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Selwyn Times: May 31, 2016

32 2 Tuesday [Edition

32 2 Tuesday [Edition datE] May 31 2016 MY PRIDE & JOY SELWYN TIMES An Alldays and Onions experience It was curiosity that led vintage car upholsterer, George lee to accompany a friend on a trip to the West Coast, to see an Alldays and onions car which turned out to be nothing more than a motor and gearbox. BURNHAM auto services Keep your motor running smoothly this summer • WOF • Challenge Service Station • Vehicle Servicing We are now open from 7am-7pm Mon to Fri • Tyres/Puncture • Repairs • Courtesy car 36 Russell Road, Ph: 03 347 6607 • Txt: 021 522 150 Email: GeorGe lee began as a professional car upholsterer at the age of 17 and has worked on motor vehicles at the high end of the market, upholstering hundreds of cars in his career, from veterans to classics for individual collectors. These have included trimming Ferraris including one that was redundant for racing, Aston Martins, and Jaguars with some of the vehicles that he has trimmed being displayed in car shows internationally. After a long chat with the owner and looking over photos of some of the many cars that George had upholstered over the years, George who had always said he would not restore a car unless he found something rare was given the parts. It was the beginning of a ten year project that incorporated unmentionable hours searching for parts and rebuilding the Alldays and onion, named after a British firm which manufactured automobiles between 1898 and 1918 and also built an early tractor and motorcycles. “Finding parts was like a treasure hunt and when word got around, it snowballed with us receiving parts from all over the globe,” advises George. “A car restorer contacted someone in Nelson which led to us acquiring a burnt out chassis. Then a client told a colleague whose mate had a chassis. It’s such a unique vehicle that anything that was out there found me with collectors sending parts they had in their workshops,” explains George. The lights were supplied by a man who was disposing of his father’s car light collection: “It was great. I obtained the right lights for the vehicle from one person,” adds George. A differential was located in the North Island and another differential and motor came from an Alldays and onions’ owner in england. Then there were many hours making parts that could not be found. George borrowed original seats from another Alldays and onions car, to take a pattern so he could make the seats, which in the front swing round to allow backseat passengers to climb in. The 1905 Swing-Seat Tonneau 10 horsepower twin-cylinder Alldays and onion has a three speed and reverse gear box and does 36 miles to the gallon making it quite economical with a range of 120 miles. Its accelerator is a small lever underneath the steering wheel (not on the floor) and the gear change goes forward or back. The brakes are not overly reliable on the car so it has a hill holder (a ratchet/sprocket) on the back of the gearbox. The driver can drop the arm to jam the gearbox and stop the car from rolling back down a hill. George says the car will trundle along all day at 30 miles an hour and is lovely to ride in, which is not surprising given that he upholstered the seats. “It’s a real pleasure to build a car like this as you’re preserving history and are its custodian for a short time,” says George who was honoured when a great great granddaughter of Alldays went to see the car at the easter Vintage Car Club’s rally. “When we drive along the road, people turn and look at the car. All you see is people smiling and waving. You don’t get that with modern vehicles.” 9198779AA Jones Road, Rolleston, RD 7 Christchurch Ph 347 8703 Fax 03 347 9576 Mob 027 228 2854 Email • Panelbeating • All insurance claims • Sandblasting • Spray (Bake) Painting • Truck Refinishing • Windscreen Replacments • Chassis Straightening • Motorhome Refinishing • Loan Cars 3 TRUCKS 3 CARS 3 LUBES 3 SERVICING 3 FLEET WORK 3 BOATS 3 DIESEL INJECTOR 3 & PUMP SERVICING 3 ENGINE TUNING Mon-Fri 6.45am-6.00pm, Sat 8.00am-12.00pm 3 BRAKES 3 MAXXIS TYRES 3 WHEEL ALIGNMENTS 3 BATTERIES 3 WOFs 3 CAMBELTS AND MUCH MORE! 839 Jones Road, Rolleston P.O. Box 16 Rolleston Phone Simon on 347 7110 or Mobile 027 272 9213

