7 months ago

NTI Brochure

Take a look through the National Theater Institute brochure! Founded in 1970, NTI's credit-earning theater intensives — taught by industry professionals and master teachers — train actors, singers, directors, dancers, designers, playwrights, and composers in comprehensive training. Graduates leave NTI with the skill sets to produce, write, direct, and act in their own work, as well as create their own path in the industry.


NATIONAL MUSIC THEATER INSTITUTE NMTI is a laboratory, an exploration into the depths of what it means to be a complete music theater artist. From 7:30am to 10pm, seven days a week, you are creating theater. The 14-week program enables you to hone your craft, find your voice, and meet with like-minded collaborators all while creating original work. Fall Semester 20 Credit Hours Two Weeks in New York Classes include Song Performance, Acting, Dance, Choreography, Composition, Lyric Writing, Song Analysis, Voice into Text, Music Theater History, Droznin, Audition Technique, Business of the Business, Improv, Directing, and Movement and Voice. Two Weeks Studying in NYC, the epicenter of music theater, allows you to train with professionals in a singular series of master classes. Attend nightly performances and participate in Q&As with artists working in every facet of music theater. Weekly Music Theater Labs challenge you to put what you are learning in class on its feet. When given just 15 hours to stage a scene, you learn to trust your creative instincts. Under the mentorship of a professional guest artist, you gain practical experience with a wealth of music theater works. Attend Professional Performances on Broadway, off-Broadway, and at notable regional theaters throughout the semester. Playwrights’ & Librettists’ Week is dedicated to the staging of new 30-minute musicals written, composed, directed, choreographed, performed, and produced by your ensemble. This collaborative week provides a first glance at the future of the American musical under the mentorship of current contributors to the music theater canon. During Company Project, your ensemble collaboratively produces a full-length work guided by a prompt. You have two weeks to devise an original work unique to your ensemble. Through public performances, you showcase what you have learned and what has inspired you throughout the semester.