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Southern View: September 12, 2017

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday September 12 2017 Latest Christchurch news at GENERAL ELECTION 2017 – MEET THE CANDIDATES Port Hills electorate Eugenie Sage – Green Party We need a healthy environment for people and the economy to thrive. The Green Party wants to make our ‘100% Pure NZ’ image real again. As part of a progressive new government we will clean up our rivers and protect Canterbury’s aquifers, the source of our drinking water. We will use the revenue from a new charge on nitrogen pollution to help farmers change the way they farm to have fewer cows, more forestry, fruit, vegetable and grain crops. We will invest in conservation by doubling the Department of Conservation’s baseline funding to take care of our native plants and wildlife and natural heritage. These are all issues I have worked hard on in parliament. Giving your party vote to the Greens is a vote for a kinder, fairer society. To protect our environment and our economy and for real action on climate change, I would welcome your party vote. ​ Gary Gribben – Democrats for Social Credit The housing in our country is in a horrible state largely because the National government have been asleep at the wheel. A DSC Government would use Reserve Bank credit, low interest and suspensory loans for people starting out. We are very concerned at the way the present Government has abandoned our families. DSC would stamp out poverty to give our children a future with real tax reforms, including replacing GST with a tiny financial transaction tax. SOUTHERN VIEW We will also bring in a universal basic income which will take a lot of pressure off us all, helping put food on the table and a roof over our heads, and create better opportunities. Health funding including mental health together with education (no student loans) should be needs based. Local authorities, rail and shipping, environmental matters (climate change, cleaning up rivers, vermin eradication) will be funded by our own bank. Where to cast your vote Denis O’Rourke, New Zealand First National’s legacy is economic stagnation, poverty and a housing crisis. NZ First will increase the minimum wage over three years to at least $20/hour and provide compensation for businesses through the taxation system. We will raise benefits to a living income level and build thousands of modest homes on smaller sections, for first home buyers to purchase over 25 years without needing a deposit. Housing NZ will be fully funded. We will fully fund health services, improve mental health provision, and revise ACC. Tertiary education will be free (with conditions,) and we will set up workforce planning to match skills with demand, have career support services for both student and adults to find jobs. We will invest in economic development in the regions – beyond just road improvements – rebuild our neglected railways, and genuinely tackle climate change through innovation and large scale reafforestation. And we will clean up our lakes and rivers without water taxes. Some of the polling booths in Southern View area: Addington – Addington School, Brougham St; Kidsfirst Kindergarten, 366 Selwyn St; Sacred Heart Parish Hall, 70 Spencer St Beckenham – St Peters Parish Centre Hall, 11 Fisher Ave Cashmere – Landsdowne Community Centre, 4 Landsdowne Tce; Thorrington School, 22A Colombo St. Linwood – Aspire Canterbury, 314 Worcester St; Linwood Avenue School, 260 Linwood Ave; Linwood College, Student Centre, 85 Aldwins Rd; St Chad’s Anglican Church Hall, 1 Carnarvon St; Union Church Hall, 378 Linwood Ave; Linwood North School, 221 Woodham Rd. Opawa – Opawa Community Church, 1-5 Aynsley Tce; Opawa School, 30 Ford Rd; St Mark’s Church Hall, corner Opawa Rd & Vincent Pl Phillipstown – Phillipstown Community Centre, 39a Nursery Rd Spreydon – Christchurch South Intermediate Hall, 204 Selwyn St; St Martins Church, Neave Room, 50 Lincoln Rd; St Nicholas Church Hall, 231 Barrington St St Martins – Hillview Christian Junior School, 150 Wilsons Rd; St Martins School, 24 Albert Tce Somerfield – Somerfield School, 42 Studholme St Sydenham – Special Needs Library, 109 Huxley St Waltham – Canterbury Mineral and Lapidary Club, 110 Waltham Rd Woolston – Ara Christchurch, Woolston Campus, corner Ensors Rd & Sullivan Ave; Te Waka Unua, corner Ferry Rd & Hopkins St Discount for $20 with this voucher PC Problems? PC slow? Annoying errors and Pop Ups? Internet not working? Are you secure? Not really sure? care free computing Relax, with over 15 years experience we have the answers to ALL your PC problems. 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SOUTHERN VIEW Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday September 12 2017 9 News NEW CORRECTIONS recruit Charmaine Shaw is using her skills as the manager of the South Island Scorpions rugby league team in her new career as a frontline officer. She is working at Christchurch Women’s Prison after completing her 12-week Corrections officer development pathway course. She was presented with the minister’s excellence award acknowledging the leadership, passion and professionalism she displayed throughout her training. Mrs Shaw, of Halswell, says there are parallels between the skills she has honed through her involvement with the Scorpions and the approach she takes every day working in the prison. “You have to be dedicated and loyal to the task at hand,” she says. “Just like training for rugby league, you have to be committed whether it’s in the sunshine or in the pouring rain. You learn to take the not so good days with the really good days and recognise that’s just the way life rolls sometimes. You can’t get hung up on the negatives. “It’s like losing a game where you learn from what didn’t work well, accept the loss and maybe try a different strategy next time. “In the Scorpions, we want to encourage the young players to be good young men who will grow up to be good husbands and fathers. You want them to be positive contributors to society and get them to take all the opportunities given to them. “We look for talent and skill on the field, but the players’ attitude is their most important attribute. In a split second a person’s attitude can take them to a good place or a bad place – I’m looking for the same thing with the women in prison I work with.” Mrs Shaw says her work in education, with youth and with people with mental health issues has helped with her understanding of her new role. Her knowledge of Te Reo Maori will also be put to great use in the prison’s programmes. “I am proud to be Maori, the statistics for Maori in prisons are not very good and I want to be a positive Maori role model to the people I work with daily,” she said. “I feel very humbled to be in a role where I can influence others and utilise my people skills to assist and guide others to want to be better people and change their lives so that they never return to prison.” The Corrections officer development pathway is a new training package for custodial officers that blends on-the-job and classroom-based learning for Corrections officers and offender employment instructors. Each learner’s development is led and managed by their home prison and experienced prison Local News Now Parallels between sport and working in Corrections SKILLS: Charmaine Shaw is making a mark in her role at Christchurch Women’s Prison. Fire rages, homes at risk staff have a key role in progressing learners along the pathway. “I absolutely loved college and the experiences we had,” said Mrs Shaw. “Our facilitators were engaging, supportive and passionate in giving us the foundation tools we needed to start in our new roles on the frontline. “The camaraderie of both my Christchurch-based colleagues and also my wider training cohort was a huge driving force behind my learning,” she says. “I am loving being at Christchurch Women’s Prison. It is a great place to start my career and there are plenty of opportunities to continue learning.” Christchurch Women’s Prison director Wayne McKnight says although Mrs Shaw is new to Corrections she is already making her mark. “The skills she already learnt leading to her career change to Corrections have put her in a good place for this role. Working in a prison can be extremely challenging but also rewarding.” “Much like sports management, it is all about people, mentoring and looking for that opportunity to influence change. You need to be patient, supportive and constantly watching for that opportunity.” FILL UP FOR LESS THIS SEPTEMBER WITH YOUR SUPERGOLD CARD. Save per 12litre* *Terms and Conditions apply. Head into your local participating challenge service station and save 12 cents off per litre with your SuperGold card. Find your local challenge station at