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Pegasus Post: November 01, 2016

6 Tuesday

6 Tuesday November 1 2016 Your Local Views PEGASUS POST Eroding the value of sport Reader Susan Bragg responds to a recent New Zealand Rugby League southern zone general manager Steve Martin talks about the choices of our children in sport Throughout our lives we are all confronted with choices. The decisions that we make in connection with these choices will dictate not only the direction that our lives take but influence the vast reservoir of experiences that we can call upon as we move forward in life. This is very true in sport where young people are more and more given numerous opportunities to try many different sports and recreational activities. For traditionalists this has been pointed to as one of the reasons that some team sports in particular are battling for numbers. The plethora of choice sees many young people choosing to taste rather than consume. It has been claimed that this erodes the value of sport, as key values such as persistence and perseverance aren’t being taught when children only flip in and flip out of activities and don’t commit fully to what they take up. It is important, however, that we seek to allow children to have as many meaningful experiences as we can so that in choosing they have to make judgements about what is of value to them and what is not. It is the job of the sports or recreational activity themselves to provide a meaningful experience that instils those values that sport can provide. Young people will persist and persevere if there is a reason to. Quite often the reason for this is that they enjoy what they are doing and want to continue. Or that the quality of the experience is such that it is worth them sticking with it. This is what sport organisations must think about. In order to achieve that sports must look at how they present their sport. How do the participants want to consume the sport. When is it played, where is it played, what support is there to become proficient or to excel? All of these are questions that increasingly sports need to consider. Pegasus Post article on a postelection spat between former Burwood- Pegasus Community Board chairwoman Andrea Cummings and current member Linda Stewart I was very disappointed to read Linda Stewart’s words about Andrea Cummings – it almost sounds like sour grapes, perhaps she thinks she should have been chair? However, how many were there on that board? Did they all feel like that? If so, why wasn’t it dealt with much earlier if that were the truth? I totally disagree with her words – Andrea has been at every possible event held in our area, I have been at a lot of them as well. I saw Linda at very few of those events. Andrea was sleeves up and helping as well, not just making an appearance. I also believe that most of New Brighton and South (New) Brighton know who Andrea is, have heard her speak and/or have spoken with her. I am unsure of her contact with North New Brighton, but I have friends there who also all know of her. Linda Stewart Linda saying Andrea was disconnected with the area is totally untrue – in fact if it wasn’t for the promenade, I would not have ever heard of Kim Money! And if it wasn’t for the Tiny Huts, I would never have spoken to Linda Stewart. She Andrea Cummings has always been off to the side unapproachable. Sorry, but her words were ungracious but worse, they were mean and certainly not in the spirit of good competition. I believe they should have been said before the election when they were allegedly pertinent, not the day after the election when Andrea had worked so hard on this campaign. Nobody deserves that. We said: Seagull-proof rubbish bins in New Brighton are proving not to be seagull-proof. Seems that bins on the foreshore and in the mall area installed by the city council at a cost of $2000, have proven no match for determined seagulls intent on ripping out fish and chip wrappers. Locals say though that the area is still a mess and having three different contractors working the same road is pointless. Do you agree? You said: Martin Pfaff – Maybe the seagulls are just too smart. Candice Johnson – Three contractors, seriously, that’s bloody madness. THE HOME OF GOOD BAKING SOUTHERN PLAINS BREAD VARIETIES (Excludes Spicy Fruit) ONLY $ 1 99 EA HOT DEAL! SALTED CARAMEL TRUFFLES 12pk ONLY CHEESE ROLLS 12pk Soft and fluffy, generously topped with cheese, perfect for BBQs and kid’s lunches. RASPBERRY SLICE $ ONLY 2 99 A divine ONLY raspberry slice $ 3 49 for all occasions. EA EA MILK Dairy Dale 2L varieties. $ 5 98 2 FOR or $3.19 each ANZAC FAMILY PACK BISCUITS $ 4 99 EA Promotional pricing available while stocks last from 31/10/16 to 06/11/16. Images are serving suggestions only. Open 7 days | 8 Convenient local locations Hornby • Barrington • Ferry Rd • Papanui • Riccarton • Upper Riccarton • New Brighton • Rangiora

