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Selwyn Times: September 13, 2016

16 Tuesday

16 Tuesday September 13 2016 SELWYN TIMES SCENE: A cast of 13 students have spent several weeks putting together a performance which will debut next week. ​ SERIOUS: Chelsea Smith and Kharissa Tomkins both play the serious character of Inspector Hound. Mix of humour and disaster in production CHARACTER: Anastasia McPherson plays Cynthia, a young widow in the show. ELLESMERE COLLEGE will debut its latest production next week. Students will perform Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound. The team of 13 senior students and two teachers have put together the performance as part of a National Certificate of Educational Achievement standard the students have to do for their drama class. They got to choose from a variety of plays and picked The Real SCHOOLS Inspector Hound because of its mix of humour and disaster. Jak Mitchell, Tyrone Jagers, Westen Dunn, Jack Dudley, Martina Cepeda Rios, Grace Walker, Anastasia McPherson, Katie Ferris, Josh Hardy, Chelsea Smith, Kharissa Tomkins, Jayde Vivian, and Jerome Taefu make up the cast who will tell the murder mystery story. It is a comic take on the whodunnits genre. Its plot includes a secluded English country manor house, ominous radio reports of a criminal on the loose, visitors behaving suspiciously, a relative with a unknown past and an unidentified dead body. Year 12 student Anastasia McPherson said she has enjoyed getting to act out her character, Cynthia. “I feel like the best part is acting out your character because you can play around with technique and choose the best that suits your character,” Anastasia said. This production is part of a wider celebration of arts and culture the school has put together. The celebrations have been named CAF@E, cultural arts festival at Ellesmere and the performances will highlight the kapa haka group and a talent show. DESIGNER FASHION AT OUTLET PRICES SMART BRANDS SMARTER PRICES HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 17 Foster Park ROLLESTON - YOUR TOWN, YOUR FUTURE ROLLESTON - YOUR TOWN, YOUR FUTURE Foster Park – Spring 2016 update Take a stroll at Foster Park New shared walking/cycling paths that can now be used by the public have been laid around the perimeter of the park and through the park (see map opposite for path locations). Additional paths will be laid in the future. Foster Park hosted its first winter sport season with over 600 footballers of all ages taking part in weekend matches. A new LED sports field lighting system was installed in March and is providing good lighting which is cost efficient for evening sports practices and games. Rolleston Men’s Shed have established a building at the Dynes Road end of the park and are using their new home. A new temporary toilet facility has been installed near Broadlands Drive (5 on the map). Permanent toilet facilities will be included in a planned indoor sport complex. Foster Park is in bloom! 2 TO ROLLESTON TOWN CENTRE 14,500 daffodil bulbs were planted in the autumn by volunteers and Council staff and the daffodils are now starting to bloom at the park. You can view the display, but please don’t pick the flowers – leave them for everyone to enjoy. We are also planning to plant more daffodils – with around another 5,000 to be planted each autumn for the next three years, with help from volunteers. 1 6 SPRINGSTON-ROLLESTON ROAD Work planned this summer Over the next six months we plan to work on these projects at the park at the locations shown on the map: · Creating a new sealed carpark near Broadlands Drive · Developing a hockey mini-turf for local hockey teams · Developing three new sports fields near Dynes Road (shown as 7 on the map) to increase sports field capacity in Rolleston · Creating some landscaped banks (at 11) to provide an area for relaxation · Continuing to design the new playground, which is planned to be built within the next 12 months. 14 GOULDS ROAD 15 4 5 10 FARINGDON SUBDIVISION/ DYNES ROAD 9 8 13 3 3 7 11 12 BROADLANDS DRIVE Completed projects 1 Selwyn Aquatic Centre 2 Dog Park 3 Playing fields 4 Maintenance/storage facility 5 Temporary changing/toilets In progress 2016/17 6 High school site 7 Future playing fields 8 Playground 9 Future car parking 10 Hockey turf 11 Landscaped mounds Future projects 12 Gravel Pit 13 Proposed indoor courts 14 Wilderness play 15 Recreation/events oval Tree planting 2017-2025 Tree planting completed Paths completed Lighting installed on fields Daffodil planting Children’s playground update The Council recently surveyed 83 Rolleston schoolchildren and invited comments from adults to gather information on what they would like included in a major new playground to be developed at Foster Park opposite the Selwyn Aquatic Centre. Some of the most popular types of play equipment kids wanted to see included a mouse wheel (similar to a large hamster wheel), a big slide, a tree hut fort, a flying fox, swings, a BMX and scooter track and a climbing wall. “The survey results have helped identify what types of activities kids would most like to have at the park. While we may not be able to fit all of the play options into the park we are looking to accommodate as many of the most popular options as we can comfortably fit into the space available,” says John Reid, Major Projects Property Manager, who is overseeing the development of Foster Park. John says the park will be designed as a destination playground which offers a wider range of play options than local neighbourhood play grounds. “We’re aiming to create a very exciting facility for kids that will bring people to the park to enjoy a family outing,” he says. (03) 347 2800 Darfield call free 318 8338