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Pegasus Post: June 21, 2016

Pegasus Post: June 21,

1 2 3 1 2 1 32 34 45 6 5 7 6 8 7 98 910 10 11 FREE TUESDAY JUnE 21 2016 379 7100 Pegasus Post Proudly locally owned and published by Star Media Award winning publishing group SHOW 1ST-3RD JULY HORNCASTLE ARENA 1 0AM - 5PM Linwood, Avonside, Richmond, Shirley, Burwood, Dallington, Wainoni, Bromley, Aranui, Avondale, Bexley, New Brighton, Northshore, Queenspark, Parklands, South Brighton Call to save boardwalk • By Fraser Walker-Pearce SOUTH NEW Brighton residents are furious at the lack of action by the city council to stop the estuary edge and walkway eroding away. They say action needs to be taken quickly to save not only the estuary edge that runs from the end of Caspian St to Bridge St, but also the walkway, off Estuary Rd. The walkway was built about 25 years ago, but now is warped and twisted after being damaged in the February 22, 2011 earthquake and a lack of care, they say, from the city council. But the city council says it is taking a “no regrets” approach to the treatment of the estuary edge. Investigations had been delayed because of the engineering and funding problems, it said. City council head of strategic policy Helen Beaumont said it needed to weigh the cost and benefits of the potential solutions. Natural dune systems and planting, sea walls, stop banks and pumping stations were potential solutions, she said. A report on what to do with the boardwalk would be before the Burwood-Pegasus Community Board in September. City councillor David East said there was a number of environmental reports that could have been done, but “there were other priorities”. But community board member Tim Sintes said the city council response was not good enough. Residents want the same amount of money spent on their estuary edges as was spent at Ferrymead and Redcliffs, he said. About $5.3m was spent by the city council to build a 500m long sea wall in Redcliffs in 2014. The annual plan has $337,000 earmarked for the boardwalk, but it was unknown how much was budgeted for the estuary. Mr Sintes said: “It’s been left to rack and ruin. It’s very disheartening for those who come over here after being in the Ferrymead or Redcliffs area and see how much money has been spent on their sea walls, and they come over here and they can’t see any sea walls.” South Brighton Motor Camp resident Deidre McGowan said the estuary edge and boardwalk were popular and said it was indicative to her of “how little the city council cares”. NEGLECT: Deidre McGowan and Tim Sintes are fed up with the city council’s inaction over the South New Brighton boardwalk. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN DANGEROUS: The South New Brighton boardwalk hasn’t seen maintenance since it was damaged in the February 2011 earthquake. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Please hurry this special offer ends: 30th June 2016. Remember to bring your voucher to your appointment. Land size Bedroom Land size Land sizeBedroom Bedroom Bathroom Bathroom Lounge Lounge Garage Dining Dining Toilet Carport Garage Garage Carport Carport Car pad Car pad Boat pad Boat pad Pool P ouse of earing 100% NZ Owned & Operated CLINIC PHONE Fendalton 03 351 3535 Halswell 03 322 4326 Rangiora 03 310 7355 Papanui 0800 333 606 Kaiapoi Ashburton 03 0800 307333 8949 606 Ashburton 03 307 8949 850m 4 850m 850m4 42 21 12.5 2.5