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Contaminated land list out soon

• By Tom Doudney

THE OWNERS of more than

3000 Selwyn properties will

soon find out that their land

has been listed as potentially


A two-year programme, carried

out by Environment Canterbury

on behalf of the district

council, has resulted in the identification

of 1837 new potentially

contaminated sites, split between

3152 parcels of land.

The news has raised concerns

that land owners’ property values

could be negatively affected

by the information, which will

be made publicly available on an

online database.

However, ECan scientist Davina

McNickel said people had a

right to know what their land

had been used for in the past.

“Being on the list means

people will know whether they

should graze the land, or perhaps

fence it off from stock,” she said.

“It also means people will

understand the implications

of any proposed development

or subdivision of the land and

whether they need to test the

land first.”

The sites, which belong to 1783

different owners, will be added

to the Hazardous Activities and

Industries List indicating that

based on their past use they

may have been contaminated

by chemicals or hazardous substances,

including lead, arsenic

and pesticides.

This includes 2252

rural properties, 794

residential or ‘Living’

zone properties, 106

business properties

and one rural residential


Affected land owners are expected

to be contacted about the

middle of this month.

Lincoln Community Committee

chairwoman Ivy Harper

(above) said it was concerning

that properties would be listed

without testing having been

done to confirm whether the

land was actually contaminated

or not.

“Potentially homeowners are

left thinking that their greatest

asset is now looking like their

worst nightmare as a result of

being on this list.”

Fordbaker Valuation directory

Terry Naylor said a property’s

value could be affected if its

status showed that remediation

was required but had not been

carried out.

The most common sites identified

were those where persistent

pesticide bulk storage or use had

occurred, including where there

had been sports turfs, orchards,

market gardens and glasshouses.

There were 1642 properties in

this category.

Livestock dip or spray

race operation accounted for

674 properties, while landfill

sites accounted for 365



new information about

potentially contaminated

land be made publicly

available or not? Send your

views to tom.doudney@

Long reign


Lincoln have locked away the

Murray Cooper Shield for the

11th year in a row with a 43-12

trouncing of Prebbleton on

Saturday. It is the longest reign

in the shield’s history. Captain

Mike Bendall said in spite of

other clubs thinking that they

could lift the shield this season,

Lincoln always shifted up a gear

when the shield was on the line.


•More photos, pages 20 & 21.





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Tuesday July 5 2016






DESK News.....................3,5,7,8 & 9

In spite of a little controversy a

few weeks ago surrounding the

Murray Cooper shield, Lincoln

now safely hold it until next

season. Well done lads, I’m

sure you had the appropriate

celebrations on the weekend.

A few people will have a hard

choice to make this year after

someone made a scheduling

blunder and put the Rolleston

150th celebration on the same

weekend as the Ellesmere A&P

Show. Read about the reaction

surrounding this on page 3.

On 8 and 9 we chat to Angela

Dixon the proud mum of Elliot

Dixon who made his debut for

the All Blacks, while on 10 and

11 we chat to David Parlane who

is bringing some leading comedians

to town and finally we chat

to Matt Hutchins about his road

to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Hei kona – Shelley Robinson

Proud moment for sporting mum


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Selwyn Waihora Zone

Talk to us about your land

and water management

The Selwyn Waihora Zone Team is hosting drop-in days

every second Wednesday to talk with people about

local water management, and offer support and help.

We hope you can come along and get to know the team

working in your area.

The next two meetings are on Wednesday 13 and 27 July.

Selwyn Waihora Zone Team drop-in day:

When: Wednesday 13 and 27 July,

1.00–4.00pm (no appointment necessary)

Where: Selwyn-Rakaia Vet Clinic, South Terrace,

Darfield (alongside the bakery)

Brought to you by Environment Canterbury working with

Jon Griffiths

Brenna Sincock Hearing

Branding / Appropriate Usage

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 3


Event clash backlash

• By Caitlin Miles

THE CLASH of two major

Selwyn events has sparked

disappointment from an

organiser of one of them.

Ellesmere Agricultural

and Pastoral Show president

Paula McIlraith was ‘not very

impressed’ when she found out

Rolleston would be hosting its

150th anniversary celebrations

on the same weekend as the


The A&P show will be held

on October 15, the same day as

several Rolleston anniversary


“I’m pretty disappointed that

this has happened, it’s a shame

because it will affect a lot of

people,” said Ms McIlraith.

The A&P show has been held

on the same weekend every

year for 145 years and this year

won’t be any different.

“It’s always been the weekend

before Labour Day and we

won’t be changing the date,”

she said.

Ms McIlraith said they were

trying to encourage more

Rolleston residents to attend

the show.

“It’s their show, too, and we

are trying to get the Rolleston

community involved as well. If

the anniversary celebrations are

on the same day, that’s going to

have an impact,” she said.

The 150th anniversary will

be held on October 14-16

with numerous different

events happening every


Anniversary committee

chairman and district

councillor Jeff Bland

(right) said they had considered

changing the date.

“We looked at moving it, but

that’s the weekend we actually

turn 150, so we decided against

it,” Cr Bland said.

Cr Bland said the Rolleston

event was a three-day event,

and people could go to both

if they wanted.

“It’s not like we are competing

with them. It’s the

only time we are going to

have this three-day event,

plenty of time for people to

go to both,” he said.

Clearview Primary School is

SHOW DAY: The Ellesmere

A&P show will go ahead

as planned, even though it

clashes with Rolleston’s 150th


also hosting their fundraiser on

the final day of the anniversary.

“They were concerned

we were going to steal their

thunder, but we are ending

our parade at Foster Park so

people can go straight to the

fundraiser. That’s the reason

we decided to finish the event

there,” Cr Bland said.

Ms McIlraith said plans for

the A&P show are well underway

and Cr Bland said the same

thing about the anniversary.

In Brief


A plaque on Telegraph Rd to

commemorate the September 2010

earthquake has been suggested by

the Malvern Community Board.

The plaque would be placed where

the faultline rupture created a

bend on what had been a straight

stretch of road. Board chairwoman

Judith Pascoe said she had been

approached about the plaque by a

member of the community.​


On July 1, the Sheffield community

commemorated 100 years since

the beginning of the Battle of the

Somme in 1916. Sheffield School

went along to the celebration

along with 60 other people from

the community. The event was

held at the cenotaph in Sheffield.

As part of the celebrations a cross

was unveiled to commemorate

the battle. This commemoration is

one of many the community has

planned to recognise key battles

that took place during World

War 1.


A quilt depicting different areas

of the Malvern ward made by

Kirwee resident Pauline Sewell

will be displayed at the Darfield

Library. The Malvern Community

Board has agreed to pay $400 for

the quilt, with the money going to

Friends of the Darfield Hospital.



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Tuesday July 5 2016

Your Local Views


Readers respond to an

article in last week’s

Selwyn Times about a

possible expansion of the

Selwyn Aquatic Centre

(right) or building a new

facility in Lincoln

D Cromwell, of Leeston – I

could not believe it when I read

a new pool extension was on the

cards, or another new pool.

For goodness sake Selwyn District

Council. When the aquatic

centre was opened so many

people commented on how small

it was for the amount of money

that was spent.

Yes, I do realise these undertakings

require a lot of money

but I still feel the district council

should have covered most of it

and then a user-pay system.

I keep reading how popular

it is so I don’t think they would

have struggled to recoup the


Also, why oh why, do we

ratepayers have to pay for it and

then if you use it you are charged

yet again.

I have lived in Leeston for the

past 21 years and like many others

we would like a bus service.

I cannot use the pool as I do

not have a car and so cannot get

my children to the pool either.

I know there have been surveys

about a bus service but then it

goes cold and seems to disappear

with no follow through.

Maybe a bus service could be

looked into before yet another

pool so we lucky few who do

not live in Rolleston or Lincoln

may use the other services in our


Tom Van Meurs, of Rolleston

– There are two issues I

would like to bring to the attention

of the district council,

which is considering whether

to build a new swimming pool

either in Lincoln or to make an

extension to the aquatic centre in


As a regular user of the pool

in Rolleston, I think that in light

of the rapid growing population

of our town an extension of the

existing pool would be desirable.

This I believe could be done by

building an outside warm water

pool, perhaps partly covered by

using solar energy.

This would relieve congestion

of the main pool which is bound

to happen in years to come.

This could probably turn out

to be a cheaper solution and a

new pool for Lincoln could then

still be on the cards as well.

Secondly – Goulds Rd is going

to be closed off at the roundabout

near the dog park for safety


That’s a sensible decision as it

is difficult from that particular

point to see any traffic coming

from Lincoln.

However, this means that

traffic coming from Goulds Rd,

Faringdon and Oak Tree Lane

now has to go past Clearview

Primary School on Broadlands

Drive, and may potentially pose

a hazardous situation since there

are always many cars parked

along both sides of that road in

front of the school.

I therefore suggest that the

district council creates ample offroad

parking space, preferably

on the south side of Broadlands

Drive, where there is still plenty

of empty space and issues a

parking prohibition for Broadlands


Liz Hewitt responds to a

recent article in the Selwyn

Times about Lincoln

township having more

electronic speed signs

Here is my opinion for what

it is worth. I have worked in the

city for 13 years and obeyed all

the various speed zones.

I cannot explain it but those

flashing ones reading “slow

down” when you are at that

speed, or slower, really annoy

me, so much I have an urge to

speed up afterwards.

However, the new intersection

signs flashing the expected approach

of one are excellent.

Just flashing the speed number

makes one slow whatever

speed one is going, even if it’s the

correct speed.

My generation hate being told

what to do all the time especially

when we are already doing it.



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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 5


Water meter compliance low

• By Tom Doudney

THE SELWYN Waihora zone

has the highest number of

irrigation takes without a water

meter in Canterbury.

That’s what Environment

Canterbury zone facilitator Ian

Whitehouse told the Selwyn

Waihora Zone Committee at its

meeting in June.

An ECan spokeswoman was

unable to provide the figures

that statement was based on but

said they would now be out of

date and new figures would not

be available until the end of the


The zone’s compliance

monitoring report for 2014-

2015 showed that there were

1825 consents for surface and

groundwater abstraction in the

zone. The report did not specify

how many didn’t have a water

meter installed but showed

compliance could not be determined

for about 25 per cent of


ECan has been under fire

after Forest & Bird released

information showing hundreds

of instances where irrigators

were caught without functioning

water meters and accused

ECan of failing to take credible

enforcement action.

Aylesbury farmer and recent

past president of Federated

Farmers North Canterbury

Frank Brenmuhl

(left) said the

requirement for

those with relatively

small water

takes to have a

meter installed

was relatively recent and expensive

for farmers.

“Our take is for 12.5-litres a

second for a 32ha walnut orchard

and it’s cost me the thick end of

$10,000 to get my metering and

all the bits and pieces done with

that,” Mr Brenmuhl said.

While the costs were “no

excuse” for not having one, he

believed most people genuinely

wanted to comply with the


“It’s quite possible that you’ve

got a bunch of people out there

who are just unaware that you

actually have to have a meter.”

Forest & Bird conservation

manager Chris Todd said that

the time for denial and delay



The Selwyn

Waihora zone

had the highest

number of


water takes

without a meter

according to

recent records.

ECan says

updated figures

will be available

at the end of

the month.

had passed.

“If you can’t comply with the

terms of your consent, do you

deserve to keep it?”

The ECan spokeswoman said

more than 90 per cent of water

takes in Canterbury (4900 out of

5400) were now being measured

and reported.

“Our priorities for the coming

season (from July) are to follow

through on the compliance

work to ensure all consents have

an appropriate water measuring

device,” she said.

In Brief


Lincoln University has been

named by Science and Innovation

Minister Steven Joyce as one of

three successful applicants to host

a New Zealand-China research

collaboration centre, receiving

$1.25 million of funding over

five years. The New Zealand-

China Water Research Centre

will be based at the Lincoln

Hub, with partners AgResearch,

Landcare Research, Plant & Food

Research, Lincoln Agritech Ltd,

and University of Otago. It will

facilitate collaborations between

scientists from both countries

around water quality and quantity



The Malvern Community Board

has asked for a report on the

possibility of putting a pedestrian

haven in the middle of Bray St

in Darfield. Safety concerns

about crossing the street have

been raised by parents walking

children to school.


Darfield High School student

Kieran McKay has been

granted $400 from the Malvern

Ward Discretionary Fund for a

school cultural trip to Japan

from September 22 to October



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Tuesday July 5 2016



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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 7


Mud, sweat and smiles

• By Caitlin Miles

KAITLIN de Geest decided part

of her half marathon training

should involve spending her

Sunday covered in mud tackling

an obstacle course.

It was the first year Rolleston

resident Miss de Geest decided

to take part in the annual Mud,

Sweat and Tears competition at

Motukarara raceway.

Miss de Geest is currently

in the midst of training for a

half marathon in November.

Her friend Hannah Wentworth

convinced her that competing in

the 5km obstacle course was just

the way to break up her current

training schedule.

“She said we should do it and

I thought that would be a good

step up in training and be a bit of

fun,” Miss de Geest said.

The course involved running,

crawling and manoeuvring

through obstacles, participants

could either compete in the 5km

or the 10km course.

The pair dressed up as 80s

fitness freaks because Miss de

Geest ‘couldn’t imagine doing the

course in a onesie’ or anything

else hard to move in.

When it came time to start the

race she said she could not think

too much about what she was

MUDDY: Hannah Wentworth and Kaitlin de Geest (right) finished

the competition how they intended to, covered in mud.

about to do.

didn’t bother her because it

“ I just couldn’t think too wasn’t about placing.

much about what I was doing, “It was just a really fun, social

from the first obstacle you just event, there were lots of people

got covered in mud and kept going,”

she said.

she said.

and it was just a really fun day,”

Miss de Geest did not get a Miss de Geest said she will

placing and was not sure of her definitely compete again next

time either but she said that year.

Skate park bid

for Springfield

• By Siobhan Watson

A SPRINGFIELD boy pushing

for a skate park has received

a positive reaction from the

township committee and

community board.

Darfield High School student

Cohen Earl, 12, proposed the

idea at a recent Springfield

Township Committee meeting

and he said he got a good


‘‘They said they’d bring a guy

out to show me some prices and

some plans,’’ he said.

The skate park would provide

children and teenagers in the

area with a place to ride on their

scooters and skateboards.

‘‘At the moment they ride

round in the hall car park and

a lot of tourists come through

pulling in to go to the toilets and

it’s a health and safety issue,”

Cohen said.

He had collected three pages

of signatures from people in

the community to support his


Malvern Community Board

chairwoman Jenny Gallagher

said the board thought the skate

park was a great idea and would

be keen to support the proposal.

“It’s just something for the

kids to do. We have got to look

at places to put it and designs

and things like that but at least

he has taken the initiative and

put some work in to see if it’s

possible, which I think is great

from a young lad.”

She hadn’t yet considered

the possibility that a skate park

might be opposed by nearby

residents – something which

proved an obstacle in establishing

skate parks in Prebbleton

and Lincoln in recent years.

In those cases, residents were

concerned that it could increase

crime in the area.

“I think people would be more

than happy to have something

that the kids can do rather than

complain. If we have got something

for them to do it will keep

vandalism and things down but

if there are issues like that we

would certainly work with those

that are complaining to see if

there is anything we can do.”

A spokeswoman for the

Springfield Township Committee

said it would decide whether

to support the proposal at its

monthly meeting today.

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Tuesday July 5 2016



Years of washing and cooking for

Tens of thousands of Canterbury sporting mums

get their kids ready for sport on a Saturday morning,

and then deal with the week-in, week-out aftermath

– muddy gear. Lincoln resident Angela Dixon spoke

to Gabrielle Stuart about sitting with proud dad Chris

Dixon and watching their once little boy Elliot make

his debut for the All Blacks against Wales

SITTING IN the stand watching

her son run onto the field in an

All Blacks jersey was one of the

proudest moments of Angela

Dixon’s life.

But privately, she still wonders:

Did she let him start rugby too


Was it good for him, while

growing up, to spend every weekend

playing sport?

Is it worth the risk he could be

badly injured?

Watching her boy line up to

sing the anthem and perform

the haka, she had to

surreptitiously wipe away a tear

or two.

But after kick-off she was too

nervous to enjoy it, she said.

Every time her son hit the

ground she was on the edge of

her seat.

“When he took a big tackle all

I was thinking was is he getting

up, is he getting up. I was saying

to my husband, where is he, looking

for his number.

“When I’m getting too worked

up I have to take myself away to

the ladies and take a minute to

settle myself. It is nerve-racking.

They’re always your little boy, it

doesn’t matter if they’re six foot


She said she watched his big

games again on replay the next

day, as she could only relax and

enjoy it once she knew he would

be okay.

That constant fear he would

get hurt was something that had

plagued her since he started playing,

at just four years old.

He played his first matches for

Suburbs, his older brother, Jon’s,


She said Elliot was much

smaller than the other children,

who were mostly five or six, but

PROUD: Although her son has been playing rugby

professionally for years, Angela Dixon said she still sent him

advice before games.


he was determined to play.

“We used to call him radar,

because even as a little boy he

would see someone from across

the field and jump on their back

and take them down, it didn’t

matter how big they were. You’d

see him lining them up.”

Between the two boys, her

weekends quickly filled up with


Summer or winter, both Saturday

and Sunday mornings were

spent yelling encouragement

from the sidelines, with oranges

or jet-plane lollies ready for the

boys at half-time.

Then it was straight into the

car to head to the next sport or


The hours after school were

just as full on, as the boys met up

at the park or in the backyard to


She said she had lost track of

the number of windows they

broke, or clothes that came home


“I used to call the laundry my

office, because I spent such a lot

of time doing washing. And the

cooking! They used to have competitions

to see who could eat the

most, they’d have eight Weet-bix

in their plate.”

All the boys wanted to do was

play sport, but she worried sometimes

about how much of their

time it took up.

“They missed out on things like

going fishing together. I remember

saying to Chris, we can’t get

off this roundabout, can we?”

She said Elliot was a great runner

and good at most sports, but

rugby was always his passion.


From the Garden of Eden to Abbey Road and Silicon

Valley, apples have been an enduring motif for our

cultural journey.

Like William Tell and Sir Isaac Newton before him,

Ashley Smith, in this show, uses apples to his own


Some samples from this tasty crop may very well

keep the doctor away - but, then again, there could

be something decidedly sinister under the skin of

that rosy red apple being offered.

Artist, Ashley Smith escaped into the wilds of

coastal North Canterbury over 30yrs ago and still

finds fascination in its rural myths and practices.

Canterbury’s often crazy weather patterns also

continue to influence his paintings ( and mental


Ashley’s subjects are rendered in a variety of styles

– many honed during extensive global meanderings.

During these he has worked for publishers in

Australia, England and America, studied batik in

Indonesia, been a member of the Stuttgard Art

Society and met his future wife in the 602 Club,

Madison Wisconsin!

‘The Apple of His Eye’ original painting by Ashley Smith

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‘Sir Isaac Newton’ original painting by Ashley Smith


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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 9

a cause – sport

“We tried to get Elliot to play

cricket, but it was too slow for him.

He cried, he didn’t like it at all.”

She said he loved the physicality

of rugby, even though he was

a “spindly little fella” until he

shot up at about 16.

He played for St Bede’s College,

and made the New Zealand

Schools squad which toured

Australia in 2007.

She said she had mixed feelings

about him pursuing a rugby


“We often said you can’t just

play rugby, Elliot. You’ve got to

do something, because in rugby

you’re only as good as your last

game or your last injury.”

His dream was to play for

Canterbury, but they told him

although he was a good player

they didn’t have room for him on

the squad, she said.

He was offered a spot in Southland

when he was 19, and he was

torn over it.

“At 19 I didn’t want to say see

you later. But he said: ‘Mum,

what should I do?’ And I said go

for it.”

She said she continued to give

him advice, whether or not he appreciated


Before the test against Wales

she met up with him and

opening special



with son





wanted to discuss tactics.

“He said: ‘It’s just another

game, mum, I don’t want to talk

about rugby’.”

She expected the birth of his

son, Huxley, who is now one,

to distract him from his rugby,

but she said he was even more


“Huxley was not the best

sleeper, so between the lack of

sleep and the stress I was expecting

it to be tough. But he just gets

out and plays harder.”

And no matter how nervous it

made her, she planned to be at as

many of his matches as she could,

cheering her son on.

“It’s quite funny standing there

talking to men who think you

don’t know what you’re talking

about. It’s like really, I’ve watched

more rugby matches than you’ve

had hot dinners.”

Ten things you need to

know about Elliot Dixon who

became All Black 1149 in a

test against Wales.

1 The 26-year-old rose

through the Canterbury

system but the national

age group star quit for

Southland in late 2009. “I

thought I’d try to get some

NPC game time rather than

wait another three years or

something in Canterbury,”

he said at the time.

2 Dixon came to prominence

while playing for

St Bede’s College, the

Christchurch school whose

other All Blacks include Jon

Preston, Andy Earl, Vance

Stewart, and current Chiefs

assistant Kieran Keane.

