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Selwyn Times: October 18, 2016

28 Tuesday

28 Tuesday October 18 2016 Gardening SELWYN TIMES Work in advance for Xmas With the warmer weather comes the ever-knowing awareness and understanding that Christmas is really not that far away TURN THE corner and we are almost there. Wise are those who plan and work in advance. Unfortunately, most of us wait until the last minute to work on our gardens, just before the big day arrives. Often we find the task either too big or too difficult, hence a lot of us leave it incomplete or even worse, don’t start at all. Well, here are some simple tips to improve your outdoor living areas. You can always let the cobwebs inside take care of themselves, at least they catch flies. One: If your garden is too much to handle then simplify it. Look at what plants you have. Your likes and dislikes. Too big or too small? Leaf droppers or sun blockers? The list goes on. Ascertain what has to go and get rid of them. You may be surprised at how simple things make a big difference. Two: Remember, often less is best. At this stage you may need to seek some professional advice to help keep in mind the picture you want to create. Three: If your garden and plant maintenance is high and you’re finding it hard to cope, then weed out the problem. For AESTHETICS: Raised gardens add a point of interest. example, it just maybe time to realise that the roses are no longer suitable. Remember you can always substitute them with an alternative plant. Four: Consider building raised gardens with timber or garden sleepers. Besides adding a point of interest, you have the added benefits of a well drained garden that is easier to maintain. You may even consider split level gardens which will add an aesthetic value to your piece of paradise. Five: Consider plants that either give off scent or produce food. This is an increasingly popular trend, with the benefits of producing organic fruit and vegetables being both healthy for the body, good for the soul and satisfying for the pocket. Six: Make your garden as maintenance-free as possible. Consider alternatives to bark and mulch using non-organic product such as decorative stone and using a quality non-woven weed matt for weed control. Seven: Consider painting or staining timber fences, retaining walls and other wooden structures. This will give a fresh look and can be colour co-ordinated to enhance your overall look and design. Eight: If the task is too much or you need some advice call your professional landscaper for help. There may be things you haven’t considered. Get outside and go potty GARDENING IN pots is a spectacularly rewarding and low labour hobby. Instead of battling the elements, treating tired old soil, weeding and digging frantically, you simply tip the prepared perfect potting mix into the container, follow it up with the plants, water and wait. It’s hard to go wrong. You just move the pot around until you’ve found the perfect sunny or shady spot, without disturbing the root system, because a container garden is portable. You can move it about your home, patio or garden to fill bare spots at any time of year. And best of all, when you move house, you don’t have to leave your cherished garden behind – they all shift with the furniture. Furthermore, container gardens look great anywhere – as hanging baskets on terraces and pergolas, half round containers spilling colour down a wall or fence, or simply sitting on paved areas, decks and steps. For best effect, plan your planter by height as well as colour. You can mix annuals with a central perennial until the perennial gets well established, and in the meantime, enjoy a miniature garden rather than a miniature plant surrounded by bare earth. You can dispense with the annuals when the perennial takes over. Container gardeners can pretty much give up weeding altogether. But you don’t need to do a bit of soil maintenance from time to time, because the plants aren’t in a self renewing envi- ronment – they’re relying on you to give them nutrition and moisture. Potted plants can dry out fast. Some will need watering up to twice a day in the hotter months, particularly those in terracotta and other porous pots. gardening without guesswork Question: I am new to Canterbury and am wondering what things can I do when planting my new gardens to prepare for the much drier summer months? Choosing your growing Answer: mix is important, you will want to make sure you have a good quality soil and/or compost mixture. Carefully selecting your plants for the climate is important too. If you choose plants that aren’t very drought tolerant, and you aren’t able to provide them with the amount of watering as they need, then these may not be the plants for you. How you water your plants is very important too. When watering, make sure that you give them a good long soak once or twice a week for a couple of hours, rather than a light sprinkle each day. This helps to get the plant’s roots deeper in the ground, reduce fungal diseases and gives the plants a greater reservoir to draw from. Adding mulch around the drip line will also help to conserve moisture, and suppress weeds, which is ideal as weeds will fight you plants for the water and nutrients. Any of our bark mulches will be ideal for this, come down and have a look at what is available, and if you can’t collect it yourself, we can arrange a delivery for you. for more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: Thanks to ria for her question QualITy prOducTs frOm ThE WEB TO ThE shEd! WIN! a $50 INTEllIgrO gIfT VOuchEr! planting Out When planting new seedlings, make sure you do this in the evening so the plant doesn’t get transplant shock. Make sure you also water thoroughly afterwards. If you are unsure what to plant, your local garden centre or Hammer Hardware will be able to give you advice on what plants are best for the area you are looking to plant in. Send us your question and BE IN TO WIN! Email to: or post your question on our Facebook page: New questions received by Tuesday 25th October

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