Slipstream - February 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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<strong>February</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

Published by the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

• Father’s Day Picnic<br />

• Sunday Drive<br />

• Rally School<br />

Past Events<br />

• Wild Wildflowers<br />

• May at Mayo’s<br />

• Results<br />

June 2007 - Published by the Maverick Region<br />

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Volume 56, Issue 2, <strong>February</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

Find event updates at http://mav.pca.org, follow on Instagram at http://instagram.com/MaverickPCA<br />

and join our Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/mavpca/<br />

Features<br />

50 Years With PCA: Bill and Hertha Hughes...................... 6<br />

Kruder’s Cars & Conversation........................................ 12<br />

Tech Session Program for <strong>2018</strong>...................................... 14<br />

Porsche Trivia................................................................ 14<br />

Porsche of the Month..................................................... 15<br />

Favorite Porsche Moments of 2017................................. 18<br />

Maverick Driving Tours Program for <strong>2018</strong>....................... 21<br />

Boot Campaign Charity: Santa Boots.............................. 25<br />

DIY: Repairing Your Porsche Key Transmitter.................... 27<br />

Five Speed Chatter........................................................ 29<br />

Maverick Financial Statement for 2017........................... 31<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Board Meetings............................................................... 7<br />

Autocross Schedule....................................................... 16<br />

High Performance Driver Education Schedule.................. 16<br />

Maverick Lunch Series...................................................17<br />

Monthly Social..............................................................17<br />

Mavs & Mochas............................................................17<br />

Departments<br />

Sprockets (President’s Column)......................................... 2<br />

Maverick of the Month..................................................... 2<br />

List of Officers and Board Chairs...................................... 4<br />

Zone 5 Presidents............................................................4<br />

New Mavericks and Anniversaries.................................... 9<br />

Unclassifieds................................................................. 34<br />

Advertiser Index............................................................ 34<br />

Around the Bend (Editor’s Column)................................. 36<br />

See more details and check for event updates via<br />

the QR code here or our online calendar at<br />

http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar<br />

Board Meeting..................................................... (Wed) 7<br />

Monthly Social: Silver Fox, Grapevine..................... (Thu) 8<br />

Mavs & Mochas: Frogg Coffee Bar, Allen............... (Sat) 10<br />

Lewisville area lunch............................................. (Tue) 13<br />

Richardson and Southlake area lunches.................(Thu) 22<br />

DE: MotorSport Ranch..............................(Sat-Sun) 24-25<br />

Autocross #1: Lone Star Park................................(Sun) 25<br />

PCA Club Race and DE: COTA....................... (Fri-Sun) 2-4<br />

Board Meeting..................................................... (Wed) 7<br />

Mavs & Mochas: Zims Autotechnik........................ (Sat) 10<br />

Lewisville area lunch............................................. (Tue) 13<br />

MONTHLY SOCIAL TBD..................................(Thu) 15<br />

Autocross #2: Mineral Wells Airpark.....................(Sun) 18<br />

Richardson and Southlake area lunches.................(Thu) 22<br />

Maverick Driving Tour: TBD...................................(Sun) 25<br />

Alan Bambina shared his<br />

favorite Porsche Moment of<br />

2017: “After a one month<br />

search, I found a car that<br />

checked all the boxes; ‘15,<br />

white, manual trans. Home<br />

run.” on pages 18-19 along<br />

with 30 other members.<br />

Photo by Alan Bambina<br />

Event Dates<br />

<strong>February</strong><br />

March<br />

On the Cover<br />

An unusual perspective of the interior from a 2011<br />

Porsche 911 Turbo S. This “1 of 1” model features a<br />

full leather Paint to Sample (PTS) Lipstick Red interior<br />

with a PTS Polar Silver exterior.<br />

Photo by Peter Wen<br />

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Sprockets: You Never Know Who You Might Meet at a Maverick Event<br />

By David Robertson, Region President<br />

s mentioned in the past, I am always amazed<br />

A<br />

at the different walks of life that people in<br />

our club hail from. Club members are here<br />

from the four corners of the earth and everywhere<br />

in between. It’s always fun to discover when<br />

a member I have known for years has an interesting<br />

background, or I learn something I never knew about<br />

them while we are casually chatting at a Maverick event.<br />

Passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and I really enjoy<br />

talking to all of our members who are passionate<br />

about anything they do, whether it is the cars that they<br />

love, their chosen career path, or a cause that they support.<br />

Artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business owners,<br />

and even a few oil barons are all within our ranks,<br />

and we all love to get together and talk about our main<br />

shared interest which is our cars!<br />

With this shared passion of ours, we have the opportunity<br />

to meet people that can give us insight into<br />

a world with which we may not be so familiar. As an<br />

example, there seems to be a big connection with<br />

Porsches and airplane pilots. Perhaps the thrill of flying<br />

a fighter jet, commanding an airline aircraft, or flying<br />

famous people around the globe translates well to the<br />

thrill of driving a Porsche. I will never fully understand<br />

the connection, as my eyesight kept me from getting<br />

too far with this pursuit in my youth, but it is a lot of<br />

fun to hear these folks discuss their exploits when we<br />

are together at a Maverick event.<br />

In this club I have met so many interesting people<br />

from a very diverse set of backgrounds, and I am quite<br />

a newcomer compared to most. As a newbie and a<br />

Porsche neophyte, I struck up a conversation with<br />

a gentleman at one of our events who turned out to<br />

be Peter Schutz, the Porsche CEO who saved the 911!<br />

(Yes, I was and I am still quite embarrassed that I didn’t<br />

know who he was at the time). At the next Maverick<br />

event just ask and listen, you will be amazed at what interesting<br />

things you will discover about our members!<br />

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor<br />

1235 William D. Tate Ave<br />

Grapevine, TX 76051<br />

817-329-6995<br />

944. As a fan of the 944, Ginger volunteered to organize<br />

the November 2017 Mavs & Mochas 944 35th<br />

anniversary special event, and through her efforts we<br />

had 30 beautiful 944s in the showcase. Ginger is a great<br />

example of the great things that happen through our<br />

volunteers here in the Maverick Region PCA.<br />

MAV OF THE MONTH: Ginger Heuerman<br />

Our Mav of the Month is Ginger Heuerman. Ginger<br />

participated in our Halloween Rally back in 2016 and<br />

was motivated to create a quilt as a gift to the club. The<br />

quilt took Ginger 10 months to craft, and it turned out<br />

to be such a work of art that a decision was made to<br />

raffle it off for charity. The raffle was a huge success,<br />

and generated almost $1700, which was donated to the<br />

Patriot Paws charity. While Ginger was creating the<br />

quilt, she and her husband began attending the<br />

monthly Mavs & Mochas events in their highly modified<br />

2 <strong>February</strong>


<strong>2018</strong> Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs<br />

President<br />

David Robertson<br />

617-797-0516<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />

Autocross Chair<br />

Mark Schnoerr<br />

ax@mavpca.org<br />

Vice President<br />

Jim Falgout<br />

vp@mavpca.org<br />

Charity Chair<br />

Chris Hamilton<br />

hope@mavpca.org<br />

Secretary<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

secretary@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Pat Heptig<br />

214-649-7907<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

Treasurer<br />

Deborah Fike<br />

972-672-4282.<br />

treasurer@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Joel Nannis<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

Concours Chair<br />

Mike Mahoney<br />

801-230-1482<br />

concours@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chair<br />

ChrisTabor<br />

817-371-4888<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chief Driving Instr.<br />

John Sandusky<br />

817-777-0421<br />

cdi@mavpca.org<br />

DE Equipment Mgr.<br />

Hunter Allen<br />

deequip@mavpca.org<br />

DE Hospitality<br />

Rose Gohlke<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

DE Sponsorship<br />

Daren Kirbo<br />

254-396-2973<br />

desponsorship@mavpca.org<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Brian Scudder<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Matt Platts<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Goodie Store<br />

Chris Flaugh<br />

214-288-5300<br />

goodiestore@mavpca.org<br />

Histographer, Tenured<br />

Charlie Davis<br />

historian@mavpca.org<br />

Marketing, Social<br />

Media Chair<br />

Bill Orr<br />

bill@billorr.com<br />

Membership Chair,<br />

Past President<br />

John Hamilton<br />

817-907-7823<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Monthly Social Chair<br />

Position Open<br />

hh@mavpca.org<br />

Online Calendar<br />

Karl Poulsen<br />

calendar@mavpca.org<br />

PCA Tours Co-Chair<br />

Mark Pitarresi<br />

817-715-7156<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

PCA Tours Co-Chair<br />

Tom Gomer<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

Don Sebert<br />

214-613-6900<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

George Luxbacher<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Registrar, Club Race/DE<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

crreg@mavpca.org<br />

deregistrar@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Co-Chair<br />

Wayne Elliott<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Co-Chair<br />

Bob Kramer<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Advertising,<br />

Coffee Meets<br />

Bill Kruder<br />

214-497-0711<br />

ads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor<br />

Jim Hirsch<br />

972-740-7377<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Content Ed.<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Event<br />

