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Selwyn Times: July 26, 2016

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10 Tuesday July 26 2016 Our People SELWYN TIMES Another project added to help benefit After moving to the other side of the world for love, Dee Innes has made Windwhistle her home. She spoke to Caitlin Miles about taking on a farming life and why she became a trustee on the Hororata Community Trust. Congratulations on becoming a trustee on the Hororata Community Trust. Thank you, yes it’s great to be on the trust and to continue to support them and the work they do in the community. Why did you want to become a trustee? The reason I became a trustee is because I hope to give my input and be as successful with the trust as I can be. I know a lot of people in the area since I have been here so long so, hopefully, that will help and they’ll continue to support me. Do you do a lot of work for the community? Ever since I moved here I’ve had an interest in the area and people, it was a great way to meet people and get to know the community and the area. I didn’t do so much when my son was small. Once he started at Windwhistle School I got more involved with the community and I continued to add more projects as he got older. Can you tell me about some of the work you have done within the community? Well, it has all been on-going over a few years now. I’ve always been interested in people so that’s why I like working with the community. We use to have ‘Dee’s Day’ where people in the community could come and sell their wares. It just started as a day for some friends to try and sell some items but it grew to 100 stalls. We would get 200 to 300 people show up at our property for it and it would turn into a big catch-up. I was also involved in the Northern Community Board when it was running. We got to travel around the area and learn more about Selwyn, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was also involved in the Northern Community Arts, Arts Canterbury, Malvern Community Arts and Celebrating Selwyn. Have you had a lot to do with art. Yes, I enjoy art and seeing it continue to do well in Selwyn. There are some people who are very good artists and it’s great to be able to support them and continue to work with and recognise their art. I was also the art teacher at Darfield High School. Are you an artist yourself? It’s just a hobby, it’s nothing serious. I dabble in painting and drawing. I’ve done patchwork for 40 years though, I learnt with my sister-in-law. How long have you lived in Selwyn? We’ve lived in Windwhistle for 31 years. We lived in the Mackenzie District for several years before we moved here. I moved from England to New Zealand when I met my husband so it was quite a big move but I was happy to do it. How did you meet your husband? Our family knew his family and my sister had worked on his family farm when she was in New Zealand. I went to the farm to say thank you for giving her work and a place to live while she was here. That’s when I met him, Gerald. Was your first trip to New Zealand the time you met your Gerald? I had visited once many years before with my grandmother, we travelled by ship that time. I was seven. That was very exciting as a young girl. I got use to the movement on the ship very quickly. I remember when we finally got off the boat I kept swaying for a while. We visited friends and then went back. It certainly was a long time on a ship to visit here but it was great fun. Did you travel all the way to New Zealand just to say thank you to his family? At the time I was visiting friends that were sprinkled around the globe. I went from Japan to China to Indonesia then on to Australia and then I came to New Zealand and met Gerald and stayed. That was a pretty bold move, did you have family here? No, I didn’t, it was just me. I had some friends I was travelling with but when I met Gerald I just decided to stay. His family were wonderful too, so I didn’t mind being here without my family because I had his. I stayed in New Zealand for as long as I could and then I had to go back to England because my visa ran out. We got married over there and moved back here. at the 2016 Enquire. Book. Party sorted! LOOKING FOR YOUR BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY YET? Hospitality packages on sale now! MOTUKARARA - 20 NOV & 11 DEC

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 26 2016 11 the community Dee Innes ACHIEVERS How long had you known one another for before getting married? Well, I had known his parents but not him directly. We met in January of 1976 and were married by the August. That was the done thing back then though, it wasn’t uncommon, we didn’t live together before we got married either. It was different back then. Was it hard leaving all your family in England? My family has visited me over the years so I was never cut off from them. Also Gerald’s family were great. They really became my family, they gave me lots of support and they were very welcoming. When you went back to England to get married why didn’t you stay there? Gerald is a farm boy through and through, I couldn’t take him out of the farm and put him in England. I was happy to follow him back here and set up life on a farm. Did you come from a farm? No. When I moved over here to be with Gerald I learnt about working on a farm. It was quite a change from life in England to New Zealand, so that was quite a good challenge to take on. I didn’t really do too much on HOME: Gerald and Dee Innes have lived on their farm Windwhistle for 31 years and they still enjoy the alpine views. the farm, I helped out a bit but Gerald did everything else. What did you farm? Sheep, cattle and deer. You said you taught art at Darfield High School, did you study art before you came to New Zealand? I studied African history at London University. After I finished I lived and worked in South Africa for about 14 months and visited Tanzania. Do you still travel? Yes we do. We have just come back from a trip to Hungary to see a friend of ours. We met in Budapest and travelled to see her father. We still have friends all around the world who we try and visit when we can. That’s our way of relaxing. Also spending time with my family and our three grandchildren. COLOURFUL: Dee Innes is looking forward to helping the Hororata Community Trust run events like the annual Hororata Highland Games. AWARD WINNER: Ramil Mifrano accepted the stage three flooring apprentice of the Year award from BCITO industry advocate Deb Paul. Lincoln man top apprentice A LINCOLN resident has won an apprentice of the year competition. Ramil Mifrano took out the stage three flooring apprentice of the year section at the annual Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation Flooring Apprentice of the Year Awards. The winners were selected based on their achievements and the skills they displayed during their courses. BCITO chief executive Warwick Quinn said the awards are about recognising apprentices. “These events really are the culmination of everything we are about at BCITO. Celebrating excellence in our young achievers, after years of dedication and hard work, is heart-warming to us and really reflects what we want every apprentice under our wing to aspire to,” Mr Quinn said. Mr Mifrano moved to New Zealand from the Philippines six years ago. He decided on a flooring apprenticeship after starting work for John Cooper Flooring and finding that he enjoyed the challenging nature of the trade. He worked there for three years and then completed his final year at Dominion Flooring. Mr Mifrano now runs his own installation company, R M Flooring. BCITO block course provider floor NZ principal tutor Jeff Henry said Mr Mifrano always took on a challenge. “On the job, he was always punctual, open to suggestions, had a great sense of humour and was a pleasure to deal with,” he said. Mr Mifrano is now completing his second qualification through BCITO in floor and wall tiling. BIGGEST EVER WINTER SALE MIRA 3 seater + 2 seater Available in a wide variety of fabric options. PLUS WAS $2899 $ 1999 SAVE $900 Rug not included. Offers valid 20 July to 1 August 2016. *Storewide discount excludes Everyday Low Price furniture and Ecocare. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Minimum spend $1500. Riccarton Megastore, 179 Blenheim Rd. Phone 341 3196 • OPEN 7 DAYS •