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Selwyn Times: May 17, 2016


14 FINALISTS: Ella McClure, Paige Sullivan, Lexi Sutherland, Maddie Tasker, Emily de Rooy and Rafael Clarke are members of the Selwyn Youth Council who have been creating youth projects and events around the area. Tuesday May 17 2016 your LOCAL Achievers If you know of a local achiever, email caitlin. Youth group makes award final The Selwyn Youth Council has been named as a finalist in a youth awards ceremony. Council chairwoman Emily de Rooy will be heading to Wellington this month to attend the New Zealand Youth Awards. The awards are held annually and recognise young people who have made a significant contribution to their community in areas such as the arts, culture, the environment and sport. The youth council formed in 2013 and currently has 13 members. They developed a youth strategy with the objective of having all young people in Selwyn feel valued and connected to their communities by working on a range of projects. It has contributed more than 2000 hours of voluntary service to projects which benefit the area. They established the Pop Up Cafe as a social enterprise to train and employ local young people to help teach them skills to improve their employment prospects. In total around 40 young people are involved in passion projects designed to benefit young people and the wider community. “I am overwhelmed by the support that the Selwyn District Council and the community has given to our organisation,” said Emily de Rooy. “Chris Martin, our Youth Advisor, has been incredibly dedicated and passionate in giving us the opportunities that have allowed us to grow and develop as leaders,” she said. Selwyn Mayor Kelvin Coe says the Youth Council’s nomination is well deserved. “Selwyn is very lucky to have such an active, committed group of young people on our youth council,” he said. The New Zealand Youth award winners will be announced by Minister of Youth, National MP Nikki Kaye at a ceremony in Wellington next week. SELWYN TIMES Firefighters gear up for charity fundraiser Four volunteer firefighting crews are gearing up to take on the stairs at the Sky Tower to raise money for charity. Kirwee, Dunsandel, Southbridge and Leeston crews will don full gear and race up the stairs as part of the Firefighter Sky Tower Challenge next weekend. The race is held annually and raise money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. Dale Evans, Angela Kraiger and Richard Rowlands will represent Kirwee Volunteer Fire Brigade, while Matt Boon, Daniel Gregg, Linda Pettigrew, Cheryl Wilson and Shane Wylie will do the race for Southbridge. Taking on the stairs for Leeston Volunteer Fire Brigade will be John Andrew, James Eckersley, Marcus Hammett, Cameron Sheat and Greg Wheeler. More than 850 firefighters are taking part in the challenge with the aim to raise $850,000. This means that each of the firefighters have to try to raise $1000. The total is steadily climbing with more than $500,000 raised so far. ROLLESTON LAW Sound, workable legal advice and solutions Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace Trial the world’s first tiny hearing aid that outperforms normal hearing* A new almost invisible German engineered hearing aid enables wearers to understand speech in difficult listening situations even better than those with normal hearing.* This world first advancement is a complete revolution in audiological engineering and delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility. Completely disappears WANTED: 15 people to trial new hearing aid technology. Call 356 2324 to book now. Please hurry – appointments are filling up fast. *Clinically proven - for full details visit RICHARD GRAY W: T: (03) 374 2547 M: 021 148 6221 E: E: We treat your space like our place A creative team at URBANZ Landscapes will help you get the most out of your land no matter how big or small it is. We will make your home surroundings look and feel complete down to the finest of details. Some of our team are experienced qualified LBP carpenters ensuring an excellent finish. We enjoy the creative challenge landscaping can offer and will make your home nothing more than a castle once we are done. From the hardest of designs to the simplest of designs URBANZ Landscapes will nail it. Choose a local company you can trust for a no obligations consultation today! Our services include Fences, gates, Driveways, Paths, Decks, Planting, Rised garden beds, Pergola’s, retaining walls, Sleepouts and more. ANITA MOLLOY-ROBERTS Merivale Hearing Clinic 24b Church Lane, Merivale. Call: 356 2324 Greg Foote, MNZAS Audiologist For quotes or information contact Malcolm Day Time: 021 809 108 After Hours: (03) 3891293

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday May 17 2016 15 Families could force addicts into treatment A GABRIELLE STUART Cigarette smokers could be forced by their families to get addiction treatment against their will if new legislation is passed. The Canterbury District Health Board has written to the Government worried that the legislation, which is designed for people whose drug or alcohol addictions are endangering their health or well-being, could have unintended consequences. Under the legislation people can be detained for up to 56 days and forced to get treatment. In the submission, CDHB chief of psychiatry Sue Nightingale said the current system was outdated and did need to be changed. But she said the changes proposed were likely to cause more problems. The definition of severe addiction in the legislation missed the people at the severe end of the spectrum, but included people it shouldn’t. “The definition in the bill covers almost all patients dependent on opiates, cannabis, and a large number dependent on alcohol. More concerning it covers the vast majority of regular cigarette smokers.” It needed to be limited to people who could face severe consequences to their immediate health or well-being, like people who were in danger of becoming homeless because of their addiction, she said. It is estimated only 200 patients each year are likely to need compulsory treatment, but the CDHB believes that number is too low. The Ministry of Health has estimated more than 60,000 people in New Zealand have an untreated substance dependence disorder. Dr Nightingale was also worried many more families would come forward asking for treatment if the legislation was passed, but services would not have the resources to treat them all. “There is a concern that the bill in its current form will raise the hopes of family/whanau of addiction sufferers, some of whom will become trapped in a ‘revolving door’ of treatment non-compliance, relapse and reassessment.” Canterbury University motivational interviewing specialist Mark Wallace-Bell said he would be very reluctant to force someone into treatment for an addiction like smoking. “People mandated by court have to turn up, but being there in person is different to being there in mind,” he said. “My general concern would be that people who are forced to go into treatment are less likely to succeed and it makes it a lot harder for the service provider or psychologist to give them treatment.” He said forced treatment was a lot more common in some other countries, like the United States. A research review published in the Harm Reduction Journal found most studies recorded people pressured to get treatment by the courts or an employer stuck with the treatment longer and were more likely to complete the course than people who signed up voluntarily. But most studies it looked at did not record the long-term effectiveness of the treatment, or take into account things like informal pressure from the person’s family or friends. The bill passed its first reading in March, and a report on the submissions is due back to Parliament in September. Workshop gives Selwyn writers a boost free workshop aims to help get Selwyn writers published. The workshop is the second opportunity for the newlyestablished Selwyn Writers Network to meet and discuss their work and gain some insight into getting published. The first meeting of the network was held in February and attracted over 40 writers. New Zealand novelist, non fiction writer and freelance journalist Jenny Howarth will be presenting the workshop. Her publications include The Art of War: New Zealand war artists in the field 1939-1945, Hooked: the Story of the New Zealand fishing industry and The Road’s the Mode: The Story of New Zealand’s Road Transport Industry. Howarth will cover how to approach a traditional book publisher including writing a synopsis, cover letter and biography of yourself and how to self-publish a work. The workshop will also look at the advantages and risks of selfpublishing, the importance of reviews and how authors can get their books into shops and libraries. The workshop is being organised by district council and supported by the Selwyn Arts Trust and is planned for 6.30pm on Tuesday, May 24, at Lincoln Event Centre. HEAT PUMP SALE NOW ON! Amazin’ Autumn Specials!! NEW LOCATION ADVERT.pdf 1 1/05/2014 11:51:35 a.m. VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION LOCATION 430 ST ASAPH STREET! 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