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aDar Detectors:

aDar Detectors: installeD & Portable ESCORT PASSPORT 8500CI PLUS INTERNATIONAL The PASSPORT 8500ci Plus provides blistering protection for all radar bands and ultimate laser protection. GPS technology allows you to lock out false alerts at the touch of a finger, combined with a powerful existing database of threat locations in New Zealand. Built-in discreet installation fEATURES INCLUDE: • Power-On Indication • Signal-Strength Meter • Over-Speed Alert • AutoMute • Voice • Brightness • GPS Filter • Units • Markers custom installeD ESCORT PASSPORT MAX INTERNATIONAL The PASSPORT Max-International, the first and only detector with High Definition (HD) Radar Performance, delivers breakthrough radar performance like no other. It covers all radar and laser bands and enables you to drive worry-free. The PASSPORT Max-i is the best radar detector. Its performance is stunning, yet smart and intelligent coming preloaded with the Pole and Redlight Camera database for New Zealand. fEATURES INCLUDE: • Multi-Colour OLED Display • Intuitive Controls • GPS Powered CALL TODAY 0800 212 777 • AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection • Traffic Sensor Rejection WinDscreen mounteD • High-Performance Laser Protection • Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts Brands we are certified for: fully mobile installation service in canterbury NEW LOCATION NEW LOCATION NEW LOCATION CHILLER TIPPER TIPPER TIPPER A SELECTION OF OUR CURRENT STOCK A SELECTION OF OUR CURRENT STOCK SERVICE BODY BOX BODY SERVICE BODY SERVICE BODY CREWCAB SERVICE TRUCK CREWCAB CREWCAB 1995 TOYOTA DYNA, 2 TONNE CHILLER, 3.6L DIESEL, 5 SPEED MANUAL, 188K'S, 2007 ISUZU FRR90 TIPPER, 5190cc, 190HP Turbo Diesel, Speed, 56,880k’s, 2007 ISUZU 3 x Seater, 3915kg FRR90 Air-Con, Payload, 4 TIPPER, Side Deck 5190cc, Door, Very 3400x2050w 190HP Tidy Unit, Turbo Ideal ID, Drop-sides, Diesel, Town 6 & Speed, Around Deliveries, Serviced & Ready for Work! $15,000+GST #2129 Nice Clean 56,880k’s, Truck 3915kg Ready Payload, for work! Deck 3400x2050w $48,000 ID, Drop-sides, GST Nice #2056 Clean Truck & Ready for work! $48,000 + GST #2056 CLASS 1 COMPACTOR CLASS 1 CLASS 1 2013 HINO DUTRO 4L, N04C TURBO DIESEL, 5 SPEED MANUAL, 111K's, 3 x Seater, Power Steer, Air-Con, ABS, Drivers Air Bag, 2011 2.175Ton NISSAN Payload, ATLAS Box BOTTLE 3,110X1,780x1,850H, TRUCK ZD30 3.0Ltr Container T/Diesel, Doors, Speed, Interior Air-Con, 2011 Lights, NISSAN Air Fully Bag Complied ATLAS Central Lock, BOTTLE & Serviced SWB TRUCK Lockable Drives ZD30 Sliding like 3.0Ltr Doors, a T/Diesel, Car. Intr. A Lights, Real 5 Speed, Cracker Adj. Shelving, Air-Con, Air Work-mans Bag Central Dream! Lock, $35,500+GST SWB 2000kg Lockable Payload Top Sliding Condition Doors, $32,900+GST Thru-out!! Intr. Lights, #2095 Adj. #2169 Shelving, A Work-mans Dream! 2000kg Payload $32,900+GST #2095 CLASS 1 CLASS 1 DIESEL TAIL-LIFT CLASS 1 2007 WIDE CAB, Class 1, CREW-CAB, 4L TURBO DIESEL, 2007 2006 TOYOTA TOYOTA DYNA Speed DYNA LWB Auto WIDE BOTTLE O/D CAB, TRUCK, 23,836k’s, Class 1, 4L CREW-CAB, TURBO DIESEL, Large Drop-sided 4L TURBO 5 SPEED AUTO + O/DRIVE, 112K'S, Class 2 Licence, 3x Seater, Air-Con, ABS, Driver's Deck Air-Bag, 3450x1900W, DIESEL, Power Steer, 5 Speed Radio,Tilt Hyd. Auto Tilt Cab, + Cab O/D Lockable , all 23,836k’s, the Side Extras, Sliding Large