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Ladbrooks, Tai Tapu, Leeston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Prebbleton, Halswell, Rolleston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pass

Lincoln have won the Selwyn Premier Netball

competition, winning 17 straight games on their way to

the title. They defeated Rolleston 53-38 in Saturday’s

grand-final at the Lincoln Event Centre.

•More photos, p21, 22

Videolink medical plan

• By Tom Doudney

A PROPOSED 24-hour medical

facility in Rolleston could see doctors

at Christchurch Hospital giving

instructions to nurses via videolink

to provide around-the-clock care for

Selwyn residents.

And the facility could later be expanded

to include other health services.

The proposal has come out of discussions

between the district council,

Selwyn Times Canterbury District Health Board and

266mm x 90mm St John.

Grant Miller District councillors Grant Miller

and mayoral candidate Pat McEvedy,

who have been representing the district

council in the discussions, said they believed

the proposal has a strong chance

of going ahead.

The district council is considering using

land it owns next to the new St John

Selwyn Central base for the facility.

While telemedicine, the remote diagnosis

and treatment of patients via videolink

and other digital technology, has

been used before in Canterbury, this

would be the first time the approach

had been used to operate an after hours

acute service.

Patients could be triaged and assessed

before having treatment at the facility

or, in more serious cases, being sent on

to Christchurch.

Cr Miller said a 24-hour medical centre

with doctors on site was not feasible

in Selwyn as a population of well over

100,000 would be required to sustain it.

The telemedicine approach was a viable


“We’re pretty positive at the council

that we can make this happen,” he said.

“We have a good core of people working

on it and we hope to turn it into

reality pretty soon.” •Turn to page 4

Pat McEvedy


Ph 03 324 2571

irrigation wells

potable water supplies

ground source heating

geotechnical assessment

building foundations & retaining walls

120 High St, Southbridge


Tuesday September 13 2016








TECHNOLOGY doesn’t slow

down for anybody, and as

we report on page 1, Selwyn

residents could soon be treated by


Reporter Tom Doudney reveals

nurses based at a proposed

24-hour clinic in Rolleston will

be able to talk to doctors at

Christchurch Hospital and that

could be via videolink.

A proposed 24-hour medical

facility in Rolleston would see

nurses digitally linked up with

doctors at Christchurch Hospital

to provide around the clock care

for Selwyn residents.

District councillors Grant Millar

and Pat McEvedy, who is also

standing for mayor, have been

pushing the council barrow.

And congratulations to Lincoln,

victors of the Selwyn premier

netball title on Saturday. We

have the photos on pages 21-22.

– Barry Clarke

Getting to the root of tooth decay in our children


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Tom Doudney

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Lynette Evans

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“I was in denial, pure and simple. My family were

bringing it up more often with a gentle nudging

to “do something about it.” My ability to hear

accurately was impacting on my whole life and for

what ever reason, I wasn’t convinced that hearing

aids would make much difference.

I am a parent, grandparent and teacher. Conversations

were becoming increasingly difficult. I compensated

and modified my interactions to cope

but I was being robbed on personal enjoyment, on

social occasions, family occasions, everyday life.

I had been to another bigger hearing clinic 3

years ago. I left without a solution to my hearing

problem because the interview and testing was

less about me and more about a company selling

a product. It was a mechanical process and I left

despondent. I was losing my hearing and that

is personal, I needed it dealt with in a personal


Recently I happen to have a couple of conversations

with friends and colleagues who had or were getting

hearing aids. Their feedback on how fabulous

hearing aids were was so positive. They mentioned

Brenna Sincock Hearing. Right people, right time,

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into action and had booked into see Brenna.

I am not sure that I can do justice in describing

Brenna’s approach. Brenna is infinitely professional,

kind and understanding. Brenna instantly put

me at ease with her friendly nature and lead me

through an interview that really exposed my heart

and motivation as to why I would want to rectify

this increasing inability to participate more fully

in my life! Brenna gave me time and patience. She

fitted hearing aids and I was overcome by the how

much more I could hear.

We have had follow up appointments since and

adjusted the aids. I know I have her support and

can call her with questions at the drop of a hat.

That personal connection, for me, is important for

dealing with something as important as hearing.

In the short time that I have had my hearing aids

they have re-enhanced my life in immeasurable

ways. At school, I no longer have to ask children

to repeat themselves, my colleagues will have

noticed the difference in me, it just such a relief.


Call 03 390 2332 today

My own family are elated, to make an understatement,

but also proud of me for having had the

courage making this decision.

Hearing is a precious gift. Thank you Brenna for

your gentle professional explanations and support.

I highly recommend Brenna Sincock and her

business to anyone who may feel they have any

hearing loss. Don’t leave it for seven years, like I

did!” - Sharen Holmes

Brenna Sincock Hearing | 36 Tennyson Street, Rolleston | Darfield | Leeston

Jon Griffiths

Brenna Sincock Hearing

Branding / Appropriate Usage


Faye Leathwick AKA HearOine

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 3


Ill miss out on doctors’


• By Tom Doudney

FREE DOCTORS’ visits for

under 13-year-olds has led to

children with minor ailments

taking appointments from those

in greater need, a Rolleston

doctor says.

Rolleston Central Health

managing director Dr Philip

Schroeder said that the policy,

introduced by the Government

on July 1 last year, had had a

huge impact on general practices

in Selwyn and across Canterbury.

“We are often seeing all those

very well under 13s taking appointments

for what effectively

are just basic colds for which

they never would have been seen

in the past,” Dr Schroeder said.

“Something I am hearing

across all Selwyn practices is that

we are finding it very difficult to

see those that really need care

because the urgent appointments

are being taken up by children

who are, by and large, relatively


Dr Schroeder said that for

all the children in the under

13 group that were seen at his

practice, probably only one in 10

really needed to be.

TIME IS PRECIOUS: Dr Philip Schroeder (left), says free visits for under 13s mean a lot of

appointments are being taken by children who don’t need to see a doctor.

Many presented with minor

coughs and colds and would

have been better off being treated

at home.

When the practice couldn’t

fit in someone who needed an

urgent appointment, they were

referred to a 24-hour facility in


Dr Schroeder, who is chairman

of the Canterbury Primary Pandemic

Group, said the shortage

of urgent appointments times

was particularly difficult during

the winter when influenza

and other viral infections were


Ministry of Health community

health group manager Andrew

Inder said the new policy appeared

to have been effective at

improving access to primary

care for children aged under 13.

General practice teams could

decide how to best manage their

patients in ways that worked best

for their enrolled population.

“For instance, it could mean

that children aged under 13 are

initially triaged by a nurse, at

which point it can be decided

whether an appointment with a

GP is required,” Mr Inder said.

Rolleston resident Jenny

Fitzgerald said her adult

daughter had found it hard to

get an appointment at Rolleston

Central Health when she needed



an infection in her hand treated

with antibiotics recently.

She had initially been told she

would either have to wait two

days or visit a 24-hour service

in Christchurch, although as it

turned out they did manage to fit

her in the next day.

“I just felt it wasn’t good

enough,” Mrs Fitzgerald said.


found it hard to get a timely

appointment at your medical

centre? Are people too quick

to take their children to a

doctor? Send your views to



7 pm start | Doors & Bar open 6.00pm

Jeremy Corbett | Justine Smith | Ben Hurley | Tom Furniss

at The Famous Grouse Hotel or email

In Brief


The outcome of the Rolleston

Reserve Land exchange proposal

is expected tomorrow. The

decision on developing over half

of the reserve into a commercial

area went to the hearings

panel last month. The district

council received 50 submissions

opposing the idea. Only nine

supported it.


A Rolleston woman and

a Christchurch man were

recovering in Christchurch

Hospital yesterday after being

involved in a crash at the

intersection of Main South

Rd and Weedons Ross Rd on

Sunday at about 10am. Sergeant

Dan Harker said the woman,

who was the sole occupant of her

car, pulled out onto Main South

Rd in front of the man who was

on a motor-cycle.


Work on the skate park in

Darfield has finally finished. The

redevelopment of the skate area

at Westview Park has now been

completed. New ramps have

been added to the skate area, as

well as a shade cover.

Introducing John Sunckell –

ECan candidate

A third generation farmer from Leeston,

married to Karen with two children, I have

been involved with St John Ambulance

in Selwyn for the past 34 years and also

participate and lead in many other sports

and community groups.

For five years I have been involved with

the Selwyn/Waihora Zone Committee and

also with the development of the Selwyn

Waihora subchapter.

I am standing for ECan in the knowledge

that we are changing practices and moving

our environmental footprint forward with

a population also accepting of the need for


To overcome and continually improve the

environmental challenges we face, genuine

engagement on farm and in our vibrant

rural communities is required – working


As well as environment issues, ECan

is also about the continued building of

infrastructure, connectivity and transport

vital for our future in Canterbury –

especially in the rural hinterland.

Our governors need a collaborative approach

to take us and our communities forward.

I believe that with my strong community

focus and knowledge of water and

agriculture, I will make a strong governor

for Canterbury and representative for Mid


John Sunckell

ECAN 2016

“Working together taking us forward”

• A steady experienced hand

• Strong Mid Canterbury voice

• Thriving sustainable communities

• Responsible resource use

• Simple regulatory processes

0274 542 554


Authorised by John Sunckell, 100 Caldwells Road, Leeston


Tuesday September 13 2016


Fundraiser success for Maddie

•From page 1

CDHB’s general manager

planning and funding Carolyn

Gullery said it was willing to

partner with the district council

and health providers to deliver

the service.

“As Cr Miller is aware, CDHB

MORE THAN $26,000 was

raised for a West Melton girl in

need of a kidney transplant.

A total of $26,218.10 has been

donated to 12-year-old Maddie

Collins following a ball held

recently for her.

Maddie Collins is in need

of a kidney transplant and her

best hopes of finding a suitable

match require her to travel to

the United States. The trip is

expected to cost $350,000.

The ball was held on September

3 and the money was raised

from ticket sales, donations and

an auction.

Fundraising efforts continue

with a national mufti day

planned for this Friday.

West Melton School is joining

the fundraising efforts to help

ex-pupil Maddie.

The event has been put

together for schools and businesses

across the country to get

involved in.

West Melton School principal

Sue Jackson said the school had

no hesitation in getting involved

in ‘Mufti Day for Maddie.’

“We were touched by Maddie

and her family when she was a

student here. Maddie is such a

wonderful girl who has so much

to offer. Taking part in this event

is the least we can do.

“We often have mufti days

for good causes. I can’t think

of a better one than this,” Mrs

Jackson said.

The mufti day is a fundraising

event held across the country

for schools and businesses to

help raise the money needed for

Maddie to get to the US.

•To donate to Maddie

visit https://givealittle.


is unable to fund building costs

for a facility, but are reliant on a

joint process for this initiative,”

she said.

Cr Miller said he hoped it

could be up and running within

two years.

After that, there would be the

FUNDRAISER: The national mufti day aims to collect

money for Maddie to go towards the $350,000 for her to

travel to the United States for a kidney transplant.

Videolink medical plan for 24-hour Rolleston clinic

potential to base other types of

health services such as mental

health and radiology services in

the building, reviving the concept

of a health hub for Rolleston

– an idea which had previously

been raised by CDHB but

which has since stalled.

Cr McEvedy said having after

hours care closer at hand would

be particularly welcome for

older people and children.

“You won’t have to go to

Riccarton or Bealey Ave for

care, hopefully you will have a

shorter wait time,” he said.


$20,000 up

for grabs at

Lincoln fair

A PRIZE pool of nearly $20,000

will be up for grabs at the Lincoln

Primary School fair on Sunday.

There are 16 prize packs totalling

$19,500. First place totals $1,800

which includes restaurant vouchers,

paint bull sessions and a Waimak

Alpine Jet adventure tour. Other

prize packs include, gym memberships,

movie passes and more.

The fair is part of the school’s

150th anniversary which will involve

a week of celebrations, starting

this weekend and finishing up next

weekend with the main reunion.

This is the Parent Teacher Association’s

major fundraiser for the year.

Money raised from the fair will be

used to complete landscaping plans,

and will include permanent seating

and shade structures to provide the

pupils with protection from the sun

during lunch and play breaks.

There will be a competition between

Flemington Subdivision and

their real estate company, First National

Real Estate Giera Progressive.

The two businesses will provide the

materials for their building partners

who will each build a playhouse

from scratch on site at the fair.

Christchurch auctioneer, Bryan

Andrews, will auction off the playhouses

and all proceeds will be

donated to the school.

• I live locally in Selwyn Central Ward with my

wife and family

• 38 years in NZ Police force - last 4 were based

here in Selwyn

• It is my privilege to have served this

community as your Ward Councillor for the last

6 years.

• Providing an honest, open and common sense

approach to resolve the issues and challenges

that face Selwyn

24th & 25th






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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 5


Frustration over church repairs

• By Tom Doudney

SIX YEARS after the

September 2010 earthquake,

the Hororata community is

still in the dark about when its

badly damaged heritage church

will be restored.

When the 7.1 magnitude

earthquake hit, the bell tower of

St John’s Anglican Church toppled

and fell through the roof.

Hororata Community

Trust trustee Olive Webb said

many in the community had

expressed frustration with the

lack of visible progress on fixing

the church.

“After the earthquake this

building was surrounded by

people from the community,

some of whom were regular

church goers and some weren’t,

who were weeping at the

destruction of the church,” she


“We are constantly asked:

‘What’s the time frame, what’s

happening?’ and all we can tell

them is that we are waiting on

a response from [the Church

Property Trustees].”

HCT has put a proposal to

the Church Property Trust on

how they can work together

towards restoring the church.

HCT sees its role as fundraising

and helping to determine the

specifications of the repair, in

PATCHED UP: The damaged bell tower and roof of St

John’s Anglican Church in Hororata have been covered for

now but the timeline for restoration remains unknown. ​

consultation with the community.

said there had been a lot of

Hororata vicar Jenni Carter

A Church Property Trustees work done behind the scenes on

spokesman declined to answer the future of the church.

specific questions by the Selwyn “The parish is all about people,

it’s not about buildings and

Times about how much the

restoration was expected to there is progress being made on

cost and how much the church the stone church, you just can’t

would pay, when restoration see it.”

might take place and the availability

of insurance funds for owner Jarnia Kupe said the

Hororata Cafe and Wine Bar

the building.

church remained at the heart of

The repair was “very complex,”

the spokesman said. tion was an important issue for

the community and its restora-

“The trustees look forward locals.

as the community does to St “It’s better to be done properly

[rather than quickly] so as a

John’s church again being a

vibrant part of the church and local resident it’s sad in a sense

community life.”

that nothing has happened yet

SORRY SIGHT: The inside

of the church after the

September 2010 earthquake.


but also there is a lot to be done

to bring it up to standard so

you kind of accept that.”

Hororata parishioner Kate

Foster said the congregation

had not suffered from the loss

of the church as it had the use

of the smaller wooden church

but she would like to see the

stone church restored for heritage



do you feel about the

lack of visible progress

on restoring the St

John’s Anglican Church?

Send your views to tom.

In Brief


The Ellesmere and Malvern

Area Plans are up for approval

at tomorrow’s district council

meeting. The plans, developed

in consultation with the

community, identify key issues and

opportunities for towns within each

ward and are meant to encourage

sustainable development practises.

They will be used to inform future

District Plan Review, Long Term

Plan and Annual Plan processes.


St John is expecting to open the

main office at its new Selwyn

Central base in Rolleston in the next

two weeks. The office had initially

been expected to open by the start of

last week but work had taken longer

to complete than expected. St John is

already operating out of the garage

at the base.


Lincoln University has made an

$11 million partial insurance

settlement in the ongoing process

of resolving its insurance claims

arising from damage caused by

the September 2010 earthquake.

The settlement covers 140 smaller

buildings on the university’s Te

Waihora campus. A revised campus

master plan will consider the reuse

and refurbishment of buildings,

new buildings where required, and

releasing surplus buildings.




taking action

getting results

Why do I deserve your vote?

I have the drive and leadership to ensure an efficient, effective council.

The business skill set required to increase Selwyn’s economic growth.

A proven track record as a collaborative, effective leader in council, community, sports and education.

I’m committed to Selwyn and have a clear understanding of council systems, environmental and community affairs.


Building a bright future for Selwyn



Tuesday September 13 2016





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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 7


Pub back advertising liquor

• By Tom Doudney

THE Hospitality Association

of New Zealand has welcomed

a “precedent-setting’’ ruling

which allows the Prebbleton

Tavern to advertise its offlicence

alcohol prices to


The Gilmore family, who own

the bar and bottle store, had

appealed the Selwyn District

Licensing Committee’s decision

to add a new condition prohibiting

it from advertising alcohol

outside the premises when

renewing its liquor off-licence

last year.

In its decision released last

week, the Alcohol Regulatory

and Licensing Authority

ordered the condition be removed.

Hospitality Association

regional manager Amy

McLellan-Minty said it was a

very good and sensible decision

to overturn the “unjustified”


“I’m just really happy for the

Gilmores because they can get

back to what they have been doing

for the past 30 years.”

She believed the case would

set a precedent for other offlicensed

premises which wished

to advertise prices outside.

The district licensing committee’s

chairman Al Lawn

said that “as with all judicial

precedent, the committee will

take it into account when considering

future alcohol licence


When imposing the condition,

the district licensing

committee had stated that

advertising outside the premises

detracted from the amenity of

the locality and placed alcohol

“in the faces of those who pass


However, Mr Gilmore had argued

that it wasn’t fair to limit

advertising for his off-licence

when supermarkets and other

alcohol retailers were able to

advertise more freely; and that

there was no evidence of harm

caused by the signage.

In summarising its decision,

ARLA found that the

condition was unreasonable

because the district licensing

committee had failed to provide

supporting evidence that the

signage would increase the

risk of alcohol-related harm or

detract from the amenity of the


Tavern manager Shannon

Gilmore said he was ecstatic

about the decision.

“I’m happy that the process

was followed and the right

outcome has happened at the



Tavern manager

Shannon Gilmore

wasted no

time in putting

signage for his

off-licence back

outside following

a successful

appeal against a

Selwyn District






end of the day. Unfortunately,

it has been at the cost of our

business and our trade,” Mr

Gilmore said.

The decision comes hard

on the heals of another bit of

good news for the tavern which

has been named as one of 10

national finalists in a competition

to find the best pub which

serves Guinness.


do you think of the decision

to allow the Prebbleton

Tavern’s signs advertising

alcohol? Send your views to



Digitise your

Selwyn photo


residents to find photos from

Rolleston’s past and present and

have them digitised for display at

the Rolleston 150 th celebrations.

Rolleston Library will host a digitisation

day on September 25 from


Selwyn Libraries manager Vicki

Carlyon said along with photos

from Rolleston’s past, recent images

would also be considered for display

at the Rolleston 150 th celebration in


“The images will help create a

story about Rolleston’s origins and

how the town has developed over

time,” she said.

“These could include photos of

local landmarks like schools, major

shops and parks, people at work and

at play, important events in our history

and other images that create a

picture of what life was and is like in


People could bring along images,

slides and negatives they had at home

which would appeal to the wider

public so that they could be digitised.

People would also need to sign an

agreement allowing libraries to keep

a copy of images in Selwyn Libraries

digital collection for future use.

Anyone who would like a digital

copy of their image would need

to take a USB stick with sufficient




Classical Design


traditional timeless


with quality.

Easy care.

Three lengths


S - 4XL

Made in New Zealand

Shop 48 Barrington, Barrington Street

Phone 03 337 6609

Acupuncture in Lincoln


Hong Li

PhD in Immunology, BHSc (Acupuncture)

Do you suffer from any pains?

Please call me to talk more on your health.

Tel: 325 3323 or 022 353 2996

2 Kilkenny Close, Lincoln.

Organic bin tips

To ensure your organics wheelie bin is fully emptied every time:

Keep the bin weight reasonable. If you find it difficult

to move the bin, then you may find it exceeds the

truck lifting limits and could be left behind unemptied.

Keep organic bin contents loose. Don’t compact your

material by standing on it (it may not come out when

tipped by the truck).

Place weeds, branchy material or newspaper at the

bottom of the bin before filling with grass clippings.

This reduces the likelihood of the grass clippings

getting stuck.

Organics only! Absolutely NO plastic bags!

No metals, glass, rocks or stones, bricks or

rubbish please. These cause considerable

damage to the organics shredder.

Put flax and cabbage leaves in your rubbish.

Make sure your bin is not over full – the lid

must close.


Tuesday September 13 2016



Head girl to

lose locks

• By Devon Bolger

LINCOLN HIGH’S head girl

Elin Harris will say goodbye to

her long locks in the name of


Tomorrow Elin and six other

students will shave their heads

to raise money for the not-forprofit

CanTeen organisation.

Collectively the

students have

raised almost

$3000 but they

hope to get more

before the event.

CanTeen is an

organisation that

raises money for and supports

young people around the

country with cancer.

Elin (above) said shaving her

head to support CanTeen has been

an idea of hers for several years.

