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Selwyn Times: June 28, 2016

10 Tuesday

10 Tuesday June 28 2016 Our People SELWYN TIMES Emily de Rooy Dedicated to helping all Emily de Rooy, 17, is chairwoman of the Selwyn Youth Council and deputy head girl at Darfield High School. She speaks with Caitlin Miles about her experience helping young people in the community, her passion for helping people of all ages and plans to jet off to Rome at the end of the year. The Selwyn Youth Council has been nominated for some great awards this year, congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, it’s pretty cool, it’s great to see something us young people set up doing well and the fact that it doesn’t just benefit young people either is cool. The youth council does a lot of things for the whole area, like putting on events or running campaigns and things like that. How long have you been involved in the youth council? PASSIONATE: Emily de Rooy gets a lot of enjoyment out of the youth council and the what it offers the young people in the area. The awards are an added bonus. Two years. It’s been running for three and I got involved in it last year so this is the second year. It’s great to see it grow too, we have members from all around Selwyn join in now. Why did you sign up? I wanted to be involved in something that actually benefitted young people in the community or helped make a better connection between young people and the [district] council. It’s been really cool to see that connection be made stronger and getting to know other teenagers round Selwyn has been great to. What do you mean connection? Like if a young person in the community wants to make a submission to the [district] council or know more we can help them write their submission and then take it to the council. If the council wants to get something out there more or thinks we can help in creating or promoting an event we will, it helps us in a big way with that kind of thing too. What do you enjoy about the youth council? There are a lot of challenges, in lots of different things, which is great. I like the challenge and getting to make a difference in the community or help someone else make a difference. We can offer help to one young person or a group or help them through a [district] council process or we set up campaigns that the community really gets involved in, like the Pop Up Cafe initiative or Meet Your Neighbour campaign. I really enjoy getting to help people or be involved in making a difference. I’m really passionate about helping people out so it’s cool to get to do it a bit since I’m on the council. Have you always been passionate about helping people? Yeah, I think I have anyway. Ever since I was a kid I liked helping people out. If someone needed something I’d always offer my time or whatever I could. Doesn’t matter if they’re younger, older, my age. I really enjoy offering whatever help I can. As I got older I just kept doing it I think. Doing it and helping people is a hobby for me so it’s great to get to do it with the youth council. I plan to keep doing it once I leave high school too. I plan on studying human services, looking at violence in society and youth development so I can continue to help people. What would you like to do as a job? I’m not sure yet, maybe a social worker or something where I get to help kids out. Haven’t quite got to figuring that one out yet. I went to Borneo last year as part of World Challenge, it was this month-long trip of hiking round the country, learning about the different cultures and helping build things for people and children in need. That was a really amazing experience. Have you done much travelling? Mitsubishi Electric GE25 3.2kW includes FREE installation* $1,999* Mitsubishi Electric GE42 5.4kW includes FREE installation* $2,399* Mitsubishi Electric EF25 3.2kW includes FREE installation* $2,199* Choose from Black, White or Silver Mitsubishi Electric KJ50 5.8kW includes FREE installation* $3,349* Mitsubishi Electric FH50 Hypercore 6kW includes FREE installation* $3,299* Add WiFi control for just $199* *with every heatpump purchase Proud installers of Phone 0800 324 678 Call now for a free quote *includes cost of back to back install only, conditions apply

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 28 2016 11 in need through youth council I guess I’ve done a bit, my parents are from Holland so we have visited there, it’s nice to go back and see my friends and family that are still there. I’ve also been to Germany, Spain, France, Scotland and Singapore and they’ve been really awesome places. I’ve always wanted to go to Rome and Barcelona though, so I booked a trip to go at the end of this year. I’m really excited to go and see the country, although I’m incredibly poor now, but that’s okay! Are you taking a gap year after high school? No, I’m just going over there before uni starts for a couple of months, like a mini getaway before I settle down into study. You’re quite involved in school activities too aren’t you? I’m the deputy head girl this year so there is a lot that goes into that role. I also helped out a lot with Stage Challenge and that project was several months in the making. I’m on the girls’ senior basketball team too. I just finished being on the World Vision 40 hour Famine organising committee too, we raised a lot of money, I can’t remember how much but it was a lot, which was a really cool thing to be a part of. Again it was a challenge and THE TEAM: Selwyn Youth Council members Ella McClure, Paige Sullivan, Lexi Sutherland, Maddie Tasker, Emily de Rooy and Rafael Clarke. that’s what I enjoy. So yeah, I’m kept pretty busy with meetings and practice and all of that kind of stuff. How do you balance school work? School work is really important too, I like to do well. I got excellence in NCEA level one and two but this year I’m aiming for merit, just because I want to be able to enjoy my last year of high school a bit more and get involved in a lot more activities. This sounds really lame but I make a plan of what needs to be done at the start of every week and I just make sure I achieve that. I fit in all of the things I have scheduled and then put everything else in the other gaps. It’s not often that I’m studying for school work in my study periods, I’m usually getting everything else up to date so all get’s done, which is why I’ve decided to aim for merit this year. It gives me more time to focus on all the other stuff – especially basketball. What do you enjoy about basketball? It’s just really fun, I’m really into my sport. I played basketball and netball last year but decided to scale it back a bit and just focus on basketball this year. I’m the captain which is really cool. I’ll admit I’m not the most skilled player but I’m really supportive of the team and try to keep everybody upbeat no matter what is happening in the game. I think it’s important for a captain to be able to play but to also boost everyone when need be. We practice twice a week so it keeps me busy. Do you have time to relax? Not really. But I don’t mind, my relaxing is all the stuff I do outside of school. Like playing basketball for me is actually really relaxing and being active. To most people that might not sound relaxing but for me it’s a big reason why I do sport, it’s an outlet for me. I really enjoy it. relationship property, employment law and resolving contractual and estate disputes.