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Selwyn Times: August 16, 2016

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday August 16 2016 Our People SELWYN TIMES Climbing stairs a way for firefighter Rolleston Volunteer Fire Brigade senior station officer Steve Trigg will be part of the Canterbury Stair Climb Team tackling 28 floors of Melbourne’s Crown Metropol Hotel for charity next month. He spoke to Tom Doudney about which of the several stair climbs he has done was the most brutal and about the camaraderie between firefighters from different countries GOOD CAUSE: Steve Trigg at last year’s Sky Tower Stair Challenge. When are you doing the Melbourne Firefighters Stair Climb? September 3 Have you done it before? It’s my second time. Have you done any other similar events? Yes, I’ve done the Sky Tower, the World Trade Centre in New York twice and I’ve done a climb in Seattle which was the biggest one. Then I’ve also done a climb in Las Vegas as well – The Stratosphere – and the Eureka Climb in Melbourne. How does the Melbourne one rate in comparison to the others in terms of difficulty? The Melbourne one is definitely the easiest one – it’s only a short 28 storeys. The Auckland one is 51 and the Seattle one is 65. The New York one is 72, so that’s a big one as well. Is this Melbourne one raising money for anything in particular? Yes, it’s raising money for a cancer research centre in Melbourne (the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute). The goal is to raise $343,000 and it’s a memorial climb as well, showing respect to the 343 firefighters who died in the World Trade Centre in 9/11. It’s very much a sister climb to the Auckland Sky Tower so all the ideas and support has come from the guy who organises the stair climb in Auckland. How long have you been doing these stair climb events? My first one was Seattle, 2013. You’ve done a fair few in that time then. Yes, I have. It’s a lot of fun and very addictive and the people I have met from all over the world are just amazing, the people I’ve met in America and Australia are just really, really good friends and that’s what makes it so amazing really. The guy that organises the climb in Melbourne (firefighter Stephen Axup) is a very good friend, I’m actually going to stay at his place over there. He’s a good mate, that’s why I do that climb. He came here and did the two Rapaki climbs that we did here in Christchurch. What prompted you to do that first one in 2013? Rolleston has always had quite a strong stair climbing fraternity and it has all been led by a guy called Phil Glen, a station officer in the Rolleston brigade, who has been doing it for seven or eight years now. That’s how I got into it. I’ve been using it as an opportunity to keep fit and have a goal. You can’t just turn up in stair climbing, you have got to train and we get really good support from the Hub Hornby who allow us to use their escalator for training. How tough was that first one you did in Seattle? A shocker – it was horrible! It was tough but the end of it was great. It would be the toughest around, I believe. Father’s Day Buffet SUNDAY 4 TH SEPTEMBER Complimentary beer for Dad on Arrival* *Terms and conditions apply Make your Father’s Day extra special with the Sunday Buffet. We shall be serving a delicious menu of classic favourites, accompanied by live music. 2 sittings (11am-1pm & 2pm-4pm) Adults $49pp, Kids u12 only $20 Price per person - bookings essential Phone 03 318 6943 Terrace Downs Resort | Coleridge Road, Windwhistle, Canterbury Experience a tiny hearing aid that outperforms normal hearing in challenging listening environments* A virtually invisible German engineered hearing aid that enables wearers to understand speech in difficult listening situations like busy restaurants, and reduces listening effort throughout your day.* Easy to operate with excellent sound quality and audibility. For further information or to book an appointment for a free hearing screening and hearing aid demonstration Phone: 356 2324 Consultations by appointment only. Completely disappears *Clinically proven in two independent studies to provide better than normal hearing in certain demanding listening environments. *Special conditions apply Merivale Hearing Clinic 24b Church Lane, Merivale. Call: 356 2324 Greg Foote, Audiologist

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday August 16 2016 9 to keep fit and strike up friendships There are bigger climbs like the Eureka one I’ve done in Melbourne which is 88 storeys, so there are bigger climbs, but they’re not all donned. With the Eureka climb and the New York climb you have just got the set on, you don’t have the mask on and you’re not breathing the air supplied by the cylinder on our back, so you’re not as restricted whereas the Seattle climb is 65 storeys with a bottle change halfway up so it’s a really tough climb and it was my first one so I went straight to the toughest. I’m sure it’s not all about the results but have you ever had a high placing? Personally, on a winning scale, compared to others, no. I’m not there to win it, I go for personal bests but we’ve always been more about just getting out there and socialising and getting to know people from other countries and then they come here to our climb and help raise the profile and that’s how we can raise $1 million for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand, you see. Meeting firefighters from all these different countries must be cool. SERIAL STAIR CLIMBER: Steve Trigg has completed multiple charity stair climb events around the world since his first in 2013. Oh, it’s the best part. I’ve got a lot of friends all around the world through this and there is quite a big fraternity of guys that go to the New York and the American climbs and they will probably go to Melbourne and then of course they all come to Auckland. There are quite a few people from Australia and New Zealand and America who are quite close and we get to stay in their places when we go to New York but the camaraderie is huge – it’s massive. How long have you been a firefighter and how long have you been with the Rolleston brigade? I’ve been a firefighter for about 26 years and I’ve been with Rolleston for about 12 years. How old are you now? 44 What made you get into firefighting? Probably from my point of view, it was sort of in my family. My father was a firefighter, my brother was a firefighter and I work for the Fire Service now as well. In 26 years you must have been to a lot of different jobs. What ones stand out the most in your memory? With Rolleston, it’s the busiest volunteer station in the country. We go to a lot of motor vehicle accidents so that is our biggest issue really. There is no particular incident that stands out but it is unfortunately one of the busiest stations with MVAs in the country, so it is tough for that and we just try and encourage people to take it easy out there. What would be the most unusual incident you’ve attended with the fire service? I got called to a kid with his leg stuck in his sewerage pipe – I think it was just a curiosity thing where he got his leg in but couldn’t get it out. And one where there was a magpie stuck in a tree (it’s leg was caught in some string). Outside of the fire brigade what sort of work do you do? Well for the past six years we have owned Cafe Izone in the Izone industrial park. Outside of the fire brigade and work what are you main hobbies and interests? There is not a lot of time for much else to be honest. I play a bit of golf when I can but that’s about it. Have you got a wife and kids? I’m married to Shelly and we have a daughter at Lincoln High School. How did you and Shelly meet? She was one of my customers when I was a sales rep for independent liquor. She was running the Russley Hotel. 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