Ad Design<br />

Kurt Scaggs<br />

eventads@mavpca.org<br />

Tech Sessions Chair<br />

Michael Baynton<br />

214-641-2848<br />

techcorner@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Mailing<br />

Andy Mears<br />

214-394-5857<br />

mailing@mavpca.org<br />

Time Trial Chair,<br />

(AX/TT Rules)<br />

Travis Howard<br />

214-616-6152<br />

tt@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Printing<br />

Fran Ussery<br />

972--438-8344 (W)<br />

817-481-8342 (H)<br />

printing@mavpca.org<br />

TT Registrar, AX/TT<br />

Schools, Swap Meets<br />

Robyn Howard<br />

214-991-0873<br />

drivingschools@mavpca.org<br />

Social Chair<br />

Debi Gibson<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Trivia Chair<br />

Jerry DeFeo<br />

972-240-5800<br />

trivia@mavpca.org<br />

Volunteers Chair<br />

Jim Gallegos<br />

214-697-0792<br />

volunteers@mavpca.org<br />

Web Site Chair<br />

James Shoffit<br />

972-786-6246<br />

webmaster@mavpca.org<br />

ARK-LA-TEX<br />

Ken Chandler<br />

bad968@bellsouth.net,<br />


Bryan Kerrick<br />

bksailspadre@<br />

sbcglobal.net<br />

<strong>2018</strong> PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative<br />


Steve Bukoski<br />

president@lsrpca.com<br />


Scott Spradley<br />

swsprad@bellsouth.net<br />

OZARK<br />

Jim Woolly<br />

jim.carol_NOSPAM@<br />

sbcglobal.net<br />


Mike Hamza<br />

mikehamza944@<br />

gmail.com<br />


Joy Jones<br />

presidentcmr@gmail.<br />

com<br />


Tracey Gross<br />

president@hcrpca.org<br />


Charles Bush<br />

president@longhornpca.org<br />


David Robertson<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />


Randal Goodman<br />

drtoys42@aol.com<br />


Leonard Zechiedrich<br />

whiteriverregionpca@<br />

gmail.com<br />

ZONE 5 REP<br />

Jon Jones<br />

zone5rep@pca.org<br />

www.zone5.pca.org<br />

4 <strong>February</strong>



$195<br />


$187<br />

MOBIL 1 OIL<br />










2520 Tarpley Rd. Suite 700<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

(972) 418-1996<br />

innovativeautosports.com<br />

innovativeautosportstx@gmail.com<br />


50 Years With PCA: Bill and Hertha Hughes<br />

As told to Carey Spreen, Region Secretary<br />

ill Hughes became interested in a VW after<br />

B<br />

he graduated from high school in Joliet, IL<br />

in 1956. That summer, on a European tour,<br />

he enjoyed touring the Volkswagen factory<br />

in Wolfsburg, Germany. So when it came time to buy<br />

his first car, he purchased a ’61 VW Beetle.<br />

Following graduation from the University of Illinois<br />

– Champaign/Urbana with a BA in Mathematics and<br />

Physics, Bill went to work for Boeing in Seattle on the<br />

Minuteman project. With his Beetle’s manual transmission,<br />

a 1200cc engine, and 40 horsepower, Bill had no<br />

problem climbing the steepest Seattle hills with ease.<br />

But whenever he took the Beetle for service at University<br />

Motors, he couldn’t help but notice the Porsches<br />

on the showroom floor; in particular, there was a 1962<br />

Roadster that caught his eye.<br />

In 1964, Bill transferred with Boeing to Huntsville,<br />

AL to work on the Apollo program, doing Saturn V firststage<br />

trajectory design. By 1965, he was making $8,800<br />

a year, while the base price of the 1965 356SC coupe<br />

was about $4,700, so he figured he could finally afford<br />

one. Conveniently, there was a Porsche dealer, Continental<br />

Cars, in Huntsville, so he bought the car you see<br />

in the photo accompanying this article: a Dolphin Grey<br />

1965 356SC. (Bill wanted a silver one, but Porsche was<br />

experiencing issues with the silver paint, so Dolphin<br />

Grey was the replacement color.)<br />

Bill was particularly excited<br />

that his 356SC represented the<br />

performance and development<br />

peak for the Typ 356 model in<br />

its last year of production, having<br />

been produced for 17 years,<br />

from 1948-1965. He named his<br />

car the Grey Ghost after one of<br />

his favorite ‘50s TV shows (The<br />

Gray Ghost), about Major John<br />

Mosby, whose Mosby’s Raiders<br />

created havoc behind Union<br />

lines in the Civil War.<br />

In 1967, Bill met with a<br />

group of Porsche owners in<br />

Huntsville, who petitioned PCA<br />

to form a local region. In 1968,<br />

PCA chartered the Heart O’ Dixie<br />

Region, based in Huntsville,<br />

replacing a dormant region formerly<br />

based in Birmingham. It<br />

included Alabama, Mississippi,<br />

southern Tennessee, and west<br />

Florida. Bill was one of the 15<br />

6 <strong>February</strong><br />

Bill and Hertha Hughes with their grandchildren<br />

charter members. To communicate with its far-flung<br />

members, Bill volunteered to write a mimeographed<br />

newsletter, which he named Der Wanderer. Bill also<br />

served as President of the Heart of O’ Dixie Region in<br />

1970.<br />

It was during this period that Bill met Hertha in<br />

Huntsville, after she returned in 1967 from her Fulbright<br />

Scholarship in Applied Mathematics in Germany.<br />

She also drove a VW Beetle, purchased in 1966.<br />

In Huntsville, Hertha went to work for IBM’s Federal<br />

Systems Division as an engineer, doing flight program<br />

design work for the Saturn V rocket, supporting multiple<br />

Apollo missions (including Apollo 11) as well as<br />

the Skylab program. As the space program was winding<br />

down, Bill took an educational leave of absence<br />

in 1970 from Boeing, returning to graduate school at<br />

the University of Michigan. Bill and Hertha married<br />

in 1971 and moved together to Ann Arbor, MI, so Bill<br />

could complete his master’s degree in Public Policy.<br />

Hertha transferred with IBM as a systems engineer into<br />

a branch office in Detroit, supporting Chrysler and<br />

Education customers. After graduation, Bill was hired<br />

by U-M in their Academic Planning Office.<br />

While they lived in Ann Arbor, the Hughes were in<br />

the PCA Southeast Michigan Region. At this time, the<br />

356 Registry was formed to perpetuate interest in the<br />

Typ 356. It is much more informal<br />

and less competitive than<br />

PCA. From Ann Arbor, they<br />

enjoyed local 356 Holidays,<br />

essentially long weekends, to<br />

Columbus, OH and Indianapolis,<br />

IN, where they were able to<br />

drive their car on Indianapolis<br />

Motor Speedway. What a thrill!<br />

Best of all, their son Erik was<br />

born in 1974, and their lives<br />

were enriched and transformed<br />

forever.<br />

For career opportunities, the<br />

Hughes made two more moves.<br />

In 1980, they moved to Darien,<br />

CT where they were in the PCA<br />

Connecticut Valley Region. Bill<br />

joined Columbia University in<br />

NYC, and Hertha worked at<br />

IBM’s Data Processing Division<br />

HQ. Finally, in 1983 they moved<br />

to Dallas and the Maverick Region.<br />

Here Bill joined SMU and<br />

Hertha managed several IBM

The Grey Ghost - 1965 356SC<br />

technology programs, later leading IBM’s Worldwide<br />

Business Partner Program for Software.<br />

In addition to the 356SC, Bill currently owns a silver<br />

1994 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet, which they enjoy driving<br />

when A/C makes it so much more comfortable. And,<br />

for a few years, Bill owned a 1973 914 2.0, so he could<br />

do some autocrossing.<br />

In the PCA Maverick Region, Bill, Hertha, and Erik<br />

were very active in the rally program in the mid ‘80s,<br />

with Bill trying his hand at running a Hare and Hound<br />

rally. Bill and Hertha enjoyed working as volunteers at<br />

the 1987 D/FW Parade, and also participated in Porsche<br />

Parades in Colorado Springs, Aspen, and Steamboat<br />

Springs. In addition, they particularly enjoyed traveling<br />

many times with other Mavs to Lafayette, LA for a<br />

multi-region event hosted by PCA Whiskey Bay Region.<br />

They participated in a murder mystery event staged in<br />

Jefferson, TX by Diane Butler, from Whiskey Bay, with<br />

Hertha and Erik surprisingly solving the mystery. They<br />

have enjoyed 356 Holidays in Mystic CT, Taos NM, Sedona<br />

AZ, Charleston SC, and Durango CO, and have<br />

traveled to local 356 events in Helen, GA and Franklin,<br />

TN.<br />

In 1987, local 356 enthusiasts formed the DFW 356<br />

Tub Club. Bill and Hertha have been very active in this<br />

club, particularly after retiring in 2002-2003. Bill handles<br />

club communications, while Hertha has organized<br />

many club road trips. The club meets every month<br />

for breakfast across DFW and beyond. It’s the people<br />

that make this club so special -- both the men and the<br />

women. Every year, driving tours are planned for the<br />

spring and fall. Hertha organized a tour to Big Bend<br />

National Park, and has also planned and led three trips<br />

to Arkansas: one trip to Mt. Magazine (highest mountain<br />

in Arkansas) and the Pig Trail; another to Queen<br />

Wilhelmina State Park and the Talemina Parkway; and<br />

a third to the Ozark Folk Arts Center. Normally, the<br />

trips include 10 to 12 cars with 20 to 24 people. All love<br />

to drive their old cars! Bill definitely believes Porsches<br />

were built to be driven!<br />

In 2004, Bill and Hertha had an exciting trip to the<br />

Daytona International Speedway and caught up with<br />

several of Bill’s old friends from Huntsville. Very special<br />

was the time they spent with Jim Watson from Lewisburg,<br />

TN who sold Bill his first Porsche in Huntsville,<br />

and has worked on both of Bill’s current Porsches over<br />

the years.<br />

And now, Bill and Hertha are proud grandparents<br />

of three grandchildren: Kathryn (11 years old) and the<br />

twins, Erin (8) and Jason (8). These are Erik’s kids who<br />

live in Raleigh, NC. Since 2013, the Hughes now have<br />

a second home in Raleigh and regularly travel there<br />

3-4 times a year to spend as much time as possible with<br />

their grandchildren, going to soccer games, to band<br />

concerts, and on excursions. What a special joy it is to<br />

be grandparents and to be able to share this time with<br />

them! Erik is now North American Director for Manufacturing<br />

Sciences at Biogen, a major pharmaceutical<br />

company, and his wife, Sarah, is a medical doctor, licensed<br />

in internal medicine and pediatrics.<br />

Over the last 50 years, Bill and Hertha have loved<br />

the journey they’ve experienced through ownership of<br />

their Porsches. It’s always been the people they met<br />

and befriended along the way that have made it so enjoyable<br />

and worthwhile.<br />


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it’s own room.<br />

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GaragesOfTexas.com • Facebook.com/GaragesOfTexas<br />

