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Selwyn Times: June 21, 2016

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10 Tuesday June 21 2016 toughened non-stick PAN SWAP PROMOTION Bring in your old frying pan and get 30% off a new Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick frying pan* INSTORE DEMONSTRATION SATURDAY JUNE 25, 11AM-2pM 54 Holmwood Road, Fendalton, Phone 03 356 1807 Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm Promotion runs from June 25 - July 23 *30% off Full RRP * Qualifying products include Le Creuset Shallow Frying Pans (20cm, 24cm, 28cm, 30cm), Deep Frying Pans (24cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm), Stir Fry Pans (30cm), Crepe Pan (24cm, 28cm), Milk Pan (16cm), Shallow Casserole (30cm), Saute Pan (26cm), Paella Pan (32cm), Giant Rectangular Plancha (34cm), Giant Rectangular Grill (34cm), Square Grill Pan (28cm) and Roaster (35cm) * Product availability may vary by store * Consumer must leave old pan with retailer * Only non-Le Creuset pans can be returned * Ask in-store for details * Terms & Conditions apply Your Local Views Water quality concerns Mike Glover is a Springston South resident and concerned ratepayer. In this column he writes about the issues surrounding Selwyn waterways. I read comments in this column by Selwyn Waihora Water Zone Committee members Pat McEvedy and Allen Lim with some interest. I think they have done a great job collaborating with Ngai Tahu and implementing a cultural landscape values management plan in respect to Te Waihora/ Lake Ellesmere and also in their initiatives fencing off environmentally important areas and enhancing others. However, when it comes to addressing water quality both in rivers and groundwater I’m afraid I don’t share their rosy viewpoint. For a start – the government rewrote the water quality regulations in 2014 when they signed off the National Objectives Framework for water. The limits for nitrates in water actually allow for more nitrate pollution in our rivers than we have already. Freshwater ecologist Mike Joy in his book Polluted Inheritance explains how the NOF allows for 10 times more nitrates in our rivers than previous guidelines – ANZECC guidelines were up to 0.61 mg/l, the new bottom-line is a whopping 6.9 mg/l. The NOF also implements new quality bands – A, B, C and a fail level. To show just how lax they are, fewer than one per cent of the rivers in New Zealand would breach the new bottom line. In fact, most of them, no matter how laden with nutrients, still score an A or B. The Liffey Stream in Lincoln is badly degraded with nitrates and phosphates from the very springs where it starts (Lincoln Waterwatch Test Sept 2015). Under the NOF it gets a C ranking, even though SELWYN TIMES RISK: The Liffey Stream in Lincoln is badly degraded with nitrates and phosphates. with nitrates at 4.4 mg/l, it is too poisoned to support the many invertebrate species that should thrive there. When I was at school a C was a pass – but under these water quality limits a C kills insect life – a fail in most people’s eyes. To put it in perspective the Mississippi and Yangtze Rivers, two of the most nutrient polluted rivers in the world, would only score a B for nitrates under the NOF. The aquifers that feed the Liffey Stream springs are shallow like many others in the district which people use for drinking water. Some are so polluted with nitrates that babies, in particular, risk serious ill health if they drink the water. Surely it’s only a matter of time before the deep clean aquifers, so beloved by Cantabrians for their pristine water, are polluted too. Ecan admits that the pollution in the Liffey Stream is from ‘‘agricultural run off’’ but that’s another story … Your local luxury Convenient Location Local Free Car Parking Luxury of Choice ANZ ASB ATM BNZ Coffee Culture Corianders Expoz’ Art Fascino Shoes Harcourt’s helloworld Highgate Hair Monkey Spices Postie Ray White Rolleston Bakery Rolleston Central Health Rolleston Drycleaners Rolleston Florist and Gifts Rolleston Haircuts Snap Fitness Subway Unichem Viva La Moda The Warehouse Westpac 70-76 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston 9 Masefield Drive (entry from Countdown and McCauley Street) Ph 03 347 9192 Proudly managed by Colliers Real Estate Management Limited

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 21 2016 11 Readers respond to an article about the possibility of Lincoln getting a community park, part of which will be a skate park Gavin Eastwick, of Lincoln – I fully support the establishment of a skate park in Lincoln, particularly as I know my grandchildren would make great use of it. However, I, like many that I have spoken to, are a little concerned about the most preferred site. In December 2013, the Christchurch City Council prepared a report on behalf of Selwyn, outlining potential youth park sites. Only three were considered and the site audit summary suggested that the area at the end of the Lincoln Event Centre car park would be the most appropriate. However, that audit report did express some concerns. They are as follows: Restricted sightlines. No through access from Meijer Drive to Boundary Rd. Rugby Club access is through the site. Lighting. Opportunities for passive surveillance are limited. Movement of vehicles in close proximity on busy days at the Event Centre. We can already perceive the danger to children from Saturday traffic particularly in the winter months. Looking back With limited passive surveillance the feeling of the sight being “safe” may be more perceived than actual. While there is an extensive lighting system on the rugby fields,those lights cannot be turned onto the proposed site at will. The location among other district council-owned facilities could increase the likelihood of crime and antisocial behaviour going unnoticed. The area adjacent to the Rugby Club was assessed by the Christchurch City Council capital programme group on behalf of Selwyn and that team used national crime prevention through environmental design guidelines. Although, of the three sites considered, this was deemed the most appropriate, it was suggested that this site should be carefully considered before proceeding. I, like others, am concerned that the proposed site is not visible enough and will never be so until Meijer Drive is extended through to Boundary Rd. Trish Hollis, of Lincoln – I am a grandmother and fully agree that a skate park should be here in Lincoln. Any activity that children are keen on should be made available. I think the ideal place would be opposite the Lincoln Event Centre. HANMER SPRINGS LOVELY 2 BEDROOM COTTAGE Thyme Cottage is an awesome place to take time out!! • Queen bed in 1st bedroom • 2 x single beds in 2nd bedroom • Fold out couch in lounge • Sky TV • Stereo and DVD • Flat screen tv 32” • Heat pump • New kitchen • Dishwasher • Coffee machine • Slow cooker $ 120 .00 per night *mid week rates available (not during holiday periods) • Extremely well equipped kitchen • Portacot, highchair & baby bath • Toys and games for children • Front fully fenced • Private BBQ area • Reserve beside the house • About 10 minutes walk from pools and restaurants • 5 minutes walk to the Golf Course BUSINESS: T Hewton’s Garage was located in Lincoln in the 1920s. The business was later turned into Baylis Motors, on Gerald St. •Heritage photos supplied by Selwyn Libraries. If you have any information about this photo, please contact the library via www. We have our property managed with Hanmer Holiday Homes Book via internet or index search: 11 Dorset Street, Hanmer or phone 03 315 7336 to make a booking.