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Selwyn Times: August 23, 2016

Have Fun and Get Fit

Have Fun and Get Fit with Cardio Tennis Looking for a way to get fit, have fun and meet new people? Cardio Tennis is a fitness programme offered at tennis clubs across Canterbury. Combining the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, Cardio Tennis delivers a fun, full-body, calorieburning aerobic workout ¬– even if you have never played tennis before. Cardio Tennis uses low-compression tennis balls which travel at a slower speed, making it easier for a beginner to hit the ball. More advanced players will be challenged by a range of activities that cater to all skill levels. Cardio Tennis works by raising participants’ heart rates into their aerobic training zone. At the beginning of each session, participants are equipped with heart rate monitors before exercising to music and using a variety of modified equipment to elevate the heart rate. Like interval training, periods of high intensity are followed by short periods of rest. Cardio Tennis combines fun with spectacular success. Women can burn up to 500 calories in a 60 minute workout. Men can burn up to 800 calories. Cardio Tennis coaches are Tennis NZ registered and trained to ensure that participants get a great workout while improving their tennis skills. Even if you’re not good at tennis, Cardio Tennis can provide a fun, social way to keep fit. Contact Tennis Canterbury to find a Cardio Tennis programme near you., phone (03) 389-6484 Tennis Hot Shots – Grassroots fun for all! Kids working together, no queues and modified courts, balls and equipment make Tennis Hot Shots plenty of fun for all and a great way for your kids to be introduced to the sport of tennis in a fun, social environment. The four key elements of any New Zealand Post Tennis Hot Shots session are: 1. FUN Players are actively engaged, excited and motivated to participate. 2. TACTICAL/PLAY Players think and make decisions about meaningful tennis situations. 3. SKILLS Players have plenty of opportunities to improve their tennis skills. 4. SOCIAL Players build social skills such as working cooperatively with a partner, building friendships, encouraging teammates and showing sportsmanship during game play. Coaching New Zealand Post Tennis Hot Shots coaching sessions are run by Tennis New Zealand October marks the beginning of Tennis Canterbury’s exciting tournament calendar for the 2016/17 season at Wilding Park. Chris Anderson and Rosemary Hargreaves, both experienced tournament co-coordinators, have been appointed to organise this year’s tournaments. As in previous years, the programme for junior tournaments will take place during each of the school holidays, starting with the Z Energy Junior Spring Open (2-7 October). Entries for the Spring Open are now being accepted online until the closing date of 23 Sept 2016. Fact Sheets are available on the website for each tournament, and provide information for planning and for play as well as contact information for any questions. The tournament welcomes players from the 8 and under age group up to 18 years. All junior tournaments are open to any junior, regardless of age or ability. Players can be from any area, in New Zealand and internationally, except for the ASB Primary/ Intermediate Tournament on Show Weekend, which is replicated throughout the country for each area’s participation. Primary Sports Canterbury and School Sport Canterbury (Secondary Schools) also qualified coaches. Our qualified coaches teach kids to play in fun, supportive and interactive sessions. Lessons generally run for between 30 and 60 minutes. NZPTHS coaching sessions can be one-on-one or in a group – ask your local venue what options are available. Community Play Community Play is designed to give kids the chance to have a hit in a supportive environment where the emphasis is on fun, not coaching. The Community Play program is conducted in clubs and centres New Zealand-wide by parents, club volunteers and NZPTHS coaches. Get involved today If Tennis Hot Shots sounds like a fun summer sport for your child, please contact Andrew Falck at Tennis Canterbury today to link you with the right programme for your child Contact Andrew Falck, email: andrew.falck@ Tennis Canterbury Region Junior Tennis Tournaments encourage tennis through tournaments during term time. These tournaments are advertised and encouraged through the schools, then organised and run through Tennis Canterbury. This is an opportunity for players to try out tennis and to inspire them to go further. Tennis Canterbury will host the 16s and under National Individual and Teams events in January, with upcoming top NZ talent on show. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) 18 and under Junior Event will be held at the end of January, with outstanding talent from all over the world competing on our own courts. The Tennis Canterbury Open, held at the end of November, attracts the very best NZ players, including present and up and coming Davis Cup / Federation Cup players. Enjoy watching players in action, from 8-year-old beginners to top NZ and international players. Mark the dates in your diary. The tournament office is open during all tournaments for any questions. Tournament organisers can be reached at any time. More Great Deals in store NOW! Were $399 Three BLX $ NOW 199 Were $349 Pro Staff 97 $ NOW 199 Were $249 Monfils Tour $ NOW 99 See Al at the Frontrunner Bush Inn for great prices on all junior rackets. Only available at the Front Runner in the Bush Inn Centre – (03) 343 3310 Corner Waimairi & Riccarton Roads Riccarton, Christchurch