“This has been something I

have wanted to do since I started

high school in 2012,”

“To me, shaving my head is

not only about raising money,

but awareness – awareness for

all New Zealand teenagers that

continue to fight every day,” Elin


•To donate to Elin go to


HEAD TO HEAD: Either the Lincoln High School first XV rugby team (left), or the school’s first XI football team will lose their leg hair


Hair-raising thought of a loss

• By Devon Bolger

FOR THE first time in Lincoln

High School history, the first XV

rugby team, and first XI football

team, will be going head-to-head.

Each team has been tasked

with trying to raise as much

money as possible for the nonprofit

CanTeen organisation by

September 14.

The team that raises the most

money gets to wax the losing

players’ legs in an event that will

be showcased in the school hall

at the annual head shaving. The

head boy and head girl will also

take part.

The event is in conjunction

with the Lincoln High School’s

‘Doing Good Campaign’. It

focuses on the students raising a

goal of $20,000 for charities during

the year.

This event for CanTeen is

expected to raise $3000. It will

bring the total to $19,000 so far.

The football team has recently

been crowned the regional first

XI champions by defeating Cashmere

High School, 2-1.

The first XV rugby team have

not done so well this season.

It’s a battle about more than

just losing leg hair; the rugby

team desperately want to see the

football team knocked down a


Rugby captain, Duncan Finlayson

said losing to the football

team is not an option.

“We’re all really keen to beat

the first XI boys – they’ve had

a winning streak that needs to

stop now. We’re all really keen to

raise awareness and money for a

fantastic cause,” Duncan said.

Football captain, Mason Stearn

is not too worried about the

competition the rugby team are


“This is just another

opportunity for the first XI boys

to claim another win,” Mason


The idea of waxing their legs

was thought up by rugby player

Simon Lancaster and both teams

were happy to get behind the

idea, although very wary.

“I hope that I never have to wax

my legs. Hence why we’re all trying

really hard to beat the first XI

lads” Duncan said.

The winning team will be

revealed tomorrow.

•To donate to the first

XV rugby team go to



•To donate to the first

XI football team go to



Volunteers Needed

The 150th Celebration

is getting closer and

we are searching for

volunteers to help

make this a memorable

occasion for our town.

If you are interested in being part

of this wonderful celebration either

through your company or just as an

outstanding member of our town,

please contact the Rolleston 150th

Committee. rolleston150@gmail.

com or Jeff Bland on 0273999206

Be part of our


We are currently looking for

vehicle registration in our 150th

Parade and Show Day.

Vehicles from all Eras...

Entry can be anything from a

restored Traction Engine to a

brand new Ferrari, classic &

restoration, hotrods to bikes.

If you would like to join in

this wonderful occasion for

our Township please contact or pick

up a registration form from the

Selwyn Council Office, Norman

Kirk Drive, Rolleston.


of events

Friday 14 October 2016

Opening Evening 7pm – 11pm

• Official Opening

• Photo Displays

• Supper and Refreshments

Movie 7pm – 9pm

• Suitable for younger audience

Saturday 15 October 2016

Rolleston Show and CultureFest

Festival 10am – 4pm

• Trains, Vintage and Classic Cars

• Exhibits, Food and Market Stalls

• All Day Entertainment

Evening Dine and Dance

7pm - Midnight

• Meal and music by local providers

• Tickets for sale

Sunday 16 October 2016

Street Parade 10am

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 9


Tuesday September 13 2016


Your Local Views

Taking climate change seriously



If you would like to sign up for my newsletter

please visit

Amy Adams

Selwyn MP


P: 03 344 0418 | F: 03 344 0420


Working hard for our communities

Authorised by Amy Adams, 829 Main South Road,

Templeton, Christchurch


delivered to your door



44. 50


0800 77 77 10

IT SEEMS to me that the

winter here in Selwyn this year

has been warmer and drier

than usual.

I’m not a meteorologist

though, so I won’t speculate

on the causes of this entirely

subjective observation.

What we know, however, is

that scientists agree that our

earth’s climate is changing and

global emissions are a significant

factor in this change.

The Government is taking

the issue of climate change

seriously, which is why we have

set an ambitious goal for New

Zealand to reduce its greenhouse

gas emissions to 30 per

cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

This will require a massive effort

across all sectors of society

from local and central Government

through to businesses,

iwi and communities.

We have also announced

our intention to ratify the

Paris agreement on climate

change before the UN’s

Framework Convention on

Climate Change conference in

November this year. Ratifying

this year will formalise

New Zealand’s commitment

to addressing climate change

and help support worldwide

momentum towards lowering

global emissions.

The Paris agreement was

finalised in December last

year, when 180 countries that

contribute 99 per cent of global

emissions set reduced emissions


Ratifying the agreement

early gives our support to the

global momentum to implement

the agreement and helps

ensure we have a strong voice

at the table as the details of

the agreement are negotiated.

Ratifying will also build on the

solid work already being done

by New Zealanders to reduce

our emissions.

China and the US, which

are jointly responsible for just

under 40 per cent of global

emissions, have indicated they

will ratify this year, as have

Australia and Canada.

The Government already

has a number of initiatives

underway as part of our work

programme to address climate


These actions include:

•Reviewing and strengthening

the Emissions Trading

Scheme to ensure it is fit for

purpose and is encouraging

emissions reductions and tree


•Investing millions each year

to fund agriculture research

to help the primary sector

become more efficient and less


•Spending a record $1.2 billion

over three years on public

transport and encouraging the

uptake of electric vehicles

•Increasing the amount of

electricity that comes from

renewable energy from 80 per

cent currently to 90 per cent

•And developing measures

on energy and fuel efficiency.

To help ensure we’re on the

right track to reduce emissions

and meet our ambitious target,

we are also setting up three

technical advisory groups

covering adaptation, biological

emissions and forestry. This

is a big global issue and it is

important that we get our

response right.

Want to be elected?

• Local Council

• Community Board

• Ecan


You need to talk to Star Media

about your campaign today.

Let us help you.

Sunny days

are on the way

Pop in and view our summer styles that are

arriving for the warmer months

Call Lynette Evans

P. 03 364 7434 | M. 021 222 7831


Four Seasons Realty

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

HORNBY 395 Main South Road • 03 349 9919

Hillmorton 49c Halswell Road Prebbleton 2 Sterling Drive Upper Riccarton 134 Yaldhurst Road

Lost In Space……

This 1950’s home set back from the road on 1700m2 approx. of established specimen trees &

gardens. The practicality of 4 bdrms, 2 toilets, 2 separate shower rooms only further enhances this

homes potential to hassle free family living. My owners have decided there is no point holding on

to this family home any longer – IT’S TIME TO SELL!

Auction: 29th September 2016 (unless sold prior)

View at: ID#HR4309

Jackie Wither Ph 0274 503 777

Stunner On Sterling!

This stunning executive home has all you need and more. Well positioned 268 m2 home on a 876

sqm section. Four double bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite opening out to covered spa

area. Sunny open plan living, dining and kitchen area. Separate living/media room. BBQ, patio

area and garden with a water feature. Don’t delay. Call today.

Auction: 22nd September 2016 (unless sold prior)

View at: ID#HR4308

Leeanne Madden Ph 021 262 8799

Location + Potential!

3 bedroom Summerhill Stone property in sought after Upper Riccarton. Partial double

glazing, updated bathroom, heatpump, double garage, off street parking, sunny & private

deck. Easy care TC1 section. Prime location, ideal 1st home or investment, very comfortable

but potential to enhance and add value. Motivated owners committed to moving on!

Auction: 15th September 2016 (unless sold prior)

View at: ID#HR4304

Sam Steele Ph 027 864 3254

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 11

Fewer car parks not bad for business



chairman Don

Babe responds

to editor Barry

Clarke’s view

on the removal of car

parking on the main

street of Lincoln in last

week’s edition

You are not the first nor will

you be the last to jump to the

conclusion that less car parking

outside businesses means

less customers.

This has been researched

many times around the world

and I am not aware of any

results that show business

declining when car parking is



FROM AFAR: This view takes

in Mrs Wolfe’s house (right)

and Lincoln Primary School

(left) in 1920.

•Heritage photos supplied by

Selwyn Libraries on behalf

of the Lincoln and Districts

Historical Society. If you have

any information about this

photo, please contact the

library via www.selwynlibrary.


The most well-known

example is from New York,

where business grew by 47 per

cent when car parking was


I understand that Lincoln is

not New York, but similar research

has been done in Te Aro

in Wellington and Beckenham

in Christchurch with results

in the same direction, if not of

the same magnitude.

I live 5km from Lincoln

and feel no desire to go there

because there is little chance

I will meet anyone I know,

despite being in the area for 25

years and raising a family here.

The Christmas fete is great

because people are milling

about and there is a good

chance I will meet someone I


I will not go there to watch

cars go by or park. Making

the main road more peoplefriendly

will have more people

in the street so will attract visitors

and likely customers.

How do businesses think

that having two car parks in

front of their business will get

more customers? It is likely the

car parks are full of long-term

parkers so they are completely


The car park north of the

library is a great location and

should be duplicated. It supplies

a number of car parks

and is not far from the main

street, probably closer to destinations

than on street parking

would be.

The staff at Selwyn District

Council have made good plans

to energise Lincoln village,

they are to be commended.


you agree with Don

Babe’s view? Email tom.

Gorgeous Silks

in store now

Visit Smith &

Boston today

Dress to impress; whatever the occasion


Prebbleton Village | Christchurch

Ph: 03 349 5646

Terrace Downs



Make your Sunday extra special

with the Sunday buffet.

Come and enjoy a delicious menu of

classic and International flavours,

accompanied by live music.

Every Sunday 12:30pm

Adults $45pp,

Kids u12 only $20

BooK ToDAy:

03 317 9375 oR



03 318 6943

Terrace Downs Resort | Coleridge Road,

Windwhistle, Canterbury

Experience a tiny hearing aid that

outperforms normal hearing in

challenging listening environments*

A virtually invisible German engineered hearing aid that

enables wearers to understand speech in difficult listening

situations like busy restaurants, and reduces listening

effort throughout your day.*

Easy to operate with excellent sound quality and audibility.

For further information or to book an

appointment for a free hearing screening

and hearing aid demonstration

FREE PHONE: 0800 72 73 66

Completely disappears

Hearing Clinics available: Christchurch, Rangiora, Ashburton and West Coast

(Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport). Consultations by Appointment only.

*Clinically proven in two independent studies to provide better than normal hearing in certain demanding listening environments.

*Special conditions apply

Merivale Hearing Clinic

24b Church Lane, Merivale. Call: 356 2324

Greg Foote, Audiologist


Tuesday September 13 2016

Our People


Volunteer work at home and abroad

Chris Allan started the

Joshua Foundation 11

years ago, which helps

troubled youth in the city.

The Rolleston man spoke

to Caitlin Miles about

how the army saved him

from a bad path, serving

in Sierra Leone and

throwing people out of


Chris can you tell me a bit

about the Joshua Foundation?

Well, it started with the aim to

help troubled and at risk youth.

Now it is about helping all young

people, getting them integrated

into and working with their local

community better. We do a lot of

work with youth all around Canterbury

even though we are based

in Rolleston. Living out here is

close to Burnham Military Camp

which is good since I still work in

the reserve army.

Why did you move to


To provide our children with

an opportunity to learn how to

be self-sustainable with vegetable

and home-grown meat and become

self-reliant and resourceful

with what they have. We live on

0.8ha. We also want to shape the

local community and make it a

safe place to live and play. As a

growing community we all have a

responsibility to make Rolleston a

safe and desirable place to live and

bring up our children.

Do you have much to do with

clubs in Rolleston and Selwyn?

Not at the moment. I’m working

a lot so I haven’t had much to

do with the community. At the

moment a lot of the work we do is

focused more in the city but I feel

there is a need for an organisation

FOCUSED: Chris and Pamela Allan. Their children Joshua, Rachel and Becky all inherited his adrenalin gene, getting ready to

zipline while in Vanuatu, Chris is on the right.

like ours in Selwyn, I think we can

help out young people everywhere

so it’s about making sure we can

help the people we need to and

having time for everyone. I think

we will work with more people

from the area soon though.

You said we, who does that


My wife Pamela and I set it up.

Why did you decide to set up

the project?

We wanted to give kids a

chance, show them that they can

be heading down a bad track and

turn them around and get them

focused on making positive steps

in their own life and in their

communities so they can give

back to them. Once you change

one person in a family, that will

have a run-on effect when they

have a family and that will continue

down the line. That’s what

we want to do. Keep supporting

and pointing young people in a


Pamela and Chris

took their children

to volunteer to

work with villages

and children in

Mele-Mart Village,

Port Vila Efate, in


positive direction for their lives.

Where did the name Joshua

come from?

We wanted to get a name sorted

very early on and my wife and

I were both trying to come up

with ideas. As a Christian-based

organisation we were thinking

of biblical names. We decided

to go into separate rooms and

not come out until we had it.

But then we both walked out

of the rooms at the same time

and thought of the same person.

Joshua. He was hard working

and had strong determination

and they are key values we want

to install in other young people.

Did your time in the army

contribute to your idea?

It’s fair to say I was one of those

kids that I now teach. I was not

in a good way, I had left school

at 15 and was starting to get into

some bad things. Then I joined

the army and those guys basically

became my second family. They

really helped to pull me out of

that place and gave me purpose

and that kind of thing. They have

definitely had an influence on me

and my life and that’s what I hope

to do for these other kids.

What was your time in the

army like?

Like I said they are like my

second family. I also became a

jump master in the army so it

was my job was to throw people

out of C130 planes. I skydived for

25 years and it was really great. I

was a bit of an adrenalin junkie.

You spent time working in

Sierra Leone with the army,

what was that like?

It was horrendous. It was just

after the Civil War in 1993 so it

was a really unstable time over

there. It encouraged me to do

more work in other areas.

You have also done volunteer

work in Vanuatu, can you tell

me about that?

We bought a property over

there when I was a training sergeant.

Just loved the people and

the place. We wanted to serve

the villages with the kids in it.

We wanted to take our kids there

and show them how other people

have to live and show that we can

help them, so we went to some

villages and volunteered with

the people, we took over clothes

and supplies and things they

need. I think it really changed

their perspective on things. Now

we might go shopping and my

kids will point out things that we

could send to Vanuatu. They say:

‘Dad how about we take that over

next time.’ It’s really great to see

them take notice. We just want

to install a passion in them to

help other people.

Is volunteering over there

something you hope to bring

to your programmes with the

Joshua Foundation?

It is, it’s something we are

currently working on actually.

We have partnered up with the

Student Volunteer Army to do

volunteer work in Vanuatu.

Then we plan to open that to

kids across Canterbury. They

would need to fund themselves,

but the plan is to go over for 14

days and help and live in villages

so they can understand what life

is like and why it is important to

help out these people. They really

appreciate the work that people

do to help and that’s why we do


So you still work as well?

Yes, I’m the Officer Commanding

Canterbury Company

for the 2/4 RNZIR (Royal New

Zealand Infantry Regiment).

Do you get any spare time?

Not really. But I don’t mind.

My version of downtime is getting

to sit with mates, couple of

beers and watch the rugby.

You’re a Canterbury supporter


Yes, of course.



Brand new village centre and care centre

Summerset at Wigram is growing, with our new village

centre officially opening this month. The village centre

will be the new heart of our retirement village and our

residents are looking forward to all it has to offer.

The village centre includes; an indoor swimming

pool, spa pool, café, bowling green, indoor bowls, pool

table, lounges and more. We will also offer rest home

and hospital-level care for residents and the wider

community in our brand new care centre.

Come and see why

we love the life at Summerset


at Wigram

135 Awatea Road, Christchurch

Contact Anne Walker on 03 741 0872

Artist’s impression

To find out more about the living options available

contact Anne on 03 741 0872.

Love the life


SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 13

Pupils get out and about


WEST MELTON School pupils

have had a busy couple of weeks,

including a 29km bike ride.

The year 7 and 8 pupils took

on the challenge of biking

along the Little River Rail Trail

from Kaituna to Little River. It

involves a 14.5km bike ride each


Meanwhile, as part of the Environschools

programme, pupils

also took part in a planting day

at Kowhai Sanctuary.

The pupils got to see how

much the trees they had planted

last year had grown. They

also did a water study, which

involved catching creatures they

found in the water and looking

at them through a magnifying


West Melton School, in conjunction

with the district council,

launched their Safe School

Travel Plan.

Local emergency services also

got involved by bringing fire

engines, police patrol cars and

an ambulance for pupils to look


Their week was topped off

when their kapa haka group

performed at the Christchurch

Schools’ Cultural Festival.

FORMATION: The pupils all followed

one another, stopping at spots along

their bike ride to look at the view.

HAPPY BIKERS: The year 7 and 8 pupils were all

smiles and waves as they stopped on their journey

along the Little River Rail Trail.

SINGING: The pupils sung during their kapa haka

performance at the Christchurch Schools’ Cultural


POLICE TREATMENT: Camryn, Paige and Trae

got to see what it’s like to be in the back of a

police car.

DRIVER: Iroquois stood outside the fire truck while

Joel hung on to the steering wheel and Caleb sat

in the passenger seat.

HAKA: Liam Stanbury, Tana Ruru and Zane Kelly from Darfield Primary

School performed at the Christchurch Schools’ Cultural Festival recently.

EYES ON THE BALL: West Melton School pupil, Cameron, gets ready to hit the

ball after learning some new skills through a Canterbury Tennis programme,

which aims to promote the sport in the region. •More Local Schools, p16


Tuesday September 13 2016


Orion Network



Orion wishes to advise residents in the Southbridge

and Leeston areas that it will be starting a maintenance

programme on the electrical network, from the week of

19 September 2016.

This maintenance work will take

about a week, depending on the

weather and the nature of any issues


The area of works is indicated on

the map by the roads in white. Work

will begin in the Drain Rd area, and

progress towards the coastline and

onto Rakaia Island.

While we will do everything we can to

minimise disruption to power supply

during this period, some outages may

occur during the course of works.

We apologise for any inconvenience

that this, or any other aspect of the

work, may cause.

These works are part of Orion’s

ongoing maintenance programme

to reduce the incidence of power

outages, and to improve the overall

resilience of the network in your area.

Please contact us on 03 363 9898 or

0800 363 9898 if you would like to

find out more.

Thank you for your patience.


7 Cross Rds

Hills Rd



Beethams Rd

Leeston Rd

Drain Rd

Volckman Rd

The Lake Rd


Cryers Rd

Rakaia Island

Washbourns Rd

Pohau Rd

Jollies Rd

Rakaia Huts

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 15


Fire truck rolls out

the fun factor

• By Margot Taylor


Nigel Hope says he could

have bought a jet ski but

instead his fun vehicle

purchase was a former

Dunedin Fire Service

Mack snorkel.

The 1982 red and white

fire engine rolled back into

Dunedin recently for the

Special Rigs for Special

Kids rally.

The five-hour jaunt

from Mr Hope’s shed in

Broadfield to its former

home city was by no

means the biggest journey

the Mack had been on, he


“A few years ago, we

took it to a truck event in

Brisbane. It went on a ship

via Japan to get there,” Mr

Hope said.

“I think the guy that

bought it before me was

going to use it for hedge

pruning, but like all good

ideas it didn’t last.’’

The vehicle tow-truck

business owner said he

could not resist buying

the vehicle when he saw it

New entrants

UP, UP, UP: Nigel Hope, of Christchurch,

demonstrating his former Dunedin Fire Service

Mack snorkel at the recent Special Rigs for Special

Kids rally in Dunedin.


advertised nine years ago.

“It’s a fun vehicle. Some

people buy jet skis, I

bought a fire truck.’’

In its “retirement’’, the

truck and the 16.5m snorkel

proved popular for “all

kinds of events’’.

“It was used to take the

guys from work on Saturday

morning down to the

Lucy Miller (left) joined

her sister Sophie as a new

pupil at Clearview Primary


pub for lunch because we

could all fit in it.

“It’s also been used to

take kids to school balls.

“The hotel wanted me to

use it to clean windows,’’

he said.

It was even used to help

put out a serious fire in his

neighbour’s paddock.

– Otago Daily Times

Authorised by Mark Alexander 478 Two Chain Road RD7 Christchurch 7677.

ü Vote












Chloe started at West

Melton School.

•If your child has started school recently send a photo of them to Caitlin.


Tuesday September 13 2016


SCENE: A cast of 13 students have spent several weeks putting together a performance which will debut next

week. ​

SERIOUS: Chelsea Smith and Kharissa

Tomkins both play the serious character of

Inspector Hound.

Mix of humour and disaster in production

CHARACTER: Anastasia

McPherson plays Cynthia, a

young widow in the show.


debut its latest production next


Students will perform Tom

Stoppard’s The Real Inspector


The team of 13 senior students

and two teachers have put together

the performance as part

of a National Certificate of Educational

Achievement standard

the students have to do for their

drama class.

They got to choose from a variety

of plays and picked The Real


Inspector Hound because of its

mix of humour and disaster.