8 <strong>February</strong>

Welcome Our New Mavericks!<br />

By John Hamilton, Region Membership Chair<br />

Mark Alphonso<br />

Colleyville<br />

2007 911 Carrera S<br />

Jason Ellis<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2013 911 Carrera S<br />

Paul Kelleher<br />

Corinth<br />

2007 911 Carrera 4S<br />

If you have any changes that<br />

you would like to make to the<br />

MRPCA membership guide,<br />

contact John Hamilton at<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Tim Schutze<br />

Dallas<br />

2005 Boxster S<br />

Manu Bhatia<br />

Plano<br />

2015 Boxster<br />

Elizabeth Fergerson<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2002 911 Turbo<br />

Greg Kneifl<br />

Dallas<br />

2014 Cayenne<br />

Scott Sewell<br />

Westworth Village<br />

2014 Boxster S<br />

William Bone<br />

Wichita Falls<br />

2008 Cayman<br />

Chris Funk<br />

Argyle<br />

2001 911 Carrera<br />

Mike Krieger<br />

Forth Worth<br />

2013 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Ram Viswanathan<br />

Carrollton<br />

2006 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Jon Brooks<br />

Arlington<br />

2014 Boxster<br />

Gary Brown<br />

Fort Worth<br />

2017 Panamera<br />

Robert Caglia<br />

Prosper<br />

2015 911 GT3<br />

Brad Davis<br />

Dallas<br />

1995 911 Carrera<br />

Peter Donovan<br />

Allen<br />

2015 Panamera<br />

Mark Early<br />

Dallas<br />

2017 911 Carrera<br />

Sudeep Gupta<br />

Allen<br />

<strong>2018</strong> 911 Carrera<br />

Joshua Gutjahr<br />

Tyler<br />

2004 911 Carrera<br />

John Hromadka<br />

Southlake<br />

2017 Cayenne<br />

John Huffman<br />

Dallas<br />

2014 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Chris & Nathaniel Johnson<br />

Hurst<br />

2006 911 Carrera S<br />

Andrew Kahl<br />

Dallas<br />

2015 911 Carrera 4<br />

Rob Lay<br />

Southlake<br />

2015 911 GT3<br />

Matt Leffers<br />

Dallas<br />

2009 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Doug Maclay<br />

Dallas<br />

2013 Cayenne S<br />

Shezad Malik<br />

Dallas<br />

2013 911 Carrera 4<br />

David Mathews<br />

Plano<br />

1973 911T Targa<br />

Jon Rafpor<br />

Dallas<br />

1996 911 Targa<br />

Transfers In<br />

Bob Andrews<br />

Royse City<br />

Transfer From: ORC<br />

1988 928 S4<br />

Chris Kidd<br />

Southlake<br />

Transfer From: STL<br />

1972 911T & 2009 911<br />

Greg Kneifl<br />

Dallas<br />

Transfer From: ORC<br />

2014 Cayenne<br />

Eric Long (Zlatan Nezic)<br />

Dallas<br />

Transfer From: SFL<br />

2017 911 Carrera S<br />

Murray F. Tysinger (Jan)<br />

Wylie<br />

Transfer From: CAR<br />

2007 Cayman<br />

Maverick Membership Stats<br />

Members: 1,769 Affiliate Members: 888 Total Membership: 2,657<br />

Anniversaries: <strong>February</strong><br />

35 Years<br />

Joseph Berdis (Heidi) McKinney<br />

Cyril Reif (Marion)<br />

Brian Petri<br />

Darrell Clarke<br />

Doreen Petri<br />

20 Years<br />

McKinney<br />

15 Years<br />

North Richland Hills<br />

Aledo<br />

North Richland Hills<br />

Torben Nielsen<br />

Jeff Kraemer (Mary)<br />

Chris Tabor<br />

Rob Stewart<br />

Michael McMorran<br />

Bradford Simmons<br />

Brad Stampa<br />

Dustin Marks<br />

Cecilia Nielsen<br />

Shannon Tabor<br />

Ann Stewart<br />

Sandy Simmons<br />

Mechelle Coate<br />

5 Years<br />

Highland Village<br />

Prosper<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Richardson<br />

Dallas<br />

Flower Mound<br />

Allen<br />

McKinney<br />

Highland Village<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Richardson<br />

Flower Mound<br />

Lubbock<br />


Like a Personal Trainer for your Porsche!<br />

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Track day preparation<br />

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With this coupon. Brake Flush with MOTUL Brake Fluid. Offer includes complimentary car wash and vacuum.<br />

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MarvelousHomeMakeovers.com | 972.951.1932 | Botond@MarvelousHomeMakeovers.com<br />