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday [Edition May 31 datE] 2016 33 3 MOTORCARE PROFESSIONALS PREP THE VEHICLES FOR WINTER Check the condition of windscreen wiper blades, tyre pressure and the tread of each tyre as this can affect vehicle handling and braking in the wet. Winter driving can be challenging when roads are slippery and rain obscures visibility. It can especially be dangerous if a motor vehicle is not up to the conditions. reGulAr SerVICING helps ensure motoring reliability even when a vehicle is new, as problems can arise especially with annual warrant of fitness checks. Keep an eye on when the WoF is due and book early so there is time for any needed repairs before expiry date. This will not only help ensure vehicle roadworthiness but also protect your car insurance. If organising a WoF is a weekend job, then call by Jones road Auto. Their WoF bay is open between 9.00 and 12.00 on Saturday mornings. Good visibility, reliable brakes, good tyres, correctly adjusted working headlights, and a structurally sound vehicle are all essentials for safe winter motoring. Check the condition of windscreen wiper blades, tyre pressure and the tread of each tyre as this can affect vehicle handling and braking in the wet. Worn out tyres are also the reason for many WoF rejections. If new tyres are needed, rolleston Diesel and Petrols supply high quality leading brands such as Maxxis tyres. Having a functioning heater will keep you warm while turning on the air conditioning is a good way to quickly demist the windows. Newlands Auto electrical recommends that these systems be serviced every two to three years R OO JONES Panelbeaters to prevent major compressor or pump failure, while older vehicles may need their air-conditioning re-gassed to maximise efficiency. Antifreeze loses effectiveness over time so top this up. It helps prevent water in a vehicle’s cooling system from freezing and rust deterioration in the radiator and engine. Selwyn Auto in Springston can assist with this and any needed repairs. Brakes that are not in good condition can be hazardous as a vehicle does not have the same stopping power, especially when roads are icy or greasy from rain. local automotive service centres such as rolleston Diesel and Petrols specialise in diesel and petrol repairs of all sizes and will quickly check the condition of your brakes. Car batteries work harder to start a vehicle in colder weather, explaining why more fail in winter. The life of a battery is easily tested so if your battery is around five years old or is struggling at times get it tested by one of the automotive centres in Selwyn, that carry batteries, such as Newlands Auto electrical where batteries for motorcycles through to heavy earthmoving equipment can be purchased. Diagnostic testing of a vehicle’s electricals may also highlight an issue and most local motor vehicle service providers have the Specialists in Collision Repairs dings to major repairs From small dings to major repairs equipment to do this including Burnham Auto Services where auto electrical repairs can also be undertaken. If you do have an accident that requires panel repairs, then Holland’s CollisionCentre in rolleston, or ro Jones Panelbeaters in the City & sockburn can assist you with your insurance claim & repairs and provide you with a loan car while the work is being undertaken. Jones Road ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDS › While You Wait WOF’s › Courtesy Cars › Diagnostics › Repairs › Servicing › Batteries › Tyres AUTUMN SPECIAL All services or repairs completed will go in the draw to win a car care pack each fortnight during Autumn Auto Phone 347 4020 851 Jones Rd, Rolleston • City location • Two great locations • Free Afterhours Pick up and • Collision delivery repair specialists to Rolleston residents. • Free • loan Loan cars Cars and & Vans vans • Insurance • Insurance repairs, Jobs, smash Smash repairs, rust repairs, Restorations fibreglassing • From • Can motorbikes co-ordinate to horse WOF & floats • No job mechanical too big or repairs. small • Open • From most Motorbikes Saturday mornings to Horse floats for customer • No job convenience too big or small. 2 convenient locations.. 20 Bath St (behind South City) • 224 Main Sth Road (next to BP) 2 Convenient loCationS... before beFoRe after aFteR 20 bath St (Behind South City) • 224 Main St Road (Next to BP) Ph Ph 0800 RO Ro JOneS JoneS before beFoRe after aFteR