Jak Mitchell, Tyrone Jagers,

Westen Dunn, Jack Dudley,

Martina Cepeda Rios, Grace

Walker, Anastasia McPherson,

Katie Ferris, Josh Hardy, Chelsea

Smith, Kharissa Tomkins, Jayde

Vivian, and Jerome Taefu make

up the cast who will tell the murder

mystery story.

It is a comic take on the whodunnits

genre. Its plot includes a

secluded English country manor

house, ominous radio reports of

a criminal on the loose, visitors

behaving suspiciously, a relative

with a unknown past and an

unidentified dead body.

Year 12 student Anastasia

McPherson said she has enjoyed

getting to act out her character,


“I feel like the best part is acting

out your character because

you can play around with technique

and choose the best that

suits your character,” Anastasia


This production is part of a

wider celebration of arts and

culture the school has put


The celebrations have been

named CAF@E, cultural arts

festival at Ellesmere and the

performances will highlight the

kapa haka group and a talent










HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 17

Foster Park



Foster Park – Spring 2016 update

Take a stroll at Foster Park

New shared walking/cycling paths that can now be used by the public have been laid around the perimeter of the park and through the park (see map

opposite for path locations). Additional paths will be laid in the future.

Foster Park hosted its first winter sport season with over 600 footballers of all ages taking part in weekend matches. A new LED sports field lighting

system was installed in March and is providing good lighting which is cost efficient for evening sports practices and games. Rolleston Men’s Shed

have established a building at the Dynes Road end of the park and are using their new home. A new temporary toilet facility has been installed

near Broadlands Drive (5 on the map). Permanent toilet facilities will be included in a planned indoor sport complex.

Foster Park is in bloom!



14,500 daffodil bulbs were planted in the autumn by volunteers and Council staff and the daffodils are now starting to bloom at the

park. You can view the display, but please don’t pick the flowers – leave them for everyone to enjoy. We are also planning to plant

more daffodils – with around another 5,000 to be planted each autumn for the next three years, with help from volunteers.




Work planned this summer

Over the next six months we plan to work on these projects at

the park at the locations shown on the map:

· Creating a new sealed carpark near Broadlands Drive

· Developing a hockey mini-turf for local hockey teams

· Developing three new sports fields near Dynes

Road (shown as 7 on the map) to increase

sports field capacity in Rolleston

· Creating some landscaped banks (at 11)

to provide an area for relaxation

· Continuing to design the new

playground, which is planned

to be built within the next

12 months.








9 8








Completed projects

1 Selwyn Aquatic Centre

2 Dog Park

3 Playing fields

4 Maintenance/storage facility

5 Temporary changing/toilets

In progress 2016/17

6 High school site

7 Future playing fields

8 Playground

9 Future car parking

10 Hockey turf

11 Landscaped mounds

Future projects

12 Gravel Pit

13 Proposed indoor courts

14 Wilderness play

15 Recreation/events oval

Tree planting 2017-2025

Tree planting completed

Paths completed

Lighting installed on fields

Daffodil planting

Children’s playground update

The Council recently surveyed 83 Rolleston schoolchildren and invited comments from adults to gather information on what they would

like included in a major new playground to be developed at Foster Park opposite the Selwyn Aquatic Centre.

Some of the most popular types of play equipment kids wanted to see included a mouse wheel (similar to a large hamster

wheel), a big slide, a tree hut fort, a flying fox, swings, a BMX and scooter track and a climbing wall.

“The survey results have helped identify what types of activities kids would most like to have at the park. While we may

not be able to fit all of the play options into the park we are looking to accommodate as many of the most popular

options as we can comfortably fit into the space available,” says John Reid, Major Projects Property Manager, who is

overseeing the development of Foster Park.

John says the park will be designed as a destination playground which offers a wider range of play options

than local neighbourhood play grounds. “We’re aiming to create a very exciting facility for kids that will bring

people to the park to enjoy a family outing,” he says.

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338



Walking Festival

comes to Selwyn

Look out for your voting papers

The local elections are held by postal vote. Voting papers will be

posted on 16 September and should arrive in your mail next week.

Voting papers must be returned by 12 noon on Saturday 8 October

– please post your voting papers back promptly to ensure your vote

counts or return them to a ballot box at a Council office.

In Selwyn, you will be voting for the Mayor, local ward Councillors

and if you live in Malvern ward, Malvern Community Board

members. You will also vote for one Environment Canterbury

Councillor to represent the mid Canterbury Area, and for seven

Canterbury District Health Board members who are elected at large

from across Canterbury. Your voting papers include candidate

profile information to help you decide who you want to vote for and

instructions on how you can vote.

If you haven’t received your voting papers by 23 September please

contact the Council so we can issue special voting papers to you.

Electoral staff can mail voting papers to you or you can visit the

Council’s Rolleston Headquarters or Darfield, Leeston or Lincoln

Library and Service Centres to collect your papers.

If you have any questions about the election and voting, please

contact Electoral Officer Douglas Marshall on 347 2701.

Spring is here and Selwyn residents can explore our district, enjoy some sunshine and get fit by

taking part in The Breeze Walking Festival.

The festival starts on Saturday 24 September, with over 50 free walks planned throughout Selwyn,

Christchurch and Waimakariri. It runs until 9 October, taking in the school holidays and there are

walks to suit all abilities and ages, including kids.

Two walks are taking place in Selwyn during the festival:

· The Rakaia Gorge Experience (Tuesday 27 September, 10am-4pm). Enjoy magnificent views of

the gorge (pictured) and learn about the area from a Department of Conservation guide. This

11km walk is suitable for fit individuals, but not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs

· Harts Creek Sneak (Thursday 29 September, 10am-12pm). Meet at 31 Lower Lake Road and

bring your binoculars on a 2km easy walk to discover local birdlife including swans, pukeko,

Canada geese, ducks, white heron and pied stilts. The walk is suitable for buggies.

Booking is required to join both free walks – to book please phone 347 2719 or email

Selwyn residents can also join walks further afield in Christchurch and Waimakariri. Planned

events include walks along the Avon River, at Mona Vale, in ancient native forests at Riccarton

Bush and many more locations. A Great Dog Walk will take place at Roto Kohatu Lakes and an

Orienteering Treasure Hunt for kids is planned at Halswell Quarry.

To find out more about the walks taking place as part of the festival see

or pick up a guide from a Selwyn Library.

On the roads this week

Work to remove sections of high shoulder to improve the drainage of the road surface will occur on

Ellesmere, Collins and Dawsons Roads with the roads remaining open.

Road works to improve the shape of the unsealed surface will take place on sections of North Rakaia

Terrace, with traffic controls in place. Maintenance grading work will take place around the Greendale,

Leeston, Southbridge, Kirwee and West Melton areas.

Footpath repairs and resealing will take place in Rolleston on Beaumont Drive.

During September, East Maddisons Road is open to traffic travelling from Selwyn to Goulds Roads

while work continues to seal the road and complete other works. It is closed to vehicles travelling from

Goulds to Selwyn Roads.

Sign up to Selwyn Gets Ready and win!

In September, Selwyn households are being invited to sign up to the Selwyn Gets Ready website and

go into the draw to win a household emergency kit.

The kit contains several items you will need if you have to evacuate.

To join the website and go into the draw, visit www.selwyn. by 3 October and enter your details. If you’ve already

registered with Selwyn Gets Ready you’re already in the draw, and

don’t need to register again.

The Selwyn Gets Ready website is a database which contains

contact information for local residents. This information is used by

local community response teams to identify who needs assistance

in an emergency and who has skills or resources (like first aid skills

or generators) that could help in a disaster. In a disaster a network

of community response teams operates in Selwyn checking on the

welfare of their community, identifying what needs to be done in

their area and requesting assistance if needed.

The Selwyn Gets Ready system is also used to send texts or emails

warning people of events like snow, strong winds or uncontrolled

fire and to share messages from local police. Access to household

information is restricted to local community response teams and

can’t be viewed by the public.

School holiday fun coming up at

Selwyn Libraries

School holidays run from 24 September until 9 October and

bookings are now open for the libraries’ school holiday programme.

The programme includes The Wonky Donkey Show - free

performances by author and songwriter Craig Smith along with

free Scratch computer animation programming sessions and

Bee-Bot robot challenges out in the community. More information

and bookings can be made at

The libraries are also partnering with the School for Young Writers

to provide opportunities for young people. They will be delivering

two-hour workshops in Lincoln and Leeston, where children can

learn from award winning young people’s author and poet James

Norcliffe. Each session costs $20 per child. Information on the

young writers workshops is available at

To book a place email

Meet the candidate evenings

A number of community organisations have organised meetings

where you can hear from the candidates for the roles of Mayor

and local councillors and ask them questions. Upcoming meet the

candidate meetings are being held at these locations:

· Darfield Recreation Centre – Tuesday 13 September, 7.30pm

· Lincoln Event Centre – Thursday 15 September, 7pm

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive Rolleston

Ph 347 2800 or 318 8338

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 7780







An application for an on licence

has been received from YB

Securities Limited. An on

licence renewal application has

been received from Lincoln

Supermarket Limited. Both

applications are open for

submissions until 21 September.


alcoholnotices for details.


This ewe was found last week

in the Rolleston area. If you

are the owner or know who the

owner is please contact Animal

Control on 347 2910.


Submissions are now open on

a private plan change request

from Mrs J Pascoe to rezone

Living 2A (deferred) land to

Living 2 at the intersection of

Creyke Road and Telegraph

Road, Darfield. The closing

date for submissions is 5pm


Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committee meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Bernadette Ryan

(Council), Kate Anderson

(Community Boards) or your local

committee at least three days

before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committees: To list or make

changes to meeting details, email


nz or phone 347 2800 or 318

8338 by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Unless stated meetings are held

at the Rolleston Council Building

Council Meeting

Wed 14 Sep 1pm

Followed by public Citizenship

Ceremony at 6.30pm

Selwyn Central Community


Wed 21 Sep 4.30pm

Is there an issue affecting

your community that you want

to bring to your Community

Board’s attention and find out

what we can do to help? See

‘Meetings’ for information on our

Public Forum.

Malvern Community Board

Mon 26 Sep 4pm

Darfield Library/Service Centre

Is there an issue affecting your

community that you want to

New Zealands

Youngest old town

on 11 October 2016. For more

details see the public notice in

this week’s Selwyn Times or visit


Join Tony Bywater for an

introductory workshop on basic

Bonsai techniques at the Lincoln

Envirotown Community Gardens

(James Street) from 9.30am-

12.30pm on Saturday 1 October.

There is a registration fee of $15

that covers the tree, potting mix,

grow bags, wire, and morning

tea. Please register your interest

by contacting Ruth on 325 2193

or emailing ruth.wood@xtra. by Monday 26 September.



New members welcome, sign

up for a library card on the bus.

Call our friendly driver on 021

773 400.

Wednesday 14 September

Arthur’s Pass 11.30am-12.30pm

Castle Hill 1.40-2.15pm

Springfield 3-3.30pm

Thursday 15 September

Lincoln Montessori 11-11.30am

Council Headquarters


Cat’s Pyjamas Rolleston


Monday 19 September

Dunsandel Playcentre

bring to your Community Board’s

attention and find out how we

can help? See ‘Meetings’ for

information on our Public Forum

Council Meeting

Wed 28 Sept 1pm



Coalgate/Glentunnel Reserve

Management Committee

Thurs 22 Sep 8pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Coalgate Township Committee

Tue 20 Sep 7.30pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Darfield Township Committee

Thurs 22 Sep 7.30pm

Darfield Recreation Centre

Note change of venue and date

Doyleston Community


Wed 14 Sep 7.30pm

Osborne Park Pavilion

Glenroy Community Hall


Tue 20 Sep 8pm

Glenroy Community Hall

Glentunnel Community

Centre Committee

Tue 13 Sep 7.30pm

Glentunnel Community Centre

Glentunnel Township


Mon 26 Sep 7.30pm

Glentunnel Hall

Hororata Citizens Committee

Tues 27 Sep 7.30pm

Hororata Hall


Burnham Montessori


Darfield Playcentre 12-12.30pm

Darfield Primary School


Tuesday 20 September

Kirwee 10-10.45am

Kirwee School 10.45-11.30am

West Melton Domain


West Melton School


West Melton Learning Centre


Cats Pyjamas West Melton




The Council is starting

construction of a new fish

screen facility at the Upper

Kowai Water Race intake,

as required by Environment

Canterbury consent conditions.

During the construction period

from mid-September to mid-

November, the water race

supply in the Malvern scheme

may be disrupted. The Lower

Kowai and Waimakariri Gorge

intakes will be used to continue

to provide supply. Disruption

to water race users will be

minimised where possible.

Any questions relating to this

disruption should be directed to

the Council on 318 8338.

Kimberley Hall & Reserve


Tue 27 Sep 8pm, Kimberley Hall

Kirwee Community Committee

Mon 19 Sep 7.30pm, Kirwee Hall

Ladbrooks Community

Hall Committee

Fri 16 Sep 7.45pm

Ladbrooks Community Hall

Leeston Park Association

Mon 26 Sep 7.30pm

Leeston Park Pavilion

Prebbleton Community

Association Inc.

Tue 20 Sep 7.30pm

Prebbleton Cottage

Prebbleton Reserve Committee

Mon 19 Sep 7.30pm

Prebbleton Rugby Football Club

Rolleston Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 19 Sep 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Rolleston Residents

Association Inc.

Mon 26 Sep 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Sheffield Recreation

Reserve Board

Tue 13 Sep 7.30pm

Sheffield Reserve

Springston Community


Mon 19 Sep 7.30pm

Springston Hall Supper Room

Springston Recreation

Reserve Committee

Wed 21 Sep 7.30pm

Errol Tweedy Pavilion



Selwyn Events



















Waste-free parenting


Lincoln Event Centre, 6-8.30pm

Topics covered include recycling,

reducing food waste & packaging,

composting, cloth nappies & new

products for busy lifestyles. For

registration details see www.selwyn.

Lincoln Primary School

Spring Fair


A fun family day with rides, stalls,

entertainment, white elephant, games,

food, art display, auctions & more.

See Lincoln Primary School Spring

Fair on Facebook for details

Lincoln Primary School

150th Anniversary/Reunion

Ex-pupils, teachers, PTA, Board

members, friends & community

are invited to join the celebrations.

To register see lincolnprimary. or email 150th@

Soil workshop

Lincoln, 10-11.30am

Roger McLenaghen & Judith van

Dijk of Lincoln University cover the

key characteristics, importance &

maintenance of healthy garden soil.

At Lincoln Envirotown Community

Gardens (James Street, behind

hospital). Gold coin donation, for

details phone Ruth on 325 2193

Rolleston 150th

Digitisation Day

Rolleston Library, 1-5pm

Bring your photos from Rolleston’s

past & present for digitisation

for display at Rolleston’s 150th

celebrations. Please choose images

with wide appeal. Normal library

services will operate & you can

enjoy a coffee. For details see

Photo Exhibition

Leeston Library

A fantastic free display of images by

Ellesmere Camera Club members.

The club is also accepting new

members – contact secretary@

For information on listing a community event visit

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338


Tuesday September 13 2016


Netball South Pacific Island

Rolleston Samoa Experience October 2016

The team donating netball supplies

to Netball Samoa in 2013.

Following from our successful team

travelling to Samoa in 2013, it was

decided to take a second team to Samoa

this September (23rd September to 6th


The team of teenage girls are all connected

to the Rolleston Netball Golden Oldies and

have been fundraising for the past

18 months, raising over $30,000 to date.

As Golden Oldies, we have loved the

international tournaments we have

attended – Fiji, San Diego and Hobart,

and we wanted our girls to experience

the same sort of netball fellowship while

giving back to the community. We

wanted to teach them the basic skills of

being generous, working as a team and

appreciating what we have.

The team of eight girls is aged between

13 and 15 years of age and operates as

the iNSPIRE team under our Golden Oldies

umbrella. They have been heavily involved

in raising the money themselves. They’ve

had to learn to budget, to take minutes,

write letters, apply for funding and have

learnt skills to enable them to approach

local businesses for assistance.

The girls have purchased stationery and,

along with Christina Brown, a member of

the 2013 team, have collected stationery

supplies from Rolleston School, Broadfields

School and Whitcoulls Hornby, which they

will donate to Tufutafoe Primary School.

They will stay in a remote village in Savaii,

spend time with the school children and

teach them netball while also playing

a game with them. While at the village

– a visit of four days – they will attend

a traditional church service (albeit in

Samoan!), will help prepare a traditional

tuanai (feast) including weaving plates

and learning about the protocols of eating

a traditional meal on the floor of a fale

(house). They will visit a traditional family

fale (home), a plantation and experience

other cultural lessons.

The whole team will also work with

Netball Samoa in Apia – the girls

in their holiday programme, our

coaches and umpires with some

Netball Samoa personnel. Rolleston

Netball Club have donated old

uniforms that will be given to

Netball Samoa.

They will visit a couple of schools in

Apia and are hoping to also visit the

National Hospital, as a number of our team

are also involved in St John as cadets and


While also enjoying experiencing the

wonderful tourist attractions that Samoa

has to offer, we are hoping that our aim of

“giving back to others and being grateful

for all that we have” is paramount.

We’d like to take this opportunity to

thank our families and friends and all the

businesses who have supported us with

our fundraising events.

Jackie Freeman


Sponsored by

Best Water


Amylee Brown

Sponsored by




Phil Hobson, Ph: 027 467 6183

Emily Newell

Sponsored by

We’ve got

you watered

Janaya Clark

Sponsored by

Outsourced Client Solutions

For a Sales Consultant

Ph: 345 5566.

Laura Freeman

Sponsored by

Danielle Gillespie


Sponsored by

Debs Moffat


Sponsored by

1 Brixton Street, Christchurch.

Ph: 377 4521


Callen Saunders

846 Jones Road, Rolleston

Ph: 03 260 5860

Hannah Newell

Sponsored by

Brianna D’Ewes

Sponsored by

Denise D’Ewes


Sponsored by

1 Gerald Street, Lincoln.

Ph: 0800 805 705

223 Annex Road, Addington.

Ph: 335 0603

591 Halswell Junction Road.

Ph: 344 2256.

Gabriella Moffat

Sponsored by

Sarah Gillespie

Sponsored by

Joanne Clark


Sponsored by

Elaine Casey

Ph: 347 4697



Ian Gillespie

227 Montreal Street, Christchurch.

Ph: 03 363 8748

Cannon Hygiene

For a Sales Consultant

Ph: 345 5566.

Golden Oldies

Sponsored by

Stevenson Builders Ltd

New Homes & Alterations

Tony Stevenson (Director) 0274 375 642

03 347 9877

Leanne Brown


Sponsored by

61 Hoskyns Road, Rolleston.

Ph: 347 7092

Golden Oldies Team: (L to R)

Jackie Freeman, Denise D’Ewes, Danielle Gillespie, Leanne Brown,

Debs Moffat, Kerry-Lee Stevenson, Jacqui Newell, Joanne Clark.

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 21


Lincoln caps perfect

season with grand final win

Lincoln completed the perfect season on Saturday,

going the entire year unbeaten on their way to the

Selwyn premier netball title. Lincoln were too good

for Rolleston, 53-38, at the Lincoln Event Centre.

Lincoln had a 17-match winning streak.


REBOUND: Lincoln’s Monique

Lynes leaps for the ball.


Courtney Cramond

gets to the ball before

Josephine Turnbull.

HUNTING: Fiona Sutherland and

Charlene Porima.

WHO WANTS IT: Lauren Robb passes, (left to right), Leesa Morrish, Bubba Taurua,

Dakotah Bishop and Megan Morrison scramble for the ball.

SCRAPPY PLAY: Josephine Turnbull and Courtney Cramond battle it out.

•More photos and sport, p22



White, Wheatmeal, Grain



99 C EA



Choc drizzled

fruit puffs and

marshmallows set

in caramel on top

of a fudge biscuit

Afghan, Apricot

Yoghurt or Choc




3 49


base. $

5 69










Promotion valid 1st - 30th September 2016. Winners

will be contacted Friday 7th October 2016. Terms &

conditions apply. Full terms & conditions can be found



Dairy Dale 2L varieties.


5 98

2 FOR or $3.19 each




1 99


Promotional pricing available while stocks last from 12/09/16 to 18/09/16.

Images are serving suggestions only.

Open 7 days | 8 Convenient local locations

Hornby • Barrington • Ferry Rd • Papanui • Riccarton • Upper Riccarton • New Brighton • Rangiora



TIGHT DEFENCE: Leesa Morrish tries to get the ball from

Charlotte Robb.


Tuesday September 13 2016


Shaw catches the ball

before Lincoln’s Charlene

Porima gets to it.

QUICK PLAY: Jess Cairns catches the ball on the run.

NICE PASS: Leesa Morrish receives the ball from teammate

Charlene Porima.






for Prebbleton


its way and the Prebbleton

Football Club is turning up the

competition over the summer

with a mixed five-a-side

competition which begins next


The competition has been

running since 2004 and is growing

in popularity with over 40

teams taking part last summer.

“We get a real mix, a lot of

non-footballers come and play.

