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January 18 — 31, 2018 | Since 1986


Building a


for Life

Foundation Academy boasts a

100 percent college acceptance rate

and exceptional S.T.E.A.M. — Science,

Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

— program.





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Building a Foundation for Life / Foundation Academy

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Rick V. Martin

January 18, 2018

Vol. XXXII, No. 6


Yvette Martin


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Robert Barlow


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Lindsay Richardson

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Instant Pot Inspiration

Modern-Day Pressure Cooker Works Magic in Kitchen

by Kirsten Harrington

Goodbye slow cooker, hello

Instant Pot. If you’ve resolved to do

more cooking in 2018, you might

want to invest in this multifunctional

cooking device that takes the place

of several kitchen appliances, clearing

up counter space and slashing

meal-preparation time. Instant Pot

is the brand name for a programmable

electric pressure cooker that

can braise, sauté, slow cook, steam,

warm, cook rice, make yogurt and

even bake a cake — all in one pot.

This Canadian-designed smart

cooker boasts of cutting cooking

time by up to 70 percent, making it

possible to prepare healthy meals

in a fraction of the time. Since one

device can perform six to nine functions,

it saves kitchen space, making

it perfect for dorm rooms, tiny

apartments and places with limited

cooking facilities. There are even versions

that are Bluetooth-enabled, so

you can get dinner started from your

tablet or phone.

Save Time

Being able to cook from scratch

quickly means you can prepare

a whole chicken in 25 minutes,

prepare falling-off-the-bone-tender

barbecue ribs in under an hour,

or sear beef and sauté veggies for

stews and soups and then cook all in

one pot. Forgot to defrost the meat?

No problem. You can go from frozen

to dinner in less than an hour. Put

the Instant Pot to work on Sundays

for meal planning by cooking pork




*Select Classes Taught by Orlando Ballet’s Professional Dancers





© Photography by Michael Cairns 2017

Help our



Customer Service Representatives

Full Time Roles with Excellent Benefits

Go to jobs.conduent.com

Email charity.thalacker@conduent.com

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tenderloin, turkey breast or other

proteins for sandwiches, salads and

weeknight meals. By performing several

cooking methods in one pot,

you’ll have fewer dishes to wash —

an added bonus.

Eat Healthy

Pressure cooking means foods

like steel-cut oats, beans and lentils,

and root vegetables can be

cooked quickly with no need to

Happy New Year!


50 OFF *

NEW customer

landscape service

of $500+. Offer

code: NCM 50

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Maintenance

Residential & Commercial

Irrigation Design & Installation

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance



13506 Summerport Village Pkwy., #274

Windermere, FL 34786

pre-soak, stir or watch the pot. The

yogurt-making feature means you

control the flavor and sweetness,

cutting sugar consumption and saving

money by making your own.

Cooking sweet potatoes or spaghetti

squash is a snap, brown rice

is ready in about 20 minutes, and

even frozen chicken breasts can be

ready in 10 minutes. With so many

quick, healthy options, who needs

takeout? An Instant Pot might just

work magic on your wallet and your


Recipes & Resources

Whether you received a shiny,

new Instant Pot underneath your

Christmas tree and don’t know

where to start or you just want to

learn what all the fuss is about, there

are many helpful online communities

with tons of tips and recipes.

The Facebook group “Instant Pot for

Beginners” is a good place to ask

questions and learn from others. Try

pressurecookrecipes.com for reviews

on different models, recipes, videos

and tips.

Quick & Easy Italian

Farmhouse Vegetable Soup

From www.instantpoteats.com, a great

source for recipes and information.


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 brown onion, diced

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/2 long red chili, sliced

2 celery sticks, sliced

2 medium carrots, peeled, halved

lengthways and sliced

6 large button mushrooms, sliced

4 cloves garlic, diced

A handful of dried porcini


3 to 4 ounces kale leaves (medium

bunch of kale), leaves removed

from the hard stems and sliced


1 small zucchini, diced

1 cup of canned chopped tomatoes

4 cups vegetable or chicken stock

1 bay leaf

Lemon zest, chopped parsley for



Turn on the Instant Pot and press

“Sauté” function. Add oil, onion,

salt, celery and carrots, and stir.

Cook for 1-2 minutes while slicing

mushrooms. Add the chili, mushrooms,

garlic and dried porcini

mushrooms, and stir. Cook for 2

minutes on “Sauté” while preparing

kale leaves and zucchini. Add

the kale, zucchini, tomatoes, stock

and bay leaf, and stir.

Press the “Off” function key.

Close and lock the lid of the

Instant Pot. Check that the lid

knob is turned to “Sealing.”

Press “Manual,” “High Pressure,”

and set to 10 minutes. After 10

minutes, allow the pressure to

release naturally for a couple

of minutes, then use the quickrelease

method to let the rest of

the steam out. Serve in bowls with

grated lemon zest and chopped

parsley on top. Adaptation:

This recipe could easily be prepared

in a slow cooker or on the

stove top with increased cooking

time. ª


11444 S. Apopka Vineland Rd.

Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32836


Voted Top Doctor in

Orlando 2015 & 2016

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When Incapacity Strikes, Will You Be Prepared?

by: Kristen M. Jackson / Attorney

What if you are injured in a

tragic accident or stricken with

a catastrophic disease or illness

such as terminal cancer, stroke,

or Alzheimer’s leaving you

incapacitated and unable to handle

your affairs? While we are healthy,

especially when we are young, we

don’t expect these things to happen

to us and are less likely to protect ourselves against them. However, anyone can

experience incapacity. If it happened to you, would you be prepared by having the

appropriate protection plan in place to take care of your health care and financial


Managing Your Health

If you become unable to manage your own health care and financial decisions

due to incapacity, who would make decisions for you? You can ensure that someone

acts on your behalf by executing certain health care directives and durable powers that

express your wishes with regard to medical care, artificial life support and financial

management. Furthermore, you can appoint one or more individuals to make critical

decisions on your behalf. NO ONE has this power unless you give it to them.

Documents that grant powers to others to act on your behalf in the event of your

incapacity are known as advance directives which can be used only while you are living,

expiring at your death. Such documents include a designation of health care surrogate,

durable power of attorney, and living will. Let’s look at what each one represents.

Designation of Health Care Surrogate

This document names someone to discuss your condition with your health care

providers and to authorize the proper course of treatment, surgical procedure and/or

medication regimen. In addition, the information privacy act entitled the Health

Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) imposes upon

doctors and hospitals certain fines or imprisonment if they release your medical

information to anyone without your written authority. The person you designate

as your surrogate needs access to your medical information so that he or she can

make informed decisions about your health.

Durable Power of Attorney

This document names a person as your Agent (Attorney-in-Fact) to manage

your financial affairs if you become incapable of managing them yourself. Your

Agent (often referred to as a surrogate as well) can work closely with other

separately named surrogates and may be authorized to pay your bills, manage your

investments, set up trusts, make gifts to family members, assist in applying for

government benefits such as Medicaid, Veterans benefits, and social security, sell

property if necessary, among other functions.

Living Will Declaration

This document states your wishes regarding life support. Without a living will,

you could be destined to an undetermined amount of time on life support. This

could devastate your family while they watch you lay in a vegetative state, unable

to communicate. If you have a severe injury or illness and are hooked to tubes for

oxygen, nutrition, or pain medication, and there is no chance of recovery, would

you want to be kept alive in this state indefinitely? With a living will you can

designate someone to authorize your health care providers to remove you from

life support and allow you to die with dignity.

