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Proven ways to enhance your sensual


• Everybody wants a happy and happening sex life,

the problem is not all of us are willing to work

towards it. As a consequence of that many of us

suffer from bad sensual health, one such problem

that has affected many males all across the globe

is Erectile Dysfunction. This problem, however, is

not only a result of unhealthy lifestyle and there

are various factors involved. Though when done

regularly below mentioned activities can result in

suppression of Ed to some extent and more

importantly enhance the quality of your sex life.

Exploring sensual health secrets:

• Maintaining a balanced weight:

• There are various surveys and studies that show

that people who are overweight or have obesity

are at a higher risk of developing heart conditions

such as diabetes, hypertension, and such

conditions can be directly liked to ED. Putting on

a balanced weight cannot only reduce ED

incidents but also clear you out from other

sensual health issues, besides you can make love

more actively.

• Communication:

• To enjoy the sex completely you have to first be

comfortable with your partner. To do that you need to be

in good talking terms with your partner. Sit down and

communicate about what you and your partner's

preferences on the bed are, additionally as yours. This

will help shed performance anxiety and make the most

of lovemaking.

• Avoid cigarettes:

• Smoking not only reduces the vitality but also sexual

ability. Additionally, tobacco use can lead to constriction

of blood vessels which means low blood flow which in

turn means a lower erection.

• Exercise:

• Exercising is important not just getting a fit and toned body

but also to get a better erection and enhance the performance

to reasonable extents. One such exercise used is pelvic floor

exercise; this exercise boosts the strength of your erection and

helps you get better orgasms.

• Focus on breathing:

• To stay connected you need to focus on the activity, on your

partner and the sexual bond between you and to stay longer

you need to focus and regulate your breathing. Just breathing

in an amount completely can help you stay long and strong in

the bed, there are various centers available who can give you

the right amount of advice on how to use your breathing to

your advantage.

Cenforce is a competent therapy which is immensely used

for the management of ED. Cenforce the first preference of

people suffering from ED as it offers a quality erection that

stays for a longer period of time sufficing with all the needs

of a male to make wonderful love. Cenforce like other ED

drugs is not a cure to this condition but it provides you

with the most effective means to get a sustainable

erection. Cenforce encloses Sildenafil citrate as its key

pharma component.

• Sildenafil Citrate is categorized as PDE-5 inhibitor

medication as it acts by blocking the action of an enzyme

known as PDE-5. This enzyme reduces the penile blood

flow and leads to flaccidity as it disintegrates a chemical

known as cGMP. This chemical is responsible for dilating

the arteries and thereby enhancing the blood flow.

• There are multiple doses of Cenforce available, such as 50, 100, 150

and 200mg as a tablet preparation which has to be taken with water.

The dose is begun with 50 mg which can further be escalated. Take

one tablet each day at about one hour before getting involved in


• Some side effects of this preparation are a headache, back pain,

muscle aches, nasal blocking, heartburn, vomiting, light-headedness,

redness of the face, or extended or painful erection.

• Preventions to be exercised:

• Taking this drug with nitrate medications can lead to severe

reduction in blood pressure; this can be a dangerous situation. Pay

extra attention while driving or doing any adventurous task as the

drug can make you feel dizzy and drowsy. It is very important to tell

your doctor if protracted erection remains for 4 hours. The dose

listed here is not to be taken as a substitute for doctor’s preparation.

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