We get a good cross-section of

the community, young and old

from all sporting codes,” said

Prebbleton Football Club president

Shannon Gilmore.

Young members at the club

will also have an exciting

training programme to look

forward to with Canterbury

United Dragons player’s taking

an eight-week junior coaching

clinic which will take place

prior to the junior five-a-side

games on Tuesdays.

The regulars will be returning,

however, the club is still

looking for more teams to join

this year’s league. The club

is also on the hunt for keen


The league will be spilt into

a top and bottom section after

the Christmas break with any

level of talent able to fight for


We have over 40 years’ experience

to assist you with…

• Buying and Selling Houses and

Commercial Property

• Wills, Trusts and Estate matters

• All issues facing you and your business;

• Employment Law matters;

• Traffic matters;

• Earthquake related issues; and

• Advice regarding Retirement Villages

Call John, Brendan or Andrew

today on 03 366 8996 to find

out how we can help you.


Airport Business Park

92 Russley Road

Christchurch 8042

0800 793 364

Varicose Vein Treatment

Non-surgical Vein Laser Treatments available

Tired of aching and unsightly veins?

No surgery, no scars, no stitches. No time off work

- continue normal daily activities. An affiliated provider to

Southern Cross Health Society (medical necessity

criteria apply) - check your policy for cover.

Enjoy skirts, short and cropped pants again.

Payment plans available (Conditions apply)

Free Assessment | 52A Mandeville St | Riccarton | 08002lookgood | 343 2880

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 23


by 5pm each Wednesday

Photography exhibition

Runs until October 8

The Ellesmere Camera Club is

hosting an exhibition of its work

at the library. Take a look at the

calibre of photos the members

of the club can produce and see

if you’re interested in joining.


to learn more about

the Ellesmere Camera Club.

Leeston Library and Service

Centre, 19 Messines St. Free entry

I am Here

Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-


The latest exhibit from the

Liffey Gallery will showcase art

from Frances Tennent-Brown,

Michael Springer and Susan Sky.

Take a look at the talented artists

and the pieces they have created

through their different art styles

of art.

Liffey Gallery, 1 James St. Free


Small Works Show

Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-4pm

This exhibit features pieces

from many different artists and

their unique styles. Michael

Abrahamson, Anna Bowman,

Quilliam Collister, Jen Dearborn,

Amelia Jang, Barbara

Jaine, Olwyn McKinley, Joan

Pascoe and May Wright will

showcase their work through

water colours, oils and acrylics.

Selwyn Gallery, 17 South Tce.

Free entry

Astronomy Public Open


Friday, 7.30pm-9pm

Take a look around the observatory

and see stars and planets

up close on Friday. See planets

such as Mars or Saturn or perhaps

take a closer look at the

moon. Learn about the constellations

and closest stars to earth.

Opening will be dependent on

the weather, so check http:// for updates.

These will be posted by 6.45pm

before the event.

Canterbury Astronomical Society

located at 218 Bells Rd, West

Melton. Children aged five to 15

cost $7 and adults cost $10.

The Sheffield Book Exchange

Sunday, noon-3pm

Take the books you have

already read and exchange them

for something different at the

Sheffield Hall. Leave the ones you

have enjoyed for someone else to

pick up when you swap it for a

novel you have never read.

Sheffield Hall, 11 Wrights Rd.

Free entry

CLASSIC: Hammers and Horsehair is the latest musical performance presented by the Nut

Point Centre. Two New Zealand musicians will perform a mix of classical and romantic pieces

of music. Douglas Mews will play the fortepiano and Robert Ibell will play the cello on period

instruments. The duo will play pieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Romberg at Sunday night

performance from 7.30-9.30pm. During the performance a light supper will also be provided

and it’s included in the $25 ticket price. Nut Point Centre is located at 703 Old West Coast Rd,

West Melton.


The local markets have a lot

on offer, from fresh produce to

hand made crafts.

Leeston Market: Saturday,

9.30am-12.30pm. Co-Operating

Church Grounds, High St,


Lincoln Farmers’ and Craft

Market: Saturday, 10am-1pm.

Gerald St, Lincoln.

Darfield Market: Saturday,

10- 2 pm, next to Farmlands on

South Tce, Darfield.

Edendale Car Boot Sale: Sunday,

10-3pm, Edendale Cafe,

888 Sandy Knolls Rd, West


Running groups

The running groups aim to

get like minded members of the

community fit and engage with

other. All running groups have

a handicapped start to cater for

your ability.

Lincoln Road Runners: Tuesday

registration from 5.30pm

starts at 6pm. 3km or 6km.

Starts at Lincoln University.

Gold coin donations.

Malvern Road Runners: Tuesday

registration from 5.40pm

starts at 6pm. 3km or 6km.

Starts from Malvern Netball


Prebbleton Runners: Tuesday

registration from 6pm. 3km or

6km walk or run. Starts from

Prebbleton Reserve soccer

ground. Gold coin donations.

Ellesmere Road Runners:

Wednesday registration from

5.45 starts at 6pm. 3km or 6km

walk or run. Starts from Leeston



47 Carmen road, Hornby

gasoline alley site

CnR CaRMen RoaD & WateRloo RoaD

7 DAYS: 7am-7pm



$4.00 WaSH

$4.00 dry

Wash 2 Mink Blankets, Duvets

or Woolrests for only $10




• Fast Dryers

• Sports Gear

• Duvets

• Mink Blankets

• Bedding

• Washers

• Domestic Laundry

Other Locations:

345 Stanmore Road, Richmond

289 Colombo Street, Sydenham


Tuesday September 13 2016



Getting to the root of Canterbury

By the time an average

Canterbury child turns

five, they will have

had at least one tooth

decayed, extracted

or filled. Gabrielle

Stuart looked into the

problem, and the work

local groups are doing

to turn it around


Gibbons is proud of her sparkly

white teeth.

Some of her peers are not so


One in every three children in

Christchurch will have problems

with their teeth before they start

school – a filling needed, or even

rotten teeth removed.

In the worst cases local dentists

have seen, pre-schoolers

have had to have all their teeth


Some pre-schoolers are already

so self-conscious about their

teeth, they are afraid to smile.

Fizzy and sugary drinks – now

often cheaper than buying water

– take a share of the blame, as

do a lack of regular brushing

SMILES: Four-year-old Walnut Tree Preschool children Ayla Kittelty, Tyson Taukiri and Leah

Gibbons have been to their dental check-ups – but many of their peers have missed out.


or missed dental appointments

which could have caught problems


But missing appointments did

not mean someone was a bad

parent, CDHB community and

public health advisory committee

member Rochelle Faimalo


“A lot of the hubs are open

during school hours, which

makes it very hard for working

parents,” she said.

As a busy parent, it was easy to

lose track of when children were

due for check-ups, she said.

Part of the problem is families

falling through the cracks in the

dental system.

Pre-schoolers are supposed to

have free dental check-ups each

year, when they are two, three

and four, and then when they

start school.


•One in every three

Canterbury children will

have problems with their

teeth, from cavities to

extractions, by the time

they start school

•The average Canterbury

pre-schooler will have

problems with one tooth,

a Māori child two teeth,

and a Pasifika child three

•One in every six preschoolers

had their dental

enrolments cancelled

because their family

could not be contacted –

1184 children in total.

•The CDHB aims to

have 95 per cent of

preschoolers enrolled in

dental services. Last year

just 61 per cent were, a

drop from 69 per cent in


Under the current system,

families are called three times

within the space of a month to

remind them of a check-up.

But if they don’t respond or

can’t be reached within that

time, they are cut from the


Behind the Green Door

Ooh La La Hairdressing

Rolleston’s newest hairdressing salon

is a boutique establishment tucked

behind the lime green door on Dunns

Crossing Road.

Experienced senior stylist Amber

Meyerhoff decided the best way to

work was from home, so has turned

one of her rooms into a stunning salon

with glamorous touches to ensure her

clients feel like they are being treated

while she works her magic.

She offers all hairdressing services for

women, men and children including

cuts, colours, perms, blow waves and

hair-ups. The hospitality even extends

to a cider or beer, coffee or tea as part

of the experience.

Because of her handy location and lack

of commute time, Amber is happy to

work late nights for her clients.

All hairdressing services are by

appointment only but she says give her

a call and she will try her upmost to fit

clients in – even last minute ones.

Her product range is the Keune So Pure

range made from 100% pure plant

extracts and is free from parabens,

sulphates and ammonia.

So whether you want to just have a

trim or are looking for a whole new

makeover, give Amber a call at

Ooh La La Hairdressing.

Open Monday

to Saturday

by appointment

Eftpos available

– credit cards


336 Dunns Crossing Road, Rolleston

Situated opposite West Rolleston Primary School

Phone: 027 232 6237

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 25

children’s tooth decay

Then unless the family approaches

a dentist, the child may

completely miss out on check-ups

until they start school.

In Canterbury, one in every

six pre-schoolers had their enrolment

in the programme


That was even worse for Māori

or Pasifika children.

One in every four pre-schoolers

who identified as Māori had their

enrolment cancelled, and almost

half of Pasifika children.

CDHB health board member

Jo Kane said the numbers showed

the system had been “an epic fail

in many areas”.

“This model has been around

for a long time, and I think it is

time now to ask has it made a difference?”

she said.

The children’s enrolments are

being cancelled even though

other departments within the

CDHB often have up-to-date

contact information for those


Planning and funding project

specialist Bridget Lester said

they were not allowed to share it

between departments, because of

privacy laws.

That could change next year,

Oral health concerns for

Maori and Pasifika children

IF THE dental problems for

the average child are bad, the

problem for Māori and Pasifika

children are dire.

The average Māori five-yearold

will have had problems

with at least two teeth, and the

average Pasifika child three.

That compares with one

tooth, on average, for children

of other ethnicities.

Dallas Hibbs, chief executive

as a new “opt out” system is

rolled out.

Under the new system, families

will register their children at

birth with a range of health

providers, and give permission to

have their contact


shared within the

services, unless

they opt out.


Dental Service

clinical director

Martin Lee (above) said it could

make a big difference.

“I would be very disappointed

of community health provider

He Waka Tapu, supported the

idea of an opt-out system.

He said that needed to start

when children enrolled in early

childhood education.

“Given the ongoing costs to

the health system of poor oral

health, and the personal costs

to individuals with poor oral

health – the status quo should

not be option,” he said.

if we did not see significant

changes within two years,” he


But it will only catch children

born or signed up after it is rolled


In the meantime, hundreds of

children could still miss out.

Fluoridation has also been

raised as an option to try to

improve pre-schoolers’ teeth.

New legislation which would

give district health boards rather

than councils the power to decide

if water will be fluoridated will

come into force in 2018.




• Small cattery, quality not quantity

• Large warm spacious individual units

• Outdoor enclosures

• Lots of cuddles

• Located 5 minutes from Lincoln, Prebbleton,

Halswell, Tai Tapu and Greenpark

Please contact Jan or Tony 322 6245 or 021 203 4710

Email: - Ellesmere Rd Ladbrooks, Chch

Proud installers of

Get a Mitsubishi Electric EF42 White 5.4kW

Heat Pump including FREE installation* for just


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A healthy spine is vital to

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Specialist spinal therapy

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consists of:

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• Soft tissue Massage

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• Exercise and postural


André Grob,

Dr of Chiropractic,

has had over

10 years

experience of

specialty spinal

care in Australia

and New Zealand.


RING 322-1432

Southern Chiropractic Ltd

290 Halswell Road • Halswell • Christchurch 8025

Telephone 322 1432










Tuesday September 13 2016



Capture the colours of spring

• By Rachel Vogan

AS PARTS of the garden leap into

life, the heros in my blooming

world at the moment are daffodils,

tulips, hyacinths and jonquils.

I would love to lead you to

believe that this is all through

careful planning and skill that I

have such a plethora from which to

choose, but that’s not quite true.

The majority of bulbs I am

enjoying now were planted by

the previous owner. She was a

lady who would beaver away in

the garden from dawn to dusk,

constantly digging plants up and

moving them to another place in the

garden to enhance a vista or view.

And now, as I get to sit back

and reap what she sowed, I think

of her often. Yes, I have added my

twinkle to a few areas by planting

a few hundred bulbs, but the bulk

of what I am picking now have

been in situ for 20 years or more.

Did you know that daffodils can

last out of water for up to eight hours

before they start to wilt and fade?

Even though I have known

this for years it always seems

mean to make them suffer, so I

place them in a bucket of fresh

water filled up to their necks.

Tulips, hyacinths and daffodil all

flower at the same time. If you do

not have room in the garden, try

them in pots.

In the vase

Team up these spring

beauties with strong, bold

foliage to fill out the vase.

Go-to ones are bear’s

breeches (Acanthus mollis),

upright outdoor ferns,

variegated flax varieties

or some strong stems of

colourful willow branches –

even red stems of dogwood.

Stems of camellias blend

in beautifully as well, while

branches of berries,

like holly, add another

textural layer.

VIVID: A bunch of daffodil colours and varieties. The trick to keeping them alive once

picked is to change the water every few days and cut the bottom of the stems at the

same time. They can last up to a fortnight in a cooler room.

Attention Farmers

and small block owners

End of Line and surplus tree


Perfect for paddock and shelter trees and property beautification.

Sales starts Sunday September the 11th – While stock lasts

Open Sundays 10am – 4pm and by arrangement

Alders, Oaks, Elms, conifers, Planes, Ash and Hornbeam just to name

a few All sale trees under half price, Flowering Cherries 30-50% off!


Retaining Wall Timber

Landscaping Timber


Residential Fencing

Poles and Piles

H3 and H4 Timber

Dressed Timber

Urban Section


Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am- 12pm

Weedons Ross Rd

to Rolleston

We are here

Berketts Rd

Trents Rd

Main South Rd / SH1

Your Local Timber Merchant

The Specialist Tree Growers

479 Ashley Gorge Rd, Oxford. Ph 03 312 4176

(Only 30 minutes from Darfield) • Sorry no Eftpos available

Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Christchurch P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032

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SprIng Is here –

It’S Sow Time

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seeds and seedlings

100% NatIve In

The capItal

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Otari-wilton Bush

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Normal lending criteria apply

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 27

Quick and easy

to grow endive

Gazania likes the heat

• By Tod Palenski

IF YOU’RE looking to add

some spark to your garden this

summer, look no further than


This flame-like plant produces

incredibly striking orange, yellow,

cream and red flowers and

loves hot, dry, sunny and even

windy growing conditions.

For a perfect planting buddy,

partner it with livingstone

daisies. These bright coloured

plants thrive in the same conditions

as gazania. Because of

this, both plants are great for

mass planting on dry slopes,

bedding, ground cover, edging

and in pots.

And for the same reasons,

gazania and livingstone daises

are both perfect to plant now as

the weather warms up. They’re

especially good to grow if you

plan on being out and about

or away a bit over the warmer

months – once planted, they

require little to no care.

Grab your gazania and livingstone

daisy plants

Make sure the area you

choose to plant in is welldrained,

rather than hard and

wet. Dig a hole and pop a seedling

in. Plant them quite close

together – about 200mm apart –

as they don’t tend to spread far

when they grow.

In around six to eight weeks

your garden should have some

extra spark of summer colour.

• By Tod Palenski

SPRING HAS arrived, which

means salad season is just around

the corner. And there’s nothing

like picking fresh salad ingredients

straight out of your garden.

I’ve talked a lot about the

different salad plants (typically

lettuces) – iceberg, baby cos,

red, triumph, just to name a few.

But for some reason I’ve never

mentioned endive in one of these

articles. And I’m not really sure


Endive is a great addition to

any salad. I like to partner its fine

curled, mid-green leaves with


To my mind, endive is a bit bitter

and rocket is a little peppery,

together they’re a great combo.

What’s equally important, and

another reason why I’m surprised

I haven’t mentioned endive in

the past, is it’s so easy and quick

to grow. Unlike most lettuces, it

doesn’t need to create a heart in

the centre so it’s very quick to

produce. Simply pick the leaves

off as you need them.

To plant, look for a welldrained

spot in the garden. If the

soil is still a bit wet and cold from

TASTY: Pick the leaves as you

need them.

winter, try growing endive in a

pot. Just add some good quality

potting mix, plant a couple of

seedlings around 5cm apart and

away you go.

Depending on where you are in

New Zealand and how warm the

soil is yet, it will take around four

to six weeks for your endive to be

ready to harvest. Remember, you

can tell the soil is warming up

when you need to start mowing

your lawns again.

Take a chance on endive. You

might just like what you grow!




At this time of year raised vegetable gardens

are hugely popular, and are a great asset to

any property. Filling your raised garden with a

quality mix is going to be an important aspect

of getting the best results from your plants.

Intelligro Veggie Garden Mix is a pre-fertilised

growing mix that is going to feed your plants

with the nutrients they need for healthy

growth, and of course producing the veggies. It

is safe to plant straight in to, and is excellent for

a wide variety of veggie plants.

Intelligro also has kitset raised planters for sale

in varying sizes. They are easy to put together

and can be dismantled and stored easily if need

be. Feel free to give us a call or pop in and see

us, we can show you what they look like, give

you instructions how to make it (if you need it!)

and also let you know how much Veggie Garden

Mix will go in each particular box.


10% OFF VEGGiE GardEn MiX

Normally $147.00 per m 3

NOW $132.30 per m 3

Our aim is to make

gardening easy...

Whether you are a confident gardener or a

beginner. Our friendly staff are more than

happy to offer advice, give you some ideas

or discuss your options with you.

Give us a call on 03) 3479415, or head to to have a look at all our

fantastic products online.





3 Expert gardening advice

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3 South-Hort growing


3 VIP rewards

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For more information,

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Tuesday September 13 2016



11 99


Fresh NZ Plain/Crumbed

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Spaghetti 420g


30 99


Speight’s Gold Medal Ale/Summit

24 x 330ml Bottles


13 99


The Ned/Taylors Estate


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Promised Land)


3 80


Keri Fruit Drink/Juice


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FreshChoice Leeston

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FreshChoice Leeston

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Certain products may not be

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are based on non-promotional

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 29


Study reveals rapid

weight loss food


twice as fast as meat eaters,

according to a study.

It found that the fastest way

for dieters to fight the flab was

to give up meat products. They

constitute more than a third of

the average meat eater’s daily

calorie intake.

In the first month of a diet,

they lose on average 900g, while

vegetarians’ weight loss is double

that at about 1.8kg.

The difference is even more

noticeable for slimmers who quit

meat at the start of a diet – with

the first month’s weight loss averaging

about 2.3kg.

Vegetarians are said to typically

be better dieters because the

switch away from meat also leads

to people embracing a healthier


The study found that vegetarians

were twice as likely to be

gym members as meat eaters and

exercise twice as much.

The study found vegetarians

were also more likely to pick

low-fat options at the supermarket

than meat eaters.

The study found vegetarians

were also more likely to pick

low-fat options at the supermarket

than meat eaters.

They are also much more likely

to pick low-fat options at the

supermarket and tend to shun

fast food restaurants – just 12 per

cent are users, compared to 39

per cent of meat eaters.

The study, involving 1000

people, was carried out by weight

loss firm Forza Supplements.

Managing director Lee Smith

said: “All our research shows that

becoming a veggie is a great way

to lose weight.

“It’s not that good lean meat is

particularly calorific but we find

that meat eaters consistently have

a higher calorie intake

because the meat they eat is

often cooked in an unhealthy


“A grilled chicken thigh is just

135 calories but that shoots up

to 290 calories when it is fried by

one of the fast food outlets, with

another 300 calories if you add

fries. That is where all the damage

is done.” – Daily Mail

No more coffee

IT’S TOUGH news but

according to a new report from

The Climate Institute, coffee

could be wiped out by 2080.

Based on the report’s estimations,

if global warming continues

at its current rate, rising

temperatures will render half the

land currently used to farm coffee

unsuitable by 2050.

Climate change will also see

an increase in pests and fungi,

which will impact the ability to

farm beans at current levels and,

by 2080, wild coffee is expected

to be wiped from the planet.

This date may feel like plenty

of cups of coffee away, but as

temperatures rise, consumers

IN THE battle of the bulge,

fat-laden cheese is often the first

tasty treat to be scrubbed from

the weekly shopping list.

But research suggests that

consumers who switch to lowcalorie

alternatives may be wasting

their cash.

A study found that ‘skinny’

cheese does not lower cholesterol,

reduce blood pressure or

help to trim the waistline.

Volunteers who spent three

can expect to see their brew’s

flavour and aroma seriously impacted,

while facing increasing

price hikes as the beans become

more scarce.

“Looking ahead, it is hard to

see how consumer prices cannot

be anything but badly affected by

the projected long-term decline

in growing area and other impacts

of a more hostile climate,”

the report said.

Beyond having to find a new

morning fix, the disappearance

of the coffee plant would also

impact around 120 million

people whose livelihoods depend

on the production of coffee


Low fat cheese no better

months eating a daily portion

of regular fat-cheese, or a lowcalorie

option, saw little or no

difference in heart disease risk

by the end of the experiment.