Don’t wait for a tragedy to strike you or someone in your family. Make an

appointment with an estate planning attorney to prepare these documents without

further delay.

Legal Areas of Practice

By our Team of



Advance Directives



Buy / Sell Contracts






Estate Planning

Family Law



Last Wills


Powers Of Attorney



Real Estate

Special Needs

Title & Closings



Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Probate, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives,

Pre-Need Guardians, Trust Administration, Pet (Animal) Trusts


With or without a Last Will, in order to obtain assets, pay debts and taxes

and distribute remaining assets to the heirs or beneficiaries, the deceased’s

estate requires the assistance of an attorney to manage the court supervised


Corporation & Business Law

Contracts, Start-ups, Purchase or Sales, Corporations (Inc.), Limited Liability

Companies (LLC’s), Trademarks, Copyrights, Franchise Agreements

Real Estate

Closings, Title Insurance, Sales & Purchases, Leases, Contract Review,

Contract Preparation



Offices: Orlando

Credit Cards Accepted

Kristen Jackson

Attorney At Law

8 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


compiled by Lauren Salinero


n Ocooe grants available

The city of Ocoee is accepting

applications for its Community

Grant program. Held annually in

both January and July, the program

provides financial grants of up to

$500. There is a total of $5,000

available for this grant cycle.

Groups that are eligible to apply are

Ocoee nonprofit organizations and

civic groups. In addition, nonprofit

organizations and civic groups outside

the city limits, which benefit residents

of Ocoee, are also qualified

to apply. The city awards the grants

to acknowledge excellence and to

further the contributions these local

organizations bring to the Ocoee


People can pick up applications at

Ocoee City Hall, 150 N. Lakeshore

Drive. Completed applications

should be mailed or delivered to

Community Relations at the same

address, and the deadline to submit

applications is Jan. 31, 2018.

For more information, call 407-


n Year in Review

Southwest resident

and Orange County

Mayor Teresa

Jacobs releases

her annual Year in


Southwest resident and Orange

County Mayor Teresa Jacobs recently

released her Year in Review

2017. In the statement, she said,

“In reflecting on 2017, I continue

to be buoyed by Orange County’s

ongoing success — from economic



Join Us Between 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm





January 28 | March 4






A Christ-Centered Preschool

to Grade 12 College Preparatory School

Definitively Christ-Centered Distinctly College-Prep




Dr. Lauris Johnson




CALL TODAY! (407) 258-3262

7848 Winter Garden Vineland Rd.

Suite 100, Windermere

achievement to community development

... But above all, I continue

to be overwhelmed with pride and

gratitude for our Orange County

community. Pride in our heartfelt

response to one of the largest humanitarian

crises in U.S. history, as

we welcomed more than 100,000

storm-stricken Puerto Rican evacuees

to Central Florida — and gratitude

for the deep and authentic sense

of compassion that we continue to


After detailing some of the year’s

more challenging trials, Mayor

Jacobs said, “As we prepare for

2018, I am confident in our continued

success. Not only because

of our strengthening economic

climate, our outstanding quality

of life, and the many ongoing initiatives

showcased in this ‘Year in

Review,’ but because of you — our

heart and soul — and the role you

play in Orange County. I offer

my sincere best wishes for a wonderful

New Year! By working together,

I know that the best is yet

to come.”

For the full review, visit orange



n Orlando Magic showers

family with gifts

As part of the NBA Cares Season

of Giving, the Orlando Magic celebrated

Christmas by surprising

LaToya Pugh and her two daughters,

Aicha and Aiyari, during the

Magic vs. Pelicans game. The team

was joined by Amway, Corkcicle,

Jewett Orthopeadic Clinic, Papa

John’s Pizza, PepsiCo, Talk of the

Town Restaurants, and Tijuana Flats

to shower the family with gifts and

other items to assist them through

difficult times. The family also was

transported to and from the game in

a limo. It was the ninth consecutive

season the Magic has hosted one

family around the holidays for “The

Big Give.”

The family’s surprise began early

in December, when the Magic and

Habitat for Humanity presented the

family with keys to a new home in the

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 9

Butler Preserve neighborhood.

Magic Community Ambassadors

and Southwest residents Nick

Anderson and Bo Outlaw, along

with Stuff the mascot, attended the

home dedication ceremony and presented

the family with courtside tickets

for the Dec. 22 game. The Pughs

had no idea they were going to be

receiving the gifts at halftime.

For more information, visit www.


n History Center receives

Operating Support Grant

Board representatives of the United

Arts of Central Florida announced

the Operating Support Grants for

2018 to 37 Central Florida nonprofit

cultural institutions, including an

award of $27,400 to the Orange

County Regional History Center.

“The general operating-support

funds from this grant will allow us

to deliver educational programs to

thousands of Title 1 school children,

allowing us to bring history alive

to many who otherwise would not

have the opportunity to visit the museum,”

said Michael Perkins, the

museum’s manager.

For more information, visit www.


n Flu season hits Florida hard

Both the holiday and flu seasons

coincided this year as numbers of

confirmed influenza cases continue

to rise across Florida. So far, influenza

A (H3) is the most common

strain being reported this season.

According to the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention, seasons

where influenza A (H3) was the

most dominant strain were generally

more severe, particularly for children

younger than age 5 and adults

age 65-older. The CDC has labeled

Florida as a widespread influenza

zone. Data from Florida Hospital

Centra Care shows there is a nearly

200 percent increase in flu cases

since this time last year and a 400

percent increase from 2015.


I choose the best possible

healthcare experience

for my patients.

I was born a caregiver. Each step in my career,

from nursing assistant to registered nurse

to doctor, taught me invaluable lessons to

better understand my patients’ needs and

strengthened my desire to better people’s

lives. Women’s Health offers many exciting

areas of practice. I feel fortunate to be part of

I am Dr. Farwick and

I choose Orlando Health.


proven dedication to Women’s Health. They

provide me with the most advanced surgical

tools for my specialty and a highly skilled

team of compassionate caregivers to work

with. Together, I believe we give my patients

the best possible healthcare experience.


321.8HEALTH (321.843.2584)

10 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com



Four Seasons Resort Orlando

at Walt Disney World Resort

representatives announced that the

property is now offering memberships

to both of its golf courses,

Tranquilo Golf Club, and to the

resort, including pool access. It

also announced a $2.5 million

enhancement to the practice facility

at Tranquilo Golf Club. The

available memberships are a Golf

Club Membership at Tranquilo Golf

Club and a Resort & Golf Club

Membership, which provides access

to the resort’s 5-acre water

park and recreational amenities,

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort now offers

memberships to its golf courses and resort.

including the fitness center and

more. For more information, visit


West Orange Chamber of

Commerce installed its 2018 chairman

in front of more than 200 members

during the Member Celebration

Brunch. Keith Bradford, the 2016

WOCC chairman, passed the gavel

to Joe Alarie, officially signaling

the beginning of his term as the

2018 chairman. For more information

about WOCC, call 407-656-

1304 or visit wochamber.com.

Orlando Health’s Dr. P.

Phillips Hospital, Orlando

Regional Medical Center,

Arnold Palmer Hospital for

Children, and Winnie Palmer

Hospital for Women & Babies

were designated as top hospitals in

the country by The Leapfrong Group,

an independent hospital watchdog

organization. Hospitals recognized

as top performers have better systems

in place to prevent medication

errors, higher quality on maternity

care and high-risk procedures, and

lower readmission rates than other

hospitals. Fewer than 6 percent of

U.S. hospitals achieve this prestigious

recognition. For more information,

visit www.orlandohealth.com.

