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Selwyn Times: June 07, 2016

Jon Griffiths

Jon Griffiths Brenna Sincock Hearing 2 Tuesday June 7 2016 Inside FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK SELWYN TIMES News.....................................3-13 CONTROVERSY MAY be about to brew again over where the Lincoln skatepark could go. You may remember a couple of years ago it reared its head, with the district council opting to pull the idea completely. But Lincoln lad Josh Brown, 14, just wants a place where he and his mates can skate. Surely there can be a compromise? Let me know your thoughts. Congratulations must go to Kirwee’s Jenny Gallagher and Prebbleton’s Selma Scott for receiving a Queen’s Service Medal yesterday. This week we start a monthly column from the Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee. Water and its use can be source of much division in the community. Whatever which way you think, it is important to get the facts and we hope this regular column will help keep you informed. – Shelley Robinson CONTACT US NEWS Caitlin Miles Ph: 364 7442 • ADVERTISING Lynette Evans Ph: 021 222 7831 • DISTRIBUTION Mark Coulthard Ph: 379-7100 • Instilling integrity in our school children NEWS 12-13 AGENCIES POINT FINGERS OVER POT HOLE A FEW drivers got caught in a pot hole near the intersection of Hoskyns Rd and State Highway 1. The pot hole apparently appeared after all the rain on Wednesday morning. But when the Selwyn Times called the district council and NZ Transport Agency to find out who was going to fix it, each said it was the other organisation’s responsibility. The NZTA confirmed later that day that the pot hole had actually been filled in that morning – but not until after it had claimed a few car tyres and rims. Your views............... 10-11 Schools...................................14 Events................................ 17 Our People..................18-19 Travel......................... 22-23 Food..................................24-25 Fashion.............................27 Sport.........................................29 Gardening................32-33 Motoring.................. 34-35 LoyaL 4 PLy & 8 PLy Including access to Smart Marketing and Expertise. Why would you pay more? Maureen Crowley 4 ply $6.90 8 ply $6.60 Pure Wool ~ Gentle machine wash PFAFF SEWING CENTRE Treat the Kids! Kids two course special from $10 We are family friendly. Great Kids menu plus designated play area. ‘Famous for their roasts!’ Debra Hakaraia RESTAURANT & CAFÉ Open daily from 6.30am - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Seniors SPECIAL Two courses Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert $20 Special available lunch only Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm Conditions apply. Racecourse Hotel Motorlodge 118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150 (opposite Riccarton Raceway) Branding / Appropriate Usage PRINT 9 Witham St Hornby Phone 349 7867 as seen on 9 Shands Rd Prebbleton - Lincoln A my es Rd Springs Rd Carmen Rd Main South Rd Russley Riccarton - City WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR in an audiologist? Hearing well is something special Who you choose to trust your hearing with is important Hearing tests | Hearing Aids | Hearing Health Dedication to our customers Selwyn Owned Unlimited, personal follow up care and support You will love our competitive prices 36 Tennyson Street, Rolleston | Call 03 390 2332 HOME VISITS & Clinics in Leeston | Darfield | Ashburton

