We are preschool specialists, so our summer camp is

specifically designed for the 3-6 year old.


For our 3-4 year olds, Camp Turtle Creek provides a

transition time for our youngest students so they can

acclimate to a school setting and feel more comfortable in

the fall when they begin school. This curriculum is theme

based and our activities will provide tons of summer fun

in addition to reviewing readiness skills and preparing for

the next school year. Play and educational experiences

will abound. We assure you that your children will have

a memorable, happy summer at Camp Turtle Creek.

Please call for more information about our weekly themes.


For our 4-6 year olds, Camp Turtle Creek runs for eight

weeks. The engaging and fun-filled themes change

weekly. Camp Turtle Creek is a perfect choice for the

preschool child. Our groups are small, the teacher-tostudent

ratio is low and our teachers teach our summer

program. The children are well supervised in a nurturing

and loving environment. Full and mini day options are

available. See the highlights of our program/themes on the

following pages.

Camp Turtle Creek Programs

Swimming Lessons

All Summer!!

This summer will include weekly swimming at the YMCA, a

half-hour lesson and a half-hour free swim. Several field trips and

guest visitors are scheduled to enhance our themes.

Outdoor Adventures

This week will focus on camping activities

and nature themed art projects. We will

use the nature trail behind the school

to go on nature walks to identify plants

and go on an animal tracking scavenger

hunt. Math skills of graphing and number

relationships will be developed through

engaging activities. We’ll build with Lincoln

Logs, sing camping songs around our

“campfire,” and cozy up in our “campsite”

to read books, tell stories and enjoy

dramatic playtime. There will be some

surprise visits from local animals.

Camp Turtle Creek Programs

Young Scientists, Old Bones / Dinosaurs Revisited

This week will focus on exploring the days of the dinosaurs. What’s

a “Dinosaur Week” without a Dinosaur Dig? Our sand tables will

be turned into dig sites. Children will be assigned specific roles as

we uncover and identify dinosaur “fossils.” We’ll build an erupting

volcano, apply math skills to measure dinosaur footprints, estimate

the size of a T-Rex’s mouth, and build original dinosaurs from given

geometric shapes. Many fiction and nonfiction dinosaur stories will

be read and be accompanied by art and/or movement activities.

Pirates and Princesses

Shiver Me Timbers! Have we got some

fabulous pirate and princess activities for

you! This week, our little captains and

princesses will travel the seven seas to

Never Land and follow secret codes on a

map to a special hidden treasure! Learning

adventures are in store with pretend play,

make-believe art, story telling, and Shiver

Me Letters. Both little boys and girls will

enjoy the fantasy that this theme provides.

Camp Turtle Creek Programs

Science All Around Us

This week’s focus will be on teaching our little scientists the skills

of experimentation: observing, predicting and concluding. Every

day the materials will change but the process will still be the same.

Children will be experimenting with vinegar and baking soda, water

and ice, food and candy, living things, and flying things. After this

immersion in science, children will become even more curious about

the world around them.

Exploration in STEM

Children will apply science, technology engineering math and

art to solve problems. They will need to utilize critical thinking,

spatial intelligence and team work to solve the given problems.

A variety of building materials will be used from Legos, robotics,

Power Clix, Magna-Tiles, recycled materials, etc. Engineering

activities encourage brain development as children solve

problems and use materials to design and create solutions that


Camp Turtle Creek Programs

Little Chefs

Board our red eye and take flight to a

different part of the globe each day.

This week we will stamp our passports

and explore various cultures from

around the world. Our little chefs will

certainly enjoy mapping their way to

each destination, learning fun facts

during their travels and cooking the

tasty varieties of traditional foods

served. Cooking offers abundant

lessons in basic chemistry—

discovering how certain ingredients

combine, react, and change as

they cook —as well as math, since

ingredient lists are composed of

amounts and fractions. Our head

chef will engage the students in

conversation and teach them about

good nutrition while serving up the

great varieties.

Art and Artisans

Our young artists will spend the week

exploring the art of five artists and

recreating their styles: the action painting

of Jackson Pollack, the still life through

simple geometric shapes of Cezanne,

the boldness of color, shapes and lines of

Matisse, the collages of Picasso and the

outdoor landscapes of Monet.

In the afternoon, students will further

explore a variety of art media through

sculpture, photography, printing, drawing

and painting. If your children love art, this

is the perfect camp week for them!

Camp Turtle Creek Programs

Get Movin’

This fun filled, fast-paced week will include a variety of sports and

activities for children. The week’s activities encompass: Children’s

Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Hip Hop Dance, Boot Camp Exercises, and

Organized Team Games. Of course, we will go to the YMCA to end

our week with swimming lessons. Besides the skills learned through

these activities and games, children will learn about sportsmanship

and how to be a good teammate.

Under the Sea

This week there will be a lot of commotion

in the ocean! Children will explore the

ocean to develop readiness skills and

curiosity about ocean life. Literature, such

as Rainbow Fish and Commotion in the

Ocean, will be read to expand knowledge

and concept about ocean dwelling animals.

Children will make fishing poles to fish for

letters and numbers. Music, movement,

arts and crafts and dramatic play will be an

integral part of this fun filled week.

Arts and Crafts:

Children will spend the week exploring a variety

of art materials in order to create beautiful

art. Some art projects will require children to

follow directions; other projects will be creative

and unique expressions. These projects will

encourage fine motor development as children

manipulate materials. Stories about art (i.e.

The Dot) will be read to help students further

understand the creation of art. Their artistic

creations will be hung “gallery-style” around the

classroom to be enjoyed by all.

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