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12 Thursday May 26 2016

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Readers have their say

after plans to put seven

godwit sculptures in

South New Brighton were

put on hold. City council

staff said the proposed

site is classified as a “noman’s

land” that doesn’t

belong to anyone.

Lyn Willyams – An

unbelievably stupid response

from the city council. If it is

no-man’s land it belongs to

everyone and that’s where the

sculptures should be placed.

The concept drawing looked

beautiful. Wake up council.

We need some beauty in the

east. It must be so frustrating

for all those folk who come up

with great ideas and are then

told it’s not possible, especially

when it obviously is.

EARLIER THIS month I joined

Prime Minister John Key in

visiting some of the innovative

projects helping to shape our


With all the work taking place,

job growth in Canterbury is

particularly strong. The latest

Household Labour Force Survey

shows an unemployment rate of

just 3 per cent in Canterbury in

the March quarter of this year.

It’s important this growth

spreads to all Cantabrians, and

that’s why the Government and

the region are working to develop

the long-term infrastructure

that will sustain and grow the

Wayne Hawker – It is

totally unbelievable that the

city council condemns the

erection of the godwit

sculptures on the southeastern

entrance of the Bridge

St bridge. Reasoning that

the land does not belong

to anyone. What a great

opportunity to construct

an interesting and very

appropriate piece of artwork

on a piece of land that nobody

owns. No doubt the city

council maintains the land on

either side of the approaches to

the bridge – who else would?

Given that, then why not

use the land and maybe the

artwork would become a

tourist destination. After all

the city council are looking for

draw cards to revitalise New


region into the future.

Project 300 led by Minister

Nicky Wagner, which aimed to

get 300 disabled people in

Canterbury into work, has seen

great results with over 600 people

get full or part time jobs, or

into study.

The Government has also

recently announced a two-year

extension to the Canterbury

Skills and Employment hub,

which matches job seekers with

employers, helping employers

in the region meet their skills


While some projects have

reached completion, the work

St Martins resident Leith

McMurray writes about

the impending demolition

of the 152-year-old

Enfield Villa in Burke St,

Addington, which is to be

replaced by a block of


I knew the Enfield Villa

many years ago when Pat Allen

bought it in a derelict state and

restored it beautifully.

The only new piece then was

a bathroom built in the style of

the rest of the house.

I had a 1910 villa further

down the street and Pat helped

me with mine as well.

Unfortunately, after I sold

it (having restored it), it was

demolished and a walkway laid

through the property.

The Enfield Villa is such a

gem and one of the earliest

houses remaining in Christchurch.

I’m appalled that Heritage

New Zealand poured scorn

on it. It has a very large section

and could easily fit a block of

flats as well.

Pat laid the brick drive

herself, digging it out to a depth

of nine inches and making several

trips to Glentunnel to bring

back bricks. She and her friend

Murray took down several

trees which had overgrown the

house and blocked the light.

Many hundreds of woman

(and man) hours went into that

elsewhere continues.

Christchurch is equipping

itself to take advantage of tourism

growth. In recent months,

the refurbished Sudima Hotel

has opened and the $20 million

Christchurch Adventure Park

is set to be a strong magnet for

tourists as well as local visitors.

It includes a chairlift, mountain

bike trails, a mountain coaster

and a zip line.

It has been great to see

buildings like the BNZ Centre,

the Lane Neave building and

Environment Canterbury’s new

offices opened, and it is just as

exciting that new businesses

wee house. Perhaps it could

have been sent to Ferrymead?

Some years ago I tried to

interest Diana, Lady Isaacs in

acquiring it for her little village,

but I suspect she was in declining

health at the time and that

never happened. It should be

preserved as an example of old


Hoon Hay resident Gary

Knight writes:

As the controversy relating to

heritage buildings evolves as a

platform of debate and forum

of opinion, there are structures

worthy of repair and restoration.

Seismic strengthening of Tai

Tapu’s Otahuna Lodge in 2011

and earthquake proofing of

Diamond Harbour’s Godley

House in 2012 bears testimony

have the opportunity to establish

themselves nearby to provide

services for the people that work

in these new buildings.

Work has also begun on turning

a prominent central city

arterial, Manchester Street, into

a main public transport route

and tree-lined boulevard. As

to the importance of both of

these venues.

There exists, however, Enfield

Villa in Addington, also worthy

of sustaining.

Having been through three

owners since 1862 and having

undergone medium to

large preservation modifications

would surely deem this

villa worth of saving, due to its


Preservation of Enfield Villa

while building additional rental

facilities and presentation of

the villa as a historic showpiece,

with a nominal visitor fee, would

surely be of monetary benefit

to the close knit community of

Addington, as opposed to demolition

of this iconic structure,

having been one of Addington’s

first homes, for placement of yet

another concrete jungle of apartment


Strong job growth in Canterbury, survey shows


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