The researchers, from the University

of Copenhagen, recruited

139 men and women with early

warning signs of heart disease

and allocated them a daily 80

gram portion of full-fat cheese

or the same amount of a lowcalorie




Much loved gourmet

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66-68 Springs Rd |


Ph 344 6044 | Open Mon-Fri 6am-3.30pm

MAkE uS YOur

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Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert

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Great Kids menu plus

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Tuesday September 13 2016






3 caRS, TRuckS & BOaTS

3 luBeS & SeRvicing

3 FleeT wORk

3 dieSel inJecTOR &

PuMP SeRvicing

3 engine Tuning & BRakeS

3 Maxxi TyReS

3 wheel alignMenTS

3 wOFs & BaTTeRieS

3 caMBelTS


837 Jones Road, Rolleston

P.O. Box 16 Rolleston

Phone Simon on 347 7110

or Mobile 027 272 9213





Not just a

tyre shop!

• On-farm services - NO CALLOUT FEE

(Selwyn district)

• 24 hour fleet service

• Full mechanical repairs

• Nitrogen fills, batteries, WOF,

shock absorbers

• Agricultural tyres

• Full range of vehicle tyres

• Wheel alignments & puncture repairs

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm, Saturday 9am-12pm

Call 03 347 4702

or 0800 838 973

847 Jones Rd, Rolleston •

A talent for giving

vehicles a lustrous look

Few people think of setting up a business in

their twenties. It is therefore impressive to

learn that a Rolleston local began his own car

grooming business at the age of 26.

Adam was working as a car groomer for a

well-known prestigious car dealership in

Christchurch, when he moved to Rolleston

and noticed that no car grooming business

was based there.

Seeing an opportunity, Adam decided to take

the plunge and begin his own operation and

in March 2013, he opened Sleek and Shine

and has been really busy ever since.

“Running a business is hard work. While it

can be difficult at times, I’m really enjoying it

and glad I gave it a go,” explains Adam who

says that he loves being his own boss.

Adam and his right-hand man Darren, are

experienced at grooming cars from new

through to vintage, providing a bumper

to bumper service for vehicles of any size;

whether a small runabout, family saloon,

tractor, truck, caravan, camper or wedding

car, with classic vehicles a favourite. Adam

especially loves the opportunity to carry out

a high-end groom on a prize vehicle such

as an Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari or


No matter what the vehicle it will be looking

like new once Adam and Darren have

worked their magic as they are passionate

about ensuring a high level of service.

“We recently groomed the interior of

a grader. That was pretty exciting and

so different. We never thought we’d be

grooming a grader,” laughs Adam. “We’ve

Spruce up your vehicle

also had a motorised trike.”

Adam and Darren take pride and joy in what

they do. With attention to detail they are

particular about the look of each and every

vehicle that gets a Sleek and Shine treatment.

Adam admits that his favourite aspect is

cutting and polishing with the vehicles

having a mirror finish when they leave the


“We’ve had customers bring their car in for

grooming prior to selling it, and then loving

the job so much they decide to keep the

vehicle,” says Adam.

Sleek and Shine’s basic groom costs $189 for

both interior and exterior of a vehicle with

The Works (a high-end groom) costing $389.

They also sell maintenance packs that

contain dashboard reviver, auto glass cleaner,

interior cleaner, windscreen washer fluid

and a microfibre cloth for $25; All Blacks car

seat covers and floor mats; spare tyre covers;

wiper blades; portable mobile chargers with

a built-in torch for charging cell phones,

cameras, or other devices that plug into a

USB port.

New products are also due in store that offer

paint, fabric, leather and glass protection.

These will make ideal Christmas gifts as are

the Sleek and Shine gift vouchers.

Sleek and Shine is located on the Izone side

of Rolleston at 855 Jones Road, next door

to Jones Road Auto. They are open 9–5,

Monday to Friday or Saturday by booking.

They can be contacted on 347 4683 or at: and have their

Facebook page.

Need a Professional


Call Laser Electrical Rolleston!

Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Rural • Dairy

Laser Electrical Rolleston, 831 Jones Road, Rolleston

(0800 527 374)




Bright colourful range of fabrics

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Come and see our full collection of

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Classic Curtains & Interiors

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Jones Road Auto

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Sleek and Shine car grooming

and detailing will have your pride

and joy looking magnificent.

Any vehicle from farm trucks to

hot rods.

Cleaning prices

start from $69

Grooming prices

start from $189

855 Jones Road

Ph 347 4683


› While You Wait WOF’s

› Courtesy Cars › Diagnostics

› Repairs › Servicing

› Batteries › Tyres

Phone 347 4020 851 Jones Rd, Rolleston

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 31


Toyota Prius cares for the environment

• By Ross Kiddie

I HAD the good fortune recently

to listen to a speech from Toyota

New Zealand’s managing director,

Alistair Davis.

The subject was global

warming and the effect that is

having on our planet. Mr Davis’

address was fascinating and way

too comprehensive to detail, but

for the fact that the bottom line

is as a global population we aren’t

doing enough to save our planet

from rising sea water levels and

other issues surrounding climate


Toyota as a global vehicle

manufacturing operation is

well aware of the problems our

future generations face, and

are amping up the production

of more fuel efficient and low

emission vehicles, those which

are less likely to contribute to

the problem greenhouse gas is

creating on our weather patterns.

There is no silver bullet to the

issue without a viable alternative

to the internal combustion

engine; that being the case,

Toyota’s production of hybrid

vehicles is reaching new intensity.

Because of New Zealand’s

tiny appetite for new cars

in comparison to the world

market, we don’t see the volume

of hybrids that are leaving the

Toyota factories, but as demand

TOYOTA PRIUS: Major technology boost in new model.

here swells, more and more more radical. Inside, contrasting

hybrids are landing; take for white plastic trim elements are

example, the release of the new striking and while it may sound

Corolla hybrid which will be garish, it works well with the

evaluated in these columns in a purpose of Prius.

few week’s time.

On that subject, the new Prius

In the interim, this evaluation is quieter and far more refined

focuses on the Prius – the car than ever before, the level of

which really started the hybrid sophistication has been cranked

revolution, and for 2016/17 a new up a notch or two. It drives

generation has landed, priced quietly, and for all intents and

from $47,490 to $54,990.

purposes it works much like a

The fourth-generation car standard car. I’ve often said that

shares much of the same

the Camry is my favourite hybrid

basic design and mechanical but the new Prius is on a par,

engineering of its predecessor, you just feel so at ease with the

but it is a far more advanced car, system, and even if you aren’t

and the styling cues are fresh – familiar with the Prius concept,

almost futuristic – and designed the latest iteration will quickly

so that the person who buys Prius win you over.

will make a statement.

The dash and console area

The Prius has always had are new-age, there are a raft of

styling a little avant-garde, but screens and displays, and even

new treatment makes it a lot though it is a complex car, the

controls are intuitive and easy to

locate the display which shows

the the inner workings of the

hybrid operation is my favourite.

And therein lies the ideology

of the hybrid operation. It has

battery power to activate the

electric motor which is initiated

in the first instance; however,

the petrol engine operates

automatically when the electric

motor is under load. The 1.8-

litre petrol engine also provides

the generation needed to keep

recharging the batteries, as well

as some regeneration available on


It’s a complex process, although

in effect it works seamlessly

and efficiently, drive is sent

to the front wheels through a

continuously variable automatic


The benefits make a lot of sense

when you take into account the

fuel usage readouts. Between a

long highway drive and a lot of

suburban running around the

test car recorded a 5.2-litre per

100km (54mpg) average.

That’s nowhere near Toyota’s

best claim of 3.4l/100km (82mpg)

on a combined cycle average

but conditions to get usage that

friendly would need to be near


In terms of handling, the Prius

feels taut, the newcomer has had

a shift in battery position so it

• Price – Toyota Prius,


• Dimensions – Length,

4540mm; width, 1760mm;

height, 1475mm

• Configuration – Fourcylinder,


1798cc, 90kW, 142Nm, CVT.

• Performance –

0-100km/h, 11sec

• Fuel usage – 3.4l/100km

feels less bulky at the rear, and the

ride isn’t as harsh as I remember

Prius to be. The spring and

damper rates are firmish but not

hard, and that relates to positive

body balance in a corner along

with realistic steering feel.

In the wider scheme of things,

other manufacturers have only

dabbled with hybrid production

while Toyota is forever expanding

the number of vehicles available

in hybrid form. The Prius sets an

example as to how it should work


Toyota in New Zealand

recognise the importance of Prius

in our market, even to the extent

of importing pre-owned plug-in

(electric-only) Prius through the

Signature Class operation. It’s

there for those who like the idea

of what the Prius represents but

who don’t relate to the idea of

still relying on petrol as the main

form of propulsion.






2003 HSV

Senator 260

5.7L LS1 V8, OTR Intake, Headers, Bigbore Exhaust, 20" Alloys, Full

Leather, Dual Zone AC, Trip Computer, Parking Sensors.

2007 HSV Ve

clUBSPort GtS

6.0L LS2 V8, Big Cam Upgrade, Dyno Tuned, Bigbore, 6 Spd Tiptronic, Walkinshaw

Bonnet Scoop, 20" Alloys, Leather/Suede GTS Seats, only 69,000km.





2004 HSV clUBSPort r8 285 SerieS 2

5.7L V8, headers, Bigbore exhaust,

19" alloys, big brake package,

alarm, traction control, cruise,

leather trim.

2004 HSV aValancHe WaGon

270kw 5.7L LS1 V8, Bigbore

Exhaust, Cross Trax AWD, Sunroof,

Multi Function Trip Computer, Alloys.

2011 Holden commodore Ve SV6

SerieS 2

210kw SIDI Alloytec V6, Bluetooth, USB,

Touchscreen, 6 Speed Tiptronic, 18"

Alloy Wheels, Trip Computer.

2005 HSV clUBSPort VZ 297

6.0L V8, Bigbore Exhaust, Alarm,19"

Alloys, Cruise, Climate A/C, Towbar,

Electric Seats, Full HSV Bodykit.





2007 dodGe nitro 4X4

3.7L petrol, selectable 4x4, CD player,

parking sensors, remote locking,

aircon, stunning in metallic blue.

2008 Ford Falcon FG Xr6

4.0L, 6 speed tiptronic sports shift

auto, 20" alloys, cruise, towbar,

sports suspension, low 85,000km.

2009 Holden commodore Ve SV6

195kw alloytec V6, tiptronic sports

shift auto, parking sensors, 8x SRS

airbags, CD player, 18" alloys.

2007 toYota landcrUiSer Prado

4.0L V6 petrol, auto, 7 seater, Hi/

Lo ratio 4WD, climate A/C, towbar,

keyless entry, Exceptional example.

$15,999 $15,999

$20,999 $17,999

2010 Holden calaiS Ve

195kw 3.6L SIDI Alloytec V6, 6 Speed

Tiptronic Auto, Alloy Wheels, Leather

Trim, Multi Function Trip Computer.

2003 Holden commodore VY SS 6 SPeed

5.7L LS1 V8, bigbore exhaust,

18" alloy wheels, multi function trip

computer, traction control,

very rare 6 speed manual.

2004 Holden commodore VY SS

5.7L V8, Pacemaker headers, Bigbore exhaust,

OTR intake, 17" alloy wheels, cruise control,

canopy with roof racks, low 89,000km.

2003 HSV clUBSPort r8

5.7L LS1 V8, Headers, Bigbore

Exhaust, 20" VE Clubsport Alloys,

Tinted Windows, Coulson Leather Seats.



2003 Holden commodore VY S V6 manUal

3.8L Ecotec V6, 5 Speed Manual, Alloy Wheels, Trip Computer, ABS Brakes,

Air Con, CD Player, Very rare factory 5 speed manual.

03 366 5888

Corner Lancaster St & Moorhouse Ave | OPEN 7 DAYS

2011 Holden colorado lt 4Wd

3.0L VCDi Intercooled Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed Manual, HI/Low Ratio 4WD,

Running Boards, Immaculate Condition done only 69,000km.


Tuesday September 13 2016




For the month of September Christchurch Mitsubishi has a range of brand new / unregistered vehicles on special, meaning you could save over $15,000 over retail prices.













SAVING $9,000

2.3L Turbo Diesel engine, 6.0L/100km

economy, 6-Speed Automatic with Sport

mode, 5 Star safety, 18” alloys, Daytime

running LEDs, 6.1” touch screen with

audio system and reversing camera.




SAVING $9,500

2.4L, 4WD, 7.2L/100km economy, 5 Star safety,

7 airbags, 7 seats, 6.1” touch screen with audio

system and reversing camera, Fog lamps, 18”

alloys, Rain sensing wipers, Super wide LED

headlamps with LED Daytime running lights.




SAVING $15,130

Get yourself a top of the range 2WD Triton

GLX-R Manual, fully loaded for a very sharp


GLX-R Auto also available for only $33,990 +ORC


All prices exclude On Road Costs which includes WoF, Registration, a full tank of fuel and 1,000km Road User Charges on Diesel models.Special pricing shown is valid until 30th September 2016 or while stocks last.

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch. Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 33

Animals Livestock/


Gold in




$350, 20ha.


0800 UR SOIL or

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers


wanted ph 027 306 6544

TRAILER Briford or

similar wanted ph 027 306


Community Events



want to have a drink thats

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757





7/92 Rolleston Drive,


Over 10 years experience

in relaxation, sports,

deep tissue, injury and

pregnancy massage.

Call today for an

appointment with

Bridgette McIvor

Ph: 03 347 4799

Phone: 03 344 3311 Mobile: 021 539 835 Email:

For professional and prompt service

• Business give Andrew a call Electrical for a quote: Work

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835

For professional and prompt service

• House proud? Servicing: Prebbleton, • Time poor? Rolleston, give Andrew Halswell, a call for Wigram a quote: and Lincoln

• New home? • Selling your home?

Andrew RESIDENTIAL Singleton 021 539 835 WINDOW CLEANING

Servicing: Prebbleton, Rolleston, Halswell, Wigram and Lincoln

• House proud? • Time poor?

Phone: 03 • 344 New home? 3311 Mobile: • 021 Selling 539 your 835 home? Email:

Phone: 03 344 3311 Mobile: 021 539 835 Email:

Servicing: Prebbleton, Rolleston, Halswell, Wigram and Lincoln

Phone: 03 344 3311 Mobile: 021 539 835 Email:


• Time poor?

• Selling your home?

ton, Rolleston, Halswell, Wigram and Lincoln

Mobile: 021 539 835



WANTED for lease or to

share farm a line of well

breed hinds.

Any size considered,

preferably within an hour

of Christchurch. Ph 0275

918 438


Select Services



All Plumbing



Blocked Drains

Log Fires,


Gas Hotwater


021 454 864

Select Services




• House proud?

• Time poor?

• New home?

• Selling your home?

Servicing: Prebbleton,

Rolleston, Halswell,

For professional and prompt service

Wigram and Lincoln


give Andrew a call for a quote:

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835



• House proud? • Time poor?

• House proud? • New • home? Time poor? • Selling your home?



your home?



Shelterbelt Trimming


Call Tony Dempsey

Ph 03 325 3256 Mob 0274 323 943

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Select Services



Lawns &



Lawn Mowing + Edges

Section Tidy Up

Weeding & Pruning

Hedge Trimming

Contact Andrew

027 965 1248

Servicing: Prebbleton, Rolleston, Halswell, Wigram and Lincoln





Free Measure & Quote

• Asphalt

• Driveways

• Kerb

Select Services

Quality Workmanship -

Over 10 Years Experience

• Chipseal

• Chip

PH 0800 081- 400 • 980-1123

Mob 0274 325 457

Home in need

of painting &


Residential and commercial:

• Painting • Plastering • Wallpapering

• Tiling • Gib Stopping & fixing interior &

exterior work

If you want the best for your

home, call for a FREE quote:

021 123 0101

Malvern air Conditioning

& eleCtriCal ltd

Got Air Conditioning

& Electrical Needs?

For professional and prompt service

For professional and prompt give service Andrew a call for a quote:

give Andrew a call for a quote:

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835

Andrew Singleton 021 539 835

• Heat Pump Supply

• Installations

• Servicing & Maintenance

• Household Electrical Work

Give Nigel a call now

for no obligation free quote

Ph 021 387 750

A/H 03 318 0030

tree services

• Trees felled • Land clearing

• Logging of forestry blocks

• Tree lots thinned for production chip

•Log cartage • Root raking • De-stumping

• Cash paid for wood lots • Wind rows

removed • Excavator hire • Fully insured

covering all areas • 17 years experience

Large Macrocarpa Trees or Logs.

Wantd Blue Gum plantations standing or on the ground.

Cash Paid on the spot!

Call Pete - 021-049-8657

• Temporary power for new builds

• Sales and installation of power,

phone, fibre and water

• Cable repairs

• Underground cable locating


• Trenching

Phone: 027 237 9742


• Driveways

• Car Parks

• Site Cleaning

• Demolition

• Farm Tracks

• Drain Cleaning

• Stump & Hedge


• Ashpalt Concrete

Select Services

Wide range

oF TruckS

• Tennis Courts &

Swimming Pools

• Chip Seal Driveways

• Diggers – 2 Ton

up to 20 Ton

• Excavators

• Bobcat & Drilling

• For Posthole &

Fence hole

For a Free Quote

on your next project

Phone Steve on 021 338 247

or 325 7922


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Why go to the Dump?

Junkman comes to you!

Items too big for the

rubbish bin?

Or too heavy for you

to move?

Junkman comes

to you & takes

it away

Select Services

*Prices vary depending on items and volume – minimum charge $65

William Ross

Building & Painting


Rolleston, Christchurch

Qualified Tradesmen

Gib Stoppers

Painting & Wallpapering

• Fletchers Accredited

• EQC opt outs

• Insurance work

• Free Quotes & Prompt Service

• Distance no object

Contact Billy on 0226413530

or Gareth on 0212427384



65 *

0800 586 5626


Garage Doors, Auto Openers,

EQC Quotes, Repairs and

Maintenance, One off Custom

Made Designs...

Showroom at

Larcombs Road and

Home Ideas Centre,

Mandeville Street

The genuine custom made

garage door professionals




TyPEs of garagE doors:

Cedar Door, Glass & Acrylic doors, Flat Panel insulated range,

Pressed Panel Doors, Ribline doors, Tilt doors, Roller Doors,

flush mounted doors.

Proud to support your local community

Phone: 0800 661 366 • Fax: 03 347 8363

Factory: 276 Larcombs Road, R.D. 8 Weedons,


Select Services


New Builds

Home Alterations




Phone Keith:

027274 9359

or (03) 325-4452

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Insurance Work


Fully Qualified Builder

landscape design & build

• Eco-sourcing specialist nursery

• Landscape design & build

• Eco-restoration services

• Maintenance services

Select Services

Call us today

03 359 2458



dAmAgINg yOUR hOmE



0800 333 101

Trades & Services



Fast friendly



Selwyn area,

ph 021 364 664


Tuesday September 13 2016


Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Trades & Services

• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways

• Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development

• Culvert Installation • Construction Site Works

• Tree & Hedge Removal • Concrete Breaker

Phone Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H

Trades & Services




new fencing, post driving,

repairs, maintenence.

Quality workmanship

& advice.

Phone Allan 021 049 6151

Facebook: agrifencenz

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Locals Providing

Locals with Quality

New Zealand Products

Available 24/7

For All Your:

Drainage, Plumbing,

Kitchen and Bathroom


Products are held in Rolleston

and New Show room opening


Contact (03) 313 3266 or




Protect your home with a new Colorsteel roof.

Call for a friendly, FREE assessment and quote.

• Roofing

• Spouting and Downpipe

• Safety rails

• Licensed Building


Ph: 347 9045 or 021 165 1682


Trades & Services

• Re Roofing

• Roof Repairs

• Spouting

Approved Age Concern


Over 30 years experience

Licensed Building




Ph: 349 9778 or 0275 389 415


Trades & Services

Digga Rental

• 1.8t, 3t, 5t, 12t, 20t, 30t Excavators

• Loaders • Compactors

• Tip Truck

Short or Long Term

0800 344 425

Cnr SH1 & Weedons Ross Rd, Rolleston

Trades & Services

Lifestyle Block

Mobile Shearing

No job to big or to small!

• Shearing • Tailing

• Crutching

• Drenching

• Foot trimming


friendly service

Call Shaun Adams

for a free quote

021 204 1274

or 03 9603112



Small Job Specialists,

Carpentry, Repairs,

Decking & Maintenance,

40 years experience, no

job too small, Ph Warren

03 322-


Trades & Services




Trade Qualified

Specialising in

Int/Ext Painting,

repaints, new homes,

light commercial

Garage floors

airless spraying

and more...

FrEE quotES

Ph/txt Scott

021 02983216




Small Job Specialists,

Carpentry, Repairs,

Decking & Maintenance,

40 years experience, no

job too small, Ph Warren

03 322-1103 or 027 697-


Keeping Canterbury cozy

We specialise in insulating ceilings, walls,

under floors, in pre-existing homes or new builds.

If you refer us to a friend and they insulate

with us – you will receive a $100 pressie card!

heat pump

Call us for a

free assessment

on your home.

