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Selwyn Times: October 04, 2016

10 Tuesday

10 Tuesday October 4 2016 Your Local Views Health and safety concerns at Selwyn Sawmills justified WorkSafe New Zealand deputy general manager assessments Jo Pugh responds to a column by Selwyn Sawmills co-owner AJ Halliday about “restrictive and expensive edicts from WorkSafe New Zealand” forcing businesses to close their doors Health and safety is an easy target when financial difficulties happen. The Health and Safety at Work Act asks businesses to be sensible in managing their hazards. It doesn’t mean that every hazard, no matter how small, has to be eliminated at any cost. That’s not reasonable, let alone possible. We know it’s possible to meet health and safety obligations as demonstrated by the five out six sawmills in the region that we have assessed. They are managing their hazards and protecting their workers and customers from serious harm. However, what was witnessed on-site by WorkSafe inspectors at Selwyn Sawmills left us no choice but to seek improvements. The site had unguarded belt drives, open chain and sprockets, and required workers to step over one machine to get to the next, which are all examples of hazards with the potential to threaten life and limb. WorkSafe is not insensitive to businesses circumstances and, in the case of Selwyn Sawmills, we provided the business extra time to meet the improvement notice. Upon news that the directors had taken the decision to cease trading, we helped them work through short term safety improvements – including administrative controls like earmuffs – which would allow them to continue trading while the business was wound up. Health and safety is a part of business – not an addition to be tacked on when times are good. Keeping workers and customers well away from dangerous machinery while it is in operation is the best way to prevent incidents. Adequate machine guarding is not optional – it’s a must. A lack of money does not reduce responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act. In fact, when times are tight it can be tempting for businesses to cut corners, leaving workers exposed to serious and potentially deadly hazards. In New Zealand, one person a week is killed in workplace accidents, and over 20,000 suffer serious injury and 600 to 900 die an early death from work-related ill-health each year. Our workplace death and injury toll is far worse than Australia’s or the United Kingdom’s. That is not a record to be proud of. Additionally, taxpayers are forking out an estimated $3.5 billion a year on workplace deaths, injuries and ill-health. However, the most significant cost is that paid by the loved ones who pick up the pieces following a workplace accident. Residents respond to business owner Lynn Townsend’s recent column in the Selwyn Times which criticised the planned removal of car parks on Gerald St in favour of a cycleway Alan Wise, of Lincoln – Does Lynn Townsend honestly believe that people go to the Lincoln supermarket because it has a large car park and how is this an argument for the district council to provide on-street parking? Does a business such as Coffee Culture think their coffee is so ordinary that their customers will go elsewhere if they can’t park on Gerald St? I thought business owners were more astute and realised that more business comes from people walking past the door than driving past. I fully support the district council’s plans for Gerald St. SELWYN TIMES Change can’t come soon enough and I couldn’t agree more with Don Babe’s views. Pat Palmer, of Prebbleton – Lynn Townsend should be asking the district council ‘how many cyclists will use the proposed cycleway along Gerald St and how much will it cost?’ And the council should have considered this, and already told us. Lincoln resident Vicky Bowden writes on the state of the earthquakedamaged St John’s Anglican Church in Hororata I don’t live in Hororata but do visit relatives there and so have driven past the church at different times. When I was at a wedding in Hororata three years ago we went over to visit the grave of the bride’s mother. Authorised by Mark Alexander 478 Two Chain Road RD7 Christchurch 7677. ü Vote Mark Alexander SELWYN COUNCIL ü ü ü for HONEST INDEPENDENT EXPERIENCED FLOORING FREE RURAL DELIVERY To closesT freighT depoT SHOWROOM 3/954 FeRRy ROad | CHRISTCHURCH | Tel. 03 943 2001 | WWW .gReenFlOORIng.CO .nz QUICKSTEP – LOC – ELKA – PERGO – TORLYS LET US HELP YOU SAVE $$$ ON FLOORING • TIMBER • TILE • CORK • LAMINATE • LEATHER laRge SeleCTIOn FRee MeaSURe & QUOTe TRAdInG hOURS: Tuesday to Thursday 8:30am to 5:30pm, Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm, Saturday 9:30am to 1:00pm, Sunday & Monday closed.

