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Selwyn Times: June 14, 2016

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday June 14 2016 Your Local Views Dealing with cyberbulling The next step in the battle against cyberbullying CYBERBULLYING and other modern forms of harassment and intimidation can have a devastating impact on people, especially children and teenagers. The Government recognises the growing significance of this problem which is why last year we created new laws to deal with this problem. The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 included a range of measures to address damaging electronic communications spread through methods such as emails, texts and social media posts. The Act created a new criminal offence to help tackle the most serious instances of bullying and harassment by people using digital technology. The offence – causing harm by posting digital communication – is punishable by up to two years imprisonment or a maximum fine of $50,000 for individuals and a fine of up to $200,000 for companies. While some of the measures under the Act came into effect in July last year, such as the creation of the new criminal offence, others such as the creation of an Amy Adams Selwyn MP “Approved Agency” to deal with harmful digital communications required a longer time frame to implement. Budget 2016 included $16.4 million of new funding to support the Harmful Digital Communications Act including operation of the Approved Agency. In my role as Justice Minister I recently announced that internet safety organisation NetSafe has been appointed as the “Approved Agency” under the Harmful Digital Communications Act. NetSafe will play a key role in reducing the devastating impact of harmful digital communications, by providing a timely and effective service, enabling victims to get help from an independent body. The Approved Agency’s role includes advising on steps people can take to resolve a problem, investigating and attempting to resolve complaints where harm has been caused, and providing education and advice about online safety and conduct. NetSafe is experienced in addressing many of the issues associated with harmful digital communications. It brings a strong body of knowledge and experience in this area and is already working with a range of enforcement agencies to help victims. It is expected that NetSafe will start as the Approved Agency in November 2016. Once the Approved Agency is up and running, people can apply to the District Court for mandatory orders in relation to any complaints they have been unable to resolve through the Approved Agency. The court will be able to make a range of orders, including requiring material to be taken down. Failing to obey the court orders will be punishable as a criminal offence with a penalty of up to six months in prison or a $5,000 fine for individuals, and fines of up to $20,000 for companies. Readers respond to an article on changes to a five-legged roundabout in Rolleston Sue Javerill, of Rolleston – I think it’s great to see the district council backing the school and residents wanting to see a change to the round about. That thing is so dangerous. I absolutely hate it so I’ll be glad to see the construction team move in change the route. That roundabout is so skinny and awful to try and see who is going where. Nice to know the district council are making the changes. Jean Paurman, of Rolleston –That roundabout has been a problem for years, I’ve lived here for a long time and actively avoid driving near it because of how tight it is and the fact it intersects with so many roads. It’s about time the district council change this piece of road. I can’t wait to be able to safely walk to the dog park without having to dodge around cars and navigate the tricky road. The students may not know it but they will certainly appreciate the changes the district council are making. Changing this roundabout and putting in another further down is a good idea. I just hope they make it big enough to safely navigate and don’t make it as SELWYN TIMES skinny as the old one. A real exciting move by the council and very good for the students too. Peter Fitz of Lincoln responds to an article about car parks being removed from the main street of Lincoln to put in car parks: This car park thing is causing quite a few issues isn’t it? It’s a really double-edged sword. On one side, losing car parks along the main street must have an impact on the businesses and older people may have to walk further, which could cause some problems but if the council are going to put in parking lots then the car parks will still be there. Just further away? So people of Lincoln will have to walk further to allow for cycleways. That isn’t too bad. Since everything is central in Lincoln anyway. Since the district council is going ahead with the changes maybe more unhappy people should have spoken up. I think it’s good to have cycleways in Lincoln. I don’t know if we need two though. 5 Warning Signs of Spinal Stress! André Grob, Dr of Chiropractic, has had over 10 years experience of specialty spinal care in Australia and New Zealand. ● ● HEADACHES NECK PAIN AND TENSION A healthy spine is vital to your wellbeing. Specialist spinal therapy at Southern Chiropractic consists of: • Manual manipulative therapy • Soft tissue Massage • Low level Laser therapy • Exercise and postural education FOR BETTER SPINAL HEALTH ACT NOW…. 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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 14 2016 5 News Police station move a possibility • By Andrew King ARTHUR’S PASS police station could be on the move. Police are reviewing the location and are considering moving the station closer to town. It could possibly move closer into town beside the Department of Conservation centre. A police spokeswoman said consultation is currently under way and no decision has been made at this stage. “Staff and the public are being consulted with as part of talks around a region-wide review,” she said. Selwyn MP Amy Adams (left) said she was supportive of moving the station. “There is no intention as far as I know to not have a station in Arthur’s Pass,” she said. A police spokeswoman said ON THE MOVE: The Arthur’s Pass Police Station could possibly moved closer to the DOC centre. a community meeting is being planned to outline the proposed restructure. “The public will be advised when this has been confirmed,” she said. Consultation finishes around the end of the month and a decision is expected around July 14. “If the restructure were to go ahead as proposed we’ll look to reinvest that position into Rolleston,” she said. Rugby clubs target of drink driving blitz A POLICE drink driving campaign focusing on rural rugby clubs, which faltered last year due to a lack of resources, is about to be re-launched. The initiative aims to encourage rugby players in Selwyn and Waimakariri to have a sober driver when planning postmatch celebrations. Senior Sergeant John Hamilton, who is heading the programme, said the programme didn’t get far last year due to resources being diverted to other policing matters. However, 14 rugby clubs had been contacted about taking part and he believed it would have a lot more momentum this year. “We’ve got good buy in from everyone,” he said. Senior Sergeant Hamilton said there were more alcohol-related crashes in rural areas because of a lack of public transport and the campaign was about looking at ways to keep rugby players and families safe after a night out. “It can be an issue when players win a game and feel pretty good and the fun continues, so we just want to make sure there are plans in place to get them home safely,” he said. “It’s all about communication and talking to the officials at the rugby clubs and making sure there are plans in place for how people get home later in the evening. There will be enforcement carried out as well to make sure that people are following the rules. “I guess we’re after role models and people that set a good example for the young guys coming through.” Nominations close this Friday, 17 June DoN’t miSS out, gEt your NomiNAtioN iN Now! 2016 Sensation Selwyn Awards Lincoln Event Centre, Saturday 30 July 2016, $75 per ticket Nominations for the 2016 Sensational Selwyn Awards are still open: Agri-Business Arts & Culture Community Service Environmental Large Business Small Business Sport Tourism Young Achiever All nominees receive a complimentary Gala dinner ticket at The Lincoln Event Centre, Saturday 30 July. For more information visit or you local Selwyn library/service centre for nomination forms. To purchase a gala dinner ticket visit or phone 0508 ITICKET and enter the keywords “Sensational Selwyn Awards” Nominations close 17 June For more information visit Nominations are open Gala tickets are now on sale! Celebrating excellence throughout the Selwyn District Visit for nomination forms and - ‘Sensational Selwyn Awards’ for dinner tickets AGRI-BUSINESS ARTS AND CULTURE COMMUNITY SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL LARGE BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SPORT TOURISM YOUNG ACHIEVER Rolleston