Phone 0800 22 00 55


Service | Maintenance | Repair | Installation

We are authorised service agents for all major brands.

Servicing is essential to maintain maximum

energy efficiency and increased reliability.

Please Phone now for our

sPring service sPecial!


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”

Trades & Services



Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching,

E mail jflattery@xtra.,

ph 0800 003 181

or 027 2407416


Staining Quality at a

reasonable price. Free

quotes. Phone Warren

today on 980-1676 or 027



Quality timber fencing -

gates & repairs, ph Ryan

027 951 8892

Trades & Services


Boundary, Executive,


All types of residential

fencing and gates

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

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Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624

Trades & Services

Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors with

our unique fully weather

sealed system. Ask your

builder for a Defender garage

door; your first defence

against the elements.

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

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Is your heatpump

ready for wInter?

• Save power, Save Money

• Cleaner healthier air

• Friendly, professional





Rob Spink

• 0800 423 637

• (A/H) 03 325 2713

Trades & Services



Is your heatpump

ready for wInter?

• Save power, Save Money

• Cleaner healthier air

• Friendly, professional





Rob Spink

• 0800 423 637

• (A/H) 03 325 2713



and reliable

Homekill Service

Canterbury wide.

Delivered to

butcher of your


Call Will for



Trades & Services


Paving, Lawns, Irrigation,

Decking, Fencing.

Kanga & small digger

services. Check out Squire

Landscaping on facebook.


Authur 347-8796, 027

220-7014 Edwin 027 220-




MASONRY?? Rock and

Blocks Work Ltd for all

your brick, block and tile

laying needs. Friendly

service Licensed Building

Practitioner phone Devon

on 021 375-888 or 03 329-



Qualified Tradesman,

experienced & reliable,

Mike Le Lievre, free

quotes, ph 03 317 8222 or

027 420 6125


Interior, New Homes,

Alterations, Renovations.

Qualified & Experienced

Tradesman. Damian

Youngman. Ph 0276

273 255 or 03 745 6101


Quality jobs done on time.

All aspects of tiling. Reg

Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027

334 4125


Big OR SMAll

tree removal, trimming,

stump grinding, shelterbelt

clean up, section clearing,

rubbish removals,

excavation work, ph Trees

Big or Small, for a free

quote, 021 061 4783



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

stereos, DVD. Aerial

installations and kitsets,

480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03

379 1400

To Lease



63sqm office space

or similar in the heart

of Lincoln Township.

Refurbished, fully

carpeted unit in a

block of 3.

Parking available.

Enquiries phone

Eric 354 6617

or Wendy

0274 316 822.

To Let


Portable sleepout or office

available to rent

Insulated and value for

money at $75.00 per week,

you wouldn’t live in

anything else. Contact


today on 0279570920 or

Situations Vacant

To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required thiS month

Fully insulated and

double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes

from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m,

Large 4.2m x 2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m.

Visit our website for

display cabin locations.




(conditions apply)



(Road code & pre-assessment driving training provided)


Courses in Christchurch, Invercargill,

Cromwell & Mosgiel daily.

Other areas by arrangement



Class 3, 4 & 5, Passenger, Vehicle Recovery,

Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, Dangerous Goods,

Forklift, OSH & F

Driving Related Health & Safety Training


FREEPHONE 0508 2 DRIVE (37483) OR 03 348 8481 |

Situations Vacant

Accounts Payable

We are looking to recruit a part-time Accounts Payable

Administrator to be based at our Leeston office.

The role is 20 hours per week with some flexibility required.

The following skills and expertise are necessary:

• Excellent computer and communication skills

• Ability to prioritise and work to deadlines

• Accurate data entry skills

• Must be able to work school holidays

• Previous experience preferred but not essential

Cochranes is a family owned and operated farm

Machinery Company which has been in business for

over 65 years. We have branches in Amberley, Leeston,

Ashburton and Timaru.

If you are a motivated and trustworthy team player

looking to join a reputable company then we would love

to hear from you.

Apply today to:

Anita Milne


Proudly locally owned and

published by Star Media

Award winning publishing group

locally owned and

published by Star Media

Award winning publishing group



locally owned and

published by Star Media

Award winning publishing group

locally owned and

published by Star Media

Award winning publishing group



New Zealand

Pigeon (Kereru)

locally owned and

published by Star Media

Award winning publishing group


Billed Gull


(Nestor Notabilis)

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 35

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Public Notices

Residential & Lifestyle Salesperson

Opportunity to join Rolleston’s newest and

most progressive sales team.

The Rolleston Property Brokers team has grown in leaps and

bounds over the last 12 months. Our new salespeople are

experiencing great success in the marketplace and we have

developed a fun and successful sales culture.

We are looking for an energetic, goal orientated person with a

desire to develop a successful career in the Real Estate industry.

The successful applicant will be provided industry leading

training and support.

If you are looking for a new challenge and you are

interested in finding out more about this opportunity,

call Hamish McLeod today.

Hamish McLeod (Area Manager) 027 555 7047




& Podium





021 193 0118

Situations Wanted -

Jobs Wanted


driver with class 5 license,

wanting work in the

Ellesmere district driving

truck, tractors or general

farm work. Ideally would

like 4 days a week but

would consider anything

for the right job. Please ph

Graeme on 021 166 6259

advertising rates

Star Media take great pride in producing

quality and innovative publications for

our readers and advertisers. We deliver

clients fantastic value and results from

their advertising investment with us. We

have established a portfolio of products

that are leaders in their respective


As we continue to invest in our

publications, we aim to increase our

audiences of our publications against

industry trends. All our publications are

a must-read for the people they serve.

We are proud of the fact that our

business is locally owned and operated

right here in Christchurch by local


With our substantial investments

made & the huge extra value we now

offer combined with cost increases it

is necessary from 1st October 2016 to

increase advertising rates by 3%.

* Note: will not apply to contract

advertisers until the term of your

contract is expired.




Bay Harbour










Proudly locally owned and

published by Star Media


To Lease

To Lease

To Lease

Location Location Location

Ground Floor Close to the Airport

This is 325.2 square meters of prime commercial floor

space in a modern building.

• Off street parking.

• Well appointed kitchen, staffroom and bathroom facilities.

• Office area consists of a welcoming reception area,

several offices, studios and an area suitable for retail

showroom or storage.

This high profile building situated on Wairakei Road presents

a perfect opportunity for office, retail or production facilities.

Upstairs may also be available on negotiation.

To make arrangements to view the premises:

Contact Gary Anderson

0275 333 227 any time

Selwyn District Plan


Mrs J Pascoe request to rezone Living 2A (deferred) land to Living 2 at the intersection

of Creyke Road and Telegraph Road, Darfield

Clause 5 of the First Schedule, Resource Management Act 1991

Private Plan Change 48 (PC48) proposes to change the Selwyn District Plan (Maps and

Plan Text) to rezone 13.5 hectares of existing Living 2A (deferred) land to Living 2. The

subject land is located at the intersection of Creyke Road and Telegraph Road (Lot 2 DP

56210, Lot 2 DP 391581, Lot 1 DP 56120 and Lot 1 DP 391581), on the southern edge of

Darfield. PC48 proposes amendments to the Selwyn District Plan that include:

· Amend the District Planning Maps to rezone the subject land from Living 2A (deferred)

to a Living 2 zone

· Incorporate an Outline Development Plan to coordinate and guide the future

development of the site

· Amend policy B4.3.28

· Rules to mitigate the effects of gunshot noise from the Darfield Shooting Centre

· A rule requiring that development and subdivision is undertaken in accordance with

the Outline Development Plan

The plan change request and the assessment of why it is needed can be read at

Council’s Rolleston Headquarters and Darfield Service Centre, or can be viewed

online at service centres and public libraries in Darfield, Leeston, Lincoln and Rolleston

or at


Any person or organisation may make a submission supporting or opposing any aspect

of this plan change. Submissions must be in accordance with Form 5 of the Resource

Management Regulations; this form is available from any Council Service Centre or on

the website.

Submissions may be:

Posted to: Planning Department, Selwyn District Council, PO Box 90, Rolleston 7643

Delivered to: A Council service centre in Darfield, Lincoln, Leeston or Rolleston.

Faxed to: (03) 347 2799 (if you fax your submission please post or deliver a copy to the

details above)

Emailed to:

At a later date, all submissions received will be summarised and published. Further

submissions will then be invited, allowing any person or organisation to support or

oppose any of the initial submissions. A Council hearing will then be arranged to

consider all submissions, after which the Council will decide whether to reject or

approve the plan change. Any submitter who is not satisfied with the Council’s decision

may then appeal to the Environment Court.

For further information regarding this plan change or the process outlined above,

please contact Michael Rachlin on 347 2800.

The closing date for submissions is 5pm on 11 October 2016.

Public Notice


Tuesday September 13 2016










Rural Property

Licensed REAA2008

ROLLESTON - 9 Greenstone Street

Absolute Gem On Greenstone

• 4 bedrooms

• Open plan living

• Sleek modern kitchen

• Walk in pantry

• Fabulous indoor/outdoor flow

• 2 garden sheds

• Beautifully landscaped

ROLLESTON - 5 Faringdon Boulevard

Sensational Quality And Design

• Stunning property

• 4 double bedrooms

• Ducted heat pump system

• Study nook

• 2 large living areas

• Galley kitchen with stone benchtops

• Butler’s pantry

• Solar panels – Energy efficient

• No expense spared!

ROLLESTON - 51 Tiny Hill Drive

Sub Dividable Options!

• 2113sqm Section

• Fabulous central location

• Services at the boundary

• Sub dividable options

• Plenty of room to build

• Rare opportunity

Viewing by appointment only

Price: Neg Over $545,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 662 2751

Price: Neg Over $659,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 662 2751

Price: Asking $320,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576

or Susan Davis Mb 027 662 2751



SPRINGFIELD - 2 Victoria Street

Fantastic Views For A Great Price

• Original 200m2 family home

• 3 large bedrooms

• Bathroom with separate toilet

• Sits proudly on 1012m2

• Well priced under RV

KIRWEE - 18 & 19A Glen Oak Drive

Mansfield Gardens – Kirwee Township

• 2 residential sections remaining in the

Mansfield Gardens Subdivision

• 858m2 & 783m2

• Power, phone & town water supply to the


• Sealed entrances

• Surrounded by Quality homes

• Views of the mountains

LEESTON - 65 High Street

An Undeniable Masterpiece

• 310m2 home comprising 4 large bedrooms

• Well insulated with 2 log burners and HRV

• Zoned Business 1

• Exceptional separate workshop with power

ideal for running a business from home

• Botanic 1816m2 (nearly ½ acre)

Open Home: Sat 1.30pm-2.00pm

Price: $339,000


Sue Robinson

Mb 021 409 050

Price: $160,000 each


Sue Robinson

Mb 021 409 050

Stephan Knowler

Mb 027 229 9522


Deadline Sale. All offers to be presented on or before

5pm Friday16 September 2016 (unless sold prior).

Open Home: Sun 1.00pm – 1.45pm


ROLLESTON - 45 Othello Drive

What A Location

• Excellent location

• 4 bedroom 190m2 home

• 2 living areas

• Master bedroom – ensuite, WIR

• Double glazed, heatpump

• 792m2 fully fenced backyard

• Fully irrigated gardens and lawns

WEST MELTON - 18 Shona Lane

Built With Style & Sophistication For The

Discerning Buyer

• 4 bedroom 384m2 home

• Master with oversized ensuite

• 3 living rooms - formal lounge, family area &

separate kids lounge

• Open plan kitchen/dining

• Well thought out indoor outdoor flow to a

private courtyard

• Low maintenance 1200m2 (over ¼ acre)


• Fully irrigated lawn

• Oversized 3 car garage

Price: Neg over $525,000


Andrew Taylor

Mb 027 435 5930

Open Home: Sun 1.30-2.00pm

Price Reduction: $929,000


Sue Robinson

Mb 021 409 050


LEESTON - 15 Slattery Lane

Starting Up Or Slowing Down

• Turnkey 104m2 unit

• Fully landscaped 304m2 section with north

facing patio

• Open plan kitchen/living with Bosch


• Generous storage and garage space

DOYLESTON - 407 Drain Road

The Ultimate Lifestyle

• 140m2 modern 3 Bedroom house

• Double glazed with log burner

• Large open plan living set for all day sun

• 20ha approximately (subject to survey)

• Fully irrigable with consent in place for

groundwater take of 15L/sec until 2035

Price: Asking $395,000


Cameron McRae

Mb 027 769 6696


Deadline Sale. All offers to be presented on or

before 5pm Wednesday 21 September 2016

(unless sold prior).

Open Home: Sun 11.00am-12.00pm


Cameron McRae

Mb 027 769 6696

ROLLESTON PH: 03 347 9949 LEESTON PH: 03 324 3704 DARFIELD PH: 03 318 8204

Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Jackie Derrick

027 636 3576

Susan Davis

027 662 2751

Stephan Knowler

027 229 9522

Cameron McRae

027 769 6696

Sue Robinson

021 409 050




van der Klei






for Mayor?

“I am a person who works

with all sides, listens to relevant

arguments, and then

makes decisions collaboratively

with others as we work

to strengthen one another. I

am investing my prime years

into serving our community,

and am excited about

supporting individuals and

communities to reach their


I get really annoyed when people are made

to fight for things that are common sense.

Council should be an enabler, supporting

people to look after their families and their

community. I will continue to drive Selwyn

District Council to balance the responsibility

of caring for one another and our environment,

while empowering others to get

things done efficiently.

Selwyn is the best place in NZ to live, bring

up a family, work, enjoy the outdoors, and

grow old. As a district we need to continue

to look towards the future, and the possibilities

that lie ahead. We need to work together

and acknowledge that when something is

good in one part of Selwyn, it’s good for all

of us. There is a reason Selwyn is growing

so fast. It’s because there is no better place

to be!”


• Six years of excellent results on Selwyn

District Council

• Chair of Coleridge Habitat

Enhancement Trust

• Board of Trustees that established a new

school in Rolleston

• Successful Entrepreneur and


• Excellent ability to form strong teams that

work together

• Mentor to 100s of young people over 15

years of local youth work


• Integrity

• Reliable

• Hard working

• Co-operative

• Patient

• Serves others

• Committed long-term



What local people

are saying about

Sam Broughton


“I’ve found Sam great. We can approach

him, his communication is good, and he

listens to what we want. And we seem to get

our results... It’s about staying in touch and

keeping your finger on the pulse... I want a

Mayor that can get along with everybody and

can make Selwyn be Selwyn and bring people



“Sam is someone who gets along with people

of all ages which is important. Young people

don’t want to feel alienated, this is where they

live. Old people have put in their years here

and want somebody who will represent their

interests, who listens and understands what

their situation might be, Sam does that... When

I look at Selwyn I think we are in for change

and the kind of energy that Sam will bring will

be invaluable.”


“As new arrivals to the district we have felt

really welcomed here by Sam... He is really

supportive of both old and new residents

which is really good for a growing district like

Selwyn.. He has helped us get funding for our

play group and is great with families.”


• Brings people together to get things done

• Big picture focus

• Listens to all sides

• Humility to change views as

information grows

• Asks relevant questions

• Committed to lifelong learning


“I’ve known Sam for 12 years now. Started off

at youth group with me and my friends - we’d

go along and have a blast. Four years ago Sam

was our wedding celebrant for Laura’s and

my wedding. I really care for my family and

I want to make sure our water supply is nice

and clean and constant, and our roads are safe.

I think Sam’s commitment to the area and his

enthusiasm is what we really need.”


“I think the council needs a fresh start and

fresh leadership. I think Sam will be the man.

I have seen Sam go way beyond what his job

required, he did the extra work that didn’t

have to be done but he chose to get it done.

I think he will bring that same drive and

dedication to his role as Mayor.”

To find out more

about Sam, visit

Sam Broughton’s

Mayoral Diary:

The First Year

The main role of the

Mayor is as a captain/

coach of the councillors.

I will make sure we are

all playing the same

game, working towards

the same goals, and are

well supported to achieve

positive outcomes.

Throughout the first year I will run

weekly meetings for councillors

which include official council

meetings, portfolio meetings,

workshops and training. Here are

some other things I will implement

over the first year as Mayor.


• Contact all successful/unsuccessful


• Meet the new council members

• Organise a councillor retreat for

vision sharing and training.

• Spend time with the CEO to

communicate our councils plan and

make sure staff are able to deliver

on expectations


• Lead a councillor bus trip around

Selwyn District to allow councillors

to familiarise themselves with each

community and their projects

• Invite our neighbouring territorial

authority councillors to a morning


• Organise councillor training of

Resource Management Act and the

District Plan review


• Ensure appropriate levels of service

are maintained over the Holiday


• Review council bylaws that need


• Oversee progress on 2017-18



• Lead communication stages of Area

Plan implementation

• Lead reflection by councillors on the

first three months of a new council

• Implement areas for improvement

• Kick on with Rolleston and Lincoln

Town Centre projects


• District Plan Review ongoing


• Annual Plan budgets, projects and


• Travel to Wellington to advocate on

issues affecting Selwyn


• Final approval for budgets and rates

for the coming year

• Continue to meet with local

township and reserve committee

members on their local needs

• Support the initial stages of Leeston

and Darfield Town centre studies


• Undertake appropriate professional

development with councillors

• Work with local businesses on

increasing employment


• Hold hearings for the community

to tell us what they like and dislike

about council budgets and projects

for 2017-18

• Run deliberations and make

decisions with all councillors on the

best outcome for our community

following the hearings. Make

changes to initial plans where



• Adopt the Budget and Rates for


• Meet with all school Principals to

look at how we can work more

effectively together

• Plan a few council meetings to be

held around the district in Leeston

and Darfield


• Lead our council team to the

national Local Government


• District Plan review Stage 2

• Review council led summer events



• Support community events with

Events fund

• Initiate reviews for upcoming

contracts for roading, water, parks

maintenance, solid waste


• Run a full review with councillors

on how we have performed over

the 12 months. Look for areas of

improvement and implement them

Authorised by Nina Green, 1 Wedgewood Row, Rolleston.


Week commencing Tuesday, 13TH sePTemBeR, 2016


No expense has been spared on this sumptuous family home

located in the ever popular Faringdon subdivision! The property

which is presented like new offers generous living space which

includes a separate lounge and a large kitchen/dining/living area,

both of which open out to patio areas – perfect for your outdoor

entertaining. The fully appointed galley kitchen will impress with

its stone bench tops, large scullery and quality appliances. There

are also two breakfast bar options and the kitchen storage space

is something to be envied! There is plenty of room for everyone in

this four double bedroom family home and with the study nook

handily located near the family bedrooms, it creates the perfect

spot for the chidren’s homework. The fabulous master bedroom

is separated from the rest and offers a substantial walk-in robe

and luxurious ensuite. Other special features of this gorgeous

property include a large separate laundry, ducted heat pump

system, alarm, quality drapes and the icing on the cake would

have to be the solar panels that will keep your power bill at a

minimum. Don’t delay, viewing will not disappoint!




Neg over $659,000

Jackie Derrick


M 027 636 3576


Susan Davis


M 027 662 2751


5 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston. Viewing By Appointment



Licenced under REAA 2008



Vendors On The Move


Room For All The Family


• Four double bedrooms (master with en suite and

walk-in robe)

• Family bathroom, separate laundry and toilet

• Spacious, modern and functional kitchen

• Adjacent dining/living room and separate formal


• Four-car garaging and separate utility shed or

studio (with power)

• Fully-fenced, beautifully landscaped 1633m2


• Sought after location, close proximity to

schooling and services ID: DAR24103


OPEN HOME Saturday 2.00-2.30pm

Sunday 2.30-3.00pm

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

• 20 hectare farmlet on the outskirts of Dunsandel

• Large six-bedroom, 20-year-old brick family home

• Modern kitchen, large rooms and new carpet

• Great indoor/outdoor flow to private patio

• Large three-car garage, workshop and extra

three-room sleepout / storage unit

• Small and well-fenced farm on productive soils,

currently 12ha leased out

• Irrigation pump, main line, hydrants, but no

irrigation consent

• Extra sheds and a small set of cattle yards

• Transfer of insurance payout to new owners ID: LEE24241


(Unless Sold Prior)

Offers over $899,000 considered by

4.00pm, Wednesday, 21 September


OPEN HOME Sunday 3.30-4.00pm

Peter McCorkindale

B 03 341 4301

M 027 594 5190

Athol Earl

Sales Manager/Auctioneer

M 027 437 6298

Peter Crean

M 027 434 4002

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

Peter McCorkindale

M 027 594 5190

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008


Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 Office 03 929 0306






4/285 Lawford Road

The 4ha, 420m2, architecturally designed home, set in

established of park like grounds, is beautifully

presented. This home provides the quintessential family

and entertainment spaces. The grounds of the home

include a swimming pool complete with changing

rooms and entertaining area, a spa pool and a floodlit

tennis court. The layout of the home and the grounds

are perfect for a B and B, and offers purchasers the

opportunity to re-establish this business.

