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Tuesday September 12 2017



Ilam electorate

McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice



Meet “Jess” an 8 year old black and

white moggy with real attitude,

who recently flew down from

Nelson to see Dr Steve Heap for

emergency surgery on her left eye.

Her primary vet at Alabama Vets,

had seen her a week earlier for a

painful superficial ulcer ( probably

from a cat scratch injury). Jess

was very hard to examine so

was started on topical eye

ointment and anti-inflammatory

medication. Jess was otherwise

well. She returned 2 days later as

her owners couldn’t medicate

the eye either. By this stage her

left eye was producing a bloody

infected discharge, had swelled

up and the ulcer had grown in

size. Her vet added in antibiotic

tablets and more medication

for inflammation, swelling

and pain but the next day the

ulcer looked no better. Jess

needed to be sedated as the

vet couldn’t examine this eye

with her awake. Her eye was

stained with fluorosein( as can

be seen in the attached photo)

and had become non healing

and so given the difficulty

in medicating Jess it was thought a better

way to go was surgery in Christchurch with

DrSteve Heap.

So Jess flew to Steve and was operated on

immediately to prevent the eye collapsing

and impaired vision. Steve performed

a lamellar keratectomy to remove the

dead, soft, spongy tissue on edges of the

deep stromal corneal ulcer. A conjunctival

flap was sutured over the large defect

to allow the perfect environment for

healing, meaning a good blood supply and

protection from environmental allergens.

Due to the difficulty in checking the healing

progress of Jess’s eye it was thought a good

idea to board her at McMaster & Heap vets

until Steve was happy that the ulcer was

healing. As we were still unable to get near

Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place

phone 338 2534, Fax 339 8624


her eye to apply drops, long acting injections

were given for ease and for her comfort.

Needless to say she needs a head collar worn

to stop her irritating her eye, undoing all

Steve’s good work.

So far so good 4 days out from her surgery.

She is eating up a storm and feisty again

which means she’s back to her happy self.

Steve has given the all clear and she flies

home on Friday to her eagerly awaiting,

doting parents.

Steve sees at least 10 eye referrals daily and

many of these patients end up needing

surgery. Eye injuries can’t wait if the end

result is to save the eye and Steve will often

come into the clinic on his days off to see

emergency cases. The take home message

here is don’t wait with eye problems – get

them looked at early by your vet, as two eyes

are always better than one!!

Dr Michele McMaster

McMaster & Heap

Gerry Brownlee –


I am honoured to be selected

by the National Party

as their candidate in Ilam.

I grew up here, I have my

home in the electorate and

I have a real commitment

to the sustainable development

of its future.

I represent the National

Party because I have a

genuine commitment to

equal opportunity, personal

freedom and personal

responsibility. I value

enterprise, hard work and

Anthony Rimell -


What I’ll bring

to Ilam is an established

track record of service

to the people of


I’m focused on the must

haves; decent, affordable

homes; clean water; and

swimmable rivers.

Priorities for me

include retaining and

improving state housing

in Bryndwr; improving

our health funding; and

ensuring better access to


As a union organiser I

reward for achievement.

But, as the Member

of Parliament for Ilam

led the nurses union in

successfully negotiating one

of the largest settlements in

Canterbury’s history.

For several years I was on

Be prepared for the start of

our season October-April

FREE coaching

FREE Club Uniform

½ Price subs for 1st year bowlers

and full membership only $195

Special rates for students

Free extensive members library

Contact Barry Hollands 352 6156

or Bev Baxter 359 6057

Bowls Papanui Inc

The Friendly Club

181 Condell Ave, Papanui

assisting people at a

grass roots level, I know

any community is only

as strong as its most

vulnerable. National

has focused on building

a strong economy that

provides opportunity for

enterprise and funding to

meet the needs of our most

at-risk New Zealanders.

I am asking for your

vote to continue as the

Member of Parliament for

Ilam and most importantly

for your Party vote for


the Advisory Board of the

Christchurch Earthquake

Appeals Trust, where I

supported projects that

gave Christchurch people

real hope.

I was recently elected to

the board of the Tenants

Protection Agency.

As an MP, I’ll be here for

the local people.

I currently head a

multicultural church in


I continue to work for

a better and fairer society,

so that we can all enjoy a

quality life here in New




If you are looking for a new activity this summer, maybe

lawn bowls is for you!

Modern refurbished club rooms and electronic surveillance

throughout makes our club comfortable and safe. Voted Club

of the Year for 2016 and Greenkeeper of the Year in 2017.

We have up to date bowls available for you to trial without

commitment and world class greens for members to enjoy

the game. Buddy system in place for new members.

The sport for all ages

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