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Selwyn Times: June 21, 2016

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday June 21 2016 Our People SELWYN TIMES Committed to Montessori & Early Childhood Preschool ● We Offer a Friendly, Fun and supportive environment – only 5 minutes from Rolleston. ● We believe that Tamariki thrive in a peaceful, structured and caring environment, full of fun and challenges. ● We Offer focused, balanced curriculums that prepare Tamariki for the next step in their learning journey. ● We value diversity within our Tamariki and their whānau and this is reflected in our whānau focused philosophy. ● We have 4 well resourced classrooms, caring for Tamariki from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We are proud of our large, natural playgrounds that offer challenges for all ages. Call in to visit us today, meet the teachers and have a look around our school ENROL NOW FOR 2016 For enrolments please contact Jasmine or Kylie on 347-6161 Visit us at 643 Burnham School Road Download forms from REPRESENTING: Hannah represented France at last year’s regional UN Youth conference. Lincoln High School student Hannah Long is off to the United Nations Youth Conference, in Wellington for the second year in a row. She speaks with reporter Caitlin Miles about her hopes to work in war-torn countries and her future studies Hannah you recently received a scholarship from Coffee Culture Lincoln congratulations. Thank you, yes it’s very exciting. Really happy about getting the $500 scholarship and for what I’m putting the money towards. It’s a big deal for me. Why it is a big deal? I’m attending a United Nations Youth Conference in Wellington in a couple of weeks. Basically the conference is about youth up to the age of 18 all meeting, basically like the UN does and representing a country and debating about the countries policies and what is happening within the country. HOT OUTLET STORE DEALS SAVANNAH SG610 PLAYER SERIES GUITAR Traditional dreadnought style with a fantastic sound Was $199.00 LESS 25% $149 MAKALA WATERMAN UKELELE The high quality take anywhere Waterman. ukulele that sounds great and stays in tune. $45 WOODEN RECORDER $4 each rockitCHCH ONE FREE ‘rockitCHCH’ LESSON with every Ukelele, Guitar or Drum Kit Sold. AXL 30W GUITAR AMP Was $299.00 SALE $229 HERO 1931 BLUES HARP New Vintage Style model Comes in case. Looks and sounds fantastic! SALE $20 Cnr Wordsworth & Brisbane Sts, Christchurch. Free On-Site Parking off Brisbane Street. Ph: 366 1949 IRIG VOICE Colourful handheld vocal microphone. Music on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device SALE $75

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 21 2016 9 understanding world politics Last year I represented France at the regional competition. Which country are you representing this year? I’m representing Singapore this year. I didn’t know much about the country before being tasked with representing it. I’ve been there before with my family so all I really knew about it was that it’s beautiful. How long do you get to learn about the country and what do you need to know? I’ve had roughly a month to gather information about the country. So things like understanding the current affairs and news, understanding the policy within the political parties and how the country runs and everything. Is this the first year you are taking part in the conference? It’s the first year I’m taking part in the national one. UN Youth does a regional version of the same style conference and then a national one. I’ve done the regional one before but never the national one so it’s quite exciting. That sounds extremely full on, how did you get involved in it? Yes, it is quite intense. I really enjoy knowing what’s happening in the world around me and understanding world politics. I’ve always been the girl who sits in YOUTH MEMBER: Hannah has been a member of the UN Youth organisation for three years and hopes to continue in politics at university next year. class making political or historical jokes which no one laughs at. In year 10 my social studies teacher asked me if I’d be interested in getting involved in United Nations Youth Canterbury so I decided to see what it was like. I’ve been a member ever since. What do you enjoy about being part of the organisation? When I first joined it was quite nerve-racking and I wasn’t sure if I could handle being in a room with such passionate young people. I realised I could though and it’s really great to be in a group of really like-minded young people and they get my political or historical jokes which is great. I’ve made some truly life long friends through the organisation. Why did you decide to apply for the Coffee Culture scholarship? I really love Coffee Culture. I spend a lot of time there. So I was in there and saw that you could apply for a scholarship of $500 if it’s sport, academic or cultural. I had to fill in some basic questions, write about my short-term and long-term academic goals and how what I’m doing will benefit the community. So I applied because I really wanted to go to the national event but there is always costs involved. The government of Singapore has paid for my flights and accommodation which is really great, so the $500 from Coffee Culture is going towards paying for the conference. How do you think attending this conference will benefit Lincoln community? I want to show everyone that young people do actually take an interest in the world around them and what is happening here and overseas in terms of politics and issues. I thought if I go to this then other young people might want to go or learn more about the organisation. Are you spending a lot of time preparing for the conference at the moment? Actually, as I’m talking to you I’m applying to go on a 30-day trip around the United States and Europe with the United Nations Youth organisation. It includes visiting the UN headquarters in New York which would be really exciting and eye-opening to be able to be there. What do you need to be accepted into that? Among other things you need to have excellence right through NCEA and tell them what sets you a part from everyone else. They really like to show diversity and having arrange of view points. If I get in I’ll also need $9000 so if I get in I’m going to be doing a lot of fundraising. This must take up a lot of time? I’m on the student council at Lincoln too, so I was part of the group that just finished organising the ball a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly it doesn’t take up too much time. Do you plan on studying politics when you leave school? Yes, I plan to do a double major in political sciences and either history or sociology I’m not quite sure yet and I plan to do a minor in Chinese. What would be your dream job? I’m glad that what I’ve chosen to study means I can travel with my chosen job. Like I don’t have to work for a government agencies, I can work for charities and things like that anywhere round the world. It sounds really strange but I would happily put myself on the front-line in places like Syria or places in the same situation and be involved in peace talks and child protection kind of things. Are you ready to play your part in Canterbury’s water management? We’re looking for people who want to make a difference. We’re looking for people who have expertise and want to help find solutions. If this sounds like you then applications to join the Regional Water Management Committee are now open. The committee is refreshing its community membership for the first time since 2013 to ensure new perspectives are reflected. What is the Regional Water Management Committee? The committee is a key advisory group made up of representatives from councils, Rūnanga and the community. It provides strategic water management advice to councils and industry groups to deliver the multiple targets of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. The committee’s work helps ensure we have safe drinking water supplies, sustainable farming practices, clean rivers and streams, as well as protecting environmental, cultural, and recreational values. For more information or an application form please visit or phone Environment Canterbury Customer Services on 0800 324 636. Applications are due by 4:00pm, 5 July 2016.