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Selwyn Times: August 09, 2016

6 Tuesday

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday August 9 2016 7 ews It would be rude not to be rude ashion Seven Days host Jeremy Corbett is performing at the Live in Lincoln show along with fellow comedians Ben Hurley, Justine Smith and Tom Furniss on October 8. He spoke to reporter Tom Doudney about what to expect and how locals might be able to help him with some material for the show Gardening Have you been to Lincoln Had you kept touch at all before? over the years? No I haven’t. I’ve been plenty Not really, no, it’s funny of times to Christchurch but though – I have another friend I don’t think I’ve ever made it who worked in radio back in the down to Lincoln. day, and I was looking through Are you looking forward to some old photos for him because your fist visit then? he wanted one, and I might have Yeah, for sure. The guy who found an old photo of Dave, so actually organised it, David that might prove embarrassing. Parlane, otoring is a guy I used work Perhaps you could use that as with a long, long time ago part of the show? Palmerston North so it was kind (Laughs) Yeah! of a blast from the past to hear What was your reaction when his name when he rang up. you got the call from him? It’s a really good line-up for When he called me I was the show. I’ve just been looking actually on the golf course and at the poster actually and what I was a bit embarrassed that I I really like is that my photo is was playing golf instead of working like the good hard Kiwis bigger asty than everyone else’s. Ben Bites Hurley’s head is bigger than that keep this country moving mine because it fills up his whole forward. So I was trying to cover photo but that’s actually in up the fact that I was on a golf proportion because Hurley does course and had just walked up a have a massive head. steep hill and was very upset that David was telling me about my shot wasn’t good. It was quite how he knew you years ago. hard to cover up the fact that I wasn’t in an office because I was puffing and there was swearing and all the rest and I think he cottoned on. You know when someone rings you and you have been having a nap and they say ‘did I wake you?’ and you say ‘oh no, I’ve been up and about and doing stuff’ – it was a bit like that. He said ‘what are you doing?’ and I said ‘oh, I’m working mate, excuse me, hey Steve can I borrow your stapler?’ and then of course everyone on the golf course was looking at me like I’m an idiot – good times. What sort of show can we expect? It’s a stand-up show with an MC. From the poster it looks like the suggestion is that I’m going to MC it but to be honest Justine Smith is a much better MC. Hurley will probably close, I imagine. I thought maybe you would close since you have the biggest photo in the paper and all that. Yeah, that’s probably just because David knows me and he probably hasn’t seen my comedy in 30 years and to be honest it probably hasn’t changed in all that time, so the other comedians have passed me. He’s probably thinking that I’m capable of closing but nah – Hurley is your man. Anything else you’d like to say about the show? If anyone follows me on Twitter, feel free to drop any nuggets about Lincoln. Comedians like to know the area we are getting into. We want to know the bogan part of town, we want to know the snotty rich part of town, we want to know who your closest neighbour is that you hate – Christchurch is probably a target but surely there are other nearby towns a similar size to Lincoln that we can pick on, and any well known personalities around the town whether they are loved or hated. All that information is good. All good – thanks for your time Jeremy! No worries, we look forward to everyone from Lincoln coming along and we’re looking for a sell-out. I’ve been a sell-out for most of my life, of course. We’re pretty excited that it says R18 on the poster – we can’t guarantee that we will be rude but I guess that’s just a safety backstop because looking at the line-up there will probably will be some questionable content. • With about 650 of the 1000 tickets to the show having sold already, organisers say anyone who doesn’t want to miss out should get in soon. Tickets can be bought from The Famous Grouse Hotel or by emailing The show will take place at the Lincoln Event Centre. oney 3 TRUCKS 3 CARS 3 LUBES 3 SERVICING 3 FLEET WORK 3 BOATS 3 DIESEL INJECTOR 3 & PUMP SERVICING 3 ENGINE TUNING Mon-Fri 6.45am-6.00pm, Sat 8.00am-12.00pm 3 BRAKES 3 MAXXIS TYRES 3 WHEEL ALIGNMENTS 3 BATTERIES 3 WOFs 3 CAMBELTS AND MUCH MORE! 839 Jones Road, Rolleston P.O. Box 16 Rolleston Phone Simon on 347 7110 or Mobile 027 272 9213 WE SPECIALISE IN THE CARE AND PRESERVATION OF TREES • Pruning • Expert Tree Felling • Fully Insured • Free Quotes • Powerline Clearing • Branch Chipping • Competitive Rates • Orion Approved Contractor FULLY QUALIFIED ARBORISTS Member of NZ Arboriculture Association For quotes and enquiries phone 03 349 7143 | For urgent enquiries phone 027 272-6710 Email: www.arbor–