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Selwyn Times: August 09, 2016

2 Tuesday

2 Tuesday August 9 2016 Inside SELWYN TIMES FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK News............................3, 5 & 7 WELL, THE Olympics are upon us and I for one am considering doing a few early mornings of intense television watching before work. It will be a hard grind during the day, but I feel that coffee will do its job – it is only every four years we get to see this. I have very fond memories watching the Olympics growing up and am hoping they will keep their magic. Keeping on the sporting theme, congratulations must go to Southbridge who have broken a 32 year drought winning the Luisetti Seeds Ellesmere division 1’s Coleman Shield. Not bad at all chaps, well done. A fair few cackles of laughter were overheard from reporter Tom Doudney’s desk this week when he interviewed comedian and 7Days host Jeremy Corbett. See why they were discussing Lincoln over on page 7. Hei kona – Shelley Robinson Builder Brownie and Billy Our People 8-9 Local Views......................4 Our People......................8-9 Schools.............................11 Achievers...............................12 Sports................. 14, 15, 17 Events......................................20 Fashion.............................22 Taste.......................................... 25 Gardening...............26, 27 GET IN TOUCH General Enquiries Ph 379-7100 Classified Advertising Ph 379-1100 NEWS Caitlin Miles Ph: 364 7442 ADVERTISING Lynette Evans Ph: 364 7434 Your local luxury Convenient Location Local Free Car Parking Luxury of Choice ANZ ASB ATM BNZ Coffee Culture Corianders Expoz’ Art Fascino Shoes Harcourt’s helloworld Highgate Hair Monkey Spices Postie Ray White Robert Harris Rolleston Bakery Rolleston Central Health Rolleston Drycleaners Rolleston Florist and Gifts Rolleston Haircuts Snap Fitness Subway Unichem Viva La Moda The Warehouse Westpac 70-76 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston 9 Masefield Drive (entry from Countdown and McCauley Street) Ph 03 347 9192 Proudly managed by Colliers Real Estate Management Limited

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday August 9 2016 3 News Walters forgoes billboards for mayoral campaign • By Tom Doudney SHE WANTS to be your next mayor – but don’t expect to see her face plastered all over Selwyn. Deputy mayor Sarah Walters has taken the unusual step of forgoing billboards in her quest to take over from current mayor Kelvin Coe who is not seeking re-election in October. Mrs Walters acknowledged the decision was a risk, but said she wanted to do things differently. “I don’t like what billboards represent – a voter so uneducated and so unsophisticated that the most attractive candidate is the one with the best looking or most prolific billboards, rather than the track record and ongoing policies of the candidates,” she said. “I am also concerned about the unaffordability of standing for election. For other new candidates trying to get their name known, it’s a big commitment to do billboards and all the other things that are expected of you.” A large campaign billboard can cost almost $100. For Mrs Walters, this election is all or nothing, having decided not to give herself the fall back option of putting her name on the ticket for district councillor as well in case her bid for the mayoralty is unsuccessful. She said friends and family had tried to change her mind on going without billboards out of fear she would find it harder to win votes but, after much thought, she decided not to waver. “As a mayor, I want to be creative and innovative in the way that I work with our communities and I want my campaign to reflect that.” The only exception to her no billboards decision would be a flag on a stand, which she will take with her on campaign stops around the district. Fellow mayoral candidate and district councillor Sam Broughton said he didn’t see a problem with using billboards. He saw them as a good way to improve name recognition in the mayoral race and for people with the billboards on their property to show their support. “I understand that you want people to be chosen on merit, but it’s very hard to personally know 54,000 people in Selwyn,” he said. District councillor Pat McEvedy, also a mayoral candidate, said he would rather discuss “the real issue for Selwyn, which is who is best qualified to lead a united, cohesive and productive council in to the future.” TAKING A STAND: Unlike her fellow mayoral candidates, the closest thing Sarah Walters will have to a billboard this election is a flag. In Brief CYCLEWAY POSSIBLE Leeston and Doyleston may get a cycleway in the next year. A link between the two communities has been put into the district council’s annual budget for 2016/2017. District councillor Pat McEvedy said planning was in the very early stages. A committee is looking at options for the route and its design. ROAD SAFETY FUND The Weedons’ Residents Association said it plans to use about $4000 of discretionary response funding, accumulated over several years, to fund a road safety project. Chairman John McKim said it had not decided what sort of project the money would be used for. A recently developed initiative, involving solar-powered LED signs warning drivers they were approaching a stop sign, had been considered but would likely cost more than $4000. CRITICALLY ENDANGERED A notable resident of Te Waihora/ Lake Ellesmere has been added to the list of nationally critically endangered species. The lake is home to the largest population of Australasian bittern in Canterbury, with between 25-35 birds estimated to live in the area. Nationally, it is believed there are fewer than 1000 bitterns remaining. 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