Orlando Ballet School is hosting

its 2018 Classical Ballet Variation

Workshops and Expo. Students will

learn a series of classical variations

during the eight-week workshop and

perform a classical variation for a

panel of ballet professionals from

outside of OBS at the expo. Classes

begin Jan. 19 at the South Campus,

Jan. 27 at the Central Campus, and

Jan. 31 at the Seminole Campus.

For more information or to register,

call 407-426-1733 or visit


#variations-workshops. ª

Orlando Premier Music Instruction:

Where does your beat begin?

Private In-Home Lessons | After-School Classes | MusicFirst


Classes include:

Preschool and Beginner Piano

Guitar (Beginner and Adult)

Vocal Expressions


Musical Theater/Intro To Drama

Dance FX

MusicFirst (Infant/Toddler/PreK)

visit our website


or email opmi@opmi-lessons.com for more info.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 11


submitted by Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association


Carlos Ortiz, ARNP


(L. to r.) David Bartek, 2016 and 2017 Central Florida Hotel & Lodging

Association board chairman; Steve Hogan, 2017 Charles Andrews Memorial Hospitality

Award honoree; Fred Sawyers, incoming 2018 CFHLA board chairman; and Rich

Maladecki, CFHLA president and CEO, attend the CFHLA Hospitality Gala.

Desiree Fouse LMHC



At the Central Florida Hotel &

Lodging Association Hospitality

Gala on Dec. 16, the Charles

Andrews Memorial Hospitality

Award for Community Leadership

was presented to Steve Hogan,

chief executive officer of Florida

Citrus Sports. More than 1,200

CFHLA members and community

leaders were in attendance at the

Hyatt Regency Orlando for the annual

black-tie event. Hogan was chosen

as the 2017 recipient of CFHLA’s

highest honor for his contributions

to the hospitality industry through

his success in securing major sports

tourism events in Central Florida,

in addition to his community initiatives

relating to his leadership at Lift


The award is named after the

first CFHLA board of directors

chairperson, Charles Andrews,

and exemplifies perseverance and

dedication to a cause. Since being

promoted to CEO of Florida Citrus

Sports in 2006, Hogan has been

a champion of the Central Florida

community and has significantly

raised Orlando’s status as a worldclass

sporting event destination.

Among his many achievements,

CFHLA recognized Hogan’s efforts

in the following initiatives: securing

Orlando as the host site for the 2017

and 2018 NFL Pro Bowl; developing

the Camping World Kickoff

series, part of a multiyear agreement

between Florida Citrus Sports

and ESPN Events to host a major

neutral-site college football game in

Orlando during the opening weekend

of the college football season;

and cofounding Lift Orlando,

an organization that brings business

leaders into the community

to help families build a better life

for themselves through education,

mixed-income housing, community

health and wellness, and economic


CFHLA also recognized its members

of the year at the gala, including

Jay Leonard, general manager

of the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista

Disney Springs Resort Area, honored

as the 2017 CFHLA Lodging

Member of the Year; Maureen

Haggerty of SpinOut Guest

Laundries Inc., 2017 CFHLA Allied

Member of the Year; and Gerry

Tarantino of the DoubleTree by

Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld, 2017

CFHLA Engineer of the Year. ª



1 x






— 17,

— 31,








Foundation Academy Celebrates 60 Years With Continued Growth

This year, Foundation Academy

proudly celebrates its 60th anniversary.

What began as a kindergarten

program back in 1958 has grown

into a two-campus, preschool through

12th grade, private Christian school

in Winter Garden. This year, the

school is not only commemorating its

impressive history, but also its promising

future, with plans to expand and

continue its legacy as a foundation

for academic excellence.

“Much has happened over the last

few years to make this 60th anniversary

a springboard into truly solidifying

FA’s future,” said Michelle

Campbell, director of admissions.

“The bar has been raised in all


“Just a few years ago, we had

around 500 students and now have

close to 800. Our school president,

head of school and school board

are working hard to get things in

place that will help meet that growth

and demand.”

Expansion plans include an additional

academic building, expanding

the current technology building and

gymnasium, creating a fine arts center,

as well as a soon-to-be-completed

athletic complex that will service football,

soccer and track.

“While we are excited about

our continued growth, we are also

cognizant of our identity and the

importance of maintaining our

family atmosphere,” said Carol

Grosshans, the head of the school.



“Partnering together, parents and

school, is vital to who we are and

desire to continue to be.

“One of the things that we are

known for, aside from being a place

to get a great education, is that we

are a family. We like to say that ‘You

can’t have Family without FA!’”

Foundation Academy boasts a

100 percent college acceptance

rate, as well as commendations in

all areas of S.T.E.A.M — Science,

Technology, Engineering, Arts and

Math. The school offers a wide variety

of art and music programs and

an impressive drama program. There

are numerous extracurricular activities,

including sports teams and a

performance choir.

Feedback from FA’s parents and

students consistently reveals one

of the things they love most about

Foundation Academy is that character

is valued just as much as


Micah and Alicia Wilder, parents

of three children who attend

FA said, “We chose FA, because


we were looking for a place our

children could grow spiritually and


Foundation Academy offers an

a la carte selection of Advanced

Placement classes, as well as dual

enrollment classes, right on its own


“This versatility serves students

who are striving for a highly selective

college, as well as those whose

goal is to acquire as many college

credits as possible” said Tim

Covey, director of guidance. “We

have some students graduating with

up to 60 college credits. It’s great

for those students who are ready for

that next level academically, but it

keeps them in an environment they

are comfortable with, alongside their

age-equivalent peers. It’s the best of

both worlds, providing a smoother

transition to college.”

The Christian aspect of FA’s education

is more than just an extra Bible

class worked into the student’s day. It

is interwoven into their subjects.

“Students in our middle school

and high school begin to explore

the biblical principles behind things

like peer pressure, making good

decisions, forgiving others and bullying,”

said David Buckles, school

president. “We also have an excellent

leadership program that allows

students to develop their leadership

skills. It gives them a leg up as they

embark on the next phase of their life

in college.

“Sixty years ago, it was a black

board, today it’s a Smart Board, tomorrow

there will be no board, as

we will not be limited to just the four

walls of a class, but FA will always

have teachers and tools that prepare

students for life after graduation.”

Foundation Academy is currently accepting admission

applications and has a number of open

house events scheduled. For more information, visit

www.foundationacademy.net. ª

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 13

From losing weight to

looking younger to feeling

fit, there are many reasons

people set goals for the

new year. Keeping resolutions

can be a daunting task;

however, Southwest Orlando

Bulletin’s annual New Year,

New You section provides a

plethora of advice from local

experts to help readers

achieve and maintain their


Care Guidelines for Diabetes

submitted by

Endocrine Associates of Florida



If you have diabetes, it is important

to eat well to keep yourself

healthy. Nutritional care should be

personalized for each person based

on his or her blood glucose (sugar)

level, blood lipid (fat) levels, risk factors

for heart disease and high blood

pressure, exercise habits and food


For most people, general guidelines

for diabetes are as follows:

• Aim to maintain a healthy


• Exercise moderately for about 30

minutes at least five times per week.

• Get your carbohydrates mainly

from fruits, vegetables, whole grains,

legumes and low-fat or skim dairy


• Limit saturated fats, trans fats

and dietary cholesterol.

• Consider using sugar substitutes.

• Do not use low-carbohydrate diets

to control diabetes.

A Year-Round Resolution

submitted by YMCA of Central Florida


Consistent, small steps can turn

your New Year’s resolutions into

year-round resolutions.