3 There were tears all

round when he told his

parents of selection in the

squad to play Wales. “They

started crying, which was

quite emotional for me as


4 Dixon made the 2007

national schools side which

played Samoa and Australia.

His teammates included

current All Blacks Tawera

Kerr-Barlow and Charlie


5 He came off the bench

in the under-20 World Cup

side when they beat England

in the 2009 final

in Japan.

H90 x W130mm

6 Partner Paige Smith

gave birth to their first child

Huxley in June last year and

they have another boy on

the way.

7 Dixon was man-of-thematch

when the Highlanders

beat the Hurricanes in

last year’s Super Rugby

final. The highlight: he

initially beat a couple of defenders

on a 20m run which

ended with him scoring in

a pile of five defenders. TV

commentator Ian Smith

reckoned it was a big game

moment which “says to

people higher up I’m ready

if you want me”.

8 Dixon’s heritage is

Ngapuhi – the Northland

iwi – and he first played

for New Zealand Maori in

2012. His family comes from

around the Waimamaku

Valley in Hokianga and he is

part of the Paniora whanau.

9 When asked what

he would be doing if he

wasn’t a rugby professional,

Dixon replied: “I would be


10 Dixon’s trademark look

involves a thick band of

black electrical tape around

his head. When praised for

the look, Dixon tweeted:

“thanks for the love of my

head band a lot goes into

it. Time and effort. Glad it’s

finally paying off”.

John Sunckell

ECAN 2016

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Tuesday July 5 2016

Our People


David Parlane

Entertaining Selwyn residents

Lincoln resident David Parlane is one half of the

team behind a company promising to bring more

events to Selwyn – the first a show featuring

some of New Zealand’s leading comedians in

October. He spoke to reporter Tom Doudney

about helping bring the Penrith Panthers NRL

team to Christchurch earlier this year, how his

company got the name ‘3 Coins Gentlemen’ and

his time as a DJ in Palmerston North.

How long have you lived in


I’ve been in the Selwyn district

for close to 18 years and

we moved from Prebbleton to

Lincoln about 10 or 11 years ago.

But I’m still not a local – I’ve

been told I’ve got another 20

years before you can actually call

yourself a real Lincolnite.

Maybe your grandkids will be

able to call themselves Lincolnites.

Yeah, maybe. It’s a bit of a joke

around here to say ‘you haven’t

been here for 30 years yet, so how

can you call yourself a local?’

So you dipped your toes in

with Prebbleton obviously before

diving right in to Lincoln.

My family is from Prebbleton

so when we first moved back

down from the North Island we

came to Prebbleton. Then we

went for a Saturday afternoon

drive and fell in love with a

house and decided to move out

here [to Lincoln]. I keep telling

my wife it was the most expensive

bloody Saturday afternoon

drive I’ve ever had!

When you were general

manager with Douglas Projects

International you were

involved with bringing the

Penrith Panthers NRL team to

Christchurch in May. Did you

face many challenges in making

that happen or did it all go

pretty smoothly?

It all went very smoothly actually.

It was a fantastic event – I

mean, it was a sell-out crowd and

the Panthers organisation was

fantastic to work with.

You’ve been involved in organising

events for a while now

– what’s it like when it doesn’t

PROMOTER: David Parlane’s company is bringing several of the country’s leading comedians

to Lincoln on October 8. Live in Lincoln will feature Jeremy Corbett who hosts TV3’s Seven

Days, along with Ben Hurley, Justine Smith and Tom Furniss. The show will be held at The

Lincoln Event Centre. Tickets can be bought from The Famous Grouse Hotel or by emailing


go so well? Have you ever been

involved with bringing an event

to an area and it didn’t pull

much of a crowd?

I haven’t ever had that to be

quite honest. My career spans

back to the early 1980s when

I started as a young guy who

wanted to be a broadcaster and

wanted to get into radio, it was

sort of my lifetime dream, so I

have been around promotions

and events since way back then.

It’s only been in the last seven or

eight years that I have got into

large international events such

as the international ice hockey

which we ran in Australia and

New Zealand and being part

of the team which brought

professional bull riding to

Christchurch a couple of years

ago as well. It has just been a fun


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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 11

focus of event organiser

What was your favourite event

you were involved with over

your time with Douglas Projects


When we did international ice

hockey in Australia – five cities

over four weeks – we had to build

ice rinks, bring teams in, accommodation,

flights, sell tickets,

market it. All those things were

done with a small team and at

each stadium they were all sellouts.

I was lucky to be involved

with it and it was one of the most

special times of my life to be

quite honest.

It’s really hard to describe,

unless you have been behind the

scenes, what it’s like when you

walk into a stadium that’s empty

and all it has got is seats and you

have got to build everything from

the ground up, there is going to

be 20,000 people come Saturday

night and you’ve got to get it

ready – there is no better buzz.

You’re starting your own company

now. That’s always a bit of

a risk, so what made you want

to do it?

I just think everybody has got

a time and place when you have

got to actually back yourself.

Myself and a business colleague

had been discussing the fact that

the Selwyn district is lacking

events and really thinking ‘what

LIVE COMEDY: Comedians Jeremy Corbett (left), Ben Hurley

(top right), Tom Furniss (bottom right) and Justine Smith (not

pictured) will be coming to Lincoln.

opportunities are there?’ and we

thought ‘let’s give it a go’. So we

are doing the comedy night in

Lincoln on October 8 which has

only been on sale for two days

and I am more than pleased with

how the tickets are trucking out

and we have hardly even started

out advertising and promotion

for it. It just goes to show that if

you have got a good idea and you

can put some sound thought into

your business you can come out

with a solid event.

So your business is just going

to focus on the Selwyn district?

Yes, at the moment. We are

looking very promising to be able

to announce something, hopefully

in the next couple of weeks,

about another event next year

that we are working on behind

the scenes. So we are well into

that and we are just waiting for a

few dots and crosses to be done

and hopefully we will be able

to announce that in the not to

distant future – that will be very

exciting for Lincoln and Selwyn.

Do you think you might hold

any events in other parts of

Selwyn other than Lincoln?

There are other things we have

been talking about that, yes,

could go into Rolleston or even

Leeston, who knows. We just

don’t know how lucky we are to

have the types of facilities we

have in Selwyn, we have just got

to utilise them more.

You mentioned being in radio

in the 1980s. You were a DJ I take

it. What station were you with?

I started my career in Palmerston

North at a radio station

which was called 2XS AM –

which then turned to one of the

first FM stations in New Zealand

and my radio career probably

spanned about 15 or 16 years.

Announcing wasn’t the only

thing I did, I have been heavily

involved in promotions, sales,

writing, producing – I think the

only thing I haven’t done in radio

is read the news.

How old were you when you

started in radio and what got

you interested in being on air?

I was 18. From a very young

age I used to listen to a guy by the

name of Lindsay Yeo in Wellington

on breakfast and then there

was another guy Dick Weir on at

night and it just sounded like an

exciting job. When you are passionate

about something you go

after it so I went after it and I was

one of the fortunate ones that got

a tap on the shoulder and they

said: ‘Hey, here you go, you start

at midnight on Friday night’ and

boom, there it was.

What’s the name of your business?

It’s called 3 Coins Gentlemen


How did that name come


Three coins are needed for a

game that we play at the pub which

is an international game that is

played around the world and it’s

called spoofing – Google it. It’s

played around New Zealand, there

is a national champs for it and

international champs. You need

three coins and to start playing

the game someone will say ‘three

coins, gentleman’. Both my business

partner and I like a game of

spoof now and again so we thought

it’s quite a nice little story to tell

about how the name of the company

started up so why not?

What do you like to do in your

spare time?

I love trout fishing, absolutely

love fishing – lakes, rivers, fly

fishing, behind a boat fishing.

I also enjoy watching Lincoln



Tuesday July 5 2016




Artist wins two awards

New entrants

• By Caitlin Miles

A LEESTON artist won two

awards at the Christchurch Art

Show last month.

Kate Bettie won the Best Painting

and People Choice award for

her artwork of a New Zealand

native Wood Pigeon. It’s the

first time an artist has won both


The art show exhibited work

from more than 200 artists.

There were all different forms of

art on display, from paintings to


There were 150 pieces of art

shortlisted to 10 finalists, from

there Ms Bettie was selected as

the winner.

The win was a confidence boost

for the artist, who recently quit

her part-time job to focus on art


“It was a real leap of faith to

do it on my own so it was a confidence

boost to get this award,”

she said.

Ms Bettie said it a great event

for artists in Canterbury to be

able to get involved in.

“It’s fantastic to see the arts celebrated

and see so many people

supporting the arts, it was great,”

Ms Bettie said.

Ms Bettie has been creating art

for 10 years. She works mainly

SUCCESS: Kate Bettie’s winning painting was selected from

150 entries. PHOTO: CMG STUDIOS

with oil to paint native New Zealand


It can take up to two-and-ahalf

months to craft one piece but

she can do up to 10 in a year.

“I like to experiment with colour.

I like creating backgrounds

that look like floral 70s wallpaper

at the moment,” she said.

Ms Bettie and her husband are

building a house in Doyleston

where she will have her own art


“My husband is an architect so

he knows exactly what to do and

what I want,” she said.

The Christchurch Art Show

painting is yet to be sold.

West Melton School welcomed three new pupils recently.

James has started in the year five class and Gredel and Hugo

are both new entrants.

•If your child has started school recently send their photo to

Looking back

FARMER: Charles Wolf stands with his herd of cattle in

Lincoln, date unknown. •Heritage photos supplied by Selwyn

Libraries on behalf of the Lincoln and Districts Historical

Society. If you have any information about this photo, please

contact the library via

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 13



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Tuesday July 5 2016





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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 15


Willowbank work day for students

SCIENCE LEARNING: GROW West Rolleston Primary School

has been teaching pupils science on Friday afternoons.

CRAFT TIME: Katana, Harper and Jess have been learning how

to build things, using hammers, nails and other tools.

READY FOR WORK: Darfield High School students Maddie Beadsmore, Caleb Longdin, Jemma

Dalley and Savarnnah Taylor spent time with the Student Volunteer Army at Willowbank Wildlife

Reserve recently. They helped clean and put more plants in the takahe enclosure.

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5 Broomleigh Drive, Faringdon, Rolleston

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Tuesday July 5 2016

Selwyn Gallery Exhibition

Tuesday – Sunday, 10am-4pm

Take yourself to the Selwyn

Gallery showcasing its latest

display of work from Philip Beadle,

Pamela Hueston and Vicki

Knudsen. All of the Canterbury

artists use paint to express

their art. All of the artists have

painted many landscapes and

portraits throughout their time

as artists.

Selwyn Gallery, 17 South Tce,

Darfield. Free entry

LUSA Winterfest Comedy


Thursday, 8pm-10.30pm

Join the Lincoln University for

their first ever Winterfest event.

The university have decided to

kick off the festival with a comedy

evening. The event will feature

Canterbury comedians Jack

Ansett and Justin ‘Rusty’ White.

Headlining act for the evening is

South African comedian Urzila

Carlson. For a night of laughs

book your tickets through http://!winterfest/


Mrs O’s, Lincoln University.

Tickets $25

YOUTH Open Mic Night

Friday, 7.30pm-10pm

Take yourself to a night for

young people to show off their

talent. Gain some confidence

while you perform in front of

a crowd and show your skills.

Drums, keyboard, guitars, bass,

PA and mics provided. Anyone

up to 24-years-old can get on

stage and anyone can watch and


Lincoln Event Centre. Free entry

Equestrian Market Day

Saturday 10am-3pm

Take yourself to this market

to buy, sell or exchange horse

equipment or horse-related

products. There are currently

more than 30 stalls booked for

the market, with brand new and

second hand items available

to buy. If you are interested in

selling a lot of equipment best

to book ahead and get yourself a

spot. Phone Glynnis on 021 023

41399 to book a stall. Please take

cash as there is no Eftpos available

near the hall. There is also

a sausage sizzle to fundraise for

the Dressage Academy.

Prebbleton Community Hall,

617 Springs Rd, Prebbleton.

Kidsfest Bees, Bugs and Butterflies

Friday, July 15, 10am-12.30pm

Lincoln Envirotown and

Lincoln High School Enviro

council are hosting this event for

children to learn more about the

insects around them. Make and

colour some exciting insects; visit

the make believe Beehive; look

at bugs through microscopes

and bees in a glass beehive; do

lots of other exciting things. You

don’t need to book ahead for this

event. Caregivers are required.

Lincoln Event Centre, 15 Meijer

Dr. Free entry but a gold coin

donation would be appreciated.



with every Onyx Home!


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by 5pm each Wednesday

The great Gatsby Selwyn

Youth Ball

Friday 7pm-10.30pm

If you are between the ages

of 13 and 18 take yourself and

your friends to the annual youth

ball. The theme this year is Great

Gatsby, so brush off your ball

gowns and suits and get dressed

up for a night of dancing and

fun. Join other high school

students from schools around

Selwyn for the once a year event.

Email Katrina@lincolnbaptist.

org for more information.

530 Birchs Rd, Lincoln. Tickets


The local markets have a lot

on offer, from fresh produce to

hand made crafts.

West Melton Market: Saturday,

9am-noon. Grounds of

St Pauls Anglican Church, 705

Weedons Ross Rd.

Darfield Market: Saturday,

10- 2pm. Next to Farmlands on

South Tce, Darfield.

Lincoln Market: Saturday, 10-

1pm. Gerald St, Lincoln.

Rolleston Envirotown Market:

Sunday, 10am-1pm. Rolleston


Edendale Car Boot Sale: Sunday,

10-3pm. Edendale Cafe, 888

Sandy Knolls Rd, West Melton.

Selwyn Twilight Market: Sunday,

4pm-7pm. Beside Rolleston

BRIGHT COLOURS: Take yourself to the latest exhibition

at the Liffey Gallery. Art from Justine de Spa will be on

display along with pieces from Heather Jonson and Ngaire

von Grondelle showcasing their talent through paint,

photography and clay. This exhibition is free to attend and

opens on Wednesday. It runs until the end of the month.

The gallery is open from Wednesday-Sunday, 10am until

4pm. The gallery is located at 1 James St, Lincoln. ​

Community Centre.

Running groups

The running groups aim to

get like minded members of the

community fit and engage with

other. All running groups have

a handicapped start to cater for

your ability.

Lincoln Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from 5.30pm

starts at 6pm. 3km or 6km.


Starts at Lincoln University.

Gold coin donations.

Malvern Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from 6.10pm

starts at 6.30pm. 3km or 6km.

Starts from Malvern Netball


Ellesmere Road Runners:

Wednesday registration from

5.45 starts at 6pm. 3km or 6km

walk or run. Starts from Leeston



1 Oak Drive, Flemington, Lincoln

Open Fri-Sun 11am-4pm


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in the industry. It’s through this experience that Onyx Homes wants to bring to their customers a better

standard of home that is often less than the standard-plan-built homes of their competitors. Onyx believe

that everyone is unique, so why settle for a standard-plan-home when you can have a purpose-designed

plan to suit exactly your lifestyle and for less than a standard plan? A perfect fit!

This is testament to our customers who have been amazed at the savings with Onyx, but also hadn’t realised

their budget would allow for a such quality spec and design.

Onyx Homes is the

only company in

the market that

disclose their cost

file to prove and

ensure best price

and quality.


Request a FREE brochure at:

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 17

Future Plans for

Rolleston Reserve



Selwyn District Council has notified a proposal to

exchange the reserve status on part of Rolleston

Reserve for land at Foster Park. The proposed

exchange is a significant step in the development of

Rolleston’s town centre, as it will enable part of the

reserve to be redeveloped for community and retail use.

Why is the reserve exchange proposed?

This proposal would see the reserve status on 4.3 hectares of land at Rolleston

Reserve (around half the reserve) being transferred to 30 hectares of land at

Foster Park. The purpose of the exchange is to enable part of the reserve to be

redeveloped for commercial and retail activities and community use, including a

library and town square.

This change of use has been proposed for some time. It was included in the Rolleston

Town Centre Master Plan, adopted in 2014 after extensive public consultation, and in

the Land Use Recovery Plan. Recent changes to the District Plan through the Land

Use Recovery Plan have confirmed the new zoning for the Rolleston Town Centre,

which also identifies the areas where the reserve exchange is proposed.

The proposal will enable Foster Park to be held as recreation reserve under the

Reserves Act 1977 so it is protected in perpetuity for the public for that purpose.

What would happen to Rolleston Reserve

following the reserve exchange?

The location of the reserve is an ideal site to create a vibrant ‘town centre’ for

Rolleston as it is near existing shops and community facilities in central Rolleston.

The exchange of part of the reserve (shown in map) provides extra land which can be

used to create a town centre for Rolleston, accommodating new shops, businesses,

places to eat, a new library and town square, and space for people to relax.

The remaining part of the reserve would be developed into an exciting urban park with

a range of features that may include a playground, youth park and other elements

such as a community pavilion and water feature. Having the park close to shops, the

library and town square will attract people to use the park as a community space for

relaxation and gathering. The playcentre, scout facility, tennis and netball courts will

remain at the park. The detailed design of the new park will be subject to a separate

community consultation process so residents will have an opportunity to be part of

planning the development.

If the reserve exchange is approved, the development of retail and commercial spaces

could start from 2018/19 depending on interest from developers and the process to

relocate existing sports activities to Foster Park. Development is planned to take place

over a number of years. The construction of a new library is planned for 2018/19.

The reserve exchange is a statutory process and needs to be approved by the Minister

of Conservation.

What would happen to Foster Park

following the reserve exchange?

The proposal would see the reserve status removed from 4.3 hectares of Rolleston

Reserve (around half the reserve) and 30.1 hectares of land at Foster Park formally

declared as a reserve.

Foster Park will be developed over the next decade to provide a number of sports

fields, an indoor courts complex, a major playground, walkways and cycleways

and additional parking. Over time many of the sports activities now taking place at

Rolleston Reserve will shift to Foster Park.

Find out more and make a submission

Further details of the exchange and a submission/objection form are available

on the Council’s website or copies can be

obtained at any of the Council’s service centres.

A drop-in session on the proposal will be held on Tuesday 19 July 2016 between

6-8.30pm at Council’s Headquarters, Rolleston.

Objections/submissions on the proposal can be made until 5pm on Friday 29 July

2016. They can be made online at, emailed to subject: Rolleston Reserve Exchange; or posted to:

Rolleston Reserve Exchange, c/o Asset Manager Open Space & Property, Selwyn

District Council, PO Box 90, Rolleston 7643.

Rolleston Recreation


6 8




Proposed high street

Proposed Shared Space Laneway

Boundary of existing reserve


Rolleston Reserve. The reserve boundary is shown in white. The area to be exchanged is the area within

the white boundary shown as 1, 2 and 8, with the green area to remain reserve.

Proposed pavilion

Proposed play area

Proposed Library site

Artist’s impression of the north-east corner of Rolleston Reserve, indicating how the reserve might look once

redeveloped. The site could host a range of shops, cafes, community facilities, town square and play areas.

A view from Tennyson Street into Rolleston Reserve, as imagined in this artist’s impression. The library is

to the left, with walkways opening up to green spaces and community gathering areas.


1 Core Retail Precinct

2 Retail Fringe Precinct

6 Reserve Precinct

8 Community Anchor/Town Square Precinct

(location of new library)

Selwyn District Council

PO Box 90, Rolleston 7643

03 347 2800

18 TUESDAY JUly 5 2016




Celebrating Selwyn’s


Selwyn’s first ever CultureFest is planned for this October and the Council is inviting cultural and

ethnic community groups to take part in the celebration.

CultureFest will showcase the district’s cultures with activities including stage performances,

music, food, art and craft demonstrations, ethnic have-a-go sessions, sports and games. There

will also be information stalls for agencies working for multicultural communities.

“CultureFest will be a great way to celebrate the contribution that so many cultures make to

Selwyn,” says the Council’s events and recreation adviser Dave Tippett. “With a growing population

comes increasing diversity and this event is all about welcoming people of different cultures, and

building a community that’s more connected with the world.”

The free event will be held on Saturday 15 October on the corner of Jones Road and Hoskyns Road,

Rolleston, as part of the Rolleston 150th anniversary celebrations.

CultureFest is organised by the Council in partnership with Rotary Club of Lincoln, Christchurch

Multi-Cultural Council, Canterbury Migrant Centre and Rolleston Newcomers Network. It will be

an annual event alternating between Rolleston and Lincoln. The event builds on the success of the

Lincoln Multi-Cultural Festival, organised by Lincoln Rotary over the past twelve years in Lincoln.

“As the district has grown, so has our population’s diversity,” he says. “We’re a very different place

to what we were even a couple of decades ago. Recently the Council developed its Newcomers

and Migrants Strategy, and identified that a Selwyn-wide multi-cultural event would be important to

acknowledge and celebrate Selwyn’s growing diversity. “It will also be a great fun day for families

and people of all backgrounds, with opportunities to experience the vibrancy of our many cultures,

and interact with some of our newcomers.”

