Slipstream - February 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Sprockets: You Never Know Who You Might Meet at a Maverick Event

By David Robertson, Region President

s mentioned in the past, I am always amazed


at the different walks of life that people in

our club hail from. Club members are here

from the four corners of the earth and everywhere

in between. It’s always fun to discover when

a member I have known for years has an interesting

background, or I learn something I never knew about

them while we are casually chatting at a Maverick event.

Passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and I really enjoy

talking to all of our members who are passionate

about anything they do, whether it is the cars that they

love, their chosen career path, or a cause that they support.

Artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business owners,

and even a few oil barons are all within our ranks,

and we all love to get together and talk about our main

shared interest which is our cars!

With this shared passion of ours, we have the opportunity

to meet people that can give us insight into

a world with which we may not be so familiar. As an

example, there seems to be a big connection with

Porsches and airplane pilots. Perhaps the thrill of flying

a fighter jet, commanding an airline aircraft, or flying

famous people around the globe translates well to the

thrill of driving a Porsche. I will never fully understand

the connection, as my eyesight kept me from getting

too far with this pursuit in my youth, but it is a lot of

fun to hear these folks discuss their exploits when we

are together at a Maverick event.

In this club I have met so many interesting people

from a very diverse set of backgrounds, and I am quite

a newcomer compared to most. As a newbie and a

Porsche neophyte, I struck up a conversation with

a gentleman at one of our events who turned out to

be Peter Schutz, the Porsche CEO who saved the 911!

(Yes, I was and I am still quite embarrassed that I didn’t

know who he was at the time). At the next Maverick

event just ask and listen, you will be amazed at what interesting

things you will discover about our members!

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor

1235 William D. Tate Ave

Grapevine, TX 76051


944. As a fan of the 944, Ginger volunteered to organize

the November 2017 Mavs & Mochas 944 35th

anniversary special event, and through her efforts we

had 30 beautiful 944s in the showcase. Ginger is a great

example of the great things that happen through our

volunteers here in the Maverick Region PCA.

MAV OF THE MONTH: Ginger Heuerman

Our Mav of the Month is Ginger Heuerman. Ginger

participated in our Halloween Rally back in 2016 and

was motivated to create a quilt as a gift to the club. The

quilt took Ginger 10 months to craft, and it turned out

to be such a work of art that a decision was made to

raffle it off for charity. The raffle was a huge success,

and generated almost $1700, which was donated to the

Patriot Paws charity. While Ginger was creating the

quilt, she and her husband began attending the

monthly Mavs & Mochas events in their highly modified

2 February

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