View By Appointment

Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306







430 Buchanans Road

4.48 hectare parcel of land. 4-bedroom dwelling with 1

bathroom and large living area, heated by wood burner

& heat pump.

Range of outbuildings. Water from own well.

Extensive landscaping and fencing providing options for

intending purchasers to further develop their dream

country lifestyle.


VIEW Sunday 18 Sep 11.00 - 11.45am

AUCTION 1.00pm, Wed 5th Oct, 2016, (unless sold prior)

Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306




Taunton Gardens

28 Shelley Street

SOLD on Shelley!

After a successful marketing campaign, this

Shelley St stunner, Rolleston is now SOLD!

Both vendors and purchasers are delighted

with the outcome. A popular property, we still

have buyers looking for similar homes in this

area. If you are contemplating the sale of your

property and you would like to find out how

we can combine your plans and our service

to get you a great result too, don’t hesitate

to contact Fay or Mike today for a free, no

obligation appraisal!

Historic & iconic


A slice of Canterbury history, this stunning property is nestled into the hills above Governors Bay, and offers

all the comforts of modern day living whilst maintaining its traditional beauty and features. A magical

setting and the perfect property in which to bring up family, accommodate extended family, or run as

a luxury accommodation and/or function facility, Taunton’s grounds include a recently resurfaced tennis

court, complete with a stone pavilion, with separate shower and toilet facilities, plus kitchen. This offering is

your chance of a lifetime to acquire a historic home in one of New Zealand’s most charismatic, vibrant and

supportive seaside communities.

Our instructions are clear, make no mistake, this property must now be sold! Contact Mike Goatley for

further information on how this stunning property could be yours.


3 Watkins Place

By NeGOtiatiON

Outstanding Home,

Great Neighbourhood!

Are you looking for a fantastic family home in

Lincoln? Located in a quiet cul-de-sac this near

new home is sure to tick a lot of your boxes.

Four large bedrooms, a triple car garage,

fantastic indoor/outdoor living – all on a family

sized section! This lovely home definitely

needs to be on your list to view – you will not

be disappointed! Contact Mike or Fay now to

arrange your private viewing


Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306





31 Fyffe Road

4 ha block in the ever popular West Melton area - create

the lifestyle block you have been dreaming of. High

quality blocks such as this are currently in high demand

and with limited availability, this offers a fantastic

opportunity. Here you will be surrounded by homes and

lifestyle blocks of the highest quality, future proofing

your investment. It now needs you to complete the vista,

by taking advantage of the ideal house sites to maximise

the uninterrupted views of the Southern Alps. This block

is well catered for with power and phone to the




View By Appointment

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 6th October, 2016 at

4.00pm, (unless sold prior)

Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306



5 Russell Street

Whether you are looking to step into home ownership

or looking to grow your rental portfolio, this property

needs to be on your list.

• 3 bedroom, 2 living, 1 bathroom

• Brick/Roughcast exterior and aluminium joinery

• Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

• Fully insulated with DVS, Heatpump, and Woodburner

• Low maintenance 130m2 home on 1012m2 section

• Separate garage with auto door

• Currently tenanted on fixed agreement expiring in



View By Appointment

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 6th October, 2016 at

4.00pm, (unless sold prior)

Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306





994 Weedons Ross Road

Your search is over. This appealing 220m2 family home

set on 4ha located on Weedons Ross Road, offers

wonderful lifestyle living with all the conveniences of

West Melton nearby.

Comprising of 4 bedrooms – large master with WIR and

ensuite, 2 living areas, a large family kitchen, and

wonderful indoor/outdoor flow.

Double glazed and tinted windows throughout, fully

insulated, and heated by a centrally located woodburner

(wetback), ensure the home is cosy and warm. A good

sized 2 car garage with auto doors, 3 phase power and

internal access complete the home.

Additional sheds are a large 12m x 9m storage shed

with concrete floor, a 7m x 6m workshop/garage, a

large wood shed, 2 x garden sheds and the pump shed.

The land is well fenced into 3 paddocks with reticulated

water. This offers plenty of scope for purchasers to

either continue to enjoy as a simple lifestyle block, or set

the block up as your needs require.

Stock and domestic water is sourced from your own


VIEW Sunday 18 Sep 2.00 - 2.45pm


Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306






Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306





149 The Lake Road

An exclusive opportunity presents itself here:

• 10.11ha lifestyle property near the iconic Coes’s Ford

• Spacious idyllic family home that needs to be seen

• Impressive kitchen, 4 living areas and separate laundry

• Solar powered underfloor heating and hot water

• Heat pump, gas fire and a northern facing aspect

• Established and well maintained easy care grounds

• 9.5 ha of irrigated Paparoa Loam soil

• Large 5 bay 9 m x 22 m implement shed

Properties of this class are rarely presented to the

market, prepare to be impressed and dare to own.


View By Appointment

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 22nd September, 2016 at

4.00pm, (unless sold prior)

Michael Robb

Mobile 027 436 7106






4 Hobbs Street

View By Appointment

Located in the rural setting of Hororata is this 3

bedroom weatherboard home, well positioned on a

quarter acre section offering a well fenced private

backyard. Inside the home features a combined

kitchen/dining with exposed timber floors, separate

lounge with logburner and a compact bathroom with

separate toilet. Outbuildings include a single carport and

garden shed situated in sheltered grounds with an

abundance of native plantings providing a peaceful

Gareth Cox

haven. Excellent opportunity for those looking for a

Mobile 021 250 9714

property with great bones and real options to add value.

Office 03 929 0306






3 Donatello Drive

When you enter this large executive home you will

appreciate all the benefits it has to offer.

• 4 large bedrooms with built in robes

• Executive kitchen with plenty of storage

• Great family dining area

• Large separate living with log burner and heat pump

• Outdoor patio area

• Manicured lawns and garden

• Large triple car garage and ample parking

VIEW By Appointment




List your property with us in September

and receive a FREE marketing package*


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value for FREE


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Dave Livesley

Mobile 021 466 637




7A Ruakaka Street

With plenty of parking and 3 car garaging (double plus

another large single) as well as a studio/office space

attached, there are options galore. The house is a classic

3-bedroom summer hill stone with modern kitchen and

large bathroom, a spa bath and separate shower. A

lounge ideal for large gatherings, opening out to a

balcony and private outdoor space. Facing northwest,

the house sees plenty of sun from sunrise to sunset and

for the winter months you’ll keep warm with a log

burner and heat transfer to the bedrooms, as well as

heat pump to take away that morning chill.

VIEW 17 & 18 Sep 1.00 - 1.45pm

Kurt Richardson

Mobile 021 154 3764

Office 03 929 0306







Ray White Rolleston

Sarah Booth

Licensee Salesperson

Business Owner

027 527 8258

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford

Licensee Agent

Business Owner

027 224 4733

Emma George

Licensee Salesperson

Business Owner

027 555 0568

Melanie Elliott

Licensee Salesperson

027 635 2643

Leisa Webster

Licensee Salesperson

027 722 5537

Leesa Barrie

Licensee Salesperson

027 947 1200

Rolleston 136 Rolleston Drive

Central to Rolleston’s amenities, this standalone townhouse is well

positioned on its 397m2 rear section to take full advantage of the

sun. Its design also provides excellent indoor/outdoor flow to the

private, rear garden. The modern kitchen, with good storage space,

extends out to the large & sunny open plan living/dining room.

Generous in its proportions, the master bedroom, with ensuite, is

complemented by 2 further bedroom & the family bathroom. With

For Sale

double glazing, a heat pump for climate control & double i/a

Sale Offers over $449,000

garaging, this home will have broad appeal to homeowners &

View By Appointment

investors alike. Be sure to view at your earliest convenience as ID# RLL22579

properties in the price range are in high demand!

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Rolleston 9 Binyon Place

This spacious 4 bedroom home has impressive

features along with a third living area. Open plan

living will attract entertainers with the kitchen

overlooking the dining & living areas including

sliders flowing to a sunny patio area, while a

separate lounge is kept snug with a log burner. A

Lossnay heat transfer ventilation system means

the entire house is kept warm plus filtered fresh air

which is a large attraction in today’s modern lifestyle

as well as solar hot water. Another attraction of

the house is the master bedroom complete with

ensuite, walk in wardrobe & separate lounge area.

Sale Offers over $640,000

View Saturday 11.00am -11.30am ID# RLL22580

Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874

Leisa Webster 027 722 5537

Prebbleton 26 Tosswill Road

You will love this sun drenched, sheltered courtyard bordered by a

kwila deck and step down to a patio area, complete with an

outdoor fire. Even before you step through the front door it is easy

to see the quality, timeless design that this property possesses.

The gourmet kitchen is designed as the central hub of the dining &

living areas. Whether it’s preparing a family meal, or catering on a

grand scale, the expansive bench tops and superb walk in pantry

will ensure a pleasurable and effortless experience. The open plan

living area has been designed to maximise light & an effortless

flow from the kitchen to the living. Boasting an office & 4 generous

bedrooms, triple car garaging with drive through, and an extensive

chattels list, this 300m2 family home represents the total package!

For Sale

Sale Auction, 16 September at 12pm

(Unless Sold Prior)

View By Appointment ID# RLL22558

Leisa Webster 027 722 5537

Prebbleton 10B Sterling Drive

Built in 2013 in desirable Sterling Park, this home is

positioned to receive amazing sun all day long. The

heart of this home revolves around the spacious,

modern open plan kitchen, dining & living which

includes pick up sliders out to the sheltered U

shaped courtyard. Double doors lead you through

to the cosy separate lounge. The master bedroom

has a huge walk in robe, plus a tiled bathroom with

a double shower and vanity. The remaining two

double bedrooms are situated in their own wing

with yet another quality tiled bathroom. This is a

house you will be proud to own - call now to view!

Sale Offers over $620,000

View Sunday 1.30pm - 2.00pm ID# RLL22567

Emma George 0275 550 568

Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874

Rolleston 7 Grace Way

Set on a 751m2 section, this home has a lovely rear garden, just

perfect for family fun and entertaining. Inside, the home is equally

well set up for the needs of a growing family and, at this very

affordable price, it’s sure to win your heart! The spacious hallway

leads in to a generously proportioned lounge with log burner and

heat pump, then through to the open plan kitchen/living room. The

modern, functional, kitchen is a delight for the chef of the family

with its large granite bench top, gas hob & good storage, plus it

offers an easy indoor/outdoor flow to the outside entertaining area.

As you make your way down the hallway, you will find a lovely

master bedroom, together with 3 more good sized bedrooms.

Both the bathroom & ensuite are beautifully finished with tiled

showers to give an up spec’d feel to the home. Outside, the well

maintained landscaped grounds provide the ideal setting for this all

round ‘family perfect’ home. We’re sure you are going to love this

one, so don’t delay and arrange your viewing today!

Sale Offers over $499,000

View Sunday 3.30pm - 4.00pm ID# RLL22569

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988

Ray White Rolleston


Angela Hunt

Licensee Salesperson

021 548 777

Amanda Cherry

Licensee Salesperson

027 340 6955

Dwayne Bloomfield

Licensee Salesperson

021 163 9874

Melissa Warrington

Licensee Salesperson

027 279 4362

Nyressa Vincent

Licensee Salesperson

027 515 7045

Kathy Wilson

Licensee Salesperson

021 183 3060

Rolleston 17 Berners Way

Situated in the popular Faringdon subdivision is this brand

new 3 bedroom home which is well positioned on the

433m2 section to ensure a good aspect for the sun and

enjoy views to the reserve across the road. Ranch sliders

off the living and dining area open out to the sun drenched

patio and nicely landscaped, fully fenced grounds. Inside,

the home has been finished to a high standard with quality

fixtures and fittings and the well thought out design with

high stud and over-height doors makes it ideal for families

and couples alike. Creating a culinary masterpiece will

be a breeze in the well-appointed kitchen with granite

bench tops and tiled splash back. Warmth is assured

with the benefit of a log fire & heat pump plus undertile

heating in both bathrooms. The master suite will

please the most discerning of buyers, with a double tiled

shower in the ensuite and custom fitted walk in wardrobe,

while the two remaining bedrooms are generous in size

with one having access to the main bathroom. Other

sought after features include a separate laundry and

a double internal access garage with attic storage.

The quality and style of this home must be viewed to

appreciate all that it has to offer, so don’t delay, call now!

Sale Offers over $535,000

View Sunday 2.00pm - 2.30pm ID# RLL22586

Amanda Cherry 027 340 6955

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 1053 Goulds Road

Still searching for the elusive, spacious home & big

section to suit your needs? Then this large 295m2

home on 1350m2 could be the answer! The home itself

comprises 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, along with a large,

sunny living area that is flooded with natural light & has

a great outlook to the mature yard & a separate formal

lounge. Fabulous indoor/outdoor flow to covered patios

& established blossom tree that will bloom all spring. An

oversized triple car garage along with gated access to the

rear of the section give plenty of space for extra vehicles,

the boat or caravan. The extensive North facing patio

is a great sun trap perfect for entertaining and, off the

generously proportioned master bedroom, there is also

a fully fenced area. A log burner that will certainly be nice

& cosy throughout the colder months, whilst the internal

vacuum system will make cleaning a breeze! This is a rare

opportunity to purchase such a generous family home,

that is within easy walking distance to Clearview School,

the dog park, Aquatic Centre, & Rolleston College opening

in 2017. With vacant possession, you could be living here

in next to no time! So, call now or see you at the open


Sale Offers over $669,000

View Sunday 3.00pm - 3.30pm ID# RLL22564

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988


Ray White Rolleston

Sarah Booth

Licensee Salesperson

Business Owner

027 527 8258

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford

Licensee Agent

Business Owner

027 224 4733

Emma George

Licensee Salesperson

Business Owner

027 555 0568

Melanie Elliott

Licensee Salesperson

027 635 2643

Leisa Webster

Licensee Salesperson

027 722 5537

Leesa Barrie

Licensee Salesperson

027 947 1200

Rolleston 798 East Maddisons Road

Expanding across 240m2, the layout of this brand new home

incorporates a 3 car garage with drive-thru, which is just ideal

for the workbench, storage racks, trailer or an extra vehicle. The

huge main living area wraps around the large family kitchen, with a

walk-in pantry, tons of bench space & quality appliances. From the

living room & separate lounge there are sliding doors which open

out to the sunny patio areas. For more restful times, there are 4

bedrooms (master with ensuite & walk through robe); plus a WC,

separate laundry & handy storage cupboard to make everyday

living a breeze! Complete with an alarm, basic landscaping, 10 Year

Masterbuild Guarantee, 751m2 section & great location handy to

West Rolleston Primary School. Completion approx early October.

For Sale

Overs over $605,000

View By Appointment ID# RLL22562

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 2 Kinglear Drive

Set in the heart of Rolleston is this 3 bedroom plus

study home. Perfectly situated for all day sun this

sunny property lends itself to outdoor entertaining

with great indoor/outdoor flow from the living to the

sun drenched patio area. The generous master

bedroom is complete with a walk in wardrobe and

ensuite, while 2 other bedrooms are serviced by

the large main bathroom. Well situated by the front

door, is the study for those who need an office

space to work from home. Set on a fabulous

764sqm section, with 2 car garaging and off street

parking. Viewing is essential.

Sale Offers over $519,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm ID# RLL22589

Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874

Leisa Webster 027 722 5537

Leeston 139 Brookside & Irwell Road

This magnificent home boasts uninterrupted views across farmland

to the snow capped mountains. The Southland Beech floors

promise lasting beauty & are complemented by the use of Rimu

throughout the home The colonial feel of the home’s exterior,

kitchen, laundry & bathroom, blends perfectly with ‘up to the

minute’ fixtures & fittings in other areas of the home and year

round comfort is guaranteed from the log burner and ducted heat For Sale

pump system. Offering extensive accommodation in two wings, a Overs over $899,000

fabulous, sheltered courtyard for outdoor entertaining and 2.4 acres View Sunday 11.30am - 12.00pm

combining mature gardens, an olive grove and a near new Heritage ID# RLL22571

barn. We invite you to come along and see for yourself what a Angela Hunt 021 548 777

special place it is!

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Leeston 398 The Lake Road

Offering 55 acres of fertile land & water rights to

irrigate. The large 3 bedroom home features a

great open plan living room & a stunning country

styled kitchen with granite bench tops, walk in

pantry & gas hobs. The double garage has an

added bonus of a rumpus room with covered

access to the house. An established orchard

boasts a variety of fruit and 10 Walnut trees. The

property has post & wire and electric fences plus

a stockyard, 2 x 3 bay barns and a shelter for

calf rearing. A further extension creates a large

workshop area.

Sale Offers over $1,200,000 + GST (if any)

View By Appointment ID# RLL22570

Angela Hunt 021 548 777

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 24 Hartford Crescent

Are you looking for something a little different, not just another

‘cookie cutter’ home..? Well, 24 Hartford Crescent may be just

what you are searching for! Funky in design & with a unique street

appeal, this property is sure to grab your attention with its modern

edge layout & style, both inside & out. The large open plan living

area is home to the trendy kitchen & has great indoor-outdoor

flow to the outdoor deck & fully landscaped section, just perfect

for summer bbq’s with friends! Adding to the appeal, the master

bedroom benefits from a sleek tiled bathroom & WIR, plus there

is another bedroom & spacious family bathroom with a 2nd tiled

shower to complete the floor plan. Now for the difference... a large

3rd bedroom, man cave, toy room or teenagers retreat upstairs!

This rooms has a variety of uses & has a lovely outlook to the

nearby reserve & children’s playground. With homes like this a rare

find, be sure to come take a look & see all that this fresh & funky

property has to offer... you won’t be disappointed!

Sale Offers over $519,000

View Sunday 2.30pm - 3.00pm ID# RLL22551

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988

Ray White Rolleston


Angela Hunt

Licensee Salesperson

021 548 777

Amanda Cherry

Licensee Salesperson

027 340 6955

Dwayne Bloomfield

Licensee Salesperson

021 163 9874

Melissa Warrington

Licensee Salesperson

027 279 4362

Nyressa Vincent

Licensee Salesperson

027 515 7045

Kathy Wilson

Licensee Salesperson

021 183 3060

Rolleston 35 Faringdon Boulevard

From the moment you walk through the door, you will be impressed

with this stylish 3 bedroom home. The large living area & modern

kitchen with walk in pantry, along with the separate lounge, makes

this home just perfect for everyday living & entertaining. Huge

stacker sliding doors lead out to the rear garden deck, where you

can host family & friends for a BBQ, or enjoy a dip in the spa pool.

The master suite will please the most discerning of buyers, with a For Sale

double tiled shower in the ensuite, & an enormous walk in wardrobe.

Two further double bedrooms are complemented by another View Sunday 12.30pm - 1.00pm

Offers over $539,000

stylish bathroom, Naturally warm & sunny, the home also benefits ID# RLL22545

from a heat pump in the living room. There is lots to see in this Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

delightful home, so don’t miss the opportunity to view!

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Tai Tapu 10A Hepworth Place

This 6 year old home is positioned to capture the

sun with an over height stud and large windows

to let the light in, the open plan kitchen, dining

and living space has pick up sliders out to the

large patio. The kitchen is well appointed and

includes tristone tops and a walk in pantry. Double

doors lead to the separate formal lounge. This

stylish and comfortable home offers 3 bedrooms,

the master with ensuite and walk in robe and

a 4th single bedroom. With gas hot water, a

heat pump, walk in storage and lots of extra

details - this property has all the bases covered.

Sale Offers over $650,000

View Sunday 12.30pm - 1.00pm ID# RLL22508

Emma George 0275 550 568

Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874

West Melton 2/670 Newtons Road

The moment you walk through the schist entrance of this

contemporary 4 bedroom lifestyle property, you’ll know it’s about

to spoil you with many more design features. The welcoming

open plan living area with high stud boasts plenty of natural light

& warmth. These doors extend out to an impressive patio area.

For ease of family living, this central hub of the home also offers

a convenient study nook, elegant dining area & designer kitchen

with granite bench tops & a walk-in pantry. Cleverly tucked behind

sliding doors is the formal lounge/media room. The exquisite master

suite also boasts a large ensuite with a double tiled shower &

underfloor heating. The 4 hectares are deer fenced & broken into 3

large paddocks to the rear. This desirable property won’t last long!

For Sale

Offers over $998,000

View Sunday 2.15pm - 2.45pm ID# RLL22584

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 12 Loeb Place

Located in Levi Park, this brand new 221m2 home

has loads of great features including a trendy,

modern kitchen with walk in pantry, double fridge

slot & tons of bench & storage space. Further

to this, the dining & living areas will make family

life a breeze, & with a separate lounge, you will

be able to enjoy movie nights at home with the

family. Add to the mix 4 great sized bedrooms, 1

of which would be ideal for guests plus 2 trendy

bathrooms, a separate WC, alarm, carpeted double

i/a garage & a lovely position at the end of a friendly

cul-de-sac... what more could you wish for?