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 7 2016 3 News Skatepark plan resurfaces • By Caitlin Miles A SKATEPARK may become a reality for Lincoln with public consultation due to start later this month. The district council wants to make a community park in Lincoln with the idea first proposed in 2014. But the district council are yet to release where it thinks the park should go. Plans were originally put on hold but the possibility has come back up again in the latest proposal. In 2014, when the community park was planned, a report to the Selwyn District Council recommended a preferred site at the back of the clubrooms at the end of Meijer Dr. But these plans were met with contention from the rugby clubroom which was worried about vandalism. The plans were later put on hold by the council and no time line was given for when it would be made. Lincoln High School student Josh Brown (right), 14, has wanted a skatepark in the area for many years. It has been four years since Josh started advocating for the idea. He would still like to see it get the go ahead. “I think the kids in the area would really enjoy having one here,” he said. BOARD TALK: Lewis Partridge, Connor Hazlett and Kaleb Belmonte use a ramp and small jump outside the Lincoln Event Centre, but they want more jumps and ramps to use. ​ Leeston, Prebbleton, Darfield and Rolleston have skateparks and Josh thinks Lincoln should follow suit. “So many other areas in Selwyn have them, I still think Lincoln should do it . . .It would be nice to see the council and the councillors agree to it and get one,” he said. Lincoln Primary School pupils Lewis Partidge, Connor Hazlett and Kaleb Belmonte “really want a skatepark”, too, because the other places with skateparks are “too far away”. “Some kids parents don’t want them bussing to other places on their own, and the cost of using the bus builds up,” Lewis said. “It would be good to have it across from the event centre, because then parents can keep an eye on their kids while doing other stuff,” Connor said. Kaleb Belmonte said there are “a lot of kids at school who would use it”. HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you think Lincoln should have a skate park? Where do you think it should go? Send your views to In Brief HOSKYNS CROSSING CLOSED The railway crossing on Hoskyns Rd in Rolleston will be closed for maintenance work on Friday between 9am-3pm. The closure effects the section by State Highway 1. During the closure, vehicles will still be able to travel from Rolleston township and State Highway 1 towards the Izone business park and Hoskyns Rd. But the crossing will be closed to traffic coming from the other direction. A detour will run via Jones Rd and Weedons Ross Rd. ELLESMERE, MALVERN PLANS Consultation on the draft annual plans for Ellesmere and Malvern will close on Monday. The proposals are for the development of Malvern and Ellesmere for the next 15 years. Submissions for the Ellesmere plan close Monday 13 June at midday. To make a submission, go to www. policy-strategy/ellesmere-and-malvern-area-plans WASTE AND WASTEWATER The district council is currently seeking public consultation on its Draft Trade Waste Bylaw and Draft Wastewater Drainage Bylaw. They govern the discharge of trade wastes into the sewerage system, and the discharge of wastewater from any dwelling into the wastewater system. Consultation will close next month. To make a submission, go to the district council website. When should you consider hearing aids? Hearing well is a gift and for those with hearing loss, hearing aids are the tool that allows them to hear well again. It is best practice to get hearing aids fitted “as soon as persons hearing falls outside the normal range.” Many people wait until their hearing loss is having a significant impact on their lives before seeking advice or help. This not only delays the enoyment of better hearing but what most people dont realise, is that it takes time to adjust to wearing hearing aids. There is the misconception that as soon as someone is fitted with a hearing aid, that they will instantly hear perfectly again. This is not the reality as our brains and hearing aids need to work in tandum. If someone has suffered from severe loss for many years, the amplification settings in a hearing device will expose their brain to more sounds such as background noise, than it has experienced in a long time. All of a sudden, everything seems too loud and is hard to process. The best practice is to fit hearing aids long before it gets to this stage. Your brain will thank you for it. Addressing hearing loss sooner removes a layer of stress and allows your brain to keep up! Maintaining good hearing goes hand in hand with brain function in later life. Struggling with hearing loss is one underlying cause to deterioration in the brains ability to process information. The specialist advice is to maintain good hearing and not allow the brain to experience “severe hearing loss.” Further to the science is the more personal side of living with hearing loss. Any deterioration in hearing has an impact. The greater the loss, the greater the effects on everyday life and experiences. It may start with having to turn the television up one or two clicks but the undeniable truth is that it will become 20 clicks over time. If this is you, your family will be nodding in agreement! The key is to not be an ostrich. Hearing loss happens to the best of us and the solution is to start by having a hearing test and a conversation with your audiologist. Hearing is valuable and therefore trusting in the care you receive is vital. Start with a hearing test Call 03 390 2332 today At Brenna Sincock Hearing we taka a more personal approach to audiology and a smarter approach to treating hearing loss. Same day appointments and hearing aid fittings, home visits, unlimited follow up support and you will always be seen by Brenna. We can help you enroll with us and assist you with your existing hearing aids. Brenna Sincock Hearing 36 Tennyson Street, Rolleston. Darfield | Leeston | Ashburton Jon Griffiths Brenna Sincock Hearing Branding / Appropriate Usage PRINT