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday October 4 2016 11 LAWyerS WINNERS ARE GRINNERS: Lincoln University student Zoe Harty, who won the Miss Famous Grouse contest. She will spend the $2000 prize money on clothes and an overseas trip. Some of us commented on the fact that even though there is obviously not any repair work happening it would be good if they were continuing to do some basic maintenance of the church to keep it in a good state. Earlier this year I was there again for an internment and noticed that there are weeds in the gutters and other things that will not be helping with the overall condition of the church and one would think could be looked after – unless it is a safety issue. Lincoln resident Todd Nicholls writes about the Selwyn Times’ coverage of the Miss Famous Grouse competition on its front page last week I am a long-term Lincoln resident. I have been a journalist and a lawyer for over 20 years. I am also the father of two young daughters. I was horrified by your front page story Beauty and Brains (September 27, 2016). For just a moment I thought that we had gone back to the dark ages. Bad enough that the Lincoln Hotel had to advertise this sexist rubbish (posing as entertainment) for weeks beforehand outside its premise. For your otherwise excellent newspaper to highlight this backward event on its front page is an insult to not only the progress that we have made as a community but the role of women in our society. Your readers, and my two young daughters, deserved so much better. Rolleston resident Jonathan Scott writes about the Pest Control Research factory in Rolleston planning to manufacture 1080 bait Myself and other Rolleston residents wish to express our concerns that PCR keep their external roller door open during operation. Open Day Announcement St John The Evangelist Catholic Church Leeston, is proud to announce its long awaited reopening following the completion of phase one, earthquake strengthening works. Although the district council have advised that PCR cannot manufacture 1080 bait yet, we believe PCR are demonstrating their lack of concern for the community by engaging in poor manufacturing practices, which, if occurring during active poison bait manufacture, would put the community at risk and be in breach of their consent. As the spokesman for the 1080 Free Rolleston Facebook page, we would like to see PCR take these concerns into consideration, rather than simply responding with ‘we are not making bait yet.’ I suggest PCR is leaving the external door up in order to counteract the effect of solar heating or manufacturing temperatures occurring during the day. We want to understand if this is PCR’s only method of cooling their building during pre-feed manufacture, how is PCR prepared to react if they proceed to active bait manufacturing. Some residents are also concerned that leaving the factory door open is a security risk that PCR should address in order to safeguard their stock of poison. If PCR were willing to make a gesture to allay the community’s concerns, I would be prepared to meet with PCR management to discuss the matter further. We have over 40 years’ experience to assist you with… • Buying and Selling Houses and Commercial Property • Wills, Trusts and Estate matters • All issues facing you and your business; • Employment Law matters; • Traffic matters; • Earthquake related issues; and • Advice regarding Retirement Villages Call John, Brendan or Andrew today on 03 366 8996 to find out how we can help you. Email. Airport Business Park 92 Russley Road Christchurch 8042 Bursting with colour for Spring In the flower business 24 years. broadfieldflowers P 325 2621 | 1094 Shands Road Just 5 minutes from Lincoln The first mass will be held this Sunday 9th October, 10am. Followed by the open day which will take place from 2-4pm. The parish would like to welcome everyone along to the open day, as a thank you for the support that has been shown over the last five years. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Parish - Leeston 7th, 8th & 9th Oct WE SPECIALISE IN THE CARE AND PRESERVATION OF TREES • Pruning • Expert Tree Felling • Fully Insured • Free Quotes • Powerline Clearing • Branch Chipping • Competitive Rates • Orion Approved Contractor FULLY QUALIFIED ARBORISTS Member of NZ Arboriculture Association For quotes and enquiries phone 03 349 7143 | For urgent enquiries phone 027 272-6710 Email: www.arbor–