Kruder’s Cars & Conversations<br />

By Bill Kruder, Region Advertising Chair<br />

his month takes on<br />

T<br />

a different twist than<br />

most on how I met this<br />

Porsche enthusiast;<br />

frankly, up until writing, this we<br />

had never met. The reason for our<br />

meeting was in large part thanks to<br />

John Labunski, “Pops”’ son-in-law.<br />

John and Pops attended Mavs &<br />

Mochas at Highland Park Village as<br />

part of our Founders Day Celebration.<br />

Upon arriving, they were surprised<br />

to see some 200 Porsches, including<br />

several 356s. As they walked<br />

amongst the cars, Pops commented<br />

“I bought that one, which was our<br />

356 coupe with the tree on it,” and<br />

then over breakfast the memories<br />

came flooding back as Pops proceeded<br />

to tell John stories of his<br />

past cars. John just had to share this<br />

story of a man and his love affair<br />

with Porsches, maybe the longest<br />

Porsche owner he knows (back to<br />

1958), and I knew immediately I<br />

needed to share this conversation.<br />

So here is the next individual in<br />

my series of “conversations” I would<br />

like to share with you . . .<br />

Albert “Pops” Magazzine,<br />

Porsche Enthusiast since 1958,<br />

Owner today of a 2011 (997)<br />

Bill Kruder: So are you originally<br />

from here?<br />

Pops: No I grew up in<br />

Youngstown, a small steel city in<br />

Ohio between Pittsburgh and<br />

Cleveland.<br />

BK: And how did you find yourself<br />

in Dallas?<br />

Pops: Well, back in the day, I was<br />

in the Air Force and stationed at<br />

Perrin Air Station in Sherman, and<br />

eventually, years later, after lots of<br />

moving around the world, ended<br />

back here, and now I call Dallas<br />

home.<br />

12 <strong>February</strong><br />

BK: And what did you do in the Air<br />

Force?<br />

Pops: I was a fighter pilot and<br />

trainer, flying the early T-33 Shooting<br />

Star, which was essentially the<br />

training craft for the P-80, and later<br />

the F-4 fighters.<br />

BK: And did you make a career out<br />

of it?<br />

Pops: I did. I was in for 20 years<br />

and 1 month, retiring in 1975.<br />

BK: What did you do as a second<br />

career after retiring?<br />

Pops: DFW Airport had just<br />

opened in 1973 and I was hired<br />

shortly thereafter, working there<br />

for nearly 38 years in various jobs,<br />

primarily in operations, and ended<br />

up in “Code enforcement” on DFW<br />

construction projects.<br />

BK: Ok so let’s talk cars. Were you<br />

always a Porsche guy?<br />

Pops: Heck no! Where I was<br />

from it was all American cars. We<br />

were into muscle cars. It wasn’t till I<br />

joined the Air Force that I even really<br />

paid any attention to Porsches,<br />

and that was because I found myself<br />

stationed in Germany, and all<br />

the pilots were buying them.<br />

BK: So what was your first Porsche?<br />

Pops: That was a 1958 356A<br />

coupe; I was stationed in Germany<br />

and ordered it there. I paid<br />

$3200 cash for it, which was a crazy<br />

amount of money<br />

considering that I was<br />

making $250 a month,<br />

and that included my<br />

flight pay (laughing).<br />

BK: Tell me more<br />

about that car?<br />

Pops: It was Red<br />

with Savannah interior,<br />

had chrome<br />

knock-off wheels, a radio,<br />

and an extra side<br />

mirror as the only options. Think<br />

the knock off wheels were a $100<br />

option, and the extra mirror cost<br />

me another $3 (laughing). I still<br />

have the sticker and receipt.<br />

BK: So you brought it home with<br />

you?<br />

Pops: I did! I had it shipped to<br />

New York, and in those days they<br />

would come off the ship and be<br />

pushed by hand around the lot<br />

until picked up. Well somewhere<br />

along the line they dented it in a<br />

couple spots. I then picked it up in<br />

NY and drove it the 1500 miles to<br />

Dallas. Once here, when I needed<br />

to get it repaired, the only shop<br />

doing work on Porsches was Van<br />

Winkle Pontiac of all places. As I recall<br />

it was located in the city around<br />

Oak Lawn and Avondale maybe.<br />

BK: And how long did you have it?<br />

Pops: I sold it in 1961; I was being<br />

shipped off to Japan, so I drove<br />

to California and sold it for I think<br />

$900.<br />

BK: So what was next?<br />

Pops: Well, some time had<br />

passed and I found myself in<br />

England in 1974. I bought a 1965<br />

356C and I don’t have to tell you<br />

how much rust this car had, having<br />

spent 10 years on the roads there.<br />

I brought it back to the States with<br />

me and ending up selling it for I<br />

think $1500.<br />

Pop’s Red 1958 356A coupe

BK: But I understand that wasn’t<br />

your last 356?<br />

Pops: No, there was yet one<br />

more. At this point I had retired<br />

from the Air Force and lived now in<br />

Dallas; this was 1976. I found a 1961<br />

B, black with the double grill, at essentially<br />

a junk yard in<br />

Weatherford. I bought<br />

it and had it running<br />

pretty well and decided<br />

to basically restore it.<br />

I drove it up to Ohio,<br />

where I have a nephew<br />

who restored cars, so<br />

he took on the project.<br />

We restored the body,<br />

taking out all the fillers,<br />

and changed the<br />

color, painting it Fish<br />

Silver Grey. I loved that<br />

’61; I drove it for about<br />

15-16 years and sold it<br />

in 1992.<br />

BK: And thinking you did a little<br />

better selling this one than the previous<br />

two?<br />

Pops: Yes we did! (laughing) I<br />

think I had about $15,000 in it and<br />

sold it for $45,000.<br />

John and Pops at the December Founders Day Mavs & Mochas<br />

BK: Then I hear you jumped into the<br />

modern era of Porsches?<br />

Pops: I did. I bought a 1998<br />

Boxster, and still today drive a 2011<br />

Cream White 997 as my daily driver,<br />

with my co-pilot Dutch.<br />

And that’s the story<br />

of how a young serviceman<br />

finds himself attracted<br />

to a funny little<br />

car and the car guy lifestyle,<br />

and soon finds<br />

himself in a lifelong<br />

love affair with Porsche.<br />

I’d like to also thank<br />

Lieutenant Colonel<br />

(Ret.) Albert Magazzine<br />

for his service around<br />

the world including<br />

Germany, Japan, England,<br />

and Vietnam.<br />

Lastly for his long dedication<br />

to PCA and the<br />

Porsches he so loved<br />

and kept on the roads<br />

for us to enjoy today.<br />


Maverick Tech Sessions: What to Expect<br />

By Michael Baynton, Region Tech Sessions Chair<br />

ave you ever wondered . . .<br />

H<br />

• Should I use conventional or synthetic<br />

motor oil?<br />

• How do I best protect my car’s paint?<br />

• What brands of tires are approved for Porsches?<br />

• What are coil-overs, and do I really need them?<br />

Our beloved Porsches are fantastically fun, capable,<br />

and well-engineered vehicles. And as such, they can<br />

also be highly complex and require very specific care<br />

and handling to optimize their reliability and performance.<br />

But that complexity often leads to confusion,<br />

conflicting advice, and a knowledge base beyond that<br />

of the typical Porsche owner.<br />

To help remedy that—and to help educate and inform<br />

our members—our Mav PCA Tech Sessions are<br />

designed to provide practical and useful information<br />

on a wide range of topics.<br />

They are casual affairs, with no previous knowledge<br />

needed to benefit. In fact, the opposite is true:<br />

bring your questions and have them answered by our<br />

experts! These tech sessions are typically not designed<br />

to be hands-on, so you won’t be working on your own<br />

Porsche. Think “FYI,” not “DIY.” So join us for some<br />

coffee, camaraderie, and a wealth of useful information<br />

and tips. But sign up quickly—these sessions have<br />

limited enrollment based on venue size, and they fill<br />

up fast.<br />

We are still building out our schedule for <strong>2018</strong>, and<br />

we plan to have 4-6 sessions throughout the year. So<br />

keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming<br />

sessions. And if you have any suggestions or questions,<br />

please don’t hesitate to email us at techsessions@<br />

mavpca.org.<br />

December Trivia Questions and Results<br />

By Jerry DeFeo<br />

Sponsored by Zims Autotechnik<br />

You can test your knowledge (or Google search ability)<br />

of all things Porsche by participating in the monthly<br />

trivia contest posted online at http://mav.pca.org/<br />

trivia. Answers are due by the last day of each month.<br />

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift<br />

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the<br />

case of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.<br />

The winner for our December Trivia is Tom Martin<br />

who answered four out of five questions correctly.<br />

Tom, please contact Kirk at Zim’s to claim your $25 gift<br />

certificate. The questions for the December Trivia are<br />

shown to the right with the correct answers below.<br />

Answers: 1) d 2) d 3) b 4) b 5) d<br />

1. Last month we talked about 901 and 911 production<br />

numbers. But before there were 82 Porsche 901s produced,<br />

how many 901 prototypes were built?<br />

a. 6 b. 9 c. 10 d. 13<br />

Source: Porsche Panorama, Nov 2016, p 63<br />

2. When you speak of early 911s (1965-73), many people say<br />

that the coveted 911S is the one to own. There was also a<br />

911E, 911L, and 911T. In 1969, Car and Driver magazine<br />

determined the best all-around 911. Which one was it?<br />

a. 911E b. 911L c. 911 S d. 911T<br />

Source: Porsche Panorama, Jan 2008, p 26<br />

3. A 914 owner wanted to know how to best relocate the fuel<br />

pump on his 1974 914 so as to reduce vapor lock issues. Our<br />

own Ed Mayo said it was not overly difficult to relocate it,<br />

but powering it could be. The system was only designed to<br />

run the pump for ______ seconds unless the engine starts.<br />

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 6<br />

Source: Porsche Panorama, July 2017, p 128<br />

4. The Baja 1000 race in Mexico began in 1967, but Porsche<br />

was not able to win until 1986. To win the Baja 1000, shocks<br />

are a key performance element. A recommended coil-over<br />

shock for 964s is a special order EXE-TC set with 9” of<br />

travel. How much are they per shock, in round numbers?<br />

a. $2500 b. $3000 c. $3500 d. $4000<br />

Source: Porsche Panorama, August 2017, p 62<br />

5. It took Porsche some 54 years to sell 1,000,000 911s, but<br />

only ______ years to sell 750,000 Cayenne SUVs.<br />

a. 12 b. 13 c. 14 d. 15<br />

Source: MotorTrend Internet, Oct 27, 2017<br />

14 <strong>February</strong>

Porsche of the Month<br />

Selected by Bill Orr, Region Marketing Chair<br />

2005 Fayence Yellow Porsche Carrera GT, “Mavs & Mochas – Dec 2017” Photo by Bob Molyneux<br />


Upcoming Maverick Region Events<br />

16 <strong>February</strong>

17<br />

Upcoming Maverick Region Events

Favorite Porsche Moments of 2017<br />

Compiled by Jim Hirsch, <strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor<br />

