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Selwyn Times: August 09, 2016

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday August 9 2016 Our People SELWYN TIMES Jeremy Brown Sea-loving Brownie is riding the Selwyn is in the midst of a building boom and Lincoln builder Jeremy Brown is a big part of it. He spoke to reporter Tom Doudney about what led him to start his companies, why he names his boats after Billy Idol albums and being a keen fisherman who doesn’t eat fish Your company is called Marlborough Homes, how did it get its name? I started my first building company JP Builders in 1993, when I was 21, and then later on I went up to do some contract work in Blenheim for Fowler Homes. I thought ‘he is getting the credit for the show home I built and what am I doing? I am making him all this money and I’m the silly builder on contract!’ So I went out and formed Marlborough Homes because no one in Blenheim had that as their name, which I couldn’t believe. I formed that in 2004 and it went mad from there really, and I’ve never looked back. When did you bring the business down to Canterbury? I will have been here five years in February. There was just so much work down here. Marlborough had sort of dried up a bit really and I didn’t want to drop my pants and work for nothing up there so I came here. Now I’m absolutely flat out. I’ve just picked up the Leeston Hotel as well. We started a month ago and we’re well under way. The question the locals will want to know is when will it be finished? I always joke and say 2025. No, to be honest it’s a 12-month build. Do you get a lot of questions from people who know you’re building it? Yeah, heaps, and then I get the local old boys who seem to turn up once a week and stand outside the gate so I go out and have a chat with them. They can’t wait. I have met so many locals out that way who are just itching to get a pub. You’re a bit of a fisherman in your spare time, I hear. I’m hugely into my fishing and diving. I’m a member of both the Canterbury dive club and the Marlborough dive club, I’ve got an 8m boat and I go out as much as I can. I was told that you don’t actually eat fish though, is that right? That’s right. I will go and catch it, fillet it and cook it for you and I will have a little wee piece but I’m a meat person. When I had my 12m launch up in Nelson, I would go out with people for three or four days and bring meat on it. I would cook the fish for them and I’d have steak. The only thing in the ocean I absolutely adore is paua and that’s the one thing most people don’t like. Weird, eh? Why do you like fishing then? MAN AT WORK: Builder Jeremy Brown is “flat out” since moving back to Lincoln from Marlborough. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Fishing is my time out. That’s where I can switch off – there is nothing around you, you have got Mother Nature and you can’t beat it. I love my diving because there is a whole world down there. The world down under that water just blows my mind, words can’t describe what I see. I just think it’s amazing and if a shark comes along and tries to bite me, well so be it. Selwyn Waihora Zone Talk to us about your land and water management The Selwyn Waihora Zone Team is hosting drop-in days every second Wednesday to talk with people about local water management, and offer support and help. We hope you can come along and get to know the team working in your area. The next meetings are on Wednesday 10 and 24 August. warm up YOur HOmE Beautiful drapery fabrics in store now Get in quick for free thermal lining on selected Maurice Kain fabrics until the end of August. Classic Curtains & Interiors 817 Jones Road, Rolleston Ph 03 347 4295 FIREWOOd 4 SALE √ Free delivery √ Eftpos available √ 3m 3 - 14m 3 √ Split and Seasoned Call Rini today 027 451 7300 Selwyn Waihora Zone Team drop-in day: When: Wednesday 10 and 24 August, 1.00–4.00pm (no appointment necessary) Where: Selwyn-Rakaia Vet Clinic, South Terrace, Darfield (alongside the bakery) Brought to you by Environment Canterbury working with Proud installers of Get a Mitsubishi Electric GE42 5.4kW Heat Pump including FREE installation* for just $2,399* *includes cost of back to back install only, conditions apply Phone 0800 324 678 Call now for a free quote