Step 1 — Determine a minimum

number of days each week you will

exercise. (Aim for at least three.)

Step 2 — Determine how much

time you have to exercise. Strive for

at least 30-60 minutes per session.


401 Main Street, Suite A, Windermere, FL

Creating Your Home's New Look

Windermere Center for


Emilia M. Godoy-Rapport, D.M.D.

Cosmetic and family dentistry

We specialize in Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens,

Retaining Walls, Custom Pool Decks

Call for a free estimate 407-267-7114

or email lucas@lukeshardscape.com

Visit our website http://lukeshardscapes.com/


(407) 909-1097

14 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


• Professional and Friendly


• We Specialize in All

Aspects of Dentistry

• Most Insurances

Accepted and Care Credit


• New Patients and

Emergencies Welcome

Call Today for More Information

and to Schedule Your Appointment!


133 Terra Mango Loop, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32835

11183 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite E, Orlando, FL 32837


Step 3 — Schedule to meet with

a coach or certified personal trainer.

Usually, completing a series of two

or three sessions can make a big


Step 4 — Be patient. Remember,

change on the outside, such as

weight loss, does not happen overnight.

However, once you begin

exercising, you start changing on

the inside and how you feel almost

immediately. This means less pain,

lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular

ability, better sleep and

improved management of stress —

the list goes on and on.

Step 5 — Write down “why” you

are committing to make exercise a

part of your lifestyle, and tape it to

your bathroom mirror. Reminders are

key when we start to lose motivation.

So, this year, why not try a yearround

resolution instead of just a

New Year’s resolution? And, ask

for help! Professionals are available

to educate, guide, support and


Enhancing the

Beauty of Your Home

by Lucas Aguiar, owner

Luke’s Hardscape



Whether your New Year's resolution

is to fix or upgrade your cracked

concrete driveway/walkway, an old

asphalt driveway/walkway, or a

gravel driveway/walkway, pavers

are definitely the way of the future.

There are many features and benefits

that make pavers the best choice

when considering a new driveway

or walkway; however, one of the

most important features is that they

are absolutely beautiful, and they

are the only paving surface that

actually adds value to your home.

Another reason why pavers add

value to your property is that they last

forever. It will be the last driveway you

will ever need. All other options will

break down over the years and will

have to be resurfaced or replaced.



Open 6 Days a Week

Until 9pm on Weekdays

Voted #1 Physician

4 Years in a Row

*Now Accepting New Patients

(407) 876-CARE (2273) | WindermereMedicalCenter.com

Niral Patel, M.D.

Accepted Plans: Aetna | BCBS (all plans) | Cigna/Disney | Florida Hospital (FHHS) |

Healthchoice | Medicare | United Healthcare and many more

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MKTG 108357

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Four Seasons Club Membership

Your exclusive access to the ultimate lifestyle...

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 17


Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World ® Resort is now offering an opportunity to enjoy an exclusive golf experience,

featuring amenities and service which can only be found at the first and only AAA Five-Diamond Award rated resort in Central Florida.


• Unlimited golf on the 18-hole Tom Fazio designed course

• Full access to the 16-acre, $2.5 million newly enhanced

state-of-the-art practice facility

• No food & beverage minimums

• Preferred member tee times

• Exclusive member events

• Special green fees for your guests

• 6-Hole Par 3 short course available during pre-scheduled

times throughout the year

• Member Preferred Pricing on retail merchandise, dining

at Plancha, and guestroom rates



• All benefits of the Tranquilo Golf Club Membership

• Access to the following Resort amenities:

- Explorer Island, our 5-acre water park featuring a lazy river, two

water slides, splash zone, family pool and adult-only pool for

member families 300 days year

- ”Dive-In Movies” by the pool offered weekly

- Basketball and sand volleyball courts

- Hideout video game room

- The Fitness Center for adult members

• A diverse offering of Fitness Classes (fees apply)

• Additional savings at PB&G, Ravello and Capa restaurants and

on treatments at The Spa and Salon

Introductory initiation fees available for a limited time. Single, Family, Junior and Corporate membership options available.

We encourage you to schedule a private tour to learn more about our membership offerings.

Contact us today at 407-313-6778



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Live Well at Home

with Home Care Assistance

• Contract-free in-home care services ranging from

short-term to 24/7 care.

• Experienced with advanced care needs, including

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

• Compassionate, reliable support for meals,

transportation, personal care, and more.

• The only home care agency with Cognitive

Therapeutics, an activities-based program to promote

brain health.

Call us today. 407-232-7155

5178 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

HomeCareAssistanceOrlando.com I AHCA # 299994419


Maximize Your

Weight Loss Efforts

by Corinthia Loblack, MSN,


Triple 8 Spa & Wellness



If your New Year’s resolution includes

looking and feeling better

in 2018, keep in mind that losing

weight is 20 percent activity and 80

percent nutrition. Medical studies

have shown the low-carbohydrate,

ketogenic diet to be the most efficient

and natural weight loss method. To

maximize your weight loss efforts,

your diet must be low in fats, low in

carbohydrates and rich in high quality,

easily digestible proteins.

Be mindful that the body will always

burn carbohydrates first, then fats and

lastly proteins. The goal is to burn

stored fat while preserving muscle

mass. A ketogenic diet uses stored fat

as its main source of energy, and the

body is said to be in ketosis. During

ketosis, the importance of including

high quality protein supplements in

the diet cannot be overemphasized.

A weight loss diet must continue

to provide the proper balance of

amino acids and nitrogen essential

for the body to synthesize proteins

for growth and maintenance. A deficiency

of any one amino acid, despite

the abundance of others, will

restrict protein synthesis.

The Benefits of Gardening

submitted by Royal

Landscape Nursery



The new year always brings new

ideas on how to improve one’s life.

Gardening can be a great benefit

to your physical and mental health.

If you are trying to stay active this

year, getting out in the garden can

help you maintain a more active

lifestyle while reducing stress levels.

Growing an edible garden and/

or fruit trees can provide nutritious

Dr. Jose Mandry

Call Today For More Information

and to Schedule Your Appointment


1510 Citrus Medical Court, Ocoee, FL 34761


• Diabetes Mellitus

• Thyroid Disease

• Lipid Abnormalities

• Metabolic Diseases

New Patients Welcome!

Se Habla Español

You can receive compensation for participating in clinical trials relating to Type 1

and Type 2 diabetes, or for having high cholesterol or high triglycerides. Please

contact our office to see if you may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial.

Call Dr. Mandry Today!

Helping you get the Body you want!

Post Holiday Facial

Dramatically reduce fine lines.

Repair and restore stressed skin

with this Aromatherapy facial.

Schedule Your

Appointment Today!

407-704-7647 • triple8spa.com

9421 South Orange Blossom Trail

Suite #19

Orlando, FL 32837

foods that help keep healthy meal

options on your plate year-round.

Living in Florida, there are a number

of different fruit trees available.

If you’re more interested in an aesthetically

pleasing garden, there

are many options for Florida-native

flora and fauna that will bloom

into a beautiful garden, one that

you can enjoy right in your own


So keep up with those New

Year’s resolutions, and get out in the


New Year, New Smile!

submitted by

Cadena Family Dentistry



Start the new year with a better

smile. Routine visits to a dentist can

help prevent major dental problems,

such as cavities, gingivitis and gum

disease. Making sure that you keep

up with your dental health is one of

the best New Year’s resolutions you

can have. If you haven’t made an

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 19

appointment for a routine cleaning,

now is a great time to pick up the

phone and set a time to get your

teeth examined.