ith <strong>2018</strong> now upon us,<br />

W<br />

I asked our Maverick<br />

members to think back<br />

and remember their<br />

favorite Porsche moments of 2017<br />

and allow me to share those collective<br />

experiences with you. Unfortunately,<br />

there is not enough<br />

room for all of the photos that were<br />

shared in support of the memories.<br />

Olga Taylor: Good Samaritan<br />

Frank Briggs put a battery in my 80<br />

SC (aka Baby) and started her after<br />

a 21 year rest.<br />

Julia Cleath: My favorite club<br />

moment was the toy drive. I loved<br />

being part of that and was super<br />

proud of our group!<br />

Carolle Liu: First time at autocross.<br />

Lost on the course but hit<br />

NO cones and won a trophy.<br />

Lenny Zwik: Buying this.<br />

Mitchell Berry: Enjoying both my<br />

Porsches in my man cave. A 82 924<br />

Turbo with 67k miles and no dash<br />

cracks and a Concours winning 89<br />

944 Turbo with only 32k miles.<br />

Bob Aines: Emory Campout, Mc-<br />

Minnville, OR.<br />

Matt Wilson: Waking up to a sunrise<br />

at 6 a.m. to attend Boxstoberfest<br />

2017 in Fredericksburg.<br />

Alan Bambina: After a one month<br />

search, I found a car that checked<br />

all the boxes; ‘15, white, manual<br />

trans. Home run (see page 1).<br />

Robert Kendrick: Going back in<br />

time and reliving memories of my<br />

first Porsche.<br />

Belinda Daughtry: Buying this!<br />

Frank Rocha: Febuary 20th. Getting<br />

my first Porsche.<br />

Jason Street: June 12 - 3rd Porsche,<br />

1st 911.<br />

Mike O’Hare: Enjoying my first<br />

lesson learning how to get the best<br />

performance from my 981 S.<br />

Daniel Coyle: Porsche test drives<br />

at Cars and Cannoli last season.<br />

Robert Walton: Moving from Blue<br />

Solo to Yellow at COTA.<br />

Bill Orr: Having a 918 Spyder,<br />

Carrera GT, and a 911 GT3 RS<br />

show up at our first Mavs & Mochas<br />

in downtown Ft Worth.<br />

Michael Osborn: Doing the<br />

Porsche Sport Driving School Masters<br />

at the Nurburgring in my 991.<br />

18 <strong>February</strong>

Frances Kwan: Last minute<br />

change of players at an annual Ferrari<br />

Fall Rally (I ended up winning<br />

the Fix It Again Tony award on that<br />

run). Jumped into little miss reliable<br />

and she finished the rally like<br />

a champ.<br />

Jimmyg Gallegos: August 2017,<br />

Stuttgart, Germany.<br />

Bill Kruder: Maggie’s wedding<br />

with our “Hagestad” 356.<br />

Chantel Tennyson: First road trip<br />

in Zara. My best friend of 35 years<br />

had been diagnosed with Stage<br />

4 Ovarian Cancer and told she<br />

wouldn’t live. She and I had not<br />

seen each other in 10 years. My<br />

daughter and I decided on the spur<br />

of the moment to drive to Estes<br />

Park, CO and surprise her with a<br />

visit to cheer her up before her 2nd<br />

chemo. This bear and sign guard<br />

the house. She is now in remission,<br />

by the way.<br />

Andrew Golden: Flying to Vegas,<br />

picking up my 981S and driving it<br />

back to Dallas.<br />

Jim Hirsch: Road trip that included<br />

a long stretch of Hwy 1... ocean,<br />

curves, mountains, and a top-down<br />

Porsche.<br />

Mike Mahoney: Taking my twin<br />

granddaughters to an impromptu<br />

Mavs and Mochas.<br />

Hunter Bentley: Taking delivery of<br />

my first Porsche in April.<br />

Mel Benzaquen: Mine was purchasing<br />

my first 911 in August of<br />

2017 and then shortly thereafter<br />

kicking myself for not buying one<br />

earlier!<br />

Stephen Dumas: Mavs and Mochas<br />

November. Nice to see all the other<br />

944s.<br />

Jorge Carmona-Rodriguez: A dream<br />

come true...first 911.<br />

Mark Fleniken: Prior to unveil for<br />

Atlanta PEC delivery.<br />

Doug Tallman: Buying our first<br />

Porsche and loving it! Enjoying the<br />

road trip from Dallas to Asheville<br />

NC for our first Treffen and celebrating<br />

our 20th anniversary at the<br />

resort we were married at!<br />

Paul Moseley: Being a massive<br />

Steve McQueen fan, every year during<br />

Monterey Car Week, I try to say<br />

something constructive to Chad<br />

McQueen. This year in Carmel we<br />

ended up side-by-side on the sidewalk<br />

as cars lined up for display,<br />

and right in front of us were two<br />

re-creations of Stan Mott’s Cyclops<br />

fantasy racer made famous in his<br />

stories for Road and Track magazine.<br />

“What in the hell is that?,” Mc-<br />

Queen asked me. Being a 60’s R&T<br />

font of knowledge, I got to explain<br />

the whole Cyclops thing to Chad.<br />

I think you’ll agree that our<br />

Porsches and membership in the<br />

Maverick Region make for some<br />

memorable times for all of us.<br />


The Art of Paint Protection<br />

After Installation<br />

A virtually invisible urethane film<br />

professionally applied to high-impact areas<br />

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from<br />

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.<br />

During Installation<br />

Owner Installed<br />

Highest Quality Guaranteed<br />

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, TX 75006<br />

20 <strong>February</strong>

Maverick Driving Tours: What First-Timers Can Expect<br />

By Mark Pitarresi and Tom Gomer, Region Tours Co-Chairs<br />

averick Region Driving Tours are a gathering<br />

of members and guests who meet up<br />

M<br />

at a defined starting location and drive<br />

together along an interesting route. Tours<br />

generally last about three hours and run around 60-100<br />

miles in length. After the tour, we meet at a destination<br />

that usually involves food and beverages.<br />

After signing up for your first Maverick Region Tour,<br />

you will receive an email at the end of the third day<br />

before the tour. The email will have all the necessary<br />

information for you to participate in the tour. You will<br />

definitely want to arrive early to socialize with other<br />

members. The energy level is high on these tours, and<br />

you will feel a buzz in the air!<br />

We will have a separate Drivers’ Briefing just for<br />

members that have never been on a Maverick Tour at<br />

each event. After the Drivers’ Briefing, we will depart<br />

in groups of 14 cars or less. Each group leaves the starting<br />

point in 2-5 minute intervals. Each group will have<br />

a Group Leader that will guide the group throughout<br />

the route so navigation aids will not be needed. While<br />

driving within the group, you will need to follow closely,<br />

but at a safe distance, generally 2-3 seconds behind the<br />

car in front or one car length for every 10 mph.<br />

It is important to slow down if the car behind you<br />

falls behind, so that both you and the car behind can<br />

see each other. You will follow the car in front of you<br />

safely without letting the car behind you get too far<br />

away. It is important to always make sure you can always<br />

see the car behind you in your rear view mirror.<br />

Maverick Region Tours promote safety. If you feel<br />

the group is driving too fast to keep up, simply slow<br />

down and the group will do the same. Passing is not<br />

acceptable on our tours unless the car in front has signaled<br />

the car behind and it is safe to pass them. The<br />

Always great routes on our Driving Tours (Photo by Bill Orr)<br />

Maverick Region Tours program is one of the most well<br />

attended programs in the country on a regular basis! As<br />

we Mavericks like to say...It’s about driving friendships!<br />

<strong>2018</strong> PCA Tour Changes:<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> PCA Minimum Tour Standards have been<br />

released. These are also our tour requirements within<br />

PCA. It will NOT be mandatory for our group leaders<br />

or sweeper cars to have co-drivers. This is because of<br />

the type of tours we provide. Our groups will, however,<br />

be limited to 14 cars including the Group Leader and<br />

Sweeper Car.<br />

We will also be using clubregistration.net for sign-up<br />

and attendee management. Our club already uses this<br />

site for event registration, and will have links on our<br />

website for registration. This will allow us to address<br />

new tour attendees separately from regular attendees<br />

via email easily. Our intention is to streamline the program<br />

to increase the overall quality of our tours.<br />

Another big change to our tours program will be<br />

adding a classic/antique group or groups. These new<br />

groups will be for classic/antique Porsches, and offer a<br />

more relaxed tour within those groups. The classic/<br />

antique group will be optional when signing up. We<br />

look forward to the <strong>2018</strong> Maverick Tours program and<br />

hope to see everyone at our first tour, scheduled for<br />

Sunday, March 25!<br />

“Follow the leader!” (Photo by Bill Orr)<br />

Porsche 928 view of the route (Photo from club Flickr album)<br />


Engine Restoration<br />

• Restore, Rebuild to OEM Original<br />

or Modified Spec<br />

• Partial or Complete Car<br />

Preservation Restoration<br />

• We Manufacture NLA Parts to<br />

OEM Original Condition<br />

• Specializing in 911 930 928<br />

R A N D A L L K A R A<br />

RKT 817-624-1322<br />

T E C H N I Q U E S<br />


35 Years Doing What We Love.<br />

Visit us on Facebook - Randall Kara Techniques<br />

22 <strong>February</strong>

We Buy, Sell & Tradethe<br />

World’s Finest Timepieces<br />

Precise, sleek, distinctive and exceptional. de Boulle is a family-owned business<br />

established in 1983. Along with de Boulle Motorsports, both are a living and moving<br />

illustration of the passion for excellence for jewelry, watches and racing. de Boulle<br />

is an uthorized Dealer for major brands including: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Bell & Ross,<br />

Blancpain, Corum, Girard Perregaux, Greubel Forsey and Tudor. de Boulle also<br />

provides the options of pre-owned timepieces, which includes vintage watches of<br />

notable brands. Visit deBoulle.com to view our extensive collection.<br />

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River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400<br />

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Divided equally.<br />

The form varies. But the racing bloodlines, the undying dedication to pure sports car performance, the marriage of power and<br />

efficiency embodied in the Porsche principles, do not. And that truth is revealed in that moment you turn the key. Discover it for<br />

yourself with a test drive. Porsche. There is no substitute.<br />

Experience every form of Porsche performance.<br />

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24 <strong>February</strong>

