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Selwyn Times: September 13, 2016

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To find out more about Sam, visit Sam Broughton’s Mayoral Diary: The First Year The main role of the Mayor is as a captain/ coach of the councillors. I will make sure we are all playing the same game, working towards the same goals, and are well supported to achieve positive outcomes. Throughout the first year I will run weekly meetings for councillors which include official council meetings, portfolio meetings, workshops and training. Here are some other things I will implement over the first year as Mayor. OCTOBER • Contact all successful/unsuccessful candidates • Meet the new council members • Organise a councillor retreat for vision sharing and training. • Spend time with the CEO to communicate our councils plan and make sure staff are able to deliver on expectations NOVEMBER • Lead a councillor bus trip around Selwyn District to allow councillors to familiarise themselves with each community and their projects • Invite our neighbouring territorial authority councillors to a morning tea • Organise councillor training of Resource Management Act and the District Plan review DECEMBER • Ensure appropriate levels of service are maintained over the Holiday season • Review council bylaws that need updating • Oversee progress on 2017-18 Budgets JANUARY • Lead communication stages of Area Plan implementation • Lead reflection by councillors on the first three months of a new council • Implement areas for improvement • Kick on with Rolleston and Lincoln Town Centre projects FEBRUARY • District Plan Review ongoing leadership • Annual Plan budgets, projects and rates • Travel to Wellington to advocate on issues affecting Selwyn MARCH • Final approval for budgets and rates for the coming year • Continue to meet with local township and reserve committee members on their local needs • Support the initial stages of Leeston and Darfield Town centre studies APRIL • Undertake appropriate professional development with councillors • Work with local businesses on increasing employment MAY • Hold hearings for the community to tell us what they like and dislike about council budgets and projects for 2017-18 • Run deliberations and make decisions with all councillors on the best outcome for our community following the hearings. Make changes to initial plans where appropriate JUNE • Adopt the Budget and Rates for 2017-18 • Meet with all school Principals to look at how we can work more effectively together • Plan a few council meetings to be held around the district in Leeston and Darfield JULY • Lead our council team to the national Local Government conference • District Plan review Stage 2 • Review council led summer events projects AUGUST • Support community events with Events fund • Initiate reviews for upcoming contracts for roading, water, parks maintenance, solid waste SEPTEMBER • Run a full review with councillors on how we have performed over the 12 months. Look for areas of improvement and implement them Authorised by Nina Green, 1 Wedgewood Row, Rolleston.