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Selwyn Times: August 23, 2016

6 Tuesday

6 Tuesday August 23 2016 Our People SOUTHERN VIEW Snowboarding and modelling Anneke Stewart is an artist who has spent years travelling and adventure-seeking. Reporter Annabelle Dick spoke to her about what it was like growing up on a deer farm, modelling for one of New Zealand’s biggest designers and how she impressed some of Europe’s most well-known graffiti artists You are an artist by trade, can you tell me about your art and your career? I exhibit at least once or twice a year, I’m always producing artwork. I produce in about 10 different mediums quite prolifically. The style is very much cohesive throughout my work. I’m into reclaimed objects and keeping the integrity of a material. My approach to what I do is consciously create and honour where we come from and where our materials come from. I believe we’re here to look after this beautiful planet. I’m a Reiki master which is like an energy healer so I’m very sensitive to energy and energy patterns. I love what I do. Art is not something I do, it’s who I am and there’s no separation between the two. It’s like breathing I have to do it in order to feel normal. What are you working on at the moment? I’m currently working on more products and print media on paper so I can make my work more accessible. I’ve just completed the largest commission of my career so far for the Deloitte building in the city centre. It’s a lenticular lightbox which is an animated 3D-type medium so the images change when you walk past. I’m trying to keep my fine art and commercial art separate. On a weekly basis I do art classes where I teach a handful of students – hopefully, by next year I can have more classes. I want to start adult classes next month too. I’m also doing a piece for the BMX park over in New Brighton in spring. Tell me about you family. My father was a deer farmer and my mother has always worked in fashion. When I was in school she sold Pieter’s Modelling Agency which is now Portfolio Dyers Road Landscape & Garden Supplies • Barks • Peastraw • Composts - we supply the best available • Aggregates - Chip, Round and Basecourse • Pavers & Schist products • Pungas • Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks • Trailer Hire first hour free with purchase • Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered David, Carol & Mike We will deliver! SOIL AND Phone: 03 384 6540 183 Dyers Rd, Bromley • OPEN 7 DAYS Weekdays 7.30am-5pm. Weekends 8.30am-3pm CREATIVE: Anneke Stewart with one of her creations. Model Agency. Then a few years She’s very down to earth, a hard later she started New Zealand worker and she’s quite shy. She Fashion Week. loves to cook and hates shopping. I’ve always grown up with a That sounds like you would’ve highly driven and motivated had an interesting upbringing, mum doing amazing events. what was life like growing up? HARDFILL DUMPING I had an amazing life growing up on a farm. We spent summers in the Sounds at our family bach and in the winter I was always up at Mt Olympus. Spending time on the snow was a big part of my life. I learnt to ski there at three-years-old and snowboard at 16. I actually did my minor at art school in snowboard photography just so I could get up the mountain every week and justify it. I’ve been really involved in the early days of the snowboard industry in New Zealand. It makes me who I am and it makes me tick. Were you ever keen to get into fashion after growing up with a mother who’s highly prominent in the industry? Fashion isn’t something I’ve felt a huge desire to get into, I chose to pursue art which isn’t highly lucrative but I’m working on it. I used to model when I was 15 through to about 20 – but it wasn’t serious at all. I was just learning to snowboard when I got the biggest bruise on my hip. Soon after that happened I had to fly up to Auckland for my first advertising campaign for a New Zealand designer and it was with Helen Cherry. Organic Training College Learn from the experts Start a career in organics. Reduce your footprint and produce a regular supply of your own fruit and vegetables. Programme Information | 03 3253684 Courses • Organic Distance Programme Part time 1 year, enrol anytime • Year 1 Introduction to Organics 44 weeks, starts August 2016 (Lincoln Campus) • Year 2 Applied Organics 46 weeks, starts August 2016 (Lincoln Campus) All fees under $500 MENOPAUSE? ; Hot Flushes ; Mood swings ; Irritability ; Night sweats ; Mild anxiety ; sleeplessness ; Feeling Low Remifemim is a Hormone Free natural alternative for the relief from menopause symptoms. 2 MONthS SUPPly Was $59.00 $49.99 1 MONth SUPPly WAS $34.99 $29.99 10% discount everyday using *excludes PrescriPtions & sale stock Barrington Pharmacy Next to CouplaNds, 256 BarriNgtoN st Ph 332 3156

