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Selwyn Times: July 26, 2016

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday July 26 2016 SELWYN TIMES Saturday 30 July, 7pm Lincoln Gala Event tickets Centre, are now Gala tickets Celebrating excellence are throughou now Visit Gala tickets are Celebrating now excellence on sale! throughout - ‘Sensational The AGRI-BUSINESS ARTS AND CULTURE COMMUNITY SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL LARGE BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SPO Visit Celebrating excellence throughout menu IZONE - Agri-Business Award the Selwyn - ‘Sensational DistrictS GRI-BUSINESS ARTS IPORT- AND Arts CULTURE and Culture COMMUNITY Award SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL LARGE BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SPOR Visit for nomination forms and - ‘Sensational Selwyn ENTREE Challenge – Community Service Award Awards’ for dinner tickets ala tickets are now on sale! Antipasto Platters with Artisan Breads to share ITY SERVICE Celebrating ENVIRONMENTAL excellence throughout LARGE the Selwyn BUSINESS District Ellesmere Butchery sugar cured Ham, Salami, ts are now MWH – Environmental on sale! Award SMALL BUSINESS SPORT TOURISM YOUNG ACHIEVER Borchii Park excellence throughout Visit the Selwyn District for nomination forms and Truffle & duck liver pate, cheese, Marinated Meadows - ‘Sensational Selwyn Awards’ for dinner tickets now on Selwyn sale! District Council – Small Business Award Mushrooms, Olives, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers Rolleston E ENVIRONMENTAL Visit LARGE BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS for nomination SPORT forms TOURISM and YOUNG ACHIEVER & artichokes, accompanied by Gunyah Estate, roughout the - ‘Sensational Selwyn Selwyn District Awards’ for dinner tickets Buoni Sapori® Buddle Findlay – Large Business Award Rolleston Plum & Apple Chutney, Artisan breads and olive oil n sale! BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS for nomination SPORT forms TOURISM and YOUNG ACHIEVER - ‘Sensational Selwyn Awards’ for dinner tickets Selwyn District USINESS SPORT TOURISM YOUNG ACHIEVER s for nomination forms and Awards’ for dinner tickets URISM $75 per person Dress code: Semi formal YOUNG ACHIEVER Rolleston HEB – Sport Sicon – Tourism Rolleston Rolleston New World Rolleston – Young Achiever MAIN Ellesmere Butchery Lamb Rump Served with Oakley’s Fondant Potatoes & steamed Broccoli, glazed carrots & a Madeira jus. & Oven baked Salmon Served with Oakley’s Parisienne potato, cauliflower puree & Wilted spinach & a Lassad saffron Beurre blanc DESSERT Dessert Tasting Plate Peanut butter caramel tart, Lemon meringue tart, Petite berry cheesecake, Chocolate & cognac truffle The Tea House Tea, & Coffee serve with a selection of JuneB Cookies BEVERAGES Aroha Drinks Langdale Vineyard Restaurant Lone Goat Melton Estate The Laboratory The Tea House True and Daring Winery Gala tickets are now on sale! Celebrating excellence throughout the Selwyn District Visit for nomination forms and - ‘Sensational Selwyn Awards’ for dinner tickets AGRI-BUSINESS ARTS AND CULTURE COMMUNITY SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL LARGE BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SPORT TOURISM YOUNG ACHIEVER AGRI-BUSINESS | ARTS AND CULTURE | COMMUNITY SERVICE | ENVIRONMENTAL | LARGE BUSINESS | SMALL BUSINESS | SPORT | TOURISM | YOUNG ACHIEVER Rolleston

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 26 2016 9 Your Local Views Readers respond to last week’s article on $12 million that has been put into cleaning up Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere. Phillip Marcs, of Prebbleton – The money for cleaning the lake is not nearly enough. I haven’t lived in Selwyn for very long, only several years, and I am told that it was once a beautiful place that was clean and full of life. The lake is one of the biggest in New Zealand, $12 million is clearly not going to be enough to get it back to what it once was. I would love to take my family there and be able to use it for recreational use. It needs a serious look at and for someone to actually make the health of the lake a priority. It’s a real shame to see something that like this go to waste. How much beneficial work can be done over decades? Will it even be noticeable? It needs a serious cash injection and proper work needs to be done quicker than ‘decades’. I don’t want to see it deteriorate further and become worse. Things need to change. K Partridge, of Leeston – Yes, clean up Lake Ellesmere. This lake can be so beautiful to look at some days but the fact it is so unhealthy is common knowledge. With a clean-up the lake could look and be so healthy and a great place to enjoy. I sometimes go there, not to get in the water, but just to enjoy the sight and scenery and I think it is such a shame more people don’t use it. I think $12 million is the right start but how long will it take to make it like it was? They say decades and that’s a really long time. The place needs to be fixed now. Readers respond to last week’s article on a pig farm operation that has upset neighbours Rose Daniels, of West Melton – I feel for the people living near that pig farm. I certainly wouldn’t want one to move in near me either. The smell must be horrible and I can’t imagine what the dust must be like. The other people who were living there first didn’t buy their land or house expecting a pig farm to go in near them with no warning. It’s just rude. I’m glad the district council seem to actually be doing something about this problem and making them remove the pigs. It will be interesting to see if they listen to them. Good on the homeowners for speaking up and not letting it continue. Isaac Andrews, of Rolleston – I can’t imagine what living next to a pig farm must be like. I understand the need for them but to set one up without letting the people near by know what’s going on is not good enough. Setting up an operation like this leads to a whole load of problems. The noise, dust and mainly the smell. I certainly would complain too if I lived near it. How back and forth from the district council though. They get complaints from the neighbours about it make the farm owners get an abatement notice and apply for consent then grant them the consent. Where is the consistency? 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