Santa Boots: Maverick Region’s Work With the Boot Campaign<br />

By Meg Jones<br />

Photos courtesy of the Author<br />

he Maverick Region of the Porsche Club<br />

T<br />

of America has been partnering with local<br />

nonprofits for more than 50 years, driving<br />

efforts of goodwill across the Dallas/Fort<br />

Worth Metroplex. In the 2017 holiday season, Maverick<br />

was honored to support, for the second year in a<br />

row, the Boot Campaign, a national military-focused<br />

non-profit dedicated to igniting the inner patriot in<br />

all Americans and providing life-improving programs<br />

to military families across the United States. Maverick’s<br />

support was specifically for Boot Campaign’s Santa<br />

Boots Program to surprise deserving military families<br />

with holiday boxes with customized gifts inside.<br />

“As a club, we are very proud to support the work of<br />

the Boot Campaign through the Santa Boots program.<br />

Their work to support and assist our military families’<br />

needs when they come home is making a difference,”<br />

said Maverick Region Treasurer Richard Solomon.<br />

For veteran and active duty families in need, the<br />

holidays can be particularly difficult. The Santa Boots<br />

Program, first introduced by Boot Campaign in 2015,<br />

has made a difference for more than 180 military families<br />

thus far, providing a joy-filled Christmas for veteran<br />

and active duty military families who may not have been<br />

able to afford Christmas gifts otherwise. According to<br />

Boot Campaign CEO Shelly Kirkland, money is often<br />

tight after deployments, and some military families<br />

have PCS orders or face service-related injuries. Without<br />

help around the holidays, many military families<br />

would go without the uplifting tradition and gifts they<br />

deserve.<br />

Patrizi family in Pearl Harbor, HI were referred to us by our<br />

partners at ASYMCA; father has recently returned to shore<br />

duty in Pearl Harbor after multiple overseas deployments<br />

“Thanks to Richard Solomon’s leadership and the<br />

patriots of the Maverick Region, Boot Campaign’s Santa<br />

Boots Program was able to share the holiday spirit<br />

with those who have served and sacrificed so much for<br />

us year-round,” said Kirkland. “We were able to broaden<br />

our impact and reach more families this year ever<br />

before!”<br />

This season, thanks to a new national partnership<br />

between the Boot Campaign’s Santa Boots Program<br />

and two other national non-profits serving the military:<br />

Armed Services YMCA and Operation Homefront,<br />

more than 80 military families in 27 states received<br />

benefitted from the effort.<br />

To learn more about the Boot Campaign, visit www.<br />

bootcampaign.org.<br />

Sampson family was referred to us by our partners at<br />

Operation Homefront; delivered by USMC Veteran<br />

Rocky Smith & nephew in Charlotte, NC.<br />

The father (pictured in Amazon hat) requested the box be<br />

delivered to him at work so his kids wouldn’t see it<br />

D’Amico family<br />

in Santa Rosa,<br />

California; came<br />

to Boot Campaign<br />

through our<br />

@info line in<br />

search of some<br />

extra holiday<br />

cheer<br />


877 C<br />

200 C<br />

200 C<br />

200 C<br />

200 C<br />

200 C<br />

123 C<br />

307 C<br />

307 C<br />

307 C<br />

307 C<br />

307 C<br />

151 C<br />

354 C<br />

354 C<br />

354 C<br />

354 C<br />

354 C<br />

299 C<br />

108 C<br />

108 C<br />

108 C<br />

108 C<br />

108 C<br />

200 C<br />

Ussery Printing<br />

Printer of SliPStream<br />

Since 1982<br />

3402 Century CirCle irving, texas 75062<br />

972-438-8344 Fax 972-721-1847<br />

www.usseryprinting.com<br />


At APEX, your unique, personalized service program is crafted to meet your<br />

speciic desires. Our passion is delivering a concierge level of service that<br />

goes above expectations to create an unparalleled client experience.<br />

To Ensure that you and your Porsche enjoy an unmatched standard of care,<br />

contact us today for a private consultation.<br />

855.998.APEX (2739) | www.ApexAutoCo.com | info@ApexAutoCo.com<br />


Using cutting-edge processes and<br />

state-of-the-art equipment, our<br />

detail techniques consistently<br />

deliver an unsurpassed level<br />

of care for your Porsche.<br />

Expert Paint Correction | Professional<br />

Detailing | Paint Protection Films (Clear Bra)<br />

Ceramic Coatings | Window Films | Vinyl<br />

Vehicle Wraps & Accents<br />

Ceramic Pro Certiied Installer<br />

The World’s #1 Ceramic Coating<br />

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Monthly on the 3rd Sat.,<br />