SOUTHERN VIEW Tuesday August 23 2016 7 give way to creating art It was a big deal and I turned up all bruised expecting them to say: ‘Who is this chick from the boonies? What’s she doing?’ Christine Webster shot the campaign and I idolised her as a photographer and here was me this little rookie snowboard model chick. I was mortified. That exemplifies my non-attachment to the fashion industry. I did draw on my photography skills though and I was the official photographer for New Zealand Fashion Week when I moved back to the country. What was school like? I went to Hororata Primary then Selwyn House before going to boarding school at St Margaret’s College. After high school I went to Christchurch Polytechnic where I did a degree in craft design. I actually failed university entrance for art so I couldn’t get into art school on my marks. So I took the year off and snowboarded every day and painted at night and filled up work books so I could get myself in. I then did my post graduate at Elam School of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture. What did you do after studying? I had been institutionalised my ENTHUSIASTIC: Anneke Stewart on the slopes with her four-year-old daughter Phoenix. whole life so I decided to move overseas where I spent 10 years. What was it like living overseas? I tried to get art-related jobs but they wouldn’t recognise my degree there. While I was there I got very good at graffiti. My partner of the time was an aerosol artist so I went out to do public walls with him quite often. I was part of a paint jam in Brighton with about 150 graffiti artists from all around Europe and I was one of three girls. They were watching me paint and asked me how long I’ve been doing it . . . it was probably about my fifth ever piece and they were really impressed. After living in the UK I moved to Morzine, France and I got a job as a photographer. The first gig was at the Arctic Circle up the top of Sweden to an event called The Battle which is legendary in the snowboarding world. I ended up meeting a pro rider from Sweden and we ended up dating for four years. SUNSET: Mandala light box created from an original photo taken near Shag Rock after the February 22, 2011, earthquake. Why did you make the move back to New Zealand? After the Sweden saga I came home. I became unwell and developed really bad endometriosis. I was close to being booked in to get surgery but I wanted time to get my body strong so I moved to Wanaka. Being a Reiki master I was aware that what was going on could be fixed holistically. I worked with a natural healer and nutritionist for a year and I got rid of it completely without any surgery. You got engaged earlier this year, how did you meet you partner? When I moved to Wanaka I met my partner Anthony who’s a builder. We lived in Wanaka for a couple of years before moving to Leeston, then to the high country and now we’re in Sumner. We have two kids together – Phoenix who’s four and Knox who is twoand-a-half. After the endometriosis I was told I wouldn’t be able to conceive children easily so my children are miracles. He’s from the Taranaki so he’s a North Island boy but I managed to move him down here because I’m a hardcore Cantabrian. SCIRT programme on the home straight SCIRT’s five year programme of repairs to pipes, roads, bridges and retaining walls is almost complete and will finish in December. Most of our repairs involve fixing the city’s underground pipe networks with only small amount of our work focused on roads. Our roading work largely involves fixing where we have dug down to repair and replace the earthquake damaged pipes beneath. The result may look a little patchy but we repair roads to a reliable and serviceable standard. The City Council and NZ Transport Agency will continue completing ongoing repairs to the city's earthquake-damaged roads after SCIRT. Progress in your neighbourhood • The Durham Street overbridge repairs in Sydenham are scheduled to be completed this month. • Our work in Hoon Hay is now winding up. • Repairs to the wastewater network in Spreydon are now complete. • Fresh water, storm water and wastewater repairs in Cashmere are three-quarters of the way through and are due to finish next month. • Your support is helping us to get the job done, thank you from the SCIRT team. Want more info? Email: Phone: 941 8999 Find out about work in your area: Email us on: to get our: Weekly Traffic Update Monthly e-Newsletter Follow us on Twitter: @SCIRT_info #chchtraffic • Anna McAlpine, Traffic Manager working with SCIRT’s Fletcher team. Programme funded by