Any groups or individuals interested in taking part in CultureFest can email Dave.Tippett@selwyn., or phone 347 2719.

Where do our overseas immigrants come from?










USA 4%







Help protect your community

from fire

The Council is looking for volunteers to be part of the Darfield Rural

Fire Force.

Volunteer rural fire fighters play an extremely important role in

the community. In the summer Selwyn often experiences hot, dry

weather and strong nor’ west winds mean that fires can quickly

spread and threaten lives and property if they are not brought under

control by fire crews.

Selwyn currently has four rural fire forces located at Arthur’s

Pass, Darfield, Lake Coleridge and West Melton. The Darfield

volunteer Rural Fire Force was formed last year as a new force

and currently has around 12 members but is looking for more

volunteers to join them.

“All fire callouts are routed to the New Zealand Fire Service who call

on the nearest brigade with suitable equipment to respond to calls,”

says Douglas Marshall, Selwyn District Principal Rural Fire Officer.

“In a large fire, urban and rural volunteer fire fighters work together

to extinguish the fire.”

Douglas says that volunteer rural fire fighters are provided with

ongoing training and protective equipment. “Before volunteers can

attend fires they complete two days training and receive NZQA rural

fire qualifications. Applicants are also vetted by Police and need to

pass a medical exam. Once qualified, most fire forces also train for

2-3 hours a week or fortnight.”

“The amount of time volunteers spend attending to fires varies a

lot throughout the year. Generally, callouts in winter and spring are

limited while during a hot summer fire fighters can be very busy.”

Douglas says the Council is hoping to recruit a number of volunteers

so that Selwyn has more capacity to cope with the busy summer

periods. “The time commitment can vary depending on the amount

of time an individual has available.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can phone the Council

on 318 8338, 347 2800 or email

Swimmers help fundraise for

St John

Swimmers at Selwyn Aquatic Centre have completed 8,816

kilometres (352,653 lengths) so far for their Swim to Rio Fundraiser.

The Swim to Rio fundraiser is an event involving the community to

reach the same goal- swim to Rio de Janeiro in time for the 2016

Olympics. Every pool length completed counts towards the 11,765km

goal to get to Rio, whether it is swimming or aqua jogging. Swimmers

can be sponsored for the lengths they swim or take donations.

Funds raised will go towards the St John Project Rolleston,

supporting the building of a new ambulance station in Rolleston.

Speedo has kindly sponsored some great prizes and raffles. To

take part or sponsor a swimmer enquire at the centre’s reception

or call 347 2734.

The 2013 Census showed that 38% of Selwyn residents

lived outside Selwyn 5 years ago – with 84% coming from

New Zealand, and 16% from overseas.

On the roads this week

Gravelling and drainage improvement work will take place this week on Mt White Road, while gravelling

and reshaping work will take place on Rakaia Terrace Road. Both roads will remain open. Maintenance

grading work will occur in the High Country, Te Pirita. Hororata, Kirwee and West Melton areas.

The extension of Broadlands Drive and the installation of a new roundabout at the junction of

Springston Rolleston and Broadlands Drive has been completed. The installation of a new sewer

pipeline on Springston Rolleston Road has been completed, with minor resealing works needed on the

road programmed to occur this spring.

Hannah and Karen swam a total of 20.5kms in a session

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive Rolleston

Ph 347 2800 or 318 8338

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880 or 318 8338

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2800



TUESDAY JUly 5 2016 19



Thursday 7 July

Rolleston First Learners


Paradise for Little Angels,

Rolleston 1.30-2pm

Educare Faringdon 2.15-2.45pm

Monday 11 July

Darfield Preschool & Nursery


Sheffield Hall 2-2.30pm

Tuesday 12 July

Tai Tapu Monkeys and

Munchkins 10-10.30am

Whippersnappers Lincoln


West Melton Learning Centre


West Melton Domain 2-2.30pm

Wednesday 13 July

Rakaia Huts 9.10-9.30am

Southbridge Playcentre


Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committee meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Bernadette Ryan

(Council), Kate Anderson

(Community Boards) or your local

committee at least three days

before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committees: To list or make

changes to meeting details, email


nz or phone 347 2800 or 318

8338 by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Unless stated meetings are held

at the Rolleston Council Building.

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

Tue 5 July 1pm

Audit & Risk Subcommittee

Wed 6 July 3pm

Council Meeting

Wed 13 July 1pm

Selwyn Central Community Board

Wed 20 July 4.30pm

Is there an issue affecting

your community that you want

to bring to your Community

Board’s attention and find how

we can help? See ‘Meetings’ for

information on our Public Forum.



Free microchipping is available

on Friday 15 July at:

· Darfield - 9-9.30am

· Rolleston - 10.15-10.45am

· Lincoln - 11.30am-12pm

· Leeston - 12.45-1.15pm

Please note:

· All clinics last for half an hour

· The Rolleston venue is in

Norman Kirk Drive, other

locations are outside libraries

· Sessions won’t occur if wet.

Please contact Tracey on 347

2800 or 318 8338 for queries.



Selwyn residents are being

asked to help plan for the

district’s future aquatic facility



Coalgate Township Committee

Tue 19 July 7.30pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Darfield Township Committee

Thurs 21 July 7.30pm

Darfield Library

Doyleston Community


Wed 13 July 7.30pm

Osborne Park Pavilion

Glenroy Community Hall


Tue 19 July 8pm

Glenroy Community Hall

Glentunnel Community

Centre Committee

Tue 12 July 7.30pm

Glentunnel Community Centre

Kirwee Community Committee

Mon 18 July 7.30pm

Kirwee Hall

Kirwee Recreation Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 11 July 7.30pm

Kirwee Reserve Sports Pavilion

Ladbrooks Community

Hall Committee

Fri 8 July 7.45pm

Ladbrooks Community Hall

Lincoln Community Committee

Mon 11 July 7pm

Lincoln Event Centre

Applications for Events Fund Open

needs. The Aquatic Facilities

Plan is being updated in

response to Selwyn’s rapid

growth, and residents are

invited to comment on their use

of aquatic facilities and what

improvements they would like

to see. A short online survey is

open until 15 July and can be

accessed at www.selwyn.govt.

nz/haveyoursay. Survey forms

are also available at Council

service centres.

Prebbleton Community

Association Inc.

Tue 19 July 7.30pm

Prebbleton Cottage

Prebbleton Public Hall

Society Inc.

Mon 11 July 7.30pm

Prebbleton Hall Supper Room

Prebbleton Reserve Committee

Mon 18 July 7.30pm, Prebbleton

Rugby Football Centre

Rolleston Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 18 July 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Springfield Township Committee

Tue 5 July 7.30pm, Tawera Hall

Springston Community


Mon 18 July 7.30pm

Springston Hall Supper Room

Springston Recreation

Reserve Committee

Wed 20 July 7.30pm

Errol Tweedy Pavilion

Tawera Memorial Hall


Thurs 7 July 7.30pm, Tawera Hall

Weedons Reserve Committee

Mon 11 July 7pm

Weedons Reserve Pavilion

Whitecliffs Township & Domain


Mon 11 July 7.30pm

Glentunnel Hall

Applications to the Council’s Events Fund are open during July. $50,000 is available through the fund to

support large events that are held in Selwyn and are open to the public. The fund supported 18 events

last year including the Hororata Highland Games, Rolleston Community Fireworks Night, the Koru

Games, Children’s Day, the Lincoln Multi Cultural Festival and the Selwyn Running Festival.

To be eligible for a grant, events need to meet these criteria:

· the event attracts local, regional and international visitors

· it contributes to key benefits identified in the Council’s Event Funding Policy and Guidelines

· it helps to increase the range and diversity of events in Selwyn

· it promotes the Selwyn district

Events should preferably be run by a not for profit organisation

with charitable status, although applications from community

organisations and individuals may be accepted.

The Council’s Recreation Advisor Dave Tippett says that the

events fund has helped support a great range of local events.

“Events bring our community together in a celebration, provide

significant income for our district, and help make Selwyn a great

place to visit and live.”

Applications for events planned over the next year (September

2016 – August 2017) must be received by 1 August 2016.

Information about the fund is available at


The Koru Games, a sports tournament involving

Selwyn and South Island schools received

Council event funding in 2015



















Family storytime –

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Selwyn Libraries

Celebrate our canine best friends at

evening sessions with stories, songs &

fun. Sessions aimed at 2-7 year olds,

but all welcome. For dates & to book

see Free

Work & Income NZ

Superannuation visits

Ken Stevens from MSD can assist with

superannuation queries. He is visiting

from 10am-2.30pm on Thursdays at:

Lincoln Event Centre (7 July), Darfield

Library (14 July) & Leeston Library (21

July). Appointment required - phone

03 961 9170


Over 50 events & activities for kids in

Selwyn in the July school holidays.

Activities include discomania, a high

ropes challenge, moviemania, kids

market, Doggy Dayz & makerspace

LEGO® at libraries, paddle boats,

flippa ball, aqua handball & volleyball,

& an inflatable obstacle course at the

Selwyn Aquatic Centre. Other events

include play like a DJ, Sport Suzie’s

Circus, Comedy & Chaos Show,

craft sessions & more. For details &

bookings see

On 15 July Lincoln Envirotown & Living

Water present Bugs, Bees & Butterflies

at Lincoln Event Centre (10am-

12.30pm) - a fun activity session where

kids can make & colour insects, visit

a make believe Beehive, look at bugs

through microscopes & more. Booking

not required, gold coin donation

appreciated. Caregivers required.

Rolleston Envirotown

Market & Children’s market

Rolleston Square Carpark,


Choose from local produce & craft.

Email enquiries@rollestonenvirotown.

Exhibition of Nudes

Selwyn Gallery, Darfield

A free exhibition of work by artists

Philip Beadle, Pamela Hueston & Vicki

Knudsen. The gallery is open daily

(except Mondays) 10am-4pm

For information on listing a community event visit

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2820 or 318 8338

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2875 or 318 8338

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338


Tuesday July 5 2016

Lincoln ran in seven tries to two to defend the Murray Cooper Shield 43-12 against

Prebbleton on Saturday. It is the 11th year in a row the club has retained the shield.

Trailing at the break 24-0 Prebbleton fought back to score a couple of five-pointers

before the hosts ran away with proceedings. Captain Mike Bendall said it was extremely

satisfying to keep the shield in the cabinet. “There has been a bit of talk about us not

being as strong as we have been in the past. But the boys lift when the shield is on the

line,” he said. While one goal has been completed, from here on out Lincoln have three

must-win games to get themselves into the finals.




10 ON 10: Anaru Knowler couldn’t stop his opposite Matt

Goulding from dotting down a five-pointer.

HEAD DOWN: Ahi Feneti pushes hard into the Prebbleton defence.

Rugby results

Ellesmere Rugby Sub Union

Results – Saturday, July 2

Luisetti Seeds Ellesmere division


Waihora 52-7 West Melton

Burnham/Dunsandel/Irwell 15-

14 Darfield

Rolleston 13-8 Hornby

Lincoln 43-12 Prebbleton

Ellesmere division 2, section 1 –

Southbridge 35-15 Banks


Darfield 17-12 Prebbleton

Springston 7-43 Lincoln

Ellesmere division 2, section 2 –

Rolleston 19-12 Kirwee

Diamond Harbour 29-22



Mitchell lifts Dan Francis

up to secure their lineout.

STOLEN: Greg Mitchell

(right) rips the ball off

Graham Greenslade with

Dan Francis helps to

complete the tackle.


Purchase 2 x 2L Dairy Dale milk to enter the draw to win

$1,000 worth of bread & milk for your family!


Promotion valid 1st July - 31st July 2016. Winners will be contacted Friday 5th August 2016.

Terms & conditions apply. Full terms and conditions can be found at


Dairy Dale 2L varieties.


5 98

2 FOR or $3.19 each





1 99


Promotional pricing available while stocks last from 04/07/16 to 10/07/16.

Images are serving suggestions only.

Open 7 days | 8 Convenient local locations

Hornby • Barrington • Ferry Rd • Papanui • Riccarton • Upper Riccarton • New Brighton • Rangiora


SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 21


golf results

WHITE LINE FEVER: James Palmer and Ahi Feneti try in vain

to stop Joe Maddock from scoring right beside the sticks.

BIG RUN: Prebbleton’s Maake

Pousini tries to stop Michael

James’ strong run.


Lincoln’s Michael

Werahiko makes solid

contact with Alex Jenkins.

GANG TACKLE: Mark Stanbury and Scott Edmonds both stop

hooker Steve Lees-Godwin in his tracks.







puts a

big fend

on loose









takes two


for a ride.

Ellesmere Golf Club results

July 2, 2016

There was a very good turn

out for Saturday’s club day in

good weather for the time of

year. While the ladies played a

stroke round, the men played

a stableford game of odds or

evens counting only their scores

on the even holes.

Ladies – Jane Pangborn, nett

76, 1; Noea Harrison, nett 78, 2.

Men division 1 – Ian Fever,

20pts ocb, 1; Bill Joyce 20pts, 2;

Michael Williams 19pts ocb, 3;

Roo Beldham 19pts ocb, 4; Gary

Chamberlain 19pts, 5; Gavin

Milne 18pts, 6.

Men division 2 – Grant

Chesterman 21pts, 1; Paul

Warren 20pts, 2; Santos

Cervantes 19pts ocb, 3; Brian

Osborne 19pts ocb, 4; Paul Ward

19pts, ocb, 5; Ken Hearn 19pts,


Twos – Hole 14, Noea

Harrison, Simon McCormack

and Roo Beldham.

Nearest the pin – Hole 9,

Chris Heslop, hole 14 Noea


Nett eagles – not struck








8 July, 7PM



9 July, 4.30PM






17 July, 1PM









10th JULY


Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome

5 Warning Signs of Spinal Stress!

A healthy spine is vital to

your wellbeing.

Specialist spinal therapy

at Southern Chiropractic

consists of:

• Manual manipulative


• Soft tissue Massage

• Low level Laser therapy

• Exercise and postural


André Grob,

Dr of Chiropractic,

has had over

10 years

experience of

specialty spinal

care in Australia

and New Zealand.


RING 322-1432

Southern Chiropractic Ltd

290 Halswell Road • Halswell • Christchurch 8025

Telephone 322 1432










Tuesday July 5 2016


Spend over $40, fill out the entry form and once a week, for four

weeks, a lucky customer in each FreshChoice supermarket will have

this month’s power/gas bill paid back, up to $350.

Terms and conditions apply. See in-store for details or go to Competition runs 27 June to 24 July 2016.


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Fresh NZ Beef Blade

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FreshChoice Leeston

Certain products may not be available in all stores. Savings are based on non-promotional price. Limits may apply.

Prices apply from Tuesday 5th July to Sunday 10th July 2016, or while stocks last.

Owned and


by locals


SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 23


Hutchins’ path to the Olympics

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics will begin in six

weeks time. Sports reporter Gordon Findlater

looks at former Rolleston man Matt Hutchins’

path to the 400m freestyle event

MATT Hutchins’ journey to the

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games is

an intriguing one.

From early morning training

before school to being one of

the top swimmers on the

United States college scene,

Hutchins has now achieved his

life long goal of attending the


Living in Rolleston as a

teenager, Hutchins’ mother

Cindy made the 5am drive to

Wharenui pool with her son

every day.

He would then take a bus

to Lincoln High School after

training, before catching the bus

back to training after school.

With that level of effort put

into his swimming career, it’s

surprising Hutchins had time

to mix sport with being a


“That was controlled from

him. His mates he’d go out with

looked after him. He wasn’t into

the partying and drinking to the

extent that a lot of his friends

were,” Hutchins’ father Tony


Hutchins’ friend and fellow

Wharenui club training

partner, William Campbell,

described Hutchins as a stand-up

comedian who pulled pranks

and was well liked by his pairs.

In recent years, Hutchins’

career has seen a major change

from the daily training at

Wharenui swimming pool.

A scholarship to the University

of Wisconsin has seen the

Christchurch swimmer stake

his claim as one of the top

swimmers in the NCAA, the US

college competition.

Hutchins’ qualification for Rio

came in unique fashion.

Coming home for March’s

national qualifying event

would have meant missing out

on the NCAA championships

in Atlanta, Georgia. But a

compromise was found. An

agreement was met that allowed

Hutchins to compete in the

Canadian trials, as he attempted

to meet the 400m freestyle

Olympic qualifying time of 3min


The Kiwi wasted no time

accomplishing his goal in

Toronto, swimming the

fastest time in the morning

preliminaries of the event,

finishing in an impressive 3m


Taking up a college scholarship

in the US became the preferred

option for Hutchins following

the Christchurch earthquakes,

with the majority of the city’s

facilities badly damaged.

Now in his third year at the

University of Wisconsin, the

college programme has helped

take Hutchins’ swimming to the

next level.

“He’s in an environment of 20

other male swimmers of similar

ability. There’s two swimming

pools – a 50m and a 25 yard

pool. They get given all their

gear every year,” Tony said, as

he jokingly laughed about never

having to buy his son another

pair of togs again.

During the collegiate season,

Hutchins became the first male

Big Ten Swimmer of the Year

in the University of Wisconsin’s


At the 2016 NCAA

championship, Hutchins earned

top-six finishes in two individual

events. He was third in the

1650-yard (1468m) freestyle and

secured a sixth place finish in the

500-yard (457m) freestyle. Both

were school records.

A second team, All-Big Ten

BIG DREAMS: Christchurch swimmer Matt Hutchins will compete for New Zealand in the 400m

freestyle at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Matt Hutchins

Birthdate: September 19, 1994

Hometown: Christchurch

Discipline: 400m freestyle

Previous Olympics: Nil

Fact: Hutchins, who attends the University of Wisconsin, pulled off a breakthrough result at the

pinnacle event on the US college calendar, the NCAA division 1 championships, in Atlanta in

March. He claimed a rare medal for a Kiwi swimmer, winning bronze in the 1650 yard (1508m)


honouree, Hutchins recorded a

trio of top-three finishes at the

2016 Big Ten Championships.

He finished second in both the

500 and 1650-yard freestyle

events, while also contributing

to Wisconsin university’s third

place finish in the 800-yard

(732m) freestyle relay.

Recently, Hutchins had a great

training opportunity in the leadup

to Rio, spending two weeks at

a high altitude camp in Colorado.

He will attend more

competitions in California

before meeting up with the New

Zealand team in Texas before

heading to Rio.

Holistic, Health & Spiritual Expo

Aura Photos Crystals Psychic Readings Spiritual Art

Fairy Goods Love Light Candles Jewellery

Natural Therapies, Natural Health Products & Remedies

*Kids! Free face-painting

with Rainbowlily

*Free demos & workshops (11am-4pm)

*Refreshments available

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July

10am-5pm West Melton Community Centre Entry$5

1165 West Coast Rd (SH73) West Melton (U16 free)

*All children must be accompanied by a paying Adult

fb Soul Jam for full info


Acupuncture • Podiatry

Pilates • Exercise Rehab

Phone Now! 0800 347 9494


43 Shelley Street,



43 Ensign Street,



19 Gerald Street,




[Edition datE]

[Edition datE]

Tuesday July 5 2016


Your guide

to the best

Taste in






every bride dreams of a perfect wedding and for those planning a smaller

affair, there is a venue that offers a magical setting for that special day.

There have been some innovative changes at The Tea house Café &

Restaurant lately, with a new and creative head Chef coming on board.



Set in a quaint 1890’s villa in the country

town of Lincoln, The Tea House will treat

you to something special every day.

Enjoy lunch, High Tea, dinner or a special

event at our elegant tea house in Lincoln.

All of our dishes are made with fresh local

produce and cooked to perfection.

6 Robert Street, Lincoln.

Ph 03 325 7242


Open 6 Days Tue-Sun from 10am

& 4 Nights Wed-Sat from 5.30pm


A boutique establishment with an emphasis

on relaxed dining and small private

functions. Set amongst mature trees with a

well-established garden and large courtyard

area. The menu is an intimate selection of

meals which changes weekly. Memorys is

an unlicensed premises, however offer a

beverage selection with a difference.




227 Leeston Rd, Springston.

Ph 03 329 5554.

Hours: Thu-Sun 10am-4pm

(Bookings essential) (Wednesday open for private group bookings only)

Minimum group booking 8 for Dinner

The menu is new too, and there

are plenty of comfort winter warmers

and dishes for all palettes and dietary

requirements including gluten free.

For lunch, you might choose an Open

In Chicken the last sandwich, few months, Ricotta there Gnocchi, have been

some Ricotta wonderful and Lemon weddings Pancakes at Memorys

other tasty

Restaurant dishes. including owner Sue Gidden’s

own The daughter Tea house who has was also married brought there, back in

January old dinner this year. favourite with their Baileys

Chicken. “It was a This wonderful is stuffed day with and a a cream pretty

momentous cheese and nut occasion and herb for the farce, family served with with

our a macadamia youngest getting and Bailey’s married,” sauce. says They Sue.

also “A lot have of Pork family Belly, came set over on a from bed of roast

Australia pumpkin so and it was served a really with emotional steamed greens time.

It and all seemed a plum jus. so perfect,” adds daughter

emma. Follow “having up the a perfect family evening wedding with at

Memorys one of their also mouth-watering confirmed to us, delectable that the

venue desserts is ideal like Chocolate for boutique Torte. weddings.” This is rich

and Sue decadent, and emma served say all with the chocolate weddings soil, that

have berry been compote held there, and vanilla have been bean really icecream.

Refresh the taste buds with Lemon


Posset, “We only a creamy cater for lemon smaller curd weddings served with of

up Fennel to sixty biscotti people and so spice we’ve poached felt a personal pears or

attachment choose the to mascarpone each one. There’s mile Feuille a real that

intimacy incorporates when layers a close of pastry, knit group mascarpone of family

and friends roasted get rhubarb together,” served suggests with a emma. rhubarb

ripple The rustic icecream. buildings and surrounding

garden high of Tea flowers, at The vines Tea house and trees has certainly also been

help revamped the atmosphere, with some as deliciously do their pet new doves and

that fly around. It makes Memorys a very

romantic place for tying the knot.

Sue and emma do everything they can

to make the experience special, such as

offering bridal party packages in the week

leading up to the big day that include

massage therapy and their organic skin

care range.

Of course, Memorys is an ideal venue

for a variety of private and corporate

functions, whether it is a small group

booking pretty items for dinner added to or the a meeting, plate, created or a

conference by the new chef or training who has session. a Diploma With in use

of Patisserie. the courtyard, board and gallery rooms,

along The with Tea house the restaurant, is warm and a variety cosy and of

settings always promises are available a satisfying for people dining to work in,

gather experience. together, It is open and to for relax. casual diners

though Memorys Vanetia can recommends be booked for booking a short

duration to be sure or of a getting full day a with table, delicious as they can and

healthy be quite food busy available during the for weekends. brunch, lunch It is

and also tea extremely breaks. popular In addition, for large they group will soon

be functions offering whether ability a hen’s to order party, catering birthday

on-line. or anniversary. The Tea house is also a

delightful Over autumn venue and for the winter, more Memorys intimate

Restaurant wedding. will be open from Thursday

to Winter Sunday hours between at The 10am Tea and house 4pm. are Their

dinner Fridays service and Saturdays will still from be available 10am until from

Thursday late, and Sundays through from to Saturday 10am until for private 4pm;

bookings for brunch, with lunch a minimum and dinner, of eight or any people. time

Wednesdays in the week for will groups also be (by available appointment). for

private group bookings.

To contact Memorys Restaurant

telephone 329 5554 or



Drinks galore at The Store @ Tai Tapu.

Enjoy a delicious & nutritious smoothie,

take a wander down memory lane with an

old-fashioned milkshakes - or try one of

our new gourmet shakes which are now


687 Christchurch Akaroa Rd, Tai Tapu.

(5 mins from Halswell). Ph 03 329 6753.


Open 7 Days. Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm,

Sat-Sun 8.30am-4.30pm.



A true oasis in the heart of Prebbleton,

a short 5 minute drive from the Southern

Motorway, with plenty of free parking and a

charming garden area. Quiz night Wed 7pm,

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm, functions to

suit your budget. Bookings advised. Friendly

country atmosphere. Free courtesy van.

Lunch, dinner and children’s meals catered.



587 Springs Road, Prebbleton,

Christchurch. Ph 03 344 2180.

Opening Hours 11am until late

a taste of italy right here in selwyn...

Prebbleton’s best kept secret is a secret no

longer. The Milanese fully licenced Italian

restaurant and pizzeria is an exceptional

place to dine when you want a taste of

Italy. Fresh Pasta, Carbonara, Spaghetti, to

authentic Italian Pizzas.

Dine In or Takeaway.

Licensed/BYO wine only.

Private Functions available.

Open: Tues-Sunday from 4.30pm to 10pm

Cnr springs & marshs Road

407 springs Road, phone 349 9652

(entrance on marshs Road, behind Vege shop)

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 25


• By Chelsea Daniels

IT’S BEEN a whirlwind

year for Lucy Wyma.

From humble beginnings,

Lucy, 20, made the

jump across the Tasman to

Sydney two months ago,

where she’s signed with

international modelling

agency IMG Models.

On their client list is

the likes of Kate Moss,

Miranda Kerr and Rosie

Huntington-Whitely, along

with countless other Victoria’s

Secret angels.

She’s back in town for

two weeks, catching up

with family and friends.

The life of a full-time

model may be perceived as

a glamorous occupation.

Beautiful or oddly striking

girls acting as a clothes

hanger while a photographer

captures 300 frames

for that one perfect shot.

In the time of the supermodel

in the early 1990s,

Linda Evangelista was once

quoted as saying: “I won’t

get out of bed for less than

$10,000.” And that’s United

States dollars.

But Lucy says the glamour

is only a small part of

her routine.

“It’s a lot of hard work

behind the scenes. A lot

of running around doing

castings and putting a lot

of effort into building up

your book,” she said.

One of the world’s most

iconic cityscapes, Sydney,

is arguably Australia’s

equivalent to the bright

lights of Hollywood.

“I love it. It’s big and bustling

with lots of people. It

was a bit of a shock when

I first got there because it

was so busy.”

People flock to the city,

attracted like bugs to the

glitz and glamour and the

feeling that something big

is happening, and one only

has to turn a corner to be a

part of it.

“I sometimes miss the

quietness of Christchurch,

the tranquillity that it

brings. It is a bit crazy over

there [in Sydney].”

Sydney is the birthplace

of the country’s fashion

week, where Australian,

Asian and Pacific designers

all showcase their spring/

summer collections.

Her runway debut at

Fashion Week Australia

in May this year was for

internationally renowned

Sydney-based designer

Toni Maticevski.


Model Lucy

Wyma is

at home in


spending time

with family

and friends

before she

heads back to

Sydney’s bright

lights and




Model takes on

Sydney fashion scene

PHOTOGENIC: Lucy posing during a fashion shoot.

His garments are famous

for their raw, boundarypushing

design and elegant

use of drapery.

The show kicked off the

week, and Lucy’s runway


“It was my first ever

international show,” she

said with a laugh. “It was a

really good way to start it

all off.”

She hit the runway for

several other designers

throughout the week as well.

What’s next for this Cantabrian

beauty? The world

is her oyster, but she’s not

yet finished with Sydney.

“I’ll look at going overseas

to Europe or Asia. But

for now, I’m working on

getting the most out of it

that I can, and see where it

takes me.”


Fashion Quarterly

from Kim Taylor —Viva La Moda

Buying Fashion On Sale

it’s that time again where stores are going on sale

to make way for new seasons arrivals in July.

it can be a great time to grab a bargain

provided your size is still available of course and

something you have had your eye on may have

just become a little more appealing!

ivyblu is a lovely NZ made label and offers

classic pieces that will last for several seasons

and will mix and match with many other items

in your wardrobe.

We have pictured the beautiful ivyblu sydney

dress available in stunning coral colour.

(Was $269 Now $134.50)

Experience tells us there are still plenty of

cold days to come, so now is a great

time to pick up sale knitwear such as this

stunning Elm Pullover (Was $159.90 Now

$ 79.95) We have photographed this

light weight knit with another sale

item – Vassalli stripe hoody

(Was $199 Now $99). model

is also wearing new style LTB

jeans (non-sale).

Another great item to

pick up right now is a

winter coat. There are

many styles and weights

available. We have

photographed the

striking Blackstone coat

in bone and taupe

colourway which was $299

Now $149. This jacket is a perfect

weight to take away travelling.

The stunning black & white

houndstooth Vassalli puffer jacket

is another useful and stylish

addition to any wardrobe. it is

lightweight but warm and is

shaped to give a flattering

silhouette (Was $ 225 Now


All of the pictured styles are

available right now at Viva La

moda along with many, many more

– so see you here soon.

-Kim Taylor


50% Off SELEctEd itEmS

All of the fashion featured in the images is available from Viva La Moda Rolleston

Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 347 1151


Tuesday July 5 2016



Falling for a girl named Tinkerbell

• By Barry Clarke

DON’T TELL the wife but I’ve

fallen for a girl called Tinkerbell.

She’s 26, has a smile and eyes

I’ll never forget, has beautiful

sleek lines, and amazing skin.

And, I have to admit I got close

up and personal with Tinkerbell

at Tangalooma Resort on

Moreton Island, about an hour’s

ferry trip from Brisbane during a

weekend away from home.

All sound a bit fishy?

You’re right.

Tinkerbell is of course a wild

dolphin, and a magnificent one

at that. But then they all are.

She’s part of a pod of wild

dolphins that come to the island

around the same time every

night to be fed by the tourists.

It’s a fantastic experience.

Qantas now has three return

flights from Christchurch-Brisbane

a week. If you’re going to

Brisbane don’t just think only of

the traditional nearby must-visit

spots of the Gold Coast or Sunshine

Coast. Because Moreton

Island is a gem.

There is the day trip option

on the ferry and while heading

across you’re likely to see pods of


The ferry returns after dolphin

feeding time by the main jetty on

the island.

If you’re staying overnight or

for a few days the accommodation

is very good, and affordable.

The food is what you’d expect

– great. Fire and Stone restaurant

(Chinese) is a must.

There’s scuba diving around a

shipwreck, quad biking, sand hill

tobogganing (not for the fainthearted)

in what is known as the

desert, sailing, and fishing.

If you want something more

leisurely there’s plenty of good

walking, and beachside cafes to

sit and sup on a coffee or something


But more on those dolphins.

They have been arriving at

Tangalooma for decades, which

is one of the few places in the

world that you can wade out and

hand-feed dolphins.

There are fairly strict guidelines

to keep them safe – you

must wash your hands before

wading out, and you are not allowed

to touch them in case they

catch an infection. If you have a

cold or the flu you are told not to

go near them.

The dolphins first came to

prominence in the late 1970s

when the current owners of the

resort, the Osbornes, would visit

the island.

Lights had just been installed

on the jetty, which attracted bait

fish which the dolphins were

feeding on.

The Osbornes bought the

resort in 1980 and they began to

identify and name the dolphins

that came in at different times

after sunset.

They named the most regular

Eric. But when Eric arrived with

a calf one year, they renamed her

Beauty, who is the lineage of the

pod that arrives today, including

Tinkerbell, who now has her own


During the 1980s, tourists

would throw fish to Beauty.

Initially, she rejected the fish, but

slowly she started to accept the


She would raise her eyes above


and her newborn calf

Calypso. Above right – The

Tangalooma Resort. Left –

Brisbane at night.

the water and look for tourists.

The Osbornes became concerned

about the quality of the

fish being fed to Beauty, so they

would leave a bucket of fresh fish

on the jetty each night for the

tourists to feed Beauty.

In late 1990 Beauty arrived

with a new baby and she was

named Tinkerbell.

Just over a year later the

Osbornes tried hand-feeding

Beauty. It worked; she showed

no signs of stress and the rest is


Tangalooma installed a new

jetty and grandstand and now

has a Dolphin Education Centre

staffed by marine biologists.

Brisbane itself is now a very

busy city of just over two million

people, and a lot different to the

place I last visited several years


The Brisbane river is flanked

by great bars and cafes, there’s

a fabulous bike tour (Brisbane

By Bicycle) and fantastic night

kayak tours on the river.

You have to be reasonably

fit for the 90min kayak but it’s

•Qantas operates

three weekly return


flights, and an extra

return flight during

school holidays.

For times, fares go to

•Tangalooma resort is a

must see.

For ferry departure times,

accomodation costs at

the resort and what to do


•For kayaking on the

Brisbane River go to

•For a cycle tour of

Brisbane go to www.


worth the challenge. The skyline

at night is fantastic, and if you’re

taking part on a Friday or Saturday

there’s prawns and/or a

barbecue at the end of it.

And Tinkerbell? Yes, I’ll probably

return one day to see her


And, this time I’ll take the


•Clarke visited Brisbane and

Tangalooma courtesy of

Qantas and the Christchurch

Airport Company.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Non-surgical Vein Laser Treatments available

Free Assessment

Tired of aching and unsightly veins?

No surgery, no scars, no stitches. No time off work

- continue normal daily activities. An affiliated provider to

Southern Cross Health Society (medical necessity

criteria apply) - check your policy for cover.

Enjoy skirts, short and cropped pants again.

Payment plans available (Conditions apply)


Which one is right for you?

• Single-split, Multi-split, Ducted?

• Wall, Floor console, Ceiling cassette, Concealed?

• Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Daikin, Toshiba...?


from the Independent Heat Pump Experts.


0800 47 48 97 | 52A Mandeville St | Riccarton | 08002lookgood | 343 2880



[Edition datE]

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 27



Training for



if yOu would like to enjoy gardening,

improve your property value, produce fresh

vegetables and fruit or get a job within

the horticulture industry, this flexible

programme can help you gain the necessary


skills update training institute has

partnered with ara to offer an introductory

‘no fees’ horticulture blended learning

course which combines both classrooms

and online learning methods.

tutorials have been scheduled weekly

during evenings including the occasional

weekend field trips to suit those currently

working full time or part time. Our

experienced tutors, Ryan young or Hamish

kelland, are also available by phone and

e-mail outside of classroom hours.

Ryan, the winner of various horticultural

awards and titles, says “as your learning

facilitator, i will assist you throughout the

duration of the programme and provide

guidance for each assessment.”

“i am passionate about sustainable

horticulture and really enjoy working

with students to achieve their study and

educational goals” says Hamish, who has a

wide range of experience across the industry

as well as teaching in the tertiary sector.

enrolments are still open for 2016. Call

or email our team today. study over 40

weeks and earn the sought after national

Certificate in Horticulture Level 3.

Pasifika engineer

reboots Plan A

Pasifika students are slowly

gravitating towards engineering. Third year

Bachelor of engineering technology student

at ara institute of technology, Richard Ofa,

urges them to think long term.

Richard is motivated. He has worked at a

semi-skilled level. after graduating from an

it qualification at ara (then CPit), he took

a temporary job as a CnC machine operator

at skOPe. The money was good at the time,

but several years later he was still in the same


Richard took stock and realised he wanted

to be an engineer, designing the products

that he had been assembling at skOPe. He

needed an engineering qualification.

The ara three year engineering degree

offered evening classes, which allowed

Richard to continue working. “i have

a responsibility to my family and the

community, so not working isn’t an option,”

he says.

Richard negotiated to work part time at

skOPe and launched into his engineering

studies. “Coming back to study, working with

computers, doing 3d modelling, it’s what i

have always wanted to do.

“i love problem solving, being creative and

coming up with new ideas. for my third year

project, skOPe gave me a project to work

on. it’s a sliding door design, a new design. i

am quietly confident it will work out.”

The degree will certainly open doors for

Richard. “i am hoping to get a full time

design job with skOPe when i graduate.

My long term plan is project management

– i will probably come back and do some

project management papers at ara in five to

10 years’ time when i have some experience.

“My family are happy, in that island

way, now they can see the value of the


Meanwhile, Richard is seeing more

Pasifika students in engineering. “The first

year i was the only fulltime Pasifika student,

but numbers have increased in the last

two years, including the number of female

Pasifika engineering students.

“The biggest challenge is managing the

workload of studying and working. i work

three days a week and study full time, so i

look forward to a sleep-in on the weekend,”

he says.

to find out more about studying

engineering at ara institute of Canterbury,




Enrolment are now open.

Entry to this programme is open to NZ

Citizens and Residents and students

over 18 years of age.

Intake start dates are subject to

student availability.







021 222 9678


Tuesday July 5 2016



Nothing beats home-grown garlic

• By Tod Palenski

HOW DO you know when

you’ve truly become a bona

fide vegetable gardener?

I wonder if it’s when you

can’t imagine buying a particular

plant from the supermarket.

For me, garlic is a product

I can’t imagine purchasing

any more. I love the taste of

home-grown garlic. It’s also

easy to grow – which helps.

And it’s easy to store, another

plus. So there’s generally

no need to fork out for an

inferior (I think) product at

the supermarket.

If you already grow your

own garlic I’m sure you

know what I mean. And

if you don’t, I hope this

inspires you to give it a

crack. And don’t forget all

the other benefits of having

garlic in your garden.

It’s said to keep away

aphids, apple scab, leaf-curl

and mosquitoes. And if you

use it in a spray it helps

keep a list of other annoying

insects at bay.

You don’t need too much

space for garlic. It just needs

to be well-drained, which

means pots and hanging

baskets are also suitable

planting locations.

Alternatively, plant it next

to your roses to ward off

aphids, beneath apple and

peach trees to prevent apple

scab and leaf-curl, and next

to your tomatoes to protect

against red spider.

June is the time to plant it.

If you didn’t get it on in on

the shortest day, don’t worry,

any time until the end of

July will be fine too.

Dig in some compost, and

a good general fertiliser or

use a potting mix if you’re

planting in baskets or pots.

Dig a little hole and place

each garlic plant inside it.

Fill it in with soil so the

leaves stick out the top.

Again, traditionally,

you should harvest on the

longest day of the year –

December 21.

However, I like to keep

an eye on the leaves and

when they start to yellow

and begin to dry off I gently

uproot them with a fork.

Be careful not to yank the

leaves or you might rip the

stalks off.

Then simply brush off any

dirt and hang them in a dry,

airy spot inside.

Like other produce that

is stored for a long time, it

makes sense to eat any damaged

ones first and store the


Trust me, now you’ve

mastered the art of homegrown

garlic, you’ll never

look at it in the store the

same way again.

FLAVOUR: There are many advantages to growing garlic in your garden.


cooking smells

and steam!


extraction fans

Ventilation Equipment

Suppliers to trade and retail

Use your outdoor living areas

all year round

• Warm & dry in winter

• UV protection for summer

• Stylish & permanent

• 5 year warranty

Chris Thorndycroft

Phone 0800 27 24 46 |

15 months


Normal lending criteria apply

Range Hood cupboard insert

● Domestic

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Smooth-Air has

a wide range

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equipment to bring

fresh air into your


0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684)

264 Annex Road, Riccarton

Christchurch 8024, NZ

Ph +64 3 343 6184

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 29

Strawberries – plant them now for summer

• By Tod Palenski

STRAWBERRIES are one of the

most popular edible plants to have

in the garden. And it’s not hard to

work out why.

They’re tasty of course. But they

have a couple of other great factors

going for them. They can be

eaten straight from the garden –

always a plus.

But more importantly they can

be grown just about anywhere. It

really doesn’t matter what size of

garden you have or whether you

even have a garden at all.

Strawberries can be grown in

almost anything – a cut off drainpipe,

a planter box, in the garden

bed, in a hanging planter and


As long as they can see the sun,

and your garden bed or ‘planter’

is well-drained, you can expect

great growing results.

Strawberries are best planted in

June or July. Or, if you live down

south, probably best to wait until

August when the soil is a little


As with all plants, soil preparation

is important. Strawberries

prefer a soil pH of 5.8 to 6.2,

which is slightly acid, so you

shouldn’t need any lime.

You can enrich the strawberry

bed by digging in potash and

REFRESHING: With a little care and the right site, strawberries

are easy to grow.

composted vegetable matter to

provide a boost of food for the

plants as they grow, and fowl

manure to reduce the pH.

Planting in a pot or container?

Use a top quality potting mix and

for an extra boost of goodness

apply a liquid fertiliser to the mix.

Before planting raise your garden

bed by mounding the soil.

This will encourage circulation,

drainage and can add depth to

shallow soil.

Plant your seedlings around

the edges of your garden or pots

to encourage the strawberries

to hang over the sides and prevent

the fruit from touching the

ground and rotting.

Dig a hole 10cm deep and place

the seedling inside. A deep hole is

required to give the roots plenty

of room to spread out and grow

but be careful not to bury the

plant. Pack the soil firmly around

each seedling. Plant each seedling

around 300mm apart from the


Once planted it’s important

to keep them well watered at all

times. When the weather starts to

warm up during spring it’s a good

idea to surround the seedlings

with peastraw or newspaper to

help keep away weeds and retain

water. The more moisture they get

the juicier the fruit will be.

Place netting or wire over you

plants when they begin to produce

fruit. This will block out birds and

ensure you get to eat the strawberries


In spring, add another dose of

general fertiliser to your strawberries

to encourage sturdier plants

that are more disease resistant

heading in to the warmer


Then sit back and wait till

Christmas to enjoy the sweet sensation

of your own hard work.

Once your strawberry harvest

has finished, if you’re using

hanging baskets or similar

containers, it’s best to pull out

your strawberries and plant new

ones after a year to freshen up

the soil (don’t forget to use new

potting mix).

But if they’re in your garden,

your strawberry patch will last a

couple of years. After this you can

simply use a combination of your

runners and new plants to create a

new patch.



Intelligro Trailer Hire is available to all members of the public, not just for the

sole use of collecting product from Intelligro.

This gives you the flexibility to use them for any tasks you may have around

the house and garden.

Our current fleet consists of three single axle trailers; two of which are caged,

and one that isn’t, one tandem axle trailer, and a covered furniture trailer.

Rates are based on a half day (up to four hours) or full day (up to eight hours).

Single Axle trailers

Half Day (up to four hours) $35

Full Day (up to eight hours) $50

Tandem Axle/Furniture trailers

Half Day (up to four hours) $50

Full Day (up to eight hours) $70

All trailer hire requires a $20

deposit on top of the hire fee

which will be returned to the

customer once the trailer is

returned in the condition it was

hired out in.

For more information on this

new service or any of the

products we provide do not

hesitate come see us onsite

or call 347 9415 or visit our






3 Expert gardening advice

3 High quality products

3 South-Hort growing


3 VIP rewards

3 Buy in-store and online

3 Handy delivery service

For more information,

check out our website:

or visit our facebook page:

1394 Main South Road, RD7 Weedons | Phone 03 347 9415


Tuesday July 5 2016


With a long list of smart new features,

New Zealand’s best new vehicle warranty

and the sharpest prices ever on new ASX

XLS Petrol and all-wheel drive Diesel.


Call 03 379 0588 or come and see us.

*Prices listed is for ASX XLS Petrol & Diesel are excluding On Road Costs.

Available while stocks last. Model shown is ASX XLS Diesel.

Visit for full Diamond Advantage Warranty conditions.


Price shown applies to a limited number of Lancer GSR Sedan and Hatchs in selected colour and price includes On Road Costs.

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch. Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588

XT model shown with hard cab and hard door options

My Kaywa QR-Code

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 31


Pajero Sport takes over from Challenger

• By Ross Kiddie


the concept of ute-based, fourwheel-drive

SUVs. Mitsubishi

almost pioneered that part of

the market in 1996 with its

Challenger, and there has been a

succession of Challenger models


Today, Mitsubishi still has an

SUV which shares a lot of componentry

with Triton but it is distanced

from it in the respect that

it is a lot more sophisticated, the

Pajero Sport fits below the Pajero

proper but, in concept, it is more

car-like than ute-like.

The Pajero Sport is built

around a ladder chassis, live rear

axle and suspension elements

which are engineered for the serious

off-road journey.

Today, a lot of manufacturers

are building vehicles to that formula,

Toyota has just released the

Hilux-based Fortuner, Holden

has long had Colorado7 and

Ford’s Everest is based on the

Ranger platform. With today’s

technology these vehicles are

becoming a lot more refined in

the way they operate, they are

also styled so that they lose their

association with the ute stablemates,

and look pleasing to the


The Pajero Sport arrives with

MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT: Two specification levels.

diesel power only, courtesy of

the Triton, it is a 2.5-litre fourcylinder

unit and is rated by

Mitsubishi with 135kW and

437Nm. It is a true powerhouse

and drives through the

sophistication of an eight-speed

automatic gearbox. The engine/

gearbox combination is rather

special, especially so with the

number of ratios, there is almost

seamless gearing offering the best

structures for both off-road challenges,

and easy momentum for

the everyday commute.

Of course, the Pajero Sport also

gets a seriously low ratio transfer

system for when those fourwheel-drive

tracks beckon. You

can guarantee the mechanical

elements have been engineered

to stand the test of time, after all

Mitsubishi offer a 10-year driveline


The Pajero Sport lands here in

two variants, effectively low grade

or high-grade – XLS or VRX –

bearing in mind that a seven-seat

option is yet to be made available

on the model. The test car was a

VRX and it lists at $63,990, the

XLS landing at $58,990.

For that price it gets a strong

specification list for comfort and

convenience, a few of the major

items include full leather trim,

heated front seats which are

electrically adjustable and stateof-the-art

electronic systems for

infotainment, most are operable

through a central screen display.

The Pajero Sport doesn’t feel

dissimilar to all those vehicles I

mentioned in my introduction,

most drive similarly. It is almost

car-like but you always have the

feeling there is a serious off-road

machine underneath.

It also gets all of the high-tech

gear Mitsubishi are putting into

their four-wheel-drive vehicles

these days. There are a myriad of

electronic and mechanical elements

to aid grip both off-road

and in close confine sealed road

driving. There is also a suite of

safety features which keep the

vehicle out of trouble in the first

instance – Smartbrake, mis-acceleration

mitigation system, and

forward collision mitigation.

Against the clock the Pajero

Sport will accelerate to 100km/h

from a standstill in 11sec, and

is comfortable with a 7.5sec

highway overtake (80km/h to


In terms of fuel usage,

Mitsubishi has done well to lean

out the twin-camshaft, 16-valve

engine. It is now rated with an

eight-litre per 100km (35mpg)

combined cycle average, that fits

well with the test car’s average

showing 9.6l/100km (30mpg)

on return to the dealership.

Those figures, along with an

8l/100km instantaneous readout

at 100km/h (engine speed

1600rpm), makes for economical

• Price – Mitsubishi Pajero

Sport, $63,990

• Dimensions – Length,

4785mm; width, 181mm;

height, 1805mm

• Configuration: Fourcylinder,


2422cc, 135kW, 437Nm,

eight-speed automatic.

• Performance – 0-100km/h,


• Fuel usage – 8l/100km

motoring for a big vehicle which

weighs in close to two-tonne. On

the subject of weights, the Pajero

Sport is also listed with a 3100kg

tow rating.

At highway speed the Pajero

Sport cruises comfortably with

little sound intrusion, there is

just a subdued diesel throb under

load, but that is no louder than

any of its competition.

The Pajero Sport is big and

tall, but it is well balanced and

is capable in a corner; that along

with its energetic performance

provides satisfaction for the


The Pajero Sport, encapsulates

all of the ingredients which made

the Challenger so successful here

and it can certainly be counted

as a serious contender in what

is now a very intense part of the

SUV market.


$40 .00

• Courtesy cars • Oil changes

• Full mechanical repairs

• Brake & clutch repairs

• Transmission flush service

• Tyres & batteries

• Petrol & diesel servicing

Fitzgerald Motors

PHONE 03 349 7813

2/193 Waterloo road, Hornby


2011 Holden Commodore Ve omeGa series ii

3.0L V6, 6 Speed Tiptronic Sports Shift Auto, ESC, Remote Locking, Cruise,

Climate Air Cond, Bluetooth, CD Player, 18" Alloy Wheels.


2005 HsV ClUBsPorT VZ 297

6.0L V8, Bigbore Exhaust, Alarm,19"

Alloys, Cruise, Climate A/C, Towbar,

Electric Seats, Full HSV Bodykit.


2007 dodGe niTro sXT diesel 4X4

2.8L Turbo Diesel, Auto, 4WD, Alloy

Wheels, Climate A/C, Reversing

Camera with Parking Sensors, ESP.





2010 Ford FPV F6

4.0L turbo 6 spd sports shift auto, FPV Brembo performance brakes,

19" FPV alloys, low 44,000kms!


2002 Holden Commodore VY ss

5.7L LS1 V8, Bigbore Exhaust

System, OTR Intake, 18" Alloys,

6 Speed Manual, Electric

Windows, ABS Brakes, 4 Airbags.


2007 ToYoTa landCrUiser Prado

4.0L V6 petrol, auto, 7 seater, Hi/

Lo ratio 4WD, climate A/C, towbar,

keyless entry, Exceptional example.





2001 Holden Commodore VU V8

5.7L V8, Bigbore exhaust, rare

factory 6 speed manual, lowered on

18" alloys, air con, remote locking.

2007 Ford FalCon BF Xr6 mKii

190kW 4.0L twincam engine,

6 speed tiptronic, 19" alloys, cruise,

CD player, remote locking, towbar.

2007 Ford FalCon FG Xr6 mKii

4.0L, 6 speed tiptronic auto, 19 inch alloys,

cruise control, driving lights, sports

suspension, stability control, only 99,000km.

2001 Holden Commodore VX ss

290kw 5.7L LS1 Alloy V8, X-Force

Bigbore Exhaust, MAFLess Tune by

Harman Brothers Racing, 17" Alloys,

Auto, Remote Central Locking.



New + Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks,

Vans, 4WD, Motorhomes,

Trailers & LED's.

We can repair your existing lights including:

Headlamp Adjusters, Lens Refurbishment and Plastic Welding.

0800 225 483

For all your automotive Lamp Requirements

F: 03 371 1101


325 Brougham Street, Christchurch


2005 Ford FalCon Ba Xr8 Boss mKii

5.4L Quadcam BOSS V8 Engine,

Bigbore Exhaust, Tiptronic Sports

Shift Auto, 18" Alloy Wheels, Air Cond,

Cruise Control, CD Player.

03 366 5888


2003 Holden Commodore VY series ii

3.8L Ecotec V6, auto, full VZ style HSV

bodykit, 17" HSV alloys, remote locking,

4 airbags, cruise, in fantastic condition!


2008 Ford FalCon FG Xr6

4.0L, 6 speed tiptronic sports shift auto, 20" alloys, cruise, towbar, sports

suspension, low 85,000km.



Corner Lancaster St & Moorhouse Ave | OPEN 7 DAYS


2007 Holden Commodore Ve omeGa

3.6L Quadcam Alloytec V6, Auto with Power/

Economy Modes, ESC, ABS, SRS airbags,

18" SV6 Alloy Wheels and Rear Spoiler.


2006 Holden Commodore Ve ss-V

6.0L L98 Alloy V8 (270kw) 6 Speed

Tiptronic Sports Shift Auto, 8 x SRS

Airbags, ESP, ABS Brakes with

Holdens EBD System.

2006 Holden Commodore Ve sV6

3.6L V6, 5 Speed Tiptronic Sports Shift Auto, ESC, Alarm, Cruise, 18" Alloys,

Bluetooth, Alpine Touch Screen Audio System with Subwoofer & Rev Camera.

569a Colombo Street


03 377 6800


Tuesday July 5 2016


Sunday 28 August

9.30am – 4.00pm







weddings by

collective concepts

Airforce Museum

45 Harvard Avenue,

Wigram, Christchurch

Tickets: $15.00

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 33

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 482-3559.




Macrocarpa and Blue Gum

6 cubic metre truck loads

Free loan trailers

6 days Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm

Sat 8.30am-1pm

Eftpos available

(03) 325 2290

Kent 021 325 661


653 Ellesmere Rd, Lincoln




Pine delivered

18 meters $1000

7.1 meters $420

3.5 meters $210

Prices incl GST

Phone or

text Warren

022 0972 596 for

delivery time.

Lost & Found

MISSING Dog from

Templeton, 2 year old

Spoodle, brown male, Reg

No. 03637, $100 reward,

ph 021 139 7572



Union Ceremonies,

Renewal of Vows, Naming

Ceremonies, Funerals

and Unveilings - Jenni

Gibson Ph/Fax 324-8332,

021 723-089. www.


Union Ceremonies,

Renewal of Vows, Naming

Ceremonies, Funerals

and Unveilings - Jenni

Gibson Ph/Fax 324-8332,

021 723-089. www.

Select Services

Need a hand?

✤ Lawns & edges

✤ New garden est

✤ Gardening

✤ Hedge trimming

✤ Handyman jobs

✤ Casual or One off

Phone Mike Lineton

022 341 8848

Your local

Selwyn District






Free Measure & Quote

• Asphalt

• Driveways

• Kerb

Select Services

Home in need

of painting &


If you want the best for you

home, call for a FREE quote:

021 123 0101

Quality Workmanship -

Over 10 Years Experience

• Chipseal

• Chip

PH 0800 081- 400 • 980-1123

Mob 0274 325 457

Select Services

Residential and commercial:

• Painting • Plastering • Wallpapering

• Tiling • Gib Stopping & fixing interior &

exterior work


hail, leaves, snow & vermin from

blocking & damaging your spouting

Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with

unique patented louvre will even keep out pine needles.

Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty,

range of colours.

Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years.





Call Rohan anytime Mon-Sat for a

no-obligation assessment & quote

03 982 8850 0800 486532

Select Services

Garage Doors, Auto Openers,

EQC Quotes, Repairs and

Maintenance, One off Custom

Made Designs...

Showroom at

Larcombs Road and

Home Ideas Centre,

Mandeville Street

The genuine custom made

garage door professionals




TyPEs of garagE doors:

Cedar Door, Glass & Acrylic doors, Flat Panel insulated range,

Pressed Panel Doors, Ribline doors, Tilt doors, Roller Doors,

flush mounted doors.

Proud to support your local community

Phone: 0800 661 366 • Fax: 03 347 8363

Factory: 276 Larcombs Road, R.D. 8 Weedons,


Select Services

William Ross

Building & Painting


Rolleston, Christchurch

Qualified Tradesmen

Gib Stoppers

Painting & Wallpapering

• Fletchers Accredited

• EQC opt outs

• Insurance work

• Free Quotes & Prompt Service

• Distance no object

Contact Billy on 0226413530

or Gareth on 0212427384



Select Services

Paving, Irrigation, Lawns,

Planting, Fences, Pergolas,

Water-features, Outdoor fires,

Raised Vege beds, Decks,

Artificial grass & more...

Call Aaron & the team today!

Phone: 03 3474422 or 021542402



Select Services


New Builds

Home Alterations




Phone Keith:

027274 9359

or (03) 325-4452

Select Services



Using the new SkyVac System

Call our office 03 595 0422

or get Ray on 027 224 7737





Insurance Work

Fully Qualified Builder

Select Services

Malvern air Conditioning

& eleCtriCal ltd

Got Air Conditioning

& Electrical Needs?

• Heat Pump Supply

• Installations

• Servicing & Maintenance

• Household Electrical Work

• Business Electrical Work

Give Nigel a call now

for no obligation free quote

Ph 021 387 750

A/H 03 318 0030

Select Services



All Plumbing



Blocked Drains

Log Fires,


Gas Hotwater


021 454 864





• Air Conditioning • Alternators

• Starter Motors • Wiring Repairs

• Diagnostics • Lighting • Batteries

Mobile Auto Electrician

022 644 9664

Farmlands Card Accepted


Shelterbelt Trimming


Call Tony Dempsey

Ph 03 325 3256 Mob 0274 323 943





Don’t let electrical

problems worry you

For all electrical

repairs & service


027 492 8971

or ah 344 6202


a Naturist lawn, garden and Transport service

Female and male team

We do basic gardening through to lifestyle blocks.

Ph or text 027 603 6845

(Please leave a message)

tree services

• Trees felled • Land clearing

• Logging of forestry blocks

• Tree lots thinned for production chip

•Log cartage • Root raking • De-stumping

• Cash paid for wood lots • Wind rows

removed • Excavator hire • Fully insured

covering all areas • 17 years experience

Large Macrocarpa Trees or Logs.

Wantd Blue Gum plantations standing or on the ground.

Cash Paid on the spot!

Call Pete - 021-049-8657


Tuesday July 5 2016


Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Select Services


Garden Supplies

• Soil • Bark • Sand

• Compost • Chip & more

0274 313 389



2006 Ltd

• Excavators • Dingo • Trailers

• General Equip • Chainsaws

• Log Splitters • Concrete Gear

• Rotary Hoes • Lawnmowers

and much more!

(03) 324 3669

1552 Leeston Road

(1km North of Leeston)

Open 7 days.

Closed public holidays.

Select Services


STORAGE Units 348

Brookside Rd Rolleston.

Commercial yard,

vehicles, boat from $10

pw. Ph 021 065 0934 or

329 5180

To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required thiS month

Fully insulated and

double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes

from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m,

Large 4.2m x 2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m.

Visit our website for

display cabin locations.

To Let




Garden and lawn

refresh, handyman,


Phone John

HISTORIC Renovated

one bedroom house

at Sedgemere. Very

spacious. Suit executive

couple. $360 per week. Ph


For professional 022 and 197 prompt 9081 service

For professional and prompt give service Andrew a call for a quote:

give Andrew Trades a call & for Services

a quote:

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835

Phone: 03 344 3311 Mobile: 021 539 835 Email:

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835

For professional and prompt service

poor? ton, Rolleston, give Andrew Halswell, a call for Wigram a quote: and Lincoln No more running windows

g your home?

Andrew RESIDENTIAL Singleton 021 539 835 WINDOW CLEANING

well, Wigram and Lincoln

• House proud? • Time poor?

Phone: 03 • 344 New home? 3311 Mobile: • 021 Selling 539 your 835 home? Email:

Mobile: 021 539 835 Email:

Servicing: Prebbleton, Rolleston, Halswell, Wigram and Lincoln

5 Email:





Rolleston, Halswell,

For professional and prompt service

Wigram and Lincoln


give Andrew a call for a quote:

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835


• Cut to size plastic • Sheet sales

• House proud? • Time poor?

For professional and prompt service

• New

give Andrew a call for a quote:

• home? Time poor? • Selling • Brochure your home? displays


your home?

Servicing: Prebbleton, Rolleston, Halswell, Wigram and Lincoln


• House proud?

• Time poor?

• New home?

• Selling your home?

Servicing: Prebbleton,




Making Local

& International

Moving Easy

0800 4 world

(03) 341 2060

Easyfix Double Glazing System

DIY and save OR get a quote to install

Showroom at 42 Wordsworth Street, Sydenham

Phone 03 374 5500 or 0800 426 292

Trades & Services


• Cars

• Buses

• Trucks

• Motorhomes

• Heavy

• Equipment

• Chip Repairs

• Mobile Services

• Insurance Work

PHONE 021 399 917


Trades & Services




new fencing, post driving,

repairs, maintenence.

Quality workmanship

& advice.

Phone Allan 021 049 6151

Facebook: agrifencenz

Trades & Services


Hedge Cutting


I am not the Paul Murphy

recently in the death

notices as some of my

clients seem to think.

I am still on top alive and

kicking and at your service.

Phone 0274 399 713

or 329 1084

Why go to the Dump?

Junkman comes to you!

Items too big for the rubbish bin?

Or too heavy for you to move?

Junkman comes to you & takes it away

0800 586 5626

Trades & Services

Trades & Services


- Re-roofing and

new roofing

- Quality roofing at

the best price around

- Licensed building



Roofing Ltd

Call Hamish for a

quote 03 347 90 45



Macrocarpa and Blue Gum

6 cubic metre truck loads

Free loan trailers

6 days Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm

Sat 8.30am-1pm

Eftpos available

(03) 325 2290

Kent 021 325 661


653 Ellesmere Rd, Lincoln


65 *

Includes your first 100kgs of rubbish

*Prices vary depending on items and volume – minimum charge $65



Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways • Auger Hole Drilling • Land Clearing & Development

• Culvert Installation • Construction Site Works • Tree & Hedge Removal • Concrete Breaker

Trades & Services



Fast friendly



Selwyn area,

ph 021 364 664

Trades & Services

Phone Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H

• Driveways

• Earthquake


• Decks

• New Home


• Patios &


tel: 0508 873 7483


Trades & Services

Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors with

our unique fully weather

sealed system. Ask your

builder for a Defender garage

door; your first defence

against the elements.

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

Trades & Services


Boundary, Executive,


All types of residential

fencing and gates

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

Trades & Services


Licenced Building

Practitioner. Decks,

alterations, renovations,

general building work.

Quality workmanship.

Call Daniel on

021 027 57196 or

email: d.fogden@


Trades & Services


Services, tree removal,

trimming, stump grinding,

shelterbelt clean up,

section clearing, rubbish

removals, excavation

work, ph 027 728 5688



Small Job Specialists,

Carpentry, Repairs,

Decking & Maintenance,

40 years experience, no

job too small, Ph Warren

03 322-1103 or 027 697-


CaRPEt & ViNYl


Repairs, uplifting,relaying,


ph 0800 003 181

or 027 2407416

Trades & Services

• Re Roofing

• Roof Repairs

• Spouting

Approved Age Concern


Over 30 years experience

Licensed Building


Trades & Services


Staining Quality at a

reasonable price. Free

quotes. Phone Warren

today on 980-1676 or 027



Quality timber fencing -

gates & repairs, ph Ryan

027 951 8892

Trades & Services



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624




Garden and lawn

refresh, handyman,


Phone John

022 197 9081

Trades & Services



Is your heatpump

ready for wInter?

• Save power, Save Money

• Cleaner healthier air

• Friendly, professional





Rob Spink

• 0800 423 637

• (A/H) 03 325 2713



Ph: 349 9778 or 0275 389 415


SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 5 2016 35

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Trades & Services


Paving, Lawns, Irrigation,

Decking, Fencing.

Kanga & small digger

services. Check out Squire

Landscaping on facebook.


Authur 347-8796, 027

220-7014 Edwin 027 220-




MASONRY?? Rock and

Blocks Work Ltd for all

your brick, block and tile

laying needs. Friendly

service Licensed Building

Practitioner phone Devon

on 021 375-888 or 03 329-



Qualified Tradesman,

experienced & reliable,

Mike Le Lievre, free

quotes, ph 03 317 8222 or

027 420 6125


Interior, New Homes,

Alterations, Renovations.