Sale Offers over $589,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm ID# RLL22563

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Rolleston 69 Hungerford Drive

Immaculately presented & positioned to make the most of the

sunshine, this simply beautiful home has everything you could

want & being less than a year young, still feels like new! Instantly

welcoming, you are sure to love the layout & features the home

has, including great living areas, a trendy & functional kitchen,

good sized bedrooms & a few little extras. At the heart of the

home, the stylish kitchen has a 90cm oven & gas hobs, plus a

great walk in pantry & a commanding outlook to the living, dining

& outdoor alfresco deck areas, so entertaining family & friends

will be a breeze. Furthermore, the separate lounge provides

another area to host guests or watch your favourite movie. For

everyday life, the 4 well proportioned bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

& separate laundry with excellent storage are sure to please,

plus a handy study area ensures the kids will have no excuses

getting their homework done! All of this, plus a safe & secure

727sqm section with a semi-rural outlook & a fabulous location

close to the new Rolleston College & Lemonwood Grove Primary.

Sale Offers over $599,00

View Sunday 1.30pm - 2.00pm ID# RLL22572

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

Brendan‘Big Red’ Shefford 027 224 4733

Ray White Rolleston - Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

Ph: 03 347 9988



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Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections

in the Selwyn District

Rolleston lifestyle village

under construction

A new lifestyle village for people over 55 is currently under construction in Rolleston and

is the first aged care facility to be constructed in the area.

Rolleston’s 150 year history will be reflected in the village,

which is named after William Rolleston’s wife, Mary

Brittan who was a political force in herself, as a local

politician and community leader.

Built by Mike Greer Homes, the Mary Brittan Lifestyle

Village will be different from other retirement villages.

Rather than purchasing a licence to occupy where a

quarter of the resale figure is lost in deferred management

fees, owners will have freehold titles which can be gifted

or mortgaged.

The facility will also offer extras such as emergency call

buttons in each unit, the potential for 24 hour care when

needed, and a site manager who will take care of refuse

collection, quarterly window washing and maintenance

inside a unit if required.

While at least one resident in a house will need to be over

55 years, there will be flexibility for residents who want

to travel knowing their home is secure and the grounds


Mike Greer Homes has built extensively in the area. The

company noted that while the Rolleston community has

become significant, there was nowhere for older people

who wished to downsize or for farming people coming

off the farm and into a community.

Mike Greer Homes are the only providers in the South

Island of a facility of this type with just two similar

facilities in the North Island. The Mary Brittan Lifestyle

Village will be sister to Barton Fields village in Lincoln,

which is also historically linked to its community, with

street names such as Clydesdale Way reflecting the

original Barton farm.

“The average age of those moving into Barton Fields

Lifestyle Village is between 66 and 67 years. Many are still

active and want to come and go from their property yet

still have the support of neighbours, and a complex that

is looked after,” explains Brendon Hill from Mary Brittan

Lifestyle Village Limited.

The Mary Brittan units will sell from $400,000 for a 115

square metre duplex unit. They will have open plan living

with kitchen, dining and lounge spaces, two bedrooms,

toilet, separate bathroom, ensuite and good sized single

garage with laundry, as well as a courtyard and garden

around the unit.

“Stage two at Barton Fields Lifestyle Village has already

been released and stage three is not far away,” explains

Brendon. “At the Mary Brittan Lifestyle Village, the

internal roads are completed with a show home under

construction and due to open early October. Other units

will follow.”

The Mary Brittan Lifestyle Village is accessed by Mary

Brittan Road, at 23 Lowes Road and is a 500 metre stroll

from Rolleston town centre.

To learn more about the Mary Brittan Lifestyle

Village, call Hamish Gemmell on: 347 0212, email: or call into the

Mike Greer Homes office in Rolleston.

A new home, complete on your

section for only $376,900! incl GST

Marbella 232m 2

Brick exterior cladding

Builders of superior homes.

Just one example from

our range of plans.

Plans are viewable

in high resolution

digital at

Let Rob and his

team work with

you to produce your

own unique plan.

Built to last.

Silver medal winner in Registered Master Builders 2016 House of the Year Awards

Office & Show Home: 5 Broomleigh Drive,

Faringdon, Rolleston

Phone: 03 374 9172 or Rob: 021 324 876

E-mail -

Megan and Lee have

a young family.

So we designed them a home to grow up in.

Start your own story

03 348 1994 |






Confirm your new home

with us this month and

receive a free spring

holiday! Your choice of

the Gold Coast, Sydney

or maybe Melbourne.

Enquire today PH 341 6460

ANGELA 027 488 8930 GARRY 027 435 4997 HAMISH 027 420 5565 DANIEL 027 433 0074





Special conditions apply,

see our new home

consultants for full details.



New Stage Now Open

Home sites from 480m 2 - 705m 2

Priced from $175,000

First National Real Estate

Sue Mullins Barry O’Neill

021 244 1325 021 364 422

Visit Us Onsite 601 Birches Road, Lincoln, 7 days Noon - 4pm



There are many things to think about when you’re

considering building a new home. Browsing showhomes

is a fantastic way to get you thinking about practicalities,

needs, aesthetics and your wish list! Here are a few

considerations to help spark your planning process.

What is your exterior style?

What kind of homes do you

like? Edgy and contemporary,

classic elegance, country

lodge? Look around and take a mental note

of what you are drawn to most.

What kind of exterior materials do you

like? Would a brick home suit you, or

a modern material board? Once you’ve

worked out the look you like, research what

materials are available and find out about

their durability.

How will you use your house? Do you

do a lot of entertaining? It’s important to

most people to have good indoor/outdoor

flow and attractive, sheltered outdoor

living. Try and imagine your new home in

various seasons.

Landscaping will be an important part of

your project. Look around at other homes

and showhomes and consider what you like

and don’t like. Are you a structured formal

garden type or do you like a contemporary

native style? Start collecting photos from

magazines of gardens you admire.

Sustainability and future-proofing aren’t

just buzzwords anymore. It’s very important

for your new home to be designed to be

environmentally friendly and to take full

advantage of natural attributes such as solar

energy. Research insulation requirements,

solar hot water heating, ventilation options

and new technology to ensure you’re getting

a home that will be affordable to run.

Interior decor is a really exciting part of

your project. This is where showhomes can

really help you get to know current trends,

colours, beautiful furnishings and furniture.

Collect home magazines as well and make

up a folder of interior decors you would love

to emulate.

Also pause to give thought to architectural

components inside. Do you like a raised

ceiling? What kind of finishing do top homes

use and which styles are you are drawn to?

Heating is also a consideration. Have a

look at what showhomes are offering.

Kitchens form the heart of the house.

Showhomes give you insight into the latest

styles, materials and storage facilities


Bathrooms are another big component.

They need to be as luxurious as you can

make them, so start dreaming.


All the benefits,

none of the stress.

Over 15 years experience in managing investment properties

has given us valuable insight into how to maximise returns

and minimise stress for our clients.

Our detailed approach to everything

from selecting the right tenants to

effectively handling rent arrears

and maintenance issues, means our

customers have real peace of mind





knowing their investment is in good

hands. Our exceptionally high occupancy

rates, make for better returns too.

Contact us today to see what we can

do for you.




tree services

Wright Enterprises Build Limited

W.E. Build

New Homes



Trade Certified Builders

Family owned & operated


Antony Wright 021 111 1703

John Wright 0274 343 323

AH 03 347 4347

03 325 2117

• Professional Packing Service

• Local, National & International Moves

• Complete Door to Door Service

• Secure Storage Available

• Full Comprehensive Insurance

Ph: 03 344 6164



• Trees felled • Land clearing

• Logging of forestry blocks

• Tree lots thinned for production chip

• Irrigation clearance specialists • Excavator hire

• Cash paid for wood lots • Wind rows removed

• Firewood Sales, Pine and Bluegum

Fully insured covering all areas. 17 yrs exp.

Large Macrocarpa Trees or Logs.

Standing or on the ground.

Cash Paid on the spot!

Call 021-049-8657





• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways • Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development • Culvert Installation

• Construction Site Works • Tree & Hedge Removal

• Concrete Breaker

Hedge tRimming

& gaRden maintenance

• Hedge Trimming

• Small Trees and Shrubs Topped,

Shaped or Removed

• Trenching and Digging Buckets

• Garden Maintenance/Landscaping

• Cleanups Available

• Mulcher, Chipper and Wood Splitter

for Hire

JuSt Small





Written Warranty and 10 yr NO LEAKS Guarantee

• Specialise in snow protection

• Continuous spouting made on site,

large colour range available

• High grade and thicker material used

Any type of gutters repaired, Insurance Work undertaken

No job too small or too big!


Phone: (03) 325-4664

Mobile: 021-500-519

Call us NOW for FREE QUOTE

Call Danie 021 875 462

03 980-2865 / 03 344-5744


This Week’s





sunday saTuRday ThuRs

ROLLESTON 15 Melville Crescent

Thurs 15th Sept 1.30pm - 2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

on 910m2 section. Deadline sale – all offers presented 21st Sept,

USP, ph Katie 021 135 0887 or Mary 021 557 731

Harcourts Rolleston –

LINCOLN 18 Kildare Terrace

Sat 17th Sept, 1pm – 1.30pm, 2 Bed, 1 Bthrm, 1 Car, Approx 500m2,

Cross lease $319,000

Ray White Rolleston,

LINCOLN 21 Payne Court

Sat 17th Sept, 2.30 pm – 3pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, 247m2 on 619m2

section Offers over $649,000,

Ray White Rolleston

NORTH NEW BRIGHTON 14 Pinewood Avenue

Sat 17th Sept, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 bed, games room, 1 bthrm, 1 car,

studio, on 577m2

By Negotiation, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 9 Binyon Place

Sat 17th Sept, 11am – 11.30am, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 3 living 2 Car, 805m2

Section. Offers over $640, 000, Ray White Rolleston, www.rwrolleston.

BURNHAM 218 Thomsons Road

Sun 18th Sept, 2pm – 3pm, 3 bedaroom, 1 bthrm,

$895,000, ph Noel Lowery 027 432 8859 LE1569

Farmlands Real Estate

DARFIELD 55 Bangor Road

Sun 18th Sept, 12pm – 12.30pm, 3 beds, 2 bthrm on 962m2

$590,000 GST incl, Ph Min Cookson 027 249 5417

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR24394

DARFIELD 1620 Clintons Road

Sun 18th Sept, 1.30pm – 2pm, 3 beds, 2 bthrm on 2.37ha

$760,000 GST incl, Ph Min Cookson 027 249 5417

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR24262

DARFIELD 33 Oakden Drive

Sun 18th Sept 2.30pm - 3pm, 4 beds, 2 bthrm

$669,000 GST incl, ph Karen Hennessy 027 967 0186 or Min Cookson

027 249 5417

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR 24103

DOYLESTON 407 Drain Road

Sun 18th Sept, 11am – 12pm, Modern 3 Bed plus sleep out on 20ha.

Deadline Sale closes 21 Sept 2016, Cameron McRae 027 7696696

Matson & Allan

DUNSANDEL 3510 Main South Road

Sun 18th Sept, 3.30pm – 4pm, 6 beds, 2 bthrm on 20ha

Deadline Private Treaty, Unless Sold Prior ,Offers over $899,000

considered by 4pm, Wed 21st September 2016

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Peter McCorkindale 027 594 5190


LEESTON 375 Brookside & Irwell Road

Sun 18th Sept, 11am to 11.30am, 4.255ha, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car,

mostly double glazed Offers over $749,000 Ray White Rolleston www.

LEESTON 139 Brookside & Irwell Road

Sun 18th Sept , 11.30am to 12pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, Heritage

Barn, 9816m2 land Offers over $899,000 Ray White Rolleston www.

LEESTON 168 Timber Yard Road

Sun 18th Sept, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, 3 bed renovated brick home

with lake views on 5018m2. $499,000 Stephan Knowler 027 229

9522 Matson & Allan www.marealestate.

LEESTON 14 Fibonacci Way

Sun 18th Sept, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bedroom, 2 living, 2 garage turnkey

package $489,000 Cameron McRae 027 769 6696 cameron@

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 65 High Street

Sun 18th Sept,1pm – 1.30pm, 300m2 4 bed 3 living, 2 garage.

Deadline Sale closes 16/09/16 Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 41 Clausen Avenue,

Sun 18th Sept, 1pm – 2pm 3/4 bedroom, 2 living on beautifully

landscaped 732m2. $489,000 Cameron McRae 0277 696696

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 22 Cunningham Street

Sun 18th Sept, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, 3 Bed, 2 Living, 1 Bath on 558m2.

$389,000 Cameron McRae 027 7696696

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 69 Manse Road

Sun 18th Sept 2.30pm – 3pm, 3 bed, 1 living, 2 bthrm 2 garage, 5 yr old

home. Offers Over $449,000 Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522 stephan@ Matson & Allan

LEESTON 1 Cassini Place

Sun 18th Sept 2.30pm – 3pm , Turnkey 4 bed, 1 living, 2 bath, 2 garage

on 770m2. $479,000 Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522 stephan@

Matson & Allan

PREBBLETON 10 Westburn Place,

Sun 18th Sept, 11.45am-12.30pm, 4 bdrm, 3 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge

on a 745m2 section $729,000 ph Fergus 027 608 4768

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1488

PREBBLETON 7 Wallace Crescent

Sun 18th Sept, 1pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living 2 car gge on a

550m2 section Deadline sale- All offers presented 19 Sept 2016 (USP)

ph Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

Harcourts Rolleston –


DARFIELD 13 Piako Drive

Sat 17th Sept, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, on 7018sqm

$950,000 gst incl, Ph Min Cookson 027 249 541 or Karen

Hennessy 027 967 0186

PGG Wrighton Real Estate, DAR24119

ROLLESTON 5 Genoa Avenue

Sat 17th Sept, 1pm -1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge on a

657m2 section

Deadline sale- All offers presented 20th Sept 2016 (USP) ph Shona 027

229 3657 or Rhonda 021 057 5705

Harcourts Rolleston

ROLLESTON 15 Melville Crescent

Sat 17th Sept 1.30pm - 2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, on

910m2 section

Deadline sale – all offers presented 21st Sept, USP, ph Katie 021 135

0887 or Mary 021 557 731

Harcourts Rolleston –

SPRINGFIELD 2 Victoria Street

Sat 17th Sept, 1.30pm – 2pm, Amazing views in a quiet location with

potential plus

$339,000, ph Sue Robinson 021 409 050

Matson & Allan

PREBBLETON 10B Sterling Drive

Sun 18th Sept 1.30pm – 2pm, 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 650m2 section,

built 2013 Offers over $620,000, Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.

PREBBLETON 407 Trents Road,

Sun 18th Sept 2pm - 2.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, on a

763m2 section Auction Thursday 6th October (USP) ph Richard (Taitie)

027 777 8080

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1518

RAKAIA 29 Cridland Street

Sun 18th Sept, 3pm – 3.30pm, NEW 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 157m2 on

460m2 Section$419,000,

Ray White Rolleston

RAIAKA 147 Rolleston Street

Sun 18th Sept, 3pm - 3.30pm , 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 1 garage,

$320,000, Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1576

ROLLESTON 20 Elizabeth Street

Sun 18th Sept, 11.30am - 12pm , 4 bed, 1 bthrm, 1 car, 1011m2 section

$475,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 160 Levi Road

Sun 18th Sept, 12pm to 12.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, sep laundry, 3 car,

1183m2 section Offers over $669,000,

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 2 Kinglear Drive

Sun 18th Sept, 12pm to 12.30pm , 3 bed + study, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 764m2

section Offers over $519,000,

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 35 Faringdon Boulevard

Sun 18th Sept, 12.30pm – 1pm, 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 475m2 section

Offers over $539,000,

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 40A Beaumont Drive

Sun 18th Sept, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, 269m2 on

912m2 section

Offers over $685,000, Ray White Rolleston


ROLLESTON 12 Loeb Place

Sun 18th Sept 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, , 2 car, 564m2 section

Offers over $589,000,

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 5 Genoa Avenue

Sun 18th Sept, 1pm -1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge on a

657m2 section Deadline sale- All offers presented 20th Sept 2016 (USP)

ph Shona 027 229 3657 or Rhonda 021 057 5705

Harcourts Rolleston

ROLLESTON 15 Melville Crescent

Sun 18th Sept 1.30pm - 2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, on

910m2 section Deadline sale – all offers presented 21st Sept, USP, ph

Katie 021 135 0887 or Mary 021 557 731

Harcourts Rolleston –

ROLLESTON 10 Granite Drive,

Sun 18th Sept, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 living, 2 bthrm, 2 garage 199m2

home. Neg Over $555,000, ph Jackie Derrick 027 636 3576 & Susan

Davis 027 662 2751

Matson & Allan

ROLLESTON 22 Carrick Place

Sun 18th Sept, 1.30pm – 3pm, 3 Bed + 1 Bed Flat, 3 Bthrms, 2 Car,

1012m2 Section

$599,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 69 Hungerford Drive

Sun 18th Sept, 1.30pm – 2pm , 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, sep laundry,

727m2 section,

Offers over $599, 000, Ray White Rolleston


ROLLESTON 17 Berners Way

Sun 18th Sept, 2pm – 2.30pm , 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 433m2 section,

Offers over $535, 000, Ray White Rolleston


ROLLESTON 261 Rolleston Drive,

Sun 18TH Sept, 2pm - 2.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge on

750m2 section By Negotiation , ph Shona 027 229 3657

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1498

ROLLESTON 30 Seymour Drive,

Sun 18th Sept, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, Linea board 211m2 home on 640m2.

Neg Over $559,000 ph Jackie Derrick 027 636 3576 & Susan Davis 027

662 2751

Matson & Allan

DARFIELD 33 Oakden Drive

Sat 17th Sept, 2pm -2.30pm 4 beds, 2 bthrm

$669,000 GST incl, ph Karen Hennessy 027 967 0186 or Min

Cookson 027 249 5417

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR 24103

SYDENHAM 1 / 9 Cameron Street

Sat 17th Sept, 11am – 11.30am, Modern 2 storey T/house 2 bed,1 bthrm

1 car Offers over $309,000

Ray White Rolleston

TEMPLETON 2 Kissel Street,

Sat 17th Sept, 1.30pm -2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 1 car gge on

911m2 section. Deadline sale- All offers presented 27th Sept 2016

(USP) ph Claire 027 723 3571

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1519

Check out The Selwyn Times Property Directory

every Tuesday for the Best of property in the

Selwyn District.

ROLLESTON 24 Hartford Crescent

Sun 18th Sept, 2.30pm – 3pm, New 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 400m2

Section. Offers over $519,000, Ray White Rolleston, www.rwrolleston.

ROLLESTON 1053 Goulds Road

Sun 18th Sept, 3pm – 3.30pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 1350m2 Section

Offers over $669,000, Ray White Rolleston,


ROLLESTON 4/710 East Maddisons Road

Sun 18th Sept, 3pm – 3.30pm, 250m2 substantial home on 5666m2.

Neg Over $835,000, ph Jackie Derrick 027 636 3576 & Susan Davis 027

662 2751 Matson & Allan


Sun 18th Sept, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed, double glazed, 2 bthrm, 2

car, 751m2 section Offers over $499,000, Ray White Rolleston www.

SOUTHBRIDGE 5 Broad Street

Sun 18th Sept, 1pm – 1.30pm, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 garage

Neg Over $335,000 ph Penny Dadson-Clausen, 027 895 5943

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1574

SOUTHBRIDGE 167A High Street

Sun 18th Sept 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 bedroom, 1 bthrm, 1 garage

Neg over $340,000 Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895


Farmlands Real Estate, LE1570

SOUTHBRIDGE 38 Hastings Street

Sun 18TH Sept, 3pm –, 3 bedroom, 1 bthrm,1 garage

$369,000 Suzy McPherson ph 027 695 0519

Farmlands Real Estate, LE15701

TAI TAPU 10A Hepworth Place

Sun 18TH Sept, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 819m2 section

Offers over $650,000 Ray White Rolleston


TEMPLETON 2 Kissel Street,

Sun 18th Sept, 1.30pm -2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 1 car gge on

911m2 section Deadline sale- All offers presented 27th Sept 2016 (USP)

Ph Claire 027 723 3571

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1519

WEST MELTON 25 Jacqueline Drive,

Sun 18th Sept, 12pm -12.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 3 living, 2 car gge on

a 1036m2 section Deadline sale- All offers presented 21st Sept 2016

(USP) ph Katie 021 135 0887

Harcourts Rolleston

WEST MELTON 2 / 670 Newtons Road

Sun 18th Sept, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 4.021 ha

Offers over $998,000, Ray White Rolleston


WEST MELTON 18 Shona Lane

Sun 18th Sept, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 bed, 3 living, 2 bthrm, 3 garage,

1200m2 property.

$929,000 ph Sue Robinson 021 409050

Matson & Allan

WEST MELTON 40 Jacks Drive

Sun 18th Sept, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 1445m2 section

Offers over $775,000, Ray White Rolleston



Four Seasons Realty

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

List with Harcourts

in Canterbury and

you could...






























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HORNBY 395 Main South Road • 03 349 9919 | HALSWELL 379 Halswell Road • 03 322 1197 | ROLLESTON Shop 13, Rolleston Square • 03 347 4711

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