Doors Immaculate! Drop-sided & Rear Lift-up, Deck Adjustable 3450x1900W, Shelves Throughout, Hyd. Great Tilt Cab trades & Van. all the Extras, Immaculate! $43,000+GST $26,900+GST #2112 #2156 $43,000+GST #2112 7 TON + TIPPER COMPACTOR COMPACTOR COMPACTOR 2007 HINO DUTRO COMPACTOR, N04C, TURBO DIESEL, Auto + O/D 121K's, 3x 2008 Seater, HINO Vinyl DUTRO Trim, Power 3 TONNE Steer, TIPPER Air-Con, - AM-FM, CLASS Ellectric 1, N04C-4009cc, Windows, Driver's 5 Air Speed, Bag, Air-Con, 2,215kg Payload, Air-Bag, 4.3 Exhaust cubic Bin, Brake, Fully Disc Complied Brakes & Serviced F & R, 3,155Kg Drives like a Payload Car. Top Condition Thru-out!! $38,000+GST $39,900+GST #2050 #2092 81 Branston Street, Hornby, Christchurch, New Zealand 2008 MAZDA BONGO 2.0L DIESEL, 5 SPEED MANUAL, 79K's, 3 x Seater, Vinyl 2009 Trim, Power HINO DUTRO Steer, Air-Con, 2 TONNE AM-FM, LWB Electric Wide Windows, Cab, CANOPY Drivers TRUCK, Air Bag, Class 2,485kg 1, GVM, P/Load 2.570m 2 Tonne, x 1.590m Box Steel - 4300x2000x2160H, Deck, Drop-sides, Tail-Lift Intr. 300kg, lights, Fully 4.0Ltr Complied 6 & Speed, Serviced, 61k’s Drives “Great like a Car. Volume” $17,000+GST - Top Condition $40,000+GST Thru-out!! #2082 #2155 ALL PRICES INCLUDE ON ROAD COSTS Page 30 2010 ISUZU FTR34 7 TONNE+ TIPPER, 6HK1 240HP TURBO DIESEL, INTECOOLER, 6 SPEED MANUAL, 204K'S, 3 X Seater, Air-Con, ABS, Driver's Air-Bag, Air Seat, PTO Driven Under-body Single ram, Steel Deck, 3,800m L 2007 X 2,070m HINO W. DUTRO 450mmH, COMPACTOR, ALL THE EXTRAS N04C, - Certified 4 Litre Turbo Load Diesel, Retention's, Auto PLUS, + O/D, Swinging 120k’s, Tail-Gate, 4.3cubmtr Certified Bin, 3500kg P/Load Towbar, 2215kg, Rack Top Shovel, Order Complied, Throughout, Serviced Full - Being Service Repainted & Ready back to to Go! White! $48,500 $79,900+GST + #2050 #2154 Bernard O’Neill m.(021) 290 0073 e. EG25854

My Kaywa QR-Code Download the Kaywa QR Code Reader (App Store &Android Market) and scan your code! YES WE TRADE-IN • SELLING YOUR CAR? PHONE US! ALL CARS HAVE A 3 MTH WARRANTY Cnr Moorhouse & Ferry Road Ph (03) 379 4254 Car City EST. 1973 ChCh 2001 MITSUbISHI PAjERO GLS 3.2 diesel turbo, 7 seater, 'Very Rare' 5 speed manual, last owner 12 years, immaculate condition. 2006 MITSUbISHI OUTLANDER 2.4 auto, tiptronic, paddleshift, CD, A/C, multi bags, 2WD/4WD option, keyless entry, one owner. 2006 NISSAN x-TRAIL 2 litre, auto overdrive, multibags, CD, a/c, reverse camera, 92,000kms, 2/4WD, very nice. 1998 TOYOTA HARRIER 4WD 3000cc V6 Auto, overdrive, A/C, radio, smooth drive. 1999 MITSUbISHI PAjERO ExCEED 3500cc, tiptronic, sidesteps, CD, excellent condition. FROM NO DEP now only $17,990 NZ NEW 5 SPEED FROM NO DEP now only from $10,990 FROM NO DEP now only $12,990 FROM NO DEP now only $6,990 4WD FROM NO DEP now only $9,990 7 SEATER 2003 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 4x4 NZ new, tiptronic, ABS brakes, CD, alloys, Facelift model. 2002 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2.4 auto, p/s, alloys, CD, airbags, roof racks, hard to find, 5 speed, immaculate. 2003 MITSUbISHI CHALLENGER 2/4WD, 3 litre, petrol, CD, A/C, airbags, ABS, low kms, very nice. 2005 SUbARU H6 OUTbACK 4WD 3 litre auto, tiptronic, multi airbags, a/c, CD, ABS, very nice. 1996 TOYOTA PRADO Tx DIESEL 8 seater, auto, p/s, airbags, alloys, cam belt done. FROM NO DEP now only $7,990 NZ NEW FROM NO DEP now only $8,990 Nz NEW, 5 SPEED FROM NO DEP now only $11,990 HI-LO NZ NEW FROM NO DEP now only $9,990 CAM CHAIN FROM NO DEP now only $11,990 8 SEATER 2005 NISSAN MURANO 3.5, leather interior, tiptronic, keyless start, reverse camera. 