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Pegasus Post: December 19, 2017

Pegasus Post: December 19,

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2017 Locally Owned A Star Media Event Star Media I DO: Ashley Van de Loo and her fiance Zane Thoms will have the wedding they and their children, Millie and Luke, dreamed of after all. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER ​ Wedding dream comes true • By Bridget Rutherford ASHLEY VAN de Loo cancelled her big wedding to fiance Zane Thoms when her brother was diagnosed with a rare disease. But her North New Brighton community wasn’t having a bar of it. The couple got engaged in August, and started planning Mural livens up Mairehau A drab wall on Innes Rd has been brought to life with art by primary school pupils Page 4 Page 9 their big day. But four weeks later, Miss Van de Loo’s 18-year-old brother, Mitchell Pasco, was diagnosed with Takayasu arteritis, which causes chronic inflammation of large blood vessels and arteries. His condition means he could have a heart attack at any time, and has to have chemotherapy, medical appointments and daily medication. So they decided to cancel their big wedding plans to focus on his recovery. “I always dreamed of that beautiful, big wedding. But it wasn’t the right thing to do,” Miss Van de Loo said. Instead, they opted to marry at the registry office followed by Flame files finale After 518 columns Mark Thomas has one final message before retiring – check smoke alarms a barbecue reception at home on January 18, which will be their 10-year anniversary. On Monday, Miss Van de Loo posted on the Peoples Independent Republic of New Brighton Facebook page to see if anyone had fairy lights, trestle tables or decorations for the barbecue. •Turn to page 4 Sunday 18 March 2018 Vandals damage $20,000 pool cover • By Sarla Donovan VANDALS HAVE damaged a new $20,000 plastic roof at the Bromley School swimming pool. They cut a hole big enough for a person to climb through last Saturday. Contractor Darren King had recently finished putting on the new roof. “It’s never going to look nice for another eight years (when it will be replaced),“ Mr King said. “It’s like cutting a hole in a tent – you can patch it but it will never look the same.” The roof is made from greenhouse plastic and shade-cloth and measures 16m x 30m. “We’d have to strip it all back and replace the lot,” Mr King said. Principal Scot Kinley said it was “very disappointing” for the pupils. As well as the damaged roof, the vandals attacked the pool enclosure. They broke the toilet cisterns, poured liquid soap from the dispensers into the pool and threw in chairs and other items. •Turn to page 6 ONE OF A KIND For the person who has everything GIFTS!! Parklands Lotto & Post 60 Queenspark Drive, Parklands Shopping Centre. Ph. 383 0303 HOURS: Mon - Fri 8.30am-5.30pm, Late night Wed til 6.30pm, Sat 9.00am - 7.00pm