the U.S., TMC also

launched a new, interactive

online training programme.



2 VTX-240 for Høyde Service


Another VTX-240

for Doornbos

Equipment (NL)

sold by HDW


(l - r) Jan Erik Parr (Brubakken), Axel Rask (TIME Intl.) and Steinar Kaalstad (Høyde Service)

The Norwegian access rental

company Høyde Service has

taken delivery of a set of

Versalift VTX-240 aerial access

platforms from the Norwegian

Versalift retailer Brubakken.

Høyde Service opted for the

Versalift VTX-240 as part of a

fleet expansion programme

due to the unique applications

of the dual boom design of

the platform. The Versalift

VTX-240 features a working

height of 24.2 metres, variable

load dependant outreach

and a cage capacity of 220

kg. It boasts full proportional

electro-hydraulic controls with

auto setup/packing.

Høyde Service is a Norwegian

equipment rental company

from 1984 with 4 depots

specializing in self-propelled

and vehicle mounted access


VST-5500 for Bayernwerk AG


Roadshow in northern Spain


The German power supply

company Bayernwerk AG (part

of the E.On group) has taken

delivery of a high voltage

insulated Versalift VST-5500-

SI from the German Versalift

retailer Ruthmann.

Intended for live-line

maintenance in the largest

German state of Bavaria, the

platform is installed on a

heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz

Unimog U5023 4x4 chassis

with excellent offroad

capabilities suitable for

handling the Bavarian alps.

The 69 kV Versalift VST-5500-

SI supports a maximum

working height of 19.3 metres,

an outreach of 11.7 metres

and a bucket capacity of 2 x

130 kg. The material handler

features a capacity of 454 kg.

The 14T chassis is fitted with

radial/flap-down outriggers

and a custom TIME Smartbox

tool cabinet configuration on

the body.

The Spanish and Portuguise

Versalift distributor Versalift

Ibérica has concluded a

second roadshow in 2017

following up on the successful

tour in central Spain as

described in the previous

edition of this magazine (TIME

World News 16).

This time the itinerary focused

on the northern region

of Spain where the team

presented a small caravan

consisting of a high voltage

insulated Versalift VST-5500-

MHI, a pickup mounted LAT-

38-135-H and finally an Iveco

Daily van-mounted ETL-32-125.




The contents of this

magazine have been divided

into 4 sections:






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