1998 NISSAN REGULAS 3.2 petrol, auto, power steering, 2WD-4WD, alloys, airbags, one owner - 13yrs. 2003 HONDA CRV SPORT 2400, auto, overdrive, CD, A/C, airbags, great buying. 2005 TOYOTA HARRIER 3 Litre, auto, tiptronic, ABS, heated electric seats, CD, A/C, multi airbags. 2011 MAzDA Cx-7 Nz NEW Facelift model, 2.3, black leather, 6 speed auto, turbo, reverse camera, very smart. FROM NO DEP now only $10,990 LOW KMS FROM NO DEP now only $8,990 FROM NO DEP now only $6,990 NZ NEW FROM NO DEP now only $11,990 FROM NO DEP now only $17,990 LOW KMS 2004 HONDA ACCORD S/W 2.4 VVT 24T Auto, powersteer, airbags, alloys, tints, black trim. 2004 SUbARU LEGACY SW 3 litre R, auto, tiptronic, CD, A/C, airbags, cam chain, ABS, alloys, tints. 2002 TOYOTA CALDINA GT4 TURbO 2 Litre, auto, ABS, multibags, tiptronic, CD, A/C, good look. 2005 TOYOTA AVENSIS S/W 2 litre, auto, tiptronic, multi airbags, CD, A/C, cruise, nice family wagon. 2002 SUzUKI LIANA GLx 1600cc, NZ new, factory bodykit, automatic, only 78,600kms. FROM NO DEP now only $8,990 FROM NO DEP now only $9,990 FROM NO DEP now only $9,990 4WD FROM NO DEP now only $7,990 NZ NEW FROM NO DEP now only $5,990 LOW KMS 2004 TOYOTA CAMRY 'SPORTIVO' NZ New, one owner, cam chain, 2.4 VVT-I, CD. 2008 FORD MONDEO 2.0 D/Turbo, tiptronic, ABS, tints, airbags, cruise, cambelt done, service history , Amazing! 2008 SUzUKI Sx4 HATCH 1.6, 5 speed, NZ new, air bags, p/w, ABS, great performance & colour 2006 MITSUbISHI COLT Cam chain, ABS, automatic, tinted glass, multi airbags, only 65,890km, 5 star economy. 2004 NISSAN LAFESTA 2 litre auto, airbags moonroof, A/C, CD, travelled just 107,000 kms FROM NO DEP now only $7,990 5 SPD MANUAL FROM NO DEP now only $8,990 DIESEL Nz NEW FROM NO DEP now only $8,990 5 SPEED FROM NO DEP now only $6,990 LOW KMS FROM NO DEP now only $5,990 7 SEATER 2011 FORD FALCON FG xR6 4.0 auto, ABS, cruise, A/C, CD, multi airbags, traction control, brake assist, low kms. 1997 NISSAN NAVARA UTE 2WD 2 litre, 5 speed, powersteer, airbag, CD, A/C, T/B. 2010 HOLDEN CAPRICE 3600cc, auto, tiptronic, leather, ABS, cruise, multi airbags, bluetooth navigation, fantastic value here. 2010 HONDA ACCORD EURO TOURER 2400cc auto, paddle shift, leather, cruise, ABS, CD, A/C, dual air, brake assist, F/R sensors, multibags. 2006 FORD FALCON bF xT 4.0 auto p/s, airbags, tiptronic, CD, great value FROM NO DEP now only $18,990 NZ NEW FROM NO DEP now only $6,990 FROM NO DEP now only $15,990 FROM NO DEP now only $14,990 NZ NEW FROM NO DEP now only $6,990 2008 MAzDA AxELA 2000cc, Tiptronic, tinted glass, alloys, cam chain. 2003 HONDA ODYSSEY AbSOLUTE 3000cc, top model, electric seats, skirt kit, tinted glass, tiptronic plus more. 2000 TOYOTA COROLLA FIELDER 1800cc, VVT-I, tinted glass, auto, airbags, ABS. 1999 TOYOTA CALDINA 4WD Airbags, overdrive, ABS, tinted glass, alarm. 2007 HONDA STREAM VVT 1800cc auto, overdrive, reverse camera, CD, A/C, airbags, very nice. FROM NO DEP now only $8,990 Pay by Credit Card/Eftpos FROM NO DEP now only $5,990 visit our website NZ NEW 7 SEATER FROM NO DEP now only $4,990 FROM NO DEP now only $5,990 * NO DEPOSIT SUBJECT TO NORMAL LENDING CRITERIA (no on road costs) FROM NO DEP now only $9,990 7 SEATER Page 31