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Selwyn Times: September 20, 2016

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38 Tuesday September 20 2016 HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Thinking about raised garden beds Raised garden beds offer many advantages for landscaping and growing plants. Aesthetically, open spaces are broken up allowing courtyard intimacy and adding interest to the garden with the opportunity for additional seating where they are capped with a wider piece of timber. Botanically, the soil stays warmer in a raised garden bed making them ideal for early planting of vegetables and a longer growing season, especially if covered with frost cloth or some form of cloche. Raised beds can be constructed at a manageable height for gardening and positioned to suit the landscape design or for convenience, such as having the vegetable garden near the kitchen, though this garden should also be in a sunny place and not too exposed to strong winds. When wanting to change the landscaping or when the condition of the garden bed deteriorates, they are THE PERFECT PLACE FOR YOUR SPRING PLANTING PROJECTS - Landscaping plants for all gardens - Ornamental & Specimen trees - Canterbury’s largest range of natives - Hedging & Topiaries - Fruit & Nut plants Get great spring planting advice from our friendly team 1133 Main South Road - 0800 800 352 - Sharon CroftS LandSCape d e S ign • Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans easily removed or changed, while beds can be added or reduced as needed. A raised garden bed can be custom built as a free standing unit from wood or another material like corrugated iron, or purchased already constructed. Depending on the size of the raised garden bed, it might be constructed in the garage then lifted into place while larger affairs may be constructed around an area of garden NOW OPEN 7 DAYS P. 329 6229 M. 0274 311 558 where the soil has been dug over and weed free. Posts may be dug into the ground on which to attach timber to make a rectangular bed. Simpler options are using old drums or tyres though with the latter, there is potential for toxicity leakage into the soil so not a good option for growing edibles. When constructing a timber garden bed, popular choices are ground treated radiata pine or macrocarpa. The latter is untreated and popular as it is an attractive wood. Untreated timber is best to ensure no chemical seepage into the soil if growing vegetables. Recycled wood such as railway sleepers are also favoured though it is a good idea to check their condition and ensure there is no pest infestation such as ants. After the garden bed is built, line the inside walls with black polythene. This will limit the effect of moisture in the soil rotting the timber or rusting the iron over time, allowing the garden bed to last longer. Next, layer old newspaper at the base of the garden to prevent weeds coming through from underneath, then fill with a rich compost soil mix. Paths between the beds may be grass, shingle, pavers or concrete. Plants can be protected from birds and other pests by covering the bed with netting or frost cloth. This can be supported by a wooden frame or PVC piping. A trellis might also be fixed to the frame or erected to one side to allow climbing plants such as vines or beans to have support. Lastly, remember that raised garden beds can dry out more, so will need regular watering for lush healthy plants and good crops of vegetables for the kitchen. LET’S GET GARDENING INTELLIGRO OFFERS: Expert gardening advice High quality products South-Hort growing mixes VIP rewards Buy in-store and online Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: 1394 Main South Road, Weedons | | Phone 03 347 9415 My Kaywa QR-Code SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 20 2016 39 Driven Sporty flavour to chic Citroen DS3 • By Ross Kiddie potter carries the traditional • Price – Citroen DS3, $42,990 IN A perfect world, Citroen’s harmonics which sit with that • Dimensions – Length, desire to have two marketing configuration. I’m not saying it 3948mm; width, 1710mm; platforms globally would seem is noisy or unnatural, but it gets height, 1483mm easy. about its task with a feeling that • Configuration – Threecylinder, front-wheel-drive, Citroen effectively have two is uncharacteristic for an internal ranges – Citroen and DS. DS is combustion engine. 1199cc, 81kW, 205Nm, sixspeed automatic. an offshoot which produces cars That aside, it is a sensation I just a little right of centre, trendy, quite like; I’ve driven many threepotters over the years, one of my fashionable and sporty. • Performance – The PSA Group, which is the daily commute work vehicles 0-100km/h, 9.9sec parent of company of Citroen was a Suzuki Alto, and I came • Fuel usage – 4.7l/100km and DS, has made it quite clear to really enjoy the honesty of its they would like to have separate three-cylinder engine, they have a mainstream category. showrooms for each brand, but lot of torque low down and that is Inside, too, it has avant-garde here in New Zealand that’s an CITROEN DS3: Trendy three-door hatchback. where you need power. And while styling elements. Not that they expensive investment, and one evaluation focuses on the baby overtake in 6sec (80km/h to it prefers to work at the lower make driving the car a challenge, which would be hard to justify of the series, the DS3, a small, 120km/h). Response to throttle part of the rev band, it will sing to they don’t, but just the way the given the historically low volumes funky, three-door hatchback request is pretty much instant, the top end readily boosting all of cockpit is laid out is visually different. of Citroen sold here. which utilises the Citroen C3 and drive is through a six-speed the way without complaint. And if you take into account Peugeot 208 platform. automatic gearbox, and it is a High performance versions of Space-wise the DS3 could really there are also some joint dealerships for both Citroen and three-cylinder engine of Citroen’s up too much out of the engine, included a Racing version. Given there are three seat belts across The DS3 also gets the 1.2-litre, transmission which doesn’t soak the DS3 in overseas markets have be considered a four-seater only, Peugeot, the latter also part of Cactus, C4 and the Peugeot 208. the entire acceleration process is it’s pedigree, I took the test car on the rear, but that area is best the PSA Group, the infrastructure involved in keeping all three well above its weight. It is rated Citroen also claim a 4.7-litre and out to the plains via Coes ure. However, on the plus side, It is an engine which punches fluid. the Summit Rd to Gebbies Pass reserved for those slight of stat- brands separate would be rather at an amazing 81kW and has per 100km (60mpg) combined Ford. The DS3 cruises quietly and there is a respectable under-hatch costly and complicated. a fabulous 205Nm of torque cycle fuel usage average. During feels nimble and agile when confronted with some tricky corners. ingly it easily accounted for the load space (285-litres), surpris- That being the case, to purchase available at just 2000rpm. The my time with the test car the consumption readout was constantly However, when that type of sizeable Kiddie-family weekly a DS at present, buyers need to latter is thanks to a fairly hefty go to the Citroen dealership, turbocharged boost and if you listing around 6l/100km (47mpg) motoring isn’t on the agenda the grocery shop. and to my way of thinking, that’s take into account the light weight with 4.4l/100km (64mpg) available at a steady 100km/h, the ways. Its French origins come renowned for building passion DS3 will appeal in many other French manufacturers are well the best scenario, while DS does of the car at just 975kg, it has stand out as being individual, the remarkable performance and engine quite relaxed at that speed to the fore, its design cues are into their cars. At $42,990 it isn’t cars are still in many ways fundamentally Citroen. It will accelerate from a stand- There’s no mistaking that some- baby hatchback it has two-tone today’s market, but if you want economy. turning over at just 2100rpm. standouts and while it is just a the most affordable hatchback in I’m due to drive the DS4 still to 100km/h in 9.9sec, and thing just a little bit different sits colouring, and chic features style and panache then the DS3 is Crossback and DS5 soon, this scamper through a highway under the bonnet, the wee three- which certainly take it out of the the car for you. 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