Preventative maintenance, including

regular visits to a dentist, brushing

multiple times per day, and

flossing, are key ways to achieve a

healthy smile and catch pesky dental

problems before they get out of


It’s a new year, and if you are setting

out for a new you, start with a

healthy smile!

Simple Ways to

Get Healthy in 2018

by Kristen Frick, community outreach


Fitness CF


It’s a new year, and that means

people are setting health and fitness

goals. Unfortunately, most resolutions

are forgotten within a few

months. The following are a few tips


New Year, New You!


Where Family & Fitness Meet Fun!


20 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

ROYAL Landscape Nursery

• Topiaries

• Shrubs

• Trees

• Fruit Trees

• Crape Myrtles

• Sod

• St. Augustine

• Floratam

• Zoysia

• Palmetto


• Rocks

• Mulch

• Ground Covers

• Palm Trees Foxtail

• Foxtail

• Robellini

• Queen Palms

• Adonidias

• Sabals



Give us a review on the web or social media

and receive 10% OFF your next purchase.

*must show review in person.


to help keep you on track to reach

your goals this year:

• Start small. Set and achieve

one small goal at a time. If you try

to make a complete overhaul, it

may just be too much. For example,

start with cutting out soda and

try to get 15-20 minutes of activity

each day.

• Drink more water. You need to

flush the toxins out of your body. Try

adding a lemon. There are many

benefits to drinking lemon water.

• Don’t over think it. If you think too

much about your workout, you will

probably find a bunch of reasons

why you shouldn’t do it. Don’t think

about it, just get your shoes on and

do it. Always try to remember how

good you feel when you’re done.

• Find a workout buddy. It’s always

more fun to work out with a

friend, and you will keep each other


• If you can’t go to a gym, then do

some exercises at home or in your office.

Do squats, lunges, planks, chair

dips and push-ups while you are

watching TV, or, if you are at work,

every hour get up and do a few of


• Working out can actually be fun.

It doesn’t have to be boring. If you

like to dance, find a Zumba class. If

you don’t like to run on a treadmill,

then don’t. Grab a jump rope, try

the stair climber, hit that punching

bag, take a swim; there are many

different things you can do.

• When you are tempted to eat

something that you know isn’t going

to get you to that goal, like that

brownie or cookie, take 10 seconds

to think about it before you eat it.

Think about whether or not you really

need it. Is it helping you get to

your goal or not? Is it really worth

the short-term satisfaction or will you

feel guilty after you eat it? Usually

you will decide not to indulge.

• Change your attitude and mind

set. Don’t focus on the scale. It’s

about how you will feel — more

energy, a better mood, less stress,

and, in turn, you will start to see

the changes on the outside. ª


Thank you for

making us once again

Take a tour:


Monday, January 29th, 2018

8:30am – 10am

PK3 – Grade 8

holyfamilyorlando.com 407-876-2211

hfcschool.com 407-876-9344

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2018, I WILL:

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n Bay Hill Village

Nancy Nagy of Bay Hill Village

showed her champion Kerry blue

terrier, Chip, at the Meet the Breed

booth at last month’s American

Kennel Club National Championship

Dog Show. The event, held at the

Orange County Convention Center,

is reputed to be the largest show in

Bay Hill Village resident Nancy Nagy

and Chip, a champion Kerry blue terrier,

participate in the American Kennel Club

National Championship Dog Show’s Meet

the Breed booth.

the country with more than 5,000 entries.

The grand prize winner for best

in show took home $50,000.

n Dr. Phillips


Chabad Jewish Center

of South Orlando celebrated

Hanukkah last month by leading a

70-car parade with illuminated rooftop

menorahs and blasting Hanukkah

music as they drove around Dr.

Phillips and up International Drive.

The processional culminated with a

menorah lighting on I-Drive. Children

and teens traveled in class in

stretch limousines with the signature

menorah on top.

The Orange County Board of

Commissioners unanimously appointed

Dr. Phillips resident Yog Melwani

to the Orange County Planning and

Zoning Commission. Yog is honored

to be re-appointed and to serve as

an at-large board member through

December 2019.

n MetroWest

compiled by Lauren Salinero

MetroWest resident Rosey

Terranova recently published

a children’s picture book called

Alfonse the Littlest Clown. She is

both the author and illustrator. The

book is a light-hearted story about

a little boy. But Alfonse isn’t like

most little boys. His entire family is

circus clowns. Alfonse’s dream is

to join his family as a clown in the

big circus show; however, he is too

little — only big clowns can be in

the show. So, while Alfonse waits to

grow, he takes readers along on his

travels of playing and practicing his

circus tricks. In the end, a twist of

fate gives Alfonse his big break in

the spotlight.

n Sterling Pointe

Sterling Pointe residents Rep.

Robert “Bobby O” and Allison

Olszewski attended Gov. Rick

Scott’s annual Christmas party with

dignitaries from around the state.

The Olszewskis represented District

44 and joined Gov. Scott and first

lady Ann in the holiday festivities.

n Stoneybrook West

Erika Garcia of Stoneybrook

West joined Century 21 Professional

Group Inc. as a sales associate. She

specializes in residential property

sales in Central Florida. She recently

completed extensive training and licensing

through Comprehensive In-

House Training and Create21, two

in-depth trainings that go through all

the aspects of real estate business.

Erika has more than 10 years of real

estate industry experience, including

advertising, sales and marketing.

n Turtle Creek

The staff of

Century 21

Professional Group

Inc. welcomes

Stoneybrook West

resident Erika

Garcia to its team.

Michael Kulich

of Turtle Creek serves

on the Florida State

Board of Landscape


Recently elected to the board of directors

of the Central Florida chapter

of the Community Association Institute,

Turtle Creek resident and Turtle Creek

Homeowners Association President

Michael Kulich was also appointed

by Gov. Rick Scott to serve on

the Florida State Board of Landscape

(L. to r.) Rep. Robert “Bobby O” and Allison Olszewski attend the governor’s annual

Christmas party co-hosted by first lady Ann and Gov. Rick Scott.

Architecture. The board is responsible

for licensing and regulating landscape

artists. It meets regularly to consider

applications for licensure, review disciplinary

cases and conduct informal

hearings relating to licensure and discipline.

The board also engages in rulemaking

to implement the provisions set

forth in its statutes and conducts other

general business, as necessary.

n Windermere

Gov. Rick Scott presented

Windermere resident Dewayne

Thrift with a Governor’s Veteran

Service Medal at a ceremony at the

Florida National Guard Armory.

Dewayne is a local Realtor and involved

in many veterans organizations

and causes in the community, including

serving with the American Legion.

n Winter Garden

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 23

Girl Scouts of Citrus Council

Brownie troops 4626 and 2355

marched in the Winter Garden

Christmas Parade, which helped

them earn their Celebrating

Community badges. They also sang

Make New Friends for the judges

and won first place for best youth


Florida State University welcomed

53 new inductees into its prestigious

Garnet & Gold Scholar Society

last fall. Among them was Winter

Garden resident Justin Meritt,

who is studying management information

systems. To become an

inductee, students must meet the engagement

area criteria and submit

a synthesis reflection project in their

final semester before graduation.

Brownie troops

4626 and 2355

win first place for

best youth group at

the Winter Garden

Christmas Parade.

Rep. Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski

(right) of Sterling Pointe congratulates

Dewayne Thrift of Windermere on

receiving a Governor’s Veteran Service Medal.