Mar.-Nov., 9AM - 11:30AM<br />

4756 Frank Luke Dr.<br />

Addison, TX 75001<br />



We have the knowledge and experience<br />

required to truly enhance your<br />

Porsche’s aesthetics and<br />

performance with<br />

customized and proven upgrades.<br />

Automotive Customization | Performance<br />

Parts Sold & Installed | Intake/Exhaust |<br />

Wheels/Tires | Suspension/Brakes | Custom<br />

Methanol Injection Kits | ECU & TCU Tuning |<br />

Racing Fuels and Methanol Sales | CEL/Code<br />

Clearing & Diagnostics | Light Bodywork,<br />

On-The-Go Hand Car Cleaning,<br />

Reenishing & Respraying | Powder Coating<br />

Automotive Customization &<br />

Services | Integrated Radar/Laser Systems<br />

Automotive Gifts<br />

We indulge the needs of the connoisseur who values unsurpassed expertise<br />

and craftsmanship for their Porsche. APEX; an automotive lifestyle brand.<br />

26 <strong>February</strong>

DIY: Repairing Your Porsche Key Transmitter<br />

By Charles Tolles and Tom Martin<br />

Photos courtesy of the Author<br />

o you have a Porsche key transmitter that<br />

D<br />

doesn’t function properly? Have you lost<br />

the ability to lock and unlock the doors of<br />

your Porsche with a simple button press, or<br />

to direct your trunks to open upon command?<br />

Malfunctioning key transmitter and<br />

exposed circuit board<br />

The solution to the malfunction may be as simple as<br />

a dead battery or a broken micro switch, or it could be<br />

more serious, such as a broken solder joint, or a failed<br />

proprietary integrated circuit. Other than a failed IC,<br />

chances are your Porsche key transmitter can be repaired.<br />

This would spare one a trip to the dealer for a<br />

new, and very expensive, factory key.<br />

I recently repaired a couple of key transmitters for<br />

a fellow Porsche owner, so thought I’d pass this info<br />

along. This key transmitter was from a 986 Boxster, the<br />

repair also applies for 996 keys and possibly other models<br />

as well.<br />

Symptoms: Both transmitters’ LEDs would flash<br />

when the buttons were pressed, but the result was either<br />

no response from the car, or an intermittent function.<br />

Battery would drain quickly.<br />

Test Procedure: Battery tested to confirm proper<br />

voltage output. All micro switches tested with a DVM<br />

set to continuity, and function confirmed. De-soldered<br />

and removed battery holder from the rear of the board.<br />

All solder joints inspected for breaks (this required a<br />

30x magnification inspection scope or equivalent; potential<br />

breaks cannot be seen with the naked eye).<br />

Source of Failure: Flexing of the circuit board from<br />

years of button<br />

presses resulted in<br />

broken solder joints<br />

at the rear of the circuit<br />

board.<br />

Repair: Reflowed<br />

all solder joints<br />

with flux, a fine tip<br />

soldering iron, and<br />

Broken solder joints inspection scope. A<br />

very steady hand and some basic knowledge of electronics<br />

soldering is required. Too much heat or flux<br />

will destroy components and/or circuit traces, and<br />

stray solder will cause shorts.<br />

After soldering is finished, the boards were gently<br />

cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a soft bristle brush<br />

to remove any debris and excess flux, then all joints<br />

were examined under magnification to ensure proper<br />

repair.<br />

Battery holder reattached. Key transmitter tested<br />

and worked properly. Enjoy your working key transmitter.<br />

There have been some isolated incidents where<br />

the key transmitter did not work after repair. In these<br />

cases, the red LED on the case blinked slowly. Not a<br />

good sign. The IC was not generating the coded signal<br />

needed. Looked like an internal failure of the IC,<br />

which is not fixable as it is super-secret Porsche stuff<br />

(the IC contains the coding and cannot be replaced).<br />

If you have a non-working transmitter, but find the<br />

procedure a bit daunting, feel free to e-mail me at<br />

charlestolles@gmail.com and I’ll try to accommodate<br />

you as best I can.<br />


Porsche Specialist - Experienced Enthusiasts<br />

Dealer-Like Service at Independent Prices<br />

fifthgear.biz<br />

Excellent Service Maintenance & Repair Sales<br />

•Wide Range of Porsches’<br />

Serviced<br />

•Fast Turnaround Times<br />

•Same Day Service In Some<br />

Cases<br />

•Serving DFW Area For Over<br />

13 Years<br />

•Family Owned & Operated<br />

•100+ Years of Porsche Tech Experience<br />

•11,000 sq. ft. Shop Equipped<br />

with the Lastest Diagnostic and<br />

State-of-the-Art Tools<br />

•Comfortable Waiting Area w/Free WiFi<br />

& Coffee Bar<br />

•Same Services and Capabilities as the<br />

Dealers<br />

•Consignment Sales performed<br />

on a case-by-case basis<br />

1975 Archer Ave • Lewisville • TX 75077 • 972•317•4005<br />

28 <strong>February</strong>

Five-Speed Chatter: A Blustery Brush with Death<br />

By Ash Seidl-Staley<br />

Photo courtesy of the Author<br />

e have all felt the sudden<br />

tug of the wheel,<br />

W<br />

the slight push into<br />

the rumble strips, and<br />

the straight up shove of the rear<br />

end when a wind gust slams into<br />

us while driving on the highway.<br />

Those who have driven a van, a<br />

box truck, or even a large U-Haul,<br />

especially while driving on one of<br />

the Metroplex’s rural highways,<br />

can attest to the mercilessness of<br />

Texas winds. Over time, as we mature<br />

into attentive drivers, we learn<br />

how to compensate for the wind’s<br />

force, but there will always be that<br />

time you get caught off guard. Unfortunately,<br />

this was my fate.<br />

After living in Allen and Plano<br />

for seven years, I forgot how brutal<br />

a 25 mph wind gust can be! I was<br />

rudely reminded of my error late<br />

one misty night after I closed up the<br />

sandwich shop. At 11:45 pm, east/<br />

southbound I-635 is fairly open,<br />

as is Highway 80. Thanks to early<br />

evening rain showers, however, the<br />

roads were still pretty wet. As a result,<br />

I took it easy on the gas, opted<br />

to shut off cruise control, and was<br />

vigilant about monitoring my speed<br />

on corners. The entire trip along<br />

LBJ freeway went swimmingly, as<br />

did my entrance onto Highway 80.<br />

I was careful when passing others,<br />

and I didn’t try to hot-rod it past<br />

the eighteen-wheelers. But when I<br />

passed through Sunnyvale, I failed<br />

to remember that any semblance of<br />

wind protection provided by concrete<br />

structures disappears right<br />

before you cross East Fork Road<br />

and part of Lake Ray Hubbard’s<br />

southern spillway. Out of nowhere,<br />

a forceful gust lifted and shoved<br />

my Nissan’s back end so hard that<br />

I thought someone had wrecked<br />

into my left rear quarter panel.<br />

When my hatchback lowered<br />

back to the road, it didn’t gain any<br />

traction on the saturated roads. I<br />

“Nancy” our Nissan Versa Note<br />

hydroplaned<br />

going 68 mph<br />

in the dead of<br />

night! Fortunately,<br />

I was<br />

able, without<br />

even thinking,<br />

it would seem,<br />

to correct my<br />

slide. The car<br />

that happened<br />

to be entering<br />

the highway<br />

from Collins<br />

Road behind<br />

me, unless<br />

he was really<br />

paying attention,<br />

would have thought that I had<br />

merely changed lanes. To be honest,<br />

the slide felt just like driving<br />

on snowy roads. Learning to drive<br />

in Idaho all those years ago really<br />

paid off, I guess. Although safe and<br />

in full control of the vehicle, I was<br />

still pretty rattled. The rest of the<br />

way home I barely took it above 62<br />

mph, and I couldn’t help but think<br />

about how many unsuspecting<br />

drivers of hatchbacks, and other<br />

sub-compact hybrid vehicles like<br />

my Nissan, might get slammed in<br />

that very same spot. I mean, I love<br />

the awesome mpg of today’s subcompacts,<br />

as well as the reliability<br />

of their powertrain, but man, they<br />

are basically aluminum cans when<br />

it comes to blustery weather!<br />

The engineers of our Porsches<br />

have many design tools and have<br />

been quite successful at using them<br />

to help owners stabilize at high<br />

speeds. The 928 and the 968, as<br />

well as many of their front-engined<br />

siblings, were revered in their day<br />

for their exceptional aerodynamic<br />

stability. To see how far Porsche<br />

has come, all you have to do is subscribe<br />

to the Porsche Engineering<br />

magazine. Rather frequently, you’ll<br />

read about all the high-tech equipment<br />

that Porsche’s aerodynamic<br />

development team employs on a<br />

daily basis. You’ll see how Porsche<br />

possesses a top-rate facility that<br />

utilizes one of the world’s most efficient<br />

wind tunnels, and has also<br />

created a dual-track system that<br />

allows Porsche to test its production<br />

and concept cars in a number<br />

of different condition and speed<br />

combinations. On top of minimizing<br />

drag, reducing fuel consumption,<br />

and stabilizing the vehicle on<br />

high-speed corners, engineers at<br />

Porsche’s Weissach Development<br />

Center also study the effects of<br />

wind in order to improve acceleration,<br />

top speed, engine and brake<br />

cooling systems, and surprisingly,<br />

to improve the reduction of outside<br />

odors and sounds relative to those<br />

sitting in the car’s cab.<br />

Now, I’m all for the automatic<br />

retractable rear spoilers, innovative<br />

brake cooling designs, flashy, yet<br />

sleek aerodynamic styling, and<br />

even the reduction of unnecessary<br />

road noise, but please Porsche,<br />

don’t muffle the glorious roar rumbling<br />

from the back end for other<br />

people that don’t have a 914, and<br />

aren’t spoiled like me! Stay safe,<br />

and wrench on Mavs!<br />


When all HAIL breaks loose...<br />

Roofing Solutions<br />

By Darren Houk<br />

German Car<br />

Service & Maintenance<br />

by Appointment<br />

Specializing in:<br />

Impact Resistant Roofing Options Including:<br />

Metal, Tile, and even COMPOSITION shingles.<br />

SAVE up to 28% on insurance premiums<br />

www.RoofingSolutionsHOUK.com<br />

817.692.8496<br />

817-366-1678<br />

DasZauberwerk@ix.netcom.com<br />

Showroom by Appointment<br />

5500 Meandering Road Fort Worth 76114<br />

30 <strong>February</strong>

2017 Maverick Region Financial Statement<br />

By Richard Solomon, Region Treasurer, 2015 - 2017<br />

he year end 2017 financials<br />

for the Maverick<br />

T<br />


01/11/18 Profit & Loss<br />

Region of Porsche Club<br />

Cash Basis January through December 2017<br />

of America are provided<br />

for complete transparency to our<br />

members.<br />

The year 2017 final accounting<br />

statement reflected significant improvement<br />

over the year 2016 figures<br />

based on a Net Excess position<br />

of $39,385.<br />

This position was attributable to<br />

a strong year of driver education<br />

events including a special DE at the<br />

Circuit of the Americas.<br />

In addition, the club continued<br />

to strengthen our social events, such<br />

as Mavs & Mochas, culminating in a<br />

fantastic set of Founders Day events.<br />

Once again our club stepped up<br />

to support those in need by providing<br />

donations to our long time<br />

charity, the Hope Shelter, and the<br />

national military charity, the Boot<br />

Campaign.<br />

Lastly, through the support of<br />

our advertisers, our <strong>Slipstream</strong> magazine<br />

began printing completely in<br />

color.<br />

Thank you for making 2017<br />

a strong financial year. We look<br />

forward to continued success in<br />

<strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to<br />

Rich for his work as our Region Treasurer<br />

for the past three years. Our financial<br />

standing as a club continues to be in<br />

great condition thanks to his careful<br />

stewardship. We welcome Deborah Fike<br />

as she takes over this important role of<br />

Maverick Region Treasurer this year.<br />

Jan - Dec 17<br />

Ordinary Income/Expense<br />

Income<br />

4000 · Revenues<br />

4001 · Membership<br />

4001-01 · Dues 6,093.60<br />

4001 · Membership - Other 31,062.50<br />

Total 4001 · Membership 37,156.10<br />

4002 · Registrations 192,314.41<br />

4003 · Sponsorships 26,950.00<br />

4004 · Goodie Store sales 550.00<br />

4005 · Advertising income 46,322.73<br />

Total 4000 · Revenues 303,293.24<br />

4006 · Interest Income 48.12<br />

4007 · Charitable receipts 2,290.00<br />

4008 · Social Income<br />

4008-03 · Founders Day 9,944.00<br />

4008 · Social Income - Other 2,160.00<br />

Total 4008 · Social Income 12,104.00<br />

4009 · Other 3,424.25<br />

4011 · Auction proceeds 9,733.00<br />

Total Income 330,892.61<br />

Expense<br />

5010 Tech Session Expenses 338.50<br />

5000 · Expenses<br />

5001 · Track Expenses 172,425.75<br />

5002 · Social expenses 21,924.82<br />

5003 · Goodie Store Purchases 208.15<br />

5004 · SlipStream 57,018.50<br />

5005 · Postage 142.84<br />

5009 · Concours expenses 708.77<br />

5011 · Rally Expenses 1,427.06<br />

Total 5000 · Expenses 253,855.89<br />

5006 · Other administrative expense 19,156.90<br />

5007 · Board Meetings 3,087.23<br />

5008 · Storage 1,284.00<br />

5010 · Sunday drive expenses 333.39<br />

5020 · Swap Meet Expenses 75.50<br />

Total Expense 278,131.41<br />

Net Ordinary Income 52,761.20<br />

Other Income/Expense<br />

Other Expense<br />

6001 · Charitable donations 13,376.25<br />

Total Other Expense 13,376.25<br />

Net Other Income -13,376.25<br />

Net Income 39,384.95<br />


Since 1971<br />

Providing personalized service<br />

on all Porsche automobiles.<br />

• Complete servicing and repairs<br />

on all air or water cooled models<br />

• In-house machine shop<br />

• M96/M97 reconditioning<br />

• Performance and track mods<br />

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

(972) 417-0997<br />

Top motorsports brands...<br />

...at the lowest prices in the nation!<br />

competitionmotorsport.com<br />

844 . 438 . 7244<br />

32 <strong>February</strong>

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.<br />

Over 300,000 parts in stock.<br />

Expert service and repair.<br />

Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.<br />

817-267-4451<br />

Visit us online at:<br />

1-800-356-2964<br />

www.allzim.com<br />

zimips@allzim.com<br />

1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm<br />

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.<br />


Maverick Region Unclassifieds<br />

For Sale: 1996 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. Polar<br />