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday August 9 2016 9 crest of the building boom I said to my wife if a shark kills me don’t go kill him, I was in his territory. With your spare fish that you don’t eat do you often go around and drop it off to other people? I’m renowned for it, so when I go diving for crayfish and that I just ring up all my mates and say ‘are you home?’ because I don’t have enough room in my freezer. You must be quite popular. Put it this way, next thing you know you have about 50 friends! Any other hobbies or interests that you are quite keen on? I’m a music freak. I have a lot of parties, noise control knows me, and everywhere we go I take this big massive 1500W speaker. At every party we go to I am the music guru, it gets left up to me. What’s your favourite music? My favourite of all time is Billy Idol and everyone knows that. I dressed up as Billy Idol years ago, I went to Rome two years ago just to go see Billy Idol – I just about cried because it was the first time I had ever seen him. Then he came here and I actually got to meet him, that was one of the biggest buzzes of my life and I got a photo with him. I named one of my boats after his album ROCK ’N ROLL: From left, Billy Idol, Jeremy Brown and Steve Stevens. – Rebel Yell. Unfortunately my new boat had a name on it but if I ever get another one I will be naming it Whiplash Smile after another of his albums. I bought my new boat from a poor guy who was dying of cancer. He just wanted to tie up his things before he passed away. I hope he got out on it a few times at least. Yeah, he did and what I did was I flew to Rotorua and went out with him and I promised him I would take photos of my first catch so he could get to see what I did with the boat. So I sent him a photo of my crayfish and my fish and my scallops and he text me back and said ‘I’m stoked to see my boat went to a good bastard’. Then I sent him another picture about four weeks later and never heard anymore so I think he must have passed away. That’s also how I lost my dad when I was 21 – he died of cancer. He was a builder and that’s what drove me to do what I did in the business so young. My dad and I had a dream that we were going to set up another building company together and then he left the world at 46. Just six months before he died I had so much work on I thought ‘stuff this’, and I started JP Builders to show him what I could do and it all went from there. That’s what drove me to be what I am today, to succeed. The drive was there to never fail because I don’t want to let him down. I imagine you probably learned the trade with your father too. Yes, I did my time with my father. And as of Monday I have just employed my nephew and he is a qualified builder. It’s a real family business. How did you get to meet Billy Idol when he came here? My wife jacked it all up, it was some VIP thing and she surprised me with it. I was just gobsmacked. I had a photo of me dressed up as Billy Idol in my 30s which I wanted to show him. You weren’t allowed to bring cameras and things in but I knew one of the bouncers and I said to him ‘look, I have got to show him this photo of Brownie Idol New Zealand’ so they let me do it. I showed it to him and he grabbed my phone and went ‘legend’ and gave me a cuddle and then showed it to Steve Stevens who is the guitarist. I hear you’re involved with the Lincoln rugby club, is that right? Yeah, I love my Lincoln rugby, I sponsor some of the seniors’ shirts and I work behind the bar as much as I can for the club. I get involved with golden oldies rugby too, although I don’t play anymore because of my back – I have to preserve that for building. Do you enjoy the bar work? Yeah, I love talking to people. I would talk to a brick wall if it would talk back to me. I like making people have a good laugh, life’s too short not to. I have a laugh with everyone as much as I can, I don’t care who they are – whether they’re the Pope, the Queen, if I can make them laugh I will. WHAT’S FOR DINNER: The keen fisherman enjoys catching crayfish and other seafood but would rather give them away than eat them himself. Sport and Recreation Try out over 20 different sport and recreation activities for free! This family friendly event is hosted by Selwyn District Council along with local sport, recreation and community groups. Suitable for adults and children 7 and over. · Bouncy castles · Gym activities for preschoolers · Sausage sizzle and coffee · Live music Pick up your Passport today. Available from Selwyn Libraries, Lincoln Event Centre, Rolleston Community Centre, Council offices or at the event on the day. WIN $250 SPORT VOUCHER OR A SEASON’S FEES* ACTIVITY SCHEDULE – SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 12-3PM, ROLLESTON RESERVE AND COMMUNITY CENTRE Time RCC Ambrose Stadium (divided in half) RCC Works Lounge RCC Community Room RCC Foyer Rolleston Library Rolleston Reserve (by RCC) Main Rugby Field Tennis Courts Skate Park 12-12.45pm Wheelchair Sports Mini Gym Rumpus Room In 2 Hoops (hula hoops, until 1pm) Busy Things (12.15-12.45pm) 12.45-1.30pm 1.30-2.15pm High Ropes (from 1.15pm) Basketball (1-2pm) Highland Dancing (1-1.45pm) Spin Coaching Workshop (1.15-1.45pm) Displays for: Green Prescription Clubs Nutrition Events and much more... Beebots/ Scratch (1-1.30pm) Zinio/ (1.45-2.15pm) Scouts/Guides Bouncy Castles Pedalmania Coffee Cart Sausage Sizzle Picnic Area Live Band Archery Rugby League Softball SNAG (Inflatable) Golf Tennis Skate Skool 2.15-3pm Table Tennis Zumba Yoga (2-3pm) Bowls (2-3pm) Heritage/ Ancestry (2.30-3pm) Postponement date Sunday 21 August *If you sign up to volunteer for a club growing strong communities together