Qualified & Experienced

Tradesman. Damian

Youngman. Ph 0276

273 255 or 03 745 6101


Quality jobs done on time.

All aspects of tiling. Reg

Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027

334 4125



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

stereos, DVD. Aerial

installations and kitsets,

480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03

379 1400

Wanted To Buy

A Records and Hi-Fi

gear wanted, excellent

prices paid for good

records especially kiwi

and overseas bands 60’s

- 90’s PennyLane 430

Colombo St Sydenham

7 days www.pennylane. ph 3663278 or 021





Situations Vacant



& Podium





021 193 0118

Situations Vacant




(conditions apply)



(Road code & pre-assessment driving training provided)


Courses in Christchurch, Invercargill,

Cromwell & Mosgiel daily.

Other areas by arrangement



Class 3, 4 & 5, Passenger, Vehicle Recovery,

Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, Dangerous Goods,

Forklift, OSH & F

Driving Related Health & Safety Training


FREEPHONE 0508 2 DRIVE (37483) OR 03 348 8481 |

Assistant Producer

Star Media

Be part of a growing, locally-owned multimedia company!

Star Media is looking for a full-time Assistant Producer for

its busy production team. The successful applicant will have

outstanding organisational skills and a strong passion for

everything TV and Media.

The Role

You will assist our senior production

staff in all stages of commercial and

web video production, with direct

accountability for the execution of

a specific client brief within editorial


You will oversee all day-to-day

operations, such as schedule

planning, brand and product research,

staff and talent management and


Your responsibilities include but are

not limited to-

• Creative script writing, idea

generation and research

• Managing

producer’s daily


• Interacting with

team members and

ensuring excellent

communication within

various departments

• Planning and organising

ahead to establish an

efficient course of action

for yourself and the team

• Leading and motivating

production teams, crews and

contributors, by providing

clear instructions,

support, direction and


Situations Vacant

If you’re ready for your next challenge, send your CV and cover

letter to

Candidates will be considered as and

when applications are received.

Applicants for this position should have

NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Situations Vacant

Ellesmere College




Duties commencing as soon as possible

by negotiation

• Establishing clear objectives

for implementing effective and

economic production schedules

• Composing and preparing a variety

of correspondence, reports, and

internal documents in support

of current and new business

development activities

Our ideal candidate

We are looking for an enthusiastic,

highly motivated individual with

excellent time management skills,

able to work on multiple projects

simultaneously and to liaise and

cooperate with external suppliers,

clients and team.

Candidate’s strengths-

• Relevant qualification in journalism,

communications, media studies or

equivalent experience

• Sound knowledge of the production


• Video editing experience

• Script writing experience

• Excellent communication skills

• Ability to think creatively and

“outside the box”

• Can work independently and as part

of a team

• Can work effectively under pressure,

react quickly and meet tight


• Have a full, valid driving licence

Applications close: 20 July, 2016

For Job Description please contact:

Principal’s Assistant,


Public Notices


5 – 7 july 2016

The general public is to be advised that a

NZ Army Exercise will be conducted in the

Oxford, Coopers Creek area over the period

5 - 7 July 2016.

The exercise will involve personnel of the

2/1 RNZIR from, Burnham Military Camp.

The exercise will involve up to 60 personnel.

Training will involve soldiers moving

through the bush carrying weapons and

conducting blank firing activities in and

around the Coopers Creek area from

10.30am 5 July until 1pm 7 July.

The exercise will involve blank rounds and


For more information please call

Sergeant Major Pettersson

027 286 5237

Public Notice



Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

Public Notices

Rexellent Rentals

Cars, Vans, Brisbane , Coolangatta


0800 601 508

Public Notices




Annual General



7PM Rolleston

Rugby Club Rooms

20th July 2016

All members



Tuesday July 5 2016











Sanctuary Monroe 50%







Queen Set WAS $6,799

Now $3,399

Swisstek Lugano



Queen Set WAS $3,599

Now $1,799

Sleepyhead Pocket Spring




Queen Set WAS $5,099

Now $3,059

Queen Set

NOW $1,199






40 Carmen Road


Ph: 03 595 2360


166 Moorhouse Ave

(Next To Noel Leeming)

Ph: 03 379 5110


Week commencing Tuesday, 5Th JuLy, 2016


Superbly set-up for horses and so

handy to the West Melton township this

property represents fantastic value.


Offers over $799,000

• 4ha with shelter belts, excellent

fencing, water races

• 3 bay shed with stables and tack room

• 4 bedrms, 2 bathrms, 2 living areas

• Separate living for teens, boarders,

extended family

• Private, sheltered garden setting

Our vendors are committed and genuine

sellers, don’t let this one get away!

Web ID: ROU49292

Sarah Yeates


Mobile: 027 447 2719

Office: 03 929 0306


Address: 124 Bells Road, West Melton

Open home: Sunday from 1-2pm











Rural Property

Licensed REAA2008

LEESTON - 8 Fibonacci Way

Perfect for Homestart Grant and

Kiwi Saver Buyers!

If your budget is $450,000 and you are finding it harder and

harder to find something that meets Homestart and Kiwisaver

criteria then look no further than these house and land packages

in the increasingly popular township of Leeston an easy drive from

Rolleston, Lincoln and Christchurch. This 165m2 four bedroom

home will feature two bathrooms incl ensuite off master, open

plan living, double garage attached, Bosch appliances, all floor

coverings, heatpump and all the other modern conveniences you

would expect in a new home. The section is a full size 772m2

in a great street and is surrounded by new homes in a quality

subdivision. This property is able to be purchased as a turnkey

package with a small deposit and balance on completion or even

subject to sale of your existing home. Contact the agent for a full

list of specifications today.

Stephan Knowler

Mb 027 2299522

Where town meets country

With Newman Park offering the closest sections to the new and exciting Rolleston West Primary School these competitively

priced sections are proving very popular. We have limited numbers of sections available in stages 1,3,4 and 5.

• All sections have Title and Free Geotech report

• Stages 4 and 5 have no minimum house size – perfect for those on a budget

• The Covenants are reasonable and all services are at the boundary

ROLLESTON - 57 Hungerford Drive

Outstanding Executive Living

Located in the popular Hungerford Drive and surrounded by other

high quality homes is this stunning property which has recently

finished being built and is now ready for you to move in and enjoy!

At 247sqm large, this house has been built with families in mind.

There are 2 spacious living areas and the large separate lounge has

a gorgeous in-built gas fire place. A stand out feature is the high

spec kitchen with its top of the range benchtops, walk in pantry

and European appliances which include a large stand-alone oven

with gas hob. The kitchen overlooks the lounge/dining area which

has sliders that open out onto 3 outdoor patio areas. If you are

looking for 4 double bedrooms then you won’t be disappointed

here and the master is complimented by a gorgeous ensuite with

a double tiled shower and walk in robe. Other special features of

this quality home include; separate laundry, alarm, 7kw heat pump,

3 toilets and much more! Early viewing is recommended.

Price: $450,000


Stephan Knowler

Mb 027 2299522

Price: $619,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 6363576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 6622751

LEESTON - 4 Lambie Street

Ready for you on Lambie

Located on Lambie Street, a quiet cul-de-sac in the pleasant

country township of Leeston is this near new family home. Built

in 2013, this 166m² home positioned amongst other quality

homes on a very generous 821m² section, offers the perfect

starter package for first home buyers, investors or retirees. Set for

maximum sun this home has three good sized bedrooms, a large

open plan living area offering outdoor dining on the patio option

via a sliding door, a modern kitchen and appliances, two spacious

bathrooms and a double garage attached. This permanent

material home needs nothing more spent on it and comes

complete with curtains and drapes, clothes line and letter box.

Leeston is a fully serviced thriving country township 20 minutes

from Hornby and less to Lincoln and Rolleston townships and

offers great schooling (primary and secondary) , a supermarket,

cafes, shops, gym , medical centre and so much more.

ROLLESTON - 4 Shadbolt Lane

Spacious 4 bedroom home in a prime


First time on the market for this 210m2 4 bedroom home on a

north facing 777m2 fully fenced section. This comfortable family

home offers 2 large living areas including separate lounge with

easy access to the sunny outdoor areas, large master with ensuite,

WIR and the additional feature of 2 of the other bedrooms having

a shared large bathroom between them. Separate guest toilet

and separate laundry complete this ideal family home. This

home has quality chattels throughout along with gas hobbs, gas

water heating, security system, surround sound system and 2 x

heatpumps. The home is located just a few minutes walk to the

supermarket, medical centre, cafés etc. Excellent value - Don’t

be the one to miss out on this great home in a prime location!

ROLLESTON - 243 Lowes Road

Rare opportunity not to be missed!

Very rarely are properties of this size in this location offered to the

Rolleston market for sale. What sets this property apart from the

rest is the substantial 306m2 home that has been built on one of

the larger sections in Rolleston. The property consists of 3 living

areas that include a large family/dining area, separate lounge

and media room with projector and screen. The main living area

is generous in proportion and has the added bonus of a large freestanding

log burner with wet back to ensure your winter comfort.

During the summer months you will enjoy being able to open out

the doors that lead onto a private expansive wooden deck with

shade sail, perfect for your outdoor entertaining. Offering 6 double

bedrooms, there are plenty of options on offer here for a large

or extended family. The main bathroom is centrally located in the

home and the spacious master bedroom with its view out to the

large section and garden is complemented by a WIR and equally

spacious ensuite. Located on a premium 2439m2 section.

Price: $459,000


Stephan Knowler

Mb 027 2299522

Price: Neg Over $575,000


Andrew Taylor

Mb 0274 355930

Deadline Sale: 4pm, 14 July 2016

(unless sold prior)


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 6363576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 6622751

ROLLESTON - 16A Jozecom Place

Spacious family living in desirable location

If you are looking for a spacious 4 double bedroom family home in

a desirable location then you will need to inspect this one! Located

in popular “Jozecom Place” is this 3 year old home which has been

built with families in mind. The property offers 2 separate spacious

living areas with the family/dining area having a large stacker door

that opens out to a private entertaining area. The sleek kitchen

with its quality appliances is centrally located between the living

areas and forms a central hub for the home. You will enjoy the

cosiness of this property with its log burner which is complimented

by a heat transfer system, ensuring your winter comfort. All 4

bedrooms are a comfortable size with the master offering a walk

in robe and stylish ensuite. You will enjoy the storage space in the

home and the double internal access garage also has attic high

storage space. Other special features of this property include;

walk in pantry, separate laundry and alarm. All this is located on a

private and secure section so don’t delay on this one!

ROLLESTON - 1 Shelley Street

Affordable Comfort in Central Rolleston

Open Home Sunday 11.30am – 12.00pm

Are you a buyer who wants the freedom to live near all the

Rolleston amenities in a modern home, yet doesn’t want to have

to landscape a brand new build? Welcome to 1 Shelley Street.

This 3 bedroom 147m2 home sitting proudly on a 502m2 corner

site would suit a number of scenarios. Retirement living made

easy, an investment property, a start up, or a stepping stone

on the property ladder; this well thought out home offers it all.

With indoor outdoor flow to a covered alfresco dining area,

with electric louvres offering space not often seen in suburban

living. An easy walk to the Rolleston town centre, excellent

schools or the bus for a hassle free commute, this property will

not disappoint. Priced at RV to meet the market, our vendors are

realistic as they have plans moving ahead and your viewing is

invited at the open home or by appointment.

Price: Neg Over $595,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 6363576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 6622751

Price: Offers Over $495,000


Sue Robinson

Mb 021 409050

ROLLESTON - 40A Beaumont Drive

This will excite you!

Our vendors are on the move and reluctantly they are having to sell

their stunning newly built property which is situated on a private

and spacious section which includes many oversized features! From

the moment you enter the property you will be impressed with the

substantial kitchen which includes a standalone gas oven, ample

bench space and storage and a sublime walk in butler’s pantry with

a sink and an additional oven. The kitchen overlooks one of the

living areas which is heated by a double sized gas fire place which

is a stunning feature in both this area and the spacious separate

lounge. All 4 double bedrooms are fitted with quality wardrobe

fittings and the master offers a large walk in robe and stunning

tiled ensuite. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor entertaining

on the large wooden deck that opens out from the dining/living

area and stretches out nearly the full length of the home. Other

features of this special property include; LED lighting throughout,

fantastic heating options, separate laundry and the oversized triple

garage is a must see! There is also additional parking space next

to the garage for a boat or caravan which is a rare feature and

compliments this wonderful property which really does offer it all!

WEST MELTON - 18 Shona Lane

Prepared to be “WOWED” in West Melton

Upon entering this 3 year old home, the word uttered is simply

“WOW” with all the attention to detail you would expect from

a modern home. This 384m2 home with 3 living areas with a

formal lounge, family and games/kids lounge and 4 bedrooms, 2

full bathrooms / ensuites and separate toilet. The large kitchen,

dining and family room includes an office space and is airy and

light; leading out to well thought out outdoor living space. The

master bedroom boasts a walk through wardrobe, a large ensuite

bathroom with double headed shower and bath; bedroom 2

with a study nook and walk in wardrobe with an ensuite which

doubles as the main bathroom. All bedrooms are a generous size

as is the garage which is an oversized triple car garage with built

in storage spaces. The gardens are landscaped on 1200m2 with

irrigation ensuring the grass areas retain their beauty. Priced to sell,

the vendors enjoyed building and developing this piece of modern

West Melton but their future is a move allowing someone else to

sit back, relax and say WOW.

Price: Neg Over $695,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 6363576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 6622751

Price: $949,000


Sue Robinson

Mb 021 409050

ROLLESTON PH: 03 347 9949

DARFIELD PH: 03 318 8204

LEESTON PH: 03 324 3704

Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Jackie Derrick

027 636 3576

Susan Davis

027 662 2751

Stephan Knowler

027 229 9522

Cameron McRae

027 769 6696

Sue Robinson

021 409 050




van der Klei


Ray White Rolleston

Sarah Booth

Licensee Salesperson

Business Owner

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Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford

Licensee Agent

Business Owner

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Emma George

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Business Owner

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Melanie Elliott

Licensee Salesperson

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Leisa Webster

Licensee Salesperson

027 722 5537

Leesa Barrie

Licensee Salesperson

027 947 1200

Rolleston 8 Blue Jean Avenue

Get ready to enjoy all the benefits of a near new home, without any

of the hard work, as this beautiful home is waiting for you to move

straight in & enjoy. Boasting some desirable features, this lovely 4

bedroom property is sure to suit your family’s needs, here’s a few

to tempt... 2 spacious interconnecting living areas, a stylish kitchen

with tons of bench space, ducted heat pump & log burner to keep

you cosy this winter, a 7m x7m garage to store the extra ‘stuff’, a For Sale

large outdoor deck, fully fenced & landscaped backyard, gas hot Sale Offers over $585,000

water... what more could you want? Designed & built for the current View Sunday 2.45pm - 3.15pm

owners in late 2015, they have had to jump at another opportunity ID# RLL22478

down south, so want this house sold now.

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

West Melton 12 Royston Common

Boasting 3 double bedrooms plus a luxurious

master suite & separate study. You will delight

in the generous living which incorporates open

plan family/dining and a large separate lounge.

Also featuring a meticulously designed kitchen

with granite surfaces and European appliances,

four heat pumps, a stunning gas fire,’up to the

minute’ lighting & automated blinds, this home’s

specifications leave nothing to be desired. Set on

a generous 1167sqm of land, the section offers

plentiful off street parking, an outdoor area plus a

generous lawned back garden with fruit trees.

Sale Offers over $785,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22446

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Melanie Elliott 027 635 2643

Rolleston 6C Heritage Close

Situated in a quiet lane, with plenty of off street parking, you will love

living in this secluded family home sited on a generous 1517m2

(1409m2 + ROW) section. Hosting family & friends is easy here

with a well planned kitchen that offers oodles of bench space & a

generous walk-in pantry, whilst the two spacious interconnecting

living rooms will make both entertaining & family living a breeze. In

the warmer weather, the sheltered patio area is the perfect place to

enjoy summer evenings. The office provides an ideal space to work

from home & the handy separate laundry means the dirty rugby

gear doesn’t get dropped on the bedroom floor! Get ready to enjoy

the peace & quiet that this location offers! With the added bonus of

triple car garaging, we urge you to view now.

For Sale

Sale Offers over $699,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22475

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Lincoln 8 Goldney Close

Our vendor has loved living in this wonderfully

warm and sunny home that is filled with natural

light. Whether you are looking for a home for

yourself or a great low maintenance investment

property, this should be on your ‘must view’ list.

Very well proportioned throughout to give good

living & bedroom space, the home comprises

a well designed kitchen with plenty of bench

& cupboard space, open plan living, 3 double

bedrooms and a family bathroom. Set on a 557m2

corner section in the Rosemerryn subdivision, we

invite you to view this value for money home.

Sale Offers over $489,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22469

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Nyressa Vincent 027 515 7045

Rolleston 11 Granite Drive

Immaculate, both inside and out, from front to back, and

everything in between. Street appeal aplenty, this three

double bedroom plus study home provides the perfect

haven to simply live in and enjoy. Your inner master chef

will delight at the stylish kitchen with ample bench space

and modern conveniences. Open plan living incorporates

large windows, allowing the light to stream in and opens

out to a sheltered patio area. The heat pump and undertile

heating in the bathrooms ensure you are kept toasty warm

over the winter months. Relax and unwind in the peaceful

master bedroom which incorporates an ensuite and walk in

robe, plus has the added bonus of allowing you access to a

private patio. This is the ideal spot to set up your spa as the

cabling is already in place. With a double internal access

garage with drive through to a concrete pad, lovely raised

vege gardens and a 411m2 easy-care section, you are on

to a winner here. You won’t be able to resist this irresistible

property, so come along and see for yourself!

Sale Offers over $475,000

View Sunday 2.00pm - 2.30pm ID# RLL22460

Amanda Cherry 027 340 6955

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988

Ray White Rolleston


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Melissa Warrington

Licensee Salesperson

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Nyressa Vincent

Licensee Salesperson

027 515 7045

Kathy Wilson

Licensee Salesperson

021 183 3060

West Melton 1706 Old West Coast Road

For anyone wanting an affordable lifestyle block this is an

opportunity that doesn’t come along very often and you will not

want to miss it! We have here approximately 2.5 acres of land with

fenced paddocks ready for a few sheep, a horse or even a donkey.

There is a well established shelter belt which gives the house both

protection and privacy. The home itself is 1920s complete with led

light windows and wood panelling giving it plenty of character. You

will find the home cosy and inviting with open plan kitchen, dining

and lounge, 3 large double bedrooms plus a sunroom that with

a bit of work could lend itself to being a 4th bedroom. Be sure to

inspect soon to avoid the disappointment of missing out on this

rare opportunity.

For Sale

Sale $575,000

View Saturday 2.00pm - 2.30pm ID# RLL22482

Melissa Warrington 027 279 4362

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Lincoln 18 Oaks Drive

Jam packed with sought after features, this brand

new 239m2 home is ready & waiting for you.

Appealing from the street, with lovely linea cladding,

the home incorporates *3 car garaging with attic

storage, *an up spec’d kitchen with granite bench

tops, 90cm oven & gas hobs,*great living spaces

with an open plan area + a separate lounge,*4

good sized bedrooms complemented by 2 trendy

tiled bathrooms, *a decked outdoor entertaining

area, *separate laundry & *2 heat pumps. Tempted

to check this one out? ...Great, see you there!

Sale $620,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22432

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Leeston 11 Pound Road

This huge 5 bedroom 2 bathroom home on a full freehold site is

going to wow you! There is room for everyone here with

multiple living spaces, huge double garage plus 5 bedrooms and

2 bathrooms which spread out over the double storied home. The

large kitchen is sure to delight to chef in the family with great bench

space, ample cupboards and lovely gas hobs. Keeping warm will

be easy, with the large logburner and heat transfer to keep the

home toasty through the winter nights. If you are looking for a great

BBQ area with an outdoor bath, then you will be smiling with delight

when you see the great set up here. The property also enjoys

mature fruit trees & gardens, glass house & extra off street parking

for a boat or camper. You need to see to believe!

For Sale

Sale Offers over $439,000

View Sunday 12.30pm - 1.00pm ID# RLL22474

Angela Hunt 021 548 777

Rolleston 29 Shelley Street

New to the market, this diamond in the rough is

looking for a fresh perspective to complete the

renovations that have begun. Set on a mature

580sqm section, this property is awaiting inspiration

and a cash injection to become another prominent

piece of real estate in the heart of Rolleston. 3

bedrooms, pellet fire, newly carpeted lounge and

bedrooms, this character home certainly has the

bones to become a cosy comfort for couples and

families alike. With a mountain of potential and a

little bit of love, this could be your next choice, not

option, and is ready for early possession.

Sale Offers over $389,000

View Sunday 3.00pm - 3.30pm ID# RLL22467

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Prebbleton 12 Birchwood Close

Whether you love snuggling up in the cooler months, or

making the most of the outdoors in summer, then this home

is sure to please. Situated up a private laneway in a prime

Prebbleton location, this lovely 4 bedroom home has a

beautiful established setting & a layout to suit the modern

family. Both living spaces provide room for everyday life or

cosying up for a movie by the fire. In the warmer months,

you will enjoy swinging open the french doors off both living

areas to the lovely mature garden, where you can watch the

cherry blossoms bloom, cook your own woodfired pizza or

have a soak in the spa pool. Back inside, the 4 bedrooms

& 2 bathrooms will accommodate the whole family with

ease & to keep the home ambient, there is a heat pump

& heat transfer system too. The double garage is currently

set up with temporary internal walls & ranchsliders onto

the driveway, & can be kept as is, or returned to original

if desired. Located only a short walk to local shops &

amenities, this home is guaranteed to be a winner!

Sale Offers over $599,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm ID# RLL22468

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

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Ray White Rolleston

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Melanie Elliott

Licensee Salesperson

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Leisa Webster

Licensee Salesperson

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Leesa Barrie

Licensee Salesperson

027 947 1200

West Melton 23 Rotherham Drive

This beautifully laid out & designed home gives you a feeling of

luxury living. Come & feel the warmth & charm this house exudes.

Fabulous features include cathedral ceilings, an English country

style kitchen with walk through pantry, 3 living areas, a covered

portico & a sunny, sheltered courtyard that are perfect outdoor

living rooms, beautiful bathrooms, a romantic master suite, 3 further

bedrooms, 2 of which have large walk in robes, 2 ducted heat

pumps, a gas fire & under tile heating. 1715m2 of professionally

landscaped grounds offer you the opportunity to grow your own

vegetables with raised beds & fruit trees. A 3 car garage with drive

through, large garden shed, separate laundry, security gate, alarm,

storage room & quality drapes add to the prestige of this home.

For Sale

Overs over $969,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm ID# RLL22472

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

West Melton 33 Rotherham Drive

It is impossible to list all the wonderful attributes,

but here is a taster to tempt you... The rooms

are well proportioned with 4 particularly large

bedrooms, 2 luxurious tiled bathrooms, both with

double showers, baths & double vanities, together

with 2 expansive living areas incorporating a

beautiful kitchen with butler’s pantry, formal dining

area & study nook. A ducted heat pump system,

gas fire & under tile heating provide the very best

in heating & cooling options. Set on a beautifully

landscaped & private 1433m2 fully irrigated


Sale Offers over $975,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22423

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Rolleston Lot 2, 11 Fairhurst Place

Sections of this fabulous size are certainly getting

hard to come by in Rolleston these days, so if this

is what you are looking for, grab it whilst you can!

With plenty of space for a large family home plus a

generous garden, garaging and off street parking,

this 1655m2 section provides the room for all these

requirements. Buy it and begin the fun of planning

your new home in this prime location, just a short,

safe walk to Clearview School.

Sale $280,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22451

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 36 Stonebrook Drive

This stylish & meticulously maintained 4 bedroom

home offers an over sized garage and heaps of off

street parking plus a large 1169m2 section for the

children and pets to enjoy. Inside, the main living

room, which opens out to a large patio, together

with the separate lounge provide plenty of options

for family living, whilst the well appointed kitchen

makes catering for all a breeze. To keep you

comfortable all year round, the house is double

glazed, fitted with two heat pumps and, being well

positioned for the sun, it is flooded with natural light

and warmth.

Sale Offers over $635,000

View Sunday 12.15pm - 12.45pm ID# RLL22436

Angela Hunt 021 548 777

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 6/781 East Maddisons Road

Hidden away in a private location, this home is a lovely private

haven for you to enjoy. The home comprises 4 bedrooms plus a

5th bedroom/study, a large, sunny living area that is flooded with

natural light & which has a great outlook to the mature garden and a

separate formal lounge. The extensive North facing patio is a great

sun trap perfect for entertaining and, off the generously

proportioned master bedroom, there is also a fully fenced area, For Sale

wired for a spa pool. Double glazed on the South side of the Overs over $599,000

home and with a heat pump plus a log burner on wetback, you will View By Appointment

certainly be nice & cosy thoughout the colder months. Set on a ID# RLL22385

1442m2 section (including ROW), there is plenty of off street Leisa Webster 027 722 5537

parking and room for the kids and pets to play.

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Templeton 614 Waterloo Road

Retaining some of the original character from its

era, this cute wee cottage could be just perfect

for getting you on the property ladder. Here, you

will discover 3 bedrooms, a lounge area, kitchen &

combined bathroom/laundry, plus there is an HRV,

heat pump & panel heater to keep you cosy &

warm this winter. Outside, there is a mature garden

setting with established trees & is fully fenced for

the children & pets to be safe & secure. Set on a

crossleased section, having a share in 919sqm,

there is also room to add garaging should you


Sale Offers over $339,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22470

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Lincoln 9 Payne Court

Situated within the Liffey Springs subdivision,

this brand new 4 bedroom home is positioned

to make the most of the sun. It offers spacious

living, with an open plan area + separate lounge,

both opening to outdoor patio areas, plus a sleek

modern kitchen. Add to the mix 2 bathrooms, the

ensuite with a double tiled shower, a separate

laundry, double garage, good storage cupboards

in the hallway, plus a 616sqm section & you have a

well designed home. With the spray lawn down &

fences going up, you can add your own touches to

complete this beautiful property.

Sale Offers over $599,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22456

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 78 Hungerford Drive

Perfectly positioned on the 649m2 section, this

home is instantly appealing from the outside with

its classical brick & Linea cladding. The sleek, well

designed kitchen which includes granite bench

tops, also features a popular walk in pantry. Both

the spacious open plan living area & separate

lounge have ranch sliders for easy access to the

family friendly garden and there’s also a good sized

study nook tucked handily off the main living area.

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an internal laundry and

a modern neutral decor, complete this home.

Sale Offers over $575,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22454

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988

Ray White Rolleston


Angela Hunt

Licensee Salesperson

021 548 777

Amanda Cherry

Licensee Salesperson

027 340 6955

Dwayne Bloomfield

Licensee Salesperson

021 163 9874

Melissa Warrington

Licensee Salesperson

027 279 4362

Nyressa Vincent

Licensee Salesperson

027 515 7045

Kathy Wilson

Licensee Salesperson

021 183 3060

Rolleston 16 Strauss Drive

Sitting on 711sqm, this near new home has a long list of desirable

features. Cathedral ceilings in the open plan living room add

to the light & airy feel, whilst a beautiful kitchen with walk in pantry

will please the discerning home chef. For more formal occasions,

the separate lounge with a stunning gas fire is the perfect place

to sit back & relax, & a stunning gas fire provides an ambiance

that cannot be beaten. The 4 bedrooms are all generous in size &

are complemented by 2 stylish bathrooms, including the ensuite

with a tiled shower & twin vanity. To complete this home, there is

also a separate laundry, WC with hand basin, ducted heat pumps

throughout, & a double garage with drive thru, which is insulated,

carpeted & has the added bonus of attic storage space.

For Sale


View By Appointment ID# RLL22413

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

West Melton 6 Jacqueline Drive

Set on a generous 900m2 section, providing plenty of outdoor

space for fun & entertaining, is this sun filled home that provides

oodles of natural light & warmth. The home has been designed

to provide the perfect indoor/outdoor flow from both the kitchen

& living rooms, taking full advantage of the extensive deck & child

friendly rear garden. Careful consideration has been given to

the features on offer here, which include a walk in pantry, stone

bench top, double oven with gas hob & double fridge space in the

kitchen, wardrobe system in the WIR of the master bedroom, a

separate laundry, a double tiled shower in the ensuite & a carpeted

double garage. This thoroughly modern home is yours for the

taking, but be quick, as homes such as this are in strong demand.

For Sale

Offers over $699,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm ID# RLL22480

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 34 Rossall Crescent

Built in 2014 by GJ Gardner Homes, this beautiful

property is finished to a high standard. Here are

some of the great features on offer...a high spec

kitchen with 90cm oven & gas hobs (reticulated

gas), walk in pantry & stone benchtops, a separate

laundry, tiled ensuite shower, feature recessed

ceilings in the main living, a good sized separate

lounge, ducted heat pump & LED lighting. Meeting

the needs of the modern day family, the home’s 4

bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + WC will accommodate

with ease & to top it off, the 670sqm section is well

set up for family living.

Sale Offers over $559,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22422

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Rolleston Lot 2, 232 Dunns Crossing Road

The current owners have subdivided to give you

a private 750sqm section down your own right of

way complete with car port and a turning bay or

extra off street parking. The charming 2 bedroom

cottage has everything that you need including

an open plan kitchen and log burner to keep you

cosy in those winter months. Bathed in sun the

veranda looks over the garden including the raised

vege patch where you could grow enough to keep

you stocked in the summer and winter months.

The added bonus of a small studio also gives you

options for storage or an area to work from home.

Sale Offers over $365,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22411

Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874

Emma George 027 555 0568

Rolleston 15 George Street

With a big surprise awaiting you, this home is definitely worth

more than just a drive by! Hidden from the road, the private

garden of this property has a secret just waiting for you to see...

a beautiful outdoor area! Here, you will discover a large patio

area & decked area, just perfect for entertaining family & friends;

lovely established plantings & a separate studio, which could be

the perfect hobby room, man cave, storage shed & more! Inside,

the home offers a sun soaked open plan living area incorporating

a good sized kitchen to make feeding your family & guests easy.

There are also 3 bedrooms, complemented by an ensuite &

family bathroom, as well as a heat pump & HRV system, installed

less than 12 months ago, perfect for keeping the home ambient

all year round. With new plans on the horizon, the vendors of this

wonderful property invite you to make your offer now. This home

really has more than meets the eye, so be sure to see it, love it &

make it yours today!

Sale Offers over $559,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22422

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988



Licenced under REAA 2008

Landsborough Stage Two




• Sections ranging in size from 5001m² with

attractive rural and mountain views

• Power, phone and Darfield Town Water

connections available at the boundary

• The first subdivision in Darfield to offer highspeed,

fibre-optic internet

• Common sense covenants to protect your asset

• Enjoy the peace and quiet of country living with

easy access to the great outdoors

• Last chance to secure a section of this size, at this

price, close to Christchurch

• Only 13 sections still available - selling fast! ID: CHR2619308


Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

• 11.1516ha (27.5444 acres), currently in three

paddocks, two of which are in rape and grass

• Post and wire fencing

• Water is derived from the Malvern Hills Scheme at

four units per day

• Three-bay hay shed

• Good southerly shelter

• Phase Two of the CPW water scheme could be

available if required

• An excellent opportunity here for a larger lifestyle

bare land block with easy access to Christchurch

City and the rural town of Darfield ID: DAR23605


Plus GST (if any)

Min Cookson

B 03 341 4301

M 027 249 5417

Athol Earl

Sales Manager/Auctioneer

M 027 437 6298

Peter Crean

M 027 434 4002

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

Peter McCorkindale

M 027 594 5190

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008


503 Weedons Road, Rolleston

Private Mediterranean

24 D’Arcy Street, Leeston


By neGOTiaTiOn

Proudly positioned on 4.34ha, you would

be forgiven for thinking you were roaming

the Spanish countryside with this home’s

exquisite Mediterranean style exterior

and idyllic surrounds which are home to

stunning gardens, recreational facilities and a

productive walnut orchard. Spanning across

a sprawling 605sqm, the main residence

will take your breath away. This compelling

10 bedroom property presents a mouthwatering

opportunity. Don’t delay, contact

Mike for further information.


DeaDLine SaLe DaTe 7TH JuLy 5PM

The Cutest Little House on a

Family Sized Section!

Bursting with character, this quaint wee

cottage is a must-see! Situated in the heart

of Leeston, this 3 bedroom home has a

lovely character kitchen and open plan living

area which flows out to a covered outdoor

area. The section is fully fenced and tidy

with plenty of outbuildings and sheds.

Contact Mike or Fay to view.


557 Weedons Ross Road,

West Melton

By neGOTiaTiOn

Spectacular Space,

Sublime Style

Situated on a picturesque 4ha section, this

desirable 5 bedroom lifestyle property

spanning 443sqm offers a multitude of living

options. If the peace and tranquillity of country

living beckons for you and your family within

a comfortable commute to the city, then

we advise you don’t hesitate! Our vendors

are genuine, motivated and committed to

selling. Contact Mike or Fay to arrange your

appointment to view this impressive home.

You will not be disappointed!




Potential and opportunity – this home offers

it all! Under contract after only two open

homes, this lovely property has now SOLD!

We love working in Selwyn and consider

it a privilege to help you achieve your

property dreams. If you would like a free

appraisal and the chance to see what we do

differently, call Mike or Fay today.


Kendon Drive

the lifestyle you can afford

is here!

Kendon Drive | Rolleston

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008


[Edition datE] 1

Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections

in the Selwyn District

New Rolleston


a boutique yet affordable sub-division is now available for

those wishing to build in Rolleston.

Situated at the north end of Rolleston,

devon Green is being developed by

Generation Homes and promises to be

uniquely different.

driving the design, has been a desire

to bring in a sense of community so the

developers have chosen asymmetrical lines

over a more formal and traditional street


Generation Homes South has utilised the

professional expertise of an urban designer

to achieve the best possible effect from the

overall plan with a great deal of thought

having gone into each stage of the project.

a full housing and landscaping plan was

produced for resource consent which aimed

to maximise benefit for those who will live

in this community. it incorporated attractive

features such as right of ways, ample parking,

with a high level of landscaping and pocket

park where children can play.

Between the homes, there will be a mix of

trellis style fencing and hedges, along with

specimen trees throughout the sub-division.

all will blend to create an attractive and

open environment.

almost all the planned houses will have

two-car garaging, or a single garage with

carport, good sized kitchens with engineered

stone benchtops, heat pumps, main

bedrooms with ensuites and walk-in robes,

ample storage, and indoor/outdoor flow with

patios leading to the green areas outside.

devon Green will run between Strauss

and Bavaria drives and comprise 45

sections, released in multiple stages on

which Generation Homes’ will construct

high quality architecturally designed single

level standalone homes, single-level duplex

units, and two-storey townhouses. all will

be priced at the affordable end of the market

and will come with the Generation Homes’

fixed price and move-in date guarantee.

“The majority of the complete house and

land packages will be under the $450,000

mark,” advises evan Beker who is director of

Generation Homes South.

“They will be ideal for young couples and

first home buyers as the price lines up with

the opportunity for people who have been

in KiwiSaver for three years to also apply for

the HomeStart grant which can give them up

to $20,000.”

This sub-division will no doubt be popular

with those entering the property market,

as well as empty nesters who are looking to

downsize and families relocating, especially

given the many work options and amenities

coming on board in and around Rolleston.

devon Green is just a ten minute walk

from Rolleston town centre and close to

primary schools, the new high school,

aquatic centre, community hall, library and

parks. it is also an easy commute to izone

and the inland ports on the other side of

State Highway One, making it an ideal

location for those living and working in or

near Rolleston.

devon Green is limited to just 45 homes

so if looking to build in Rolleston, visit www. or contact Phil, Lindy or

Paul on 03 260 0691.

Proud to have been building

homes for Cantabrians for

over 25 years.

Ph: 348 1994


Montrose Design

and Build Ltd

is a residential

building company

specialising in

architectural and

bespoke homes.

We have a wealth of local

and international knowledge

in building and managing

complex projects and have

responded to a clear need

for a company that offers

discerning clients unbeatable

levels of service, design and


Ph: 03 260 0333 or 021 265 8689 | PO Box 69072, Lincoln 7640

Email: | Web:

Hours: Tues - Sat 12pm to 4pm or by appointment, Closed Public Holiday Weekends

0% deposit.

For a limited time we are offering 0% deposit on any completed house & land package

or section in Millbridge, Leeston. Open to view Sat - Sun 2 - 4.30pm or by appointment.




$495,000 LOT 15

$499,000 LOT 29

$395,000 LOT 92

41 Clausen Avenue

Millbridge, Leeston



8 Clausen Avenue

Millbridge, Leeston



15 Slattery Lane

Millbridge, Leeston



Land area 732m 2 - Floor area 192m 2

2 2

Land area 656m 2 - Floor area 186m 2

2 2

Land area 357m 2 - Floor area 105m 2

1 1


03 348 8905 —

Proud Naming Partner of Horncastle Arena

TREVOR ROWE 021 488 996



ADVICE for maintaining

your home


Natural waterways, attractive reserves, tennis court, UFB, some

with water views. Sections from 605m 2 to 777m 2 and start at just

$197,000. Secure one of our titled sections today or select a section

available in Spring and pay later. Builders terms also available.

as most New Zealanders’ homes are

their biggest investments it’s important

to protect them. Good maintenance will:

• Keep your home safe and secure

• Keep you and your family healthy

• Save you money by allowing you to

fix problems before they get bigger

• Protect your financial investment



Carry out regular preventative

maintenance to prevent some problems

from occurring.


Plan ahead for major maintenance tasks.

Be prepared for emergencies – know

where and how the water, gas and power

supplies turn off.


You need to be realistic about your

limits. it is better to hire a tradesperson

and get the job done properly than to

make costly mistakes. By law, some jobs

need to be done by a professional, such

as gas, plumbing, drainage and some

electrical work. Major maintenance



damp homes are unhealthy and harder

to heat. Combat persistent damp in your

home by:

• insulating (under the floor, in the

ceiling and walls).

• Ventilating (including extractor fans

in bathrooms and kitchens, opening

windows, using a dehumidifier or

forced ventilation system and keeping

vents clear).

• Heating (aim to keep the indoor

temperature at a minimum of 16C).

• Replacing unflued gas heaters with

electric or flued gas heaters.

Sales Office open Wednesdays 10.30 - 2.30 & Sundays 12.30 - 4.30

or call for an appointment anytime.

Call or email Mike Hobbs

027 570 7674, |


9 Maltby Drive, Rolleston

Offers over $629,000

Luxurious, stylish & sunny

You can feel the quality of this wonderfully designed home from

the moment you step inside. With high stud ceilings to enhance

the sense of spaciousness of this already well proportioned

home, it features open plan living, with a kitchen that is the

focal point and an entertainer’s dream, together with a separate

formal lounge. We are sure you will appreciate the 4 great sized

double bedrooms with the master bedroom boasting a

beautiful double tiled shower in the ensuite and there’s also

a handy separate laundry to keep the washing hidden away!

The private outdoor living is accessed with ease through ranch

sliders leading from both the dining and living area, giving you

fabulous options to entertain either indoors or outside on the

deck of this sun soaked home. We love this one and we know

you will too!

View: Sunday 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Ray White Rolleston

Shop 10, Rolleston Square, Rolleston

Phone: 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

Sarah Booth

027 527 8258

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733



(Nestor Notabilis)

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hopeful this is no the end.


Proudly loca ly owned

LARE A 2 08

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hopeful this is no the end.

Rockhouse said.

(entry from Countdown and McCauley Str et)

(Nestor Notabilis)

at 74

– p4, p5



Turn to

page 19

(6 0g Varieties)

Ph 03 347 9192

Proudly managed by

Co liers Real Estate

Management Limited



No Limit


Proudly loca ly owned

(Nestor Notabilis)



Turn to

page 19

(6 0g Varieties)

Ph 03 347 9192

Proudly managed by

Co liers Real Estate

Management Limited


No Limit


landscape design

Maintenance & RestoRation

Cedar Maintenance

& Restoration

We specialise in Cedar cladding, garage doors front doors & fences


Wright Enterprises Build Limited

W.E. Build

New Homes



Trade Certified Builders

Family owned & operated


T: 03 421 8460

M: 021 433 418



Maintenance, Restoration & Repairs

Call NOW Tim 027 349 0527




Antony Wright 021 111 1703

John Wright 0274 343 323

AH 03 347 4347

03 325 2117



tree services





Written Warranty and 10 yr NO LEAKS Guarantee

• Specialise in snow protection

• Continuous spouting made on site,

large colour range available

• High grade and thicker material used

Any type of gutters repaired, Insurance Work undertaken

No job too small or too big!

Call us NOW for FREE QUOTE

Call Danie 021 875 462

03 980-2865 / 03 344-5744

• Professional Packing Service

• Local, National & International Moves

• Complete Door to Door Service

• Secure Storage Available

• Full Comprehensive Insurance

Ph: 03 344 6164



• Trees felled • Land clearing

• Logging of forestry blocks

• Tree lots thinned for production chip

• Irrigation clearance specialists

• Cash paid for wood lots

• Wind rows removed • Excavator hire

Fully insured covering allareas. 17 yrs exp.

Large Macrocarpa Trees or Logs.

Standing or on the ground.

Cash Paid on the spot!