A Culture

of Thinking

Windermere Preparatory School is

dedicated to providing students with

rich opportunities for intellectual,

emotional, and social growth.

Pre-K3 through Grade 12

International Baccalaureate World School



24 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


Participants are recognized

during graduation and receive

a designation on their

official university transcript,

both of which make them

more marketable to potential

employers and/or graduate


Winter Garden

resident Justin

Meritt joins 52 other

inductees in Florida

State University’s

Garnet & Gold

Scholar Society.

n Et Al

The United Methodist

Women of St. Luke’s

Methodist Church presented

their 35th annual

Holiday Bazaar. More than

150 volunteers worked during

the two-day event and

raised more than $41,000.

Proceeds are distributed to

missions locally, nationally

and internationally.

More than 150

community members

volunteer at the

United Methodist

Women of St.

Luke’s Methodist

Church’s annual

Holiday Bazaar.

Although we try to ensure that all information presented above is the most current, correct and dependable available, we do rely on others for the source of our news. Therefore,

the Southwest Orlando Bulletin and Cornerstone Publishing & Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for the validity of the information presented here, nor does mentioning it

constitute an endorsement. In Your Neighborhood news is welcome and may be mailed to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786; or emailed to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª

7 – 10 a.m. Enter camellia blooms (ANYONE!) Volunteers available to assist with registration.

(Location: Winter Park Garden Club - Clubhouse)

10 a.m. – Camellias for sale with other plants, merchandise and food.

4 p.m. (Location: Clubhouse Area)

10 – 11 a.m. Camellia 101 Class with Robert Bowden, Director of the City of Orlando’s

Harry P. Leu Gardens – (Location: Barn)

Self-Guided Tours: Camellia Garden, Legacy Garden, greenhouse

& other gardens throughout Mead.

1 p.m. – Camellia Show officially OPENS to public. See thousands of competition

4 p.m. blooms up close! (Location: Winter Park Garden Club – Clubhouse)

4 p.m. Show ends

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 25

Kidney & Hypertension Specialists

of Central Florida, P.A.

Now offering


Benefits of Nocturnal Dialysis

• Excellent blood pressure control with less medications

• Decreased requirement of phosphorus binders

• Liberalization of dietary restrictions

• Improved heart function

• Better quality Dialysis resulting in better quality of life

• Availability of day time for productivity pursuits.



10000 West Colonial Drive

Suite 483

Adnan Ahmed, MD, FACP

Board-Certified Internist and Nephrologist

Medical Director

FMC Clermont East Dialysis Clinic

17319 Pagonia Road, Clermont, FL 34711

(407) 877•0454

Minutes away from Ocoee and Winter Garden



306 Mohawk Road


509 San Sebastian Court, Davenport, Florida 33837 | 866-671-3330 | DelWebb.com/DWO

Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and options. Community Association fees may be required. Prices, promotions, incentives, features, options, amenities, floor plans, elevations, designs, materials, and

dimensions are subject to change without notice. Square footage and dimensions are estimated and may vary in actual construction. Community improvements and recreational features and amenities described

are based upon current development plans which are subject to change and which are under no obligation to be completed. Actual position of house on lot will be determined by the site plan and plot plan. Floor

plans, interiors and elevations are artist’s conception or model renderings and are not intended to show specific detailing. Floor plans are the property of PulteGroup, Inc. and its affiliates and are protected by U.S.

copyright laws. For further information, see our terms of use. This is not an offering to residents of NY, NJ, CA or CT or where otherwise prohibited by law. Pulte Homes of California, Inc. is a licensed California real

estate broker (lic. #2023929). ©2018 Pulte Home Company, LLC. All rights reserved. [1/10/18] CGC1519936

26 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

Bay Hill Women’s Golf

Association’s nine-hole and 18-

hole clubs held their annual holiday

events. Bay Hill nine-holers

had fun with an “Auld Lang Syne”

holiday scramble. During the luncheon

afterward, charity coordinator

Nancy Beasley and advocate


Kathy Burt introduced speaker

Tia Aery, executive director for

Family Promise of Greater Orlando.

compiled by Lauren Salinero

The generous women raised more

than $2,000 for Family Promise of

Greater Orlando, which has been

than $215,000. More than 200 golfers

competed at Disney’s Palm and

Magnolia Golf Courses and then

gathered for an exclusive awards


“It’s great to get all the people

who are big fans of the Magic out

here to raise money for OMYF and

The Bay Hill Women’s Golf Association nine-holers club celebrates the holidays with

a scramble and luncheon.

The Bay Hill Women’s Golf Association 18-holers club donates toys to support the

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Child Life program.

271 West Rd.


1569 E. Silver Star Rd.


10588 W. Colonial Dr.


2468 S. Maguire Rd.


8894 W. Colonial Dr.


13530 Summerport

Village Pkwy.


7315 S.R. 535


15504 Stoneybrook

West Pkwy.

Winter Garden

1001 S Dillard St

Winter Garden

now delivering with

Additional charge

for extras and deluxe.

Plus applicable tax.

May not be combined

with other offers, coupons

or discount cards.

dedicated to assisting homeless families

with children in Central Florida

for 15 years. It seeks to guide, motivate

and inspire homeless families

to life beyond their crisis of

homelessness back to independent


For the 10th year, Bay Hill Club

18-holers donated toys to support

the Arnold Palmer Hospital for

Children Child Life program. During

the luncheon that followed golf,

Sheri Mosely, department manager

for children’s and women’s services

and community engagement at

Arnold Palmer, spoke to the group

explaining how the toys are sorted

and presented to the children who

are hospitalized during the holidays.

Orlando Magic players joined

head coach Frank Vogel and CEO

Alex Martins for the 27th annual

Orlando Magic Youth Foundation

Open, a premier fundraising golf

tournament that raises money for local

youth. The event generated more

have a great time,” Martins said.

“Disney does an unbelievably great

job putting it on for us, and it seems

to get better and better every year.

So, this is another great success for

the OMYF.”

Thousands of marathon runners

braved freezing temperatures

and converged on Walt Disney

World earlier this month to participate

in one, two or all of the

events taking place during the Walt

Disney World Marathon Weekend.

This year was the biggest weekend

celebration ever in honor of the

marathon’s 25th anniversary. Runs

began Jan. 4, with the Walt Disney

World 5K presented by Cigna, followed

by the 10K the next day,

half marathon of 13.1 miles on

Saturday, and, finally, the 26.2-

mile marathon on Sunday. Kids

13-younger were also welcomed to

join the fun with the 1-mile runDisney

Kids Races presented by GoGo

squeeZ Applesauce on the Go.

For runners who strove to literally

go the extra mile, Goofy’s Race and

Half Challenge consisted of both the

half marathon and marathon for a

total of 39.3 miles. For those who

wanted even more of a trial, the fifth

annual Dopey Challenge was a fourday,

48.6-mile endurance challenge

that consisted of running the 5K,

10K, half marathon and marathon

within pacing requirements.

Orlando Magic and Amway

Center teamed up with KultureCity

to become the first NBA arena in

Florida certified by KultureCity as

sensory inclusive. KultureCity is a

nonprofit organization dedicated

to rethinking accessibility to create

acceptance and inclusion for all

individuals. The certification process

included Orlando Magic and

Amway Center full- and part-time

team member sensory-awareness

training and all the implementation

of enhanced services that includes

sensory bags, signage and weighted

lap pads. The new initiative will

promote a positive, accommodating

experience for all fans and guests

with sensory sensitivities who attend

events at the arena.

