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DAP AVENTURA 2017-2018

Los invitamos a conocer nuestra mirada, a través de esta nueva edición digital de revista "AVENTURA: Al Fin del Mundo", temporada 2017-2018. Cuéntanos qué te parece en _______/________ We invite you to know our world, in this new digital edition of "ADVENTURE: At the End of the World" 2017-2018 season. Tell us what you think on Enjoy!

Aventura al fin del

Aventura al fin del mundo 2017 - 2018 Fishing at the edge of Antarctica If a new boundary for world class fishing had to be defined, Navarino Island, in the Antarctic Province, would be the prime example. Not only because of its geographic location, but also because of the quality and variety of the fishing that it allows. Specialized magazines such as “The Drake”, “Fly Fisherman” and international media such as “The Financial Times” have sent their reporters to see on site what the fishers from all over the world are talking about Rafael González, Chief Guide of Lakutaia Lodge (, the only fishing operation existing in the island, is not a novice in the topic. He practically established the fly fishing in Tierra del Fuego, and now crosses between Torres del Paine and Cape Horn, carrying la crème de la crème of American and European fishers, who dream about fishing at the end of the world. “Here at Lakutaia, we offer virgin fishing, in the middle of the purest waters of the planet, where the fisher has the oportunity of making a Grand Slam, by fishing rainbow trout, steelhead, Fario Residente, Sea Run Brown, Fontinalis, Fontinalis Salter and sea bass. It just couldn’t be better”, says enthusiastic González. Except for the Yagan, native people of the archipelago, the first fishing in Navarino waters took place just six years ago. “The idea was to see if we could catch something; the purity of the water was the best proof for my suspicions”. This way, Rafael approached a river and the feast started. It was one after another. “I catched and then released, then another from another species. It was insane, I couldn’t believe it!”. The Navarino waters are not easy to read. In most of cases, they are only accessible by helicopter, which is why Lakutaia Lodge offers Heli-Flyfishing. But also, the brown colored waters make it hard to see its depths, rocks and branches. “Just by traveling the island we have been learning from it, its water and its fishing. Among the best waters, stand out Navarino Lake and Windhond lake, which come down from Dientes de Navarino and flow into the Pacific shore in direction to Cape Horn. On the other hand, the best flies are usually mice, which speaks of the voracity of the fish”, adds González. 36 Adventure at the End of the World

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