PEGASUS POST Tuesday November 1 2016 7 Jill Reesby – One contractor to empty all bins. Stupid to have a rubbish contractor drive past full bins just because they are not the bin they are contracted for. And yes a post box-style bin for example like in McDonald’s, would hopefully be more seagull-proof, however, seagulls will adapt and may eventually work out a way of getting their fix. Merilyn Cooper – Clever seagulls. Jeff Bell – I read an article online where New Zealand’s seagull population is dropping and they will be endangered in 30 years, according to ornithologists. Doesn’t commonsense tell us that these birds have evolved now to rely on human scraps as part of their survival – they have become scavengers. Back in the 70s they used to live at rubbish dumps because mankind provided a feed on an open tip face – now they rely on rubbish bins. The ibis bird in Australia is in the same scenario. Chessa Crow – It’s not the bin design. It’s people and lack of collection. I walk the beach every day and see overflowing bins, especially after a weekend of wonderful weather where the suburb is crammed with visitors. Inevitably the rubbish from the overflowing bins is what blows around and makes a mess. I have sent several ‘snap, send, solve’ pictures to the city council to ask for the rubbish to be collected before the mess gets messier but, the wind whips in fast out here. More bins and more frequent collection is actually the answer, not a problem with bin design. Kevin Garty – Complicating the uncomplicated, one contractor is all that’s needed. Easier to hold accountable as well. This is not a contract for the NASA Pluto probe. Ann Carey – Very few bins in the city at all. Stupid. Lyle Robinson – Who’s paying for it? Roads first. We said: “It gives people the impression that they’re driving into a dump. Like it’s not loved and cared for.” New Brighton residents will have to put up with a potholed and cracked Pages Rd until at least the end of the year – and they are not happy. Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team removed planned repairs to the road, between Anzac Dr and the Pages Rd bridge, after it was decided last year the bridge would be repaired rather than rebuilt. But resident and Keep QEII in the East group chairwoman Jo Zervos (above) is not going to put up with it. She has started a petition to get urgent action over the state of the road. You said: Diane Hay – It’s simply not fair! They pay their rates! Why should they put up with it? Ann Carey – It’s awful to look at and so frustrating to deal with, I feel so very sorry for the people who have to live in the midst of all this mess. Ann Robinson – No, it’s not right, but will our esteemed mayor does anything other than form a committee to look into the reason why Pages Rd is still not fixed? Lyle Robinson – Well when you build on the wetlands the ground keeps moving. It’s happening all over New Zealand. Geo tech weren’t around when Pages Rd and New Brighton was formed 100 years back. It sucks I know. That’s why the west and south side of town is growing fast cause they’re on better ground. Build a flyover like Paparoa in the Bay of Plenty move the road to harder ground for the future. Luke Boyce – Got the lawns mowed today if that’s any consolation. Westbound lane by the bus stop still has the terrible smell (sewerage) stormwater issue. Snap, send and solve has had it logged since January and twice before but never got a call back as told and the roading crew never fixed it as told. ECan just doesn’t respond. Ken Weston – In the United Kingdom that would be considered a well made road! Spotted any lonely cones? There are a lot of lost, lonely road cones out there. We want to bring them home. We’re tidying up the streets as the SCIRT programme winds down. Please help us track down stray cones no longer on the job. We’ll put them back to work, or send them off to the giant cone melting pot in the sky. The CONEMOBILE is coming your way. SCIRT’s CONEMOBILE is hitting the streets to collect any road cones that have gone astray. Let us know if you’ve spotted a lost or wayward cone. Call the CONEMOBILE 0800 SCIRT CONE - 0800 7247 82663 email or visit Facebook/com/scirtcone Your support is helping us to get the job done. Thank you from the SCIRT team. Programme funded by