Four of the world’s top six soccer

teams will be on display as the 2018

SheBelieves Cup makes its final stop

at Orlando City Stadium on March

7. Orlando will host the final two

matches in the annual four-team


Second-ranked Germany, thirdranked

England and sixth-ranked

France will join top-ranked USA in a

tournament that includes international

women’s soccer powers and dozens

of the world’s best players in the sixgame

competition. The U.S. team won

the inaugural tournament in 2016,

while France won the 2017 games.

The University of Central

Florida Knights football team

marched down Main Street, USA, at

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 27

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

in a special parade in their honor

as a celebration of Orlando’s hometown

team having a championship

season with a perfect record and

outstanding academic success. The

football team was joined by cheerleaders

and the marching band. The

Knights finished its best season ever

with an undefeated record.

The student-athletes also posted

the highest graduation rate among

all public institutions in the nation

in the Football Bowl Subdivision for

four consecutive years.

Dr. Phillips High School’s

women’s soccer team scored a 3-1

victory over Apopka High School

to win the program’s first Metro

West Conference Championship.

DPHS standout players from the

match included senior Carmel

de Oliveira, captain; senior

Stephanie Oliveira, captain;

freshman Jill Ross and sophomore

Chloe Washington.

The Panthers’ women’s weightlifting

team also claimed a Metro West

Conference Championship. Seven of

the 10 lifters earned podium finishes,

including two champions. Sophomore

Jada St. Cyr took DPHS’s first individual

title in the 139-pound class

with a total lift of 255 pounds, and

junior Amani Guzman earned a

title in the unlimited division with a

330-pound total lift. The team made

yet another impressive showing at

the KSA Holiday Duals at Disney’s

ESPN Wide World of Sports. It swept

through all six matches by a total

score of 463-42 to win the tournament

championship handily. In addition,

junior Shania Gowan, a state

champion, earned the tournament’s

most valuable wrestler.

Although we try to ensure that all information

presented above is the most current, correct and

dependable available, we do rely on others for

the source of our news. Therefore, the Southwest

Orlando Bulletin and Cornerstone Publishing &

Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for the

validity of the information presented here, nor does

mentioning it constitute an endorsement. Sports information

is welcome and may be mailed to P.O.

Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786; or emailed

to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª

28 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

n Charities/Fundraisers

Jan. 28 — This Is My Brave Show


The SunTrust Auditorium at Orlando

Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave.,

Orlando, hosts the This Is My Brave Show

Orlando, a production that showcases

the personal stories of local individuals

living successful, full lives despite mental

illness. People share their powerful,

personal stories onstage through original

music, poetry and essays. In conjunction

with the show, an art exhibition features

works of local artists who live with a

mental health diagnosis. Time: 1:30-4

p.m. for the art exhibit and 2:30-4 p.m.

for the show. Cost: $20-$40, with proceeds

benefiting the National Alliance

on Mental Illness Greater Orlando. For

more information, call 407-253-1900 or

visit www.namigo.org/brave.

Jan. 30 — Author’s Luncheon

Windermere Town Hall, 520 Main St.,

Windermere, hosts the second annual

Author’s Luncheon, featuring Kristen

Harmel, international bestselling author;

and including lunch, a silent auction,

raffle and book sale. Time: 11:30 a.m.-

2:30 p.m. Cost: $30, with proceeds

benefiting Julie’s Mission for critically

ill babies. For more information, call

Patty Goonen, 407-234-8471; or email


Feb. 3 — Trash 2 Trends Fashion


SeaWorld’s Ports of Call, 7007 Sea

World Drive, Orlando, hosts the fifth

annual Trash 2 Trends recycled fashion

show, an event for age 18-older

that brings the fashion and art worlds

together with the environmental community

to promote and inspire sustainability.

The fashion show features more than 35

fashion designers and artists who have

created innovative high-end looks made

from material that would otherwise be

headed to a landfill or recycling facility.

A panel of judges chooses winners in

five categories. Cocktail attire is requested.

Time: 7-10 p.m. Cost: $45-$125,

with funds benefiting Keep Orlando

Beautiful, which strives to keep the city

clean through litter prevention, waste

reduction, recycling and beautification

efforts. For more information, visit


Feb. 8 — Walk A Mile In Her Shoes


Downtown Orlando hosts the sixth annual

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Orlando, kicking

off at the Orange County Courthouse

and ending at Dr. Phillips Center for the

Performing Arts. The fun-filled event

encourages men to strap on stilettos or

blingy flip-flops. Time: 5 p.m. for registration.

Walk kick-off begins at 6 p.m.

Proceeds benefit domestic abuse survivors

through Harbor House of Central

Florida. For more information, visit



Feb. 9 — Over The Edge

The 32-story Hyatt Regency Orlando,

9801 International Drive, Orlando, hosts

Over The Edge for GKTW, during which

participants walk 428 feet straight down

by rappelling down the side of the Hyatt.

Cost: $75 to register; however, each

participant raises a minimum of $1,000

by Feb. 8. Proceeds benefit Give Kids

The World. For more information, visit


Feb. 17 — Evening On Broadway

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing

Arts, 445 S. Magnolia Ave., Orlando,

hosts Hemophilia Foundation of

Greater Florida’s 16th annual Evening

on Broadway, including a performance

of The Lion King, a reception

and silent auction/raffle. Time: 6 p.m.

Cost: $150, with 90 percent of the

proceeds benefiting the bleeding disorders

community in Florida. For more

information, call 407-629-0000 or visit


March 3 — An Evening With

Fabulous Friends Gala

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt

Disney World Resort, 10100 Dream

Tree Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, hosts the

15th annual An Evening With Fabulous

Friends Gala, a 1920s-themed event

that includes entertainment by Michael

Andrew, live and silent auctions, and

the sale of artwork. Time: 6 p.m. Cost:

$375, with proceeds benefiting The

Mennello Museum of American Art.

April 14 — Cattle Barons Ball

Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal

Blvd., Orlando, hosts American Cancer

Society’s 2018 Orlando Cattle Barons

Ball, including western-themed fun,

a reception, silent and live auctions,

gourmet dine-around and entertainment.

Time: 6-11 p.m. Cost: $250. For more

information, call 407-581-2503 or visit


n Classes/Programs

Jan. 24 — Retirement Workshop

Winter Park Country Club, 761 Old

England Ave., Winter Park, hosts

Security Financial Management’s

Redefining Retirement, a free workshop

focused on dispelling common myths and

clarifying the five areas pre-retirees and

retirees should consider to successfully

transition through the latter half of life.

Refreshments and snacks will be served

during the presentation. Reservations

are required as space is limited. Time:

6-7:30 p.m. For more information and

to RSVP, call Jennifer, 407-740-6553; or

visit www.sfmadvisorgroup.com.

Feb. 3 — Call-In Event

Security Financial Management holds

a free call-in event during which financial

advisors, accountants and lawyers

answer questions about investment,

financial, tax and estate planning. Time:

10 a.m.-2 p.m. For more information,

call 407-740-6553.

March 1 — Classes Begin

Registration is open for National Alliance

on Mental Illness Greater Orlando’s free

Family-to-Family education program, a

12-week course for family, friends and

caregivers with a loved one age 18-older

living with mental illness, while maintaining

their own well-being. The program,

in Southwest Orlando, is taught by peer

volunteers who possess lived experience,

and the course includes information on

schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major

depression and other mental health conditions.

Preregistration is required. For

more information, call 407-253-1900,

email information@namigo.org or visit


n Events/Performances

Jan. 20 — Camellia Show

compiled by Lisa Sagers

The Winter Park Garden Clubhouse in

Mead Botanical Garden, 1300 S. Denning

Drive, Winter Park, hosts the 72nd annual

Camellia Show, including assorted varieties

of camellia plants for sale, a camellia

plant raffle, a Camellia 101 class from

10-11 a.m. (RSVP to presidentcscf@gmail.

com), self-guided tours and more. Time:

10 a.m.-4 p.m.; however, camellia blooms

are not viewable until 1 p.m. Admission

and parking are free. Anyone who has

camellias growing in their yard can enter

a bloom or blooms for a competition that

takes place between 7-10 a.m. Cash prizes

are awarded. For more information,

visit www.camelliacfl.com.

Jan. 25 — Meet The Author

Orlando Public Library, 101 E. Central

Blvd., Orlando, hosts Meet the Author

with Sharon Robinson, during which she

discusses and signs her book, The Hero

Two Doors Down, based on a true story

about her father, Jackie Robinson, and

8-year-old Dodgers fan Steve Satlow.

Registration is recommended. Time: 7

p.m. For more information, call 407-

835-7323 or visit ocls.eventbrite.com.

Jan. 31 — Wine Down Wednesday

& Book Signing

The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture

Gardens, 633 Osceola Ave., Winter

Park, hosts the Wine Down Wednesday

& Island Objects Book Signing, including

a happy hour mingle that offers appetizers,

beer and wine, live music by Jeff

Scott, and an opportunity to explore

the museum. There is also a book

signing with Barbara Wavell, anthropologist

and collector of the museum’s

current exhibit, Island Objects: Art and

Adaptation in Micronesia. Time: 5-8

p.m. Cost: $25 at the door, $20 for

the general public, $15 for museum

members. For more information, visit


Feb. 9-11 — Romeo & Juliet Ballet


The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing

Arts, 445 S. Magnolia Ave., Orlando,

hosts performances of Orlando Ballet’s

Romeo & Juliet. Time: Friday and

Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at

2 p.m. Ticket prices vary. For more

information, call 844-513-2014.

Feb. 21-March 23 — Twelfth Night


Orlando Shakespeare Theater in

Partnership with UCF presents performances

of William Shakespeare’s

Twelfth Night in the Margeson Theater,

812 E. Rollins St., Orlando. Twelfth

Night will play in repertory with

Shakespeare in Love. Showtimes vary.

Cost: $25-$50. For more information,

call 407-447-1700, ext. 1; or visit www.


March 17 & 18 — Beauty & The

Beast Ballet Performances

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing

Arts, 445 S. Magnolia Ave., Orlando,

hosts Orlando Ballet’s performances of

Arcadian Broad’s Beauty & The Beast.

Time: Saturday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. and

Sunday at 2 p.m. Ticket prices vary. For

more information, call 844-513-2014.

n Miscellaneous

Through Jan. 24 — Call For Female


Professional female artists are invited to

submit their work for Women in the Arts’

Celebrating the Genius of Women arts

competition. Selected art is featured in

the annual Celebrating the Genius of

Women exhibition at Orlando Public

Library in March and April 2018.

Finalists are eligible for up to $2,000 in

cash prizes and gallery representation.

Entry deadline is Jan. 24, 2018. For

more information or to enter, visit www.


Jan. 29 — Open House

Holy Family Catholic School, 5129 S.

Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts

an open house. Time: 8:30-10 a.m. For

more information, call 407-876-9344 or

visit www.hfcschool.com.

Jan. 31 — Job Fair

Central Florida Fair Expo Park, 4603

W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, hosts

the Orange County Mayor’s Job Fair,

including more than 90 companies

offering thousands of career openings

in various industries. Attendees should

dress professionally and bring résumés.

Child care is not provided. Time: noon-

4 p.m. To register as a job seeker, visit

www.cfec.org/job-fairs. For more

information, call 407-834-4022.

Feb. 3 — Food Truck Night

Summerport Village Food Truck Night, a

family-friendly event that features a variety

of food trucks, local vendors, live music

and children’s activities, takes place

at 13790 Bridgewater Crossing Blvd.,

Windermere. Time: the first Saturday of

every month from 5:30-9 p.m.

Feb. 3, 10, 17 & 24 — Farmers


Winter Garden Farmers Market, voted

No. 1 in America, takes place at 104

S. Lakeview Ave., Winter Garden. The

market has more than 150 vendors, and

there is a new parking garage next to the

event. Time: Saturdays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Feb. 22 — Food Truck Connection

MetroWest hosts the Food Truck

Connection, including food and music,

at 2295 S. Hiawassee Road in Veranda

Park. Time: fourth Thursday of every

month from 6-9 p.m. For more information,

visit www.metrowestcommunity.com.

n Networking/Clubs

Feb. 1 — Retired Educators


The Orange County Retired Educators

Association meets at College Park United

Methodist Church, 644 W. Princeton

St., Orlando, for a potluck luncheon

and musical presentation. Anyone who

has worked in education is invited to

attend. Time: 11:30 a.m. For more

information, call 407-677-0446 or visit


Feb. 27 — Book Club Meeting

The Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips,

7255 Della Drive, Orlando, hosts a

meeting of the Southwest Book Club,

during which the group discusses The

Leavers by Lisa Ko. Time: 7 p.m. For

more information, call 407-835-7323.

n Support Groups

Feb. 13 — Support Group Meeting

For Caregivers

The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resource

Center sponsors a free support group

meeting for caregivers in the Suite 281

Conference Room (next to the south

elevators on the second floor) at Health

Central Hospital, 10000 W. Colonial

Drive, Ocoee. Time: second Tuesday

of each month at 6 p.m. For more

information, call 407-843-1910 or visit


Feb. 13 & 27 — Mental Health

Support Group Meetings

Room 201 in Building B at St. Luke’s

United Methodist Church, 4851 S.

Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando,

hosts free individual and family support

groups for individuals affected by mental

illness. The 90-minute meetings are

peer-led and help participants connect

with each other, learn from each other’s

experiences, share coping strategies and

offer each other encouragement and

understanding. Time: the second and

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 18 — 31, 2018 x 29

fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30

p.m. For more information, call 407-253-

1900, email information@namigo.org

or visit www.namigo.org.

Feb. 19 — Stroke Support Group


The Winter Park Civic Center, 1050

W. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, hosts a

free meeting of the BCenter’s Stroke

Support & Social Group. A deli-style

lunch is provided. Reservations via email

are requested to valerie@bcenter.com.

Time: third Monday of each month from

12:30-2:30 p.m. For more information,

call 888-942-9355.

n Volunteer


Ongoing — Volunteers/Docents


Oakland Nature Preserve, 747

Machete Trail, Oakland, seeks adults

interested in learning about the history,

wildlife, plants and restoration

efforts at ONP to volunteer at the preserve

to greet visitors, help answer

questions and lead a tour from time to

time. Workdays are Mondays and/or

Saturdays. For more information, email


or visit www.oaklandnaturepreserve.

org/guide. To register online, visit


Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida,

12 Mustard Seed Lane, Orlando,

seeks volunteers who can help with

donation sorting, mattress recycling,

warehouse maintenance, administrative

work, special events or general

maintenance. For more information,

call 407-875-2040, ext. 110; or email


Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Program, which advocates for quality

long-term care, seeks volunteers.

Training is provided. For more information,

call 888-831-0404 or visit


Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are

welcome. Please send information six weeks

before the event to P.O. Box 851, Windermere,

FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5; or

email Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª

30 x January 18 — 31, 2018 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com








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