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WHERE WE C OME FROM... 30 C ^Austria Martina originally comes from a small town in the heart of Vorarlberg / Austria and went to Bali in 2004 for the very first time to spend the summer there. She stayed at ‚the Balicamp‘ and her dream was to start surfing. Martina then became good friends with the Balicamp owners. She decided to come back the following summer and did her first summer collection of beanies that second year in Bali. It was at this time that Martina met Rian, a full hearted Balinese Hindu, whilst surfing one of Bali‘s beautiful waves. This blossoming love affair inspired Martina to make more than just a handful beanies for friends, she wanted to be able to pay a flight for Rian‘s first trip to Austria. 4

^ Bali so how did it all start... making beanies on a tropical island? Over the coming 6 months of Dana beanies and many samples - the dream to get a ticket came true. Rian and Martina spent a few weeks in Austria together and Rian just loved everything about it - the country - the people and the snow!! Rian has been in Austria now several times and started snowboarding. In 2007 Rian finally dropped the question and he & Martina married 2008 in Bali. The family is now complete with their son Nalin, who was born in 2013. ^ 5

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