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From comedy to tragedy for director

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

SKILLED IN bringing the house

down, Daniel Pengelly has been

involved with The Court Jesters

for about 12 years.

Now in his role as associate

director at The Court Theatre,

he has branched out from his

comedy background to produce

a thought-provoking production

of The Events written by David


Pengelly (let) will direct the

show, which has been

influenced by the mass

murder of 77 people

in Norway by Anders

Behring Breivik in


Pengelly, 29, said it

has been one of the

hardest projects he had

done as an associate director but

one of the most satisfying.

“I have been scared of this for

months, but also really excited,”

he said.

The Events tells the story of

a community choir director

searching for answers ater a

young man came into her choir

and shot several of the members.

“For me, it opens up this

global issue that is happening in

America. It is trying to open up

questions and asking why. Why

in this society are they producing

these young men who will

go and do these horrific things?

How did they get so disconnected

from their community?”

Pengelly said.

The show will also feature 13

choirs from around Canterbury.

Pengelly said the choirs will

perform about seven songs in the

show but they have not seen the


“At some points they are performers

and stand up and sing,

and at other points they are the

audience. They haven’t read it so

they are experiencing it for the

first time,” he said.

Pengelly started performing at

The Court Theatre when he was

13. The only time he has been

away was to study his masters in

theatre arts (directing) from Toi

Whakaari and Victoria University

of Wellington.

As well as holding a masters,

Pengelly studied cookery at Ara

Institute of Canterbury and commerce

at Canterbury University,

which, he says, has helped him

make some of his best artistic

decisions as an associate director.

He said the reason he had

stayed at The Court Theatre

for so long was because of the

diversity of work he gets to do

compared to other theatres.

“We will do a famous musical

off West End and then next to it

we will do a kids show written

by a Christchurch writer for

Christchurch kids,” he said.

Next up, Pengelly will be going

back to his grassroots of comedy

and children’s theatre to direct

the play Robin Hood as part of

the city council’s SummerTimes


The Events will run at

The Court Theatre from

Saturday to November 12. To

book tickets go to https://


The Christchurch City Chorus finished fith

place in the 2016 Sweet Adelines International

Chorus Competition in Las Vegas. As well

as placing fith in the world, the chorus

received the most entertaining chorus award.

Representing Sweet Adelines Region 35 New

Zealand, the 133-women choir competed

against 10 other chorus’ from around the

world in the top-10 final. Musical director for

the film Pitch Perfect Deke Sharon, said the

Christchurch City Chorus was unique, blending

traditions and styles to create a glorious sound

unheard anywhere else in the world.

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