Silver Metallic/Black Leather. 50.5k miles. Sixspeed<br />

manual with Porsche Sport Classic wheels.<br />

AM/FM cassette player, 6 Disc remote CD changer.<br />

Power seats with lumbar support. All original paint,<br />

clean Carfax, 3rd Owner. Fully serviced at Porsche<br />

Dealerships with all receipts. Porsche Certification<br />

of Authenticity. $52,500. Contact Phil Berkebile at<br />

philberkebile@gmail.com or 972-898-5689. (02)<br />

For Sale: 1989 Porsche 944. White/Blue, 175,000<br />

miles - two owner. Original owner purchased<br />

in San Antonio, and lives in White Rock Lake.<br />

Fully documented maintenance performed by<br />

knowledgeable Porsche people (Louden, 9Eleven,<br />

Mayo Performance). The owner kept all the old<br />

receipts, every noise she heard, flats fixed, and wipers<br />

replaced, and kept all maintenance up to date. I’ve had<br />

Mayo do a lot of work in the last few years: timing<br />

belt, water pump, tensioners, balance shafts, seals,<br />

motor mounts, steering rack/resiv/boot/bushings,<br />

koni yellows, new updated A/C everything, shift<br />

linkages, moonroof gear, brake pads/sensors, ABS<br />

computer, cd player (have original, but equalizer was<br />

shorting itself out), cruise control box, momo steering<br />

wheel (have original), 17” 996 wheels (have original<br />

phone dials as well). 175k miles. Great car. Ready to<br />

go. Asking $7500. Contact Thad Prugh at tjprugh@<br />

gmail.com or (254) 213-8882. (02)<br />

For Sale: 2000 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet.<br />

Zenith Blue Metallic with Metropol Blue convertible<br />

top, Lapis Blue removable hardtop, Graphite Grey<br />

leather interior. March 2000 production date; originally<br />

sold at Park Place Porsche Dallas on April 26, 2000.<br />

Dealer serviced at Park Place and Porsche Austin<br />

from new through 60k miles. 6 speed manual. New<br />

clutch and LN IMS bearing at 67,795 miles. Brake<br />

fluid flush at 73,602 miles by Mayo Performance.<br />

Water pump replaced at 76,493 miles by Innovative<br />

Autosports. Most recent oil change at 78,147 miles.<br />

Option codes: C02 U.S. Std Emissions, 424 CD<br />

Compartment, 436 3-Spoke Leather Steering Wheel,<br />

437 8-way electrical seat left, 438 8-way electrical<br />

seat right, 476 Porsche Stability Management, 490<br />

HI-FI Sound Pkg, 537 seat memory left, 551 Porsche<br />

Windstop, 692 Remote CD Changer, 696 AM/FM<br />

Radio w/CD Player. Original MSRP: $80,770.Very<br />

well maintained, documented, great running car,<br />

ready to drive anywhere. Everything works as it<br />

should. Clean CarFax report with no accident history<br />

or other issues. Cosmetically in average condition,<br />

with various stone chips and small scratches to its<br />

original paint from being driven and enjoyed as it<br />

should. Original factory radio/CD changer replaced<br />

by previous owner with Alpine unit w/iPod connector.<br />

Tires are very good, less than 1 year old, approx 7k<br />

miles. Car cover included. Asking $21,000. Contact<br />

Chris Flaugh at chrisflaugh@hotmail.com or 214-<br />

288-5300. (01)<br />

For Sale: 1978 Porsche 928. Red exterior with<br />

Red interior. First-Year Euro Market Car. Vin #<br />

9288101283. With spoiler-free rear end, five speed<br />

manual transmission, sunroof-delete, this is certainly<br />

a special car. Original 4.5L engine, Lexan front<br />

windshield, Lexan rear window, larger 1986 front<br />

disc brakes, Eibach coil springs which lower the car<br />

1”, Koni shocks, Short Shifter, Weltmeister 28mm<br />

front swaybar, Martin Schnider Headers, 245/45-16<br />

Hoosier tires on BBS rims. Corner Balanced by Auto<br />

Edge and ready for the track. Asking $5999. Contact<br />

John Ballard at Johnballard@frontiernet.net or 469-<br />

494-6704. (01)<br />

For Sale: 2014 Porsche Boxster S. Agate Grey<br />

exterior with two-tone Agate Grey/Pebble White<br />

interior. Showroom condition with 4,300 miles.<br />

PASM, DCT, sport exhaust, power seats, full frontal<br />

clear bra, 20” wheels and many other extras. Asking<br />

$53,000. Contact Jack Cicerello at jcicerello@<br />

sbcglobal.net or 972-235-5543. (12)<br />

For Sale: 1985 Porsche 944. Guards Red with Black<br />

interior. 133,000 miles. Excellent condition. Vehicle<br />

just had major restoration of engine, suspension,<br />

power steering, brakes, and interior 3,000 miles ago.<br />

Fresh repaint and fresh re-seal of engine with new<br />

belts, adjusters, water pump, thermostat, gaskets,<br />

valve job, and more. Too many new parts to list in<br />

this ad, please see the online ad at http://mav.pca.org/<br />

Classifieds/classifieds.asp for complete infomration.<br />

Asking $10,900. Contact Jeff Queen at jeff_queen@<br />

ahm.acura.com or 770-335-2854. (12)<br />

Wanted: 2009 or 2010 Grey or Silver Carerra S<br />

Coupe. Manual transmission, reasonably low miles in<br />

pampered condition. All records appreciated. Contact<br />

John Polivka at John.Polivka@yahoo.com. (12)<br />

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34 <strong>February</strong>

autoscope.co<br />

3 Dallas Locations:<br />

Porsche Specialists with over<br />

35 years experience in DFW<br />

Park Cities<br />

6134 Denton Dr<br />

Dallas, Tx 75235<br />

214-350-3050<br />

Plano<br />

601 Coit Rd<br />

Plano, Tx 75075<br />

972-867-7467<br />

White Rock<br />

9796 Ferguson Rd<br />

Dallas, Tx 75228<br />

214-320-8280<br />


Around the Bend...<br />

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor<br />

appiness in your Porsche isn’t around the<br />

H<br />

corner. It is the corner. Driving the perfect<br />

Porsche, on the perfect racetrack, is certainly<br />

a dream that many of our Maverick Region<br />

members have had through the years of owning their<br />

personal Porsche. In fact, for many Mavs, the Porsche<br />

they currently own is that perfect Porsche!<br />

Unfortunately, for those of us still looking for that<br />

perfect Porsche experience, actually driving the real<br />

thing on an iconic racetrack is very unlikely. That’s why<br />

a recent comment by Rory Carroll in Autoweek caught<br />

my attention.<br />

Gran Turismo Sport, the seventh iteration in the<br />

Gran Turismo series of racing simulations, was released<br />

in 2017, the 30th anniversary of this video game created<br />

by Kazunori Yamauchi and his team.<br />

And why does this matter to this quest of driving the<br />

perfect Porsche on the perfect racetrack? For the first<br />

time in the history of Gran Turismo (due to a<br />

previous exclusive license with EA), Porsche has<br />

licensed four models to be included in Gran<br />

Turismo Sport: 911 GT3 RS, 911 RSR, Cayman<br />

GT4 Clubsport, and 919 LMP1 Hybrid.<br />

Suddenly, the ability to “drive” four pretty good<br />

examples of “the perfect Porsche” on a wide variety<br />

of iconic racetracks, using a racing simulator with<br />

very realistic physics, is well within the reach of our<br />

Maverick members. I’d be interested in hearing about<br />

your experience with these perfect Porsche models<br />

for those of you with a Playstation and Gran Turismo<br />

Sport.<br />

For any Maverick members who are slot car<br />

racing afficiandos, there is some discussion about an<br />

impromptu get together at a local track in Garland<br />

where we could also put some Porsche models<br />

through their paces. Look for more information on<br />

that potential event on our web site and social media<br />

postings.<br />

For the rest of us, driving the perfect Porsche may<br />

be a simple exercise of skill such as Natalie Neff puts it,<br />

“I can parallel park in almost any spot that allows for<br />

even a few inches clearance on either end.<br />

Always within a foot of the curb, and preferably<br />

in a two-point motion: back in, straighten<br />

forward.” Try that in your Porsche if you dare.<br />

Carpe Viam!<br />

Treat your portfolio like you would your Porsche<br />

You wouldn’t leave your Porsche in the care of anyone but a certified service technician.<br />

Shouldn’t your financial portfolio receive similar qualified attention?<br />

Anyone can call themselves a financial planner. Only a select group can<br />

display the CFP ® certification. Call Clark Randall at 214-890-4098 today<br />

for a complimentary financial evaluation.<br />

10,000 North Central Expressway<br />

Suite 400<br />

Dallas, Texas 75231<br />

214-890-4098<br />

Clark.Randall@FinancialEnlightenment.com<br />

www.FinancialEnlightenment.com<br />

Clark Randall, CFP ®<br />

Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a Broker/Dealer, member FINRA/SIPC.<br />

Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Financial Enlightenment and Cambridge are not affiliated. V.CIR.1217<br />

36 <strong>February</strong>

Hiram Saunders, <strong>Slipstream</strong><br />

155 Jellico<br />

Southlake, TX 76092<br />

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Paid at Fort Worth, TX

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