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Selwyn Times: August 30, 2016

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday August 30 2016 SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Maddisons Rd safety concerns Weedons Residents’ Association chairman John McKim writes about traffic concerns on Maddisons Rd. When first becoming a Selwyn resident more than 20 years ago this writer approached both the district council and the local power authority to help improve the safety on Maddisons Rd during the winter because of the dense fog. The district council was asked to put a white line down the centre of the road and the power authority to place reflectors on the power poles. Within a few weeks reflectors appeared on the poles. The district council’s response was that the road was too narrow for them to legally put a white line down the centre. After a very lengthy protracted battle of several years a white line magically appeared as if placed by the road safety fairy. Then came Izone - at the consents hearing for Izone the writer along with a number of others based their submission on road safety issues which would, or could, be caused by the consent being granted. The commissioner refused to hear these submissions which meant that the district council did not have to consider external traffic issues. When the matter of Maddisons Rd being used effectively as a main thoroughfare was raised an expert employed by the district council stated that a traffic island at the junction of Hoskyns Rd and Maddisons Rd would prevent any heavy transport using Maddisons Rd. The mind boggles. Latest (2014) official traffic figures released by the council show a fourfold increase. For most of its length along Maddisons Rd there is barely enough room for two trucks to pass let alone if a cyclist is included in the equation. But, according to the mayor, when it was suggested that cyclists should be restricted to single file his view expressed at a council meeting was that the trucks should simply have to fall into line behind the cyclists until there was sufficient room to pass. GETTING BUSIER: Maddisons Rd ​ This may work on the planet ZOG but it isn’t happening here on planet Earth. In emails sent to the Weedons Residents’ Association by the district council they openly admit to adopting a wait and see policy relating to Maddisons Rd. How long will they have to wait to see someone killed because of their refusal to look seriously at the problem? This week’s unfortunate death on another Weedons through road emphasises the fact that the council should look more seriously at local traffic patterns. District council acting chief executive Stephen Hill responds to John McKim’s comments in today’s soapbox: The district council is continuing to monitor vehicle use of Maddisons Rd. Rural roads near Rolleston are experiencing more traffic as the area grows and this road has seen about a threefold increase in traffic from data recorded in the 1990s to the most recent traffic counts from 2014 that show on average approximately 1800 vehicles using the road per day. To date, the main safety concern on this road has been vehicle crashes at the Maddisons Rd and Weedons Ross Rd intersection and for this reason the district council is participating in a flashing stop warning sign trial at this location. Changes planned to the wider roading network are expected to assist in managing increased traffic. Jones Rd is planned to be widened from Hoskyns Rd to Weedons Ross Rd within the next 12 months making this a more attractive route into Rolleston’s industrial area than the equivalent section of Maddisons Rd. A new motorway interchange at Weedons Ross Rd is expected be constructed by NZTA by 2018 as part of stage 2 of the Southern Motorway extension. This will assist by diverting traffic that to date has preferred not to use State Highway One-off nearby local roads onto the new four-lane motorway. The police investigation into the tragic accident on Newtons Rd involving a pedestrian and a vehicle is currently under way and speculation on the cause of the accident is not appropriate at this time. Want to be elected? • Local Council • Community Board • Ecan • CDHB AMY ADAMS MP FOR SELWYN FIREWOOd 4 SALE You need to talk to Star Media about your campaign today. Let us help you. Call Lynette Evans P. 03 364 7434 | M. 021 222 7831 E. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter please visit CONTACT P: 03 344 0418 | F: 03 344 0420 E: Working hard for our communities Authorised by Amy Adams, 829 Main South Road, Templeton, Christchurch √ Free delivery √ Eftpos available √ 3m 3 - 14m 3 √ Split and Seasoned Call Rini today 027 451 7300

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday August 30 2016 9 Readers respond to district councillors calls for an upgrade to the intersection of State Highway 1 and Weedons Ross Rd to be completed as soon as possible in the interests of road safety. Jules Wilke, of Springston – This intersection is an absolute disaster and anyone crossing it takes their life into their hands. I would advise an alternative route which takes you through Rolleston to the lights and then back tracking. Attempting a left hand turn followed by a U-turn isn’t a safe alternative. The best and required alternative is a flyover and the sooner the better in the Interest of saving lives. Basil Meyer, of Charing Cross – The Weedons Ross Rd/- State Highway 1 intersection is dangerous, no question about it. I wonder if that intersection cannot be made safer by a big roundabout instead of this proposed flyover at the substantial $195 million – a roundabout at a fraction of the cost, achieving the same. Brian Hall, of Weedons – I am an elderly resident living on McClelland Rd and I absolutely hate the Weedons Ross Rd and State Highway 1 intersection. If I have to get to the other side of the main road at a busy time I go considerably further down to the lights at Rolleston. So the sooner we get the new interchange the better. Gary Doyle, of Weedons Residents’ Association secretary/ treasurer: The proposed four-laning of Main South Rd is finally starting to look like being a reality. For a very long time now many of us have been in discussions and debate with NZTA over the best way to approach the project. During this entire time which has often been quite stressful there has never been any assistance offered by any of the district councillors. The staff on the other hand have been extremely helpful. Now that the project is looking like being about to start we are suddenly seeing some of the district councillors sticking their heads up over the parapet - could it be that this is election time, I wonder? As the secretary of the Weedons Residents’ Association I have been a strong advocate for more information and have received a considerable amount of data from NZTA which I hold on file. Council, however, seems solely interested in the Rolleston community which in all fairness is not directly involved in the possible disruptions that will occur as all the work is outside their zone of influence. So let’s have a better dispensation of data to those whose properties and lives will be majorly affected. Brian Whittington of Rolleston responds to an articles in last week’s issue of the Selwyn Times about the Rolleston Reserve land exchange proposal – No they should not be turning Rolleston Reserve into retail, the district council should be planning an area for a shopping centre were it is safe to shop, keep what is there now as drive to shops. But look at the new shopping centres in the North Island and overseas were there is no main roading going through, parking is in the outer area and then being able to walk in safety around the shops free of the noise and smell of the vehicles. Do we want Rolleston to be like Hornby? Your local vet right here in the heart of Selwyn! Selwyn Vet Centre is a modern, purpose-built totally independent veterinary practice. Nick and Yolande Howell have a total of 40 years veterinary experience between them. How can we help your precious pet? Call us today! Phone: 03 347 7419 - Visit: 829 Jones Rd, Rolleston Email: - Web: