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Selwyn Times: June 21, 2016

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36 4 [Edition datE] Tuesday June 21 2016 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS BuSINESS MuST coMPLY with electrical standards eleCTRiCal (saFeTY) ReGUlaTions came into effect in 2010 requiring that all portable electrical equipment used in businesses is tested and tagged to state that it meets the as/nZs 3760 standard. While this is another compliance cost for businesses, the aim of these regulations is health and safety. Certifying portable electrical appliances as safe is now a legal requirement, with it depending on the type of equipment as to how often it must be tested. For example, some businesses need only test every two years and others are on a three, six or twelve month rotation while some static items are tested every sixty months. These regulations affect a wide range of businesses including those in the hospitality industry where small appliances such as hair dryers, toasters and electric jugs are placed in rooms for customer use. Customers should look for the certification tag on these appliances so they know they are safe to use. “The law is quite clear. Business owners and operators must be aware of the safety standards that relate to the equipment they use,” explains Marcus Clark from Test Tech ltd. “it’s about being self-aware, informed and proactive rather than waiting for an osh inspector’s visit or worse still, a workplace accident to occur.” “Knowing this is the law, then waiting for an osh visit and a person being seriously harmed in the meantime, is likely to put a business under the spotlight with the potential for the maximum penalty and more regular osh inspector visits until any problem is sorted to satisfaction,” says Marcus. it concerns Marcus that some businesses are holding off, not expecting an osh visit, then being faced with a rush to have their appliances checked and certified, when osh sets a deadline by which all equipment is to be tagged. he says that this could lead to higher costs especially if their equipment is found to be unsafe. it also has the potential to affect the business’ health and safety record leading to more regular osh inspections. “Uncertified appliances will be logged with a very short time allowed to have these tested and a second visit likely from an osh inspector to check the equipment is certified. if a business has previously had a health and safety incident or not met legal requirements then visits may be sooner,” adds Marcus who has noted that all the businesses in some parts of the city have already been visited. Marcus is able to advise business owners and managers on their legal requirements relating to appliances, electrical equipment and machinery used at their premises. he understands that it is an expense so has in place a pricing strategy that helps businesses keep costs at a minimum. “This is a legislative requirement and part of being safe,” explains Marcus. “When you look at the whole picture, it is better to have a safe business environment than see someone harmed.” Extension lead fault. Illegal plug with no insulation. SELWYN TIMES Test Tech Ltd ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE TESTING Test Tech part of keeping us all safe. Your local Appliance testing SPECIALIST Single & Three Phase testing Record Storage Flexible hours to suit Due dates sent directly to you in advance. Can supply Plugs, Sockets, Ext Leads, Multi boxes etc. Test Test Tech Tech making making the the electrical electrical appliance appliance testing testing standard standard AS/NZS AS/NZS 3760 3760 AFFORDABLE AFFORDABLE for for everyone. everyone. I look forward to being part of your teams Health and Safety practice. I look arcs forward Clar to being Cell: part of your teams Health and Safety practice. Marcus Clark Cell: 0274207051 Land: 033297006 Email: WE CARE WHILE WE CLEAN Professional Cleaning residential & Commercial We FolloW a SiMPlE ProcESS From starting out with a customized quote, we make sure the process to making you a satisfied customer is simple. Quote • booKing • Job CoMpletion • CustoMer satisFaCtion our SErVicES INCluDe: WindoW Cleaning • House WasHing • spouting Cleaning Waterblasting • spring Cleaning • builders detail BROWN & WHITE LTD Paul & Yvonne Stokes P: 981 4280 M: 027 229 3534 E: W: A dangerous twisted extension lead connection. New Builds Home Alterations Bathrooms Decks Extremely dangerous bared conductors that had been taped over on a bench grinder’s cord. BUILDERS LTD Painting/Plastering Renovations Extensions Kitchens Re-Roofing Insurance Work Phone Keith: 027274 9359 or (03) 325-4452 Fully Qualified Builder

[Edition datE] SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 21 2016 37 5 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS Garden planning and preparation over winter it might be cooler outside but there is still plenty to do to get the garden into shape for spring and planning ahead will certainly pay dividends later. WinTeR is also a good time to move trees. “Trees are dormant in winter so there’s less chance of disturbing them when they are to be transplanted, and if deciduous having less weight in the tree makes for an easier relocation to their new position,” explains landscape designer sharon Crofts who adds that most deciduous trees will transplant if their root system is intact and they are within a certain age and size. This is also an ideal time to re-locate plants or plant a new area. With many nurseries getting their fresh new stocks of trees in and some stocking bare-rooted trees during winter, savings can be made as the new season’s stock will be sitting in sawdust yet to be bagged up so will likely be more economically priced making it a good option for those wanting to purchase a good number of trees. With over 25 years’ experience in the horticultural and landscape industry, sharon knows where to source suitable plant stock and can advise on the best position for plants. “Different tree and shrub species will reach different heights so selecting the right place for each plant will maximise their effect,” explains sharon who encourages people to plan and book contractors well ahead, as demand for landscape work increases especially over spring and leading up to Christmas. some construction may also be easier during the colder months when tradespeople can be more available and it may offer the opportunity for a good price with some operators more focussed on keeping their workers busy when work is quieter. “Plan ahead and have the landscape plan drawn up now. Quotes can then be sourced and work booked early, ready to begin at the end of winter,” suggests sharon. “This will ensure that the landscaping is completed on time.” This is especially important where a new sub-division’s covenants require completion of landscaping by a certain date. a landscape plan may also be required as part of the concept process before building commences, linked to the initial architectural stages of drawing up the house plans. sharon Crofts landscape Design will draw up a design concept and provide a comprehensive planting plan, where the numbers and types of plants is itemised along with where to locate these. a client can then plant out within their own timeframe. sharon spends time talking with her clients to hear their ideas while still projecting new ideas and suggestions for their property, so the final design has flair yet functionality. By merging the two together, the ultimate design is one her clients will love and enjoy, perhaps explaining why so many of sharon’s clients are delighted with her work. For more information, you can call sharon on 329 6229 or 0274 311 558, email: and view her website at: Courtyard before landscaping. Courtyard after landscaping. Sharon CroftS LandSCape d e S ign • Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans P. 329 6229 M. 0274 311 558 STOP LEAVES birds, snow, hail & vermin from blocking up your spouting Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with unique patented louvre which will even keep out pine needles. Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty,range of colours Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years. FOR SAFE, PURE DRINKING WATER FROM YOUR ROOF. NOW AVAILABLE: STAINLESS STEEL MICRO MESH Call Rohan Rudd anytime Mon-Sat for a no-obligation assessment & quote 0800 486 532 03 982 8850