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2018 Catalog


DRINKING VESSELS 5QT COSTREL $ 175 Our costrel is a styled after an 18th century pattern. The body of the barrel is one solid piece of leather with two end pieces. It is lined with a durable food grade resin, making it safe to carry your beverage from the tavern or from camp to camp. SHOT CUP $ 10 This 18th century style shot cup is the exception to the Samson Leather rule; It has a pure beeswax lining. Pure beeswax will not deteriorate regardless of the beverage put in it, providing it is not hot. 32OZ CANTEEN $ 32 This canteen is food safe and ready to use. The wooden stopper is connected to the stainless body with a leather piece. The cotton strap is comfortable even when the canteen is full. 4 (765) 481-2662

DRINKING VESSELS BOMBARD PITCHER $ 175 Our bombard is made out of a single piece of vegetable tanned leather, with a four thickness leather handle, lined with a modern food grade resin. This pitcher will hold about 5 quarts. This pitcher fi ts right in at camp or in the dinning room at your home. Did you know? The bombard probably takes its name from its resemblance to the short, fat, cannon by that name which was used in very early times. A “bombardman” was the man whose job it was to carry beer in a bombard. WOODEN CANTEEN $ 55 Each wooden canteen is ready to drink from when you receive it. The wide cotton strap is comfortable on the shoulder and the wooden stopper fi ts snugly to seal the canteen. The inside is coated with a thin layer of beeswax. These can be painted or stained to fi t your impression. 119 N Meridian St Lebanon, IN 46052 5

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