Call 021-049-8657.

natural stone

Get Stoned

with Spec-Tec

Home of Factio – Natural Stone/Flake

Seamless Interior Exterior Floor and

Wall Coating Specialists

Visit our website - or

showroom at 340 St Asaph St, Christchurch


• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways • Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development • Culvert Installation

• Construction Site Works • Tree & Hedge Removal

• Concrete Breaker


Hedge tRimming

& gaRden maintenance

• Hedge Trimming

• Small Trees and Shrubs Topped,

Shaped or Removed

• Trenching and Digging Buckets

• Garden Maintenance/Landscaping

• Cleanups Available

• Mulcher, Chipper and Wood Splitter

for Hire

JuSt Small



Phone: (03) 325-4664

Mobile: 021-500-519

Selwyn Times

EVERY TUESDAY inside Selwyn Times

Trade & Professional


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Ladbr oks, Tai Tapu, L eston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Pre bleton, Halswe l, Ro leston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pa s

500,000 light show

Celebrating Selwyn canned QUALITY

Celebrating Selwyn canned QUALITY

BRIGHT LIGHTS: This year’s Pre bleton Christmas display at Carl and Maur en Seaward’s Shands Rd property is almost ready to open – and the

couple say it wi l be bi ger and brighter than ever. • Story, page 8

BRIGHT LIGHTS: This year’s Pre bleton Christmas display at Carl and Maur en Seaward’s Shands Rd property is almost ready to open – and the

couple say it wi l be bi ger and brighter than ever. • Story, page 8

events, was due to be held over a 2 08 it won the Sensational Selwyn a l of us, especia ly myself,” Mrs

One of the district’s major promotional

events wi l not go ahead next t ers and expre sions of interest Wendy Rockhouse said organisers place in the calendar because there

fortnight next year in March award for community impact. Rockhouse said.

However, a lack of both volun-

Celebrating Selwyn chairwoman “I think Celebrating Selwyn has a

year but an organiser says she is from groups wishing to be involved have had to a cep they didn’t have the is so much diversity out here but

means it has now b en ca ned. manpower to try and get more groups it wi l n ed to have people that are

The bie nial Celebrating Selwyn, It has b en run every two years registered in time to produce promotional

material ahead of th event. hundreds of hours myself - and you

prepared to work at it. I have put in

which promotes local exhibitions, since 2 07, including in 20 1 shortly

after the February earthquake. In “It was te ribly disa pointing for n ed to. • Turn to page 2

events, was due to be held over a 2 08 it won the Sensational Selwyn a l art of studios, us, especia restaurants, ly myself,” gardens Mrs and

One of the district’s major promotional

events wi l not go ahead next t ers and expre sions of interest Wendy Rockhouse said organisers place in the calendar because there

fortnight next year in March award for community impact.

However, a lack of both volun-

Celebrating Selwyn chairwoman “I think Celebrating Selwyn has a

year but an organiser says she is from groups wishing to be involved have had to a cep they didn’t have the is so much diversity out here but

means it has now b en ca ned. manpower to try and get more groups it wi l n ed to have people that are

The bie nial Celebrating Selwyn, It has b en run every two years registered in time to produce promotional

material ahead of th event. hundreds of hours myself - and you

prepared to work at it. I have put in

which promotes local exhibitions, since 2 07, including in 20 1 shortly

after the February earthquake. In “It was te ribly disa pointing for n ed to. • Turn to page art studios, restaurants, gardens and


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500,000 light show

Price: $ 000,000

Sale by Deadline Wednesday 13th May 5pm (unle sold prior)


Price: $ 000,000

Sale by Deadline Wednesday 13th May 5pm (unle sold prior)



More than a shopping centre!

More than a shopping centre!


Lorem Ipsum

Phone: 021 000 0000


Lorem Ipsum

Phone: 021 000 0000


Somewhere: 221 Christchurch Road, Christchurch Open home Sunday 2.30-3.30pm


Somewhere: 221 Christchurch Road, Christchurch Open home Sunday 2.30-3.30pm




70-76 Ro leston Drive, Ro leston



70-76 Ro leston Drive, Ro leston

FREE TUESday NOVEMBER 18 2014 379 7100

Selwyn Times

FREE TUESday NOVEMBER 18 2014 379 7100


Selwyn Times


A Star Community Newspaper Kea

Ladbr oks, Tai Tapu, L eston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Pre bleton, Halswe l, Ro leston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pa s



‘The Experts’

9 Masefield Drive

Sti l



Dragons win

–p14, p15


A Star Community Newspaper Kea



‘The Experts’

9 Masefield Drive

(entry from Countdown and McCauley Str et)

Sti l


at 74

– p4, p5


Dragons win

–p14, p15



Committed to exce lence, service and the local community.


Committed to exce lence, service and the local community.

Lef to Right: Andrew Taylor, Susan Davis, Jo Counse l, Stephan Knowler, Jackie De rick, Chris Flanagan, Tracey Roberts, Juliet Flanagan, Co nie van der Klei, Joe Brankin

Lef to Right: Andrew Taylor, Susan Davis, Jo Counse l, Stephan Knowler, Jackie De rick, Chris Flanagan, Tracey Roberts, Juliet Flanagan, Co nie van der Klei, Joe Brankin

ROLLESTON P: 03 347 9949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www.

ROLLESTON P: 03 347 9949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www.

Get your messages into homes throughout

the Selwyn District.

Delivered to every home & rural letterbox

(also available at selected pick up points).













A Christchurch Star Company

Community Newspaper

For full information on placing your

advertising call:

Kath Stott

Ph 364-7491 | email:

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high impact


Selwyn Times dedicated to getting you outstanding results & making our district a better place to live.

This Week’s






saTurday Thurs

ROLLESTON 14 Park Lane

Thurs 7th July, , 1pm - 1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge

on a 613m2 section, Deadline sale, all offers presented Mon 11

July (unless sold prior)

ID#1466 Harcourts Rolleston - Natalie 027 943 6413

HORNBY 100A Brynley Street

Sat 9th July, 12.30pm – 1pm, 2 bed, 1 bthrm, 2 car, conservatory,

932m2 section, Deadline Sale

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 168 Brookside Road

Sat 9th July, 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 gge, 754m2

section, By negotiation, IDRL1440

Harcourts Rolleston – Rachael Brewer 021 0222 4591

ROLLESTON 170 Brookside Road

Sat 9th July, 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 gge, 736m2

section, By negotiation, IDRL1441

Harcourts Rolleston – Rachael Brewer 021 0222 4591

ROLLESTON 48 Dryden Avenue

Thurs 7 July, 2.30pm -3.15pm, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, on tidy 500m2

section, $480,000 ID#RL1471,

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

ROLLESTON 14 Park Lane

Sat 9th July, 1pm - 1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge on

a 613m2 section. Deadline sale, all offers presented Mon 11 July

(unless sold prior) ID#1466

Harcourts Rolleston - Natalie 027 943 6413

ROLLESTON 48 Dryden Avenue

Sat 9th July, 2.30pm -3.15pm, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, on tidy 500m2

section. $480,000, ID#RL1471,

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

SOCKBURN 65 Epsom Road

Sat 9th July, 1pm - 1.45pm, 2 bdrm, 3 living, huge rumpus room

on a 809m2 section, Auction 21 July 2016 (unless sold prior) www. ID#RL1467 Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

SOCKBURN 65 Epsom Road

Thurs 7th July, 1pm - 1.45pm, 2 bdrm, 3 living, huge rumpus room

on a 809m2 section, Auction 21 July 2016 (unless sold prior)

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

SYDENHAM 1/ 9 Cameron Street

Sat 9th July, 11am – 11.30am, 2 bed, 1 bthrm, 1 car, 2 storey,

Deadline Sale.

Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 1706 Old West Coast Road

Sat 9th July, 2pm – 3pm, 3 Bed , 1 Bthrms, 2 toilets, 1 Car,

1.063ha, $575,000.

Ray White Rolleston

For full details of all Open Homes,

please contact the Real Estate companies.


BECKENHAM 14A Fisher Ave

Sun 10 July, 11am – 11.30am , 3 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, stand alone

townhouse. Offers over $599,000.

Ray White Rolleston

DARFIELD 16 Maxwell St

Sun 10th July, 2pm -2.30pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 2 gge, 1012m2

section. By negotiation, IDRL1463

Harcourts Rolleston – Fergus Spain 027 608 4768

DOYLESTON 3 Greenan Place

Sun 10th July , 3pm – 3.30 pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, open plan, dbl

gge, near new, Price reduction $465,000.

Ph Cheryl Hunt 027 4303-906 Mike Pero Real Estate, Rolleston

DOYLESTON 9 Greenan Place

Sun 10th July 3pm – 3.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 gge, lge affordable

home, Neg Over $465,000, Stephan Knowler 027 2299522

Matson & Allan

DUNSANDEL 496 Knyvetts Road

Sun 10th July, 3pm – 4pm, 3 bedroom , 1 bathroom, multiple

garaging, By Negotiation, LE1568

Farmlands Real Estate, Noel Lowery ph 027 8432 8859

HORNBY 33 Skerten Avenue

Sun 10th July, 1.45 pm -2.15pm, 3bdrm, 1 bthrm, 2 car, 615m2

section, Offers over $435,000.

Ray White Rolleston

ISLINGTON 18c Moffett Street

Sun 10 July, 1.30pm- 1.45pm, 2 bedroom, 1 bthrm, 1 garage,

$341,000, LE1546.

Farmlands Real Estate, Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943

LEESTON 22 Pound Road

Sun 10th July, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, Ideal starter 3 bed, 1 bath,

dble gge, $359,000, Stephan Knowler 027 2299522,

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 11 Pound Road

Sun 10th July 12.30pm – 1pm, 5 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 storey, 2 car,

720m2 section, Offers over $439,000.

Ray White Rolleston

LEESTON 4 Lambie Street

Sun 10TH July 1pm – 1.30pm 3 bed, 2 bath, as new in Millbridge

$459,000, Stephan Knowler 027 2299522,

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 1 Cassini Place

Sun 10TH July, 1.30pm to 2.00pm, Brand new 4 bed turnkey

package on full section. $479,000, Stephan Knowler 027


Matson & Allan

LEESTON 6 Galileo Way

Sun 10TH July, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, 4 bed, 1 living, 2 bath, 2gge

near new home in Monticello, $449,000, Stephan Knowler 027


Matson & Allan

LEESTON 5 Clausen Avenue

Sun 10th July, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bath, as new home.

Negotiable Stephan Knowler 027 2299522

Matson & Allan

PREBBLETON 10 Westburn Place

Sun 10th July, 11.30am -12.15pm, 4 bdrm, 3 bthrm, 2 living, 2gge

on a 745m2 section, Deadline sale, All offers presented 11th July

2016 (unless sold prior), ID#1469

Harcourts Rolleston – Natalie 027 943 6413

PREBBLETON 12 Birchwood Close

Sun 10th July, 12pm –12.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 706m2 section,

Offers over $599,000.

Ray White Rolleston

PREBBLETON 17 Oakley Drive

Sun 10th July, 12.30pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 gge

on a 609m2 section, Deadline sale, All offers presented 21 July

2016 (unless sold prior), ID#RL1468,

Harcourts Rolleston – Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

ROLLESTON 8 Chedworth Court, Faringdon

Sun 10th July, 12pm -12.30pm, 3 brm, 2 bthrm, sep laundry, open

plan, architecturally designed, Price amendment, $629,000.

Ph Cheryl Hunt 027 4303-906, Mike Pero Real Estate, Rolleston

ROLLESTON 36 Stonebrook Drive

Sun 10th July, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 1169m2

section, Offers over $635,000.

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 304 Springston Rolleston Road

Sun 10th July, 12.30pm -1.30pm, 7.6ha fenced into 6 paddocks,

large 6 bdrm home, open-plan living, dble internal-access garage,

self-contained sleepout & various sheds.

Deadline Private Treaty Plus GST if any, Unless Sold Prior, Closes

2pm, Wednesday 27 July 2016.

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Karen Hennessy 027 967 0186

ROLLESTON 5 Ledbury Drive

Sun 10th July 12.45pm – 2pm, 4 bedrooms, near new, high spec,

sep laundry, entertainers delight.

Ph Cheryl Hunt 027 4303-906 Mike Pero Real Estate, Rolleston

ROLLESTON 168 Brookside Road

Sun 10th July, 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 gge,

754m2 section, By negotiation IDRL1440

Harcourts Rolleston – Rachael Brewer 021 0222 4591

ROLLESTON 170 Brookside Road

Sun 10th July 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 gge,

736m2 section, By negotiation IDRL1441

Harcourts Rolleston – Rachael Brewer 021 0222 4591

ROLLESTON 14 Park Lane

Sun 10th July, 1pm - 1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge

on a 613m2 section, Deadline sale, all offers presented Mon 11

July (unless sold prior)

ID#1466 Harcourts Rolleston - Natalie 027 943 6413

ROLLESTON 81 Beaumont Drive

Sun 10th July , 1pm – 1.30pm, 3bed + study, 2 bthrm, 2 car,

792m2 section, Offers over $559,000.

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 57 Hungerford Drive

Sun 10th July 1pm – 1.30pm Brand new 4 bed, 2 bath, 3 WC’s in

popular Faringdon. $619,000. Jackie Derrick 027 6363576 &

Susan Davis 027 6622751

Matson & Allan

ROLLESTON 15 Flint Road

Sun 10th July , 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 3bed ,2 bthrm, 2 car, 171.5m2

on 432m2 section, $489,000.

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 9 Maltby Drive

Sun 10th July, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 722m2

section, Offers over $629,000.

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 24 Melville Crescent

Sun 10th July, 1.15 pm -1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrms, 2 living, 3 gge,

1041m2 section, $629,000 ID#RL1452

Harcourts Rolleston – Katie 021 135 0887 Mary 021 557 731

ROLLESTON 33 Stanford Way, Faringdon

Sun 10th July , 1.30pm – 2 pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, sep laundry,

open plan, architecturally designed, Price amendment $669,000,

Ph Cheryl Hunt 027 4303-906 Mike Pero Real Estate, Rolleston

ROLLESTON 1 Diane Place

Sun 10th July 1.45pm – 2.15pm, 4 bed, + study , 2 bthrms, 2 car,

948m2 section, $515,000.

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 16A Jozecom Place

Sun 10th July, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, 4 bed, 2 bath, logburner, dble gge

on 930m2, Neg Over $595,000, Jackie Derrick 027 6363576 &

Susan Davis 027 6622751.

Matson & Allan

ROLLESTON 11 Granite Drive

Sun 10th July, 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 bed+ Office, 2 bthrms, 2 car,

411m2 section, Offers over $475,000.

Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston

ROLLESTON 138 Lowes Road

Sun 10 July, 2pm – 2.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 750m2 section

Offers over $539,000.

Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston

ROLLESTON 24 Granite Drive

Sun 10th July, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 4 bed 2 bthrms, 2 car, 571m2

section, Offers over $509,000.

Ray White

ROLLESTON 48 Dryden Avenue

Sun 10th July, 2.30pm -3.15pm, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, on tidy 500m2

section, $480,000, ID#RL1471.

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

ROLLESTON 8 Blue Jean Ave

Sun 10th July, 2.45pm – 3.15pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 7 x7

garage 670m2 section, Offers over $585,000.

Ray White

ROLLESTON 29 Shelley Street

Sun 10th July, 3pm –3.30pm, 3 Bed ,1 bthrm, 591m2 Section

Offers over $389,000.

Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 23 Shelley Street

Sun 10th July, 3pm –3.30pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 1 car, 1012m2

section. Deadline sale.

Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 21 Othello Drive

Sun 10th July, 3pm -3.45pm, 4bdrm, 2 bthrm, 3 living, 2 gge,

796m2 section, $537,500, ID#RL1433

Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229 3657 Rhonda 021 057 5705

ROLLESTON 22 Carrick Place

Sun 10th July, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, 4 bed, 3 bthrms, 2 car, 1012m2

section, Offers over $599,000.

Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston

ROLLESTON 6 Wordsworth Street

Sun 10July, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, New 3 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 423m2

Section, Offers over $459,000.

Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston

SOCKBURN 65 Epsom Road

Sun 10th July, 1pm - 1.45pm, 2 bdrm, 3 living, huge rumpus room

on a 809m2 section, Auction 21 July 2016 (unless sold prior) ID#RL1467

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

SOUTHBRIDGE 167A High Street

Sun 10th July, 2.30pm – 3.15pm, 3 bedroom, 1 bthrm,

Neg over $340,000.

Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1570

SOUTHBRIDGE 12 Pacific Drive

Sun 10th July, 3.30pm – 4.15pm, 2 bedroom, 1 bthrm, 1 garage,

Neg over $210,000, Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1566

ST ALBANS 7/37 Cornwall Street

Sun 10th July, 11.30am - 12.15pm, Stylish 2 storey townhouse. 3

bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 living, 2 garage. By negotiation. ID#RL1457

Harcourts Rolleston – Rhonda 021 057 5705 Shona 027 229 3657

SYDENHAM 137A Southampton Street

Sun 10th July, 1pm – 1.30pm, 3 Bed, 1 Bthrm, Sep. Spa Bath, 1 Car,

2 Storey, Offers over $379,000.

Ray White Rolleston 22487

SYDENHAM 5/116 Huxley Street

Sun 10th July, 2pm - 2.30 pm, 2 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 car, two storey

Offers over $165, 000.

Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 6 Jacqueline Drive

Sun 10th July, 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 215m2 on

900m2 section. Offers over $699,000.

Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 23 Rotherham Drive

Sat 10th July, 1pm – 1.30pm , 4 bed , 2 bthrm, 3 car , 274m2 on

1715m2 section. Offers over $969,000.

Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 18 Shona Lane

Sun 10TH July, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 bed, 3 living, 2 bath, 3 gge executive

384m2 home. $949,000, ph Sue Robinson 021 409 050

WEST MELTON 4/456 Curraghs Road

Sun 10 July, 2.15pm - 3pm , 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living on a

40120m2 section, $1,670,000, ID#RL1444

Harcourts Rolleston – Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

WIGRAM 10 The Runway

Sun 10th July, 10.30am -11am, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 gge on a 613m2

section, By negotiation ID#RL1470

Harcourts Rolleston – Natalie 027 943 6413

WOOLSTON 17 Gow Place

Sun 10th July, 12pm -12.30pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 2 car, 830m2

section, Offers over $389,000.

Ray White Rolleston


Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306





2/1830 West Coast Road

View By Appointment

Well established kennel/cattery business centrally located

at Aylesbury/West Melton only 15 minutes from

Christchurch City/Airport.

Set on 2.02 hectares is a very well appointed 3 bedroom

contemporary home well positioned for breathtaking

views of the impressive Southern Alps.

Complemented by purpose built kennels and cattery

with the ability to cater of 75 dogs and 15 cats at

maximum capacity. Well laid out with indoor and

Gareth Cox

outdoor runs to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306

FROM $1,190,000 + GST (IF ANY)




22-24 Hobbs Street

Nestled on a large double section in the heart of

Hororata is this well maintained character home,

featuring a large open plan kitchen and living with

french doors opening onto north facing deck. 3

bedrooms, family bathroom and ensuite off the master

bedroom providing modern requirements with the

charm of yesteryear.

VIEW By Appointment






6 Brittan Drive

VIEW 9 & 10 Jul 1.00 - 2.00pm

Feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. Glorious

kitchen with stone bench tops, pantry and a 6 burner

gas oven. Open plan dining and living area’s completed

with heat pump and bifold doors leading onto a

secluded patio. Master bedroom includes ensuite and

WIR. To top it off, a full Bosh white ware package

including a double door, pre-plumbed refrigerator,

microwave, dishwasher, gas oven with 6 ring hob,

washing machine and dryer. Complete with gas hot

water and gas cooking, facilities for any future gourmet Dave Livesley

chef. Separate laundry room and internal access double

Mobile 021 466 637




$820,000 + GST (IF ANY)



440 Buchanans Road

Unique opportunity to secure a significant 4.48 hectare

parcel of land extremely well located on the edge of

Christchurch city.

Existing improvements include a 4-bedroom dwelling

with 1 bathroom and large living area, well heated by

wood burner and heat pump. Range of sundry

outbuildings. Water sourced from own well.




Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306


Vendors have completed extensive landscaping and

fencing providing exciting options for intending

purchasers to further develop their dream country

lifestyle whilst having all the benefits of city living.

VIEW By Appointment


Greg Jopson

Mobile 027 447 4382

Office 03 307 9176




Lot 15 Walter Place

Hard to ignore this brand new executive home located in

the heart of Kirwee. This well designed 234m2 home is

situated on a private 711m2 section and offers 4 double

bedrooms combined with generous living spaces. Master

bedroom enjoys a walk in wardrobe and ensuite with

double tiled shower, complemented by family bathroom

and separate guest toilet. A real feature of this home is

the well-appointed kitchen with granite benchtop and

spacious dining/living, opening onto private backyard.

VIEW By Appointment



Hamish McLeod


027 555 7047

Gareth Cox


021 250 9714

Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306

Our Team

Andre van Rheede


022 126 0385

Sarah Yeates


027 447 2719

Kurt Richardson


021 154 3764




Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306



Lucinda Ebbett


027 364 7958

Dave Livesley


021 466 637

Chris Moore


027 288 0563

Rebecca Smith


027 313 2270

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